The Tables Have Turned (part 4 – The Crime Scene)

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Rob Roman

Warning!! This article contains explicit and graphic autopsy / crime scene photos.

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The crime scene:

This camera is a Sony DSC H9 Camera, similar to what Alexander had. Price in 2008 was almost $2,000
This camera is a Sony DSC H9 Camera, similar to what Alexander had. Price in 2008 was almost $450

Now we move on to the crime scene. Is there anything here that can support Jodi Arias’ story? Here, we are dealing with real hard physical evidence, we are not relying on Jodi’s word. There are always unknowns, but is there something strong anywhere in the crime scene which would lead a reasonable juror to conclude that Jodi Arias may have been attacked, and Jodi Arias was forced to kill to defend her very life?

This video by Gray Hughes is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the crime scene (Travis Alexander’s Master Bathroom and Bedroom).

So far, with an examination of the body, we have very little supporting a case for self-defense, and examining the crime scene does not help much, in my opinion.

This is one thing I was pinning my hopes on. Defense attorney Jose Baez, pointed early on to the crime scene evidence. He said since Jodi Arias had lied so much prior to the trial, the defense should not call her to the stand at all. Instead, they should look to the crime scene and the forensics to blow holes in the state’s case. Thanks to mostly Jodi supporters, arguing all their bizarre theories, they have proven to me that this is no longer a possibility either.

Jose Baez, lead defense attorney from Florida v. Casey Anthony
Jose Baez, lead defense attorney from Florida v. Casey Anthony

Whether you accept the prosecution version, that the attack started in the shower, or the defense version that Travis was shot by Arias by accident and in self-defense, as he rushed at her, we can surmise the movements of the victim. Movements seem to begin along the tub towards the toilet room, to the back of the bathroom by the scales, over to the sink and then down the hallway to the carpet.

A) There is one cast off blood stain just outside the shower enclosure by Travis’ bathrobe.

crime scene bathrobe lt

There’s a blood pool by the toilet room door, indicating Travis bled there on the floor for quite some time before getting to the sink. Something happens to cause blood spatter very low at the door frame of the toilet room. The blood spatter is such high-impact that it even hits the base of the toilet.

The blood pool by the toilet room door and high impact blood spatter on the door jamb

crime scene toilet door frame 2 lt

crime scene toilet lt 2

There is cast-off blood very high on the blinds of the bathroom window by the scales. This could have happened at the time that Travis seemed to be crawling away, or after the killing, because Jodi Arias came back to the back of the bathroom to clean up. There were 2 empty toilet paper rolls in Alexander’s trash bin in the corner. That’s unusual for a single person who has his home cleaned regularly.

There’s a towel rack on the outside wall of the toilet room and there’s more blood around that area.

The towel rack by the scales is missing a towel
The towel rack by the scales is missing a towel

Possibly Travis was on his feet at this point, but he doesn’t have to be. He may have gotten the towel off of the towel rack and he was heading to the sink. He may have still been on his knees and only tried to get on his feet at the sink.

crime sceen scales

There’s some blood drops over by the scales at the back of the bathroom. We do know at least one of these scales was knocked out of place, because the clear scale had blood drops directly under it. The next place Travis goes seems to be the sink.

crime scene sink

Now, here’s a good question: How many people just happen to have a gun and a 1 1/2 “ butcher knife” just lying around in close proximity to the bathroom? Not many of us, that’s how many of us. Most likely, the reason why Travis Alexander can go to the sink and stand there with his back to his attacker was because Jodi wasn’t in the room. In theory, she had left him in the bathroom to go get the knife because the gun had failed to kill him.

As Gray Hughes noted, all the blood spatter in the bathroom up to the sink is consistent with a gunshot wound. All the blood evidence to the right of the sink is more consistent with stabbing injuries.

A knife first attack is usually going to start and keep on going until it ends, there will be no “time-outs”. No chance to take a break and go to the mirror.  So a knife-first fight with either as aggressor has some problems. When was anyone going to get the chance to go to the sink and mirror?

crime scene sink closet lt

crime scene closet 2 lt

It seems that after going to the sink, Travis is again on the floor bleeding next to the linen closet. There’s quite a bit of blood there in two large pools. The prosecution theorized that this might be where Travis was dragged to be shot in the head, before being put back in the shower enclosure. If he he was shot first, that would preclude this idea. Then there would need to be another explanation.

crime scene hallway 4

This is a grizzly scene in the hallway on the way to the carpet. I just see this as a wild stabbing injuries as Travis tries to make it out of the bathroom.

The “rainbow” blood smear at the bedroom end of the hallway

Most people agree that Travis collapsed here leaving the large blood smear. Travis ends up with his throat slit at the carpet. This is carpet and padding and there’s a tremendous amount of blood loss at the carpet. You do see a lot of foot activity next to the large puddle of blood. Beyond this point there is virtually no blood besides a small smear at the washing machine, etc.

crime scene carpet 2 lt crime scene carpet cropped

I think this is where most people think Travis ended up and would have remained, if he hadn’t been dragged back into the shower. It appears to me that Travis was almost immediately moved back into the bathroom. This blood trail on the right looks to me like blood dripping from a body as it is moved.

crime scene carpet to floor

crime scene hallway

I think this is showing blood trails and drips from the body as he is being dragged  back to the shower. Notice how the trail stops right before the angled wall leading to the shower enclosure. I think that was a really good theory the prosecution witness came up with, that Arias must have taken a wet towel and ran it straight up the middle of the hallway, or wet the floor and used the towel as a squeegee to remove prints, and to give her a clear path out of the bathroom. People also theorized that excess water got under the carpet, making that messy area you see on the right.

Now, as far as the idea that the body was brought back by the linen closet to be shot, there are two more reasons, besides believing the gunshot was first, why I don’t believe this. First, the body was bleeding out and was an obstacle for Jodi Arias. I think she wanted to get the body back in the shower right away so there wouldn’t be more blood than there already was. I don’t think she would have stopped at the linen closet to shoot him, and in the process cover the floor with more blood.

