The Tables Have Turned (part 5 – Scenario plus 30 Things you must believe) (Aug 8)

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The SpotlightOnLaw murder scenario

What really happened (In my view)

In Article #5 of the series, we are looking at a scenario based on fact, of what could have happened between Jodi and Travis especially on June 4th, 2008. After that I list 30 things you must believe in order to believe that Jodi Arias is NOT guilty of 1st degree premeditated murder.

What was really going on in the “relationship”

Jodi Arias did in fact try to intimidate and chase away Travis’ girlfriends and she did monitor his activities and keep tabs on what he was doing in any way she could. Her brief romance / relationship with Travis failed and he returned to or continued to, as always, look down other avenues.

fc Travis jodi 1

Jodi Arias did in fact catch Travis having intimate communications with other women at the end of June, 2007. Travis would have called it quits there. The relationship having failed, here comes Jodi Arias trying to go ahead with plans for something that had already failed, a key personality feature of Jodi Arias.

Jodi Arias thought the distance would work for her because it would make Travis long for her and he would have to go on trips with her in order to have sex. Travis spent way too much on these out of state trips and he had to chill down. Now, the trips had come to an end. Jodi Arias moves to Mesa, Arizona after she realizes that Travis might be getting sexual with other women. That was always her trump card, as Travis was trying to be a devout Mormon, but now, she wasn’t so sure.

Travis C

Jodi Arias can fix things

Remember, Jodi Arias walked out on Darryl and the mortgage payments and bill payments and left him hanging, but even so, he feels very close to her. It seems that one can be up to their chin in muck that Jodi Arias caused and one phone call or one letter sweeps it all away, and the sun shines, the rainbow comes out, and sparkly unicorns appear.


More about what was really going on

Definitely Alexander and Arias had arguments and fights, definitely it was a tempestuous relationship, definitely it brought out the worst in Travis, and definitely he was violating all his own voluntarily agreed to morals, tenets and precepts of the LDS / Mormon religion. In addition, Travis had emotional problems, anger issues, intimacy issues, stemming from his childhood, and he did act out very inappropriately on plenty of occasions.

Jodi Arias was perfect for him at the time, even after he found out she wasn’t what he thought she was, because she was not demanding of that kind of intimacy and she put up with and even normalized his inappropriateness and his dark side. Jodi Arias turned out to be a wonderful petri dish for Travis Alexander. He could use her as a sounding board and experiment with her in all sorts of ways.

Travis Alexander felt at some point that he had been cured of his intimacy issues enough to continue pursuing a chaste Mormon girl, and he wanted to fall back on that. Jodi Arias was not going to allow that. She was not going to be Travis’ Personal Brigham Young University of kinky sex and secret intimacy only for Travis to use all these new found skills on another woman.

jodi arias on stand

The religion angle

In spite Of Jodi Arias having read and remembered passages from the Book of Mormon, it is apparent from the trial that Jodi Arias was not interested in seriously pursuing the LDS Mormon religion or developing friendships within the church in any meaningful way.

Travis went to Palm Springs to baptize Jodi
Travis went to Palm Springs to baptize Jodi

Psychological processes

Between July and December of 2007, in this six month period, there were various back and forths, sexual dalliances, while Alexander was dating another woman (Lisa Andrews – Daidone). Intense Psychological Processes are involved here. This is Travis (heavy build, strong personality, dominant) representing Jodi Arias’ father who had abandoned her emotionally, in Jodis’ mind, for a younger girl – her younger sister, Angela.

lisa andrews daidone lt

Travis’ former girlfriend, Lisa Andrews Daidone, ended up marrying a friend of Travis’ roommate Zach Billings

The other thing in Jodi’s mind is she always feels both big and important, beautiful, powerful and sophisticated and at the same time she also feels, small and insignificant, ugly, powerless, and crude. This is why she has such a difficult time with her mother, as she sees in her mother what she does not want to see in herself. Not to say that Sandy Arias actually encompasses these negative qualities, but she does in Jodi Arias’ mind. This explains the constant berating of the mother and the correcting of everyone’s grammar, etc. The third thing in Jodi’s mind is she had been betrayed / cheated on twice before and she wasn’t going to let that happen again

Travis' former date MArie
Travis’ former date Marie “Mimi” Hall – Boyce

Following through on a plan that had already failed

So there is this going back and forth of Jodi Arias monitoring Travis’ activities, fearing abandonment, trying to get him to turn back towards her, making her feel bad about herself, feeling like she had sacrificed a lot for this relationship, and at the same time trying to put the pieces back together after it had already failed. This is very different than what’s going on in Travis’ mind. He’s is going along with it and taking what Jodi Arias is dishing out, and he’s happy to get the sex, but he’s not thinking too much of it and he’s  still pursuing his other romantic interests.

The trips reveal the relationship

The Havasupai / Grand Canyon Trip shows perfectly the Arias Alexander relationship: insecurity – dissatisfaction – jealousy – anger – misunderstanding – arguing – yelling – drama – the silent treatment – the trip – forbidden and secret sex – closeness and re-establishing of all those peak emotions.  Look at the photo. This was right after the sex after a morning of arguing and then the silence treatment. This trip is the whole relationship in a nutshell.

Here are Jodi and Travis with Dan Freeman at Havasupai Falls. Note Trav's baseball cap and the bathing suit under Jodi's blouse.
Here are Jodi and Travis are photo-bombed by Dan Freeman at Havasupai Falls. Note Trav’s baseball cap and the bathing suit under Jodi’s blouse.
Josi is now in the bathing suit and wearing Travis' hat.  Earlier that day they had a huge argument and fight, a long, stony silence, and then sex outdoors.
Josi is now in the bathing suit and wearing Travis’ hat. Earlier that day they had a huge argument and fight, a long, stony silence, and then sex outdoors.

Jodi Arias stated she was wearing a “tank top” on the day of the killing. I believe the blouse above may be the tank-top she wore, as this seems to have some important meaning for her and is dark in color.

Alyce LaViolette was right about the above cycle in Travis and Jodi’s relationship, but wrong about the cycle being about physical abuse.

Jodi’s destabilization

Prior to 2006, Jodi Arias had a wonderful relationship with Darryl Brewer, seemingly free of problems. I believe this was due to stability. Darryl brought lots of structure and stability to Jodi Arias’ life. A person with her Personality Disorder needs this in order to thrive. When she started her pursuit of Travis and all the things she thought she was missing out on, she began to destabilize. This continue to get worse and worse, until  it hit the breaking point.

In late 2007, after a big blowup with Travis, Jodi cries on the phone to Matt McCartney, and Matt calls Jodi’s Mom, saying she needs help and she may may be BiPolar. He thought that because she was really freaking out uncontrollably.

January 2008 and Travis’ big plan

By January, Dan Freeman is threading the needle between his two friends, Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias. I suspect Arias kind of wheedles out of Freeman what Travis is up to. (Someone should check to see if there are any phone records between Jodi Arias and Dan’s younger brother Josh. Apparently Jodi was getting inside information from somewhere).

Dan and Jodi continued to be friends and Jodi is friends of the Freeman family, while Travis is going to Dan Freeman and confiding in him about Jodi Arias.

Travis has a sort of recipe for success,like a present day Tony Robbins
Travis has a sort of recipe for success, like a present day Tony Robbins

Every year, Travis makes a long list of goals and his strategies for achieving those goals. Among his top goals for 2008? End it totally with Jodi Arias.

Travis tells Daniel Freeman he is intending to get rid of Jodi Arias totally by the end of January. He is evidently unsuccessful. No doubt there were large arguments and lots of drama, but whether Travis started getting physically violent with Jodi Arias, we don’t know. There is no evidence whatever of it, however.

The Lisa Andrews and Mimi Hall tug of war

Travis is not successful in getting rid of Jodi Arias, and there are some big tugs of war involving Travis, Jodi, and Lisa Andrews Daidone all the way through February. Maybe Jodi Arias will expose Travis’ escapades to his other women and the LDS church, maybe they can somehow end it amicably. After February, Lisa Andrews has had it with Travis (mostly because of all the problems with Jodi) and she stops seeing him. Jodi Arias has won. But then, Travis moves on to Marie “Mimi” Hall in April, 2008. Hey, that’s the same time frame that Jodi Arias left Mesa, Arizona. Imagine that?

Jodi Arias has to start all over again. No doubt the Mimi thing, coupled with Jodi Arias running out of funds and employment culminated in her breaking down, and asking her mom for help. Travis is pulling away and he’s becoming stubborn and losing patience with the entire Jodi Arias “thing”. A plan is made for Jodi Arias to move back to Yreka to recoup and regroup. All this in the midst of fighting and yelling with Travis, a continuing of the monitoring of his activities and a invasion of privacy, and Travis even flipping Arias the double bird from his front steps as she threatens to leave.

