The Tables Have Turned (Part 2 – The Gas Cans) (July 26)

In the first “Tables Have Turned” article, we looked at six out of seven of the most salient pieces of circumstantial evidence of a long premeditation of murder by Jodi Arias. Keep in mind that even if none of these 7 could be proved, it’s still possible to prove a short premeditation. To do that, we need to show that Jodi Arias was not under duress, she thought about it, had sufficient time to reflect upon her act (even if it was only a minute or less) then she went ahead and killed Travis Alexander. A significant amount of ‘cool reflection’ is all that is needed for premeditation.

This last major piece of circumstantial evidence is the biggest and it ties everything together.

7) The use of three gas cans in the trunk of the rental car, enabling Arias to cruise through Arizona without having to stop for anything and leave a trace.

Many Jodi Supporters as well as Jodi herself try to ignore or minimize or attempt to explain away this evidence, but they are not being honest with themselves. All the other circumstantial evidence can be explained away quite easily compared to this. The gas can evidence is a very serious problem for Arias defenders and any defense team that takes this case on will find the gas can evidence as difficult to surmount as Mount Everest.

gas cans question

When you tie in all the other circumstantial evidence with the gas cans, the defense has a major problem. Jodi Arias claims she borrowed two, 5 gallon gas cans, form her ex- boyfriend, Darryl Brewer. For some reason, Arias buys a third gas can at a Walmart in Salinas, CA. Darryl was in Monterey, CA and after meeting with him, Arias drives directly about 20 miles to Salinas where she buys the third gas can. Yet, Arias and her Supporters claim she immediately turned around, went back into the store, and returned the gas can.

>>>>>>>>>Question: Why does Arias even buy the 3rd gas can in the first place? This is a question Jodi Arias Supporters do not want you to ask, because there is no reasonable, innocent answer. They also want to pretend that a prosecutor in a possible future new trial will not ask the jury that question.<<<<<<<<<<<

mt everest 2

Jodi Arias needed to stop for gas by the time she got to Monterey / Salinas. Remember that she drove her 2004 Infiniti G35 to Redding where her brother Karl and his wife lived to pick up the rental car at the Redding Airport. She drove the white Ford Focus rental car to her brother’s place for a rest. Then she got on the road heading to Santa Cruz near where her ex-boyfriend, Matt McCartney, lived. Redding, CA to Monterey, CA is 318 miles and Redding, CA to Salinas, CA is 338 miles. Somewhere in there, probably after visiting Darryl in Monterey, Jodi Arias needed to gas up.

If she was reasonably smart, she could look up the miles from Pasadena through Mesa to Las Vegas on MapQuest, and this is the amount of miles she needs to travel while maintaining her alibi of going directly to Utah. She could have checked her mileage since leaving the Redding Airport rental agency with a full tank, checked her miles, added gas until the gas pump clicked off, then divided the miles by the gallons she just put in the tank to get her actual MPG (Miles Per Gallon).

Jodi Arias even testified that the Ford Focus was not getting the mileage she expected, compared to her Infiniti. But that’s not right, a 2004 Infiniti G35 has a gas tank capacity of 20 gallons, but gets closer to 20 mpg (20 g x 20 mpg = about 400 miles) . The Ford Focus has a gas tank capacity of 13.5 gallons, and gets better than 30 mpg (13.5 g x 30 mpg = about 405 miles. So, they are fairly even in range which goes to show Jodi was well aware of what her gas mileage was. She expected the Ford Focus to go further on a tank of gas than her Infiniti. She knew how far she could go comfortably on so many gallons of gas. Jodi probably did not expect the smaller gas tank.

She needs to fill up every 300 to 350 miles. Again, it’s about 338 miles from Redding to Santa Cruz. She needs to fill up once before she goes on to Pasadena. This has to be where Jodi Arias checked her miles per gallon and realized it was going to be awful close, even with 2 gas cans. She had better get a third can.

It’s a major coincidence that Jodi Arias is needing to fill up right around the time she makes the decision to buy the 3rd gas can. Was Jodi Arias thinking about such things as her mileage and range in her Ford Focus Rental?

The rental car was a 2008 or 2009 Ford Focus with a gas tank capacity of 13.5 gallons. How do we know that it was a 2008 or 2009? The car was brand new and only had about 1,500 miles on it. A low estimate of 30 mpg for the Focus yields a range per tank of gas at 13.5 g x 30 mpg = 405 miles of range. If you estimate that 4.5 gallons goes comfortably in a 5 gallon can, then you have another 4.5 g + 4.5  g = 9 x 30 mpg = 270 miles (or 300 miles if you assume each gas can had closer to a full 5 gallons of gas in it). Add that to the 405 miles of range from the gas tank for a total of 675 to 705 miles of range that Jodi Arias has with the 2 cans she borrowed from Darryl. With the 2 cans she has an extra 270 miles or an extra 4 hours of driving time at 60 mph. wouldn’t that be enough range to find a gas station in that area of the U.S. under almost any circumstance?

fill up gas

2 cans = 270 to 300 miles of Extra range.
2 cans + the tank = 675 to 705 miles of Total range.

Now, let’s take the prosecution’s theory that the gas cans were for the purpose of getting Arias in and out of Arizona without stopping anywhere. This is the path that Arias took to Mesa, AZ and on to West Jordan, Utah.

map jodi new 1

Since Arias’ staging area seemed to be Pasadena, CA, and since Interstate 15 begins near Pasadena and goes to Las Vegas, we can see that there is a high probability, assuming malfeasance, that Arias wanted to leave a trail suggesting she went from Pasadena directly to Las Vegas, and then from there to West Jordan, Utah. So it is very reasonable to assume that she wanted her trip to appear to look like this:

map jodi new 2

Jodi Arias claimed she wanted the gas cans for two reasons 1) She was worried about running out of gas and getting stuck in the desert and dying of exposure or being vulnerable to anyone who came by.  2) She planned on filling up in Utah or Nevada on the way home, where gas prices were cheaper than in her home state of California, to save money on the way home. Notice how this only works on the way home. If you fill up the cans in California to drive in Nevada and Utah, you are not saving money, you’re losing money. If you fill up the cans in Nevada and Utah only to do more driving in Nevada and Utah, you save nothing.

Here’s the part of the trip, assuming malfeasance, that’s Jodi Arias is not supposed to be on:

Note the gas stops Jodi Arias mentions at Desert Center, CA and Buckeye, AZ, also Jodi and Travis' former meeting place at Ehrenberg, AZ on the border.
Note the gas stops Jodi Arias mentions at Desert Center, CA and Buckeye, AZ. Also Jodi and Travis’ former rendezvous meeting place at Ehrenberg, AZ on the border between the two states. Also you can see Palm Desert, where Jodi lived with Darryl.

This area where Jodi Arias is not supposed to be has a distance of approximately 700 miles. Her range with the 2 gas cans is 675 to 705 miles. She can just about achieve her alleged goals with 2 gas cans. Jodi Arias really didn’t need the 3rd gas can. She especially didn’t need the 3rd gas can if she filled up at Desert Center. (Some people theorized that she wanted the extra can to take Alexander’s body out into the desert and burn it). Be that as it may, this is too close for comfort. If her calculations are off, Jodi Arias will run out of gas before getting out of Arizona.

Range with the tank and 2 cans = 675 to 705 miles
Distance to cover = 701 miles

It’s too close for comfort with 2 cans. Is this why Jodi Arias stopped at Salinas, only 20 miles after leaving Darryl’s house, and bought the 3rd gas can?

This is most likely her plan, from the prosecution’s perspective, to make it appear as if she went direct from Pasadena to West Jordan, near Salt Lake City, Utah via Las Vegas, Nevada. If so, this is all interstate highway driving and there’s little chance of getting stuck without gas. The only part of her drive that could involve desert driving may be in Utah or Nevada on her way home. Jodi Arias can still say she had other plans involving some desert driving after Pasadena until she decided at the last moment to go visit Alexander. In, fact, she did just that, claiming she intended a trip to Death Valley, CA. Then what she did after the killing, getting OUT of Arizona undetected, can be attributed to fear and shame from being forced to kill Travis Alexander.

