The Jodiland Wars (Oct. 10)

Fact based reporting

by Amanda Chen and Rob Roman


The Jodi Arias Murder Trial – The OTHER side of the story.


Normally, we would keep all this confidential, but all of this has already been reported on, and the names, events, and contents of letters, etc. are already readily available on the internet and in social media. Still, most people do not understand what all the chatter and hoopla has been about, unless you are too deep in it all. So, we wanted to try to shed some light on the  great amount of infighting among Jodi Arias supporters that has been going on f0r quite some time and has recently intensified.

Jodiland has become a house divided

It’s the sad story of the Jodi supporters fighting against each other and using Jodi as a weapon. Sadly, people are being forced to take sides, people are acting stupidly and not in the best interests of Jodi Arias at all. How did it get this way……. and do we really care? Let’s take a look.


The rise of SJ


Really it all started quite innocently with two people supporting Jodi in their own way but for differing reasons. The first was Simon Johannson or SJ, supposedly a UK citizen living in Switzerland, who was running and began a new site called months before the trial began. This became the most popular site and the only one of two paid sites during the trial.


The rise of Jason


The other person was a webmaster by the name of Jason Weber, an American and graduate of the Ivy League Cornell University. Jason had a site called, which was dedicated to the due process rights of Americans and how they were being threatened by the emergence of crime/entertainment shows, especially CNN’s Head Line News (HLN), using “victim’s rights” as their justification for exploiting all manner of trials and issues in crime.


The rise of Jodiland

SJ has a number of other unrelated websites. (JAII) has no advertising and no one from there has ever tried to pitch anything. A community of Jodi supporters grew there, becoming familiar and friendly with each other. SJ and others began to have some communications with Jodi and some of her advocates in Arizona.


Jodiland spurs HLN, turns to JAII and OccupyHLN


Jodi back in court in September, with new glasses, shorter hair.
Jodi back in court in September, with new glasses, shorter hair.

Meanwhie, Jason started covering the Jodi Arias trial as an alternative to HLN, even providing links to live streams of the trial so viewers could avoid HLN’s 3 minutes of trial coverage followed by 6 minutes of advertisements and self-promotion. Jason also started a Facebook Page by the same name. Social media savvy people were finding their way to OccupyHLN as they became more and more disenchanted with the coverage on HLN of the Jodi Arias trial (Unchecked and non-factual random speculation, telling the viewer what to think, an increasingly one-sided view, little or no voice from the defense side, spokespeople such as Nancy Grace declaring Jodi Arias guilty in the first weeks of the trial). The same things were happening at Communities were growing and bonds were being formed. People either for or against Jodi Arias were starting to talk to each other.


Jodiland moves to Facebook

Then in the next process of evolution, people began small Facebook groups in support of the defense/Jodi Arias. Plenty of people were viewing both and Occupy, but naturally, people in some groups were mostly from one site or the other. Groups were open at first, then they started going underground, becoming closed and secret groups. People would pretend to be a Jodi supporter, then turn out to be a mole or a troll or a spy, etc.


Jodiland attacked just like the Alamo


Jason allowed people of all views to speak in the interest of stirring debate and growing interests. SJ really did not allow anti-Jodi people a voice reasoning that their voice was being heard everywhere else in social media and the traditional media. Both sites were attacked as people on the other side of the issue began to get organized and respond to pro-Jodi sites. As the trial progressed, the attacks intensified. At one point, Jodi supporters, always very much the minority, were under attack like Custer at Little Bighorn or the Americans at the Alamo.


Paranoia, Attacks, and Propaganda


Eventually paranoia would set in. People stayed in their own group where they knew people and were familiar with each other. People did not want to mix with new, unknown people who could be spies, moles or trolls from pro-Travis/pro-prosecution groups. It was the days of in the trenches warfare. Twitter was like the heavy Artillery section, it was like the Cavalry or the special forces unit, for sporadic bombing offenses or behind the lines operations. Direct hand to hand combat happened often on Twitter. Mass propaganda campaigns were launched on both sides. Lots of little Joseph Goebbels were springing up everywhere with their own special Twitter propaganda.


Jodiland gets organized


Jodi is still alive, her story is dynamic and continues to evolve and change. She continues to react and respond, so this is where the action is. Travis, unfortunately, was taken from us. His story is static and unwavering. So both pro and anti Jodi Arias forces were concentrating on Jodi Arias, not Travis Alexander.Then a few Winston Churchill types rose up on social media and began organizing the small groups into larger groups. One such person was George Barwood from the UK. His Primary interest was anti-death penalty and wrongful convictions. George tried to create Facebook groups where people from many small groups could assemble and communicate. Most of the people going to the Barwood groups were from Jason’s sites originally, and a few were from George Barwood and some other people saw the wisdom of trying to unite the JAII community with the OccupyHLN community.


All is not well in Bikini Bottom


As Jodiland began to unite, certain Sponge-Bob type people from both major Jodi camps were getting more involved with Jodi and some of her defense team. Many supporters were writing to her and Jodi Arias tried her best to write an original and warm letter back to each supporter who wrote to her. Some supporters began to visit her at the Estrella jail and some were phoning her regularly. People, especially SJ and people from, were helping Jodi with collecting funds and selling her artwork to help her family pay for trial expenses, etc. Special websites were set up for that purpose. Also, some Jodi supporters were beginning to independently contact members of the defense team and some Arias family members by mail, by Facebook, twitter, e-mail, or by phone.


First saber rattling inside Jodiland


Unite the Clans!


After the first penalty phase mistrial, George Barwood made a major effort to unite the JAII people and the OccupyHLN people. The results were good and people from the two major divisions were talking and socializing. Still,, a foreign website was the only dot com site dedicated to Jodi Arias. Not everyone liked SJ’s crude style or his mean-spirited approach, and they started thinking about making another major Website dedicated to the Jodi Arias case. By this time SJ and people in his crew had already helped Jodi Arias and her family set up a website dedicated to her artwork and a website to help people donate to her appeal trust fund.


Battle of the Jodibands


One supporter, we will call Fred, had been visiting and calling Jodi Arias. He began selling plastic bracelets called “Jodibands” to help raise money for Jodi. “Fred” wanted to advertise these Jodibands on SJ, the webmaster, agreed to it but SJ wanted a disclaimer on the advertisement stating that Fred was separate from and the site does not necessarily endorse what Fred was doing. This seemed to be a reasonable request. Fred was livid and went on a few private Jodi supporter sites complaining about SJ. Some people sided with Fred and some with SJ. Most were against any divisions among supporters. Then Fred publicly complained about SJ and You could start to see the tiny cracks emerging in Jodiland. This was a small sign of bigger of things to come.


Enter the Jason

Jason Weber got involved with a group of people who wanted a different kind of website for Jodi Arias. He used his experience and knowledge to develop a new website for Jodi Arias called This was very similar in name to SJ’s site for donations to the appeals fund which is called So, there seemed to be a growing rivalry. All of this coming from supporter rivalries on two different facebook pages, one called Justice4Jodi, and one called Justice4JodiArias.


Battle of the Art site

Jodi Arias artwork_1358867916591_358335_ver1.0_320_240

SJ did enjoy being the premier site dedicated to

Jodi Arias, but the real kicker was when Jason and possibly George Barwood began looking at alternatives to the art site and the fund raising site. At that point, SJ and his followers were thinking sure, you can make another website about Jodi Arias, but why are you trying to steer people away from the art and donation websites? We worked hard to get these sites up and running to help Jodi. Then the sparks started flying.