Arias tries to minimize Mimi Hall, but somehow, I get the feeling she knew everything that was going on. How she got the intel (hacking into e-mails and facebook, or from  an informant in Mesa, or both, no one knows).

Arias tries to keep fires burning with Alexander from a distance 

Jodi Arias’ Mom gets in contact with Jodi and offers to help her move home. Jodi Arias reluctantly agrees. This is when Sandy Arias comes down to Arizona and they get a U-haul. A lot of her stuff is Stored at Travis’ house, so that gives her a reason to try to continue to be close to Travis. She offers to buy his BMW on credit, and this is where she hooks it up wrong and blows the engine. On the way up to Yreka, she visits Gus Searcy, who gives her the Helio phone with the recording function and she visits her half-sister

Maybe Jodi Arias thought the increased distance would bring them back together, maybe she just wanted to end things amicably, maybe she knew this relationship was just too volatile,  who knows?

There seems to be a sort of dueling banjos as Travis starts blogging, and Jodi Arias tries to harmonize with or outdo him. He blogs, then she blogs. Apparently, a few of their phone calls devolve into phone sex. Jodi Arias is constantly trying to arrange a meeting between the two, but Alexander is trying to avoid this.

“May 2, 08- EX 392-Text about Little Red Riding Hood
May 2, 08- EX 391- Long nasty text about photo shoots and sex
May 3, 08- A few texts where Jodi is hooking up with Ryan Burns
May 10, 08- Phone Sex Tape
May 10, 08- EX 495- Jodi admits to JM that she used the term “fuck you” on this day.
May 10, 08- EX 448-The text message about Steve Carrol
May 10, 08- EX 425, 426, 427-Breast pictures. (These were not shown in court) but they are pre surgery breast pictures before Jodi’s surgery in June 06
May 10, 08- Jodi posted the last entry to her blog. It reads, in part: “I cannot ignore that there is an ever-present yearning and desire that pulses within me. It throbs for gratification and fulfillment.”

May 11, 08-EX 499- The text where Travis tells Jodi she looks beautiful in her photos
May 15, 08- EX 452- The picture of Jodi and her sister with the blondish highlights
May 16, 08- EX 406- Long email that Jodi wrote to Travis
May 18, 2008-Travis makes a blog post titled “Why I want to marry a Gold Digger
May 19, 08- EX 399- The poem Jodi wrote to Travis
May 22, 08- Jodi says on the stand that she changed her passwords to all her accounts.

May 25-26, 08- EX 450- The text where Travis calls her a sociopath.
May 25 to 26 Jodi says she remembers that night very well! She called Travis about the pedophile pamphlets she sent him and Travis got upset. They had phone calls and text messages over the fight.
May 28, 08- Jodi’s grandparents home is robbed. A gun is stolen
May 28, 08- Jodi tells JM that this is the date she found out Travis was taking MiMi to Cancun. (She admitted this on Day 3 of JM’s cross of Jodi)

May 31, 08- EX 506 & 507- Jodi’s bloody finger she cut at work, then took pictures with her cell.
May 2008- Jodi answers the jury questions and says this is when Travis “hit her in her car.”

June 2008

June 08- Travis mentions to a friend that Jodi hacked his facebook account
Jodi Arias is very unhappy that she helped Travis edit his first chapter for his intended book called Raising You. Instead, Travis gave editing credit online to his friend Katie Barnes (possibly his newest love interest), although Jodi claimed that 3 women helped him (Travis’ spelling and some grammar were atrocious).

Travis with FHE friend Katie Barnes
Travis with FHE (Family Home Evening) and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) friend Katie Barnes

From the sex tape, you can see it is very evident that Travis is being very gracious yet balking at any mention of the two getting together. This is early May. Then we have the giant fight. Travis is unmovable and he wants Jodi Arias to admit she lied to him or to never speak to him again. She will not admit it, and she is now in a quandary. In spite of trying every manipulative trick she knows, Travis wouldn’t budge. Six hours later, it was the end. Travis had achieved his goal of ending it totally with Arias, albeit in a very messy and hurtful way. Jodi Arias was left broke, humiliated insulted, and made a fool of.  It was beginning to burn in.

A plan of revenge

Sometimes I think, as many others do, that Jodi Arias may have commenced stealth hostilities against Travis starting in April 2008, when she was forced to move back to Yreka, or even sooner, in March 2008, after Travis Alexander confessed he had been seeing Lisa Andrews the entire time Jodi was living in Mesa, or even before that, in July 2007, after Jodi believed Travis had cheated on her.

No doubt that there is a direct relationship to the words spoken on that day, and Alexander’s murder. This was the real motive and the reason he died, I believe.

Two days later the gun is stolen from the grandfather’s home where Jodi is staying,  and ASAP, Jodi Arias finds her way to Mesa. It’s difficult to tell whether they had sex or not. Probably. It seems that Jodi Arias threw it at him in every way she could.

Some people think that Jodi stole a chef’s super-sharp butcher’s knife from her work, and I think that’s probably true. She did not take anything out of Travis’ house that was his if she could avoid it, and I think the same goes for the knife and gun. I do not think she would risk leaving the murder knife in Travis’ dishwasher, etc. She brought them to the house and she took them away with her, in my opinion.

“Diversion to Mesa”

Arriving AT 4 am, Jodi Arias either parks the car in the garage and at some point, or backs it into the driveway. The front license plate is already off, and she removes the rear license plate. Now what I’m thinking is that Jodi Arias took off the front plate in Pasadena, like she said. But she wouldn’t risk turning the rear plate upside-down. The knife is in her purse. Before she arrived, Arias probably removes the gun from it’s place taped up under the hood in the rental car, and dumps in two of the cans of gas. The gun goes in her purse as well. She may have bought ammo for the gun and she may have practiced firing it with Matt McCartney, before they went out to Karaoke. Somehow it is very important to Jodi Arias that both former boyfriends participate in this murder in some way, in my opinion.

They go to sleep soon after Arias shows up, and in the morning, Jodi plays with the camera to put Travis at ease.

Understanding Jodi a little better now, it’s entirely possible that she got to Travis’ and he was already asleep. She fooled around on his computer for a while, looking at what he was looking at, or maybe just looking at stuff she found herself., then she just snuck in his bedroom. She did note that Travis was cleaning the floor and had moved chairs on top of the couch, etc.

The camera comes into play

I did note that the case for the camera was near the beanbag chair in the upstairs loft area. I’m thinking she grabbed it out of Travis’ office before he awoke, and she was messing with it (ie Looking through the pictures, etc.)….

Theory: Arias goes downstairs in the afternoon and takes the camera from off Travis desk where the camera box is.
Theory: Arias goes downstairs in the afternoon and takes the camera from off Travis’ desk where the camera box is.
Theory: Arias takes the camera up to the bean bag chair and searched the pics.
Theory: Arias takes the camera up to the bean bag chair and searches through the pics.
The camera case knocked over by the bean bag chair in the hallway
The camera case knocked over by the bean bag chair in the hallway / loft
Theory: Arias then proceeds to the chair next to the bed where she snaps the nude photo of Travis.
Theory: Arias then proceeds to the chair next to and behind the bed
Theory:Arias snaps the nude photo of Travis
Theory: Where she snaps the nude photo of Travis

….. at the beanbag chair in the hallway outside his bedroom. Alexander is surprised but playing along. He joins in the fun, but takes photos that are more revealing of his attitude towards Arias.

Arias nude a

jodi arias nude b

I believe Jodi and Travis hung out and ruminated over the good times, while Jodi continued to try to see when they could get together again. I think Travis either balked at this or led her on. Around 5:00 PM, Travis mentioned he had to get back to work and Jodi should get on with her trip. I think she packed up and may have been having cold feet about killing Travis. I think Travis was getting ready to take a shower when Jodi Arias brought up the idea about taking the photos in the shower. Travis reluctantly agreed to it as doing so was the best way to eventually get rid of her. He figures he’ll just delete the photos after she leaves.

shower pic lt


Alternatively, she may have asked Travis to take the photos and he refused. she may have gone out to get in her car to leave as Travis went into the shower. Then in the garage, she hears the hot water heater kick on and she knows he’s in the shower. She turns around and heads up the stairs into Travis’ bedroom and she grabs the camera.

Arias carries out the plan

I think at that point she made the most fateful decision of her life, She grabbed the camera and went into the bathroom. She just started taking photos of Travis, who was oblivious to her being there.  When he finally noticed she forced or charmed him into sitting down in the shower enclosure, They had a very emotional conversation when Jodi Arias became overwhelmed and shot him aiming at his head from behind him. Travis had no idea what had just happened to him. When he came to, he was dizzy, bleeding and in pain and shock. He crawled out of the shower and this is when Jodi Arias flailed back and hit the button on the camera, taking the ceiling shot.