But for a trip to Death Valley, is needing the cans reasonable? She didn’t tell Darryl that was her plan and she really just casually mentions it at trial. Here is a question and answer about Death Valley from 2007:

Frisco Roadrunner
San Francisco

Destination Expert
for Death Valley Junction, Death Valley National Park
posts: 11,558
reviews: 42

1. Re: Gas stations around Death Valley
Jul 23, 2007, 3:18 PM
“There are stations all along Hwy 395. Lone Pine is the last substantial town before the park. Panamint Springs resort in the western part of the park, about 50 mi/80 km farther past Lone Pine, has gas. But it is incredibly expensive; I’ve seen it up to $.50-.75 more per gallon than other stations in the area.
Stove Pipe Wells and Furnace Creek, the main resorts in the park, have gas. Stove Pipe Wells typically has lower prices. It’s another 25 mi/45 km or so to Furnace Creek.

If you want to go to Scotty’s Castle, there is no gas there now but you can make a round trip from either SPW or FC without filling up.
There are several routes to Las Vegas from Furnace Creek. Depending on the one you take, you’ll find stations in the towns of Beatty, Amargosa Valley, and Pahrump NV and in Shoshone CA.

Death Valley, CA
Death Valley, CA

On the stand Jodi Arias claims she went from Pasadena, CA to Mesa, AZ, but she stopped for gas at Desert Center, CA and at Buckeye, AZ.

Problem: It’s only 174 miles from Pasadena to Desert Center or 5.8 gallons of gas. Jodi Arias claims to also stop at Buckeye Arizona which is only 170 miles from Desert Center or 5.7 gallons. If she made a mistake, and only stopped at Buckeye, AZ, this is 344 miles or about 11.5 gallons, a little too far to go according to Jodi’s habit of not letting the gas gauge get in the red.”

Jodi Arias didn’t stop at Desert Center, CA or Buckeye, CA this time, though she was familiar with those two stops from previous trips to Arizona.

What is Jodi Arias doing? What she always does:

1) She gives explicit detail when there’s a problem with a part of her story.

2) For the rest, she leaves it as open as possible, so she has some wiggle room later.

3) She throws bright, shiny distractions out there and interesting diversions.

4) She tries to muddy the waters.

Jodi Arias gives some really unbelievable testimony about stopping for gas twice between Pasadena, CA and Mesa, Arizona.

fuel gauge showing and empty tank
fuel gauge showing an empty tank

Why did Jodi Arias throw in those extra gas stations during her testimony? She knows it’s too far to get to Mesa, Arizona from Pasadena, CA on a single tank of gas (400 miles or 13.3 gallons). She probably emptied two cans of gas into her tank before getting to Mesa. She knows she dumped two cans of gas in her tank, so she mistakenly adds two gas stops to compensate. But 2 cans, or 10 gallons, would be one gas stop. These two stops are too close together and really make no sense. In short, Jodi Arias lied on the stand, again.

Trial day 24, Jodi Arias testifies about the gas cans.

Other Jodi Supporters will put a lot of emphasis on the amount of gas Jodi Arias put into the cans and the tank prior to going to Mesa, Arizona. What does that prove? Arias filled her tank and filled all three gas cans in the trunk in Pasadena prior to heading off to Mesa, Arizona. Arias did not stop for gas in the State of Arizona or after passing Interstate 15 near Pasadena. Arias filled up her tank from the cans somewhere in Arizona. She testified to this. Three gas cans gives Arias (13.5 gallons x 30mpg) + ((4.5g +4.5g + 4.5g) * 30 mpg) = 405 + 405 = 810 or 405 + ((5g+5g+5g) * 30 mpg) for up to 855 miles of range.

There is no practical reason whatever to need an extra 405 to 450 miles of range for this trip. Two cans give an extra 270 miles or 4.5 hours of extra driving time at 60 mph.
Three cans give her an extra 405 miles of range or an extra 6.7 hours of driving time at 60 mph.

The defense could then say that Jodi Arias is a woman who is not really into cars and maps and math and she’s not really a physics or math expert. She is deathly afraid of getting stuck in the desert sun where she will bake with no AC. So, she overcompensates by getting 3 gas cans. She’s going into Nevada and Utah and she wants to be prepared.

fill up cans

So far, so good, but now we have another problem. Jodi Arias claims she bought the 3rd gas can, but then she turns around and returns it before leaving the store parking lot. Some Jodi Supporters say she definitely returned the gas can, and Walmart just cannot locate the records. But, Jodi Arias had the original receipt for the purchase of the third gas can, which was blue (kerosene) instead of red (gasoline). A Walmart employee found the copy of that original receipt.

Jodi Arias’ original receipt has no markings or signature on it, as would be expected if one item on the receipt is returned. Jodi Arias had no extra receipt, with just the new can return on it, which is also Walmart standard operating procedure. Walmart could not find a copy of this return, or any records of any gas can returned at all in that store, until 2 weeks later.

Also on that receipt was a twin pack of suntan lotion.

Wal Mart receipt


lotion jodi

Some Jodi Supporters will now start talking about Amanda Webb and how she was mistaken or lying or her search for the records was incomplete. Records were moved because that Walmart later became a Walmart Auto supply and repair store only, while a new Walmart store opened up down the road, taking the old store’s number.

The old Wal Mart in Salinas, CA (left) and the new store in Salinas (right).
The old Walmart in Salinas, CA (lower left) and the new store in Salinas (upper right).

Now they are both Superstores.

This is true but not really relevant. All this speculation that the Walmart employee was incompetent in locating the records is just a load of nonsense. The record of Jodi Arias’ original purchase WAS found. A record of a gas can return 2 weeks after June 3rd WAS found, indicating that there was no “mix up” with records. The idea that some of the records for some of the cash registers are in one location while other records from other cash registers that were moved to the new store are in a different location is just absurd. The records for THAT DAY, June 3, 2008, when there was only ONE store, are all in the same place. The record for that gas can return will never be found by anyone – because it does not exist.

So there is zero evidence (other than Jodi Arias’ word), that the can was returned, and all available evidence indicates that Arias did not return the can (No marked original receipt, no new receipt showing the return, and no record of the return found by Walmart). But then on top of that, we have this:

In West Jordan, Utah, Arias buys:

Tesoro, 1699 W North Temple, SCL, Utah 84116,

June 6th

10.672 gallons of gas (3:57 AM Mastercard 3.859 per gallon $41.18)
5.091 gallons of gas (4:01 AM Mastercard $19.65)
9.583 gallons of gas (4:05 AM At Register  $36.98)

 = 25. 36 gallons of gas Total (Total price = $97.81)

13.5 gallons = Capacity of Ford Focus gas tank
4.5 to 5.0 gallons = Capacity of gas can #1
4.5 to 5.0 gallons = Capacity of gas can #2

22.5 to 23.5 gallons = Capacity of the tank and 2 cans

The comfortable capacity of the gas tank and 2 cans is 13.5 + 4.5 + 4.5 = 22.5 gallons. Even if you want, you can assume that 5 gallons will fit in the 5 gallon can, and you can then add it up like this 13.5 + 5 + 5 = 23.5 gallons. This capacity of the tank and 2 cans is assuming the gas tank and the cans are all completely empty.

We still have roughly 1.85 gallons that cannot fit into the tank and 2 cans. Add that to Arias’ statement on the stand that she tries to never let the gas gauge get in the danger zone, as is also the habit of many people.

Jodi Arias testified that

1) She usually doesn’t let the gas gauge get in the danger zone.
2) She ran out of gas in the night to early morning of June 5th, 2008

3) She almost ran out of gas in Nevada.

If she never lets it get below 3/4 ’s of a tank, then she will usually be putting 3/4 * (13.5) = 10.125 gallons plus or minus a gallon in the car. If that’s true, this would mean that she would normally buy 10.125 + 4.5 +4.5) = 19.125 or (10.125 + 5 + 5) = 20.125 gallons of gas (if you believe she filled the cans closer to 5 gallons each instead of a more comfortable 4.5 gallons).