Jason and “Lucy” and SJ and “Ben”

A very dedicated Jodi supporter, we will call “Lucy”, joined forces with Jason to help run the web site and companion Facebook site. This website wants to have more input from its members, so they set up a board of directors to make decisions and they created a private members-only section on the website. This is about when the war inside Jodiland began. Another supporter, we will call “Ben”, was an associate of SJ’s who was visiting and helping Jodi. He has a very modest rap sheet (possession of marijuana and an unspecified charge), which George Barwood tried to make a lot of hay out of. He published this rap sheet which doesn’t really amount to a hill of beans.


All-Out War

sponge bob

Jason Weber began attacking the Art site, the donation site, and SJ personally. SJ uploaded photos of Jason’s DUI arrests and featuring them on Of course, Jason freely admits he was arrested for DUI’s and that’s why he got involved in defendant’s rights, due process, and wrongful convictions. Who do you think would be very heavily involved in such subjects, someone with no experience with the justice system? Maybe the same goes for SJ. Rumors abound about SJ being involved in shady websites and pyramid financial schemes, yet there is no evidence that anything SJ or associates of SJ have done regarding Jodi are in any way fraudulent.


Number one rule of reporters: Report the News, don’t become the News.


King Kong stumbled

There is also no reason to believe that Jason Weber is doing anything nefarious by trying to help Jodi. Her case fits into what Jason has been advocating for, he has the web know-how, and he has an interest in this case. He was criticized for bringing the victim’s family into the discussion. It seems that of the 7 Alexander siblings, four have police records and one has serious psychiatric issues. I do think it was in some small part relevant that the past of some of the Alexander sibling’s records are fair game, because the Alexander friends and family, or at least some of them, tried to interfere with defense witnesses, which is a violation of Federal law and it violates our Constitution. It’s something that you just do not do. Jason was also criticized for “buying Facebook likes” for his “OccupyHLN Facebook page which currently has 28,835 likes. Jason has been criticized for running sensationalized stories on his website and for not crediting his sources or providing links to sources.


Godzilla got burned

SJ was criticized for his involvement in such schemes such as “Overnight Cash System”, “Prosperity Automated System”, and “Breakthrough Advertising”. He is connected with scores of websites. Who of a perfectly clean reputation would bother to potentially harm themselves by unselfishly helping a person like Jodi Arias? Answer – Almost no one. So true heroes like SJ and Jason, the only two at first to stand up and try to help the underdog, are not going to be perfect people. We knew this at the start of trial. The stories about Simon Johannson were nothing new. Allegations against Jason Weber were nothing new since halfway through the trial either.


SJ began to fire back and drop a few bombs of his own. Jason Weber and George Barwood began a campaign to totally divest Jodi Arias of all involvement by SJ and his cohorts. They were accusing each other of being frauds and rip-off artists. Now if you are an international business guy, or if you are a web developer, aren’t there much easier/better ways to make money than with Jodi Arias?


The Major Point of all this


Here are some stats for you: Free Jodi Facebook Page 396 members. Help Free Jodi 166 members. Justice4jodi Facebook page 224 likes. Have I made my point? One website about bestiality, say Eskimos and Aardvarks, could make more money than Jodi Arias ever will. This is more of a charity case or volunteer work. One should not look a gift horse in the mouth, should one?


That’s the point of this whole article. There is no scam. There is precious little money for anyone to try to take. No one is trying to take money away from Jodi Arias. So then you have SJ and his cohorts and Jason and his cohorts writing calling and bothering Jodi Arias and her family with all this commotion, when Jodi Arias is trying to prepare for her 2nd penalty phase, Capital murder trial. George Barwood tried his hand pitching Jason’s ideas to Jodi Arias and that explains her letter, which George Barwood posted on his then insecure secret FaceBook site and it quickly leaked. Just like the letter Jodi sent him before that also leaked. None of this has really done much good. In terms of fund raising by way of Jodi’s art purchases or by way of appellate fund raising, a lot of people are becoming much more hesitant to send money. So this is only hurt Jodi Arias.


Anything you can do, I can do better

Simon Johannson cannot stop Jason Weber from creating another .com website dedicated to Jodi Arias. But the bone of contention is the attacks on the Art website, and the appellate fund donation site  Jason is saying, that he has a larger audience, he can find more buyers for Jodi’s art, more donors for Jodi’s appellate fund, and he can gain more supporters than SJ is saying that he has set up separate sites for the art and appellate donations, so why can’t Jason refer people to these sites? In order to promote one art and donation site, you are casting aspersions against the other. People are confused, because they want to give to the sites that are sanctioned by Jodi and her family. SJ’s sites are sanctioned. Jason and Lucy thought their site was sanctioned but learned differently.


Prosecution Supporters celebrate

The prosecution supporters are just loving all this because a fight between Jodi supporters further erodes Jodi’s credibility and support, and her ability to raise vital funds for her appeal. So we can assume that some prosecution supporters would love to fan the flames by supporting one side over the other. Jodi supporters are trying to stay out of it, but get pulled into it from time to time, as Jodiland’s Godzilla fights Jodiland’s King Kong.  Alas, Tokoyo in this case is Jodiland itself, and Jodi and her supporters and any potential new supporters are the only ones getting hurt in this fight. They are getting stepped on, they are getting torn down and cast aside.


The biggest problem is that all this fighting really intensified right before the scheduled start of the penalty re-trial because both sites want to enjoy the extra interest that the trial will be sure to bring. The war in Jodiland is a war for site hits as much as anything else.


Jodi in the middle

Question: How can Jodi Arias continue to sanction and support her current Art site and Appellate Fund donation site while sanctioning and supporting a new Art site and Appellate fund donation site? Not very easily is the answer. So George Barwood, acting in support of Jason Weber and the website, sent a letter to Jodi explaining why SJ and his cohorts were not good for Jodi and why Jason and his cohorts were better for her. This is the leaked letter that Jodi sent back:


Jodi Arias chastises George Barwood, pleads for Unity


GBs circus

“Curious George –

Chill. Your “concerns” are not your concern. Art by Jodi Arias is not a publically (sic) traded company, it is a private business. Therefore, where the revenue goes is nobody’s business but my family’s. As for the concerns of other supporters, I consider that a natural reaction to the confusion, doubt and suspicion that you and Jason have take it upon yourselves to whip up around my art. You two are the only ones who’ve been harming sales, and my family and I do not appreciate it in the least. I do not need you to put out a statement. I need you to stop putting out statements. You’re not helping, you’re hurting.

The only reason I told you that Ben drives a new custom-ordered BMW and owns a home with no mortgage was to illustrate that he doesn’t need the comparative pennies generated from art sales. He achieved the above personal financial milestones well before he began assisting with my art. You cite a so-called “lengthy criminal record” and quote an unnamed PI’s meaningless opinion. I’ll bet he’s unnamed because he doesn’t want to become a laughing stock by warning of the dangers of a man whose record boosts some whimpy misdemeanors (Can we at least get a felony on this guy? Just one? No?…) The next time you consult a PI, George, rethink your source.
You would also have me disassociate from SJ, who has been supportive of my family and I for years, who has no criminal record, and who my family can assuredly avow has never stolen one dollar from them. This has been verified.