She stepped back, blocking the exit and she may have put the camera down on the floor by the linen closet. Jodi watched Travis writhing around in pain on the floor. With the exit blocked, Travis may have realized it was Jodi who did this and he may have tried to lock himself in the toilet room. Jodi Arias may have kicked Travis at this point.., leaving the blood spatter on the door frame of the toilet room.

crime scene toilet door frame 2 lt

Travis wasn’t dying, he was continuing to move, he is confused about what was happening to him. He was trying to get up on his feet and perhaps get a towel off the rack. There is blood spatter high on the blinds on the window by the bathroom scales. That could be Travis flinging the blood off of his hand or Jodi striking him with something, or it could be from Jodi cleaning up later. The gun isn’t firing again, Travis is not dying, he’s getting to his feet. Jodi needs another weapon. A real sharp knife form the restaurant may have been in her purse. She goes to her purse or to the kitchen to get a knife, leaving the camera on the floor.

This is when Travis is able to get to his feet and get to the sink. At some point he slipped and fell or collapsed and wound up on his back. Here Jodi Arias re-enters the bathroom with a sharp butcher knife and steps in front of Alexander, stepping on or kicking the camera she set down earlier, taking the foot photo, She lunges down and strikes sending the knife deep into his heart. He blocks the next few strikes with his hands, incurring deep wounds.

Travis suffers more stabs including a deep stab to the abdomen. This is when he flips over and tries to protect himself. Arias shifts over him and strikes at his back over and over. Travis gets up all the strength he can muster and manages to slowly scurry away. As he struggles down the hallway, Joid Arias is stabbing at him all the way. He’s trying desperately to get out of the bathroom.

Jodi Arias follows striking him in the back of the head and neck and his upper back. She is still stabbing at him as Alexander tries to get to his feet shouts that he can’t feel his legs and collapses into the wall right near the carpet. Jodi Arias straddles him as he continues to struggle, getting onto the carpet area. Jodi Arias cannot allow him to get out of the bedroom or mess up the carpet and she cuts his throat.

Covering her trail

Alexander is continuing to bleed out, the blood is blocking her escape. In a typical Jodi Arias move, she grabs him by the arms and spins him around pulling him down the hallway and back into the shower, as was the original plan. Doing this, she kicks the camera and it takes the “baseboard photo”. She uses water and a towel to clean the floor of footprints and excess blood, she deletes the photos. Jodi Arias gathers up the gun and knife and some bloody clothes and she finds some plastic bags. She showers over Travis, to remove her blood from his body, and she puts on clean clothes.

The plastic cup was found on top of the body
The plastic cup was found on top of the body

She goes down to the laundry. Earlier in the afternoon, Jodi and/or Travis brought the bed sheets down and threw them in the washer. That cycle had already finished. She throws the sheets in the dryer and throws the bloody clothes and towels in the wash. She grabs the camera, looks at it for a while, then dumps it in the water of the washer.

Knowing that water killed her old cell phone, she expects the water to kill the camera. besides, her prints are all over the camera in blood.

The killer was very concerned about DNA evidence. Note the camera to the left.
The killer was very concerned about DNA evidence. Note the camera to the left.

Jodi Arias loads up the car quickly in the darkness of the garage or in the driveway. She puts the back plate on hurriedly, but puts it on upside-down. She waits for a while, then she’s off on her way. Jodi Arias scoots almost all the way out of Arizona using the remaining gas in the gas cans, and she finally calls Leslie Udy, Ryan Burns, and Gus Searcy to re-establish her alibi. Leslie tells Jodi she called Travis but only got his voice mail. This is when Jodi Arias gets the idea to call Travis and leave a message. The message is so strangely carefree and even done in a joking manner.


Playing possum

She feigns surprise and sadness when Travis’ body is found, 5 days after she thought it would be discovered. Jodi Arias goes to the memorial service, goes to the Police with friends and voluntarily submits to fingerprinting and DNA swab tests. Then they all go for a ride past Travis’ house. Jodi posts a memorial to Travis on her MySpace.

A funny thing here is that you can tell that Jodi is out of touch with Travis, because Jodi posts Travis’ comedy video of Eddie Snell’s “Possum balm” (instead of “Tiger Balm”), but she lists it as “Eddie Snell’s Paustenbalm”, proving that she has no first hand knowledge from Travis of this event. She is just going by phonetics.

She contacts Detective Flores and assists him in his investigation, calling him daily. After the DNA, the prints and the recovered photos all point to Jodi Arias, she’s indicted by a Grand Jury and Arias is arrested and interrogated, giving the intruder story, after first giving a flat out denial. Detective Flores and Detective Haney both suggest she contact Travis’ family.

The letter Jodi Arias wrote to the family, as her stories in the interrogation, were all about Jodi Arias, and hardly about Travis Alexander at all.

And this brings us to the present day.


The turning off of the cell phone, removal of the front plate and possible flipping of the rear plate, and the filling of the gas cans all at Pasadena makes this much more than a chance or casual connection. Jodi Arias is clearly trying to create the impression she got on the I-15 highway from Pasadena to Las Vegas on her way to Ryan Burn’s home in West Jordan, Utah.  This is why she keeps the Walmart receipt from Salinas, because it helps with her alibi, even as it hurts her with the purchase of the 3rd gas can.

What next for SpotlightOnLaw?

I think I will move on to other cases, old and new. There are many interesting cases out there and so little really written about them. It’s always good to try to bring a lot of different information about a case all together in one place.

What about Jodi’s Supporters?

I hope Jodi Arias will retain her good supporters and gain some new support. I can support her as far as wanting her to be treated humanely and fairly. I will support her efforts to win an appeal, but I don’t see how she could prevail in a new trial and convince all twelve jurors to give here a better outcome. Outside of this speculative scenario, I have tried to stick with the established and provable facts. I have deliberately avoided educated guesses, half-truths, speculations, and theoretical possibilities.

I challenge any reader to name one fact we mentioned in this set of articles (or anywhere on this blog), that is wrong, mistaken, or mere speculation. I have to go with the facts, and this is what the facts say. Jodi Arias is where she belongs and she’s proven it many times over with her behavior since the start of the trial.

What punishment does Jodi Arias deserve?

In spite of what she did, I don’t wish her spending her natural life in prison. This to me was a heat of passion domestic homicide, augmented by a very destabilized state of mind. I hope she gets out some day after getting the healing and therapy she needs. I think I have fought for her in every way I could. I’m not disappointed that I advocated for her. In spite of what she did, there is only one person, male or female, on Death Row, with a fact pattern anywhere near that of the Jodi Arias case. That person is Isiah Patterson, who really shouldn’t be on Death Row either, in my opinion.

This was a man who chased his wife naked out of their apartment building and stabbed her to death in front of eye witnesses, then coldly walked back into the apartment after calling her a whore. That’s not enough for the death penalty, in my book, and neither is this. This is biblical law Arizona style, and it’s disgraceful. This only brings all Arizonians down to the level of an Isiah Patterson or a Jodi Arias.

Reversal of the conviction possible?

I really do hope she gets the reversal, even though I feel there is no way she can get a better outcome, whether it’s 2nd degree murder, manslaughter or a complete acquittal. But an unfair trial is an unfair trial, and I know one when I see one, and this was one. I’m happy for the Alexander family that there was no death sentence. That would have dragged this on for decades, and Jodi Arias would have become the victim and the spotlight would be on her for years and years and years to come. This all would have continued to only about her.

gif unicorn 4

SJ and JAII’s support of Jodi Arias

I hope Simon Johansson packs up and gets out of the Jodi Arias biz, as he is a very bad representative of Jodi Arias or anyone, for that matter. The hard core “fans” surrounding him need to come to their senses and realize that this case is exactly what it looks like.

Even Supporters will realize the truth

If I do any more Jodi Arias projects, the one at the top of my list is to debunk the articles of the only ones left who have some form rationality. I won’t bother with the rest.

Little by little and more by more, people will see the truth, no matter what side they’re on. Supporters who stand by Jodi Arias should know that she’s gonna have the same address for decades to come. It’s gonna be a long ride, so settle back, people.


30 things you MUST believe in order to believe Jodi Arias is


First Degree Premeditated Murder

So let’s evaluate and review: In order to believe that Jodi Arias is not guilty by reason of self-defense, one has to believe all this

1) Two days After Arias has a fight with Travis Alexander on multiple methods of communication lasting over 6 hours, someone else breaks into Arias’ grandfather’s home, where Jodi Arias is staying, and steals a .25 caliber gun, ignoring other things of much greater value.

Police photo of bureau in Arias' Grandfather's house
Police photo of bureau in Arias’ Grandfather’s house

2) The Monday after this huge argument, which is the end of the work week for Arias, she just happens to decide to go on a week long vacation, even though she just started the job and has very little money.

3) She just happens to decide to see a number of people who live south enough in California to bring her into close proximity to Arizona.