You can tell the 2 accidental photos were taken upside-down, as testified to, and on a slight angle.
You can tell the 2 accidental photos were taken upside-down, as testified to, and on a slight angle.

Besides the 15+ reasons I have for believing the gun was first, there are two more reasons why I believe the body was brought immediately to the shower stall. People theorize that Jodi cut her finger and bled on Travis, so she needed to wash the DNA off him in the shower, and that may be so. I think all the blood and Travis’ body were creating an obstruction preventing Arias from leaving the scene without leaving more evidence (footprints, fingerprints, transfers, etc.). So I think she needed to get the body out of the way and let the blood drain into the shower enclosure, instead of pooling up on the floor.

Here’s yet another answer to Heather’s question, why didn’t Jodi Arias shoot Travis Alexander the minute she first saw him? Well, after they had sex, she had to wait for him to take a shower, to wash off her DNA. The idea about Travis needing to be washed off because Arias bled on him makes sense. She would have to be real careful to keep her blood off of everything, including him.

The other thing I see is possibly, Jodi Arias, as is her style, completing a plan after the plan had already failed – i.e. her intention was to kill him in the shower, and she was bringing him back to where he was supposed to be.

Here’s the second reason: I think she dragged him down the right side of the hallway to avoid other blood, then she cut the corner too sharp, leaving these blood transfer stains.

crime scene closet trim lt lg

crime scene closet door trim 2

If Arias had stopped at the linen closet to shoot Travis, I don’t think she would have slid him against the baseboard on the way to the shower. This seems to be the path Jodi Arias took.

Still from the Gray Hughes video
Still from the Gray Hughes video

Now remember the foot photo? Some believe it was taken close to the carpet. Others believe it was taken more near the area of the linen closet. Most people agree that the “foot photo” was taken with Travis’ feet pointing towards the back windows of the bathroom and Jodi’s foot nearest the hallway. The light is coming from the direction of Travis’ feet and that is attributed to the light from the bathroom windows.

The famous
The famous “foot photo”

But, in photo #162, the “foot photo”, you see that Travis is down on the floor, either before or after he goes to the sink. It makes sense that his head was on the floor near the linen closet when the foot photo was taken. So, for me, that accounts for the second blood pool. As for people who believe the “foot photo” was taken closer to the carpet, even if it’s true, that’s yet another place where Travis was immobile. The only time Travis was down by the carpet was the final time, in most people’s opinion.

So we have good evidence that Travis was down and on the floor at least 3 times and in three different places in the bathroom / bedroom in this 3 minutes maximum of a “struggle” on June 4th, 2008. The two inadvertent camera shots are both taken when Travis was on the floor. No, that doesn’t play well towards self-defense, either.

So almost everyone agrees that Travis’ final resting place was at the end of the bathroom hallway where he fell over and his throat was slit. I believe everyone agrees that Travis first crawled towards the back of the bathroom towards the toilet room and the scales.

I think most people agree that Jodi Arias was talking about something that actually happened in her “ninja story”: Travis was on all fours, or on both knees and one hand, while holding his head with his free hand and moaning or screaming. There’s a blood pool there, indicating Travis was motionless by the toilet room door for some time.

Travis may have tried to get into the toilet room, and Jodi might have tried to stop him, causing the low to the floor, high-impact blood spatter on the toilet door frame. People who believe in self-defense need to account for that blood spatter.

Now a major question: Why would Travis take a left out of the shower and go further into the bathroom if he were under attack?

Still from Gray Hughes Video
Still from Gray Hughes Video

Was this because Jodi Arias was near the linen closet blocking the exit? That’s where it seems she put the camera down, as you will see.

One way to do it is this: Who says Travis took a left out of the shower? He could have gone straight to the sink and from there down the hallway. All of the other blood to the left of the sink could still be Travis’ blood, but it could all have been put there by Jodi Arias. She could have dripped blood from clothes and her own body. She could have put clothes and a towel on the floor creating the blood pool and she could have dropped or thrown something to the floor, creating the spatter. Could that create that much blood? I don’t believe this, but I guess it’s possible.

crime scene toilet door frame

Most of us agree that Travis then went from the scales to the sink, and then down the hallway. It seems like prior to going down the hallway, he was on his back when the foot photo was taken.

I believe that the foot photo was taken after Travis was at the sink. If we are theorizing that Travis was able to go to the sink because Jodi left the room, then the “foot photo” must have been taken when she came back. Travis was on his back, blood running over his right shoulder. I think the closet door was closed at the time.

Just a theory of Travis' location at the time of the
Just a theory of Travis’ location at the time of the “foot photo”

Everything also has to fit inside the time line. I think Travis went to the sink, then collapsed or fell, maybe this is when he said “I can’t feel my legs”, which was part of Jodi’s Ninja story, that I think is true. At some point, he crawled or staggered down the hallway where he collapsed. His throat is slit and he is then dragged back into the shower, where he was found 5 days later.

Check out this Gray Hughes video showing the crime scene pics:

Following the time line and the sequence of events, we have the four final photos:

5:30:30 “Sitting” pic #160
This is the last pic of Travis alive and well. He’s sitting in the shower

5:31:14 “Ceiling pic” #161
(44 seconds later) The “ceiling photo” where something causes Jodi Arias to point the camera upwards and snap the shutter release.

5:32:16 “Foot” pic #162
(1 min 2 sec later) (1 min 46 sec after “sitting” pic)

5:33:32 “baseboard” pic #163
(1 min 16 sec later) (3 min 3 sec after “sitting” pic) (2 minutes and 18 seconds after the ceiling pic)

State Supporters have more time in their sequence, the entire 3 minutes and 3 seconds. After the sitting photo is snapped, Travis could have been shot right away. Jodi Supporters have to start where Jodi says things started, when she dropped the camera at the ceiling photo. The time line from then until the final “baseboard photo” is 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

As Juan Martinez demonstrated in the court room,  2 minutes is a very long time when it’s life and death. But, Jodi Supporters have a lot more events to fit into a much smaller time line than State Supporters have.