9 gallons to 11 gallons: Total of a normal tank filling for Jodi Arias

15.350 gallons: The smallest amount Jodi Arias had to have put in the 13.5 gallon tank.

Here, even if she filled the 2 cans to capacity, this means she put 15.350 gallons of gas into a tank that only holds 13.5 gallons dry. You are straining a reasonable person’s ability to believe this to the maximum possible extent (Another Jodi Arias trait).

Jodi Arias is about 4 to 5 gallons over her habitual filling pattern. Hmmmmm, what a coincidence.

In West Jordan, near Salt Lake City, Utah, after visiting Ryan Burns, laughing and joking, and even falling asleep in his arms, she buys 25.346 gallons, which is more than 5 gallons over what she can comfortably fit into the tank and two cans.

Ryan Burns, Jodi Arias' new love interest
Ryan Burns, Jodi Arias’ new love interest in June 2008

Now remember what her actual purchase was: 10.672 gallons + 5.091 gallons + 9.583 gallons = 25.346 gallons

She’s about 1/2 a gallon over my rough estimate of 10.125 gallons, if the 10.672 gallons were put in the tank, and about 1/2 gallons below my rough estimate if the 9.583 gallons were put in the tank.

Some Jodi Supporters are suggesting that Arias fit an extra 1 or 2 gallons into the 13.5 gallon capacity tank, which would mean she let it run completely out of gas. Alternatively, they want to tell you that Jodi Arias paid for someone else’s gas or that the store clerk charged some other item off as gas, etc.

If she paid for someone elses’ gas, etc., why didn’t she say so in 18 days of testimony?

The gas pump was calibrated badly? No, i don’t think that’s an explanation that will work.

1) So, there are no markings/ initials on the original Walmart receipt,which is Walmart “standard operating procedure”.

2) There is no additional receipt for the returned fuel can

3) Arias expects the jury to believe that she paid for the can by card but received cash back, that’s not Walmart “standard operating procedure”.

4) A Walmart employee did a search and she found the original purchase receipt, but no record of a return for that can or any other fuel can at that store until 2 weeks later.

5) This means that she WAS looking at the right records, George Barwood.

6) It is impossible, by common sense, by math and by the laws of physics, for Jodi Arias to have fit 25.346 gallons of gas into a tank and two cans which can hold 23.5 gallons.

7) Even if the impossible were possible, Jodi Arias testified that she doesn’t let the gas gauge get in the red AND she testified that she ran out of gas the night before. The odds she would let that happen twice in two days is exceedingly, crushingly, staggeringly high.

Now, in order for Jodi Arias not to be guilty of premeditated 1st degree murder, besides EVERYTHING ELSE we have discussed, you must also believe that Jodi Arias returned that 3rd gas can despite all 7 items above. The odds of that are simply Trillions to one.

impossible odds

Well, a Walmart employee wanted the gas can for himself or herself, so they gave Jodi Arias cash and took the can for their own?

maxwell smart

No. Because employees get a discount and they could not walk out of the store with a gas can and no receipt for it. Nice try, though.

Okay, so having 2 or even 3 gas cans shows a plan to do SOMETHING, but does not prove premeditated murder, you say?

Maybe not, but we look at each item in isolation. We can come up with reasonable and alternative explanations for each item. We may even be able to surmount Mt. Everest which is the 3 gas cans and show how that was really something else entirely, even if Jodi Arias never claimed it was, in 18 days of testimony. What you cannot get away from is what happens when you add everything together in totality. Two things immediately happen:

1) You cannot make excuses or reasonable alternative explanations for all these really crushing pieces of circumstantial evidence that a reasonable jury of 12 will reasonably believe, without wallowing out into the land of absurdity.

2) Each one of these pieces of circumstantial evidence reinforces the other and they are entwined together and they fit together in a way that just cannot happen and would not happen in isolation, or by happenstance, or by chance.

As if this were not enough, it’s a proven and indisputable fact that Jodi Arias lied about a good number of things on the stand. There are maybe 10 things Jodi Arias stated that are beyond a doubt not true. There are so many more things we cannot prove, so if she lied about these things for sure, what else did she lie about? Her testimony is useless, and would be useless in any future trial, because she made the fatal mistake of lying on the stand. This is something she absolutely could not afford to do, because of all her lies in the past.

Who, me? Jodi Arias talks about the gun theft as if she heard about it 3rd or 4th hand. According to Jodi, the fight was over the same day it started and She and Travis engaged in phone sex after the big fight. Not likely.

What if there were 3 cans in West Jordan (Salt Lake City), Utah?

10.672 gallons fills up the Ford Focus gas tank,
5.091 gallons fills one gas can, and
9.583 gallons (about 4.8 gallons in each can) is put into the remaining 2 cans.

Or (less probably, in my opinion):

9.583 gallons fills up the Ford Focus gas tank,
5.091 gallons fills one gas can, and
10.672 gallons (about 5.33 gallons in each can) is put into the remaining 2 cans.

Let’s compare that to what Jodi put in the car in Pasadena:

June 3rd 20:46


8.301 gallons of gas (8:42 PM Cash 4.169 per gallon $34.61)
9.590 gallons of gas (8:46 PM Mastercard $39.98)
2.770 gallons of gas (8:53 PM Cash $11.55)
Total = 20.661 gallons. Total = $86.14

Some people claim that Jodi Arias returned the can in Salinas and she had only two cans in Pasadena. She put 8.301 gallons in her car, then filled the two 5 gallon cans, then she topped off her tank with the 2.77 gallons.

If you have 2 gas cans in your garage, like Darryl had, what are the chances they will both be empty? Kind of low, no? It seems that Jodi Arias actually filled the partially full gas can she got from Darryl with the 2.77 gallons.

The distance from Pasadena, California to Mesa, Arizona to Mesquite , Nevada, where Arias filled up next, is 781 miles. In Mesquite, Arias makes a purchase sufficient to buy about 11 gallons of gas.

781 miles = distance from Pasadena to Mesa to Mesquite
675 to 705 miles = Range with the tank and 2 cans
810 to 855 miles = range with the tank and 3 cans

So, Arias cannot make it to Mesquite, Nevada from Pasadena California on a tank and 2 cans of gas. On top of that, Arias testified that she became lost in the desert between Arizona and Nevada, so the distance is even farther (IF she was telling the truth).

Pamela Smart (then)
Pamela Smart (then)
Pamela Smart (now) Would you believe.....??
Pamela Smart (now) Would you believe…..??

You can do any amount of double checking through estimates and nothing adds up to a tank and 2 cans. This is so, no matter how far you are willing to stretch it.

In Mesquite, Nevada, Jodi Arias made a purchase sufficient to buy 11 gallons of gas. This means she used roughly 24.5 to 26 gallons of gas to get there from Pasadena, if she used 3 gas cans, which is a distance of 781 miles.

24.5 gallons x 30 mpg = 735 miles
26.0 gallons x 30 mpg = 780 miles

That would give Arias a range of 735 to 780 miles which fits very well with the distance from Pasadena to Mesquite, NV. Remember that the estimate of 30 mpg is low, especially if you are driving all highway miles. Seems like maybe Jodi Arias didn’t get lost, either. 🙂

In Pasadena, Jodi Arias bought 8.301 gallons to top off the tank + 9.59 gallons in two cans ( look how close that is to the 9.583 gallons she bought in West Jordan) + 2.77 gallons in the third can.
It appears as if Jodi Arias usually fills the car tank first, then fills the gas cans. Why does she say she doesn’t know in what order she filled the gas? She’s muddying the waters.

The tank and two cans would hold 22.5 to 23.5 gallons of gas.

Remember that in Pasadena, Jodi Arias bought 20.661 gallons, meaning if she only had the two cans as supporters want to claim, she bought just 1.84 gallons less than what would be needed if the tank and 2 gas cans were all completely empty, which Jodi Arias testified that she usually does not let happen.

gas cans tables med sm

Anyway you want to do the math, it does not work out comfortably with 2 cans and in most cases, it doesn’t work at all.

Inescapable Conclusion: Jodi Arias had 3 gas cans in Pasadena, CA and in West Jordan, UT. She did not return the can to the Walmart in Salinas or anywhere else. Jodi Arias lied on the stand about returning the 3rd gas can. Why would she do that?