4) A friend’s baby (Darryl Brewer’s sister Laura) she wants to photograph in the Los Angeles area, the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, a place in the “1,000 places to see before you die”, are some of the lame excuses Jodi Arias gives for continuing South another 319 miles (I was waiting for Laura to call me back, etc.), when Arias could have continued from Monterey / Salinas on to Utah via I-80 near Sacramento.

5) One would have to believe that even though Jodi Arias had no plan other than a vague mention of Death Valley, to go into remote desert areas, and even though her whole trip is on the Interstate highway system, that Jodi Arias makes a point of making sure Darryl Brewer had two gas cans for her before she left for the trip, and 30 minutes after securing those gas cans, she decides she needs a third can, but this is all happenstance. Three is better than two. A young woman is afraid for her safety, so she drives in the southwest in the summer with 3 full gas cans in the trunk of her car, because she might ‘go somewhere in the desert’?

6) Even though she claims she was thinking about a trip to Death Valley, one of the “1,000 places to see before you die”, her phone calls to Darryl reveal she needs those gas cans much more than merely just thinking about it.  Pasadena to Death Valley is 259 miles and Death Valley to Las Vegas is 150 miles for a total of 409 miles (1 gas tank full). There are plenty of places to get gas in between.

7) You have to believe that Jodi Arias, who had been calling Travis Alexander throughout her trip, suddenly decided to go see him on a whim, and left her new love interest she planned to see, hanging. If you believe that, please see the next and final article of the series.

 8) You have to believe that Jodi Arias had to fill those cans in Pasadena instead of anywhere else further South or West by happenstance, and not just because Pasadena was right at the beginning of I-15 to Las Vegas, the route Jodi Arias apparently wanted it to look like she took to West Jordan, Utah.

 9) You have to believe that

– at that key point in Pasadena,

– where Jodi Arias is supposed to be traveling north west on I-15

– where she filled the 3 gas cans and filled her tank, giving her an extra 450 miles of range

– and a total range of 855 miles

just then is when either:

a) Jodi Arias’ battery on her phone ran out of juice and she misplaced her charger and she just didn’t have time to find it.

b) Jodi Arias decided to turn off her phone because she didn’t want Ryan Burns calling her and interrupting her or making her feel bad for not getting to West Jordan quicker.

c) Jodi Arias’ phone ran out of juice and she lost her charger and had to buy a new one.

Jodi Arias gave all three answers. “Take your pick”.

Total range Jodi arias needs to sneak in and out of Arizona (701 miles)

Total range Jodi Arias has with 2 gas cans (705 miles)

Total range Jodi Arias has with 3 gas cans (850 miles)

Estimated Distance, in theory, Jodi Arias traveled since filling up 3 cans in Pasadena (15 gallons x 30 mpg = 450 miles) + (11 gallons x 30 mpg = 330 miles) = (780 miles)

Distance Pasadena, CA to Mesa, AZ to Las Vegas, NV (701 miles)

Distance Las Vegas to Mesquite, NV (82 miles)

Total Pasadena to Mesquite, NV (783 miles)


Earlier, I had thought that Salinas was right next to Pasadena. I did not see the significance of all this until I checked it out carefully on a map. I didn’t realize that all these things Jodi Arias did that look like preparations All happened in Pasadena. I didn’t realize, until Brad Smith of Justda Truth pointed it out, that ok, maybe it’s possible that Jodi Arias can fit 2 more gallons into her car somehow, than everybody else, but in order to do that, the tank has to be completely and totally empty, which was so unlikely as to be pretty much impossible.

Pasadena is also where Jodi Arias’ license plate gets taken off the front of the rental car and magically gets flipped upside down on the rear of the car.

Jodi Arias is leaving from Pasadena at 9:00 PM (just happens to be just after dark) on a 386 mile,  5 and ¾ mile trip to Mesa, Arizona. This should easily get her there by 3 AM. Add the 1 hour time difference, and you get 4:00 AM, just as Jodi Arias stated.

10) You have to believe that Jodi drove all the way from Salinas, CA to the border of Arizona (530 miles 7 hrs 50 min) with no front license plate and an upside-down rear license plate and no one noticed. She drove all the way to Mesa, Arizona (692 miles, 10 hours 11 min) and no one noticed (someone beeping and pointing, the police, etc.)

11) You have to believe that both a 1 1/2 inch butcher knife and a loaded and cocked gun were within easy reach of the master bathroom, just by happenstance, on the one day that Travis Alexander decided to lunge at Jodi Arias and threaten to “kill her life”.

12) You have to believe that Travis Alexander would bend Jodi Arias over his desk and have sex with her when the bedroom is just upstairs and anyone could have come in the house.

13) You have to believe that Travis Alexander would agree to being photographed nude in his shower by Jodi Arias, when he is generally known to be very private about his showers and was not liking the idea in the past. By the way – anyone seeing these photos of a naked Travis in the shower, a supposedly devote Mormon, is going to wonder who was in the bathroom taking these photos of Travis, right? Why would Travis have wanted that? He wasn’t going to show those photos to nobody.

14) Additionally, do any of these photographs, with the possible exception of one, look professional?

shower 4shower 7shower surprise ltshower 6

15) Additionally who really takes a few photos, then discusses which to delete, takes a few more, then decides which to delete? Don’t people usually take a whole slew of photos and then delete the ones that they don’t want afterwards?

16) You have to believe that Jodi and Travis played sex games with a rope that was so long it needed to be cut, with a butcher knife, though the rope length used, the remaining rope, and any packaging the rope might have been in were never found (Brad Smith of Justda Truth came up with that on, too).

(show video)

17) You have to believe that Travis Alexander, after all the restraint he showed in the major conundrums with Jodi Arias, flew into a rage and lunged out of the shower, slippery and naked, wet on a tile floor, trying to assault Jodi Arias.

18) You have to believe that Travis Alexander, naked and wet, would chase Jodi Arias around the bedroom instead of just finishing his shower.

19) You have to believe that Jodi Arias stopped running away from Travis long enough to climb up the shelving in the bedroom closet to get the gun, the same caliber as the one stolen from where she was staying just 7 days before, placed in the only area of the closet that was not thoroughly photographed. You have to believe that Jodi Arias, in a panic and emotionally stressed, climbed up on the shelf disturbing absolutely nothing in the closet whatever, including the bench right in the middle .

show photo

20) You have to believe that Jodi Arias, having never fired a gun before or hardly ever, by accident and under duress, aimed and fired at a moving target and hit Travis in the skull above his right eyebrow – by accident.

21) You have to believe that Travis, once shot in the face with a bullet that crashed through his skull into his jaw and caused profuse bleeding, nevertheless, shrugged it off, and continued his deadly attack.

By The Way, Jodi’s story of shooting Travis  (“Oh crap” *)  by accident and then the two of them falling to the floor in the back of the bathroom together, side by side – does that remind you of anything?

  • Jodi Arias used the words “Oh, crap” to describe shooting Travis – a word that Travis specifically told Lisa Andrews that he hated and did not want her to use.

22) You have to believe that even after being stabbed with a deep wound to the heart, a deeper wound to the abdomen, 14 knife wounds to the back, and 12 other knife wounds, with his back and his neck and his head and his hands and his face all bleeding profusely, and after being down and bleeding in 2 other places in the bathroom, and after trying to get out of the bathroom and away from the other person, that Travis was still continuing to attack Jodi Arias and still posed a deadly threat to her.

Yet, Travis, as a Mormon, didn’t do drugs or even drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages.

23) You have to believe that Travis Alexander, with all those wounds and all that damage to his body and blood loss, still needed to have his throat slit to stop him and came after Jodi Arias in attack mode, covered in blood, with his chin tucked into his chest.

24) You have to believe that Jodi Arias remembers none of this after the gunshot until she is out of the state, – but she does, – but she doesn’t.

25) You have to believe that Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander on autopilot, and in that autopilot mode, remembered to delete photos, attempt to destroy evidence, clean the area of some blood and prints, and remove items from the scene, leaving only a few small drops of blood beyond the main crime scene.

Evidence screener hand print

26) You have to forget Jodi Arias’ description, at the interrogation, of Travis shot and bleeding and letting out a high pitched wail as he is crawling around on his hands and knees (“Travis was just ………. there.”), as well as her reporting of Travis remaining stationary on his hands and his knees.

27) You have to forget about Jodi Arias’ description at the interrogation, where she stated twice that after being shot, Travis was left there alone for quite some time.

28) You have to believe that in spite of claiming PTSD from the trauma of being forced to kill in such a gruesome way, that Jodi Arias went to Travis’ memorial service, took a DNA test, and then took a sightseeing ride back to Travis’ house and scene of the crime and also, she qualified for and purchased a 9 mm handgun.

29) You have to believe that the 9 mm handgun, which was hidden so well and so cleverly in her second rental car that is wasn’t found for over a week, was taped to the hood of the car with duct tape and was the first time Arias had ever concealed a handgun in a car in that way.

