The Jodi Arias Murder Trial: A Juanderful Closing Argument

The Jodi Arias Murder Trial: A Juanderful Closing Argument

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Fact based reporting by

Rob Roman and Amanda Chen



In this photo, Travis Alexander is wearing the costume and carrying the wig of "Eddie Snell from Alabama", his crude and violent alter-ego.
In this photo, Travis Alexander is wearing the costume and carrying the wig of “Eddie Snell from Alabama”, his crude and violent alter-ego.

In the all-important closing argument, Maricopa, Arizona prosecutor, Juan Martinez, promised to “shine the light of truth” on the defendant. He explained that Jodi Arias is guilty of first degree murder because:


  •  Jodi called her sister “stupid” (Important)
  • She had conflicts with her parents
  • She got in big trouble and lied about it
  • Jodi “adjusted” Ryan Burns
A Mormon couple, modeling their "magic underwear".
A Mormon couple, modeling their “magic underwear”.
  • She “committed perjury”. Everything she said is nothing but lies.
  • Jodi is a liar and manipulator because she testified that Ryan Burns was “full of crap”…
  • …after Ryan testified that he thought she said “she worked at Margaritaville” and he “touched her vaginal area”.
  • “A field of lies sprouted every time she took the witness stand”.
After earthly life, the next step for Mormons is to live with God on Earth's sister planet Kolob, which is closer to the throne of God, becuase earth was relocated form near Kolob to it's present position.
After earthly life, the next step for Mormons is to become celestial rulers and live with God on Earth’s sister planet Kolob, which is closer to the throne of God, because Earth was relocated away from Kolob to it’s present position in our solar system.
  • She is a waitress / manipulator who flirts with customers for tips.
  • The defense experts and defense team are all liars.
  • If Jodi told the truth about Travis having a gun and she did not premeditate the murder, she’s still a thief because she stole Travis’ gun and she’s still a murderer in the first degree because the prosecution, with the approval of the judge, legally manipulated the law with the felony murder charge.
Jodi Ann Arias is " a chameleon who will adjust to the situation and make herself go further to manipulate. " - prosecutor Juan Martinez
Jodi Ann Arias is ” a chameleon who will adjust to the situation and make herself go further to manipulate. ” – prosecutor Juan Martinez
  •  She stomped around like a wildebeest migration and left behind incriminating evidence. 
  • She was focused and deliberate, removed incriminating evidence and she did not leave a trail of bloody footprints while exiting the home.
A real Wildebeest "hovering" in a real field.
A real Wildebeest standing, not “hovering”, in a real field.
  • Jodi is a liar because she has a good memory for buying a Strawberry Frappuccino but can’t remember the details of a horrific, traumatic killing.
  • The only victimization or trauma Jodi ever experienced in her life was this: Jodi is “a victim of the trauma of lying”.
  • Jodi implicated herself on the stand and violated the spirit of the law by stealing a license plate that she was not absolutely sure belonged to her rental car.

download (1)

  • Jodi was criminally careless and negligent in possibly depriving a citizen of their lawfully obtained California license plate.
  • Jodi “has created a fantasy world”. Yet, even in her fantasy world, Juan reaches in and catches her several times violating the law.
Scene from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Scene from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • She decorates her lies with ornamentations to make them more believable.
  • Jodi is a lying liar. She even lied to Travis by faking an orgasm.
  • Jodi is a story-teller and sociopath who will defy the laws of common decency, bend the law to suit her purposes, lie, manipulate and even break the law in order to achieve her goals.
  • Jodi is strong-willed.


Scene from the "Wildebeest Stampede" from Disney's The Lion King
Scene from the “Wildebeest Stampede” in Disney’s The Lion King
  • “She’s not a reasonable person, she’s a liar and a murderer.”
  • She is physically strong enough to take Travis and she “Adjusted Ryan” (Important)
  • After killing Travis the “chameleon” proceeds to Utah where “that thing” kisses Ryan Burns, straddles and “adjusts him”, and “rubs genitalia”.
  • Jodi exaggerates and is dramatic.


Jodi Arias:
“Has a dumb, stupid sister”
“Is not nice to her mother”
“Is not a very nice person”


“will lie and manipulate at every turn”
“targeted a good Mormon boy”
Because she “decided she needed to breed”
Good Mormon boy whose halo is a CTR (Cherish the Right) Ring reminding him never to defile his future bride by engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct prior to marriage.
Good Mormon boy whose halo is a CTR (Cherish The Right) Ring reminding him never to defile his future bride by engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct prior to marriage.
For prosecutor Juan Martinez, this is key evidence in the Jodi Arias trial. Jodi called her sister stupid one time while communicating with Travis Alexander. This was one of the first questions he put to Arias on cross-examination. Juan made certain to bring up this major piece of evidence in his closing argument.
Allegations that Arias also once stuck her tongue out at her sister, Angela, and called her a “poopy face” were not allowed into evidence.
Judge Sherri Stephens absolutely controlled the courtroom because earlier in the trial she made sure the spectators remained silent and did not interrupt the prosecutor in an hour back and forth examination about crucial testimony concerning Snow White, the role of the Prince, the ages of the Seven Dwarfs, and whether their home was a “shack” or a “cute cottage”.

judge stephens

If Judge Stephens had the temerity to simply ask Juan “Where are you going with this?” she may have risked a mistrial or a successful appeal. It was a grand fishing expedition, but Juan got nary a nibble.
According to Juan Martinez, Jodi Arias should allow Travis Alexander to berate her father and her grandfather (people he never met) because Jodi called her own sister “stupid”. These are the footprints of murder.


Arias, like many young people, had a strained relationship with her mother. This is evidence of either abuse or Jodi’s mental and emotional problems stemming from her childhood and mental illness. This is an issue which supports the defense, not the prosecution.
Martinez stated that Arias’ behavior and acts from her birth to her late teens were irrelevant to the crime or it’s mitigation. Yet, he brought them up again and again in this capital murder case.
Juan Martinez is fond of saying “You can’t have it both ways”.

kirk nurmi

This is a man whose imagination is confined to the world of Disney, where the whole world is invited to participate in the reduction of great works of literature and psychologically profound fables about passages into adulthood, into simplistic and pleasing tales and colorful, lilting rides.

That’s why author E.L. Doctorow, in his historical work, The Book of Daniel, called Disney World rides, themed after simplistic Disney stories loosely based on the true literary works of art, “a sentimental compression of something that is itself already a lie”.

"If it's not written in the journal, it didn't happen" - Juan Martinez
“If it’s not written in the journal, it didn’t happen” – Juan Martinez

That’s the Jodi Arias trial in a nutshell, ladies and gentleman, after the actual, and complicated truth was corrupted and bastardized into a simplistic good versus evil morality play by the “Bulldog” of Maricopa County.

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Juan Martinez gives his closing argument in the guilt phase of the trial

Are Jodi Arias and Scott Peterson in the Same Boat (Nov 9)

Are Jodi Arias and Scott Peterson in the same boat?

Fact-based Reporting by

Rob Roman and Amanda Chen

OB Boat

The same model 14 foot Sportfisher boat

An appeal was filed for Scott Peterson on July 5th, 2012 and is winding its way through the California Supreme Court system right now.

If you can believe it, the 2005 Scott Peterson Murder case and trial was even bigger than the Jodi Arias murder case. A lovely, sweet and vivacious young wife who was nearly eight months pregnant had disappeared on Christmas Eve.