Jodi Supporters have to include the part where Travis leaps out of the shower in a fury, lunges at and body-slams Jodi, she rolls away and runs down the hallway, Travis chases her into the closet, she grabs the gun, runs back into the bathroom and turns around, firing at an attacking Travis.

Jodi Arias demonstrating how Travis Alexander attacked her in a
Jodi Arias demonstrating how Travis Alexander attacked her in a “linebacker” pose

They both collapse right next to each other at the back of the bathroom. Then, with, whatever time is left, everything else has to be accounted for. Whatever aid Arias may have rendered to Travis, if any, and the rest of the knife attack all has to fit in that 2 minutes and 18 seconds with only 62 seconds until the foot photo.

1 minute and 46 seconds after Travis is sitting down in the shower, the foot photo is taken. That’s 1 minute and 2 seconds after the ceiling pic where most people think something happened and this is where the attack started. So whatever happened between the start of the attack and the foot photo, it had about 1 minute (62 seconds) to happen. Most people agree that by the time of the “baseboard pic”, Travis is already being dragged back to the shower enclosure.

Travis Alexander sitting in the shower
Travis Alexander sitting in the shower

Jodi Supporters believe Travis lunged out of the shower (ceiling pic) and attacked and chased Jodi, she came back into the bathroom through the closet with a gun as Travis was chasing her. She turned around and shot him, then they both went down by the bathroom scales. They believe that during this time, Travis left the first blood pool.

The “ceiling photo” You can see the very top of the shower door and the entrance into the closet

You can theorize, as Judge Sherry Stephens did, that possibly there were more than 2 weapons used. Arias could have struck Alexander with a blunt instrument, or one knife could have broken, and she needed to get another. You can also theorize that Travis was shot last after he was dead or nearly dead. I don’t think that’s likely. It’s much more likely to me that Travis was shot and he didn’t really understand what was happening to him at first, and so he crawled around and then went to the mirror once Jodi Arias exited the bathroom.

Some Jodi Supporters want to believe that once Jodi shot Travis, that the fight continued to the end. There’s a problem with that scenario. How was Travis stationary long enough to leave the first two blood pools if this was self-defense?

Other Jodi Supporters would say that the “foot photo” is Jodi going to Travis’ aid, so that explains the first blood pool and the second blood pool by the linen closet door. The first blood pool is from Travis shortly after he’s shot and he is down by the toilet room door. The second blood pool happens by the sink and the linen closet as Jodi is assisting him. There’s no time to call 911. This is when the “foot photo” is taken, in my opinion.

The famous
The famous “foot photo”

The blood over the shoulder could all be from the gunshot to the head, or Alexander could have suffered stab wounds at the time this photo was snapped.

State Supporters believe that Jodi Arias shot or stabbed Travis Alexander in the shower, possibly causing the ceiling photo, shortly after the beginning of the stabbing or shooting. Alternatively, Travis could have crawled out of the shower as Jodi possibly stepped or jumped back suddenly, which could also have resulted in the taking of the ceiling photo. Travis crawled to the back of the bathroom and you have the first blood pool.

sony camera ltsony cybershot h9

sony dsc h9 3

The camera was upside-down and leaning on the shutter release button, causing the last two photos to be tilted 12 degrees.
The camera was upside-down and leaning on the shutter release button, causing the last two photos to be tilted 12 degrees.

Yet another theory is that all, or nearly all, of the 28 knife wounds could have been done in the shower, the back and the head wounds could have been done as Alexander moved and bent his head in efforts to protect himself.

The baseboard photo drives me crazy. What exactly are we looking at??? Is this Travis’ back and shoulders or is this some kind of reflection?

crime scene baseboard photo lt

I think what happened is this: Jodi put the camera down by the linen closet more or less against the wall. The camera was upside-down as described in the trial. Arias either dropped the camera, kicked it, or stepped on it, to snap the photo. The camera may have been oriented like this:

crime scene camera 1

Some how the camera got kicked or moved, and it spun 130 degrees or so to give this angle:

crime scene camera 2

This takes the next shot, which is the “baseboard photo. The object appears to be closer to the camera and further away from the opposite wall. This coincides with the blood evidence indicating Arias dragged Alexander up the left side of the hallway, then cut over to the right to deposit him in the shower stall.

The final pic #163 - The
The final pic #163 – The “baseboard photo”

At trial, Jodi Arias did confirm that this was Travis being dragged back to the shower.Many theories have been put forward as to what we are seeing, and how this photo could be snapped as we are seeing Travis seemingly do a sit-up. His head does not appear to be tilted back, as would be expected.

one websleuth's interpretation of what photo #163 could be
one websleuth’s interpretation of what photo #163 could be

If this websleuth is correct, there must have been three people present, because who is left to step on or kick the upside-down camera to snap this photo?

