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Perhaps, we could all learn a lesson from sole Life juror #17 and from disgruntled former Jodi supporters.

First, a little about Juror #17.

Before that, I just wanted to note that Christine Beswick and her pal, “Juan’s Tie” just wrote a really reckless and fact-less article about accounts leading from Marie De La Rosa to SJ at JAII. Christine’s articles have improved a lot in the past months, but I’m afraid she’s reverted to making it all up again.

Christine Beswick wants Jodi Arias executed.
Christine Beswick wants Jodi Arias executed.

I should remind her that if there is a secret source, such as Juan’s Tie, there still needs to be details, of which there are almost none. It’s gossip only, and no facts to back it up whatsoever, We will get back to that later. Really a big disappointment. I was also surprised to learn that prosecution supporters in the know do not trust either Christine Beswick or Juan’s Tie, and for good reason.

Now we are a not for profit blog, so we are basically untouchable no matter what we do. Nevertheless, we are careful about the facts and what we say because we have personal ethics. Not true with the Examiner.com. This is a for-profit site and Christine Beswick is responsible for what she reports. She is subject to lawsuits for her journalistic lapses. She better watch out when she makes it all up, or she depends on bad sources. I suggest a retraction and apologies, but that’s just me :).

OK, we’re a little late on this one, but they can investigate the jurors until the end of time, and people can be sore losers all they want, cause they didn’t secure the Death Penalty for little Honey Boo Boo.

Juror #17 deliberated and tried to convince the other jurors to do the right thing, but the 11 hold-outs refused to budge. The 11 hold-outs are now under investigation for possible coercion charges in attempting to secure a misguided Justice4Travis. Juror #17 is also under investigation.

Is this Chris Hughes?
Is this Chris Hughes during deliberations?

None of this will go anywhere, however. We maintain, as we have all along, that Life is a better outcome for everyone involved including the victim’s family. They will come to appreciate this in due time, I do believe.

I was being facetious about the 11 hold-outs, but there has been a lot of flack about Juror #17, and whether she’s a plant, a stealth juror, or had any kind of agenda. Let me make it easy for you – She didn’t. Just because the other 11 jurors and many people who were praying for state sponsored murder didn’t get the result they wanted, this in no way implies that somebody did something wrong.

This was not a guilt verdict, this was a life or death verdict. That’s a different story, a very different story. The jurors were not trying hard to get a unanimous guilt verdict. They were not deciding between the subtleties of 1st degree and 2nd degree murder, or the complicated differences between manslaughter and acquittal. They were deciding between A) Life or B) Death. There are no subtle differences there.

So if juror #17 made up her mind fairly early in the deliberation process, why is that unusual? Juror #17 was free to make her own personal, moral choice and she was free to hold onto that choice without having to explain it to anyone. People who do not understand that have something to learn. Those are the rules in Arizona.

I was under the impression that jurors were supposed to weigh the single aggravator of cruelty against any of the 9 enumerated mitigators plus any other mitigators a juror could come up with. Demonstrators Protest Against AZ Sheriff Arpaio During His Visit To CAI thought the jurors were supposed to simply see if the mitigators outweighed the aggravator. I was mistaken. Apparently the Arizona jury instructions imply that individual jurors are supposed to weigh the single aggravator and all that entails (the details of the crime) against any possible mitigators they found to be more true than not true.

But even that explanation is not really accurate. If you read the Arizona jury instructions very closely, you will see that what the instructions really say is you can choose Life or Death, for any reason or non-reason you want.

So, if you want to blame anyone for there not being a unanimous sentence of Death, feel free to blame the State of Arizona. They wrote the juror instructions which were actually intended to help increase the probability of achieving a arizona maricopaDeath sentence, just as many strange Arizona statutes pertaining to the DP are designed specifically to facilitate death sentences.

I suppose that’s a great thing when the defendant is a serial killer or a serial child rapist/torturer/murderer who was caught red-handed. But, when it’s much more iffy than that, these statutes and instructions become downright frightening.

The juror instructions actually say that you can decide whatever you want for any reason you want, so there is zero legal recourse for juror #17 (or the 11 hold-outs).

Especially if you are a Justice4Travis supporter, please please please listen to this video. hang in there and watch the whole thing. Don’t say “I’m not interested and I don’t want to hear anything that Willmott has to say”. You really need to see this edited video to better understand why there was absolutely nothing wrong with juror #17’s decision.



This will also show you why, if Nurmi had Jennifer Willmott do at least one of the closing arguments, that it’s a near certainty there would have been more than one Life juror at the end of deliberations.

Simon Hill or Simon Johansson
Simon Hill or Simon Johansson

Naturally, as soon as news of the single Life juror surfaced, her name and a map to her home were all over Twitter in minutes. Simon Johannson (SJ) at JodiAriasIsInnocent.com released the full names of the 11 Death jurors. The deathies wanted to have a unanimous vote so they could get Justice4Travis. Some people who wanted the jurors to vote for Death for Jodi Arias issued death threats against juror #17.

Tanisha Sorenson, a younger sister of homicide victim Travis Alexander, showed her true feelings outside the court house when she made this quote:

Harold Sorenson escorts his wife, Tanisha out of the courthouse after the penalty mistrial.
Harold Sorenson escorts his wife, Tanisha out of the courthouse after the penalty mistrial.
Arias burns in Hell!" -Tanisha Sorenson March, 5, 2015
“The real justice will be in the afterlife when Jodi Arias burns in hell!” -Tanisha Sorenson March, 5, 2015


Someone in social media actually said this:

– “Juror # 17 ‘brought this internet wrath on herself'”.

Are you sure about that?

I found it highly amusing when the 11 jurors were being interviewed on the day of the 2nd penalty phase mistrial, they talked about how juror #17 didn’t deliberate, while at the same time describing exactly how juror #17 DID deliberate. Investigate ’till the cows come home, there’s nothing to be found.

jury 9Life is a wonderful choice. It’s almost always a good choice and rarely a bad choice. If McVeigh were still alive and holed up in a Super-Max somewhere, that would suit me just fine. First of all, most reasonable non-Jodi supporters, who know the facts of the case well, did NOT want a death sentence for Jodi Arias.

Deathies willl find no solace, but they need to hear this important fact:

The defense team doubled down on their strategy of attacking the victim and adding insult to injury. This was cited by jurors as one main reason why they selected the Death Penalty. Jodi Arias did Not complete her testimony. She did not offer up ANY personal mitigation witnesses, She did NOT show remorse (that doesn’t mean she has no remorse, just that she didn’t show it), She refused to allocute.

In short, Jodi Arias remained true to her word that if she ‘hurt Travis, she would beg for the Death penalty’. Jodi Arias offered up the Death penalty on a silver platter to the prosecution and their supporters. Still the jurors could not come back with a unanimous decision for Death. Too late now, friend. Case closed.

So, enough with all the hot air about how she should have gotten the Death penalty. This tells me that Life was the correct sentence for this particular case.