Laci Rocha in Middle School

The Disappearance
The media storm was palpable, omnipresent, and forceful. Near San Francisco, in quiet Modesto, California, squadrons of police and volunteers were dispatched. Bloodhounds and cadaver dogs joined the search, helicopters whirled overhead, hundreds of posters were stapled up everywhere by shattered family and friends. It grew into a Goliath story on TV and in most newspapers over the holidays and then far beyond. It cut directly to the heart.

young scott

Scott Peterson in Middle School


Weeks later, people were up in arms because the man whose pregnant wife had disappeared on Christmas Eve, 2002, seemed so detached and nonchalant. He didn’t participate in interviews, he didn’t help in the search, and he didn’t even help to staple missing persons’ posters to telephone poles.


Laci Rocha and friend

Scott Lee Peterson was irritated by all the invasive questions asked by reporters and the police. He kind of looked like he wanted everybody to just go away so he could go play some golf.

The former country club caddy, turned fertilizer salesman was arousing deep suspicion.

scott and laci peterson

Happier times

The TV cameras sometimes caught the handsome and athletic Scott Peterson talking secretively on the phone. Later the world would find out he was talking to his latest lover, the blond and athletic Amber Frye.
Later in April of 2003, the body of a baby boy washed up out of the cold San FranciscoBay onto the nearby Richmond shore, the umbilical cord was still attached. This was only 5 miles north of the Berkeley Marina, where Scott Peterson went fishing in his new 14 foot Sportsfisher aluminum boat on the same day Laci disappeared.


The Berkely Marina

One day later, as if protectively following her baby boy, the lifeless body of Laci Peterson emerged out of the bay. Her feet, hands and her head were missing.

scott amber

Scott and Amber 2 weeks before Laci disappears

With the certainty that this was now a double homicide, what does Scott Peterson do? He continues to call his girlfriend excessively, he plays golf frequently, and he begins preparing to leave the town, the state, and possibly the country.
By then, the media was in a frenzied pitch and people were screaming for his arrest for the murder of his wife and unborn son.
In case you need a refresher or you never heard of this colossal case, here is a summary from Wikipedia:
scott younger
Scott Lee Peterson (born October 24, 1972) is a man convicted of murdering his wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn son in Modesto, California in 2002. Peterson’s arrest and subsequent trial received significant American news media coverage until 2005, when he was sentenced to death by lethal injection. He remains on death row in San Quentin State Prison while his case is on appeal to the Supreme Court of California. He maintains his innocence.”
“On December 24, 2002, Laci Peterson was reported missing from the Modesto, California home she shared with Scott. She was eight months pregnantwith a due date of February 10, 2003, and the couple had planned to name the baby boy Conner. The exact date and cause of Laci’s death was never determined. Peterson initially reported his wife missing on Christmas Eve, and the story quickly attracted nationwide media interest.
Modesto police did not immediately identify Peterson as a suspect, largely because Laci’s family and friends maintained their faith in his innocence during the month following the young schoolteacher’s disappearance. Eventually, police grew more suspicious due to inconsistencies in his story.
On January 17, it became known that Peterson had numerous extramarital affairs, most recently with a massage therapist named Amber Frey. Frey approached police about Peterson, whom she had just begun to date, after discovering he was actually married to a missing woman.

Amber Frye, my-oh-my

At this point, Laci’s family announced that they had withdrawn their support of Peterson. They later said that they were angered not by the affair, but that Peterson had told Frey that he’d “lost” his wife and that he would be spending his first Christmas without his wife — 14 days before Laci disappeared.
To the Rochas, this meant that Peterson had already planned to kill Laci long before her disappearance.
On April 14, 2003, the remains of a fetus washed ashore from San Francisco Bay in Richmond’s Point Isabel Regional Shoreline, north of the Berkeley Marina, where Peterson had been boating the day of Laci’s disappearance.
The next day, a partial female torso missing its hands, feet, and head washed ashore in the same area. The body was identified as Laci Peterson, the fetus as Laci’s unborn child. Autopsies were performed, but due to decomposition the exact cause of death could not be determined. The medical examiner did note that Laci had suffered some broken ribs prior to her death.
Prosecutors suggested that Laci could have been suffocated or strangled in the couple’s home. The FBI and Modesto Police Department performed forensic searches of the couple’s home, Peterson’s truck, the tool box in the back of his truck, his warehouse, and his boat.
Peterson was arrested on April 18, 2003, in La Jolla, California, in the parking lot of the Torrey Pines Golf Course, where he said he was meeting his father and brother for a game of golf. (Evidence found in his car strongly suggested he was just about to flee the country).”

Trial media circus with tents

The Evidence
There was very little direct evidence in the case. There was very little physical evidence. Like the Jodi Arias case, proving murder as opposed to other scenarios required the analysis of circumstantial evidence.
Circumstantial evidence necessarily involves the patterns, the attitudes, and the character of the suspect.
Like Jodi Arias, there were many fingers pointing at Scott Peterson as the murderer. What’s different is that the media-tarnished patterns, behaviors, and character of Scott Peterson hold up under factual scrutiny. For Jodi Arias, they simply do not. The wide divergence continues from there.
Though Peterson had months to hatch his murder plan, Arias had weeks at the most. Still, in the Peterson case, there are literally hundreds of pieces of circumstantial evidence that fit together logically.  In Arias’ case we have a planned trip, gas cans, a bullet with the same caliber as a gun stolen from Arias’ grandfather’s home, an argument, and altered license plates.
You can readily come up with innocent and reasonable explanations for this handful of pieces of circumstantial evidence in the Arias case. This explains why prosecutor Juan Martinez thought he must hedge his bets by introducing the illogical gun-last theory. But in the Peterson case, even the greatest lawyer would have a very difficult time rationalizing the hundreds of interlocking pieces of circumstantial evidence.

The Facts

Graduating from a preppy Catholic high school in San Diego, Scott drove his black Porsche straight to ArizonaStateUniversity in 1996. As captain of his high school golf team for three years, he was hoping for a golf scholarship. ArizonaState was the number one golf school in the country at that time.
014Scott was beating his dad at age 14, and he was one of the best on his high school team. At Arizona, almost every player was much better than Scott. He transferred back home to a CaliforniaStateTechnicalCollege
in San Luis Obispo, California. He met Laci Rocha where they dated and quickly married.
Scott’s father was a trucker and he started his own packaging business. Scott’s father put his life into this business to make it successful. To help Scott get a good start in life, he handed the business down to his son. Scott showed his appreciation and devotion by keeping the business a few months, then selling it for a profit. Scott then spent all the money.
Peterson married Laci Rocha in 1997, after only a few months of dating. Laci was a strong willed woman who quickly took control of Scott, the marriage and his business aspirations. Laci graduated and was working in another town. Scott lived separately with 3 roommates while he finished college.
Scott took a 20 year-old girlfriend in his first months of marriage
He bought her 12 dozen rose bouquets on the first date, and bought her expensive jewelry and clothes. Scott told his lover, Janet Ilse, that he definitely did not want children, because that would interfere with his lifestyle.
Laci found out about the girlfriend, but forgave him over time. Scott’s roommates had no idea that he was even married. They only knew that different women, including Laci, were staying over from time to time.
laci 8 months new

Laci in the Fall

As far as Laci having a baby, Scott managed to
hold Laci off until 2000, but Laci wanted to start a family of her own.  Laci had difficulties conceiving, and Scott managed to conveniently be on “business trips” whenever Laci was at her most fertile time.
In 2002, Laci, in opposition to Scott’s desires, finally became pregnant. Scott wasn’t happy or excited about this in the least. His feigned enthusiasm around Laci, but his comments to family and friends betrayed his true feelings. Scott was enjoying being free to do his business and having a child was to him a millstone around his neck.
Peterson told his girlfriends he was married way back when, once upon a time. With the explosion of the internet, he wanted to protect against the ones who found out he had married, but now he needed a reason why there was no record of divorce. He started saying that he had “lost” his wife.