Here’s the reason: Why on earth would Jodi Arias buy that 3rd gas can in Salinas, CA in the first place? There is no Innocent reason, justifiable reason or even a mistaken reason for doing so. Whether she did or didn’t return the 3rd gas can, there still is no reason for her filling those gas cans in Pasadena if Pasadena to Las Vegas, via Interstate 15, was her intended route.

Going instead to Mesa, Arizona still gives no reason for filling those cans as that route, also, is all interstate driving. Jodi Arias called Darryl Brewer a number of times about those gas cans. She wanted to be sure she had those cans before she left on her trip, so there must have been a very important reason for needing those gas cans. At no time did she tell Darryl Brewer she was going to Death Valley. At trial, she only states casually she may have gone to Death Valley, but AFTER going to West Jordan.

You can say that Jodi Arias planned on doing something artistic, etc. in the desert before she changed her mind to go to Mesa, yet she never mentioned anything about that, in 18 days on the stand, except for a casual mention of Death Valley.

Jodi Arias lied on the stand about the gas can because that 3rd gas can is such damning evidence, while in her mind, 2 cans could be explained away. Now, we have to wonder what else did she lie about on the stand? Because of Jodi Arias’ previous lies:

– directly after the killing,

– during the investigation,

– in the interrogations,

– in her Manifesto

– to her Attorneys

– in her letter to the Alexander family and

– in her TV interviews,

it was critically important that she did not lie even once on the stand.

Jodi Arias should have told the truth about the gas cans, as since she had 2 cans already, she may as well have 3 cans, but she decided it was a problem for her, and it is, but it was much more of a problem for her to lie about returning the 3rd can and to get caught doing it.

If there is a new trial, Jodi Arias must come clean about the gas cans and admit that she did not return that can. Much has been made of the idea that filling the cans at West Jordan proves that Jodi Arias had an innocent reason for having those gas cans. But actually, if she had a malicious reason for having those gas cans, she would be certain to fill them up again as this would help cover her story and reason for needing those cans.

gas cans

On top of that, we know Jodi Arias did fill those gas cans in West Jordan, Utah. This means that they were empty and she did use them. Well, you could say she was forced to kill Travis when he attacked her relentlessly in the bathroom, so that’s why she used the gas in the cans. But, then again, you have to ask what is the reason for needing an extra range of 405 miles and an extra 6 ¾ hours driving time, when with 18 days on the stand, we heard all about pop rocks and tootsie pops, but we never heard the big plan needing the gas cans.? That’s because the big plan was murder.

All the other circumstantial evidence that is difficult to explain, is still explainable within reason, but the gas cans tips the scales and makes the pendulum swing in the other direction. Now, with all the other evidence and the gas cans, the combination of all this becomes exponentially more difficult to explain away within reason. It just overwhelms a person who is trying to remain fair, objective, and reasonable. It propels a person into the twilight zone, where magical or other-worldly influence will be needed for a sane person to buy this story.

You must believe that you can walk on water in order to believe Jodi Arias’ story. That’s the truth that Jodi’s “fans” refuse to look at or see. There is no way around it.

Remember: This is a Jodi Arias supporter saying this.

So let’s double-check the method. In Pasadena, If Jodi Arias had 3 cans with 4.5 gallons in each can, she would have 27 gallons of gas or 810 miles of range. If she had 5 gallons in each can, she would have an additional 1.5 gallons or 28.5 gallons which is 855 miles of range. An average of the two would be 27.75 gallons and 832.5 miles of range. By coincidence, and purely by happenstance, the distance between Pasadena and the first recorded place after that, where Jodi Arias stopped for gas, is 795 miles. This is way above the maximum 705 miles of range that Jodi Arias would have with 2 cans of gas in the trunk, although it may have been enough to get to Las Vegas (713 miles).

Well, she bought gas before that and paid cash, so there’s no record? Sorry, but the math for that idea just doesn’t work.

No way did she have only 2 cans in that trunk. It’s impossible.

I challenge and dare anyone to debate the gas cans.

Still not convinced, Jodi Supporter? Now one of Jodi’s plans for the gas cans, we never really heard about, but the other one, we did. Jodi Arias will fill the cans and her tank with cheap Nevada gas to use in California, thus saving money.

Problem: Here’s the map from Reno, Nevada to Yreka, CA.

map jodi new z

It’s only 255 miles back to Yreka. You could make that 355 miles, because Jodi Arias went back to Yreka first, then she drove the 100 miles back to the Redding Airport. So, that’s about a tank of gas or about 3 gas cans worth of gas. So, Jodi could use the tank of gas to save money bringing the rental car back, but she still has to fill the tank with California priced gas when she returns the car.

For a tank of gas, here’s how much Jodi would save with her plan:

GAS    $3.86 per gallon x 11 gallons = $42.46

Gas     $4.17 per gallon x 11 gallons = $45.87

Total savings = $3.41

Even if she fills the tank and the 3 cans and figures out a way to use it all in California, this would still be 13.5 gallons + (3 x 5 gallons) = 13.5 g + 15 g = 28.5 gallons.

Gas    $3.86 per gallon x 28.5 gallons = $110.01

Gas     $4.17 per gallon x 28.5 gallons =$118.85

Total savings = $8.84


Look at those whopper savings? Who is she trying to kid?

Now, let’s predict how much gas Jodi Arias will need when she gets to West Jordan from Mesquite, Nevada. We know she drove to the PPL meeting and lunch and back to Ryan Burn’s home, so we can make an estimate on that.

The distance from Mesquite, NV to West Jordan, Utah is 331 miles. Jodi arias may have driven an additional 30 miles, so let’s guestimate 361 miles.

That’s about 12 gallons of gas at 30 miles per gallon.

Jodi Arias purchased 10.672 gallons in West Jordan, which is enough to drive 320.16 miles. That’s pretty close considering that 30 mpg is a low estimate and this was all highway miles (Interstate 15).

331 miles = Distance from Mesquite, NV to West Jordan, UT
361 miles = guestimate of Joidi Arias’ gas usage prior to Tesoro fill up.
320.16 miles = range calculated using the gas Jodi put in the main tank at Tesoro x 30 mpg. This would be equal to the amount of gas she used between Mesquite and West Jordan.

That’s awful close, so the math appears to be sound.

So, we are stuck with the 3 gas cans. Jodi Arias bought them and filled them so as not to leave a trail in Arizona, and she used them. And she lied about the number of cans. There is no innocent or alternative explanation for the gas can evidence.

>>>>>If there were such an explanation or argument, trust me, I would be making it.<<<<<<

Anyone making an innocent or reasonable argument for the gas cans is either
– badly mistaken,
– not giving you all the facts
– or deliberately lying.

Then why does Jennifer Willmott say this should have been a 2nd degree murder case? My guess is because she only handled certain parts of the case and she never had the time or the inclination to sit down with all these facts, calculate them out and process them in her mind in totality.

jennifer willmott

Plus, she’s the defense attorney, what did you expect her to say?

Slick words from Jodi Arias or her Supporters can never make this evidence go away.

Now, with the gas cans, which by the way, conclusively proves premeditation in and of itself, all the other evidence follows this right over the cliff.

1) The rental car – Still, no proof of anything, in my opinion.

2) The License Plates – The odds of having both your license plated messed with, yet not stolen? Long, long, long. No one is going to take your license plate off in the front and turn the back one upside-down. They will either steal the plate or toss them away

cali plate

So, half way through California, she turns her license upside-down? Isn’t that too risky? Why does Jodi Arias give that answer? Because she knows she didn’t stop anywhere after that, all the way to Mesa. Why did this happen after going into Starbuck’s in Pasadena for a few minutes? It has to be after she filled the tank, or else she probably would have noticed the rear license plate. Jodi Arias is basically admitting she did not buy gas after Pasadena.

All the times she went into the trunk and she never noticed the license plate was upside-down? Come on!

ford focus 2009

3) Hair colored dark brown on the 3rd – Inconclusive as to premeditation. She could have been just trying to improve her appearance for Travis and/or Ryan Burns. But, do note that Jodi Arias denied dying her hair under direct examination. She got caught in this lie, due to the selfies she took in the rental car.