My personal theory, both at the time of the original penalty phase of the trial and at this 2nd penalty retrial, is that Juan Martinez took his foot off the gas in both closings. I believe he did this because he secretly personally didn’t want Jodi Arias to get the death penalty. There’s no question in my mind that a Death Penalty would have been reversed and remanded in this case.

perryville prison 2Hey listen, Perryville Prison is a barren blast furnace with just about zero mercy. It’s a living hell. It’s not like Life in prison is some kind of big break or special treat for Jodi Arias. You’ll see.


perryville prison

Note: Please, do not be afraid of videos. Youtube Videos from SpotlightOnLaw cannot harm your computer or device. Youtube Videos from SpotLightOnLaw are usually clips or edited versions from other listed sources and they do not profit anyone if you click on them.

Youtube videos from SpotlightOnLaw are very integral to the article and greatly enhance the understanding of the subject matter. Please take the time to watch the video. Here’s a clip from Saving Private Ryan. You will understand this section much better if you view the video.

Saving Private Ryan – “Earn it!”

So what next in this Jodi Arias case Grand Fiasco?

We have said a lot of things about other people and principles surrounding this case. Now it’s time to say something about Jodi Ann Arias. Jodi Arias’ support doesn’t come from SJ or Jade or Pandora or Ben, no matter how much they may believe that. saving ryan 2They are just bizarre people with no real accountability or values.

Jodi Arias’ support actually comes from and will continue to come from reasonable, fair-minded people who understand the prosecution side of the case and the intense pain of the Alexander family, yet still believe the state and media tried to run Jodi Arias down like a freight train. That simply cannot be allowed to stand. Guilty or Innocent or anywhere in between, it  doesn’t much matter at this point.

These are the people who will rise up to support Jodi in prison and see that she finally gets the fair trial that every citizen is guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

saving ryan 1

But they will want something in return, and it’s not a Jodi band, a Jodi chain, a signed painting, a blog byline, a seat on Jason’s Board or a seat in SJ’s secret war room. They will want honesty, facts, and humanity from Jodi Arias. The will want a person who knows how to earn her support. I’m not giving my support for free, and neither should anyone else.

I’m not going to listen to Jodi Arias or do what she says. I’m not going to answer to her pals or follow her commands – ever. Why should I or anyone follow her advice? Look where she has ended up. Life in an Arizona prison? Who in their right mind would follow her advice? LOL.

If Jodi Arias wants any help from me whatever, she had better learn how to EARN it.

Why are you saying this, Rob? (My God, I think I just pulled a Martinez).
In Saving Private Ryan, a small group of soldiers volunteers to go onto the European battlefield to find Private Ryan and return him safely to the USA. Ryan is a Private, the introductory and lowest rank of the U.S. Army.

Ryan is nobody special, but circumsances have made him special. His other 3 brothers have all been killed in combat on various battlefields in WWII. The Army decides it’s a mater of Justice (and PR value), that Ryan is returned home safely.

A group of volunteers under Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) set out from the beaches of Normandy, through France towards Germany to find and save Private James Ryan (Matt Damon). Saving-Private-Ryan-585x366Along the way, many in the group are wounded or killed, trying to save this one soldier of lowest rank.

When the group finally catches up to Ryan, it’s not really about him anymore. The group of volunteer soldiers have formed a common bond. They have fought with and for each other, and they suffered setbacks and losses together. Their mission brought them closely together and bonded them, but it was now way more than Private Ryan or their mission holding them together.

Private Ryan feels the same way about the men he had been fighting with, and rather than escape in security and safety he fights to protect his new war “brothers”, including the team sent to rescue him. Captain Miller is fatally wounded in that final battle just before completing their mission to save Ryan. Captain Miller grabs Private Ryan and with his dying breath tells Ryan to “Earn it!”.

Here in the same way, volunteers supporting and helping Jodi have taken a lot of flack in her name. They’ve been fired at, sniped at, bombed, banished, attacked and pelted relentlessly.

curious georgeGeorge Barwood had his own daughter harassed at her college. He has been insulted, attacked, pilloried and ridiculed mercilessly, all for trying to save a life.

Jason Weber, another “Jodite”, had his Facebook page, like many, shut down due to false claims of “porn”. His Occupy FB site was just attacked non-stop. His mugshot and DUI convictions were posted in an attempt to humiliate him. He was insulted, harassed and bombarded by a succession of crusading “Travesites”.

Lisa Schilling was made out to be some kind of modern day Ma Barker, willing to run roughshod over common decency and break each and every law and defraud everyone because all she cares about is lies and making money.

LIsa Schilling from Kentucky
Lisa Schilling from Kentucky

She was so villified, that people in a FB group yesterday refused to allow her to even comment in her own defense.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but some Facebook and twitter people have been told these lies about Lisa so many times, they refuse to even be in the same group with her. It’s really crazy, trust me.

Pascal Van Daele was accused of being of course, a foreigner, probably up to no good, and a crook only out to get people’s money.

Sandra Webber got attacked, but she would turn around and hit them back twice as hard, making her by far the most hated of the bunch. How dare she not just sit there and take it? How dare she have the nerve to hit back, hard?

Notice how all these people are using their real names and we all know or can easily find out where they live. And Jodi supporters are outnumbered anywhere from 95% to 99%. That means out of every 100 people, there is one Jodi supporter. But somehow, we are the big threat to them? Yeah, right.

Name one prominent Prosecution supporter who uses their real name? Almost none of them. Why would that be when they are supposedly in the right and they outnumber Jodi supporters 100 to 1?

Anyways, of all these Jodi supporters above, the worst attacks didn’t come from a few isolated and crazed prosecution supporters. The worst attacks came from other Jodi supporters, specifically SJ the criminal exiled foreigner and his band of useless idiots at JAII. They attacked the reputations of these people.

prominent Jodi supporters get ridiculed
prominent Jodi supporters get ridiculed

George Barwood is a gentleman from England with a Cambridge education who supports Jodi Arias. Say what you want about George, most people on all sides of this issue like him. I gave him a hard time too, myself. He is a very humane, polite, and responsible person who put a lot of his own time and money into helping Jodi Arias’ case.

George saw very early that SJ was a really bad character reference for Jodi Arias. Here’s an example of just this: What was SJ doing today? Answer: He was commenting on a Facebook page called “F*ck the Travitard Hypocrites”. That will gain lots of new supporters ans help Jodi Arias, right?

George tried early on to get Jodi Arias and her family to disassociate from SJ and JAII. He saw that what SJ was saying and doing was chasing away current and potential supporters for Arias.

It was very easy for SJ and pals to convince Jodi that George and Jason, two people who had never been about the money, were now suddenly all about the money. But people who know, always knew there was never much money to even begin talking about it. SJ, the person convincing Jodi Arias that Jason and George were out to scam for money, was the only one who had ever scammed people. He’s been run out of the UK for scamming people. So what did George get for his trouble? A letter from Jodi Arias basically telling him to f*ck off and basically calling him an asshat. In spite of this, George Barwood is still hard at work in Jodi’s corner.

