Zealots, minions and Decepticons in the Jodi Arias Case

The Jodi Arias murder trial, the OTHER side of the story.

fact based reporting by

Rob Roman & Amanda Chen


Urban Dictionary: One who is religiously devoted to an ideal, cause, object, person, or culture. Typically to an extreme.

Zealots are also found in the modern day world. For instance, there are Linux users, anime fanatics, High School band teachers, Vegetarians, and Amway salsepeople.

The recipe for a Zealot is as follows:

– Take a me or a you.

– Wrap in ignorance, boil in anger, stew in narcissism.

– Then simmer in obstinance.


Webster Dictionary:

1) a servile dependent, follower, or underling
2) a subordinate or petty official
The recipe for minions is as follows:
Take 2 bowls of lackeys, add 1 Seargent Schultz, combine with 1 donkey cart full of Plebeian Warriors, garnish with assorted friuts and nuts.


Urban Dictionary: A Decepticon is the opposite of a nerdfighter. Decpeticons are “full of suck”.


The recipe for a Decepticon is as follows:

recipe decepticon 1

Yum Yum!


We made some changes to this article after reflecting on who we are and what we want to present. That’s part of trying not to be a Zealot a minion, or a Decepticon ourselves. It’s called the ability to reflect, to reconsider, and to evolve. Our views have evolved a great deal over the course of this trial. Whatever side youré on, if your views have not evolved considerably over the course of this trial, you might be a Zealot, a minion, or a Decepticon.

Plus, Amanda Demanded I change the article, and we’re a team. Oh, yeah – she’s right, too.

zealot 5There are plenty of Zealots, minions and Decepticons in the Jodi Arias case. The important thing to remember is that they’re on both sides of this case. I’m not interested in fighting with bizarre people. But I do like a good laugh. I’m not going to name a particular Zealot in this case, but I want to talk about it Zealotry in general.

What makes someone a Zealot? What are the requirements? Let’s start by saying who is not a Zealot:

Christine Beswick,

a prosecution supporter is officially off my list. Chritine Beswick is officially no longer a Decepticon in my view. She has written some very good articles, she communicates, and she responds to criticism. We disagree with her in substance, but she’s entitled to her views. I think she wants Arias to be sentenced to Death, so I’m not happy about that.  She states she does not personally hate Jodi Arias or her defenders, and I accept that.


Deborah Maran,

a prosecution supporter, is not a Zealot. Deborah Maran does not want Arias to be sentenced to Death. She has some very informative articles and she is open to people who wish to question her views and opinions.


So, generally what makes a trial watcher a Zealot?


  • Making comparisons between Adolf Hitler and a stranger who committed a domestic homicide.

Adolf Hitler was responsible for the organized murder of millions of people in World War 2. Likening this most notorious of figures to a defendant in a Capital murder trial is going way over the line and deep into the territory of Zealotry. This is the trump card of all trump cards, and when someone pulls that card out so quickly, they have to have a lack of perspective. It’s highly prejudicial and emotionally charged to pull that trump card. Someone who does that is a definite Zealot and has lost touch with reality.

Using this comparison on the Defense side, such as to describe the actions of the State or a prosecutor is equally wrong. It’s right in the Zealotry zone.

  • Making comparisons between Serial killers and a stranger who committed a domestic homicide.

Jodi Arias has been compared to Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson and Hannibal Lecter. That’s over the top Zealotry. The idea that Jodi Arias is a serial killer who was caught early has little evidence to serve as a basis for that claim. She was not found to be a sociopath or a psychopath, and she has no precursors or childhood traumas normally associated with serial killers.

  • Making comparison between Nazi propaganda and Arias supporter sites.

zealot 3It’s true that the Nazis perfected the fine art of propaganda, especially telling the people what they want to hear and telling only one side of a story. Leaving out information and distorting or misrepresenting information are the hallmarks of such machinations.These tactics have been followed by countless dictatorships and military juntas such as the Soviet Union, Cuba, China, North Korea, El Salvadore, and on and on.

Fast forward to today. In the Jodi Aria case, there’s a situation where one side considers itself all heroes in a land of rainbows, unicorns, lovely garden gnomes, butterflies, bright sunshine, and Channel #9. The other side is seen as Lepers swimming in excrement, vomit, the stench and decay of dead flesh and swamp gas.

Such black and white, one-sided situations rarely materialize in history, although they are not unheard of. In this case, by media and by social media, a one-sided story emerged. No one wanted to be on the losing side. As the trial progressed, the defense side was given less and less of a voice. Murder trials have become big business, and everyone wants be part of the winning team.

Yes, I’m offended, as are many, by injecting references of Nazi propaganda and evoking Adolf Hitler in a discussion about one particular person who commited a domestic homicide. It indicates Zealotry, a prejudice, and an unfair and combative posture towards people in opposition to one’s ideas and beliefs. It’s like putting on a suit of armor wielding a sword to go to a business meeting.

Prosecution supporters have their reasons for anger at some Jodi supporters that go far beyong mere support for Jodi Arias, I’m finding this out at a very late date. According to some prosecution supporters, the enmity between supporters from both camps has to do with tactics (going after fb people in real life, going after witnesses, the families and the victim, posting shocking and offensive memes in order to threaten, intimidate or taunt).

It’s high time to move on from the heat of the guilt phase of the trial and judge people on what they do and how they act today – not yesterday.

There came a point where almost anything and everything said on behalf of the prosecution was accepted and proclaimed as fact and truth, no matter how improbable and flimsy the basis of the information was. Anything even the least little bit positive or favorable to the defendant or the defense in any way, caused the messenger to be attacked with a storm of Facebook and Twitter hate.

Naturally, because this is the USA, a few people rose up from all over to defend the underdog, the voiceless and the powerless. I was one of those people. We started telling the OTHER side of the story.