Jodi Arias forgets all about getting her hair colored, until her memory is jarred by the selfies she took in the Ford Focus on June 3rd, 2008.

Oh, yeah, THAT dye job. Uh……I forgot.

jodi arias selfie 2

4) The Major Argument – Just 2 days before the theft of the gun. As soon as Arias completes the work week, she’s off to Mesa and one week later Alexander is dead.

5) The phone was turned off before entering Arizona, stayed off at Alexander’s home and continued to be off until Arias is almost out of Arizona – Not reasonably explainable in light of other evidence.

6) The stolen .25 caliber gun – To ignore that the stolen gun was used in the killing, you have to believe Travis also had a .25 caliber gun,

conveniently located right near the bathroom, AND it was loaded and cocked. You have to believe it was sitting there with no extra ammo or accessories of any kind (accept for the holster and/or the box that Arias said was there but wasn’t there). You have to believe that Jodi Arias climbed up on the shelves in the closet in a fight for her life and got hold of the gun without disturbing anything in the closet.

travis closet

Don't try to tell me Jodi Arias ever went back into this closet after the killing. Look at the bench. Do you really think that would have not been disturbed in a life and death struggle?

Don’t try to tell me Jodi Arias ever went back into this closet after the killing. White carpet and not a mark? Look at the bench. Do you really think that would have not been disturbed in a life and death struggle and a chase through the closet?

Are you Kidding Me????
Are you Kidding Me????

You have to believe that Travis Alexander, naked and wet, ran and chased her around his closet and master bathroom, and that Jodi Arias aimed at and hit a moving target under extreme duress having hardly ever operated a gun before. You have to believe that Jodi took Travis’ gun out of the house even though there was no need for her to take it, if it was his, and even though it seems she took nothing else of Travis’ that she didn’t absolutely have to take, out of the house.

Additionally, Jodi Arias also had to state that her shooting Travis was an accident and the gun just “went off”. If, as she testified, Jodi Arias was thrown down on the tile floor, then chased after by Travis, she had every right to fire that gun. Why didn’t she just say I shot him to stop him after he attacked meand he was still coming at me? She refuses to say it was anything other than an accidental firing. So now, on top of the tiny possibility that Jodi Arias could hit a moving target in a life and death situation , and hit him above the right eyebrow, you also must now believe the gun went off by accident.

The fight, the gun, the gas, the phone and the plates = premeditation beyond a reasonable doubt when you put it all together. It’s way too much of a coincidence for all these things to happen by happenstance and independent of each other…..

….I really think Jodi Arias laughs at the people who actually buy her explanations. I think Juan Martinez might be correct about the plates. I’m not so sure she would risk turning a license plate upside-down and driving like that half way through California and all the way to Mesa (387 miles or over 5.5 hours at 60 mph). Nor do I think a teen vandal flipped her license plate.

On top of that, the hair dye evasion looks very suspicious, so I’m being real charitable in not including it in my analysis.

Jodi 2

I think she may have changed that plate inside Alexander’s garage in the dark or in the driveway in a big hurry after the killing, just as Martinez theorized. She may have changed it in Pasadena as she said, but that’s very risky, considering she does not want to be noticed on her way to Mesa. It’s also worse for her case if it happened the way Jodi Arias claims, rather than if she changed the plates at Travis’ home.

‘But even if her story is partially true and Arias did drive from Pasadena to Mesa with the flipped license plate, that’s even worse’? Why do you say that, Rob?

Remember this?

map jodi new 2

The probable route Jodi Arias wanted people to believe she took.

And the places she was not supposed to be at or leave any trace?

Note the gas stops Jodi Arias mentions at Desert Center, CA and Buckeye, AZ, also Jodi and Travis' former meeting place at Ehrenberg, AZ on the border.

Note the gas stops Jodi Arias mentions at Desert Center, CA and Buckeye, AZ, also Jodi and Travis’ former meeting place at Ehrenberg, AZ on the border.

Pasadena: Jodi Arias buys gas and fills the gas cans starting at 8:42 PM. It’s getting to be 9:00 PM. It just so happens, just by coincidence and happenstance, to be the dark of night at this point.

Watch this video carefully. If there any doubt about Jodi’s Pasadena planning?

pasadena at night

That’s why.

Pasadena was the staging ground for premeditated murder.

pasadena 3






Do Ewe concur? Are Ewe Kidding me? Let me know in the comments, please.

Comments from all viewpoints are welcome. 

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81 thoughts on “The Tables Have Turned (Part 2 – The Gas Cans) (July 26)”

  1. First! lol. Ok in all seriousnous. Rob you did it again. Of course I had to bypass the gas can theories because my brain is scattered right now but you directed me at so many lies Jodi maid under oath that I had not caught before. You should write a book.

    1. I don’t think there’s much new in here that hasn’t already been said. I have seen a few people make these types of arguments, and I knew they were correct when I saw them.

  2. An extremely important point that Rob makes in this blog, which should not get buried in all of the numbers, was how critical it was for Arias to be telling the truth about the gas cans.

    Yet she did not. Even in the face of indisputable facts, she lied about the gas cans.

    With that, any credibility she might have had was blown out of the water.

    1. She should have just said yes, I got another gas can. I thought the more the merrier or I wanted a gas can for my own after I would return the cans to Darryl or I thought one of the cans was leaking, or whatever. Yes, she should have made sure not to tell a provable lie.

      1. Well, she only had two gas cans, the third can was a kero can.

        Nope. Too slippery. Plus she testified to it being a gas can when she purchased it.

        She should have come clean on cross with Martinez, but she dug her heels in and held firm to her lie. I remember the reactions from both Nurmi and Willmott when this happened- they knew it was not good for them.

        As Rob pointed out, Arias knows that there is no good justification for traveling those three gas cans on that particular trip. They were a critical part of her plan to murder Travis Alexander, without leaving a trail in Arizona.

  3. LOL Juliegregg, I think everybody is thinking the same thing “hope George reads this….” lol. Nice job Rob, again. You also included a few things I missed, I love that!

  4. So I’m making my way through your article, which I like by the way.

    I believe Jodi threw in those extra gas stations stops in Desert Center and Buckeye, that she had no receipts for, so she can say see, the trip into Az was not a secret.

  5. Rob I don’t know if you ever saw this, I pretty much went through the gas transactions with a fine tooth comb. and this is what I found.

    Gas purchases / use of gas cans

    June 3rd 20:46 Pasadena, Receipt – Fills tank and gas cans.

    Buys 9.59 gallons Price $4.169 Value $40.00 MasterCard Time 8:46 PM
    Buys 8.301 gallons Price $4.169 Value $35.06 cash Time 8:42 PM
    Buys 2.77 gallons Price $4.169 Value $11.55 cash Time 8:53
    June 6th 03:57 Tesoro, Utah, Receipt

    Buys 10.672 gallons gasoline. Price $3.85 per gallon. $41.18. Time is 3:57am At register. Mastercard. 2015, Swiped. Pump #2

    Buys 5.091 gallons gasoline. Price $3.859 per gallon. $19.65. Time is 4:01. At pump #2. Same credit card.