Scott and Amber

In the late summer of 2002, he met a single mom and massage therapist named Amber Frye. When one of Amber’s friends found out Scott was married, he told Amber and the friend he had lost his wife recently. He repeated his desire not to have children to Amber. Reportedly, he was very good with Amber’s 20 month-old baby. Gotta do what you gotta do. Scott told Amber he had to go on a business trip to Alaska or Maine or France, etc. whenever he needed to keep her at bay.
More Evidence
Then Scott decided to keep Laci at bay instead. In the late summer of 2002, he bought a $250,000 life insurance policy on Laci. In the Fall, he bought a small fishing boat. Scott bought this fishing boat, though he took no interest in fishing and told no one of his purchase.
Later, he bought an eighty pound (36 kg) bag of cement, and three fake diplomas.
Just days before Christmas, Scott studied the US geological survey for water currents around Brooks Island in San FranciscoBay. Scott was running low on funds and he convinced an upset and reluctant Laci to pawn her family heirloom jewelry for cash.

the cement dust reveals 5 anchors were present

On Christmas Eve day, Scott went fishing for a long time and Laci disappeared.  In his warehouse, police found a flat bed trailer with a fine dust all over it. There were five impressions in the dust of the same size and shape as the single homemade cement anchor found in Peterson’s boat. Also found was the mold to make the cement anchors, an empty bag of cement, and a pair of pliers with one single hair consistent with that of Laci Peterson stuck in the tongs.
Changing Stories

Peterson’s story was that the last time he saw her was 9:00 AM on the 24th, Christmas Eve day. During calls to family, friends and police, Scott let it slip that he had not seen his wife alive on the evening of the 23rd. Scott did not seem emotional or upset about Laci’s disappearance. He became guarded, defensive,

and even angry when questioned about Laci.
A second time, Scott let it slip that the 23rd may have been the last day he saw Laci alive, describing a Martha Stewart Living TV show Laci was watching about lemon meringue pies. Several times when he described details about the morning of the 24th, he kept recounting events such as the TV show which only could have happened on the morning of the 23rd.
He made a phony sounding telephone message to Laci on the afternoon of the 24th asking her to pick up a package he didn’t have time to get. He showed the police his parking receipt at the Berkeley Marina without being asked to produce it.
There’s evidence that Scott planned a golf alibi immediately after the disappearance, but switched to the fishing alibi quickly when it became clear the golf alibi wouldn’t hold up. Scott denied the early alibi, saying it was ridiculous because it was too cold to play golf that day. Yet he spent many hours out on the bay.
It’s a 90 mile drive one way from his home at 523 Covina Avenue in Modesto to the Berkeley Marina. That’s about 3 hours of driving.
Asked what kind of fish he was fishing for, Scott gave an answer of sturgeon, a fish that was out of season and for which his fishing gear was inappropriate. The middle of the day was also unusual for fishing.
scott laci grin
Laci’s stepfather was an avid fisherman and he said Scott was not interested in fishing and never took him up on many invitations to go. The one time Scott did go, he left his fishing pole at Laci’s step father’s house and he never came to retrieve it.Picture
Scott also stated that blood was sure to be found in his truck because he cut himself that day. He tried to delay a search of his warehouse by telling the authorities that the electric was out. This was not true.  Experienced detectives and even inexperienced police became suspicious of Scott after asking just a few questions.

picture paints 1,000 words

Just a week before Laci went to a Christmas party alone, claiming Scott was off on business. Scott was actually at a Christmas party with Amber Frye, they had sex that night, and Scott promised Amber he would try to “clear his schedule” for her after the holidays.

Conner’s nursery in a state of readiness

note the nautical theme

Two days after Laci’s disappearance, Scott consoled himself by adding a few pornographic channels to his cable menu. If he was expecting Laci to be found, would he have done this? Scott grew a goatee and dyed his hair blond in order to avoid the press.

Scott’s girfriend turned on him

He snuck around, worried he was being followed. He claimed his hair turned blond after swimming in his friend’s pool. Scott’s friend testified he never swam there. Also, it’s impossible for chlorine to change black hair to blond unless it’s in extremely high concentrations.
Peterson steered clear of Amber Frye between Christmas and New Year’s, but he called her many times per day.  He did not help to put up posters and he did not get directly involved in the search for his pregnant wife. When everyone else was desperately searching for Laci, Scott was off to the side enjoying seductive cell phone calls with Amber Frye.
More Facts

peterson media

Scott’s aloofness caught on cam

When the story of the pregnant and missing Mrs. Scott Peterson broke big on the news, Scott backpedaled. He explained to Amber that he had not lost his wife earlier in the year like he said, but now, she really was lost. Amber wasn’t buying it. She went directly to the police and helped them by recording her phone calls with Scott.
On January 5th, 6th, and 9th of 2003, undercover police followed Peterson to the Berkely Marina, where he would park and stare around out at the water. These were exactly the three days that the local paper, the Modesto Bee, said that divers would be out there searching for Laci.
“On April 13, 2003, a couple walking their dog in Point Isabel State Park found a male fetus. The next day, the body of a pregnant woman washed ashore nearby was discovered by another dog-walker. This was some 90 miles from the
couple’s home, but just 5 miles from the Berkeley Marina where Scott had said he’d gone fishing the morning of Christmas Eve.”
The baby was proven by DNA to be Scott and Laci’s son Conner, and the body with the hands, feet, and head missing was proven to be that of Laci Peterson.  The police were already following Scott around town and they had tapped his phones. Scott was doing everything he could to evade the media and the police. The police then placed a GPS monitor on Scott’s rental car.
There is no one among Laci’s family who doesn’t think Scott is guilty. In addition, his own blood sister thinks he’s guilty and she even wrote a book naming 33 reasons why she believes this.

Laci’s Dad after the sentencing

A neighbor found the unaccompanied golden retriever near the Peterson’s home on Christmas Eve morning. He was dragging his leash which was covered in mud. Laci was always the one who took the dog for a long walk every morning. The dog was found and returned to the Peterson’s fenced in yard at 10:18 AM on December 24th.
Peterson claimed he left the house at 9:00 AM. According to phone tower records, Scott was somewhere between his driveway and 1 ¼ miles away at 10:08 AM.  After 1 ¼ miles, the signal switches to a different tower. Therefore, if Laci was harmed by anyone other than Scott, most likely they had only 10 minutes to do it.
The Trial

Marl Geragos, Scott’s famous attorney

The trial was an enormous media event. Court TV, the forerunner of HLN was front and center. The venue was changed to the next county, the jury was sequestered, and some juror members were dismissed for misconduct.
Scott Peterson had the famous defense attorney Mark Geragos, at his side. He had represented such people as Susan McDougal, Gary Condit, Wynona Rider, and Michael Jackson. Mark Geragos gave innocent explanations for scores of circumstantial evidence alleged against Peterson. Still, twelve people found him guilty of 1st degree premeditated murder of his relatively helpless wife and his defenseless unborn son. After careful deliberation, they sentenced him to death.
Escape Attempt
peterson-scott-mug (1)

