Two Sides to Every Story (Home Page)

October, 2013

(updated Dec 1, 2014)

by Rob Roman and Amanda Chen

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 Two Sides to Every Story

josi and travis babiesEvery Story has Two Sides. and Arizona v. Jodi Ann Arias is one of the most one- sided stories in history.

Due to highly questionable practices and occurences both inside the court room and outside in Arizona generally and in the media,  facts have been ignored and fictions are as many as the fallen Autumn leaves.

robert towery

Arizona was the home of the famous death row inmate called the “Battery Acid Killer”. Did you know it’s a proven fact that battery acid was never used? 

ray towery

A Maricopa Arizona Prosecutor told a commutation board in 2012 that this man injected his victim with battery acid. He told the board that Robert Towery’s mitigating claim of “childhood abuse” was a desperate sham and a phony plea for leniency.

In fact, the inmate as a child suffered some of the most horrific abuse imaginable. He had two very credible eyewitnesses. In fact, he took the beatings as well as those that were meant for his two sisters. The inmate was put to death 6 days later.

The prosecutor’s name was Juan Martinez.

Arizona was also the home of the famous death row inmate called “the Snaggle Tooth Killer”. This was because the bite marks on the victim matched his very  unique tooth pattern.


The problem was the defendant was one of few people who couldn’t possibly make that bite mark. Maricopa County prosecutors simply went through a series of experts until they found one willing to testify that the defendant’s teeth matched the bite mark. That’s all the evidence they had. He’s a free man today and he is a spokesman for wrongful convictions.

ray krone large

Ray Krone **** Wrongfully Convicted  **** 10 years in prison


Did you know that in Arizona, a man named Scott Lehr was convicted of three murders  and sentenced to death? He was also sentenced in 1997 to 17 consecutive life sentences on 32 counts of attempted murder, sexual assault and kidnapping”. 

Lehr is known as the “Baby Seat killer” for supposedly using a baby seat in his car to appear harmless as he lured women between the ages of 10 and 48 into his car, then drove them out to secluded places in the desert.


Scott Lehr was charged with many if not all crimes probably committed by several felons.
Scott Lehr was charged with many if not all crimes probably committed by several felons.



– Lehr was arrested and tried when a man named Andrew Thomas was the D.A. He has since been disbarred and removed for corruption and political attacks on officials and even judges, costing Maricopa County millions in lawsuits.

– Many of the victims reported build, face, age, and hair color much different than the defendants’. These reports were later amended to instead report that the suspect matched Lehr’s description.

– Several witnesses completely changed their descriptions of the make, model, and color vehicle Lehr was driving after they spoke with prosecutors working on the case.

– A baby seat was not a part of most eyewitness descriptions, until after talking with prosecutors. One reported she saw a maroon baby seat, while Scott’s baby seat was blue.


Maricopa Logic: Palm fronds were found near a victim. Scott Lehr trims palm trees. Therefore, Scott Lehr murdered the victim.
Maricopa Logic: Palm fronds were found near a victim. Scott Lehr trims palm trees. Therefore, Scott Lehr murdered the victim.

-Scott Lehr was sitting at the defendant’s tables at the front of the courtroom when an eyewitness / victim was asked to identify her attacker. The victim pointed at a man standing in the back of the courtroom.

She repeatedly stated that the man in the defendant’s chair (Scott Lehr) was not the man who attacked her.

-The prosecution expert DNA witness admitted that some of the DNA evidence could have matched millions of other people. Even animals and insects “could not be excluded”.

So, most likely, if Scott Lehr is guilty, he is innocent of many of these charges, leaving several dangerous kidnapper / rapists free to attack women again. Was it more important for Maricopa prosecutors to clear these unsolved cases than to catch the actual perpetrators?

Scott Lehr’s appeal:





Did you know that in Arizona, a man with his accomplice killed two young girls?

 He lured a 13 year-old girl and her 13 year-old companion out into the desert with his accomplice. He savagely beat, choked and raped one girl on the hood of his car. The two men then strangled the girls to death and stomped on their bodies with all their weight,  then threw their naked and lifeless bodies down a mine shaft and burned their clothes.