Jason Weber has a great deal of experience as a Web designer. An Ivy league graduate, Jason helps companies and individuals set up their own web sites. Jason owns his own multiple servers , and runs a number of websites.

saving 5

This case just happened to coincide with a major interest of Jason’s, which is wrongful convictions, aggressive and media driven prosecutions, and his abhorrence of the Death Penalty. Jason has plenty of ways of making money without any help from Jodi Arias.

To be fair and to give equal time, I wanted to include this criticism of Jason Weber and Elizabeth Schilling and their website Justice4JodiArias.com. This criticism is from a woman I will call “DC Ritz”.

“I think it’s a sophomoric attempt, at best. The website is super slow and most of the information is bad and/or spun with extra rinse.

Either Elizabeth (Lisa Schilling) has been around JW (Jason Weber) too long, or JW is doing the writing. I think it will fail like most of JW’s other ventures.

His ‘style’ is unprofessional and reeks of bias. IMO”
“And oh, I also find their tweets to be even more damaging to their “cause”. In fact, I believe they sent out the 60K of child porn tweet yet again just last week. (A tweet stating that 60,000 pieces of child porn was found on Travis Alexander’s computer) They will never garner donations with their existing style. Again, IMO.”

– DC Ritz March 19, 2015.

Jason got involved in this case mostly through blogging, and he also spent a lot of his own time and money helping on the case. He wanted to get an American based web site going for Jodi Arias which had a positive support framework, instead of the very negative, and combative platform the fugitive foreigner, SJ from Sweden set up.

Jason and Lisa Schilling wanted a site that was accountable and subject to U.S. laws so people would feel comfortable donating to Jodi’s cause knowing the donations would be properly accounted for and utilized.

Jason Weber of Detroit, MI
Jason Weber of Detroit, MI

What did Jason Weber get for his efforts? Jodi Arias basically told him to f*ck off and she allowed SJ to paint Jason and Lisa as frauds. Little does Arias know that the following for both George and Jason is booming, while following for SJ is in the basement. Most of the people following JAII are just curious non-supporter looky-loos. It’s really the same phenomenon as people who stop to stare at a terrible car crash.

Lisa Schilling, a college student from Kentucky, was a star supporter of Jodi Arias. I can tell you for a fact she has a heart of gold, and she worked tirelessly to support Jodi. She’s very smart and likable, and she wanted nothing for herself. What did she get for her efforts?

In a really sleazy situation, unfortunately highly reminiscent of the taped phone call to Travis Alexander, Lisa Schilling was set up by Jodi Arias and taped by a 3rd party without her knowledge as she answered Jodi Arias questions about Jason and her plans to have a web site and to raise funds in support of Jodi.

That single incident, where people I cared about got hurt by Jodi Arias and the sleazeballs at JAII, opened my eyes and forced me to take a second look at Jodi Arias and her behaviors.


Friends of SJ and Ben had tried to plant in Jodi Arias’ mind the idea that Jason and Lisa were out to commit fraud and take money.

Fielding a call from Jodi at JAII
The crack Jodi Arias support squad Fielding a call from Jodi Arias at JAII Headquarters

Actually the only one of the three who ever may have actually scammed and defrauded people was SJ himself. Before this case he ran and still runs a Casey Anthony website CaseyAnthonyIsInnocent.com. What was his purpose for that site? No good deed ever goes unpunished, though, and it didn’t here, either, as Lisa was humiliated and made to look like some kind of criminal, when all she ever did was try to help save a life and secure a fair trial for the defendant.

Jodi Arias should go to her book club and pull out a book on cause and effect. She really needs to learn that her actions have consequences, far reaching consequences. You might think if she didn’t learn that from June 4th, 2008, then she may never learn it, but there you go.

What was done to Lisa made me absolutely livid. Jodi Arias lost my 100% support that day, and it’s been spiraling down ever since. Why is that? Well, I already knew about a guy I’ll call Fredd who was very nice to Jodi, talking on the phone and visiting her often. Then I found out from first hand sources how he was treated by her. Badly, very badly.

Courtesy of Robin Rebecca Motley
Courtesy of Robin Rebecca Motley

This was a guy who spent his own time and money selling Jodi Bands at a loss to help raise money for her families’ trial expenses. Fredd was kind of shoved aside when Ben Ernst came along and Jodi’s new adolescent-style love drama began. But there’s good old Fredd, still in her corner and working hard for Jodi, even after she told him to go take a flying leap…..

Then there is another person named Donovan Bering. Jodi Arias met Donovan Bering at the Estrella jail. Donovan Bering is a really nice person with a heart of gold. She did some arson, but hey. you are no angel, either! Donovan was released from the jail and she helped and supported Jodi Arias anyway she could from the outside. When the original trial started, Donovan spent endless hours supporting Jodi Arias every day in the courtroom. She was also one of the few if not the only person who did interviews in support of Jodi Arias and her defense.

Donovan was mercilessly attacked because of her loyalty and support to a friend.

I know for a fact that Donovan, without knowing anything about me, did a favor for me and delivered an e-mail to the defense team during the original trial even though I donated no money to Jodi Arias. In between the first trial and the penalty retrial, supporters began getting concerned that Jodi’s activities on twitter, done by proxy through Donovan Bering, would be used against her at trial and may help her to get the Death Penalty.

Donovan tried to get Jodi to suspend her tweeting. Jodi refused. Eventually Donovan took it upon herself, due to increasing warnings from her supporters, to suspend tweeting for Jodi Arias.

Donovan was pilloried in a classic cybe- stalking manner
Donovan was pilloried in a classic cyber- stalking manner

These were verbatim tweets directly from Jodi and were mostly positive quotes and status updates. For this, Donovan was put on Jodi’s ever -lengthening “sh*t list”, and she supposedly never spoke to her again. In spite of this even Donovan, who is very ill now, stands ready to help Jodi still to this day.

There’s another supporter I will call “Bosco”. Bosco wrote frequently to Jodi and had many phone calls with her. Bosco gave money to Arias funds, and bought her books and acid-free paper for her artwork. At some, point, reading through her letters, Bosco developed a new unflattering view of jodi Arias. Jodi Arias was acting the way Juan Martinez said she was. She wasn’t acting the way the defense portrayed her. Jodi Arias tried to deal with Bosco, but it wasn’t working.

Jodi supporters tried to silence Bosco.

Bosco released a few excerpts from some of Jodi’s letters where Jodi could be shown to behave exactly in the way Juan Martinez portrayed. Some Jodi Supporters started attacking Bosco.

BvB3ZH4IMAASe_FBosco stold the attacking Jodi supporters, if they do not stop attacking her, she would release more unflattering letters from Jodi’s own hand. After a few more releases, we are at a stalemate now, I suppose.

How many supporters has Jodi Arias lost? Well, I’m literally surrounded by former prominent supporters who aren’t supporting Jodi Arias any longer. They’ve retired now! This includes many of the above and lots, lots more. You ought to go up there and tell her about all this.