In the statement you mentioned you and SJ argued about your failure to disclose that your statement consisted of negative, unfounded rumors about SJ. George, be honest with yourself. If someone were about to slander you with a bunch of trumped up propaganda wouldn’t you desire to set the facts straight? These publications you cite refer to a man called Simon John Hill , not Dapinderpal Farquar Dunderlumpton. Simon John Hill is a highly

common name, especially in the UK and other English-speaking countries (I even know of a John Hill who lives in Vacaville, California.) I’d be willing to bet that there are many Simon John Hills in the UK and at least one in each of the 50 states in my country.

You said in our brief call that you want to create distance between Ben and I, and SJ and I (it was implied) because of their oh-so-shady histories. But then you would have me align myself with Jason, who has enormous talent. But this makes no sense, George, because by your own standards, Jason, who has numerous felony convictions would be the one I should be staying farthest away from (What’s that smell? Is that a double standard? Or an ulterior motive?)

Let’s break it down succinctly in a chart:

Misdemeanors Felonies Been to Prison
Ben yes no no
SJ no no no
Jason ? yes yes

You suggested “electing” who should handle my art. Let me kindly reiterate that this is not a company on the stock exchange. When it comes to how my art is managed, the only votes that count are my family’s and mine—and the voters have spoken.

As I said to you the other day, if people are donating to the JAA Appellate Fund at, they have a right to know where their money is going and how it’s going to be used because they are investing a cause they believe in. Private businesses don’t answer to investors. You wouldn’t ask the owners of a small shop what they do with their money. If you did you would be considered a rude customer. Butt out. Seriously. The only ones harming art sales are you and Jason—people who’ve attacked my art. Only a hater does that. Rest assured that my family can log into the PayPal account they want and monitor every transaction from the first to the last. We know what we are doing. That’s all the confidence that needs to be established, because again a lack of confidence didn’t exist until you and Jason began your hate campaign.

So to be technical, you have moved to the dark side—that of hate. I’m a forgiving person, especially for you Geroge, because you’ve been truly supportive in the past. I am aware of your generous donation to the appellate fund and I remain very grateful for your contributions to my future. When you are ready to come back to the light, look me up. For now, I have a life-or-death trial to prepare for and I feel like I’m battling Juan with one hand, and you and Jason with the other. Together, you two have caused me more stress in the last month than anyone or anything else in the last year. This is a crucial time for me and I can no longer allow bickering trouble-making “supporters” to distrust me. Bury the hatchet with SJ. Don’t

carry a grudge over one spat. If you want to lead people then cultivate unity and stop causing dissension. I hope you and your family are well. We’ll talk again. —JA”


Jodi’s wishes go unheeded


So, this seems to make it pretty clear where Jodi and her family stand on the issue. Did this settle things? Oh no. George did not bury the hatchet. He stated that the art site and fund donation site were okay, but that SJ is no good. Now Jason’s cohort, Lucy, got involved in trying to explain what Justice4JodiArias was about, why they wanted to raise funds separately fron SJ involved sites, and what the concerns were about the art site. Jodi ended up calling “Lucy”, but there was someone else listening in (besides Sheriff Joe and the Maricopa County Jail). This person recorded the conversation and leaked it in a stunt eerily similar to Jodi recording the sex tape with Travis. Being in jail, Jodi must be the one to initiate phone calls, so this means Jodi Arias must have known that the conversation with “Lucy” was being recorded. So this is the Jodi Arias 3-way call controversy.


The Battle of the Phone Call

The leaked phone call was Lucy trying to convince Jodi how the board of directors for the website is set up, how the fundraising will work, and how decisions are made to release funds to Jodi’s appellate trust and family. She had sent her a letter explaining all this and now they were talking on the phone. Of course, for Jodi to inititate a 3-way call, Jodi must have been aware of this and Lucy was victimized. The rumor is that the 3rd person was Jodi’s mitigation specialist, Maria De La Rosa. Maria is a person who has had contact with a number of Jodi supporters as part of her mitigation work. Since Jodi was acting as her own attorney at that time, she was allowed to have unmonitored phone calls with people who were vital to her defense.

Here is the phone call:


Jodiland in flames

So, George wrote another letter and had another phone call with Jodi. The recording and leaking of this phone call aggravated Jason’s group, it made SJ’s group even more suspicious, and it put Jodi in a bad light as someone who would carry on a conversation with a person while knowing another person (besides the jail) was listening in and recording the conversation. So, it was a Lose/Lose/Lose for Jodi supporters and a Win/Win for prosecution supporters. Great going, guys.


Jodi and family (once again) back SJ

Since then, Jodi and her family have sided against Jason. Jason and Lucy are claiming that they did, in fact, have Jodi’s blessing for all the efforts they’ve made. Jason is reportedly upset about having volunteered his time and money in the project. He is still running an anti-SJ campaign. SJ is still running a full on assault against Jason and the website. Jason has changed the goal of the fundraising from raising funds only for Jodi Arias to raising funds to support due process and for other defendants and wrongly convicted people. This was in response to arguments against claims made by Jason that contributions to Jodi’s defense would be tax-deductible.


The Battle of the appellate fundraising sites


appellate fund

George Barwood made an alternative site to the fundraising site He made a basically free Facebook page that does everything SJ’s paid site does, but virtually for free. He’s waiting on Jodi’s approval on this idea, then he plans to turn the Facebook page over to Jodi’s Aunt Sue Allen Halterman. In this way, he plans to bypass and enhance


The Battle of the Glasses

latest-king-kong-vs-godzilla-by-tankor glasses

Some very nice supporters of Jodi got together to get her a new pair of glasses for the 2nd penalty phase trial. SJ and crew got Jodi’s old pair of glasses and attempted to auction them off on the art site at SJ and crew wanted to have anyone who made an offer make a deposit of $250.00 so that only serious buyers would get involved. Jason and crew cried foul, saying it was against paypal rules. The auction mysteriously was called off. George Barwood, who did not have control of the glasses, started an unofficial auction, as if he wished he was involved in the auctioning of the glasses. The auction went underground, and there was a winner at the price of $1,000, which was given away to a charity.


George Barwood decries SJ

SJ Jason 'George

George Barwood came out and said that he has nothing against the Art site or the fund raising site, but that Simon Johansson has a bad reputation and should not be involved in these websites. He is not the right person to be out front supporting Jodi. George Barwood cited the use of the “Body Bag photo” on during the trial. The photo showed Travis Alexander in a blue body bag on the floor of his bathroom with the captions “Justice for Travis is in the bag” and “Justice for Travis Has been served”. This would be appropriate had Jodi been forced to defend herself from a deadly attack, but it was seen as very offensive by prosecution supporters and most Jodi supporters. George Barwood also cited the use by SJ on his site of the term ‘Pedo-Huggers’ for prosecution supporters.


Then George Barwood said that SJ is not a crook, but that he works with and for crooks, then most recently, he tweeted that SJ is a “psychopath”.


King Kong and Godzilla trash Tokyo

So you have Jodi Land full of present and possible future supporters of Jodi Arias, which I will liken to Tokyo. Some are good friends of SJ, some are good friends of Jason Weber and George Barwood, some are friends of both, and while some are friends of neither.