We assumed that everyone was getting one side of the story, so there was little need to present that side again. But we stayed faithful to the facts, even those unfavorable to the defense side, precisely because of a desire to avoid misleading propaganda. I will be the first to admit that some Jodi supporter sites present only certain facts favorable to the defense and ignore vital facts. Some sites also misrepresent facts and even present things which are known to be false.

This happens on both sides, though, and it takes work to sort through what’s accurate fom what’s not.

  • Making abusive comments, denigrating the victim, the defendant, their families, witnesses or anyone participating in the trial.

zealot 4

This is the action of minions and Zealots. Someone made the accusation that I make snide remarks and abusive comments on FB pages, and she posted screenshots to try and prove it. What a crock. She shows the last comment I made, but she neglects to show the preceding comments where one member who doesn’t know me very well was engaged in trolling behavior in violation of the rules of the group.

I gave warnings and told the commenter I knew her game, THEN I made the comment. This person making the accusation also interpreted some comments I’ve made as snide. That’s her interpretation filtered through her own prejudice, and she’s wrong.

But if you want a snide comment, here’s one for you. Hey You! I’ll make any comment I want, snide or otherwise, in a blog or in a civil discussion group with rules and Admins. If you don’t like it, SHOVE IT! If the Admins. don’t like it, THEY will deal with it, not YOU. You do not control me, Zealot.

1st Amendment – check into it.

What’s really hypocritical is a Zealot who accuses me of making “snide comments”, whatever that means, and then stands by and condones another commenter calling me all sorts of names 100 times worse. You saw what this person said and you allowed it. Why? Because that person is on YOUR side. You wouldn’t allow someone on the opposing side to make those comments, would you?

That is something I would never allow anyone from any perspective to do in a discussion or on this blog. If you did something about it, then congratulations, you may be on your way to not being a Zealot.

Another thing, I voluntarily go on prosecution supporter civil discussion pages because I want to debate and discuss the case, NOT because I want to attack or be rude to people. I don’t see YOU there, Zealot. In those groups, Jodi Arias supporters are outnumbered 99 to 1. So, how am I going to attack anyone? If anyone is attacking anyone, common sense says I’m the one being attacked.

Sometimes in these situations, you have to be assertive, and I make no apologies for that.

Arias supporter Richard Speights
Arias supporter Richard Speights

Richard Speights is a Conservative, a proud gun owner, and an author of articles in support of Jodi Arias from Montana, USA. Richard first appeared on the Jodi Arias scene with a very interesting essay about hand to hand combat and knife-fighting and how a person with a knife could be facing off in self-defense against an unarmed aggressor. Richard has personal experience as a military medic and he’s trained in knife combat. Many Arias supporters cite this article as key in understanding the defense case:

“Innocence: An Argument for Jodi Arias by Richard Speights

    Can A Woman Defensively Stab A Man In The Back
While Standing Face-To-Face With Him?”


He went on to write another article about how the gunshot wound may have deflected off the skull and gone through the nasal cavity and into the jaw:


Richard was harassed by prosecution supporters while discussing his theory. Prosecution supporters accused him of attacking them.

Here are some things Richard Speights said:

“Let me be clear–I believe in the death penalty. But my strong stance on that issue demands I also believe in fair trials. If we can’t afford the defendant, any defendant a fair trial, the system becomes tyrannical and we all lose.”

“I have no dog in this fight, although those railing against Arias would tell you different; because they see anyone not one-of-them as the enemy. I don’t know Jodi, and if she lives or dies, it will have no bearing on my life. However…”

“If our legal system becomes corrupt, then it endangers me. And what I saw on television was not right. Education is not always the best indicator of a person’s willingness to tell the truth. Sometimes people who are in positions provided by their education will go along with the crowd to keep their jobs.”

“There are a lot of people saying a lot of things (many are wrong on both sides). That’s the problem with something that has grown as large as this Arias thing. It gets a little out-of-hand.”

Now which is more likely? Richard Speights voluntarily goes to a discussion Yuku where people are known for messing with people. He is eager to talk about his theory and debate and discuss it. It’s one person against all the regulars on the prosecution side.

fairy magic 2Which is more likely? That he single-handedly started a fight with all the regulars or that they attacked him? I know which is more likely to me. Then I see screen shots of Richard arguing with someone. We only see his comments, no one else’s. Patient and generous people who want to share their work don’t just get frustrated and start fighting with people for no reason.

Richard gets upset because he’s from Montana and a Zealot’s friend calls him the Una- Bomber. But that’s ok according to Zealot’s friend because the friend didn’t say he was the Una Bomber, she only said he was like the Una-Bomber. Big difference there! There might be more to that story, don’t you think?

That’s Zealotry at its finest. Why is Richard getting upset just because he wants to discuss his theory and someone calls him a Una-Bomber? Why should he not be happy about that?

By the way, since 95 % of the people are on the prosecution side, that’s also 95% of the crazy and mean people, too. You think all the crazy people are on the Jodi side and all of the 5% Jodi Supporters are crazy and/or mean? Think again, Zealot.

  • Claiming that you are the victim when you outnumber the other side by 99 to 1. That’s a Zealot tactic, and it’s really ridiculous, at this stage in the trial, to claim that your side, which overwhelmingly outnumbers the other side, is constantly in danger and under threat of attack.

There’s a claim out there by some Zealot that Jodi supporters want to prevent people from proving that Jodi Arias is guilty. How laughable. She’s already been found guilty. 95% of the public agree, and few people I know are saying she’s innocent. They just disagree with the charge.

  • Relying on illogical arguments that appear to be logical. Usually when you see unsound arguments they come in two forms, a logical and factual premise leading to illogical and non-related conclusions, and an illogical premise from which logical conclusions are drawn.

Here are examples:

Example 1) Logical, factual premise:

(Researched material)

Cows are animals Cows have four legs. Cows graze in fields.

Illogical conclusion

Tom saw a four legged animal in a field, therefore Tom saw a cow.

Maybe Tom did see a cow and maybe he didn’t. There’s not enough information to know for sure (missing information).