Here is a comment from Pascal Van Daele of Belgium, a former prominent supporter of Jodi Arias:

“Well: Justice4Jodi was made back in time when things were still good with us and Jodi. After we got “accused” of stealing money and scamming (like some of you still do here now). we took distance as matter of protection from Jodi Arias. That’s how NCDP (National Center for Due Process) was born and made to help the ones really in need of support and deserving of such.”

“We distanced ourselfs from Jodi, NCDP nor any of us 3 (Pascal, Jason, and Lisa) has anything to do with Jodi. Jodi doesn’t want or need help. She is helping herself along with her “true supporters” who are doing great and who are putting Jodi deeper and deeper in solitary.”

– Pascal Van Daele, former Jodi Supporter.


I have another quote from someone I’ll call Beverly Rubock Gray, from New York State:

“I’d write to Charlie (Manson) in a heartbeat. I know from my good friend Nancy that he passes the letters to his friend so it’s not worth it but I grew up in the 60s and remember what happened well. I find him a fascinating person. He had to have had a great deal of charisma to get anyone to do his bidding like he did.

He was a cult leader. I don’t LOVE Charlie but love to figure out how he did what he did.

Somehow, and I don’t say this is right, Jodi is detestable, someone you (or I) dislike immensely. Her narcissism and personality disorder make her someone I wouldn’t want to know. That does not apply to all murderers. It’s just the way it is.

If she shut her mouth about 90% of the time, if she stopped goading her culties to do things, if she stopped f*cking with the rules and trying to run a private little cult from jail and sucking money out of people who don’t have it, maybe I’d feel differently, like I do about Charlie and other killers, but alas, she does all these sh*tty things and she creates extreme dislike from the majority.”

– Beverly Rubock Gray, former Jodi supporter.

But Rob, how are you so sure these are actual facts and not rumors? How do you know Donovan was on Jodi’s sh*t list? These are all rock-solid and incontrovertible facts. We have the proof either from Jodi Arias or 1st hand directly from the person involved with her. Like it or not, it is what it is. The only love anyone should be giving to Jodi Arias anymore is Tough-Love.


jodi letter to coco

While those JAII peeps keep cheering about who is the first one of the day to write a comment, real supporters will be expecting some gratitude for what’s already been done on Jodi’s behalf.

coco leter b

Real supporters might even be expecting explanations / apologies for all the supporters so far who have been thrown under the bus by Jodi Arias and her mental midget super-fans at JAII.


Let’s take a look at verified people burned by Jodi Arias beyond the question of a doubt:

– Bill Arias (physical abuse, emotional abuse, drugs)

– Sandy Arias (physical abuse, neglect, drugs)

– L. Kirk Nurmi (malpractice, refused basic legal services, attitude)

– Maria De La Rosa (Did or did not do something Jodi wanted done)

(Two days after the second mistrial, I have a first hand report Jodi was on the phone saying that she was upset with MDLR over something she did, as if chastising a hand-maiden sold into her majesty’s secret service.)

– Ryan Burns (full of sh*t)

– Dr. Richard Samuels (a disaster)

– Darryl Brewer (alcohol problem)

– Donovan Bering (sh*t list)

– “Fredd” (shoved aside)

– “Bosco” (found JA was not as advertised)

– Lisa Schilling (painted as a crook)

– Jason Weber (painted as a thief)

– George Barwood (basically told to F off)

Is there a probblem with gratitude here? These are just the ones that we are absolutely sure of. There are many other supporters and groups who Jodi may have also done wrong. Let us know, we’ll add you (or them) to the list.

It’s high time to re-align the stars in this case. Jodi has some homework to do if she wants my support:

– Dump JAII, SJ and the charismatic fans because they can’t help you, but they will gladly sink you further than they’ve done already. Dump them, because everyone else in the civilized world has.

-The era of Jodi Arias is Innocent is over. You’ve been proven guilty in a court of law, fair trial or no. You tore a good man up and left a river of his blood all over his own bathroom. You’ve destroyed two families and that’s just for starters.

– It’s time to stop remaining silent while your super-fans malign the victim and his family. They are still doubling down on that course of action as of yesterday. SJ has doubled down on insulting the Alexander family, which he commonly refers to as “the Adams Family”. What kind of strategy to build support is that?

– You know what? It might help your appeal chances if you acted more like the defenses’portrayal of you and less like the prosecution’s portrayal of you.

Just sayin’.

– Jodi Arias, you can’t gain reasonable and sympathetic supporters when you are basically agreeing with the JAII crowd that Travis deserved it and his family are only in it for the publicity and the pay off.

– Earn it.


What I found disturbing in this adolescent style note to Arias boy friend Ben Ernst is the secret codes she used.
What I found disturbing in this adolescent style note to Arias boy friend Ben Ernst is the secret codes she used.


From here on out, you better realize that you are of the lowest rank (Private) and nobody special. This will help to avoid injuries in your future interactions with other convicts. The supporters who are reasonable people that you haven’t lost (yet) would appreciate that. Normal people who could become your new dedicated supporters might appreciate that, also.

Would you believe I have 1st hand knowledge that Jodi also used special secret codes with "Fredd" from the show Get Smart. Fredd was later pushed aside for Ben Ernst.
Would you believe I have 1st hand knowledge that Jodi also used special secret codes with “Fredd” from the show Get Smart.? Fredd was later pushed aside for Ben Ernst.


Since Jodi Arias won’t do the following, I will do it for her:

Thank-You everyone who supported, defended or were otherwise involved in saving Private Jodi in any way, shape, or form. Your efforts did not go unnoticed and were all deeply appreciated 🙂

I will be sure to earn you trust and support going forward as I have such profound gratitude for each and every act of each and every supporter, and all you have endured for my benefit.

Thank-you once more, everyone.

Love, Jodi’s conscience

(come out, come out, wherever you are).


So, I’ll say it one more time and then I ain’t saying it anymore. Jodi Arias has an individual moral choice to make. Does she want to stick with SJ, Stankowitz, Fandora, Gem, Crystal, Bobby Juarez III, Krusty Crab, Wavy Gravy and Jaded over at JAII, or does she want to earn real support that can actual help her?

There are plenty of other high profile defendants to support besides Jodi Arias
There are plenty of other high profile defendants to support besides Jodi Arias

If Jodi Arias wants true supporters, then she needs to acknowledge  that she has thrown supporters under the bus. Apologize and try to not do that anymore going forward. She needs to earn trust and show some gratitude. If she wants to maintain the status quo, then good luck playing grab-ass with Ben and phone tag with SJ from Perryville over the next 70 years, cause that’s where it’s gonna end, the way they are doing things over there.

So, Jodi Arias (aka Agent 99) has a moral choice to make, or the people from JAII could do the impossible and straighten up their act. Ultimately, people will need to see some major changes, or else Arias will ultimately lose all legitimate support and end up as just another cult classic followed by just the super-fans and assorted fruits and nuts. Choose wisely. Arias.