Jodiland torn apart

You have Jason Weber, trying to climb the highest building in JodiLand, acting like King Kong. He’s hoping a lot of people in Jodiland will notice him and join him. Then there’s SJ, tromping through Jodiland breathing fire, both are knocking things over and causing general havoc, “Jodites” are running and trying to get out of the way. King Kong Jason heads out to fight SJ Godzilla, and busses, buildings and cars full of Jodites are getting trampled. It’s all out war in Jodiland, as prosecution supporters watch from boats and planes in fascination. The only real victim is Jodi Arias and her supporters in the now dilapidated and ruined Jodiland.


Mix and Match: Rate your favorite Mega-Supporter



JASON WEBER Detroit, Michigan USA

jason weber

You know who he is and where he lives

Not a criminal, he had a number of DUI’s and did some prison time

Web site developer

Graduate of Cornell University (Ivy League)

Interested in due process, defendant’s rights, etc.

Is an American

Supports Jodi Arias

Has spent his own time and money supporting Jodi

Wrote some sensationalized articles

Researched and reported on the criminal records of Alexander siblings

Bought Facebook “likes” for his OccupyHLN site.

Thinks SJ has a bad reputation, will try to steal from supporters


SIMON JOHANNSON (SJ) Switzerland? Or UK?


Supposed to be from the UK, may live in Switzerland

May or may not have outstanding warrants in the UK

You don’t really know who he is, where he lives

Involved in some financial investment pyramid scams

Never convicted or jailed

Supports Jodi Arias

Has spent his own time and money supporting Jodi

Wrote some sensationalized articles

Thinks Jason is a fraud, out to steal from Jodi Supporters


The battle of the Facebook trash pages

New Facebook pages have appeared, each denigrating either SJ or Jason, however, it’s unclear if these were put together by enemies within Jodiland, or by some prosecution supporters to further incite revolt.

This one is still up.

This one has been taken down.


Second Battle of the JodiBands

images (1)

Now it seems the guy we will call “Fred” has fully sided with SJ and is very much against Jason Weber and George Barwood. George Barwood has also come out against some of the things that Jason has done and said. “Fred” is out of the Jodiband biz, but Jodibands are selling on SJ and Ben’s art site.  Jason’s site is now selling Jodi keychains called Jodichains, but it’d not clear what the money will be used for?


Now, do you understand the Jodiland wars?

As the 2nd penalty phase looms large, the battle lines in Jodiland are still being drawn. We can only wait and see if Jason’s web site will take off and if SJ’s site will be as energized as it was during the original trial. No one has heeded Jodi Arias’ pleas to mend fences and strive for unity.


Now, as the Jodites wallow forth from the ruins of Jodiland where King Kong Jason and Godzilla SJ just plowed through, aren’t you glad I explained all this to you? Does this shed any light at all on all the nutty tweets and crazy back and forth you’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter? I hope it has. It took me a while to figure it out, myself.

Opposing viewpoints are welcome. Please comment.

You can also comment on Facebook at “Spotlight on law”




57 thoughts on “The Jodiland Wars (Oct. 10)”

  1. excellent summary of the jodi land wars. But there still tends to be a ‘Jodi apologist’ spin.
    Jodi knowingly setting up that three way phonecall with ‘Lucy’ shows she’s just as much involved in the drama and enjoys it. It shows her nature once again but for some reason let’s blame it on JW, SJ, GB or Maria- but never lay rightful blame on the person whose loving all this drama. Jodi is a classic high conflict personality.

    I also take note of the once again defending of SJs body bag ‘Justice was Served’ posting, stating the post ‘would have been APPropriate’ given her self defense claim. It’s disgusting and if we were t believe JODIS testimony- Jodi HERself SHOULD hv been outraged. But no- no outrage- just full endorsement and trust of the poster and a quick note to the poster from Jodi that he was ‘her hero’.

    Sorry- anyone who has been following the actual case- knows that jodi is no victim. Her actions, her motions, her complaints, and even her blog posts to supporters, say Jodi was never anyone’s ‘victim’.
    Let alone a Mormon guy from Mesa.

    1. Hold on there, Cate. I believe we said two times that Jodi Arias Had to know there was a three way call and she set it up. That reflects very badly on her. Her letter to George also shows her in a bad light. Definitely not a victim there, but we believe she’s changed a lot over the years.

      We were explaining the body bag from SJ’s point of view and his possible rationalizations, not ours. It was the timing of it, the idea that supporters were being attacked on all sides at that time, and SJ’s belief that this is a justified homicide that were likely his reasons for that add. Though you believe JA had full knowledge of that bodybag ad, we don’t believe she has ever seen it. Anyways, SJ only put that up two times, and there has been overreactions on both sides. I think her motions were in good faith, especially the motion to drop Nurmi, but the other things she has done, we would have to review.

  2. WOOH! Hold on there. Don’t even try and spin SJ in a positive light. There’s not only the body bag, there’s also his accusation that Travis had incest with his sisters. (Those 2 things alone made a lot of people leave his site, and if they voiced disapproval, they were booted anyway). His pedo-hugger posts that he is doing to this day. His other posts littered with profanity and crass remarks. He really is a classless act. If he really cared about Jodi and her appeal money, would he be making these remarks? I mean, if any person went to his site, would they feel compelled to hit the donate button? I know of no one that would. Yeah, he really is doing a sterling job there – Not.

    1. Yes, we agree that, especially when you are in the very small minority, it’s much more effective to take the high road. We have tried to do that on this blog, and I can’t imagine anyone thinking that being combative and antagonistic would be a sound strategy. It’s clear that SJ doesn’t want any competition, but no one, not HLN, not SJ, no one can claim to corner the market or OWN the Jodi Arias case.

      He has gotten in good with Jodi Arias and her family, and it would take some negotiations and communication to try and change that situation. There’s no reason for JA to only allow help from one set of people. We never heard of the incest claim. Not a good idea to fight with the victim’s family. The main part of the trial is over, and you cannot get people to join a cause by being crude.

  3. Rob is always making excuses for Jodi. The obvious seems to be ignored by you at all times. Jodi set the 3 way up. The jail did not nor the media.

    Rob, you really need to do some better research and stop spinning for SJ. Simon has bench warrants in US plus additional Countries. The UK being another. He has been hiding for years in Sweden, it a matter of value for extradition, cost / reward! Plus’ he has millions to hire top dollar Attorney’s! He does not give a rats behind about Jodi nor anyone else. It’s all about scamming for money.

    Why do you hang on with the people you are exposing here?

    Also, you are off the mark about Jason’s so-called education. He “attended” an off shoot of Cornell.

    1. We weren’t making excuses for Jodi, and we said twice that Jodi had to know it was a three-way call and she had to have been the one to set it up. We don’t see how there is any money to be scammed by helping Jodi Arias. There are so many other, better ways to make money for someone like SJ. We have not verified it, but we have a few sources saying that the Registrar’a office at Cornell confirmed that Jason did graduate, possibly with an agricultural degree. Again, we don’t see how either Jason or SJ can be scamming money by helping Jodi Arias. Both of these people can make money much easier many other ways.

  4. Rob, there is no “we” here. Amanda does not exist. Everyone knows that. Why do you keep going with that charade? It’s also a fact while you troll different boards and sties all day, you did not follow this case.

    1. Wrong. Amanda Chen is a law student from China studying in San Francisco. She is also a good friend of mine and she was my neighbor in China. She’s an excellent artist and her brother is famous throughout China as a painter.

      You do not know the meaning of the word “Troll”. Trolls are people who try to disrupt, stop, or spam a debate or discussion. I don’t do that. I participate in debate and discussion with an emphasis on faxts we can all agree to. I am not usually available “all day” and rarely comment “all day”, I did follow the case. How could we write all these articles without following the case. Actually trolling, or trying to divert the conversation with personal attacks is exactly what you are doing right now.