Example 2) Illogical non- factual premise:

(Researched material)

All the bicycles in the world are blue (inaccurate information)

Logical conclusion

Mary has a bicycle, therefore Mary has a blue bicycle.

logical premise

If you know how to look for and find these two types of situations, you have gone a long way towards discovering unsound arguments. Arguments of these types can be found on both sides.

crazy conePeople can be fooled by these arguments because the flaws are buried in the research or information. The more information given, the easier it is for the flaws to be hidden. The argument appears sound, because look at all that research and information presented to you.

  • Going too far, going overboard, overkill

Zealots will go too far. They will insist that they are 100% right and everyone else is 100% wrong and that’s the end of it. They usually don’t communicate with people of opposing views and they don’t accept criticism of their own theories and ideas,

One person posted a screenshot of a conversation she had with George Barwood to prove that she communicates with the opposition. What she doesn’t tell you is that prosecution supporters far outnumber Jodi Arias supporters on most of George’s pages. George is civil and respectful and easy to have a pleasant conversation with, so talking with George in no way proves a person is not a Zealot.

Talking with or listening to Decepticons doesn’t prove you are not a Zealot, either.

There is a small group of people who feel strongly that unethical things happened in this trial that violated this person’s Constitutional right to a fair trial. They feel that this is far from a typical Death Penalty case and should never have been one. They do not want to see any more killing in this matter. They feel terrible for the victim’s family, but they can’t help the victim now. They are trying to help the one they can help. Some feel this person is severely mentally ill or unable to defend herself properly.

Let’s get it straight, sites on both sides omit important facts, misrepresent facts, and present the facts most favorable to their side. Those on one side will often be blinded by some omissions, misrepresentations, and favoritisms. This is where discussion and debate come in handy. We can detect the flaws in our own arguments and those on the other side.

Another example of going too far is attacking and abusing people like George Barwood or Amanda Chen or reasonable prosecution supporters who are very open to discussion and are harmless. Amanda got attacked for practicing her English on discussion pages, and now she’s reluctant to come on Facebook at all. Racial and sexual comments were made. Hey you! If the day ever comes that you are fluent in 5 languages and have an advanced degree, then you can attack someone who has achieved these things for communicating in her 4th language, fool.

Hey Jackass! Amanda’s vocabulary is better than mine and her English is much better than yours. So shove it, minion.

  • Interpreting mundane words and actions in a crazy, conspiracy-like manner.

I just heard from a prosecution supporter-blogger who actually thinks that my intention is to stop people from speaking out about Jodi Arias’ guilt, to attack anyone who says something bad about “my Jodi”, and to prevent people from knowing the truth, Sorry, but that is the craziest statement I’ve heard in a long time. I’m still laughing about it. That crazy idea is just jam-packed with Zealotry. This case, for good or ill, is just an endless source of entertainment.

You have to worry about the mental health of somebody who says something like that. This woman feels she’s on a sort of mission from God to prove Jodi guilty with her blog. Maybe she didn’t realize that Jodi Arias has already been found guilty in a court of law and 95% of people agree with the verdict. Nobody needs you to prove anything and nobody could stop you from doing whatever you’re doing. The idea that somehow, you are helping to prove Jodi guilty is being out of touch with reality in a big way.

Jodi Arias is not “my Jodi”. People can say and have said whatever they want about her. I go to Twitter or the State page and laugh at the remarks and the memes. Some are very original and some are humorous. I get compliments and criticism from both sides. I lost some likes from Jodi supporters for whatever reason, and gained a few likes from prosecution supporters I had to ban a Jodi supporter from my comment page for spamming, So, you can’t tell me I’m not fair. I do not communicate with Jodi Arias, take orders from Jodi Arias or listen to Jodi Arias. I say and do what I want.

crazy cone mileyNo where on this blog do we state that Jodi Arias is innocent. Even Jodi Arias doesn’t say that. She says she’s innocent of the charge, and that she was over-charged. Looking at some recent cases in Arizona, I can see why she feels that way. Recently, three people bashed a man’s head in with a baseball bat, stabbed him AND strangled him to death, and none of the three were charged with 1st degree murder. There are many cases like that in Arizona.

  • Tendency to be a dictator or control freak, use of censorship, deleting people’s comments and excessive blocking. That’s a sure sign of Zealotry. The funniest thing is people who block everyone who don’t agree with them. What a perfect way to never have your ideas challenged. When you want to control what people say and what their comments are, how can you be interested in a search for the truth, minion?

People like this are living in their own bubble of reality. They don’t want anyone to come in there and possibly burst that bubble by allowing free speech, and listening to opposing views.

  • The Zealot does not consider the opposing view and does not really communicate much with anyone outside their bubble. The Zealot speaks in absolutes. This person is definitely _____. Absolutely and without question _______ happened. The Zealot does not accept criticism or opposing views. The Zealot is combative and unpleasant. The Zealot is beyond reproach and is always right. The Zealot never changes and clings for their very life to their inflexible opinions.

I believe ALL of us, as human beings, stand with the Alexander family and feel deeply for their terrible loss. We are all Travis supporters. That’s why we call the opposing side prosecution supporters. We make a very sharp distinction between the few supporters on both sides who are Zealots, Decepticons and minions, and the many supporters who are caring thoughtful people who have come to their conclusions sincerely. They have every right to their beliefs, and to express them as they see fit.

Zealots have a false sense of importance.

No Zealot, minion or Decepticon, from any perspective on this case is going to tell me what I am or how I act. They are not going to tell me what to think or believe about this case. No screenshot king or queen can create reality or decide events with their hysteria. Wendy Murphy, the attorney, has been called the “Hag of the Hoax”. No blogging Hag or website Whacko is going to decide things for me or dictate my views.

You and I can decide for ourselves. No control freak dictator, blogging Zealot-hag, spammer, troll, or groupie decides it for us or tells us what things are like or how things are going to be.

We discuss, we debate, we read what responsible people from all perspectives have to say, and we decide for ourselves.