    Buys 9.583 gallons gasoline. Price $3.859 per gallon, $36.98 Time is 4:05:32 At register. Card 2015 swiped
    It all adds up for Jodi to have used 3 gas cans from Pasadena through SLC
    I’m using 30.9 MPG because there are 2 location we can calculate the mileage, from Mesquite to SLC and King City to Pasadena, and we come up with the same gas mileage.
    After using all the gas in the cans to get out of the state of AZ, she would need to fill up in Mesquite, so now she has a full tank pulling out of Mesquite.
    We have 330 miles to Salt lake city, so now we can use the amount of gas she put in in SLC to determine the gas mileage. 330 divide by the amount of gas used 10.672 = 30.9 mpg, so I will go with this MPG, which is within the range for the gas mileage for the 2008 Ford Focus.
    Check out how things add up in Pasadena
    She now has a full tank leaving King city.
    258 miles from King City, CA to Pasadena
    258 divide by the MPG we just figured above, 30.9 mpg = 8.3 gallons
    The exact same amount as the first transaction for the car in Pasadena.
    So my calculation are pretty close. Like I said shifted one way or the other. we can say the mileage is very close, we have two locations that calculate perfect.
    I will go with average 30.9 mpg We have 2 location where we can calculate gas mileage.
    350 miles from Redding to King City, CA uses 11.3 gal.
    Jodi filled up in King City, CA $51.41 bank transaction
    She now has a full tank leaving King city. Some folks want to say, Jodi didn’t fill up all the way to save money, to buy cheaper gas somewhere else. Makes no sense, There is no reason Jodi would not fill up the tank all the way. Why stop a couple gallons short of filling your tank, it would make very little difference.
    258 miles from King City, CA to Pasadena only uses about 8.3 gal. of gas
    Buys 8.301 gal. Price $4.169 Value $35.06 – fills car at 8:42 pm used card
    Buys 9.59 gal. Price $4.169 Value $40.00 – 2 gas cans 8:46:50 PM paid cash inside.
    Buys 2.77 gal. Price $4.169 Value $11.55 – third gas can 8:53:31 PM paid cash inside
    No place else to put 2.77 gal. but in a third gas can. So Jodi did put gas in 3 Gas cans in Pasadena.
    I’m using 30.9 MPG because there are 2 location we can calculate the millage this from Mesquite to SLC and King City to Pasadena, and we come up with the same gas mileage.
    In Pasadena she made 3 gas transactions.
    8.3 gallons,car
    9.59 gallons, 2 gas cans
    2.77 gallons, one gas can, could have already had some gas in the 3rd can.
    Now she is on the road to Mesa with a full tank of gas and 3 gas cans full of gas, going off the grid into the secret zone.
    380 miles to Mesa, lets say at 30.9 mpg she would use about 12 gallons of gas, there would be about 1.5 gallons left in tank when she arrives in Mesa. Jodi has no worry about running out of gas this leg of the trip, she has a trunk full of gas.
    She puts the 2 five gallon cans in the gas tank before she leaves Mesa after the killing.
    She wouldn’t be able to put all the gas from the cans in at one time. so she still has a one full can of gas in the trunk.
    Now she heads for Mesquite with a full tank of gas and one full gas can in the trunk.390 miles to Mesquite, at 30.9 mpg she would use about 12.5 gallons of gas, about a 1 gallons left in the tank when she arrives in Mesquite. Still, Jodi has no worry about running out of gas this leg of the trip, she has a full can of gas in the trunk.
    Back on the grid out of the secret territory, At Mesquite she puts the last gas can of gas in the car, tops the rest of the cars tank at the pump, pays cash. She now leaves Mesquite with a full tank of gas and three empty gas cans in the trunk.
    She heads for Salt lake city, 330 miles, at 30.9 mpg she would use about 10.67 gallons of gas. She arrive there with about 3 gallons in the gas tank and three empty gas can in the trunk.
    Tesoro, She made 3 gas transactions.
    10.672 gallons, car
    5.091 gallons, one gas can
    9.583 gallons, 2 gas cans
    Total 25.346 gallons
    Jodi testified to this filling pattern,
    ARIAS: The only part I remember as far as sequence is I put the gas in the gas cans, and then so I didn’t leave the hose laying on the floor or the ground, the concrete, I hung it up. That ends the transaction. That`s all I know.
    So the 5.091 gallons transaction and 10.672 gallon transaction would not fit in the car with a 13.5 gallon tank, one reason there needs to be a 3rd gas can.

    1. Thanks, Mike. You went over this with a fine toothed comb. Did you ever find a time for the Mesquite purchase? We are trying to figure out what JA was doing for the 6 or 7 hours unaccounted for between Mesa, AZ and West Jordan, UT.

      1. It is on her bank statement that was shown in court, there was just the amount of the purchase $46.11

        Not sure if there was a time of the purchase.

      1. I don’t think you read the article, George, because the article shows that not only did Jodi have the 3 gas cans at Tesoro in West Jordan / Salt Lake City, Utah, but the math and the facts of the case show that Jodi Arias had three gas cans during the entire trip. Your FAQ’s don’t mean diddly. Jodi Arias did not gas up at Desert Center as she testified to, because it’s too close. Buckeye Arizona is too far. This means she never stopped for gas between Pasadena and Mesquite. Mesquite is too far away to make it on 2 cans but 3 cans fits the math very well.

      2. Rob, Jodi testified that she filled up twice on the way to Mesa, meaning she had sufficient gas to get to Mesquite. Pasadena to Desert Centre = 174 miles, @29MPG about 6 gallons she puts in there. Desert Centre to Buckeye = 171 miles, @29 MPG she puts another 6 gallons in there.

      3. George, why don’t you admit that she’s lying? Again, I know you did not read the article. Who fills up the tank, drives 174 miles and fills up again? No one. Maybe you don’t see how ridiculous that is because you go by liters. Jodi always drove that way on many trips to Mesa. She added those trips because she knows you can’t make it from Pasadena to Mesa on a single tank of gas. She never filled up after Pasadena. Why? Read the article.

      4. GB – Why would she stop at a gas station only to put 6 gallons of gas in her car? Especially when her fueling pattern in CA was stopping for gas when the tank was near empty. Your conjuring fantasy and making up lies to avoid the truth.

    1. Notice what Jodi says to Martinez’s question she gave the answer she only had 2 gas cans.

      MARTINEZ: You have three gas cans in Salt Lake City, ma`am?

      ARIAS: I don`t even recall going to Salt Lake City. I went to West Jordan, and I…

      MARTINEZ: Hold on. First let`s break that down. You`re saying you don`t ever even remember going to Salt Lake City ever on June 6 of 2008.

      ARIAS: I don`t recall where the city limits end and begin. But to answer the gas can question, I went to Mesa with two gas cans.

      George you can play games with her words all you want it won’t work.

    2. George – please ask yourself this question. IF Jodi actually purchased a 4th gas can AFTER the murder, then why would she not testify to its purchase? If she knew she was caught in a lie, why in the world would she not admit to the 4th can? It’s illogical that not only did she leave the jury thinking she lied, but even her own attorneys left the jury believing it as well. It is NOT logical no matter how you try to spin it. I’m sorry.

      1. I don’t know why, perhaps because the objective was to preserve the gas can issue for appeal, or perhaps she had been told not to go further on cross than she testified on direct. Perhaps she could not prove how she obtained the 4th gas can, or didn’t want to get into that issue for some other reason. Perhaps the defence case at that point was the prosecution hadn’t even proven she had 3 gas cans at SLC. Regardless, there is no evidence to show she didn’t obtain another gas can after leaving Mesa. If we could listen to the sidebar it might help.

    1. Now, you are saying that Jodi bought the 3rd gas can at Walmart. She immediately spins around and returns it, for which there is zero evidence. Then she goes up to Utah and buys a 3rd gas can because 300 miles of extra range is not enough? She needs 450 miles of extra range which is 9 hours of driving at 50 mph? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

    2. George, if you are still here, your explanation you give as to why Jodi only had 2 gas cans doesn’t hold water. Why would Jodi buy a gas can and then return it a few hours later? As organized as Jodi was in her planning, it doesn’t make any sense and the jury saw right through her lies.

      You also state that Jodi could have bought gas with cash instead of using her credit card thus would not have needed 3 cans. You obliviously must have fell asleep during the explanation that the reason Jodi wanted to have 3 cans was so she wouldn’t have to stop at a gas station and possibly be videotaped buying gas.

      I will ask you the same question I asked your compatriot, HS. Here is the interview with 2 jurors from the second trial, if you were on the jury, what actual facts would you have presented to your fellow jurors to convince them that Jodi is innocent?

      1. It wasn’t a few hours later, it was about 20 minutes later, after she sent to Starbucks. Garages didn’t keep CCTV videos for long in those days, simply using cash to buy gas would have been quite sufficient. The stronger point is why would Jodi keep the receipt for the secret 3rd gas can? You cannot answer that. And why would she testify she returned it to Walmart if she didn’t? You cannnot answer that either. It’s all a load of nonsense and mistakes.