    2. I met Amanda before I met Rob. She is real, and she is really intelligent. When she mentioned she was from China, I was surprised; because her writing skills in English are superior to many others for whom English is a native tongue. Pinkpumps, it is clear you are not reading Rob’s answers, and it is clear you do not really want to hear anything he’s got to say. Arguing with you and people who act as you are acting is a waste of time. You are here simply as a provocateur.

  5. There’s just no possible way that I can believe Jodi Arias us not fully aware of everything SJ has posted about- particularly early on when JAII was literally the only support site out there for jodi. And to believe that any in her family didn’t monitor (like her mother, brothers, sisters, aunt, uncles and cousins or Donovan or Anne Campbell didn’t monitor and report back to her to keep her encouraged that she still had folks on her side is to truly suspend rational belief in human behavior. Of course jodi is aware SJ posted the body bag, called everyone who believed her guilty a ‘pedo hugger’ and all of the rest of the very base, crude crass things that described SJs daily posts. He’s only changed his tone after it finally dawned on him he was hurting her. But damage was done. At the height of SJs ugly- jodi was calling SJ her hero. That’s a fact. And Alyce LaViolettes sister Maryellen Dunne- was acknowledging her regular checking in of SJs site DURING the trial- at the height of his ugly- and Dunne is ALSO thanking SJ for his ‘support of jodi and her sister.’ Proving that neither jodi, nor Alyces family had one bit of a problem with the disgusting nastiness of SJ’s ‘support’.

    There’s no rationale Rob. People aren’t idiots.

    1. I really don’t believe that SJ said “Hey Jodi, you should have seen that awesome ad I did showing Travis in the body bag!! I do see SJ and Jason and Lucy, and even George as being somewhat heroic because they stepped up to support a person with virtually no support in the media or social media. When people come to your rescue, you don’t have the luxury of singling out the bad things they’ve done. 90% of is good stuff. Good information, good supporters, interesting articles.

      Your opinion shows why “Lucy”, Jason, George and others want Jodi to completely disassociate from SJ and Ben and their websites. From what I understand,they are going through with their plans with or without Jodi’s or her families’ blessing.

  6. I do see SJ and Jason and Lucy, and even George as being somewhat heroic because they stepped up to support a person with virtually no support in the media or social media – Rob Roman.

    Really? I do find it admirable that you see it that way, however I see 2 of them as all out for the $$$, and the other 2 as attention/fame seeking.

    That’s just how I see it by their words and actions.

    1. There is no money to be made helping Jodi Arias, because there are so few supporters. To compare,Officer Wilson of Ferguson, Missouri has over $500,000 raised in just a few weeks.The same was true for Zimmerman. It’s just a fallacy that they are init for the money, or else they would join the other side which is over 90% of the public.

      “Lucy” is not attention seeking at all, if it weren’t for the 3-way phone call. people would not know much about her. However she did say that it is she, not Jason, who is running the site and campaign.

      George is all about ending the Death Penalty and reducing wrongful convictions.

      1. If there’s money to be made, you’ll find SJ there, with his Casey Anthony is Innocent site and now Jodi Arias is Innocent. I’ll bet there is money to be made. JW has probably figured it out, and wants in on some. I guess it will all be made known in time.
        George just wants to be right about every little point about everything. That’s the full extent of it.
        Question – Does Lucy still fully support Jodi after Jodi set her up?

      2. Juliegregg, Lucy still supports Jodi Arias completely, although maybe Lucy feels that Jodi is not always in a position to know what’s best for herself. I don’t see how money can be made off supporting the minority position in the Casey Anthony or the Jodi Arias case.

  7. Amanda-I’ve been discussing this case with Rob for a long time and know the case inside and out. You call ppl ‘trolls’ if they don’t see things the way you do?

    And I’m not saying Rob that SJ had to be the one who shared with Jodi his ‘epitome of ugly’ -it could hv been anyone – and rest assured it was. I’m sure that we will learn eventually how jodi was kept informed abt her supporters postings. Perhaps it will happen in the next phase when we know JM will be able to bring in more past bad acts. I’m sure given this New Zealand Marc McGee – who intends on being a witness for Jodi- who it’s well known started out posting outrageous comments on a Jodi supporter page run by Donovan and Aunt Sue- jm intends on fully bringing in Jodis participation in social media. So we will see just how much she knew abt SJs posts on TA in a body bag. This is part of the big failure in supporter argument. You’ve got to make Jodi this innocent.

    1. Cate, we have always encouraged comments from all points of view, especially if people disagree. That was the whole point of making this blog. Trolls have a specific definition, that is to disrupt, evade, or impede a debate or discussion with personal attacks and arguments not related to the subject matter. We allowed 4 such comments by one commenter, but the others by that commenter are trash, written by ignorant trash, and will go in the recycle bin.

      I believe Juan Martinez has ample missels and bombs to throw at Jodi Arias. Where would he begin. If he ever gets to social media, then he does. You cannot toss away the 90% of good stuff that JAII does in standing up for JA because of a few articles or memes and a few comments.

      Do you agree that JA should disaasociate herself from SJ? or is it too late? Remember where Jodi is, she’s on 23 hour lock down. Who knows how much she knows. I just don’t think SJ went bragging to her about a meme. You have a point that somebody may have informed her, possibly even Jason or George.

      I don’t really think I am making Jodi Arias innocent, in fact, the letter and phone call may have changed my feelings about her, depending on how she behaves in the 2nd penalty trial.

      As for this Marc McGee, I never heard of him, but I do know that close friends who visit and call JA often were told that they could not be witnesses for her because they did not know her at the time of the crime or before. I’m sure there can be witnesses who only met her after the fact, like Donovan, but that’s just what I know from people who visit her.

  8. Every time I think that you people in Jodiland can’t possibly get any sillier or more petty, you do! All of you treat the Jodi Arias case as one big clown contest to see who can be the biggest Bozo, and this article fits right in with the circus.

    1. Every time I see a comment with “you people” in it, I know not to pay it no never-mind! What an ignorant comment. I doubt if you even read the article. It’s a factual history of infighting among Jodi Arias supporters. Judging from the large number of people reading this article, I’d say you are much mistaken.

  9. You may have a large number of people reading this article, obviously I am one. I’m sure many of them have laughed as I did. So yes, your article is funny. Meanwhile, a woman is sitting in a jail cell contemplating her sentencing. Somehow I just don’t see that as funny. I actually thought that maybe…possibly…2 people who have some kind of legal knowledge would want to help her situation, not make fun of it.

    1. We are having fun with it a little bit, but it’s a sad situation. If you read the other articles in this blog, you can see that we have strong feelings about this case and it’s a very serious matter. It’s sad how some supporters may have jeopardized Ms. Arias’ fate with this public infighting.

      We can’t help Ms. Arias’ position, she will get either LWOP or be sentenced to death. That’s really up to the jury, and how they feel about the value of a human life.

      I don’t see what you are suggesting we do. Sometimes very serious situations need to be presented with some comedy, because they are too painful and too serious. That’s why trauma workers and people working with abused children and assault victims need to have a good sense of humor to survive. Really, it’s no laughing matter.