It was his plan, his DNA, his car, his foot impressions on the victim, and the victim’s impressions in the hood of his car.

This man was charged with 2nd degree murder in Arizona and is free today. He made a deal with the prosecutor, because they needed his cooperation to get the death penalty for his accomplice.

The District Attorney also made a deal with Robert Towery’s accomplice, who served just 10 years for felony murder.

matzkeThe District Attorney also made a deal with John Matzke, who with his accomplice tied up, assaulted, and tortured a man and a 16 year-old boy before crushing the windpipe of one with a metal bar and strangling the other with a bedsheet. 

These violent criminals are free today and could even be your neighbors, largely due to the D.A.’s non-reliance on modern forensic science, a failure doing thorough investigations, and success at making deals to secure the death penalty. Matzke is now living in Tuscon. The State even took steps to protect his identity.

Now Arizona is the home of “The Most Hated Woman In America”. Most people believe she belongs on Death Row. They might benefit from a little research on the Internet.

We encourage everyone who is interested in fairness and Justice to take a closer look at the other side of the Story, and then decide for yourself.

Welcome to Spotlight on Law and we hope you like the content.

jodi travis dog

Amanda Chen – S.F. California 

Rob Roman – White Plains N.Y.

Contact us:


Jodi-Arias-HLN-Commentaryjuan martinez

“Rubin Carter was falsely tried
The crime was murder ‘one’ guess who testified?
Bello and Bradley and they both baldly lied
The newspapers –  they all went along for the ride
How can the life of such a man
Be in the palm of some fool’s hand ?
To see him obviously framed
Couldn’t help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land
Where justice is a game.”

From The Hurricane by Bob Dylan (Nov. 1975)


Debra Milke, now out on bail on charges of conspiracy to murder her 6 year-old son, pending a new trial after 23 years on Arizona's Death Row. Öther than a supposed "verbal" confession by a corrupt detective that has now been ruled false, the evidence against her is zero. Yet prosecutors still think they can retry her anyways.
Debra Milke, now out on bail on charges of conspiracy to murder her 4 year-old son, after 23 years on Arizona’s Death Row. Öther than a supposed “verbal” confession by a corrupt detective that has now been ruled false, the evidence against her is ZERO. Yet prosecutors refuse to drop the charges and they plan to retry the case.




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7 thoughts on “Two Sides to Every Story (Home Page)”

  1. Your Acid Killer confessed and apologized to the victims for what he had done. He said his life had been one mistake After another and he was sorry for what he did to his family and the victims… GUILTY!! You’re kind of a joke really…

    1. I know what Robert Towery said, Ed. That really isn’t the point. His guilt is not the point. What Towery did is unforgiveable. He killed a man who gave money to disadvantaged students so they could go to college. He did that to feed his meth habit.

      Does Robert murdering a really good man for money justify a sworn man of the law in lying in order to be sure he is executed?

      Would justice have been served if his sentence were commuted to life? His accomplice was equally responsible, and he served just ten years for a drug-money murder. People are not justified in taking a life unless there is no other choice and it’s absolutely necessary. Why shouldn’t the State be held to as high a standard?

      The joke’s on you, really.

      1. Hmm, actually his accomplice did not kill anyone – Towery did the killing.

        He even brought the zip-ties to truss up the victim. A few days prior he and his girlfriend had committed a robbery and he had used the same kind of zip-ties then.

        Towery had no excuse to commit the crime because he had been quite a successful businessman before his life of crime began.
        I think Towery deserved the death penalty for what he did.

      2. I don’t agree with that. Felony murder means even if you don’t do the actual killing you are every bit as guilty as the guy who strangled the old man to death in his own home. It’s even worse because Robert Towery knew this man, Mark Jones, a philanthropist who actually loaned Robert money for his automotive business. Randy Barker was there, he consented to assist in a home invasion robbery. He helped with the murder, he kept a lookout, and he helped rob the home after the man was strangled. He partook in the fruits of that robbery – money and more drugs.