The Twitter Twits speaking about Jodi Arias and her supporters:

minions 6

– “Most of them are criminals, con artists, and manipulators …birds of a feather”

– “How do you forgive someone who shows no remorse and continues to lie, and the DP is not murder it is justice”

Execution for liars? The politicians and the PayPal Psychics are in trouble.

– “*snicker* You Jodi Arias supporters wouldn’t like what most of us normal people have to say”

– “Can’t reason w/idiots, poke them w/ a stick &move on they support Jodi Arias, what u expect?”

Here we go with the we are Normal (tweeting on Twitter all day), and the you all ain’t. We don’t have to bother explaining or being specific because all y’all Jodites are imbeciles.

minions 5– “I don’t go to church. HLN sucks ass. I DO swear @ u freaks but that’s like speaking to a pet in a silly voice.”

We deserve it because we are freaks. Gotcha.

– “When you got nothing you go for anything desperate people Jodi Arias fans!”

Real original: Taunting and grammatically obtuse, but it’s Twitter so this must be another ‘it doesn’t matter’ kind of shout out.

– “Why does it matter if Jodi Arias trial is on TV, if hung jury again judge decides, can’t taint future jury pool because there won’t be one.”

Clever, clever. This one thinks ahead.


– “The Arias supporters say killing Arias doesn’t equal justice yet out the other side of their mouths say (killing) the “pedo abuser” should!”

– “Agree. She & followers both believe she’ll one day walk with conviction overturned. Smh. Never happen”

More of this nonsense about Travis deserving to be killed because he was abusive and there were allegations of inapproriate sexual thoughts.

Here’s an Arias Supporter:

– “Murdering her will not bring “closure”; love & forgiveness trump hate & revenge”.

I agree with that one whole-heartedly.

– “Wow I think some #JodiArias supporters are sicker than her.”

Heard that one before. Borrrrrrrrrring.

minions 3

– “I have no doubt they know exactly what their plan is- unlike the #jodiarias mistfits and inbreds, they don’t need to announce it”

Uh huh, yup.

– “That’s unfair. I’m sure many #JodiArias supporters are alcoholics and/or heroin addicts”

Hold on a minute now, I gotta go slam down some shots and shoot up.

– “Why is it that most women #jodiarias supporters look like crack heads & give the duck lips?”

Whaaa? Never heard that one before and not really sure what that means.

– “The supporters want her out Bc they think she is innocent. Meanwhile Jodi is planning on killing Brewer next.”

How did he find out about our super-secret plan? We mut have a mole in our double-covert Facebook Jodi Lair!

“My mom taught me not to tease the mentally handicapped but sorry I just cant leave the #jodiarias supporters alone. Am I going to hell?”

Uh, yes, …… in the express lane.

“PU!? Some people have not heard of soap and deodorant. Man if you stink so bad you can clear the court DON’T COME back b4 u wash”

Was that a live courtroom tweet?

– “Ok supporters, tell me why, come out with why_why is she innocent, why no DP?, …just why, what have you heard that we have not?”

Read the blog, bub, read the blog.

minions 4– “She must be making an effort to be so repulsive. I don’t think someone could inadvertently be that disgusting. #JodiArias”

Okey Dokey, Pokey.

Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial  33m33 minutes ago

“I guess I don’t need to visit a haunted house this year. Sitting 30 feet away from #JodiArias is enough.”

This shows what a bunch of juvenile clowns the Wild at Trial bunch are, always making a joke or a middle school prank out of a Capital case where a human being could lose her life. They’re playing to their lowest common denominator audience and cow-towing to the masses.

Minions are as minions do, and every day they’re out there, spewing their spew. If you want to be a simpletonic fool, you can join them, too. Now we move on to my personal favorite, the Decepticon. The Decepticon is worse than the Zealot, I think, because they don’t even try to be right, they are simply out for themselves and what they can get. Talk about manipulation? My God in Havana.


I have wanted to do this one for some time. You may have noticed that at the end of each article at Spotlight on Law, we usually say something like:

We warmly welcome any comments from anyone with any opinion. ALL comments are accepted and will be posted.”

This is directly due to my troubling experiences with Dr. Kristina Randle’s blog. The good Doctor refused to accept or post any of my comments, even though they were politely worded and respectful. That made me mad.

Pig-biting mad.

Dr. Randle doesn’t allow any opposing views in her comment section, and she refuses to listen to or read anything from someone who disagrees with her about the Jodi Arias case, which is very telling of her own personal psychology.

Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW


Dr. Kristina Randle
Dr. Kristina Randle

“Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and Assistant Professor of Social Work and Forensics with extensive experience in the field of mental health. She works in private practice with adults, adolescents and families.

She is particularly interested in assisting adolescent girls and women struggling with eating disorders, eating-disordered thinking, body image issues, self-injury, low self-esteem, emotional instability, negative thinking and matters relating to schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses.”

Code Alert: Dr. Randle may be yet another man-hater

Kristina utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, humanistic-existential and strengths-based perspective, according to her blog.

About: “I am avidly interested in both mental health and criminology topics. I am particularly interested in the intersection of these two topics, especially when it comes to criminal cases. As of late my focus has been on the Jodi Arias case, and other high-profile criminal cases.

I am an “Ask the Therapist” columnist for PsychCentral.com and was named the 7th Most Influential Mental Health Expert on the Internet.

Who do you know who brags about being #7?

Her website is located at https://www.kristinarandle.com/.


Dr. Kristina Randle – Decepticon Emeritus

“Jodi ‘supporters’ might appropriately be renamed Jodi ‘truthers.’ Their view of reality is just as skewed as the man who believes that the Newtown shootings were a hoax.” – Dr. Kristina Randle

Actually, at Spotlight on Law and American Culture Shock, we presented a 4-part article on the Sandy Hook shootings, written by a former Newtown resident who actually was a student at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Far from a hoax, we reported how the unprecedented secrecy and censorship of the tragedy is primarily what fueled the hoaxers. We also presented an article refuting each and every major assertion the hoaxers made.



lucy-cartoon-therapist“I have been writing about the Jodi Arias case since her trial last year. As someone who studies extreme abnormality and mental illness she is a fascinating subject. Her ego and desire to be heard are truly remarkable.”