  10. Thank you for your thoughtful reply Mr. Roman, and I will read over your other articles. I’m sorry I wasn’t making myself clear. You are just recapping the ridiculousness of this infighting and I took it the wrong way. I had thought that these clowns would get their stuff together and assist in any way to avoid the death penalty but instead they are arguing over bracelets!!

  11. Just to refresh everyone’s memory what JAII is all about.

    Janeen Russo says:
    April 8, 2013 at 3:52 pm
    you know this little bastard spent days upon days making accusations at Jodi because she didn’t write about any “abuse” by dickhead…and because of that the bastard says “it didn’t happen” – – then out of the other side of his mouth he says because dickhead “discussed” Jodi being a stalker with this chic in the writing ALV reviewed it is gospel according to TA – because Saint TA said Jodi was a stalker in a text message – it is so

    Jennifer From FL says:
    May 23, 2013 at 2:21 pm
    Travis had his attractive moments (when he had a beard) but for the most part he looked like an inbred. Tanisha has the same inbred jawline. Samantha and Steven are the attractive siblings and that isn’t saying much.

    Gwen says:
    May 20, 2013 at 2:15 pm
    Someone please hit the bitch behind the bitch with a chair!!
    JM says:
    June 12, 2013 at 8:04 pm
    I’m not the one worshipping a dead Mormon who couldn’t stop fucking with a woman that he claimed to be a “psycho” and “the worst thing that ever happened to him”. Really? Then why the hell did Travis keep coming back to her? You and I both know that Travis was a douche bag and I hope the son of a bitch rots in hell for what he did. And the way things are going, you all will be joining him.

    Sil says:
    May 10, 2013 at 11:54 am
    moishe, that’s a keen observation, but now if only by DIVINE INTERVENTION, TA’s family would get a soul and while we’re at it be great if Travis’ meth addicted sister would miraculously get her teeth fixed. That would be awesome. =)

    JW says:
    April 24, 2013 at 10:11 am
    Who is Tanisha??????????“As you may or may not be aware, Tanisha (aka “Anorexia Sourpuss”) got her bony ass banned from any further meetings in Judge Pickles chambers the other week “

    Gwen says:
    May 20, 2013 at 5:34 pm
    So if you plan to testify about your relationship with a good friend who is up for the DP, it’s perfectly ok for Juan boy to threaten to bring up everything iffy you’ve done since birth? Why weren’t the family of TA questioned about drug abuse, their previous police records and sketchy ‘donation’ funds then? I mean a fund for a dog? What the hell? I can’t take anymore. I am going to stick my head in the sand like an ostrich. This world has gotten too creepy and ugly.

    Renee’ (HRS) says:
    April 24, 2013 at 9:37 am
    Oh jeez…. Tanisha WISHES that was her!! Tanisha’s face is all caved in due to Meth. I believe this 100%
    Suz says:
    June 8, 2013 at 11:59 am
    Well I know Tanisha impacted me! She scared the hell out of me every time they showed her face.

    Gwen says:
    May 20, 2013 at 7:08 pm
    Vomit is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s not in the form of Juan Martinez. Oh wait, he is more bile than vomit.

    Pandora says:
    June 10, 2013 at 5:40 am
    JC, I really do hope that she is. It’s about time that the spotlights shine on her and not in a way she wants! Let the people get to know the real tanisha and generally all the TA clan and see them for what they really are: con artists and fakes.

    1. This comment is a little long and I believe people can get the idea right away. I was really surprised by this and these are vile comments, really horrendous and awful.

      Of course, this was near the end of the trial, and the other side was saying much of the same, and there were many more of them. SJ later created a “vent page” so people could vent their frustrations and anger in privacy.

      Later on the comment section really improved a lot and comments became more about support for JA and the defense team and less about tearing up the victim and his family.

  12. You may not have all the information you need to post facts here. I enjoyed your synopsis but, in fact, Jason Weber purchased over 25,000 “likes” for his Occupy HLN Facebook page. You seem to be touting his “credentials” by saying “not a criminal” when, in fact, doing prison time for DUIs makes one a felon. As far as I know, in the United States, having a felony conviction means you now have a criminal record. Please note the word “criminal” which is used when looking up court records, i.e. “criminal division”. If a felon is not a criminal please tell me what is. He is also not a website developer although he claims to be. Again, he never researched the Alexander siblings’ criminal records. I did all that with my own funds and supplied him with that information as well as supplying everyone who wanted to claim responsibility for it. I’ve since apologized to the Alexander family for this and removed all of my links. I am sure the records were downloaded by at least a few people before I closed my Scribd account.

    I don’t know anything about Simon as I have probably only visited his website two or three times but I do know that Weber is a con man and has really done none of his own work. He tries to enlist women he meets online to promote his crazy ideals like doing away with life sentences for murderers, etc. His obsession with Jodi has been masked by his veil of due process. He cares nothing about due process. When will people take off their dark glasses and see through these kooks?

    Forget about the Jodi wars. People who are deeply involved in this have serious problems. If Jodi Arias is ever released from prison, which I sincerely doubt will happen, she will be a very old, hardened, woman. All of her excuses as to why it was necessary for her to kill Travis do not make any sense. She gave no reason why the attack was so brutal and vicious except that she lost her memory.

    Even after being convicted she continues to try to manipulate people who support her. Arias asking to represent herself and dismiss her attorneys had nothing to do with her actually wanting to represent herself in this next phase. What she wanted were some privileges that she would not have obtained otherwise. She used these privileges to entrap supporters on the telephone, gain access to people and documents she would have otherwise not been able to and when she was satisfied with what she intended to accomplish she acquiesced back to her attorneys.

    There is a small number of people who have entrenched themselves in the Jodi Arias sewer system where the biggest rats are still scurrying around in the muck. I climbed out and cleaned myself off before the crap got too deep. My advice to everyone else is to do the same before wallowing in the sewage becomes more comfortable than seeing the light of the sun.

    1. Thanx for commenting, Niki Artist. We did mention about Jason purchasing the FB likes. Although you claim you researched the police records of the Alexander family (I believe this is true), it was Jason who published them. Yes, a string of DUIs would mean a felony conviction, but this is due to alcoholism and is quite a different thing from assault, bank robbery, or theft.

      I don’t consider every person with a felony arrest record to be a “criminal”, although technically you are right. Jason has written extensively about due process and the rights of the accused, as well as our heavily populated prison system. It kind of makes me think he’s genuinely concerned about these issues.

      I find it hard to believe that Jodi Arias motioned to appear pro-per just to get some special privileges, although it’s pretty clear she had an ulterior motive, because she stated at the outset that she would probably go back to letting her attorneys represent her. I believe she was sincerely hoping to get rid of Nurmi, however that could never happen at this late date.

      Excellent comment, Nikki, maybe some people will heed your warning.

      1. UPDATE – After today’s court session I can say almost with a certainty that Jodi asked to appear pro-per in order to buy more time to get more witnesses and evidence in!!!!

    2. Here is a form of argumentation, the unsupported assertion in the guise of truth.

      You wrote, “What she wanted were some privileges that she would not have obtained otherwise. She used these privileges to entrap supporters on the telephone, gain access to people and documents she would have otherwise not been able to and when she was satisfied with what she intended to accomplish she acquiesced back to her attorneys.”

      Have you proof of this or is this your opinion? If you have proof, I’d like to see it.

  13. Rob, I published them on Scribd. They were public before anyone else published them. This is relatively unimportant because I gave them freely to anyone who wanted to use them. That was a mistake.