Swimming in friends pool caused Scott’s

hair color change and a beard to grow

According to the Rocha families’ website about their daughter Laci, this is what was found packed into Scott’s rental car when he was arrested at the golf course:
$15,000 CASH
-BROTHER’S I.D.-John Edward Peterson
-2 VISA CARDS & 1 MASTERCARD – Scott’s Name
-1 MASTER CARD – Scott/Tradecorp
-MOTHER’S CHEVRON CARD – Jackie Peterson
-MAPQUEST MAP TO AMERICAN BODYWORKS                           Amber Frye’s workplace-4 CELL PHONES
-FLIP FLOPS (Sandals)
-WATERPROOFING SPRAY-Undated bill of sale with an unverified signature
of Michael Griffin, registered owner of the vehicle
-Application for duplicate title for the vehicle also
signed by Michael Griffin 
Meticulous Planning
This is the work of a meticulous planner.  It seems like he was going on a survival mission, and he wasn’t going alone. This is a person who thinks things out deliberately and in great detail.
 The Trial and Aftermath
Scott Peterson’s trial was a media giant.
scott court

Preliminary hearing

“On November 12 the reconstituted jury convicted Peterson of first-degree murder with special circumstances for killing Laci and second-degree murder for killing the fetus she carried. The penalty phase of the trial began on November 30 and concluded December 13 when, at 1:50 P.M. PST, the twelve-person jury returned a verdict of death.
scott phone

Scott talking to Amber during the search

Members of the jury stated in later press appearances that they felt that Peterson’s demeanor – specifically, his lack of emotion and the phone calls to Amber Frey in the days following Laci’s disappearance – indicated he was guilty.
They based their verdict on “hundreds of small ‘puzzle pieces’ of circumstantial evidence that came out during the trial, from the location of Laci Peterson’s body to the myriad of lies her husband told after her disappearance.”
They also decided on the death penalty because they felt Peterson betrayed his responsibility to protect his wife and son.
Arias and Peterson cases
  • Both were charged with 1st degree premeditated murder
  • Both faced the death penalty
  • Detectives immediately became suspicious
  • Both had unbelievable stories
  • They both told massive lies about the day of the incident
  • Both cases were largely based on circumstantial evidence
  • The victim’s families’ were both fiercely against the defendant, much more than usual
  • Both were young and attractive.
  • Both went back to business as usual after their crimes.
  • Scott and Jodi were both hugely vilified in the media
  • There were huge cheering crowds upon each of the guilty verdicts
  • Both cases were behemoth media circuses
  • Both cases have some legitimate and viable appellate issues
  • Scott Peterson’s automatic appeal to the California State Supreme Court was finally filed on July 5th, 2012. The reports state that he has a good chance of success.
Arias and Peterson Cases
  • In the Arias case, there are massive amounts of crime scene, forensic, and blood evidence, though this was never properly used at trial.
  • In the Peterson case, there is almost none
  • Arias told big lies after getting arrested. Although she has been portrayed as a “pathological liar” before the incident and after her arrest, there is scant evidence that this is true.
  • Scott is a pathological liar beyond any doubt, and many of his lies were laughable “whoppers” that only the love-blind and gullible Laci could ever believe.
  • There is just a handful of pieces of circumstantial evidence in the Arias case
  • In the Peterson case, there are 100s of pieces of circumstantial evidence.
  • Arias was represented by two court appointed attorneys.
  • Peterson was represented by a legal team headed by a famous, high profile attorney, who even represented Michael Jackson in the famous child molestation case.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Arias was monogamous and was involved in only one relationship at a time.
  • Peterson started cheating on his wife within months of their marriage, and he always had at least one other girlfriend squirreled away.
  • Arias was spontaneous and rarely planned anything too far in advance.
  • Peterson was very deliberate. He planned things far ahead and in great detail.
  • Arias wanted to be married, but wasn’t. She wanted to have children, but didn’t.
  • Peterson was married, but wished he wasn’t. He was going to have a child, but he didn’t want to go that route.
  • Despite popular belief, there is no evidence that Arias is a sociopath.
  • Scott Peterson is a sociopath beyond all doubt.
  • Jodi Arias has not yet been sentenced.
  • Scott Peterson was sentenced to death.
  • Scott Peterson’s jury was sequestered due to the omnipresent and intense media coverage.
  • Jodi Arias’ jury went home every day, because that’s how it’s done in Arizona.
  • Scott Peterson’s trial was moved to a nearby county,
  • There was no change of venue in the Arias case.
  • Arias was charged with the murder of a much larger and much stronger individual.
  • Peterson was charged with the murder of two rather helpless and defenseless individuals, the baby being completely dependent on his mother to survive.
  • Arias tried to manipulate the media to her benefit.
  • Peterson avoided the probing media at all cost.
  • Arias is imprisoned in a state (Arizona) where they have the death penalty, they use it often and with great enthusiasm.
  • Peterson is imprisoned in a state (California) where the death penalty is seldom used and there are initiatives to repeal it.
  • Jodi Arias’ had zero mitigation witnesses.
  • Scott Peterson had thirty-nine mitigation witnesses.
  • Here’s the biggest difference between the two cases:
Was the Jodi Arias murder trial a fair trial?
Not by any standard.
jodi court
Will Jodi Arias successfully appeal her conviction and get a new trial?
This is possible, but it depends on the team of attorneys, witnesses and investigators she can assemble for the appeal.
jodi interview

Jodi Arias ar her post verdict interview

If she gets a new trial, will there be a better outcome?
It’s highly likely that there will be a more favorable outcome for Jodi Arias.
Who murdered Travis Alexander?
Jodi Arias admitted she killed him, but it was not properly proven that she premeditated the killing or that she murdered him beyond a reasonable doubt.

Scott not sweating the trial

Was the Scott Peterson murder trial a fair trial?
Perhaps it was not. The higher courts are determining that now.
peterson mug

Scott’s most recent photo

Will Scott Peterson successfully appeal his conviction and get a new trial?

There is a decent chance of a successful appeal and a new trial.
If he gets a new trial, will there be a better outcome?
It’s very possible. It can’t get much worse.

Laci at her prom

Who murdered Laci and Conner Peterson?
scott caught

Scott’s last day of freedom. (Portrayed by Dean Cain in a 2004 TV movie).

Scott Peterson murdered Laci Peterson and Conner Peterson beyond any and all reasonable doubt.
He is now in San Quentin Prison, overlooking the bay where Laci was found. This is where he absolutely belongs.
Interesting fact:
High profile attorney Mark Geragos wanted to bring a full size boat into the courtroom. The judge said Not a chance. Geragos brought a replica of Scott’s boat and he parked it as close to the court as possible.  The idea was that jurors could see the boat and see how difficult it would be to handle the anchors and the body without capsizing.
Trial watchers filled the boat with cards, candles, flowers, etc. They made the proposed defense exhibit into a memorial for Laci.

Intended defense exhibit became an impromptu  memorial for Laci

Interesting fact:
Scott Petersons mother, Jackie, was raised by Catholic nuns after her father was murdered when she was a toddler. Scott was the youngest of five children and the only child that Lee and Jackie Peterson had together.
Interesting fact:
Top PGA Pro Golfer Phil Mickelson was a former high school teammate of Scott Peterson.
Intersting fact:
Laci had a boyfriend in high school into college. This was her first serious relationship and  it lasted three years, ending shortly before she met Scott Peterson. Laci was brought up in such a caring and wonderful family, that the idea of a manipulative and mean man was foreign to her. This boyfriend also became angry at times and was dominating towards Laci. After they broke up, he moved to WashingtonState and got involved with another woman. They got into a big argument and he shot her in the back. He was sentenced to ten years in prison and is still there.
– Interesting thoughts for those who might believe in predestination. –

The mold Scott used to make the 5 homemade ancho Theory:

Spotlight Theory: When Laci was found, there was duct tape still around her thighs. In the late evening of the 23rd or the early morning of the 24th Scott choked or strangled her to death. Then he snuck her inside his truck and cleaned up the scene. He waited until around 10:00AM. He put the leash on their dog and opened the door. Then he drove away, making a phone call to his lover, Amber Frye.
evidence-carHe drove to his warehouse where he transferred Laci’s body to his fishing boat and covered it with a tarp. The body was covered with canvas or netting, to make it appear like boating gear. He headed to Berkeley Marina. There were quite a few people about and he had to get a ticket to park. He was concerned about this. Peterson said he was fishing near Brook Island. The bodies washed up a little over a mile from there.
He launched the boat and headed northwest. When he was sure the coast was clear, he tied one anchor around Laci’s two ankles, one anchor to each wrist, and one anchor around her neck. Scott used rock climbing rope and wrapped teh rope around many times. Then he dumped her over the side. Scott fractured her ribs in the process.