What’s so remarkable about Jodi wanting to be heard when almost no one, in this free society of ours dared to tell her side of the story?

“It’s hard to fathom how an individual who nearly decapitated someone and who has been adjudicated as guilty of first-degree, premeditated murder continues to feel so entitled. It is no surprise that despite being incarcerated she still has a voice. She does this all through her supporters.”

Here we go with the nearly decapitated, again. The slit throat was a fatal and gruesome wound, but it’s a far cry from nearly decapitated. Here in the free world, there’s something called the right of free speech.

1_badge_decal_lightning_decepticon__94575“Psychopaths are particularly skilled at conning people into doing things for them. This can include obtaining money for them or standing up for them when it is perceived that others are trying to expose them. It’s not a coincidence that Jodi has attracted individuals to fulfill these functions on her behalf.”

“I don’t think she does it purposefully to anger people. Every move she makes happens to anger people but I don’t think that’s why she does what she does. I think she does it because she thinks she has a right to do it. She might also do it because she believes she’s so talented that she feels she must share that talent with the world [extreme narcissism]. I’m sure she doesn’t see what she’s doing as a problem or potential hindrance to her. It’s her perception that she is talented artistically. Keep in mind that Hitler painted as well.

bugs bunny victoryNothing in that passage makes any sort of sense. When I see references to Adolf Hitler, who was responsible for millions of deaths, in terms of a person who committed a domestic homicide, I need to question the psychology of the person who writes such slop. When I see someone pulling out that trump card of trump cards so quickly, I got to get in there. I got to get in there and look for more problems and errors in what this Decepticon is spewing.

Now, who else might be engaged in this very same tactic, I wonder?

Nazi Propaganda and the Arias Cult – article one.

by Deborah Maran


What a coincidence! 🙂


“I think she does it because she has a right to do it” – Apparantly, she does have the right to do it, cause nobody’s stopping her. Maybe she does it because no one has given her a voice in this case, and the media has tried to steamroll her, mostly as a reaction to the acquittal in the Casey Anthony case.

The 1st amendment does apply to those accused and convicted of a crime, and that’s why Sheriff Joe Arpaio allowed Arias those post conviction and post trial interviews. Booyah!

Jodi Arias has communicated with people who have spoken out on her behalf, but Jodi Arias didn’t initiate any of this. These were people who sprang up in her defense because they perceived an injustice and they believe in a very American principle that we should give a voice to the minority opinion and the powerless and look objectively at all sides to a story. People who have stood up for Jodi do not like the mainstream media or even the social media telling us what to think, as HLN and others tried to do in the Jodi Arias case.

To this day, reporters still feel they need to give caveats and disclaimers whenever they say anything even the least positive about Jodi Arias or her defense for fear they will receive them some “Facebook Hate”, lots of negative comments or tweets, or, worse yet, lose traffic to their websites and spree-casts

“Keep in mind that Hitler painted as well.”

– Dr. Kristina Randle


“Jodi Arias has her supporters. You’ve probably read their comments and seen their AVATARS. Often the avatars are pictures of Travis Alexander with his throat cut or in a body bag. Often the pictures will include a tagline that says ‘pedophile’.”

That’s really a lie, isn’t it, Kristina? Do you have any examples? No, I didn’t think you did. I have been all over social media related to the Jodi Arias case. I have NEVER, EVER, seen an avatar that is a picture of Travis with his throat cut or in a body bag. I have seen a few Jodi Supporters refer to Travis as a pedophile and that’s wrong, as it was an allegation only.

JAII (jodiariasisinnocent.com) did publish a body bag photo of Travis, but that was in the heat of the battle during the original trial and people felt Jodi Arias was justified by way of self-defense. We have reported that there were allegations of pedophilia, which is factual.

“The question is why do they support Jodi and why do they feel the need to attack and trash Travis?”

There’s a difference between attacking and trashing the victim, and looking at the facts and allegations surrounding Travis Alexander in the context of a self-defense claim.

decepticons_space_logo_by_phendraguardian-d4yd4kt“The evidence was sufficient for the jury to unanimously agree that Jodi was a liar and a murderer. She had to be a liar because her version of the story, if believed by the jury, would make her innocent. They found her guilty and thus believed she was lying.”

By that same incredible logic, OJ Simpson is not guilty because that’s what the jury found, and the prosecution must have lied about nearly everything, because the jury did not believe them. By that same logic, James Robison, Robert Charles Cruz, David Wayne Grannis, Christopher McCrimmon, Lemuel Prion, Ray Krone, and Debra Milke are all liars and their defense attorneys lied also. All these people were convicted and on the way to be executed in Arizona until they were later exonerated and finally set free.

That’s not to say Jodi Arias is totally innocent of all charges. Guess what? Jodi Arias stated as recently as January 5th, 2015 that she is innocent of the charge of 1st degree premeditated murder and she was over-charged. This is much different than saying she’s totally innocent in the killing of Travis Alexander.

January 5, 2015 quote by Jodi Arias (Click To Enlarge)
January 5, 2015 quote by Jodi Arias (Click To Enlarge)

“The Jodi Arias supporters, continue to support her. The evidence that swayed the jury makes no difference to them. Not only do they support Jodi, they vilify Travis and believe he deserved to die. Read their stuff. They not only imply it, they come right out and say it. They say he was a pedophile. They say he was an abuser. They say he deserved to die.”