Here Travis is about 12 feet tall, though ………. LOL. It’s the best theory I have seen. She could have stopped dragging him and picked him up, as pictured, to adjust him to one side or the other. Well, it only creates more questions. 🙂

This diagram depicts the Defense / Jodi Arias’ version of events. Jodi got the gun from the top shelf in the closet and she runs to the center of the bathroom, turns around and fires at Travis as he emerges from the bathroom. They both collapse together near the scales. This version fails to account for the blood spatter and the blood pool near the toilet room door. Somehow Travis needs to get near the toilet room and leave the blood pool and blood spatter, before he continues on to the sink. It’s a little illogical under the gun first theory, to be in pain and to have an emergency and then to criss cross back and forth in the bathroom.

crime scene bathroom lt jodi version

The next diagram shows A) The Prosecution version of Travis’ movements in the bathroom, and B) the Defense’s version of Travis’ movements. The red “X’s” are about where Travis was shot in each version. Here, in the defense version, Travis needs to get over by the toilet room somehow, and then C) the rest of the scenario is the same for both. Travis gets to his feet and goes to the sink. He falls or collapses to the floor by the linen closet, Jodi returns to the room or goes to assist Travis, kicks or steps on the camera,  and the “foot photo” is taken. Then the struggle continues down to the end of the hallway.

crime scene bathroom lt jodi version 2

Travis went to the mirror as Jodi left the room to get a knife. When she returns, Travis is on his back. Maybe this is when the “foot photo” is snapped.

crime scene overview 4 lt trail new

I suppose the two different accounts converge at the sink, as Jodi Supporters believe that Travis and Jodi then become involved in a deadly life or death struggle all the way down the bathroom hallway until Jodi is forced to cut Travis’ throat open as he was still coming at her. I suppose here Jodi is walking backwards trying to get away from Travis and fend him off with the knife?

Many State Supporters believe that Jodi came back with a knife and started stabbing him. At some point, Travis turned around and started heading down the hallway with Jodi Arias stabbing at him from behind. He collapses at the end of the hallway and she cuts his throat to make sure he’s dead.

crime scene overview 2 lt trail

So, as far as self-defense, you could go with the constant attack theory, where Travis never stops attacking once he lunges out of the shower and pounces. There are problems with that as there are two blood pools on the bathroom floor, showing that Travis was stationary for a significant amount of time bleeding. You will also have a tough time explaining how Travis, constantly attacking, stops to get up to the sink and the mirror.

The second alternative is the attack – rescue – attack scenario, where Jodi Arias shoots Travis, then comes to his aid, to account for the 2 blood pools and for Travis being able to get to the sink and mirror. They again become locked in a deadly struggle with Travis coming at Jodi relentlessly as Jodi backs up, I guess, with the butcher knife and she’s forced to keep stabbing him. I suppose at this point, since more than half the knife wounds are to the back, that they are both going backwards towards the bedroom? There are a few problems with this scenario, also, in order for it to work.

Show me exactly how this could work?

Nine of the fifteen back stabs are a pattern or cluster of nine stabs to the upper right back. It is theorized that these wounds had to be made when Travis was stationary. Some Jodi supporters believe Travis and Jodi were face to face either standing or with Travis lying on top of Jodi when Jodi reaches around Travis’ right shoulder to stab him in the back in self-defense nine times. The angle of the stab wounds would still be the same from that direction.

crime scene back b

crime scene knife 2

The stabs to the front of Travis’ body are deliberate and deep as Travis tries to fend Jodi off with his hands. The stabs to the back of Travis’ body, other than the ‘cluster of nine’ seem to be wild and chaotic stabs. This makes me believe that the front stabs came first, the five back stabs were more desperate and in motion.

The cluster of nine remains a mystery. I think either they happened by the linen closet and were an effort to get Travis to turn over on his back after he turned his back to her in self-defense, or they happened at the bedroom end off the hallway, as Travis was lying there, in an effort to determine if he was dead or not. This is just my opinion.

Jodi supporters who want to claim self-defense, first must choose between the constant attack model, or the attack – rescue – attack model. Then, even with the second model, a reasonable version has to fit the time frame (62 seconds until the “foot photo”). It must also fit the crime scene and autopsy evidence in order to be a believable scenario.

Also, why didn’t Jodi call 911 if she shot Travis accidentally? Was it because she had 3 cans of gas in her trunk or was it because she would need to produce the gun? Was it because Travis would tell his story? Maybe it was because her phone was dead?

It soon becomes pretty clear that the murder theory is much easier to explain than the self-defense theory. But even these rather tricky explanations are not so bad, except for the fact of all the other tricky explanations that have to be made to account for all the other improbable things that had to happen even before Jodi Arias gets to Mesa. :-p

So, if Jodi Supporters were going to place their bets on the autopsy and the crime scene forensics, this doesn’t seem to play out too well for them, either. The autopsy shows very forceful stabbings with deep penetration all in a more or less horizontal position to the front of the body, and the cluster of nine stabs (by a left handed person), most at the same angle, and then 5 chaotic knife wounds. Not the best information to derive a self-defense out of.

Then, remember, they also have to make the overall time frame fit. Because there are only 2 minutes and 18 seconds (the time from the ceiling pic to the foot pic) for Travis to throw Jodi to the floor, for Jodi to roll away and run down the hall, for Travis to chase her, for Jodi to get the gun and shoot Travis, for Travis to yell “F*cking kill you, b*tch”, and everything else up until the foot photo.

The crime scene shows that the deceased was stationary and on his back in one photo, was not moving on his own in another photo, and he had to be stationary for a while in at least two different times and places in the bathroom. Further, the deceased was stationary for the cluster of nine stab wounds. The deceased did have the space to get up and go to the sink / mirror. Finally it appears as if Travis was trying to get out of the bathroom when he fell and hit the floor. You could come up with a scenario where Travis is attacking Jodi up until the point where Jodi gains the upper hand and then she just keeps going under the effects of adrenaline until he’s dead, but that’s a tricky scenario.

The time frame for the defense is very tight. The deceased, by necessity and in order to fit the evidence, must criss cross around the bathroom in the defenses’ scenario. It seems as if Jodi Arias had many opportunities to get away from Travis if he was attacking her. Remember, he was naked, so he wasn’t going to go out of the bedroom, or out of the house, at the least. Then, you have to explain why it seems that Travis, rather then Jodi, is the one trying to escape from the bathroom?