    I can sympathize where you are leading with Jason’s DUIs but, although alcoholism is not a crime driving drunk IS a serious and dangerous crime. Really, I do not believe his passion for due process is for all people. He was and is mainly focused on Jodi Arias. When she publicly humiliated and shamed him he changed his approach. To people not emotionally involved and who can take a step back, it is very clear what his motives were from the beginning.

    It truly is a shame because early on I thought his Occupy HLN idea and campaign for due process would have been a success had he been able to perform the work needed, stay clear of drama, stop being a PM creeper toward women, bypass his obsession with Arias and stay on the wagon.

    Rob, if a person commits a felony they are a felon in the United States. Whether we consider it or not, it is a fact. Jason doesn’t think there should be ramifications and consequences to committing crimes. He feels that there should be no life sentence convictions and forced rehabilitation for people who snuff out the lives of others forever. He wants to knock down the prisons and build rehab centers for violent offenders. He lives in a dream world. If there are no consequences for our negative and sometimes vicious/violent actions the country would be in chaos. If there was no such punishment for murder everyone would be arming themselves for protection and shooting at anyone they thought was a threat. His idea is ludicrous.

    He is very lucky he didn’t kill someone with his numerous drunk driving arrests. He should count himself blessed that he, too, is not rotting in a jail cell for the rest of his life.

    1. Niki, I don’t quite know what Scribd is, but I have heard before that this research came from you. I heard that from Sandra Webber. DUI is a serious crime and is reckless and shows a callous disregard for human life, so I am not minimizing it. I’m just putting it in a different category than a criminal who purposely injures or steals from or deceives people.

      I don’t remember JA publicly shaming Jason Weber unless you mean the “curious George” letter. Jason has freely admitted his DUIs and his imprisonment and he stated “It’s part of who I am.”, so I don’t see the letter to George Barwood as much of a shaming of Jason. Perhaps you are talking about something else that I’m unaware of?

      I agree that there should be consequences and long prison sentences for murder, we have seen what happens when a convict gets a short sentence for murder – often times they kill again. I believe in stiff sentences for violent crime repeat offenders. But I can not see how Florida can justify a 168 year sentence for a 19 year-old who commits 3 unsuccessful armed robberies where no one is hurt (Quartavius Davis)or a 20 year sentence for discharging a firearm in their own home in self defense (Marissa Alexander)(reversed and now awaiting re-trial). Jason is correct to point out that the US houses 25% of the world’s prisoners with only 5% of the world’s population. There’s a problem with that.

      Alcoholics most often have deep seated emotional and psychological problems covered over by the alcohol (or substance abuse). The alcohol or substance problem needs to be addressed first before it’s possible to delve into the serious and long-term issues which brought on the abuse. These people don’t need to be thrown in prison for decades, they need rehabilitative counseling, in many cases. Instead of putting money into being pro-active and providing help before things get serious, our society skimps on these measures and then goes for long prison terms on the back end after the heavy damage is done. This ends up costing us more in blood and treasure, imo. There are too many people behind bars in the USA and it’s a serious societal problem, imo.

      I had a friend who was a really bad alcoholic. He had been to prison and rode a bike to work. Yet he was still going to happy hour every day and buying cases and bottles to drink after work. So, I understand that these people need to be stopped for their own good as well as everyone else’s’, but imprisonment really only delays treatment indefinitely. Imprisonment plus a mandatory long-term program would be a better idea. I can’t imagine why they have jails and prisons with no therapy/counseling. Wouldn’t that serve society much better and cost less in the long run?

  14. I’ve seen Jason poo-poo the MADD organization,FFS! You cannot discount driving drunk just because no one was injured. I, myself, am horrified at the times I drove while “under the influence” in my youth. It disgusts me; and although I’m not an alcoholic, nor do I use anything stronger than Advil, I would expect to be incarcerated had I been pulled over while driving illegally this way. He has an axe to grind with the Michigan penal system and his arguments (that I’ve seen thus far) are weak an continue to make him seem a narcissist and suffering from a case of arrested development when it comes to his personal life. JMO

    1. Veronika, thanks for your comment. Please see the last comments between me and Nikki Artist. Absolutely, DUI is a serious crime which puts us all at risk of a random tragedy.

      I never heard of anyone having an axe to grind with MADD. Wow, that’s some revelation. I believe Jason does have some points that the pendulum may have swung too far the other way in the balance of victim’s rights and defendant’s rights. In any case, a defendant is in much better shape AND has a strong voice in the media IF they have a high caliber, high dollar defense team. No question that makes a difference.

      I also believe that there are too many people imprisoned for too long in the USA, though most of that is for non-violent crimes. Florida’s gun laws seem a little extreme. Just look at Marissa Alexander and Quartavius Davis and even, believe it or not, Michael Dunn. His sentencing just on the gun usage is possibly decades, even though the attampted murder and murder charges were correct.

      One disagreement I have with Jason is that he says that there are too many prisoners because prosecutors and judges are elected. I disagree because it is the mandatory minimums, imo, that take the discretion in sentencing out of the judges’ hands and give far too much power and leverage to the prosecution.

      Not being specific to any person (and I have been a caseworker in the field) but oftentimes, substance and alcohol abusers exhibit, exactly as you say, a case of arrested development.

  15. Rob, while I appreciate your attempt, changing Travis had passed away to “taken from us” really isn’t much better. Why can’t you just call a spade a spade and say he was murdered or if you can’t bring yourself to admitting that he was murdered just say dead. It really irritates the hell out of me. He was taken from us by Jodi. She even admits that. Why can’t you? I just don’t get it.

    As for Jason Weber and his Occupy HLN page, I think you found that page pretty late in the trial. People were attracted to his page because it was a joke. There were more fights, name calling and hatreds formed on his page than I hope to ever see again. It was a complete horror show. Jason loved it. He didn’t care what went on as long as he had people posting on his page. He would only ban a person if they offended his “best friend” at the time and if she didn’t like someone then Jason damn well better listen to her.
    He also did not freely admit to his criminal record. There was so much digging going on to see what dirt could be dragged up on people that Jason’s was finally exposed. He was horrified when it happened and quickly banned anyone who mentioned it and deleted all the posts about it. After realizing that he was done for, he did post a thread admitting to it but blaming everyone but himself for it.
    He had taken such pleasure in trashing the Alexanders for any of their criminal history yet he tried to make himself look like such a victim for his. It was pretty pathetic.
    Jason would never admit when he was wrong which frustrated so many people. I know I have corrected you on 2 occasions and you readily admitted that you were mistaken and that was the end of it. That’s how people earn respect. People lost respect for Jason when he refused not only to admit it but would continue to post the same incorrect information over and over.

    Rob, I could go on and on but it’s late and maybe I will continue this tomorrow.

    1. Heather Logan, you have said a mouthful, so let’s begin at the beginning. Originally in that paragraph, I was going to say:
      “Jodi is still alive, her story is dynamic and continues to evolve and change. She continues to react and respond, so this is where the action is. Travis, unfortunately, is dead. His story is static and unwavering. “

      Then I was thinking that people on the other side might be offended by that, so I softened it with “passed away”. My intent was to not offend, but in trying not to offend, maybe I offended even more.