Scott’s rental car loaded with travel gear and money

Scott returned to his warehouse, cleaned up and waited. He returned home and waited some more.
After many weeks, the body separated from the anchors and drifted northeast. The baby separated form Laci’s body, and floated ahead of her due to the smaller mass. The baby washed up on shore and Laci’s body followed One day behind.

A home made anchors poured by Scott

After the Sentencing
Back  at the courtroom, only after the sentence was pronounced, the Rocha family was allowed to address Peterson. They were no longer under oath and no attorney could object. After sitting through the trial, listening to the defense and watching Scott smiling, and acting smug, they were finally going to have their say.
Then the emotional fireworks began:

Laci after graduating college

One-by-one, Laci’s family members stood just yards away from Scott Peterson and ripped into him letting loose a flurry of rants, diatribes and tirades. Laci’s brother told Scott he had a gun and a bullet just for him, but he decided it was better not to put him out of his misery. Laci’s mother used the voices of Laci and Conner, saying “Daddy why did you kill me?”, “Scott, why did you kill your family?”
Ms. Rocha went on about how Scott had planned the murder for weeks. She even let his attorney have it. Laci’s brother Brent verbally attacked Scott so severely that Scott’s father, Lee Peterson, lost control and yelled out “You’re a liar!” in open court. It was a real emotional battle of the families.
The family members didn’t scream for revenge, but they were terribly hurt by Scott and they expected justice.
After the trial and sentencing, Laci’s family acted like Laci would have acted. They were in control, tough minded but fair. They were sensitive to Scott Peterson’s family. Laci’s family and friends did not attack defense witnesses. They trusted the system to work for them.
laci and sharon rocha

Laci and her Mom

In Loving Memory of Laci Rocha Peterson and Conner Peterson
laci younger
When you look at the families’ web pages, you are filled with a sense of caring and love. These people are honest and good people. Their heartbreak and love of Laci are completely genuine.

Full bag of unused Find Laci Buttons found in Scott’s car

Read between the lines
Please don’t miss this absolutely fabulous, fair-minded and touching website about the Peterson case by Laci’s family and friends:
Your comments and opinions are appreciated and very welcome
Unlike Many Blogs, All Comments Are Welcome And Will Be Posted
Interview with Scott Peterson’s family.
The Crime Library – An excellent resource on all kinds of killers.
Murderpedia – An excellent reference on convicted killers around the globe.
Positive news for Scott Peterson’s pending appeal.
Someone who read Scott’s sister’s book came up with 41 reasons why Scott Peterson is not guilty. That’s 8 more than she had for Scott being guilty.
An article about Scott Peterson on death row, the article deceptively contains zero quotes from Scott.
Another site with all the reasons people think Scott Peterson was wrongly convicted.
This is an article by someone who is worried that Scott Peterson will win his appeal.
Here’s an article comparing the Peterson case with other domestic violence cases.
All Rights Reserved

The Executives and the Executed (part 2)

The Executives and the Executed (part 2)

Meet Arizona’s Recently Executed Death Row Prisoners

Fact Based Reporting

by Amanda Chen and Rob Roman

The Arizona Executive Board of Clemency

can reduce sentences for any prisoner convicted of a felony. For death sentences, it’s almost impossible. For doing such things as reducing a 7 year sentence to a 5 year sentence, here is what a popular Arizona newspaper says:
symington 4“Statistically, if you are convicted of a felony in Arizona, you are more likely to be struck by lightning than granted clemency by the governor. Excluding the cases of inmates nearing the end of a terminal illness, Governor Jan Brewer is on track to grant the fewest clemency cases in more than two decades – even when a judge and unanimous board recommend a shorter sentence.
Recent board members interviewed by The Arizona Republic believe clemency will be granted even less frequently in the future.
Indeed, (Governor Jan) Brewer’s decision to replace three of the five clemency-board members at once last month (April, 2012) has led to legal and political turmoil: Departing board members say they were ousted for voting to grant clemency; and attorneys for an inmate scheduled to be executed Wednesday will be in Maricopa County Sperior Court on Monday, seeking a court order to nullify the appointments, arguing that they violated state laws. If the court agrees, it would invalidate dozens of board decisions from the past three weeks and could stall the clemency process.”
Jane hull(web)-150Less than four months later, two of the new members resigned after having controversies with the longstanding board members. This is motly about the shorter term felony sentences. For the prisoners facing an execution: forgetaboutit!
images (1)The other controversy revolves around the drugs used to execute prisoners. More and more companies are refusing to supply the drugs for the purpose of taking as life. States have had to change theit drug protocols and they have even shown a willingness to “improvise” if needed.
jan brewer 5These are the last   7 prisoners executed in Arizona from 2012 – 2013. A quick look at these brief but interesting histories tells us something about how the death penalty works and does not work in Arizona.

So let’s take a look at the Arizona’s most recently executed prisoners:

Robert Henry Moormann

moormann 1Crime: January 13, 1984

Sentenced to Death: May 7, 1985

Executed: February 29, 2012

This man went on a trip from Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada, no problem with that. He stopped at several hotels along the way, no problem with that. He took a female companion with him, no problem there. The female was eight years old and he didn’t know her. That’s a BIG problem.
3 aggravating circumstances:
Prior conviction punishable by life imprisonment
Pecuniary gain
Especially heinous, cruel, or depraved (all three prongs)
 motelMoormann was incarcerated and his mother would make the three hour drive to see him from time to time. He was granted a temporary 3 day humanitarian release to visit his ailing mother. While visiting his mother at a hotel within eyesight of the prison, he smothered her with a pillow and dismembered her body. He tried to hide the body parts at various places around town, including at the prison. There was a BIG problem there, too.
And this was the end of humanitarian releases for violent convicts.
moorman 2There were issues of mental incompetence and he was found to be mentally retarded by an IQ test administered when he was in grade school. There were also reports that his mother had sexually abused him throughout his life.
Just before he was put to death, Robert Henry Moormann used his last words to apologize to his family and to the family of the eight-year-old girl he kidnapped and molested in 1972. He said: “I hope this brings closure and they can start healing now”.
“I just hope that they will forgive me in time.”
Most states use a 3-drug combination for lethal injections:
1)      An Anesthetic (either Pentobarbital or, formerly, Sodium Thiopental),
2)      Pancuronium Bromide (a paralytic agent, also called Pavulon),
3)       Potassium Chloride (stops the heart and causes death).
Moormann became the unintended first recipient of Arizona’s new single drug protocol, a lethal dose of an anesthetic. This occurred because it was discovered on Monday that one of the three drugs had expired. Moormann was given only two days notice of how he would be put to death instead of the usual 7 day notice.
Moorman is considered to be severely mentally handicapped. He was probably not completely sure of what was happening to him. The U.S. Supreme Court refused his request for a stay of execution just 2 hours before he was put to death.