Chaos and heavy bleeding in the hallway
Chaos and heavy bleeding in the hallway

crime scene hallway rainbow 2

The “rainbow” blood smear at the bedroom end of the hallway

– Travis received the nine stab wounds to the back most likely when he was stationary.
– Travis was stationary in at least two different places at two different times.
– Travis was most likely trying to exit the bathroom
– There are 5 chaotic wounds to Travis’ back
– There are some forceful wounds to Travis’ front as he tries to defend himself
– Travis was on his back and seemingly defenseless when Jodi Arias was standing in front of him with her back towards an exit. Could she have exited the bathroom at that time?

With Jodi Arias’ / Defense version, how does Jodi Arias account for the blood spatter on the toilet room door jamb? That spatter goes all the way back to the base of the toilet. Was Travis Alexander being Assisted by Jodi Arias after she shot him accidentally and he was bleeding profusely, or was he still attacking her? If he was still attacking her, then why is he staying in one place? If she was assisting him, then why didn’t she call 911? It’s a real conundrum.

Now is the time for those who feel this was less than 1st degree premeditated murder to chime in. How will Jodi’s defense answer for these things in a new trial.? Well, Travis was a pedophile? Do you think that argument will carry the day?

All of this information makes a self-defense theory highly problematic unless we are getting into the realm of the Matrix or something of that nature. My recommendation would be to not go with the self-defense theory in a new trial, it’s just not viable. A heat of passion homicide would probably be the best defense, in my opinion, but then you would still have to beat all that circumstantial evidence of premeditation to the satisfaction of all twelve jury members.

That’s a tough row to hoe, as demonstrated by parts one and two of this series.

Hing Hing Hing Hing
Hing Hing Hing Hing

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34 thoughts on “The Tables Have Turned (part 4 – The Crime Scene)”

    1. Thanks, Colie. You can see that Gray Hughes had concluded the part about the movements in the bathroom long ago. It makes sense that a person would try to make a direct line to safety.

  1. Very good Rob,

    Im sure you have seen my theory or maybe not.

    My thoughts on what happened, looking at the evidence in the bathroom, I believe Jodi had many opportunities to leave, I have posted this many times before, so you all might have already read this

    If the gunshot came first. It could have happened like this. Just my opinion.

    I believe Jodi brought the gun with her.

    Jodi’s plan was to shoot Travis in the shower so there would be no blood mess. Any blood evidence from head shot would have been washed away in the shower.

    She set up the photo shoot session. Quality photos was not the reason for this photo shoot. that’s obvious if you have seen the photos. The last photo 5:30:30 was Travis sitting down in the shower. I believe Jodi had a gun in the left hand camera in the right hand around this time.

    I believe she took the 5:30:30 lower half of Travis’s body photo with flash to blind him, then shot him while he was blinded by the flash.

    Jodi was standing over Travis seated in shower. Bullet trajectory right to left downward shot. One single gunshot to right brow, projectile recovered in left cheek. Instead of camera shot it was the gun shot to the head. Gun then possibly jams.

    So Jodi is just standing there waiting for him to die, but 44 seconds later Travis comes to his senses, as Travis is coming out of the shower, accidental photo, ceiling photo 5:31:14.

    I believe Travis received only one wound in the bathroom area, gunshot or stab.. There is very little blood in the bathroom area, 90% of the blood is down the hallway, by looking at the crime scene photo evidence.

    The gun shot may have not incapacitated Travis. Not what Jodi was expecting. This simple murder turned into chaos.

    Jodi may have tried to keep Travis down by kicking hitting, blood spatter on walls, blinds in that area, but was not working and ran for the knife. I believe she had the knife close by

    Travis went down near the toilet area, was down for a moment, blood pool there, spitting up blood. to the door casing, got up made his way to the sink, he followed the wall where the scales were, there was a blood trail there, then around back to the sink.

    Travis then made his way to the sink, Jodi is freaking out, and didn’t think Travis would ever leave the shower.

    Jodi is shocked that Travis is back on his feet. Jodi needs to finish what she started. There is no way she can let Travis get help, she need to finish him off.

    Jodi is back at the attack.

    Travis turned around and tried to defend himself from the frontal knife attack.

    Jodi is between him and escape route. Dazed from gunshot to the head, Travis was unable to defend himself properly.

    Travis has received defense wounds to the hands and stab wounds to heart and body. Travis is becoming very weak at this point. This happens in the area of the linen closet.

    Travis breaks away trying to get down the hallway to escape, collapses at the linen closet, head wound and stab wounds have taken their toll, large pool of blood near the linen closet. Travis would have to be on the floor to leave these blood pools.

    Jodi jumps on Travis’s back and starts the knife attack to his back. Travis is on the floor, face down, Jodi is on top of him, seated in his buttocks region, making the stabs to the upper back. I believe Travis may have flipped over onto his back here photo 162 – 5:32:16 Picture with Jodi’s foot. Travis’s head up, arm is up defending himself from the ongoing attack. I would be hard to pinpoint exact location of this photo, but somewhere between linen closet and maybe ¾ of the way down the hallway. you will also notice in photo 162 Jodi is between Travis and the door to the outside, with a clear escape path to the outside.

    From autopsy Report – stab sound to the back
    (A cluster of nine (9) stab wounds of the upper paramidline right and left sides of back, ranging in size from 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches, within a 6 x 5 1/2 inch area; all wounds display blunt and sharply incised ends; all wounds penetrate soft tissue of back and impact upon ribs and lateral aspects of vertebral bone, with out penetration of chest cavity.) Impact upon ribs and lateral aspects of vertebral bone, the reason the back stabs were not deep.

    76 seconds latter, possibly still trying to fight her off, Travis still appears to be alive still on the floor same location with the camera slightly turned, photo 163 – photo 5:33:32. The thing is he is still on the floor with blood pouring out. We don’t have any timeline for events after this photo. At this point he has blood coming out of his body for over 2 minutes.

    Travis has blood coming out every where, he crawls or gets up and tries to get away. Travis makes it to end of hallway, to final destination.