Do YOU concur?

saving 3saving 2saving 1

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    1. Okay, up to last week, I was saying the same thing as you, pzkslc. But now we know that Troy Hayden from Fox 10 Phoenix reported that Jodi Arias “has tentacles everywhere.” She even phoned him to ask him not to participate in an interview he had just decided not to go to.

      There is no doubt that Jodi Arias knows exactly what’s going on on JAII, and in various Facebook groups. We have absolute proof of that. Jodi Arias is the one doing the feeding, she is not being fed.

      1. And why does Jodi know everything that’s going on in social media, etc? It’s because these delinquents at JAII have NOTHING positive or constructive or noteworthy to report in their telephone convos and video chats. So, they fill her mind up with nonsense from Twitter and Facebook. How stupid can fake supporters get? Apparently not stupid enough until they got Jodi banned from Video Visits for the rest of her stay at camp Estrella.

    2. Jodi gets all kinds of conflicting, false, fake, agenda-laden communications from …..everywhere. I’ve seen the evidence. She doesn’t truly know what or who to believe. And she makes judgments based on misinformation, at times. That’s not an excuse. It’s just a fact. And no, I don’t have a solution, or a plan. Sorry.

    1. No, Pascal, I am not surprised. These people are really helping Jodi to get deeper and deeper into it, as you said. No, that doesn’t surprise me, that’s exactly how they act over there at JAII.

    2. Pascal, if you no longer support Jodi, why are you selling Jodi’s bands? Why does your site contain so many references to Jodi and how wronged she was by the system?
      Aren’t you being hypocritical?

    1. Same question to you, Lisa, as to Pascal – if you no longer support Jodi, why are you selling Jodi’s bands???
      Was it your intention all along – to make some dough off Jodi’s fame (or infamy – however you take it)???

      1. No James whatever u may think. We have NEVER been about making money on the fame or infamy of Jodi. The reasons why those Jodibands are for sale is because they were bought back in the time when we were making a complete site and endorsed FB-page with and for Jodi. We got stuck with those after some ppl ( SJ,Ben, Anna?Pandora etc…) called us scammers and hijacked the FB-page we made . Now those bands are for sale so they are out and some “invested money” is being reimbursed. That hard to understand?

      2. No, James Dean, We never set out to profit off of Jodi, anything we collected went to or would have gone to her appeal fund. As far as the key chains, we bought them a while back, and need to unload them. The proceeds (which won’t be much after shipped IF they sell) will go to our non-profit org, and if the board decides we donate it to Jodi’s appeal, then we will. That is if Jodi shows any type of gratitude for our efforts. As far as supporting Jodi, we don’t support her personally, but still support the lack of due process surrounding the case. Hope that answers your questions.

      3. Addendum: Also I have other evidence:
        There’s an e-letter (that was sent to you prior to this recorded convo as well) that was written by Sue where she says that she wants you to back off – that letter was posted at JAII and even YOU posted it on your website which means that you admitted that it was real, not a forgery.

        You can’t deny the fact that you were explicitly told to back off but you didn’t do so, you and Jason ignored the letter, and the recorded convo was the last resort – after which there was NO denying that you were going against Jodi’s wishes.

        And I also heard thru the grapevine that prior to this convo Jodi had communicated to Jason that she didn’t want YOU guys to use her name and collect money on her behalf, that she wanted only one fund – the family run fund.

        And after this you’re calling Jodi ungrateful? I beg to differ…. unless by “ungrateful” you mean somebody who’s not a “push-over”, of course.

    2. Lisa, I think we can argue till we’re blue in the face so I think I’ll bow out.
      What evidence do I have that you and Jason didn’t back off when Jodi told you that she didn’t want YOU to create and run ANY funds on her behalf (=fraud)??? The recording is plenty of evidence! One can listen carefully to your convo with Jodi to pick up on your unveiled attempt to persuade Jodi to come around to your point of view and accept your deal against her better judgement.

      In that convo you even go so far as to accuse Jodi of not wanting to accept ANY donations, when it’s clear to one and all that what she’s so shippishly trying to tell you is that she doesn’t want YOU to run any funds ON her behalf!

      Further commenting on that convo, one can ADMIRE Jodi’s patience and politeness throughout the whole conversation. On the other hand you’re being rude to her – you’re trying to foist YOUR services on her, and in a quite pushy way I might add, like telemarketers sometimes do. You know how I deal with pushy telemarketers? I tell them where to get off and hang up, putting it in a g-rated manner! Jodi however is much more polite and refined than me, that’s why she was being so patient with your blatant attempt to influence her by guilt-tripping her (You can be heard saying something along the lines of “Jodi, you’re saying you don’t want donations?”). You were mean to Jodi in that conversation – she’s in dire straights, she needs donations and you’re taking advantage of her plight, her being cornered and attempting to make her change her mind and give control over her fund to Jason and you! That is very mean in my book.
      Have a good day!

      1. So she recorded someone else who was trying to help her. I heard the recording and when she said “if someone lies once then they’ll lie again” or something like that I got a good laugh out of that.

        She has zero, absolutely zero insight into herself.

      2. I suppose so, gerilopez08. It’s incredible that she was accused of making that recording to “get back at” Travis, ans she denies it, but then goes and does the exact same thing,and her enablers helped her to do that.

        When you call from jail, the inmate must initiate the call. There was a third person who stayed silent who recorded the conversation, and JA had to call her first, proving that JA had to have engineered the whole thing.

  1. I must say Rob (John), whatever tour REAL name is
    Another good read, as usual.
    I just find your participation in this entire cluster f*ck to have an agenda.
    Hey, IDK, maybe you have been manipulated, once again…..1st by Jodi Arias (as I warned you & GB both) seems once again, you have been manipulated.
    Sad really, I hope you realize that you lost a very, very good friend along the way.
    Not a business partner, but a true friend.
    I sincerely hope that one day you will find out what is more important in life. I have. At least
    I have that one aspect to thank you for……..hmmmm

    1. You are really too quick to make such a decision, don’t you think? I value people way above their opinion on a particular case, and you know that. Did you even read the article? I never lose very, very good friends.

      Rob is my real name. I don’t know where you get this John stuff. Probably from one of your nutty, paranoid, full of baloney friends that almost ruined our group! 🙂

  2. Jodi Arias will never apologise or admit she was wrong in any way. If you haven’t figured that out yet….. well, I feel sorry for you.
    You see, she thinks she is above and much more clever than any of her supporters, and she really enjoys these games she’s playing with them.

    1. It certainly appears that way, Juliegregg. If so, I would say it is part of her mental illness profile. I really wish Kirk Nurmi would do a press conference (MAYBE after the sentencing) and tell us something we don’t know about this case. I’m crossing my fingers that even Juan Martinez will speak.

      1. Juan’s going to be speaking with the FBI soon. According to the article on Arizona Central, attorneys for juror 17 are going there about what happened and is continuing to happen to the lone death penalty holdout. It just can’t be soon enough for the good ol’ FBI to get involved! IMO .