30) You would have to believe that in January, Arias helped Travis put away Christmas decorations which she said were stored in the attic, when she came back and caught him masturbating to photos / computer images of young children, when the lead detective said the attic was utterly empty.

>>>>>>>> If you are still skeptical, what would you think if you saw a photo from June 10th 2008 of an empty attic? If I saw that, that photo alone would prove to me this was a 1st degree premeditated murder. <<<<<<<<<<

31) You would have to believe that Arias, a person who complained about her hurt toe from June 4th to Travis’ family, sustained a broken finger from Travis kicking her in the ribs, yet she never mentioned it to anyone or took a photo of it or was able to produce any witness to verify it.

32) You would have to believe that Arias unintentionally and meaning well, wrote the letter she wrote to the Alexander family and made her remarks to the judge at her sentencing.

33) You must believe that the strikingly insensitive comments in both instances were just completely misunderstood by nearly everyone.

34) You would have to believe one or more of George Barwood’s theories:

a) The special, extra large gas can that Jodi’s rental car had but no one else in America had.

b) That Jodi was-making-bandages-for-Travis’-head-after-he-got-shot-when- Travis-suddenly-started-attacking-her-again-theory. Even though people in America do not make bandages and no evidence of home-made bandages was ever found.

c) That Travis-slipped-and-fell-in-the-hallway-and-landed-on-the-carpet-and-“bled-a-bit”, -before-getting-up-and-running-back-down-the-hall-into-the-bathroom-to-attack-Jodi theory.  That,-therefore,-Travis-was-down-on-the-floor-bleeding-for-quite-some-time-now-in-three-(not just two)-different-places,-yet-this-was-still-self-defense theory.

Here, Travis
Here, Travis “slipped and fell while chasing Jodi, bled a little bit on the carpet, then got back up and ran back down the hall into the bathroom to continue his attack”.

d) The “4 gas can theory” (The Jodi-borrowed-2-gas-cans-from-Darryl- Brewer,-then-bought-a-3rd-gas can-immediately-returned-it,-then-bought-one (5 gallon)-or-two (2.5 gallon)-more-can(s)-in-a-fog-after-the-killing-theory).

4 can theory

35) You would have to believe that even though Jodi Arias wrote a letter to the Alexander family in July 2008, detailing how Travis Alexander abused and beat her, leaving bruises, that the reason she told the Ninja story to the authorities which completely absolves her of any responsibility for or any participation in the murder, that Jodi did this for the main purpose of protecting Travis Alexander’s reputation.

36) You would have to believe the prosecutor and the prosecution witnesses and the defense attorney and the jury and the media and the social media and judge were all in on the conspiracy to find Jodi Arias guilty of 1st degree murder and to get her the Death Penalty.

37) You would have to believe that Travis begged Jodi Arias to come to Mesa, Arizona and move to Mesa after they had broken up, even though Alexander was hot on the trail of other women.

38) You would have to believe that Deanna Reid and / or Chris and Sky Hughes are devious people and possibly murderers who wanted kill Travis Alexander and frame Jodi Arias.

39a) You would have to believe that this is the Travis we never saw:

Help! Help! He is choking me.
Help! Help! He is choking me.
Oh, you dropped my camera?
Oh, you dropped my camera?
“Effing Kill you, Bitch!!!!”

39b) Fill in your own:

You would have to believe _______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________.

Would you believe ...... ?
Would you believe …… ?
Would you believe ..... ?
Would you believe ….. ?

By the way – In Estrella Jail, Jodi Arias called her first Boyfriend “86”, and he called her “99” (The secret agent numbers of Maxwell Smart and his partner).

40) Finally, you would have to believe that this guy, this guy who would sexually abuse young children as well as Jodi, the guy who choked Jodi to unconsciousness (Even though she said in the 48 hours interview: “I was never in fear of my life”), …

… the guy who kicked her in the ribs to the point of breaking her finger, body slammed her on solid tile, and continued to attack Jodi Arias and threatening to kill her, is the same person in the following video:

Okay, I promised you 30, but you got 10 bonus ‘things you would have to believe’, not including the one you were supposed to come up with. 🙂

Did you catch all that?


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54 thoughts on “The Tables Have Turned (part 5 – Scenario plus 30 Things you must believe) (Aug 8)”

  1. The case should have ended after a week or thereabout, cause there were so many obvious evidence that she did it by purpose, that it was totally meaningless to drag it out for months.

    1. No, I can’t agree there. I think it was obvious she killed him, but I always thought there was a reasonable possibility that she did not premeditate this and she was attacked. Really, it took me lots and lots of discussions and debates to realize that no, there are no reasonable possibilities, only unreasonable possibilities, such as 19 people 6 cats and 3 dogs and a parrot did it.

      1. Hi Rob! Wow I love your articles. Even though I’m solidly in the Alexander camp, I was drawn to reading all of this because it’s fact-based, no nastiness being thrown to the family and dear friends of Travis and his supporters. Just a couple of things I’d like to add:

        1. Don’t forget, Jodi brought with her on the trip a CD of pictures for Travis. She testified to it because she wanted to add another abusive moment by Travis. She had told her psychologists and Alyce about the CD’s so there was no way out of trying to explain why she brought these if she never intended to go to Mesa. Just a small piece that adds to premeditation. She made the CD at home then brought it. If she hadn’t rented a car, she could’ve said it was in her car so she just grabbed it

        2. On the May 10th sex tape, Jodi tells Travis she going to Utah to see some friends. Mentioning Utah grabbed his attention and he asked her why she was going there. She said to visit friends. He didn’t dig deep asking for names so I don’t think he cared much. Chris and Sky Hughes live in Utah I’m surprise he didn’t mention this to them.

        3. Ryan Burns testified that Jodi didn’t ask Ryan about coming to see him in Utah until late May after the fight I think. I believe Jodi’s planning began in April 2008. Things progressed quickly once she moved. She couldn’t kill him living 5 miles or so away. I’m speculating here but in her move she visits Gus to get the Helio phone that had recording capability.

        Not part of the trial but some more things to consider because, IF she gets a new trial, and that’s a big IF, the DP is off the table so the rules of evidence are different and a judge like JSS doesn’t have to sanitize the trial as was done in the two trials. Hopefully, all of Travis’s friends that had negative experiences with Jodi can testify about it. Chris and Sky will just have to explain their earlier email about Travis not treating women well.

        After reading Our Friend Travis, a book written by the Hughes’, I think he kept her a secret not because of the sex entirely, it began when the Hughes’ threw her out of their home and telling Travis everything they saw from her up until that night. It’s pretty brazen to get caught twice listening at their bedroom door and then giving a deadly look at them all. Chris said Travis took whatever relationship they had underground at that point. Scores of friends kept on Travis to stop seeing her.

        Sky goes into gut wrenching detail about her relationship with Travis being strained severely because he continued to see Jodi even after that scary encounter at their home.

        Travis was afraid Jodi might kill herself, Sky didn’t and quite frankly all of Jodi’s talk of suicide on the stand, I think we can infer that she used this in her relationship with Travis. One of Travis’s friends Ben (he testified because of a video he took of Travis and Jodi with her sleeping on his lap) weirdly, Travis was discussing having a gun to his head earlier in his life in a burglary.

        Anyway, so many girlfriends and friends of Travis were on him to stay away from her. I think this is a big reason but realize it’s speculation.

        Getting a new trial has zero benefit to Jodi. All of her lies, multiple stories, now she can’t say she was in a fog anymore. What she said at sentencing may not come into play during the appeal process but it will come in if she gets a new trial. I’ll admit I don’t know about any decisions made by the judge before the trial started, I came into this a month into the first trial.

        How, in your opinion, did Jodi not get a fair trial? JSS bent over for Jodi in most of her rulings. She even closed the courtroom so Jodi could testify in secret which was a clear violation of first amendment rights for public trials. In fact, JSS is still sealing documents as of today. Some legal analysts are trying to get the sidebar transcripts (since half the trial occurred at the bench). Jodi’s trial cost over 3 million dollars. Jodi started her own media tour way back when she was first arrested (48 hours, Inside Edition, local stations etc). So the media frenzy was caused by her.

        Although, being honest, the media cared because a pretty girl committed a cruel crime. There was sex, kinky sex at that, there’s religion, especially the Mormon religion, etc. if Jodi was fat and ugly (being blunt) we probably wouldn’t have heard much about this case.

        I could go on. I realize I’m going off script but you are very smart and have reasonable arguments on either side. I also agree it is possible the gunshot was first. However, during the retrial, Nurmi put up a photo in the shower not seen during the first trial. It’s Travis pulling himself up out of the shower. Beth Karas (Karas on Crime) believes Travis saw something maybe the gun? Or knife? If he was shot, I agree with you he would’ve crawled out of the shower. Can you find that shower still? It’s worth discussing)

      2. Gerilopez08, how prophetic that you have talked about a lot of things I have coming in part six of the series. Excellent comments all around.