    Jodi knows Travis is close to death. There was no way for Travis to defend himself at this point. Jodi just walked up and slit his throat to finish him off at the end of hallway near bedroom. Large amount of blood on carpet near bedroom where Travis dies. I believe the blood pool on the carpet has the most blood, because the carpet would soak up the blood like a sponge and not allow it to spread out like it would on the tile floor. The blood on carpet may look the same diameter in size, but will cover a way bigger area on the tile, and would be bigger then any of the other blood pool at the crime scene.
    Jodi drags Travis back to the shower.

    Jodi tried to clean up the mess. She cleaned up all the footprints, there just happens to be only one shoe print in all that blood, there also appears to be an area void of blood down the middle of the hallway. So Jodi just cleaned up the foot prints.

    Jodi never thought there would be that much blood. Jodi knew she needed to get out of there before Travis’s friends came home.

    She planned for Travis to never get out of the shower. Jodi had no idea a 25 cal would not do the job.

    Jodi acknowledged she killed Travis and did it alone, right. The real question is: was the killing murder or self-defense?

    If you just look at what happened in the bathroom, all the opportunities for Jodi to escape, Jodi actions, blood evidence. There is no way this was self defense.

    There were so many opportunities for Jodi to get away, first when Jodi says she broke away after she says she dropped the camera, she should have just ran out of the house, instead of running into the closet. After the gun shot she said she broke away again, she still did not leave, We know Travis was at the sink bleeding with his back turned to Jodi, there would be no threat to Jodi at that time, another opportunity to get out of there. By the time Travis’s throat was cut, He had received a shot to the head and many stab wounds. Travis would for sure not be a threat to Jodi at this time. Another chance to leave before she cut his throat.

    Jodi had many opportunities to leave,

    Says she was body slammed at the shower, gets away, does not leave, has clear path to door to outside.

    Says she was body slammed after gunshot, gets away, does not leave, has clear path to door to outside.

    Travis pause at the sink, Jodi does not leave, has clear path to door to outside.

    Travis on floor bleeding, foot photo, does not leave, has clear path to door to outside. I don’t believe he even had his throat cut yet.

    Jodi had many opportunities to leave, but stayed there until Travis was dead. No call for help, Jodi has no injuries.

    If Jodi cared anything about Travis like she says, She would have taken the first opportunity to get out of there, call the police and ambulance and not just continue to kill Travis, and she did have many opportunities.

    Well, we know for sure Jodi did not help Travis, because he is dead..

    We can only guess if she ever tried to help Travis between the times he was stationary. She never testified to helping Travis at all. Even in her intruder story, she just left him there for the intruders to kill.

    We know Travis was down on the floor stationary for a few moments 3 times, and may have been crawling at times, plus standing at the sink.

    The blood evidence in that bathroom tells me, looking at the pools of blood on sink and floor. Travis was stationary these time in that bathroom. Travis was down by the toilet, he was at the sink, he was down in he hallway, he was down on the carpet,

    What was Jodi doing all these times Travis was motionless to be able to leave pools of blood?

    The blood pools on the floor are proof enough for me, That tells me Travis was on the floor maybe 15 seconds per, Toilet area 15 + sink + 15 + linen closet 15 = 45 seconds on the ground, and there is only 62 seconds between ceiling photo and photo of Jodi’s foot photo, that is down the hallway. And I didn’t even count the carpet.

    Travis was probably on the floor 90% of the time, and Jodi was Stabbing Travis 100% of that time, what else could she be doing, she’s not escaping,

    I don’t think self defense is where you are able to disable a person enough to get away, but then just continue to kill that person.

    Gun shot to the head would disorientate anyone enough for you to get away.

    If someone is standing at the sink bleeding, with their back turned to you, they can’t be a threat to you. Great opportunity to get the hell out of there.

    Would you really need to cut someone’s throat, after you shot them in the head and stabbed them 27 times. Maybe if you were fighting for you life with a grizzly bear.

    It doesn’t make sense that Travis would attack and continue to attack someone that is continually stabbing him, while he has blood pouring out everywhere, and doesn’t stop attacking until he is dead, over a camera.

    And don’t forget Jodi has no injuries, just two self inflicted cuts on her fingers.

    1. LMAO, Mike. Yes, you made some very cogent points. It is just asking too much, to even contemplate self defense. I was looking for one thing in that bathroom to say self-defense, and nothing does. Certainly the sitting down, waist down photo is much brighter than the rest. I agree with your observations, as I have agreed with a lot of the things I have seen you post. Only a person hopped up on drugs or completely insane would act in such a fashion. LMAO @grizzly bear.

    2. Try to function with a bullet in your head, a gunshot wound. Hardly likely. People always make stuff up disregarding reason, logic and facts. These half baked theories are worthless

  2. There is no plausible defense of Jodi’s story. You would literally have to suspend the laws of science and all common sense to even think her story is POSSIBLE. That’s all if you negate all the circumstantial evidence of premeditation.

    -Robbie Herndon

    1. Pzkslc, yes I really tried to give her every benefit of every conceivable reasonable doubt, and nothing works in her favor. It just doesn’t. People need to remember very clearly that even Bill Zervakos, a juror who really was prepared to give Jodi Arias the full benefit of the doubt, did not believe the self-defense story and found her guilty of 1st degree murder. I think Nurmi was looking at the trial as he was trying to save her life right from the beginning. Jodi wanted more than that and she was trying for an acquittal. Nurmi was trying to give her what she wanted, while he was just going ahead with saving her life. There was a tug of war. This is the way I see it.

  3. Wrong.

    Shot in the face, he crawls out the shower, surprises Jodi, she drops the Camera *FOOT SHOT*

    Arias goes for the knife.