Robert Towery


Crime: September 4, 1991

Sentenced to Death: November 20, 1992

Executed: March 8, 2012

This man robbed a 6 year-old man, injected him with a veterinary syringe filled with an unknown liquid, then strangled him to death with a zip tie.
4 aggravating circumstances:
Prior convictions for offenses involving the threat of violence
Prior convictions for which life imprisonment was impossible
Pecuniary gain
Especially heinous, cruel or depraved (cruelty prong only)
towery 2Also known as “Chewey”, Robert was usually high on meth. He enjoyed mayhem and made use of strong arm robberies to finance his lifestyle.  During one robbery, he targeted a well known philanthropist named Mark Jones who financed the college education of hard-working graduate students. He had even lent Robert Towery some money in the past and gave him advice about starting a business.
With an accomplice, Towery tied up and injected him with a substance before strangling him with a plastic zip tie. This substance was rumored to be battery acid, giving him the name of “the Battery Acid Killer”. However, it was found at trial that neither the syringe nor the victim’s body had any traces of battery acid.
Most of the evidence against Towery, including the idea about battery acid, came from his accomplice who served only 10 years for 2nd degree murder.
towery sisAt his commutation hearing before the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency, a prosecutor again brought up the battery acid rumor. He also explained that Towery’s mitigating claims of severe child abuse were unfounded and a phony plea for mercy. These were lies told by Juan Martinez to secure a death sentence. At this same meeting were Towery’s two sisters, who each explained in vivid detail the horrendous abuse endured by Towery. He often protected his two sisters by taking beatings that were meant for his sisters.
PHP4F5395C5EB2AARobert Towery in his last words, apologized to his family and to the victim’s family and friends. He regretted having made so many mistakes in his life and continuing to go in the wrong direction.
Remeber that Towery had injected his victim with a liquid filled syringe? Curiously, the execution team took an unusually long time finding a vein and stuck him many times, finally arranging injection portals in both his arm and his groin. The one hour delay was not attributed to the struggle to find a vein but to ‘extra time Towery spent with his lawyer and a minister’.
Towery cried before being injected, but this was attributed to his emotions about his family. His final words were “potato, potato, potato”, perhaps a reference to his last visits with his family ot to his childhood with his two sisters. Robert’s final words were “I would like to apologize to Mark’s family and friends for what I did to them. I would like to apologize to my family,” Towery said. “So many times in my life I went left when I should have gone right and I went right when I should have gone left. It was mistake after mistake after mistake.” “I love my family”. “Potato, potato, potato”.

Thomas Arnold Kemp

kemp 1

Crime: July 11, 1992

Sentenced to Death: July 9, 1993

Executed: April 25, 2012

This man with an accomplice killed an illegal immigrant named Hector Juarez and left him naked in the desert.
3 aggravating circumstances:
Prior convictions for offenses involving the threat of violence
Pecuniary gain
Especially heinous, cruel or depraved (cruelty prong only)
Kemp and his accomplice abducted their victim from his community college. They forced him to withdraw $200.00 for his bank account and drove him into the desert. They forced him to remove his clothes and then Kemp shot him twice in the head.
After the murder, the two kidnapped a couple in Durango, Colorado and sexually assaulted the man. They separated and his accomplice was arrested after contacting the Police about the murder.
kemp 2He did admit to having regret and remorse about the incident. He was remorseful that he had become too good of friends with his accomplice to summon up the will to kill him, too. He stated he very much regretted not killing his accomplice, who was the only witness to the murder.
Kemp stated that his victim was not legal to be in the U.S. and so was “beneath my contempt.” He further stated “If more of them wound up dead, the rest of them would soon learn to stay in Mexico, where they belong”.
az_kemp_thomasKemp refused to ask for mercy and refused to appear before the Arizona Board of
Executive Clemency. He told the judge and the court at sentencing that the victim was in the United States illegally and did not deserve to live. He told the judge “I spit on the law and all those who serve it.”
Kemp also had something to say to the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency. In a handwritten note, he said, “I, Thomas Kemp, state that I decline to seek executive clemency due to the futility of that process. In light of the board’s history of consistently denying requests for commutations, my impression is that a hearing in my case would be nothing short of a dog and pony show.”
In that regard, he was exactly right. Perhaps it’s easier to have a death sentence commuted to life than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. More than likely, after anyone meets with this board, the needle is going into you, and in one hell of a hurry, too. His final words were “I regret nothing”.


Samuel Lopez

samuel lopez 2

Crime: October 29, 1986

Sentenced to Death: June 25, 1987

Executed: June 27, 2012

This man raped and murdered a 59 year-old woman, a grandmother and poor seamstress who lived alone.

1 aggravating circumstance:
Prior conviction involving violence
(struck on appeal because the past violent conviction was for “resisting arrest”)
Especially heinous, cruel, or depraved (all 3 prongs of the aggravator)
samuel lopezShe was found by the police in her home half-naked, gagged and blindfolded. There were 3 stabs to her head, one to her face, and twenty three stab wounds to her left breast and chest. Her throat had been slit. There was blood all throughout the home, especially in the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen. The victim had been raped and he was caught in a separate rape case less than a week later, matching his DNA and tying him to the murder case.
The Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, had previously dismissed two members of the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency, and substituted her own members.  Lopez’s attorneys successfully won a delay in execution by arguing that the new members of the board had not received their training at the time of the scheduled hearing. The court ordered a temporary stay of execution, while the new board members received their mandatory 4 week training, like that was going to make any difference.
Lopez then sought a second stay arguing that Republican Governor Jan Brewer had appointed “political cronies” to the board, making a fair hearing impossible, which was rejected by the state Supreme Court.
In earlier executions, witnesses only saw the prisoner after the catheters had been inserted.
Samuel LopezHis execution was the first in which witnesses will watch, via closed-circuit TV, the insertion of the catheters that deliver the fatal drug pentobarbital. Attorneys for inmates in prior executions condemned the practice of inserting catheters into the prisoners’ groins. Officials said the executioners had found it difficult to find suitable veins in the arms and legs.
Prior to Lopez’s execution, witnesses only saw the condemned inmate at the time the of the injection. Lopez’s execution was the first time Arizona set up a closed-circuit TV camera so witnesses could view the insertion of the catheters into the arm, leg, or groin. In light of what happened to Robert Towery, maybe this is for the best.
Daniel Wayne Cook


Crime: July 19, 1987

Sentenced to Death: August 8, 1988

Executed: August 8, 2012

With an accomplice, this man beat, tortured and killed one of his roommates in an argument over money and then beat, sodomized and killed a second friend because he walked in on the scene.
3 aggravating circumstances:
Especially heinous, cruel, or depraved (all 3 prongs of the aggravator)
Multiple homicides
Pecuniary gain
Carlos Froyan Cruz-Ramos was tortured by Cook and his accomplice, John Matzke. He was tied to a chair and then stabbed and beaten with a metal pipe for a few hours. They also burned his genitals with cigarettes. Finally, they crushed his throat with the metal pipe.
When Kevin Swaney arrived on the scene, he was forced to view the scene and the body. Swaney was tied to the same chair. He was beaten, sodomized, and then strangled to death with a bed sheet.
cookedCook’s accomplice, John Matzke, furnished the prosecution with much of the evidence. The acquaintance served just 20 years for the two brutal murders, and he’s free today.
daniel_cookCook won a stay of execution in April 2011 when the U.S Supreme Court explored claims of ineffective assistance of counsel during both the trial and appeals. There were claims of child sexual abuse by family members and a foster care worker that were never presented for mitigation. The Supreme Court dismissed the appeal, and the execution was rescheduled.
Cook’s last words were: “I’d like to say sorry to the victim’s family. I know that’s not enough . . .  . . . Where am I? To my lawyers, thank you. Red Robin, yum. I’m done. I love you”.