Only a very few people have said that, and saying that’s just plain wrong. If Travis did in fact attack Jodi Arias in the way that she described, then the killing would be justified, but she went too far, in my opinion. The jury did not believe the self-defense claim. If Travis Alexander has a problem with sexual thoughts about underage minors, these were thoughts only and were never acted upon. Still that has no bearing on the killing, other than this issue and arguments about it may have caused an escalation into physical violence.

zealot 2“So now we’re dealing with two important issues concerning her supporters. One, they support her even in light of the evidence that was sufficient for the jury to find her guilty of the most severe murder charge possible. Two, they despise and vilify Travis. Though they may exist, I have yet to find a Jodi supporter who did not despise and vilify Travis.”

Her writing is the quality of a high school junior. How did she ever get that Ph.D?

Well, I know Jodi Arias supporters, and very few of them despise or vilify Travis. Most of them do believe Jodi’s testimony, though, and they’re entitled to their opinion and to the right to voice their opinion. We do feel free to look at allegations and to look at evidence from both inside and outside the trial and to discuss it.

“In light of facts one and two, mentioned above, we can come to some definite conclusions about Jodi supporters. First of all, fact and reason and evidence is not important to them when coming to their conclusion about Jodi’s innocence or guilt. The evidence in this case, is overwhelming. It would be a waste of time, yours and mine, to repeat all of that evidence in this article. We have her bloody hand print on the wall. Not only was that handprint Jodi’s blood, it was also Travis’s blood. We have the camera, which unintentionally documented Jodi’s murder of Travis. And I could go on and on.”

“We can come to some definite conclusions”? “In light of facts one and two”? Those are not facts. Now, “Dr.” Kristina Randle goes on to explain the evidence that Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander, which the defense stipulated to and was uncontested in the trial.

The trial was never about whether Arias killed Alexander. You cannot claim self-defense in a murder trial unless you have killed someone. You know?

“The evidence means nothing to Jodi supporters. They claim, sure she killed him but he deserved it because he is a pedophile and an abuser of women. What evidence do they have for their claim? None. There is no evidence. There is only the word of a well documented liar. They choose to believe an admitted liar.”

It doesn’t matter if she lied. All that really matters is – “Is it reasonably possible?”

jodi arias blondThere is nothing to justify Alexander’s killing save killing in self-defense, which the jury did not believe. Very few Jodi supporters said that Travis deserved to die because he was a pedophile. None that I know of say that, with the exception of SJ (Simon Johannsen AKA Simon Hill). Even if the allegations were true, Travis only had thoughts, he had not acted upon them yet. So even if you believe the allegations, there’s no way that someone deserves to be murdered because he has inappropriate thoughts. That makes zero sense. How many of us would be left alive then?

“They also choose to believe that yeah, she lied before but she’s not lying now. What would make them think that? She lied before, admitted it, and did so because it was better for her. Just over the course of the murder and the investigation, she has lied for years. There is no rational, reasonable explanation for their belief in her truthfulness.”

As far as the trial goes, you have no right to assume the defendant lied on the stand under oath. You would have to specify what she said that you feel is untrue, and say why. Most people confronted with murder accusations lie about it at first. The jury had the right to disregard her testimony if they felt it was untruthful. The fact that she has lied in the past makes it even more crucial that she would tell the truth on the stand.

Even if you disregard the whole of her testimony, there is still evidence of verbal and emotional abuse, sound reasons to believe that Travis Alexander may have become suddenly and violently enraged at Jodi Arias. Strange facts indicated that Travis Alexander had a dark side and serious mental and emotional issues.

Jodi told of Travis suddenly becoming enraged. This was corroborated at trial by Travis’ friends. Jodi Arias said that Travis first had sex with Deanna Reid. This was corroborated by Deanna Reid at trial. Jodi Arias said that Travis had issues requiring counseling in 2008. This was corroborated by Travis’ best friends, who said the same thing in early 2007. Jodi Arias stated that Travis Alexander cheated on her and others and ran multiple women at the same time. This has been corroborated at trial. Jodi Aria stated that Travis became angry because his computer was having problems on June 4th, 2008. This has been corroborated by the evidence.

So then people say that Jodi Arias is a “master manipulator” who weaves fibers of the truth into her elaborate lies. That may be so, but it might not be.

118ejv7As a “psychologist”, Dr. Randle should know that a childhood such as Travis Alexander’s frequently leads to a variety of problems later in life. At least five of the seven Alexander siblings have had some problems in later life. There is also compelling evidence of overcharging and malfeasance within the prosecutor’s office in regard to this case. All of this is completely independent of Jodi Arias’ guilt or innocence or veracity.

But wait – Dr. Randle never said she was a psychologist. She’s a social worker and psychotherapist. Hmmmmm.

“So now we know that whatever motivates them to believe in Jodi Arias has nothing to do with evidence or her long history of lying. We also know, that without a shred of evidence, they believe that Travis was a PEDOPHILE, abused Jodi and deserved to die. They actually gloat about his being butchered. Read their stuff.”

Randle with the PhD, keeps repeating the same thing over and over and over. Nowhere in her article is there any evidence of her keen observational and assessment powers. Round and round in a cricle she goes.

psychologist 2Here would be a good place to put an example or a quote, which people like Randle never do. How many 30 year-old men would have a phone conversation with a female sexual partner where they talk about a 12 year-old girl having her first orgasm or deflowering a 12 year-old girl while masturbating? Wouldn’t that be a mood-killer for most women?

There are foul things that some Jodi supporters say about Travis, etc. But that is not all Jodi supporters and not the majority. I could take lots of quotes from the “State page” (“The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial) https://www.facebook.com/Justice4Travis.

The fact is that many thoughtful and caring prosecution supporters renounce the hate on that page and refuse to participate. In the same way, many Jodi supporters renounce hatred spewed from a few select fellow supporters and they refuse to associate with them.

A great many Jodi supporters do not say anything at all on social media. They stay perched in their secret groups, giving positive support to Jodi Arias and they only mention the Alexander family in their prayers, if at all.

article-2318268-198FFFA3000005DC-793_634x454“Their great pleasure in his death cannot possibly, to a sane, rational human being, be explained by the “mean” words we know Travis spoke, on a few occasions, to Jodi. We also know of the horrendous things Jodi did to Travis before she ultimately murdered him. She stalked him, very likely slashed his tires, contacted his current girlfriends pretending to be Travis, hacked into his e-mail and social media. On a few occasions, he reacted with harsh words. Based on that, the Jodi supporters celebrate his butchery.”