    Arias comes back, kicks the camera again *SHOULDER SHOT and last picture of Travis alive*

    Travis pulls up to the sink, spits out the blood draining down his throat (directional spatter AT the sink is TO the left), Arias begins to stab placing nine clustered stabs as he is leaned over the sink

    Travis is blinded, somewhat if not completely by that gunshot, attempts to get away, moving to HIS LEFT toward the scales. (There is NO spatter on the wall at the end of the sink where the trash can was)

    Travis goes to his knees by the Toilet room door, Arias stabs his skull (spatter on the wall), cuts her hand, and manages to get in front of him (Blocking spatter on the TUB, direction of the stab wounds change) Travis leaves blood pool from the head wound

    Arias goes to the sink to rinse her hand, Travis staggers past her heading up the hall

    Arias runs up behind Travis, he is next to the wall on HIS left, she slits his throat and leaves her hand print (See spatter on the wall about 4 feet up that runs down it)

    Travis goes down, falls with his head and back making contact on the wall leaving the rainbow marks. Loss of blood causes him to go down on his back.

    Arias sits down beside him and lands the uniform, horizontal stab wounds to his torso (Blood spatter identical to that on the toilet room wall is on THAT wall).

    Arias pulls herself off the floor leaving her fingerprints on the wall.

    Arias cleans herself up, puts her shoes on, drags Travis feet first into the shower, gets out, grabs a towel to sit on, braces her foot on the bottom of the shower, kicks his torso in which puts his head directly under the shower facing backwards (we face the showerhead when bathing)

    1. Thanks for your theory. I did say it was only my theory. You seem to have thought this out in greater detail than almost anyone. According to your theory, peskyvapeshop, Your time line is much longer than most people’s, as you think the “baseboard photo” was taken BEFORE some of the injuries. It’s very interesting, let me digest this……

      1. That attack took MUCH longer than 62 seconds. His throat was NOT cut when the last two images were taken. We have documentation of only the time after the shot which was the foot shot and shoulder shot . Read it again.

      2. In other words, The stabbing occurred AFTER the gunshot, which she says “Gunshot first” (thats the only thing she has been consistent in stating). Travis DID travel towards the windows/toilet room…by way of the sink FIRST (he was drowning in his own blood from the gunshot). LOOK at the spray pattern at the sink. If he was moving from the toilet room, that blood trail would be heavier TO the sink (not the toilet room) and the aspirated blood would have taken on a right angled momentum, not left.

  4. “Arias comes back, kicks the camera again *SHOULDER SHOT and last picture of Travis alive*

    If Jodi came back with the knife, I wouldn’t think Travis would go to the sink and turn his back on Jodi, after she just shot him and now has a knife.

    I don’t think there is enough blood in the bathroom for all back stabs to have happened there, there is only sporadic blood drops hitting the floor from the sink, towards the scales, to the toilet area.

    1. Gunshot – That bullet traveled behind/through his eye sockets. Ever been punched in the nose? Imagine a bullet…

      IF he could see at all, his eyes were watering so bad, it was difficult.

      1. I’d say the initial shot knocked him out momentarily, and Jodi was standing there deleting pics, probably mumbling some crap about “We should have been together. I loved you Travis.” and he surprised her when he awoke, crawled out of the shower, which is why she dropped the camera. There’s over a minute before the next image is taken (Shoulder shot). That tells me Travis was still someone dazed by the gunshot. He wasn’t pulling up to the sink to look at his face. He was drowning in his own blood.

  5. Another great article!
    Re: pic #163.. The item on the left was very close to the lens. Note detail and lack of shadow on wall and floor. I’m STILL trying to figure out WHAT it is. Maybe a finger with a ring on it..?..Still trying.

  6. How do you explain the finger prints on the right side of the sink near the green towel? If look close enough you can see that the hand covered in blood is pulled across the sink parallel to the sink edge.

    1. Yes, I agree with you that on the right side of the sink appears to be a hand print, Dwight Huth, but there were no fingerprints found other than those of Travis Alexander and a palm print from Jodi Arias. If you want to suppose Jodi Arias didn’t kill Travis Alexander, you have to wonder why she would admit to something she didn’t do?

      1. Why did Zach say that he had thought Travis had cleaned the railing because it felt slick when he ran his hand down it? According to Zach Travis was a very neat person yet according to Zach Travis had left a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the living floor since the day that Travis had brought it home? If Travis had been recently cleaning like Zach stated then why did Travis leave the vacuum cleaner out in the middle of the living room floor? Isn’t putting away the cleaning gear part of the cleaning duties?

        So why if Travis had left for Cancun early based on the roommates story had Travis left the vacuum cleaner out in the middle of the living room floor?

      2. Maybe it was Jodi Arias who cleaned the floor and/or the railing. Maybe Travis cleaned the railing and started to clean the floor or was preparing the floor on the 3rd to clean it on the 4th. The roommates thought Travis left for his trip but obviously he did not. I thought it odd that his CTR ring and wallet were on the kitchen counter but the roommates never noticed that as being odd.

        The defense had 7 years to make hay out of these things, and it seems like they could not. I any case, Arias confessed to the killing, but said she did it in self-defense, rendering the cleaning details irrelevant in any case.

      3. If I may, Rob, there were no other fingerprints other than Jodi’s palm print, presented in court. Who knows what was really AT the scene that was processed as the crime scene, i.e., TA’s house. Oh, and were TA’s fingerprints actually presented in court, I mean, in a scientifically analyzed sorta way?

      4. Travis was right handed. You can see in the foot shot that he is holding his hand on his face. As he aspirated the blood gushing down his throat, he probably did place his BLOODY hand on the sink as he leaned over it.

  7. Rob here is something that I found going through some of my old drawings. Trying to understand the meaning may get complicated but it is one of the reasons why I believe that Jodi did not kill Travis.