        Barker made a deal and got 10 years for murder. On guy got executed and the other guy got 10 years, a sentence some people get for auto theft. All of your information is correct. I’m not really contesting the Death Penalty in this case, although this is clearly not the worst of the worst. What I’m saying was that a prosecutor named Juan Martinez lied to the commutation board, the board that was deciding whether Robert Towery’s sentence should be commuted to life.

        All I’m really asking is don’t tell two separate lies to a commutation board that is determining whether a person should live or die. Juan Martinez LIED about the battery acid, as 20 years before, tests proved that battery acid was not found in the victim or in the syringe he was injected with. Battery acid is not a liquid. Juan Martinez knew it was a lie, and he told that lie to help kill a man. That makes him no better than Robert Towery, in my book. The other thing Juan Martinez told the board was that his claims of childhood abuse were a sham and a phony plea for leniency. That was another lie. Robert Towery’s two sisters both testified under oath at the hearing that Robert suffered terrible beatings as a child. He even stepped in and took the beatings that were meant for his two sisters. These people weren’t lying about that.

        That’s a person with a serious problem. Juan Martinez hates crime and he hates criminals. There’s nothing wrong with that. But he clearly lets his hatred consume him and it clouds his judgement. This is a clear case of exactly that. Make your case, but tell the truth. Don’t tell known lies to effectuate the termination of a human being’s life.

        In Arizona, the Battery Acid Killer never used battery acid, the Snaggled Tooth Killer was not the killer, nor did the real killer have snaggled teeth. The baby seat rapist / killer, did not use a baby seat to lure women into a false sense of security as is claimed. This is Arizona. I guess the press stopped giving people special names like this.

  2. Come on Robert it went to the most liberal appeals court in the nation the 9th Circuit court??? Even THEY didn’t find any prosecutorial misconduct or that his counsel abandoned him. Witnesses testify all the time for reduced sentences but there was plenty of other evidence. That is is used as corroboration… Are you a holocaust denier as well? Just curios as it seems you’d probably defend Hitlers actions as well given some of your arguments.

    1. I think you are missing the point. Who was Robert Towery? He was a meth addict, a menace to society, a drug addict and cold blooded murderer. There’s no question of his guilt, and I couldn’t be happier that he was taken off the streets. The point is that Juan Martinez was not the prosecutor. The original prosecutor wasn’t available, so Juan spoke at Towery’s commutation hearing. The hearing was the final chance to see if Robert’s life could be spared, 6 days before his execution. Juan Marinez decided he would lie to the commutation board.

      Martinez told them that Robert Towery injected his victim, Mark Jones, with battery acid. However, it was shown 20 years earlier at trial that no battery acid was found in the syringe or in the victim’s body. Juan knew this, but he chose to lie. He also told the commutation board that Robert’s claim of severe child abuse was a sham and a phoney plea for leniency. That was also a lie. Juan claimed there was no evidence of abuse, but Towery’s two sisters explained there was severe childhood abuse. This was most likely what caused him to turn to meth in the first place. Could the two sisters have lied to try to save their brother’s life?
      Sure, but watch the video on Youtube. They’re telling the truth.

      So, is it wrong to testify before a commutation board that the convict’s sentence should not be commuted to life? Not at all, just don’t lie to make your case. 😦

      The Holocaust never happened. Hitler was a benevolent father-figure and visionary with an ambitious plan for his beleaguered nation – Germany. He was a gentleman, an artisit and a scholar. What actually happened was the prisoners were kept in camps to keep them out of the war. They sympathized with the communists, and that made them a danger.

      They were treated very well, much better than those who had to fight, or refugees, or those caught in war zones. The problem was actually an epidemic of deadly diseases. That’s what all the showers were for. That’s what all the Zyklon B was for. That’s why they had to burn the bodies. Now all they do is complain. Oh, poor me. Oh, I was in Buchenwald. Nothing but complain. Complain and dominate New York City and Hollywood.

      Okay, I was just kidding about that last paragaph – got ya!

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