Now, as is so often the case, Randle is attempting to build a logical argument on top of her unsound, illogical premise. That doesn’t work in the logical or legal realms. Maybe that works in humanistic-existential therapy, though. Further, there is much more of a basis for psychological and emotional abuse than a few harsh words from Travis Alexander. There is evidence of such treatment throughout the relationship – from beginning to end. There was no actual evidence of stalking by the legal definition of stalking. Stalking means that the stalker intends harm or intends to instill fear in her target.

psychologistStalking is behavior that the stalked needs to know is happening. Jodi Arias peeping in a window one time was a result of her usual habit of going over to Travis’ home at night unannounced for sexual liaisons. This time the door was locked, and being welcome in the home, she went around to the side to see if anyone was home. She just happened to see Travis making out with a woman on the couch.

If you read the Flores report, you’ll see that even when Alexander’s friends discovered his body, his roommate was home, yet the friends knocked on the door and received no answer. Knowing Alexander had an open door, ‘let yourself in’ policy towards guests, the friends called someone who knew his garage code, and in they went.

Sending a message back to another woman from Travis’ phone saying “I’m here with Jodi” is a catty thing to do, but hardly stalking. There’s no evidence that Jodi Arias was the person who slashed tires, and both Travis and Lisa Andrews-Daidone had jealous ex’s. Did Arias slash the tires? Maybe she did, but maybe she didn’t.

crazy cone 2By her own admission and no other evidence, Jodi did access Travis’ e-mail and Facebook accounts, but Travis had given her his password. No evidence was presented at trial of any acts of manipulating Travis’ e-mails or social media sites. Could Jodi Arias have been monitoring Travis’ social media accounts and e-mail to see what he was doing and who he was talking with? Sure, but then again, maybe not. We had the trial. Where was the evidence?

Actually, Travis could be a hot-head who reacted angrily on many occasions throughout the relationship. This may have been just because Jodi drove him bonkers, but then why stay involved with her for over a year and a half?

Few Jodi supporters “celebrate his butchery”. It’s the rare exception rather than the rule. Far, far more Prosecution supporters revel and rejoice in wishes and prayers that Jodi Arias will suffer endless torment and humiliation in prison before being finally executed by the state. How does that make them any different than the person they believe Jodi Arias to be?

Yesterday morning on Twitter I saw a tweet where the tweeter prayed to God that Jodi Arias would be executed. How repulsive, I couldn’t believe it. But I just shrug it off, these days. I look at that and say ‘wow, that Jethro be messed up’, then I move on my merry way.

“To find out the answer as to why her supporters would think the way they do and behave the way they do, we must look into their personal lives. The psychological facts of their existence. Just as a criminal profiler, can form a profile from the evidence at hand, without meeting with a criminal, we can form a profile of a Jodi supporter.”

Uh, Oh, here we go ………

psychologist 3This is verboten in psychology, to make a remote diagnosis and apply it to an entire group of people. Dr. Randle doesn’t state what her Ph.D is in, maybe it’s in existential humanistical therapization, or whatever. One can readily see that her knowledge of psychology is rather limited.

“It is not Travis that they hate but someone from their personal history, who has the characteristics of Travis. Those characteristics may simply be limited to the fact Travis was male. Some man abused them in the past.  Travis is a man. Their male abuser deserved to die. Travis deserved to die. This may be a female thinking about a past or present abusive boyfriend. Hating themselves for not being able to end their abuse and they now celebrate the fact that a woman did ‘justly’ do what they were unable to achieve. Jodi’s victory is now their victory.”

Dr. Randle is in a feel-good type of profession that handsomely rewards the most dedicated and crafty of total bullsh*t artists.

Jodi Arias supporters: Ladies, do you agree or disagree with “Dr.” Randle’s analysis of you? Travis Alexander’s killing represents the punishment and the vanquishing by proxy of female Arias supporter’s abusive male tormentors? Yeah – Right!

“The Jodi supporter does not have to be a female. She has male supporters. They too, celebrate the death of Travis. Why? Perhaps because they watched their father abuse their mother, couldn’t stop the abuse and now celebrate Jodi’s achieving what they could not. Or perhaps because they themselves have abused, feel guilt, they justify the punishment of abusers.”

Man, I’m late for our weekly Travis-Trashing and Butchery Celebration. Have you been to one yet? They’re just smashing. We each take turns stabbing a mannequin made up to look like Travis, then we drink wine and pretend it’s his blood!

Jodi Arias supporters: Guys, you celebrate Travis’ butchering because you are an abuser and you believe you should be punished. Right? Or, for the male ‘demonizers of Travis’, Arias helps you to fulfill your childhood mommy-abuser Oeidipal complex? – Gotcha!

“What we can say, without fear of contradiction, is there is no logical explanation for the behavior or thinking of Jodi supporters. By definition, when you believe something to be true in spite of clear evidence to the contrary, you are mentally ill. You can think of that statement as a layman’s definition of psychosis. There is no mental illness more severe than psychosis.”

Therefore, according to the good Doc., all Jodi supporters are Psychotic. Anyone who believes this was not a fair trial, thinks that this should never have been a death penalty case, or disagrees with the verdict(s) are psychotic, according to Dr. Kristina Randle.

Why are they Psychotic, Dr. Randle? Because, they believe in what Dr. Randle says they believe in, rather in what they actually believe.

“There is far more to a diagnosis of psychosis but the beginning is a belief in things to be true when clear evidence says they are not true.”

Wrong again, Doc. Lots of people with or without neuroses and personality disorders, believe in things when clear evidence says they are not true. 