    When I was younger I drew a lot of Starships being a Star Trek Fan. I still draw them. The one that I am working on now caught my attention. This drawing was drawn by me close to 25 years ago at the age of 15 or 16. The ink can be tested to validate its time authenticity. What caught my attention was one of the names was Arius close to Jodi’s last name Arias. I then began looking through the rest of the specifications I had written for this class and discovered the following:

    Like I said these drawings are nearly 25 years old. I have never met the Arias or any of the people involved.

    Notice the USS White DD – 469? June (6th month) 4 (the 4th of June) and 9 when Travis body was found. Doing some arcane math 4+ 6 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1. 4+1 = 5 the time that Travis’ body sat decomposing. 10 or the tenth of June is when Travis was supposed to leave for Cancun. 0 – 1 = 8 or 2008. I know that this arcane math can be created from any number set but when you have the other two factors Longbeach and Arius I had to wonder

  8. I’m surprised noone else here seems to see that in the “foot” pic that the object closest to the wall on the right labeled “not a foot”, is likely TA’s right foot as he’s laid out on his back. Don’t forget perspective so it would look much smaller.

    I also believe that what everyone seems to think is TA’s right arm in the “foot” pic is more likely a sheet or towel that JA used to help leverage TA’s weight to pull him off the rug and down the hall. This would also explain the “clean sweep” down the middle of the hall.(looks like blood soaked spots on cloth rather than blood on wet skin in the “foot” pic) as well as the smudged blood on the bedroom carpet next to the blood pool. ie. TA on his belly when JA likely grabbed his hair to pull his head up when she sawed into his neck and then rolled him over onto the sheet/towel to drag him back to the shower.

    Also, the baseboard shot appears to me to be taken right in front of the open closet door(it appears to open on a track, rather than regular hinges like the other doors) and appears to be TA partially wrapped in a wet sheet(possibly towel) being dragged past it back to the shower stall. This would also be consistent with the camera being kicked around for both the “foot” and the “baseboard” pics.

    1. Thank-you, Taunt. This is great! Not enough people are interested in these photos, but I was never satisfied with the explanations, especially on the baseboard pic. I have spent a lot of time trying to look at in so many different ways to understand what it is.

      There is some controversy over whether that is TA’s foot on the right in the “foot photo”, or is that blood. I even was thinking that could be the blood spot with the shell casing in it. It could be his foot.

      She definitely used the towel to clean up. She could have used it to help drag him. That is quite a mess on the carpet, and does look like a “Wildebeest Stampede”. Something strange going on there. I always saw that as Jodi turning Travis around, although why she would turn him around, I have no idea. I like the idea of the towel. I am going to take another look.

      1. Notice how on the baseboard photo (#163), the line is exceptionally straight. Conventional wisdom says that is Travis’ back as he is being dragged in, so he is in kind of a sit-up position. But the foot photo (#162) suggests he was brought in feet first. Does a person’s back make a straight line like this? I do believe the camera was near the linen closet door facing the rear of the bathroom in the foot photo, and then it was spun around about 130 degrees back towards the carpet to take the baseboard photo. Right now I’m thinking that the baseboard photo could simply be Jodi Arias’ bloody hand as she goes to grab the camera. Of course, the more we look at the photos and try out different ideas, the sooner we can solve these photos.

        If that is his foot in the foot photo, Travis has an awful large gap between his big toe and the next toe. I wish we had the original file to work with instead of these, which are actually a picture of a picture of a picture.

  9. The Photos and the Locked Front Door

    The Time and Date Stamped Photos

    I was reading back through the Flores Report and noticed that Zach had both Weds the 4th and Thurs the 5th off of work. Weds he was running around doing errands and Thurs. he spent with his girlfriend.

    On Thurs. June 5th, 2008 based on Zach’s statement is when he sees Travis last at 11:30 am. Enrique said that he had seen Travis’ Weds evening after Enrique had returned home from work. Neither roommate knew at the time that they gave their initial statements to Flores on June 10th that the photos on the camera existed nor did Mesa PD. But the photos were time and date stamped to June 4th, 2008.

    Now why would both roommates say that they had seen Travis alive on two different days and two different times if the time and date stamps of the photos are true? Travis would have been dead and the roommates would have lied in an official murder investigation.

    Why would they lie?

    The Locked Front Door

    I also read more about Travis and the roommates habits. Travis was the only one who had a key to the front door. Neither Zach nor Enrique had a key. When Travis was home he always left the front door unlocked. But on Thurs June 5th, 2008 Enrique found the front door locked. According to Ryan Burns and Clancy Talbot they can both place Jodi nowhere near Travis’ home on June 5th 2008 as well as her cell phone logs that support her not being anywhere near the home on June 5th. Yet the front door is locked.

    Jodi couldn’t have locked the front door. Neither of the roommates would have locked the front door because they wouldn’t have known if Travis was dead and would have thought that he was still alive and everything was normal.

    Enrique returned home on June 4th, 2008 and used the front door that wasn’t locked. Jodi had already left the house by the time Enrique returned home from work between 6 and 6:30 pm. So sometime between Enrique returning home from work on June 4th and June 5th someone had locked the front door.

    Someone that wasn’t Jodi.

    If Zach had locked the front door on June 4th,2008 at the end of the day then he would have clarified in the Flores Report that he had locked the front door.

    The question about the locked front door is this; Was the front door the type of door that when locked from the inside could still be opened and used locking behind the person or was it a normal type of lock that if locked from the inside would remain locked until the lock was turned to unlock the door?

    Enrique is the only one who used the front door exclusively the week of June 1st, 2008. Not having a key why would Enrique lock the door then return home and think that the front door being locked was odd or not normal?

  10. Could #163 be a hand? Potentially TA’s hand? To me it looks like the arch of a hand. In all the chaos and movement I can imagine happened around that camera, I have no doubt the lens got some movement too and could had zoomed in making the object on #163 look so large. It is 2017 now, I wonder if anyone figured out what the picture is by now!

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