      2. She kept the receipt for the 3rd gas can because she made a mistake. Testifying she returned the can to Walmart was also a mistake. I see how Jodi wants to buy gas as a tax write off, but she also has other secret purchases of gas where she doesn’t keep the receipt. Does that make sense? That’s because she didn’t buy any secret gas and she had a receipt for all the gas she bought. The question you cannot answer is why did Jodi buy that 3rd gad can in the first place?

    1. George will never know the truth, he will never look any further. His Jodi is innocent thing is the road block in the way to look any deeper. He just won’t

    2. George Barwood, Gray is right. You are commenting on an article you either didn’t read or one you can’t comprehend. Rob Roman put a lot of hard work and investigation to prove the facts he has been used in these articles. Rob deserves accolades for opening his mind in order to see the evidence from a neutral point of view. I have noticed that you rarely read or watch all the evidence in the Arias case. If you are so lax in other serious cases, you will not be able to view evidence with a balance mind frame. Rob Roman: GREAT job, my friend. Are you taking opinions for points of interest in your next articles?

      I appreciate all your hard work here. Thanks so much, Karlie

      1. I have two more articles in the series. #3 will be a review of Jodi Arias’ behaviors before and since the crime, and a look at the autopsy and crime scene to see if we can find a possibility of self-defense.

        #4 will be my own speculation and scenario of what actually could have happened plus I will have the “30 things you must believe in order to believe Jodi Arias is not guilty of 1st degree premeditated murder.

        I ALWAYS ask “Do you agree?”. I always like to hear the opinions of others, especially if it conflicts with or is different than my own.Thank-you Karliethorn, for your comments.

  6. There are a 2 things in this case and there is no way I can get around it, unless someone can give me an explanation, especially number 2

    1.Jodi use 3 gas cans in SLC

    2. When Jodi said she got away after the gun shot, Travis went to the sink, There was no attack going on and Jodi did not leave to get help.

  7. Jodi saved the gas receipts to use as an alibi:

    ARIAS TRIAL parents interviewed by police (10:10):

    I apologize for using HLN footage. It’s all I could find with the portion I needed.

  8. Well done, Rob!

    Jodi was repeatedly caught lying about the gas cans during her testimony. This interaction shows Jodi that there is simply too much evidence for her gas can lie to be believed.

    Jodi gets nervous when Juan reveals her bank statement. At 6:55, Jodi’s voice cracks, and she looks fearful. She starts to cry, but reigns in her reaction.

    Prosecutor Juan Martinez’s “Perry Mason” Moment – Busts Jodi Arias For Lying About Gas Cans

  9. Is there a part 3, Rob?

    Regarding “short” premeditation. I’ve always believed that the moment Jodi changed weapons, she demonstrated her intent to murder Travis. I believe that she began premeditating this murder days before she drove to Mesa. However, she could have stopped her plan at any time. Changing to a second weapon shows that she absolutely wanted to kill Travis …. and did so.

  10. This was brilliant Rob! Even better than the first. I hope you’re writing more! I find it even incredible that this is coming from a Jodi supporter. A lie is a lie is a lie… Nice job Rob, I seriously can’t wait for more!

  11. Well written and very well thought out. All points are considered and broken down so anyone, well almost anyone, can understand that there is no getting around the gas can issue.

  12. What I like Rob is you took down that wall that prevents most Jodi supporters from looking any further into the facts and evidence. They are stalled at Jodi is innocent and have their earplugs in.

    1. People should appreciate that some people are patient enough to explain why they believe what they believe. What George does is he takes each thing in isolation one at a time, without looking at the interdependence of things.

  13. I have to add a 7th circumstantial point… I used to live in Northern California (Bay Area) and my family lived in Idaho. No one would drive to the Salt Lake City area via Pasadena! She added nearly a thousand miles to drive that route. The cover story about plans to take photos of Darryl Brewer’s sister’s infant child are so ridiculous they are laughable. She spent over $100 extra on gas to take that detour. Really? I don’t buy it on any level.

    1. Right. She could have gone via Sacramento, correct? There really was no reason to go that far south. If Darryl’s sister was going to want photos taken, she would have known for sure before driving that far South.

      1. Correct. She had to have planned to go to Arizona to drive that route. Now either she was planning on murder or (as I always thought) she was giving him one last chance to take her to Mexico and if he wouldn’t, he was a goner. Option B obviously became necessary in her opinion.

  14. This gas evidence has been presented before in just as much detail. JustDaTruth being one of the more famous, detailed presentations. It’s all maths and logic. The real question is why do you only believe it now? The maths and logic hasn’t changed. What is it that has made you receptive to the cold facts in what was always an open and shut case based on evidence and logic? Did you find Jodi such a compelling witness that her ‘explanations’ were more convincing than the cold facts? Pray tell, young Rob Roman. For I do not yet grant you absolution from your previous folly.

    1. I see it as, “better late to the realization than never to get there at all.” I can understand someone “supporting” a murderer if they have strong feelings against the death penalty. I can’t understand someone’s blind devotion beyond all reason, which is the category so many of her more vocal supporters seem to fall into. I’m one of those “haters” that wasn’t invested in her receiving the death penalty. I was satisfied that the jury was able to reach a unanimous decision during the guilt phase. Now my only interest is a peripheral one. I found Mr. Roman’s blog to be an interesting read. I know he was very vocal in his opinions, but we all have the right to have and express an opinion. I didn’t follow him during the more contentious period of this drama so I don’t know if he was rude or hurtful as he expressed those opinions. Therefore, I don’t know if he requires absolution from anyone for his opinions before or after his change of heart.

      1. You can call it a change of heart, but it’s not that at all. Nothing in my other articles, that I know of, has changed. Every article before this series was written independently of Jodi’s guilt or innocence. I stand by every one of them. The only difference is that in the past, I thought there was a possibility that Jodi Arias could get a better result in court. Now I am saying there is no possibility she could get a better result. You can search through this entire blog and you’ll see I have never said she was not guilty. I only said she deserves a new trial (which she does).

    2. First of all, I don’t really like people who hide behind a fake profile and then make demands. I don’t owe you a damn thing. It’s not all math and logic and it’s not an open and shut case, either. The Jodi Arias case is a very sophisticated case and there has been lying on both sides. It’s not possible to read an article and be convinced, or three articles or ten. Not for me, anyways. I still get a strange feeling about this case, that something is very wrong, here. I don’t think I had any previous folly, sport. I think I was definitely on the right side. This never should have been a death penalty case, and the death penalty would have never stood. Absolution? Nah, I’m not interested.

      1. I agree that you have no need to seek absolution from anyone. I think you are probably being painted with the same brush as some of the very unreasonable supporters out there. I, however, disagree with the idea that she deserves a new trial. She received a defense that cost more than most people will earn in their lifetimes. She was represented by two very competent attorneys. The judge bent over backwards for her defense. She was her own worst enemy. The appeal process will run its course just like both trials. She was convicted based on physical, forensic, and circumstantial evidence. The jury found unanimously that there was an aggravating factor that made the case eligible for the death penalty. Ultimately both juries were unable to come to a unanimous decision on the penalty. She is is prison for her natural life. That is fair and just, in my opinion. For what that’s worth.

      2. You don’t have to like me Rob, just as you don’t have to like Jodi to find her innocent, or that’s what Nurmi said in summing up. Your ad hominem attack on me betrays your lack of logic and yes, math for that matter. Please behave with the decorum you expect from others.

  15. Well we have to go by the fact presented at the trial, There are no receipts for Desert center and Buckeye, she used all the gas in the gas cans before she reached SLC, we have a purchase in Mesquite for $46.11, there is no evidence of a 4th gas can purchased after Mesa. She need 3 gas cans in SLC.

    It would be stupid of Jodi to hide evidence of a 4th gas can. Why would Jodi hide evidence of a 4th gas can, that would show the jury that the walmart gas can return would be believable, that would show she didn’t need the Walmart can the gas fill in SLC?