      Let’s look at a definition of murder:

      mur•der (mûr d r)
      1. The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice.
      2. Slang Something that is very uncomfortable, difficult, or hazardous: The rush hour traffic is murder.
      3. A flock of crows. See Synonyms at flock1.
      v. mur•dered, mur•der•ing, mur•ders
      1. To kill (another human) unlawfully.
      2. To kill brutally or inhumanly.
      3. To put an end to; destroy: murdered their chances.
      4. To spoil by ineptness; mutilate: a speech that murdered the English language.
      5. Slang To defeat decisively; trounce.

      So, I have no problem saying Travis was murdered, just as Reeva Steenkamp was murdered. The only remaining questions are 1) Was it justified? Before and during the trial, one could make an argument that it may have been justified. After thoroughly digesting all the information from the trial, I believe that argument is defeated. 2) Was it done under an altered state of mind? I believe it had to be, because the alternative (Jodi was in a normal state of consciousness during and after the murder) is too horrible to contemplate. Very few people in this world could do that in a normal state of mind.

      But that paragraph was not about Travis being murdered, it’s about how little we really know about him and how the focus on both sides has been mostly on Jodi Arias. I would like to see more information about Travis. I would expect to see more positive support of Travis. I think it’s unfortunate that we sometimes equate justice with killing (We want to see Travis get his justice = a death sentence for Jodi Arias). The way I see it, Travis got his justice with the conviction and with whatever sentence the jury decides (or doesn’t decide). I should mention now that we don’t call people “Travis supporters”, but we call them “prosecution supporters” because most Jodi supporters feel terrible about Travis’ murder and would prefer it never happened.

      I am always looking for more information about Travis. I did recently see a Youtube video posted by David Hughes of a motivational speech given by Travis in Fort Collins, Colorado, I think in April 2008. In the video, Travis mentions that he had recently purchased his camera. This video shows more about who Travis really was and what he did at PPL.

      About Jason Weber, remember that Jason first had the website, not the FB page. I was commenting on the .org site as “Robert R” starting maybe around March, 2013. You are right that I found the FB page later on, after the trial had ended in a penalty phase mistrial. There were attackers and there were defenders. I didn’t like what was going on there, as I believe you need to have one set of rules that applies to everybody, no matter which side you are on. I like to see an a open discussion and debate, without being sidetracked by people making personal attacks and changing the subject.

      Yes, you are correct that after Jason reported on the police records of the Alexander siblings, someone did a similar check on Jason and discovered his DUI arrests and mug shots. I was not there to see his reaction to that. Since then, Jason has accepted that his imprisonment is part of the reason he speaks out for the accused and defendants.The good thing Jason did was he allowed the other side to fully speak their opinion. The bad thing he did was he had no rules. Having been an Admin. On some of George Barwood’s pages, I can tell you that it’s not an easy thing to do, to set rules and apply them fairly to both sides. You can see some very civil discussions now on some FB pages where both sides are allowed to state their opinions without attack, but it takes good Admins. To get to that point.

      Yes, if you want to be respected, you need to admit your mistakes, and we all make mistakes. I make mistakes every day. Certainly there is something wrong with a person who cannot admit that they were wrong about something, I agree. Thanks for your excellent comment, Heather.

  16. Rob Roman October 15, 2014 at 8:04 pm · ·
    Juliegregg, Lucy still supports Jodi Arias completely, although maybe Lucy feels that Jodi is not always in a position to know what’s best for herself.

    Really? Wow! I don’t think I could give Jodi a second chance to stab me in the back again.

    1. Maybe so, Juliegregg, but “Lucy” also told me recently that at one point, SJ and crew were all on board with what she and Jason were doing, which originally was to make a FB page. When the FB page idea turned into a website, that’s when SJ and crew began to object.

      Putting myself in Jodi’s shoes, it would be a difficult decision for me to make: Turn your back on those who have helped you in the past in exchange for those who may help you in the future. “Lucy” and company wanted Jodi to repudiate SJ and JAII prior to the penalty phase retrial, I believe. Jodi did not refute SJ or, and we will see if there are any consequences for that in the penalty re-trial.

      1. Jason does NOT support Jodi. That is a false statement. He has called Jodi a bitch and says he doesn’t believe she’s innocent. All statements made “behind the scenes” and leaked, of course.

      2. No, Veronika, that depends on what you mean by support. Jodi said that she committed this horrible act, and whether it was justified, or justified in her mind, or not doesn’t matter. The day of Jodi Arias is innocent is over and dead, as far as I’m concerned. She took Travis’ life and it was an overkill. The way I see it, even Jodi Arias knows she needs to pay for this act. The only question is how much? Death, Life, 25 years, 15 years or time served? She had her trial and her case for innocence is done, as far as I’m concerned.

        Jason and I are probably in agreement that this was an unfair trial, should never have been a death penalty case, and that perhaps she is not guilty as charged. So there are many Jodi supporters who believe she is guilty of something. We have a wide divirgence of views.

        At Spotlight on Law, we have never claimed that Jodi Arias is innocent, only she may be not guilty as charged, and that’s a big difference.

        Then there are the alternative theory people who believe Jodi did not do this at all and that somehow she was made to believe or pressured to testify that she killed Travis. I am open-minded to that, but it needs to be factual, believable, plausible and reasonable. I have yet to hear an alternate theory that meets those qualifications.

        So, maybe Jason has been angered by Jodi, because he feels and Lisa (Lucy) feels that Jodi is damaging her own case and undermining her own support by her close relationship with SJ, a person who may be a fugitive, who no one knows anything about, who is unavailable on social media, and who lives in an undisclosed location. SJ also seems to be a mean spirited person. I can contact and talk with almost any Jodi supporter, but SJ and his cohorts seem to not exist.

        There’s no question that Jason supports Jodi.He just recently said that he supports her case on the basis of the issues – an unfair trial, overcharge and forcing this into a death penalty case, but Jodi as a person, he’s not happy with. That puts him in good company, because there are quite a few advocates of Jodi, including Kirk Nurmi, some relatives, and some really dedicated supporters, that Jodi has taken swipes at. They feel she is making decisions which will hurt her in the long run. Part of that I blame on imbecilic supporters who write to her and call her about details of the case and what’s going on in social media.

        They should be taking her mind off that stuff, if they really cared about her. They should talk about evrything EXCEPT the case and what’s happening on Websites, Facebook and Twitter. Instead they get her actively involved in outside groups and that harms her mitigation.

        Jason has devoted a lot of time and a lot of money to write articles, build websites and argue her case on social media, so he certainly supports the case, but maybe he is wary of Jodi Arias’ judgement.

      3. That’s like going with the devil you know instead of the devil you don’t know. I have to see Arias’s side on this. If SJ came on board early and helped her and stuck with her and put out so much for her, no matter his true reasons, anyone would have a difficult time dismissing him without extraordinary cause. Arias and everyone defending her were going through a firestorm of hatefulness. I know, I have been burnt by that heat. After a while, it gets to you, and you succumb to emotion and bite back (Again, I apologize for calling Debbie Maran a bitch–twice). Nobody said Arias is or was a public relations expert, and she may or may not have made mistakes. But the girl was, in the end, fighting for her life against a world bent on sticking a needle into her arm.

  17. OMG! I always wondered about the people who would support someone who basically killed a man 3 times over while he saw his own death in the mirror and now i wonder no more because it is obvious with this ( i dont know what to call it) that you people are just as crazy as she is.

    1. Oh, LaDonna, that’s only because people inside and outside the court tried to run her over like a freight train, and people with legal knowledge and who are versed in psychology took great exception to that.

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