      2. People should give it up. #17 can do whatever she wants to do, and there is not a damn thing that the FBI, Interpol, the CIA, or the Supreme Court can do about it. It’s OVER.

      3. She was misdiagnosed. She is more an Antisocial Personality Disorder. In the retrial she scored high on Psychopathic Deviant. This was glossed over.

        She has features of BPD but that’s not the whole story. I know quite a few people with BPD and I can tell you they are more of a risk to themselves than others. It’s insulting to lump her in that category.

        She does not have a conscience. She mimics emotions she cannot feel them. For 18 days I waited and waited for a real emotion. She talked about Travis’s murder like she was discussing a story over lunch

        Society needs to be protected from people like this. It’s just the way it is. Just like she wrote to Travis in that gchat “I speak sweetly to you and you get ensnared by my evil influences”

        The only comment that he made that I didn’t like was three hole wonder. Other than that she deserved all of it. She owed him a lot of money this includes the BMW that he could’ve traded in but instead gave to her

        I cried over what he wrote it was as if he finally got it but it was too late. His emotions were all over that communication and she couldn’t express one.

        Psychopaths do not always have an ugly face. This is what makes them so dangerous. After everything she put him through all of the “psycho-shit” as he called it, she was able to get him to lower his defenses.

        Go back and read that chat line by line. Their texts have been released go back and read those. He did so much for her and if you really look she’s the one contacting him with “call me right away trivial crap”

        Unfortunately, Jodi controlled Travis’s emotions and it cost him his life. He will never be a father or an uncle to any of his siblings children. He survived pure hell growing up only to be viciously cut down by her.

        Think about that for a minute. Just one minute put yourself in that bathroom. The struggle and fight to live. He was so close to getting out that bedroom door. That was a slaughter that she finally admitted there was no fog. I knew that, most of us did

        Unfortunately, she’s ripped off her supporters.

      4. I can’t find anything there to disagree with you about. I think that in the final conversation, he said a lot of things there that I would never say to a woman. I wish she could be honest for one day and tell us the real story, but the best we can do is have an educated guess.

  3. Pascal from the NCDP wrote:
    “We distanced ourselfs from Jodi, NCDP nor any of us 3 (Pascal, Jason, and Lisa) has anything to do with Jodi.”

    I find his comment a bit hypocriotical because I jsut visited their website (justice4jodiarias.com) and they are STILL selling so called Jodi’s Bands and are actively advertisizing “Justice for Jodi” and collecting money ostensibly for Jodi’s defence.

    Now I know Jason is their “ringleader” if you will, and Jason is crooked, he’s milking people for money. He said that he never really supported Jodi. I think his ulterior motive is to show his dissatisfaction with the US justice system (he did time in prison for DUI) and to earn some $$$ along the way.

    1. Thanks for you comments. James Dean.

      You have to make a distinction between supporting Jodi Arias (writing letters, making phone calls, contributing to her commissary funds, sending gifts, advocating for her) and raising funds for appeals.

      Jason, Lisa, and Pascal aren’t doing much of the above anymore. They are organizing a non-profit to assist defendants in their defense, appeals and PR if they feel they’ve been wrongly charged or convicted.

      People can send donations and request that part or all of their donation goes to a certain defendant (such as Jodi Arias). Donations and profits from Jodi Arias merchandise would presumably go into a general fund with some funds earmarked for Jodi Arias.

      Here’s the difference between the Official Jodi Arias Appellate Fund and The NCDP fund: Jodi Arias or her family do not decide how the money will be used. They can request funds, and the board will vote on whether to release the funds for the specified purpose or not. This prevents Jodi Arias from making bad decisions for herself as she has done in the past.

      That’s my understanding. Maybe Jason or Lisa want to step in and explain more fully.

      The idea that Jason, or SJ for that matter, are helping Jodi Arias to steal funds is ridiculous. Don’t try to project what YOU would do onto them. I would guess Jason and SJ have LOST money on Jodi Arias, and it’s really like doing charity work.

      What evidence do you have that Jason is “crooked” or “milking people”?

      We all should e dissatisfied with our for-profit criminal justice system that holds 25% of the word’s prisoners when America is only 5% of the world’s population. We don’t put money into early education and pro-active services like early intervention. In America, we wait until the damage has been done and we pay to clean up the mess. We send a 19 year-old to 162 years in prison with no possibility of parole for 3 botched robbery attempts.

      We warehouse people with substance abuse problems and psychiatric disabilities in our prisons.

      Addressing social issues and making a living out of it is to be commended, imo.

      1. I understand the idea behind the NCDP.
        However using Jodi’s name to raise money for the NCDP is a dishonest business practice because:
        1) potential donors may be mislead by the ambiguity – on the one hand the site sells Jodi’s bands and this reasonably leads people to believe that the money will go to support Jodi. But on the other hand they say that the money will be distributed arrording to what their board decides.
        As Jodi astutely pointed out, if Lisa decides to take a trip to Vegas and the board approves it, away she goes!
        BTW, that was one of the biggest concerns Jodi had about this and why she ultimately was NOT on board with Jason’s idea of the “board-controlled” fund (as opposed to the “family member controlled” fund) – the supporters who want to donate SOLELY to Jodi’s defence fund will actually donate to a fund controlled by a board that may vote to use some of the fund’s money for something other than Jodi’s defence.
        2. Jodi has not given them permission to use her name. Moreover she does not approve of them using her name to sell anything.

        What evidence do I have that Jason is crooked? After Jodi told him to back off and stop using her name to collect money, he REPEATEDLY said on twitter/facebook that Jodi was on board and 100% approved of his raising money for her defence. That disohesty is what makes me think Jason is crooked.

      2. Beautifully stated, Rob. I’m still waiting to see the evidence of fraud, theft or anything of that nature by myself or Jason. Bring it on, if you have it. No investigation has ever been launched. Why? There’s absolutely nothing to investigate. One correction to the above, Jason Weber and myself run the sites, cofounders of NCDP. There are only the two of us.

      3. I can agree with that. Our prisons are full of people suffering from addiction and mental health issues. It’s a complex issue because years ago, I am not sure if when people could be committed to state hospitals. However, special interest groups lobbied saying that violates their constitutional rights.

        Now, we’ve gone to the other extreme. If someone refuses help, and if you research cluster B personality disorders these individuals rarely enter treatment until it’s too late, then what can be done proactively?

        Personality disorders are more behavioral and environmental disorders. This is why Dr Demarte referred to BPD as a psychological disorder. However, it’s in the DSM under the umbrella of mental disorders so depending on who the expert is they can go back and forth between is the person experiencing a mentall illness or disorder.

        There is some research suggesting a biological basis for personality disorders but it’s still debated. I will say this. Sandy Arias said numerous times with Detective Flores that Jodi has mental problems. Unless she was making it up (I don’t think so) what action did she take to get her help? She said one friend called her in the middle of the night. Although, she’s very defiant and doesn’t take responsibility so it was probably an uphill battle.