Richard Dale Stokley


Crime: July 8, 1991

Sentenced to Death: July 14, 1992

Executed: December 5, 2012

This man, with an accomplice, abducted two 13 year old girls at a county fair. The two kidnapped, raped and murdered the young girls and threw them down a mine shaft.
3 aggravating circumstances,
Especially heinous, cruel or depraved (all 3 prongs)
Multiple murders
Age of victims (under 15)
richard-stokely-crimetickerAfter the rapes, they decided to kill them for fear of being caught. They each strangled one of the girls to death. According to his accomplice, Stokley made sure the girls were dead by repeatedly stomping on their bodies and stabbing each girl in the right eye.
Stokley turned himself in and confessed to the murders. Even so, Stokley’s accomplice turned State’s evidence against Stokley. The accomplice served just 20 years for the two rapes and murders, and he’s free today.
Stokely did say he was sorry for the victims and their families. He did not meet with the Arizona Executive Board of Clemency, and he declined to ask for mercy of the board which has the power to delay his execution or commute his sentence to life in prison.  A clemency request would be futile because the board hadn’t shown mercy to other death-row inmates, he told the board in a handwritten letter. ‘I don’t want to put anyone through that, especially since I’m convinced that … it’s pointless,’ he wrote. ‘I reckon I know how to die, and if it’s my time, I’ll go without fanfare.’
Stokley has said he thought his life was worth saving, that he knew he had made ‘grave and irreversible errors’ and that he was sorry he ‘was mixed up in these awful events that brought me to this’.
stokely 2On his execution day, Stokley had plenty of time to socialize and joke with the execution team as they spent 52 minutes trying to find veins that could be used to administer the drug pentobarbital. “I grew up a long time ago,” Stokley said. “I do wish I could die doing something meaningful, you know. This seems like such a waste.”
When Stokley was asked if he had any final words, he simply responded, “Nah.” He refused to look at the victims family members and said nothing at his execution.

Next in line for execution in Arizona:

Edward Schad

schad 1

Crime: August 1, 1978

Sentenced to Death: December 27, 1979

Executed: October 9, 2013


This man was convicted for the 1978 murder of Lorimer Grove, 74, an Arizonan on his way to WashingtonState.
Grove was driving his Cadillac when Schad allegedly hitched a ride or asked him to stop for help. Grove was strangled to death. Schad was AWOL from the Army and was found in New Yorrk driving Grove’s Cadillac, with the victim’s ID in his wallet, and having made purchases with the victim’s credit card. Schad had served time for second degree murder in the strangling death of a fellow Army member. He claimed it was an accident during rough sex.
3 aggravating circumstances:
Prior conviction punishable by life imprisonment
Prior conviction involving violence
Pecuniary gain
Schad has consistently denied murdering the victim. He admitted that he was a thief and he had stolen cars before, but he claimed he had not hurt anyone he stole from.
Schad, at 71 years-old, was the oldest man on Arizona’s death row. He had spent 35 years behind bars. There was a stay of execution, while the appeals court determined if Schad’s attorney had failed to bring up Schad’s mental illness as a mitigating factor.
Schad’s attorney also brought up the issue of whether it was impossible to get a stay or commutation to life in prison from the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency. He charged that the Governor’s office had improperly influenced the Clemency Board to refuse any requests for postponements or leniency.
schad000The lawyer also demanded to know what drugs were going to be used and for the court to make the state reveal the source of the drugs. The state was very reluctant to comply and only complied in part.
“A U.S. District Court judge in Phoenix ordered the state to reveal the source of the drugs – the state begrudgingly complied in part – but she did not stop the execution.”
Schad’s execution was stayed in March by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to allow time for appeals. The appeals were denied and Schad was executed October 9th at 10:00 AM.

Robert Jones

robert jones

Crime: May – August, 1996

Sentenced to Death: February 17, 2000

Executed: October 23, 2013


This man was served with six death sentences by the court, one for each of his victims.
scan0019fm1Robert Jones is a Texan who was just released from prison when he teamed up with an accomplice to rob a smoke shop in Tuscon. Five people were shot and two of them died of their wounds. Two weeks later, Jones and his accomplice tried to rob the Firefighter’s Union Hall in Tuscon, shooting and killing four people.
5 aggravating circumstances and 42 felony counts:
Convicted of other offenses for which life sentence or death penalty imposable
Convicted of other “serious” offenses
Pecuniary gain
On parole at time of offense
Multiple homicides
The killings were mostly execution-style. Robert Jones seemed to enjoy shooting people in the head even more than the robberies. Jones and his accomplice, Scott Nordstrom were turned in by Nordstrom’s brother, David, the getaway driver in their burglaries.
jones 1Robert Jones was first jailed in 1972. The murders were committed in 1984. He has served 26 years on death row in Arizona. His accomplice, Scoot Nordstrom, remains on death row. It seems that Scott Nordstrom’s execution date will also arrive in 2013.
Jones’ execution date is set for October 23, 2013.

Let’s compare to Jodi Arias

jodi arias jail

Crime: June 4, 2008
Sentenced to Death:
This woman committed a domestic homicide. She shot her ex-boyfriend, stabbed him 16 (not 27 and not 29) times and slit his throat during a violent altercation. She has a long term mental illness and had been mentally and emotionally abused by the victim. Arias also was possibly sexually and physically abused by an ordained elder in the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) in a secretive sexual relationship.
1 Aggravating circumstance
Especially heinous, cruel or depraved (cruelty prong only of the aggravator)
No prior convictions. In the four years prior to meeting the victim and over five years after, has shown no signs of violence, instability, or rage.
It’s true that most women who murder do not rob, rape, or torture their victims, and most are domestic violence homicides. It is also true that most women who murder do so in either self-defense, out of fear, or to protect children. Many times in self-defense, the murder is disproportional to the attack (overkill). This is most often because the woman is reacting to prior acts of violence committed against her, or due to the woman’s smaller size and inexperience at committing violence and in processing the inevitable adrenaline rush.

We will continue to update the list of the executed as Arizona cranks up their execution machine in the months to come.  Will Arizona become more like California, which has rarely used it’s execution powers and now faces a proposition on the ballot to eliminate executions? Maybe Arizona will remain like Texas, Alabama and Ohio, where it’s full steam ahead on executions. Only time will tell.


Click to access FinalRpt092007.pdf



The Executives and the Executed (part 1) (Oct 20)

The Executives and the Executed

Meet Arizona’s most recent Governors

and Executed  Death Row Convicts

Fact Based Reporting

By Amanda Chen and Rob Roman

4 governers square

 These are the 4 most recent Governors of Arizona.  Each Governor has a unique way of governing and has different priorities. Their individual agendas affect how executions are carried out.