        The CD’s are a definite clue. My belief is that she could have brought those without knowing she was going to TA’s just as part of her laptop. When you add it with other evidence though, the CD’s area problem for Arias. Really good point about the trip to Ryan’s and she was talking vaguely about a trip to Utah, but it’s pretty clear that she threw this together at the last minute.

        Really great point that IF there’s a new trial the DP is off the table. This means the defense will not have the really huge leeway they had in the capital trial. It also means there doesn’t need to be a death qualified jury, so that works in Arias’ favor because it means more jurors not so willing to convict and more sympathetic to her. But the rules of evidence and what is allowable will not be as lenient for Arias, and that makes a big difference.

        I agree that Travis was once proud to have Jodi at his side but that soon changed. Just being hidden and kept away from Travis friends and that lack of acknowledgement was enough of a motive right there. She was willing to put up with it but it seems she always resented that and when dumped completely, she became furious, imo.

        Jodi Arias has major problems were she to get a new trail. Self-defense is just not a viable defense for her, imo. She would have to change defense strategies once again. Her statement at sentencing and that 3rd gas can will be a stone in her side no matter what defense she presents. I changed my thinking not only to now believe there is no reasonable possibility this was not 1st degree murder, but also I now believe she cannot prevail in a new trial, even to get 2nd degree murder, no matter what.

        We just had that argument today on a facebook group about whether Arias caused her own media storm. I think she made it more than it might have been, but I still feel it would have been a blockbuster trial. You have everything here – an attractive couple, lots of gore, a horrific crime and crime scene, two weapons used, the Photographs of the crime in progress, plus lots of salacious sex. I really think it would have been big anyways, at least 85% 0f what it was, imo.lots of people disagree.

        So, you are saying Nurmi put up a photo that is after the sitting down photo, of Travis getting back up? WoW. I haven’t heard anyone else talk about that. Let me look into that. I don’t think it’s impossible that the gunshot was last, but you will definitely want to check out part 6 of this series if you are interested in this subject :).

  2. I have always believed that the murder was premeditated. I’m curious why you say that you now believe that it was premeditated, but you also say that it was “heat of passion”. I don’t understand how you could believe that both are true.

    1. I think Jodi Arias became very unstable mentally and she had no emotional supports. This thing became bigger and bigger in her mind, way out of proportion to what it really was, and she snapped. She snapped over a period of a week. What I’m really saying is that she’s not Al Capone and she’s not El Chappo. She’s a woman who lost it and killed her ex. it’s a tragic thing but very common. I think 35 years or 45 is plenty and that’s it. I don’t see this as a crime you get the DP for or natural life.

      1. I think there were multiple motives. I learned so much watching both trials, all unedited interrogation tapes (yes obsessive on my part) although being a Certified Fraud a Examiner, is a benefit because understanding forensic psychology has helped me greatly with this case).

        Whatever that major fight was on May 26th, with respect to the g-chat, we can only speculate.

        1. We know she was already pursuing Ryan Burns, another up and comer in PPL, so she didn’t want him to find out whatever Travis was about to tell everyone.

        3. Add in the psycho shit (his words) that she subjected him to he would’ve finally told everyone what he knew (stalking, doggy door incidents, tire slashing of his and Lisa’s tires, that scary anonymous email to Lisa, because Travis dared to try and protect her and she spent the night together because Lisa was frightened. She had already entered his home while Lisa was that and ran out of there.

        3. She probably felt used by him sexually although I have to call bullshit on that because reading all of Jodi and Travis’s texts, she was always the one making contact with her non-emergency requests for him to call her. Most of “call the me right away” appeared to be trivial stuff.

        It’s high time that we ladies acknowledge that if we enter into friends with benefit types of relationships with our ex’s that yes we will be hurt.

        I had a very similar relationship that Jodi and Travis had and I chased him all the time hoping for intimate contact to get him back (can’t believe I just admitted that) but our crush started at age 14, and through most of our 20’s. I finally had to acknowledge that I was hurting myself. I loved him so much it hurt. But he was honest with me. We weren’t going to get back together.

        4. Something happened regarding PPL with Jodi. One of her texts she begged him to help her with something because she said (this time I really screwed the pooch) whatever that meant. He wanted her to send him an email but she said she wasn’t going to put incriminating information in writing.

        5. he was taking MiMi to Cancun (she can say all she wants that she didn’t know he was taking MiMi to Cancun with all her espionage going on she knew he was taking another her.

        6. During the gchat he accused her of going into his email and stole a letter he wrote to Lisa Andrews Diadone. Of course, she denied it. She didn’t want everyone to be told finally of all of the behaviors she was displaying

        7. then there’s the recording. He didn’t know he was being recorded. She got that Helio phone from Gus because it had recording capability. she may have threatened him with it.

        One of the jurors on the retrial said in his emails she talks about calling a lawyer also part of the fight on May 26. It’s illegal to record phone conversations. Most states say both parties must be aware of the recording. Texas is a one party state so I can record someone without informing them. Not sure about California and Arizona whether they are one or two party states.

        I could go on but it’s clear in her mind that her future was uncertain. She was broke, was unsuccessful winning him back, she didn’t want another woman to snag him. It was too much for her. Borderlines have major abandonment issues. Travis may have told her on the phone that he called his sister Samantha for help in exposing her stalking behavior

        In domestic relationships the most dangerous time is when one party says “that’s it we’re done” she realized he finally meant it. I really don’t know what to think about him letting her stay when she showed up at 4:30 in the morning. Who knows what kind of performance she put on leading him to lower his fear and spend the day once again having sex with her.

        Women who are abused do the same thing. They let their abuser in one more time and end up dead. We don’t penalize abused women for that but the majority don’t give men the same benefit. This needs to change.

        Wow! I wrote way more than I planned on

      2. I’ve said her planning may have started when she moved back to Palm Desert. She stole the journals that pertained to their entire time together. He begged her to bring them back but she denied having them.

        In her journal she wrote something scary about trying to move on from him by “cutting off the life source and making it dead” I’m paraphrasing here. She couldn’t kill him and possibly get away with it living 5 miles a way. Once she moved in mid- April the recording was May 10th, she tells Travis she’s going to Utah to visit friends. She hadn’t even mentioned that to Ryan yet. He testified that the plans were made at the end of May

        I don’t believe she got an unfair trial. I know what some say about this

        1. The media coverage. That’s her fault. Several interviews before trial and even two during jury deliberations during guilt phase and aggravation phase (unheard of)

        2. The order of shoot first versus shoot last. The stab in the heart is sideways. Consistent with a left handed Jodi reaching into the shower for the first stab. My opinion.

        3. Prosecutorial misconduct. Prosecutors have a pretty wide net regarding the arguments they make. I’m not saying some errors weren’t made but it has to be substantial enough where the appeals court believes a different verdict may have been rendered.

        Prosecutors treatment of defense witnesses. I can agree he was a bit too heavy handed at times. Alyce LaViolette was caught lying to the jury regarding how many, if any, men has she testified for in a criminal case. Her one to two turned into zero. We don’t know this yet, but I think she was taken to task for that. I say this because in one of the retrial videos a private hearing was held where Juan talks about something coming to light regarding her during the trial so he said yes she probably was afraid to come back. It could render her impeached in the retrial and probably future cases if she testifies for someone else

        I saw a YouTube video where Alyce pokes fun at Juan quite a bit so I don’t think it’s him she feared. She was caught lying to the jury.

        Many claims of death threats to the experts and potential defense witnesses. I realize they were attacked in social media and that’s wrong!

        However, since death threats are considered terroristic threats, which is a crime, no one was investigated and/or arrested for that. Not one person except for some guy threatening Jodi and Arpaio did investigate and was sitting in the same jail as Jodi.

        Her former friend Patty claimed death threats. However, later on Nancy Grace she admitted she really didn’t want to testify for Jodi because “she doesn’t know this Jodi” unrecognizable as her former friend

        The defense could not show proof that any character defense witnesses were actually subpoenaed. To the contrary, Deanna Reid’s bio information was leaked on the JAII site including her family members and addresses. She testified anyway.

        Both Lisa and Deanna were humiliated for all to see on the stand asking highly offensive questions. They showed up to testify. Chris and Sky Hughes were brought in. They appeared.

        FYI Jodi’s own family didn’t testify. I know why. They would’ve had to admit to abuse that never occurred the way she testified to. As a mother, nothing would prevent me from testifying if my son was on trial for murder. I wouldn’t allow my son to make bogus abuse claims. I won’t lie in the stand ever. Even if it hurt his testimony.

        I teach him about responsibility, accountability, respecting authority, etc. he’s a very happy loving and compassionate child. Jodi’s parents gave up on her. In my mind, they didn’t parent her at all.