  4. Before you accuse Jodi of being ungrateful, please hear me out:

    I’d like to point out that these supporters that got “told off” by Jodi, for example George, Jason, Lisa – they tried to FOIST their own conditions on her, tried to MANIPULATE Jodi, to get her to do what they wanted of her, ostensibly in exchange for the money/services they had given/rendered her. That’s a bit unfair, wouldn’t you agree?
    For example, George helped Jodi by donating to her fund (she is immencely grateful to him for that). However he also wanted her to break off her friendship with SJ who is a great and long term friend/supporter of hers, even before George came into the scene. Now if someone gives you $$$ and tells you that you should stop being friends with someone you consider a good ally of yours, would you be OK with that, or would you be displeased with that person, to say the least?
    Another example – Lisa & Jason build a website for Jodi (I agree the website is amateurish, slow because of the way of was built – with WordPress plugins – anyone with little skills can build a similar website – just pay for the plugins that you use) . On this website they vociferously advocated (and still do) for Jodi and collected (and still do, indirectly though) money for her defence. In exchange for their services if you will, they wanted to completely take over ALL of her art sales AND the defence fund. Jason wanted to run EVERYTHING for Jodi (previously the arrangement was that Sue handles the fund, and Jason only provides the paypal link to the fund on his website – art sales were never part of the deal). Quite obviously Jodi told Jason to back off, because she suspected that Jason had ulterior motives in wanting to take over the art sales & the defence fund (well, who wouldn’t, right?).
    Apparently miffed by Jodi’s rebuffing his “good” intentions, Jason started false advertizing. He told EVERYONE (on Twitter, Facebook, you name it) that (despite the fact that Jodi didn’t support/approve of him collecting money for her defence) Jodi was 100% on board. That created a lot of confusion among the supporters, and the only way to set the record straight was to talk to Lisa and make a recording of the conversation (where Jodi explicitly told Lisa that she was not on board) and then leak this recording to the media so every supporter would know that Jason is lying and that Jodi is NOT on board. Which is what Jodi eventually did. This recording helped me know for sure that Jason was ripping Jodi off by LYING about him collecting money for the defence fund, that the money he was (and still is) collecting on Jodi’s behalf did not go to Jodi at all.

    1. *an addendum to my message – after a bit of a disagreement with Sue, Jason & Lisa created & ran their OWN “defence” fund for a time, and collected money from unsuspecting supporters under the guise that the money went to Jodi’s defence fund. Jodi had explicitly TOLD them that she wanted a FAMILY member (Sue) to handle the money. They (Jason & Lisa) brushed Jodi off and did it their own way. And they professed that Jodi was ON BOARD – they effectively LIED about the whole thing – that is FRAUD by definition, by the way. That’s why Jodi exposed them through recording the convo. Now do you still think Jodi was wrong??? She’s helpless in jail, she cannot fight Jason & Lisa through any other means.

      Also, I think a lot of misunderstanding comes from the fact that people don’t realize that a donation is just that – a donation, no strings attached, no entitelment there. If George and others think they are ENTITLED to running Jodi’s life after they donated $$$ then they are wrong. If you donate something to Good Will, you don’t expect to become a member of their board of directors, right? In this case, a donation does not give you the right to make DECISIONS for Jodi, as if she’s a 6 year old and is incapable of making her own choices.

      Jason said something along the lines of “we’re here to take care of everything for Jodi, so she won’t have to make her own decisions”. I believe that’s the reason why Jodi doesn’t want to have anything to do with Jason – he’s a control freak, wants to control and run her life. This is reminiscent of what Travis wanted of Jodi – complete control over her. In a way Travis and Jason are a like – both are control freaks.

      1. Thanks, James Dean, for giving another perspective on the fundraising. The way you put it, that makes sense. Ultimately, the disagreement seems to be over who will control how the money is spent. With the Appellate fund, Jodi Arias and her family will decide. With the NCDP funds, Jodi and her family also make the decision, but it needs to be approved by the board.

        Jodi Arias has stated in no uncertain terms, that the Appellate fund is the fund sanctioned by her and her family and they control the trust directly.

      2. Well said. I couldn’t agree more. When I first realized Jason was not best buds with the entire truth, I told Jodi and Sue. I felt it was important because Jodi was already facing the DP because of lies. Things played out, and I would hope it’s a lesson for all, and that Jason could move on, admit his mistakes, and stop continuing to use Jodi’s name for his own purposes. That’s simply wrong. And anyone who supports that is simply wrong. IMO.

      3. James, this is what I have said since I heard the recording of the conversation. Jodi’s pleas and comments sounded like someone who was being cornered. Her tone made me feel like she was being talked down to as well.

        Re: the donation being just that – a donation. No strings attached. I recall seeing a post by GB saying he had specifically bought a piece of art for the purpose of Jodi’s family to use for travel to the trial (the first one). He was miffed because it wasn’t. You can’t put conditions on a gift.

        My 2 cents.

    2. James, in my personal opinion, Jason and George should not have approached Jodi based on fundraising.

      There was already an INDEPENDENT site sanctioned By Arias and her family going to a trust fund for appeals. Any and every site could hook up to that independent site. So if for example, someone doesn’t agree with JAII, they can still donate through that independent site which is Justice4Jodi.com

      This article, and the entire trial, really, shows how Jodi Arias sometimes does not make the best long-term decisions for herself. This may be why Jason and Lisa wanted a separate funding where a board has the final say on what funds are spent on what.

      The real problem with George and Jason, was that SJ, in spite of his support and loyalty to Jodi, is basically supporter-repellant. His approach shocks and offends many potential supporters.

      They wanted to bring that to her attention, and their concerns should have been addressed with a little more respect, imo.

      My personal opinion is that I’m not advocating for Jason and Lisa. There may be other websites I don’t even know about. I’m just trying to explain the issues.

      The Art site and Book Review sites are not something that should have beenin competition with others. These things are going to be investigated, and if someone is found to have broken the law, there will be consequences.

      The Wars that went on after the original trial and before the 2nd penalty trial were not at all good for Jodi or the defense. I will agree with you on that one.

      You really did give a new perspective to the recorded call. What you are saying about that makes sense, also. I appreciate your input on that, James Dean.

      1. I agree that all donations for Jodi’s defence should me made at Justice4Jodi.com
        If people want to advance the causes of the NCDP, then they should donate at Jason’s website.
        I’m glad I shed some light on Jodi’s decision to record her convo with Lisa – in my view that was the only way for Jodi to be heard, to get the message out to her supporters – Lisa and Jason should have stopped collecting money for Jodi’s defence long before that (when she kindly asked them to stop) and none of it would have happened. Jodi didn’t do it out of malice, she did it because she had no other option.
        I disagree that Jodi “throws her supporters under the bus” – I’ve been her supporter for 2 years now and we’ve never had a single falling-out with her – because I respect Jodi’s opinions and choices and I don’t insist on her “doing the things my way or the highway”. I may tell her my opinion on something but that’s where it ends – the choice is hers of course. That’s how friends are supposed to be. George, Lisa and Jason have crossed the line.