Besides the higher courts, the Governors are the last chance for a delay in carrying out the death sentence, or a commutation to a life sentence. First, a few days before the sentence is carried out, the prisoner is brought into a special cage in a hearing room for the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency.
Five citizens selected by a Governor will review the prisoner’s case, listen to prosecution and defense attorneys, listen to witnesses and hear the opinion of others who wish to speak for or against the prisoner.
If the five board members agree that the death sentence should not be executed, they make a recommendation to the Governor. Then, it’s the Governor’s decision to accept or reject the recommendation. It seems that on this board, there would be a minister, someone from law enforcement, a former judge, and people of this sort. The Arizona board is stacked with former law enforcement types, and people who have political ambitions or obligations.
 This means you have to get through five people like this guy:head of clemency
To get to this Governor:brewer mean
 Good Luck!

symington 2

Fife Symington

(7 years in office – 8 prisoners executed)

Symington 3“Symington was sworn into office on March 6, 1991. During his first term, the governor was the subject of an investigation over his involvement with Southwest Savings and Loan, a failed Phoenix thrift bank. He was later cleared, and won reelection handily in 1994.”
In November, 1995, Symington’s chest may have been swelling with pride. His own party had shut down the government over a budget battle. He may have been humored and excited at the prospect that the Federal Government was forced to close many of its functions. This self-satisfaction turned to alarm when he realized that the world-famous Grand Canyon, an Arizona tourist hotspot, had been closed. Political pressure mounted and Symington sprang into action.
Symington demanded that the Grand Canyon be opened immediately. He declared he would take the Arizona National Guard to the Park and open it personally by force, if necessary. The Pentagon contacted him and told him they would federalize the Arizona armed forces if he tried it. Symington defiantly marched to the Grand CanyonNational Park, but he only took a few unarmed soldiers. His defiance was downgraded to beating on the locked gates for the news cameras in a staged protest.
Symington was later indicted on charges of extortion and making false financial statements. In 1997, he was convicted of bank fraud. Arizona state law does not allow convicted felons to hold office, so Symington resigned his office in September, 1997.
symingtonThe conviction was overturned in 1999 by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. There was a dispute about whether a dismissed juror who insisted on voting not guilty was refusing to deliberate or simply refusing to change his vote.
“Symington attended the prestigious Gilman School in Baltimore, then attended Harvard University, graduating in 1968 with a degree in Dutch art history. He served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War, stationed at Luke Air Force Base in Maricopa County, Arizona. He remained in Arizona and became involved in real estate development, founding his own company, the Symington Company, in 1976.”

jane hull

Jane D. Hull

(5 years in office – 14 prisoners executed)

Jane_Dee_Hull_2001.jpeg“Jane D. Hull entered politics in 1978 by being elected to the Arizona House of Representatives as a Republican. She served for seven terms, including two as Speaker of the House, the first female Speaker in Arizona history.”
“In 1991, while she was Speaker, the Arizona legislature experienced a major political scandal called AZSCAM, which resulted in the resignation or removal of ten members of the House and Senate. As a result, Speaker Hull instituted a number of ethics reforms to re-establish public confidence in the legislature.”
Hull was elected Arizona Secretary of State in 1994. After Governor Fife Symington was forced to resign due to his felony conviction. Hull became governor on September 5, 1997. U.S. Supreme Court Justice andra Day OConnnor, herself a former Arizona legislator, swore her into office. As Secretary of State, Hull was next in line to be Governor should anything prevent the current Governor from fulfilling hus duties. Since Arizona bars convicted felons from holding office, Jane Hull took over as Governor after Fife Symington was convicted.
“Hull won election in her own right in 1998. This was the first time in the history of the United States that all five of the top elected executive offices in one state were held by women.”
jane hull. 2jpg“While she was governor, Hull’s relations with home state U.S. Senator John McCain were strained. During the 2000 primary season she endorsed his opponent, Texas Governor George W. Bush, in the Arizona primary. After leaving office, she spent three months in New York City, as a public delegate from the United States to the United Nations General Assembly (2004).”
“Hull graduated from theUniversity of Kansas with a degree in education. She taught elementary school in Kansas”

nap 2

Janet Napolitano

(6 years in office – 1 prisoner executed)

“Janet Napolitano narrowly won the Aisona gubernatorial election of 2002 with 46 percent of the vote, succeeding Republican Jane Hull and defeating her Republican opponent. In November 2006, Napolitano won the gubernatorial election of 2006, defeating the Republican challenger, Len Munsil, by a nearly 2–1 ratio and becoming the first woman to be re-elected to that office.”
napolitano 1Napolitano vetoed a bill which authorized the police to detain illegal immigrants in Arizona and arrest them for “trespassing (on American soil)”. Napolitano remarked that the bill didn’t place enough responsibility on businesses which continue to hire and employ illegal immigrants and that the bill’s passage would overwhelm law enforcement.
napolitano obamo 1In December, 2008, Barack Obama made Napolitano his nominee for United States Secretary of Homeland Security. In January, 2009, Napolitano became the first woman appointed Secretary in the relatively new department. Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer became the governor of Arizona, as the state does not have a lieutenant governor.
The single prisoner executed under Janet Napolitano had murdered two people and had waived his appeals.
napolitano“Napolitano graduated from Santa Clara University in California, where she won a Truman Scholarship, and was valedictorian. In 1978, she studied for a term at the London School of Economics. She then received her Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Virginia School of.”

jan brewer

Jan Brewer

(5 years in office – 12 prisoners executed)

Governor Brewer is well on her way to beating former Governor Hull’s record of 14 executions during her terms in office. Things slowed down in 2013, due to Supreme Court and Federal court appeals for the next prisoner in line to be executed. There were also issues with the drugs used in the executions. As 2014 will be her final year as Governor due to term restrictions, look for a series of executions in the coming year.
Politically, executions in Arizona are known as “crowd pleasers”.
“Janice Kay “Jan” Brewer is the 22nd Governor of the U.S. state of Arizona, in office since 2009. A member of the Republican Party, Brewer is the fourth woman, and third consecutive woman, to serve as Governor of Arizona.”
brewer fingerJan Brewer famously stuck her finger in the face of President Obama at the airport when he came for a visit. Ironically, Jan Brewer may never have been Governor of Arizona were it not for President Obama. Brewer was Secretary of State at the time Obama recruited then Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano to become head of Department of Homeland Security. The next person in line is the Secretary of State. So Brewer became Governor by default.
“On April 23, 2010, Brewer signed the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, otherwise known as Arizona SB1070, into law, making it “a state crime for illegal immigrants to not have an alien registration document,” and requiring police “to question people about their immigration status if there is reason.””
jan brewer 2Of course the “reason” to detain people and request documentation from citizens was reasoned to be having a Spanish surname or having a certain skin color, resulting in various class-action and Federal lawsuits.
Illegal immigrants would be encouraged to get out of Arizona by creating incentives for legal citizens to refuse to transport or hire them. No state services would be granted to illegal immigrants. The “Signing of the bill has led to massive demonstrations in Arizona, Washington, D.C. and many other cities across the United States, both for and against the legislation.”
In Arizona, justifying these divisions into first and second class citizens is a political big hit.
brewer 5“In July 2009, Jan Brewer signed SB 1113, which entitles people in Arizona to carry concealed guns in bars or restaurants as long as they do not consume alcohol. Brewer also signed SB 1168, a measure that bans property owners from prohibiting the storage of firearms in locked vehicles parked on their lots.
“She signed SB 1243, which allows a person who is threatened to announce they are armed, or display or place their hand on their firearm before the use of deadly force.In April 2010, Brewer signed SB 1108, which removes the licensure requirement for law-abiding citizens who choose to carry a concealed firearm in the state of Arizona.”
jan brewer 4Governor Jan Brewer vetoed two bills. One set a mandate that anyone running for President must have proof of U.S. citizenship and the other being a bill which allowed guns on college campuses.Federal law already mandates that a candidate for President must be a natural born U.S. citizen. Arizona doesn’t seem quite ready to have its college campuses teaming with armed twenty year-old students.
Better luck next time. Any laws strengthening and expanding gun rights is a win-win in Arizona.
“In the face of a mounting budget crisis in Arizona, Brewer signed the 2011 legislative budget which eliminates the Arizona variant of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as KidsCare, providing health insurance to uninsured children whose families have low income.
Other legislation was passed under Jan Brewer to further limit access of poor families and children to health care, saying “We do not have the money…. We are broke.”
“Brewer attended Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona, where she received a radiological technologist certificate”, proving that in this wonderful country, you too can become Secretary of State and even Governor of Arizona.


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