        After the guilt phase Jodi told Troy she had no mitigating factors according to Nurmi. Her parents didn’t hit her enough. No molestation, no drugs or alcoholism nothing like that occurred in her family. During the retrial all of the sudden mom smoked pot the day Jodi was born and now has a clear memory at 4 years of age that her father did coke. She’s tortured her family and should be ashamed of herself

        I could go on but this judge gave Jodi every little thing she requested except for the forged pedo letters. Later, Sandy Arias runs the letters to the Enquirer with not originals because she said there aren’t. She said I’m just giving you these because my daughter asked me to. Even the Enquirer knew this was wrong

        Affidavit #1 who claimed he knew Travis was looking at child porn at the Bishop’s house and also claimed he witnessed Travis abusing Deanna Reid.

        When he realized Deanna wasn’t back from her mission, he changed the dates. He gave an exact age of the child porn. He said 8 year old girls. I remember Juan stating in the one video during the retrial that a Witness #1 was afraid to testify not because of threats rather because Juan would’ve asked him pointed questions about how he knew the age of the girls so clearly. He also would be cross examined hard on that point and have to explain the changing story regarding the dates he and/or his fiancé witnessing Deanna being abused. She rebutted that during the retrial.

    1. Sandra, let me start by saying I liked your podcast. Hope you do more.

      I did ask my group if I should censor the pic a little and no one said I should. I wasn’t sure, because it’s beauty and art to me.

      Wait a minute, now I realize the photo you’re talking about is the censored photo. That’s probative and important evidence, in my view. The reason I put that photo in there is because Travis took that crude photo. I think that because Jodi was talking about physical abuse as early as July 29, 2008, that I have to give her the benefit of the doubt, but at the most, if anything, Travis may have slapped her or smacked her once or twice. I think more likely is that any bruises Jodi got from Travis were from sex.

    2. I’m guessing due to the romp session that day maybe lasting hours ( Travis and Jodi discussed on sex tape they’ve had those long sessions before) I’ll put myself out here a bit….it happens

  3. For him to get up from the *foot shot* and go to the toilet , somehow get stabbed in the head leaving the spatter on the toilet room wall and none on the trash can wall at the end of the sink, then go down again at the linen closet door…the blood would have drastically changed from the foot shot to the linen closet door/baseboard shot. It doesn’t.

    1. That’s your own theory that you are saying is wrong. I would agree with that. That photo in no way shows any similarity between blood patterns. This whole photo is baloney. There’s no proof the foot photo was taken immediately as Travis crawled out of the shower. As for the “baseboard photo”, there’s no proof that is even Travis’ body at all. Pure speculation based on no facts.

      1. I’m confused on your opinion of the foot photo. It is her foot and it is Travis. Remember, once Detective Flores showed her this photo, the ninja story was born. I remember her begging Flores to show her the crime scene photos even calling it morbid curiosity. She needed to see them to craft her story better. Flores said no he would not show her the photos.

        She tried to justify this photo in interrogation stating she was trying to get Travis up to escape the ninjas.

        I was shocked that she was able to do so much damage to his body in about two minutes. She must have been swinging the knife like the Tasmanian Devil.

        Anyway, if not for the memory card showing that she was there, the sex, the shower photos with the final live Travis staring into the camera and having him in a vulnerable position in the shower, the bloody palm print with her and Travis’s blood (she cut her finger which is very common in stabbings) she may have either gotten away with the murder entirely or been convicted of a lesser charge.

      2. Hey Someone. Yes, there is another case of a woman who used gas cans to hide the fact that she went to her ex husband’s home and shot him and his new wife to death. There were very few clues, but they eventually got her for 1st degree murder. I agree that it might have been a lesser charge.

        Flores, I think should not have shown her anything. He should have made her describe every minute of June 4th. He should have kept her talking.

        I always had it in my mind that Jodi saw that foot photo and she was saying that was the ninja, and that’s why she went with a man and a woman. You may know more about this than I do, though.

      3. I agree he shouldn’t have shown her the inadvertent photos. The shower photos yes but by showing her the foot photo she created the ninja story for two years. Travis’s friends and family knew she was probably lying but can you imagine the fear they had that there might’ve been someone with her and not knowing who that was? It is hard to believe that she could physically do all of this but she didThe benefit that came out of the ninja story is that her expert witnesses (psychologists) based their psychological testing on that story thereby rendering the test results as useless. I have PTSD. What those of us afflicted with this DO is avoid triggers because it causes intense psychological pain as the feelings and symptoms return.Jodi did the opposite. Doing a drive by after the murder, attending his memorial service, and begging to see those gruesome photos.Dr Geffner tried to say it didn’t matter wh

      4. Absolutely correct on the drive-by, the memorial service, the crime scene photos, and the fabrication of the story incorporating the evidence to lend credibility to her fabrications. Jodi Atias remains as vague as possible when recounting June 3rd and 4th (watch the trial videos). When she adds specific details – watch out. She is doing it for a reaason. The more detailed and specific she gets, the bigger the problem or contradiction she is trying to hide.

        As I have said early, I do not feel that the Ninja story being false invalidates the Psych.testing, It’s still the same trauma and the results are the results. It may destroy the testing in the Jury’s eyes. Another test should have been done when the story changed and that’s the responsibility of the defense attorneys, not the psychologist under contract.

        I also felt she had an accomplice in 2013 at the start of the case. I felt Jodi Arias was covering for someone. But now that she has thrown so many good people under the bus, I doubt she would do this. I always thought it was Matt McCartney who was with her. It’s hard to see how the baseboard photo (#163) could be taken without 3 people in the bathroom (one dragging the body and one stepping on the camera).

      5. I believe the blood patterns are the same, and I believe it is Travis. I don’t think she’s stabbing him. I think she’s dragging him. That white thing to the right of Juan Martinez’s pen mark at the very top is a thumb. That’s Jodi’s left hand, picking up or dragging Travis. If not dragging him, it’s definitely her hand doing something.

        I appreciate all the work put into this site and the commitment to look at the facts and evidence over subjective opinions. I don’t agree with every theory on the site, but I do agree with a lot of it. Thanks and keep working. I appreciate the site very much.

      6. I am beginning to think more and more, that you are right. It always bothered me, and I just didn’t think that was Travis’ back. But that angled like is a very very straight line. A person’s back would not be perfectly straight like that.

  4. Bruises on her inner thighs? This is new. Stop the presses! We have new “evidence” that will set Jodi free! p.s. Rob, now you’re just making things up! A parrot? Get a grip man! Everyone knows that’s parrots are not into watching or being involved with murder and mayhem. Cats and dogs……..definitely.

    1. Katkradle, I’m referring to some wild theories about a group of people and animals all in Travis’ master bathroom as a “blood atonement” is performed. You would not believe the theories that are out there. How that many people and dogs and other animals could all be present yet leave no traces is forensic and scientific history in the making.

      1. Oh wait, you reminded me of something. On one interrogation tape, Flores asks Jodi about hurting animals. This is part of the process to determine if there could be other murders. It’s a precursor to serial killers (I’m not saying she’s a serial killer). Jodi talked about kicking a dog and wanting to apologize to him but he disappeared?? She told a psychologist she squeezed a cat and left him or her unfed and cared for for weeks. It doesn’t rise to the level necessarily to be brought into trial but do you know anything about this?

      2. Yes, I know about it. Although we do not know much about the Doggy Boy incident, Jodi in her own words talked about how she was sorry that she kicked the family dog and that the dog ran away.

        Did Arias kill the dog? She could have or maybe the dog ran away a few weeks later and she blamed it on herself. Since we don’t know, we shouldn’t speculate in a way that puts Arias in the worst light.

        As for the cat, there was the neglect incident with a cat Jodi was asked to take care of, and she admits to squeezing a cat too hard. The idea of calling that torture and trying to bring that in was a blatant attempt to paint Jodi Arias as a serial killer, and that’s just wrong, imo. Is she completely unfeeling and insensitive to the suffering of animals and human beings? She may be, but we don’t know for sure, so we have to give her the benefit of the doubt. Looking at the killing, though, people would have to draw their own conclusions.

        I think there’s some truth to all of these, but if a cat were locked in a room for a week or two, that cat would have died either through starvation or injuring itself trying to get out.I think a couple days might be more accurate if the story is true.

  5. Your “Arias carries out the plan” That is pretty much exactly how I see it. If You take a close look at all the evidence in the bathroom, that’s what the evidence it shows. One wound in the bathroom the, gun shot. Knife attack at the linen closet area and down the hallway. There was none of continuous attack by Travis, Jodi was in total control after the gun shot. Jodi had no injuries fro this supposed continuous attack from Travis. According to Jodi’s story, Jodi would have had her chance to leave after the gun shot, when she say she got away, and Travis went to the sink, Even her own story does not work for self defense.

    Supporters, at least the ones that believe this was self defense, need to take a closer look like you have done.

    I will be back later to read the rest, your articles are so long you know.