      2. That’s very fair and we thank you for your comments. Part of what we want to do is get a dialogue going and hear from all sides. Thans again.

    3. U are wrong in your view of us manipulating Jodi James. What and how it was explained in the article is how things went down. The open honest truth to the facts. The reason why some of us turned on Jodi was because of the “manipulations” by others towards Jodi. Using their ellbows to push ppl aside who had good intentions and who were actually pointing out the dangers to Jodi; What is happening now is all a result of these ppl not even wanting to sit and listen and reason… Thats the hypocrit situation. These ppl are still “bitching” us when we contact them and try to talk with them. So who is the hypocrit James?

      1. Hello Pascal,
        I find it strange that you’re still speaking for Jason & Co when you’re no longer part of it.
        Furthermore I looked at Jason’s NCDP website and in particular the minutes of the last meeting – according to them a lot of people were removed from the board lately (in other words fired). I wonder why. Maybe they have finally caught on to what kind of person Jason really is.
        I know that you, Pascal, have had some disgareements with Jason & Co. In particular, Lisa wanted to discipline you for something.
        Somehow I doubt Jason & Co. are right for Jodi. Jason clearly has a delusion of grandeour (just look at him calling himself a CEO & Chair all the time) – and any one who is in disagreement with him gets fired (removed).

  5. Thank you for what appears to me to be a voice of reason and integrity. My prayers go out to both families-the Alexanders’ clearly wanted the death penalty but perhaps more, they want peace. As a former therapist I can tell them watching someone die, even one you consider your worst enemy, brings no peace but rather causes more damage. I am saddened by what I see on both sides of social media: the Travis supporters (which I can stand with in some ways) seem to delight in the pain J.A. is facing, this sickens me, the JAII folks are so perverse I cannot even comment. I find your hopes for J.A. to take responsibility somewhat rosy, however I too have the same hopes. Perhaps, given enough pain and by pain I do not mean revenge but as you say the results of tough love, J.A. can face herself and chose a different path–perhaps she can bring herself to role-reverse with others in a real way. Right now she appears simply incapable. Whatever her decision, mine is to not support death or torture of individuals no matter how vile their actions, but to support consequences of those actions. I too believe justice has been done and do not envy J.A.s future or think there has been any winning for her. The only possible win is in the hope that, given time, she may become someone who is able to change and become something greater than she is today.

    1. Great comment, Pat. When the strong emotions on both sides begin to wear down, we all want to think what next? Hopefully both sides can move on in a restorative fashion. In the mean time, we have all taken a look at one aspect of our American Justice System, and maybe we can see where some improvements / modifications can be made. Especially due to all the new issues brought up by the use of INSTANT social media, hopefully, new regulations and laws can address some of the people’s concerns.

    2. As a therapist, I’m surprised you would be sickened by the behavior or wishes of anyone who wants her to be punished. A therapist might actually understand the emotion and need behind it. You don’t have to support it or agree with it, but a therapist would understand. Speaking for myself, if Jodi had been honest from the beginning and if she had ever once expressed genuine remorse, the feelings of wanting her punished wouldn’t be as aggressive. I think it’s mostly because of her smugness and insistence to continually manipulate and distort and LIE ABOUT BEING A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC ABUSE that gets to most of us. Again, speaking for myself as a true victim of real domestic abuse, she sickens me. If Jodi has ever, just once, taken honest responsibility for any of her actions, there would be much more sympathy. As it is, we just see her continued manipulation, even from jail it continues.

      1. “As a therapist, I’m surprised you would be sickened by the behavior or wishes of anyone who wants her to be punished.”

        What do you mean by “punished” here? For a convict to be starved, stabbed, tortured, humiliated and raped? Because that’s what’s been unrelentingly wished upon Arias by many Alexander “supporters” for the last 2+ years. I would hope, as a therapist, you would see how uncivilized, violent and profoundly sick those kinds of wishes are.

      2. morag99 – no need to put words in my mouth, I never mentioned or even obliquely referred to YOUR WORDS of starved, stabbed, tortured, humiliated and raped. By the way, stabbed, tortured and humiliated is exactly what Arias did do Travis Alexander, so you really don’t make much sense.

      3. Greycat54 —

        It should be obvious to a conscientious reader that I didn’t put any words in your mouth.

        What I did, actually, is call you out for obscuring and minimizing what we find so sickening about so many Alexander “supporters.” I use scare quotes because I believe — no, I KNOW — that these disordered characters use “support” and “justice” as an excuse to indulge in gratuitous cruelty.

        The point I was making is that no rational person is sickened by the Alexander supporters’ (especially Travis’ family and friends) desire to see his killer punished, by law, for what she did. Of course they want for her to be punished!

        My point — which, I wonder if you are purposely misunderstanding — is that the gleeful wishes to see a female convict RAPED, starved, stabbed, humiliated and tortured does not constitute “punishment.” These are sadistic impulses informed by and expressed in pornographic terms.

        You also wrote: “By the way, stabbed, tortured and humiliated is exactly what Arias did do Travis Alexander, so you really don’t make much sense.”

        No, to the contrary, this shows that I’m making a lot of sense. Clearly, it’s you who’s missing the irony and the hypocrisy revealed when these social media sadists engage happily and pruriently in fantasies of rape, torture, murder, etc. under the guise of “justice.”

  6. All current and former Arias supporters should be glad she’s in custody.

    In case you missed it, she’s capable of swift and surprising violence (see Travis Alexander’s corpse she left in the shower to rot.)

  7. I believe the reason most people got bullish on JA is because she made ridiculous, lying statements over and over, But the hatred flowed once she made TA out to be a pedophile, and crazy man abuser, with absolutely no evidence. The assaults she incurred on her victim during the trial, caused the outrage from the public. If she had not gone to the ridiculous claims , there would probably not be a slandering war on her. If she would have shown remorse and admitted she was out of control, we probably would not even have heard of her and she would be further ahead with financial support and fewer lunatic supporters.

  8. I think that if a person or organization want s to raise money to help a defendant with legal costs, that person or organization does not need the permission of the defendant or the family. Of course, as a non-profit in the USA, that group will be held accountable for funds collected being spent properly. If an organization is outside the USA, there’s no accountability and no real policing of what websites and fundraisers do.

    Of course, the defendant or the defendant’s family may not want to accept the donations, especially when the purpose and amount of expenditures have to be voted on by a board. But it’s fair to assume that many defendants and families do not know the best way to go about achieving a desired legal and public relations result.

  9. Rob,

    I fear that you are MIA. It’s been close to three months since you’ve written 😦
    I have been checking daily to no avail. My daily checks have come to an end but I will check in occasionally. I hope this case has not taken its toll on you and you have decided to walk away. I enjoy reading your perspectives, not only on this case.
    Best to you and Amanda
    Just a Reminder “we must become the change we want to see” Ghandi
    Hope to “read” you soon

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