    So you’re gonna say, because she wasn’t asked about the 4th gas can, is why we don’t know about it. There was lots of things Martinez didn’t ask and we know of them, the pedo stuff, Travis having a gun, etc. Jodi had 18 days on the stand, and was free to tell us about a 4th gas can.

    There is no 4th gas can or Jodi would have told us about that info that would have helped her case.

    Show us the receipt for the 4th gas can George.

    I know George, you will continually try to create a story so Jodi doesn’t have to lie about the Walmart gas can return, first we have the 15.8 gallon gas tank, then we have the 4th gas can, What’s next.

  16. Arias certainly led Nurmi and Willmott to believe that she only had two gas cans. They never would have questioned her the way that they did if they thought she had picked up another gas can along the way. They were blindsided by her on this one.

    Barwood’s reasoning is convoluted beyond acceptable.

  17. So glad I found this blog. I’ve been following this trial for quite some time and have some extensive reading and watched a lot of videos and stuff about it and I have to say I’ve never seen it explained in such a detailed and concise way before. bravo! You have really outdone many other bloggers on the subject.

    With all of this however, I don’t get how you still call yourself a “supporter” of hers. A supporter of “fair” justice maybe but anyone that supports “her” supports the fact that she’s either innocent or acted in self defense.

    Anyway, I too have been involved in countless discussions and debates with her supporters and when it comes to the circumstantial evidence (which there is a LOT in this case) they don’t seem to see the BiG picture. On their own a lot of things can be explained away as unfortunate coincidences but when you view them collectively, as a group, there’s no denying the premeditation! I’ve often said either Jodi Arias the most unlucky person ever to walk to earth or……she planned to murder this man!

    For me I can take or leave the hair coloring, the rental car, the upside down plate but the three big ones are, the stolen gun, (where both the timing and gun itself are far too coincidental), the gas cans (especially the third one which she claims was returned but there’s zero record of) and the cell phone being turned off for the ENTIRE TIME she was in Arizona. Those three together and separately from one another are enough to convince me premeditation.

    1. Yes, Makeupmobster, I agree. The phone was a bigee for me, because there’s little excuse for that. For the phone to be off for part of the time is no problem, but to be off at the I-15 to Las Vegas entrance in Passadena, stay off through her visit to Travis, and remain off just until she almost gets out of Arizona is a bit too much. Each separate thing can be understandable, but all these things at one time is unreasonable and when you put them all together, it’s impossible.

      So, I can no longer be a BIG supporter of Jodi Arias. I support dignity for her and fair and equitable treatment, and I wish her luck on appeals. I can’t support her in a new trial, anymore though, because I know she cannot prevail with any combination of jurors, judges, or attorneys. I think I care about her and I’m sympathetic to her psychological condition. I think Jodi Arias does have, or rather I know she has, people who know she’s guilty as charged but still wish to support her. There are others who still believe in her , but refuse to support her, and there’s everything in between.

      I think the best way for me to support her is to tell her the truth – You cannot prevail. You may win a reversal on appeal and a new trial, but you cannot get a better outcome. The sooner she realizes this, the better off she will be and the less disappointment she will have. Thanks for your comments.

      1. Really awesome blog. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on this. I can’t get to the pages that don’t include the graphic autopsy photos though! I just can’t look at those pictures anymore. They’re too disturbing. The links aren’t working for some reason..

        Anyway I appreciate hearing that someone went from being a full supporter to being someone who an no longer support her because they studied the case and the facts and realized how far fetched her story is. You still have empathy though which is an admirable quality. She completely lacks it.

        In all fairness though I do strongly believe she has a mental illness. I believe dr. Demarte’s assessment of borderline personality disorder. I’ve done a lot of reading on that as well and she seems to fit the bill. I believe there’s some narcissism going on there too as well as some other stuff. I do not believe the PTSD diagnosis due to the fact that she just wasn’t displaying the signs by going to his memorial, posting on his page, posting pictures and writing memories about him, seeking out the detective working on his case, speaking to his bishop and friends, writing about him and his death in her journal etc. etc. someone with PTSD wouldn’t do ANY of that. They’d avoid reminders of the traumatic events like the Black Plague. Anyhow, whatever she has, it doesn’t absolve her from responsibility. She still knew the difference between right and wrong. I have very little sympathy for her because of that.

      2. Thank you and I read them both. I just can’t handle the pics anymore. I’ve seen them all more times than I’d like to admit. They’re kind of burned into my Brian now!
        anyway I loved the series here. You really did such a fantastic job laying everything out. There were many lightbulb moments for me as well like when You pulled the part from Travis’ blog about turning his back when his mother beat him. Wow!

        I have book marked your page and from now on any JodiSupoorter I meet is going to be directed right to this blog!

      3. Well, that’s quite a compliment. I appreciate that. Thank-You for alerting me to the problem with the links. They were working when I posted the articles. Sorry you had to see too much of that. I thought it was important to the story but it’s a little rough for most people.

        The photos of the body tell a story and I do not see self-defense in that story. Someone asked a really good question – Who sits down in their shower? Almost no one.

      4. Yes, I also believe she has more that Borderline. At the very least, it’s a severe form of Borderline that jumps into the psychotic realm when destabilized, As far as PTSD, recall also that Arias bought a 9mm gun in the weeks after the crime and before her arrest.

        I don’t think she’s evil or a huge danger to society, but she needs treatment and unfortunately, she will not get the treatment she needs and she would not accept that she needs treatment.

        The other thing that really made me see her guilt, besides the circumstantial premeditation evidence, is the fact that she is demonstrating the same exact behaviors that the prosecution said she had (manipulation, narcissism, turning on people who care about her and are trying to help her, an inordinate preoccupation with what’s being said about her on media and social media, setting people up – the taped phone call of E. Schilling, adolescent style love affairs characterized by over dependence on the male, a desire to set matters straight and throw stones).

        Her inability to refute some of the things SJ and JAII said and did was also something that shows she is not the person the defense portrayed her as.

  18. Just wanted to add my 2 cents (which may not be much) and say that I live in Pasadena, CA. This is my ARCO and Starbucks. To Jodi Arias, its just another Starbucks, but to me its the Starbucks I grew up with. First off, she is right, its a very busy one. Second, important to note that this Starbucks faces the parking lot. As a matter if fact, the parking space she refers to is directly in front of the huge glass-front and the outside patio. There is never NOT someone out on the patio. What I’m saying is it is impossible for a bunch of sketboarders to mess with any car in that parking lot. The entire OPEN shop would see that shit go down. Srsly, every damn person on that patio sits and watches traffic. I’ve been witness to many patrons jump up & yell at drivers that bump other cars. They also bitch out drivers that park too close to their own car right in front of the store! I was just up at that Starbucks the other day and I made a conscious effort to sit inside up against the front window and you can see the majority if the parking lot but mainly those spots facing Foothill Blvd. Skateboarders would never even have the cohones to mess with those cars. And that’s considering those skateboarders could even make it up the hill to even GET to that Starbucks!

    1. Okay, thanks for your comments, Anonymous. Why am I not surprised? It didn’t seem plausible. She would have to be behind the building where not so many people are around. Do you have lots of red light cameras? Did you have them in 2008? I’m still wondering where she did flip those plates over. I guess it was getting dark and she just figured it would increase the chance she would not be identified inside Arizona or Mesa.

      1. I’m not sure of the red light cameras at that intersection and I’m not sure they would catch anything anyway, the Starbucks is literally sitting at the corner. The parking lot should have surveillance cameras but unsure if they did in 2008. There is a big Whole Foods, a Vromans, Noah’s Bagels & Verizon store in the same parking lot so I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have cameras. Same goes for the ARCO across the street.

  19. LOL … i got lost in all those numbers and calculations.

    So I just go for the simple way: When you have one evidence to explain away, okay, you have my ears and the benefit of doubt. But when you have two, three, four, five, six, seven pieces of incriminating evidence, and every time you go: I can explain that! Well, save it or shove it, because i dont even want to hear it!

    1. The most difficult part of the case was her mental illness, because it’s difficult to understand. Why does she act the way she does? You can’t see how she could possibly do such a thing.

      But when you just look at the facts, it makes it much more clear. Yes, shehad too much splainin’ to do.

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