    1. Yes, Mike, the articles tend to go long. There are other possible scenarios, but like you say, the scenario that doesn’t fit is anything indicating self-defense. I mean, I tried to fit it to somehow make it work, and it just does not.

  6. Wow Rob, I would have thought I wrote this article myself, but you have a better way with words. Pretty much EXACTLY what I have thought for the past couple of years.

    I have been waiting all this time for a supporter to come along and change my mind, but all I hear is never ending crazy theories, that can’t be backed up by any evidence.

    Great Article

    1. I have followed what you have said and I could not disagree. Especially you had very clear pictures of what happened and you were always very fair. We have been in groups discussing evidence and the crime scene for years now, plus looking at the Justda truth Yuku, Websleuths, and all manner of forums talking endlessly about the crime scene. And George kept always talking about the blood pools. I told him long ago that he had Travis down in 4 different places in the bathroom and did he know how ridiculous it sounded to say self-defense? You and Brad have always been the closest to what I was thinking. After I finally realized that she bought too much gas and there was no reasonable way the gas fit, then that was it for me. I had to re-evaluate everything, but I always tried to make it work for the defense. Finally, it didn’t work in any configuration.

    1. Thanx, juliegregg! I’m not getting flack from the fanatics, that I know of, but I don’t really go looking to see what these lumoxxes say. None of them have any rational thoughts left, except for maybe Justice Forusall, and I plan on critiquing that article next.

      1. Yes, Cheryl, I’m going to do more, but I don’t know how many articles I have left on the subject of Jodi Arias. It seems just endless at times, the amount of different subjects this case inspires 🙂

  7. I will ask Beth Karas when that shower still photo was admitted in the retrial. It’s spooky. What I saw were his arms reaching up. She took that picture so that’s before the camera supposedly being dropped enraging him. I’ll let you know soon

      1. There were new shower photos presented in the 2nd penalty phase, another one with Travis facing the back wall, showing his back, but none after the seated photo that I know of.

  8. Okay good. I thought so. Gray is awesome. His videos were hard to watch but he’s a genius. Really put me in the bathroom. Just glad I wasn’t really there

    1. Gray is very good and he should do these videos in more cases (and he is). I have been meaning to answer you comments, gerilopez08, and I will get around to it, promise 🙂

  9. Wow, I have to tell you how much I enjoyed reading these blogs. I know I’m a little late, a friend on fb sent me the link and I haven’t been able to stop reading. I love how you’ve seamlessly and concisely put all the info together. There is not one thing you’ve written that I haven’t at some point thought myself….only you’ve managed to log it all in a logical sensible order! Wish my brain was so organised! This case only came to my attention in April this year and it has pretty much become an obsession of mine ever since. Like another commenter earlier, I think partly because I’ve been in a similar situation. (not the murder!) It’s easy in the depths of a hurtful relationship to see how love turns to rage. What is so sad is that so many people in effect lost their lives over this one girls jealous rage. I am convinced that this was a premeditated murder, however I believe he had a glimmer of hope had he miraculously had a change of heart and committed openly to her and what she wanted. If only she had been mature enough to walk away. She would have moved on, by now Travis could have been a distant memory. Something she’d probably smile about and remember as a learning experience. Instead she’s going to rot in a cell while he rots in a grave and both their families and friends will never ever be the same. All totally robbed of a life they should have had. Such a waste over something so…. Common. If you catch my drift. Anyway, once again, thank you for all you hard work…I wish this was a little book I could carry around and reference!

    1. Thanks Loz35. I am seriously thinking about writing a book. I think it gives me extra credibility that I did everything I could to see it the defenses’ way and to take Arias’ side as long as I did. I did this until I just couldn’t any longer because of the evidence and facts I finally realized.

      I like that you have thought about evryone involvd and not just the defendant or the victim. I think that’s the fair way to look at things. I don’t see how anyone can refute this series of articles when they read them with an objective mind. It is a shame that Jodi could not just walk away and let it go. She was so much happier with Darryl and Travis just wasn’t the right guy for her. There was just soemthing compelling – a real bad chemical reaction.

      Travis would have been succesful, I think. I see him as the next Tony Robbins. I think he would have gone above and beyond PPL into his own self-help business. He definitely had a System he had worked on that was effective.

      Sjhortly before meeting Travis, Jodi Arias was doing better than Travis.Travis’ net worth was all leveraged, it was all on credit. Jodi Arias had a $320,000 home with an in-ground swimming pool, more than $10,000 in thebank, A 2004 Infinity G35, she had a Loving relationship and her boyfriend had a son who cared about her. She had started to look at sales and a more long term career for herself and somewhere, this just went all wrong. It became all about Travis and I think she lost focus on her own future.

      So, I agree. If she walked away, they would both have good lives and all the heartache she caused so many people would never have happened. I think it was all about structure. I think Jodi arias needs structure. She had a lot of that with Darryl. Once she went with Travis, she lost that structure and she became sestabilized, in my opinion.

      Thanks for your comments, I’m glad you liked the series. I enjoyed writing, it.

      1. She certainly became beyond obsessed with an ideal and life she saw in a future with Travis. When he dashed all hope of that dream she flipped. I’ve been intrigued by that gun duct taped to the rental get away car. I live in the UK and it struck me how over here murderers (one time as opposed to serial) tend to get relatively lenient terms. However, it’s certainly not uncommon that they go on to commit murder again. In fact I was quite shocked at a report I saw. I think, if I could get one answer out of all the hundreds of questions this case leaves, mine would be, what on earth was the gun for. The what came first, gun or knife wound, what was the Gmail argument about, why did she do it etc… None of it matters, Travis is dead. That gun was there for a reason that has never cone to light. That’s pretty scary. She premeditated his death, planned it out as best she could. We’ll never know what the next Road trip plan was. 😟😟 anyway, that’s my dark thought for the day! Once again thanks for the blogs and for taking the time to reply. You ought to look into writing a book, your stuff is just as good, if not better than some of the books I’ve read! 😍

      2. I did this write up on Tracie Andrews, who I consider to be the UK’s Jodi Arias. As you said, she stabbed Lee Harvey, her fiancee, 42 times with a Swiss Army knife and she’s already out of prison and has broken up a marriage to win a new boyfriend. Then she changed her name and hair color and had plastic surgery.

        I wonder what you think about that case? It is really odd that someone in the UK can stab a person 42 times to their death and be out of prison in 14 years?

        Please look for this as this will be my next article. After that, I am going to explain my new theory that I call the 6-6-6 theory of Jodi Arias. My new theory has Jodi Arias spending 6 months trying to win Travis over, 6 months trying unsuccessfully to win him back, and 6 months getting back at him. I think it will explain a lot about what was happening in the relationship and her behavior. That will be the second new article.

        Jodi Arias always seemed to forget in her interrogations and interviews that a young person was dead, brutally stabbed to death and shot, and that she is responsible for this by her own admission. Somehow we are supposed to just overlook this.

  10. Oh yes I remember that case, didn’t she pretend he was killed in a road rage incident? I’ll have a look into it. Yes, it does surprise me immensely how little time people serve in this country. Not wanting to sound judgemental, I do feel that 14 years is actually no time at all. I’m sure when you’re institutionalised the time drags, however the outside world continues. For the surviving family and friends that little time will soon be passed and then they must be faces with the realisation that the person responsible for their loss is now free to continue his or her life. Another hi profile case over here was the murder of 2 year old Jamie Bulger. His murderers were youngster, 10 year old. It was a truly disturbing case that happened in 1992. His killers were freed after only a few years but one of them in particular was soon inside again for child porn offences. In fact if you look on wickepedia he has an entire list of misdemeanours. The other guy is an undiagnosed psychopath. I feel that once someone has taken themselves that far so as to kill someone, face to face, to watch them suffer and beg and bleed, then the chances are they have gone over a line that they cannot return back to. Most of us couldn’t contemplate causing such harm and distress to another. I disagree with the DP, but I do feel that for taking a life deliberately then life should be served. Like you, I don’t want any one to be treated inhumanly, but for the memory of their victim as well as surviving family I think these people need to be locked up.
    It is quite clear that something is wrong with jodi arias. She can never attribute blame to herself. She claims victim in whatever situation she’s in. Whether she is mentally ill or just plain evil, I think she’s proved that she is a danger to society. She took her ex’s life in such a savage way, lied so profusely and left question marks about her future intent.
    I will await with interest your next items, both Tracie Andrews and the 6-6-6 theory.

    1. 14 years. I think someone would actually think it would be worth to murder someone and get out in 14 years. That seems far too lenient although I feel we are far too harsh, and i’m a big believer in giving first time offenders a better deal, even if it’s a murder.

      But life in prison for murder seems fine with me if it was part of another felony or it was cold and calculated. I don’t think a person should be judged for one bad act.

      That is true about Jodi Arias. Even if it’s something as simple as a broken glass, Jodi Arias will not take responsibility for anything. She did admit to a few things, but it always someone else who causedall her prob;ems.

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