Abraham Maslow, whose theory of self-actualization and his hierarchy of needs, is foundational to modern psychology, psychiatry and medicine. Every physician, social worker, psychiatrist, psychologist, and nurse will be familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Of course I’m not going to explain all of that here. I just wanted to let you know that if you are not familiar with the name Abraham Maslow, he is foundational to modern psychological thought and beyond.”

And your point is? This is a technique Dr. Randle is using where she uses some basic psychological knowledge to perch herself above her audience as “the expert”. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has absolutely zero relevance to this discussion. I first learned about Maslow’s pyramid in a high school psychology class.

Analysis: Intellectual Bullsh*t – baloney filler – Ivory tower malarchy.

maslow“Abraham Maslow says, that self-actualizing people are very healthy people. He says that most people are not self-actualizing people and thus are not healthy people. He says that there is one hallmark characteristic of self-actualizing people that makes them healthy mentally. This hallmark characteristic is missing in those that are not mentally healthy. That characteristic is: the ability to see reality more clearly. This simply means the ability to discern the truth in the world around us.”

Wrong. Self-actualized people are a rarity, and it seems Dr. Randle humbly includes herself in this very small minority. So, non self-actualized people are unable to discern reality? That’s not the definition of self-actualization, Doc.

Is Ivory Tower sitter Dr. Kristina Randle saying that juries and people discussing legal cases should be limited to only self-actualized persons, because the “average Joe” cannot discern the truth?

baloney-meter“Healthy people look for the truth and reject the false. Jodi Arias supporters not only fail to look for the truth, they accept the false. The venom and hate that they express towards Travis Alexander is very telling. It is telling us of their own personal psychological issues.”

Therefore, according to Dr. Dipstick, prosecution supporters are wonderful, self-actualized people and Jodi Arias supporters are psychotics and mentally ill.

manson arias crazy

According to Dr. Randle, Jodi Arias supporters are insane and irrational. They are psychopaths, woman- beaters, helpless males who witnessed their moms being beaten, and females who were attacked by males who now look to Travis’ butchery for a cathartic victory over their oppressors.


“PS. I plan to do a more in depth ANALYSIS of those supporters in the book. Please let me know if you are interested.”

Your next analysis will be your first analysis, Doc.

Conclusion: Dr. Randle is a poorly educated Bullsh*t Artist who uses the Jodi Arias case to draw attention to herself and her dubious services. She seems incapable of making a logical deduction and does not seem to understand logical or legal arguments. Has Dr. Randle projected her irrational and seething hatred of Jodi Arias onto her supporters supposed feelings towards Travis Alexander?

Dr. Randle doesn’t seem to know very much about psychology at all. Dr. Randle has publicly stated that she does not read or listen to what people who support Jodi Arias have to say, yet at the same time, she claims to know who they are and what they’re all about with enough expertise to write a book about it. 

Kristina Randle was in a doldrums, a slump in her career. She hooked up to the Jodi Arias trial like you would hook jumper cables up to your car to recharge a dead battery. The proof of this is that she hasn’t been around much for the penalty re-trial. Why not? She doesn’t have to be. She boosted her name recognition, presence, and marketability by throwing large rocks at a helpless, mentally ill woman. Now she’s doing just fine. Don’t forget to say thank-you to Jodi Arias, Doc.

Now, someone made a statement that I named Wendy Murphy and Kristina Randle as Decepticons because I e-mailed a letter to Murphy and she didn’t respond and Dr. Ranchor wouldn’t post my comments. Wrong again, as usual. I fully expected Murphy to be her idiotic self and not respond. Murphy’s record as a “Hag of the Hoax” is well documented. Randle is a self-absorbed dipstick of litle note or importance. Trying to be a Murphy or Randle apologist after seeing what thye have written is the task of a Zealot.

The fact that these are both women is just a coincidence. A majority of trial watchers are women.

Dr. Randle refused to post several polite but opposing comments I made about an article of hers. There was not one opposing viewpoint in any of her articles.  Why should there be? Anyone who opposes Dr. Randle’s viewpoint is a psychotic and insane, anyways. Why should she listen to any of “those people”.

Need we say more? We needn’t

So what’s the point of all this?

The point is that starting with the O.J. Simpson murder case, high-profile murder cases are more than reality TV and entertainment for millions, they’re BIG BUSINESS. People want to hitch their wagons to a star defendant, for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are Ego aggrandizement, personal enrichment and attention, name recognition, and to segue an audience away from the star attraction to an individual’s personal agenda.

The wise position is not always the popular position. This trend of people using high-profile murder cases to promote their own agendas and stroke their own personal egos will continue and even increase geometrically with the ever growing social media. So we need to be very careful and very skeptical about what these people are saying and what their true motivations are.

fairy magic

Watch out for humorless and ‘full of suck’ Decepticons, or frigid egomaniacal Zealots. The minions who eagerly follow them, eating up every post they make and hanging on every word they utter, should also be met with a certain degree of healthy skepticism.

Just because you are a D-list celebrity does not make what you say right. Just because you have a lot of traffic on your blog does not mean you have personal access to the gospel truth. Making the most comments or having the most re-tweets doesn’t mean you have it all figured out.

In a very complex case, it’s crucial to be very careful about what the relevant issues are, what the salient legal issues are, and what the facts are. We need to constantly check and double-check, verify and re-verify everything we think we know about this case.

Once you decide you know it all and there’s nothing more to question, then all your thoughts, ideas and opinions about the case will be colored and altered by that confirmation bias. It will be difficult to understand how anyone can see it differently than you do and still be a sane, normal, moral human being.

Listen to what Mark Fuhrman, the Detective whose career was destroyed by the O.J. Simpson case, had to say about high-profile murder trials:


Detective Mark Fuhrman from the OJ Simpsom case discusses with Oprah how murder trials have now become Big Business.

For the full video, click on this link: HiDeHo4 Videos.

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Penalty Retrial: Two Craters Traversed, One Giant Chasm Left

Fact-based reporting by

Rob Roman

The jury questions and the back and forth by the prosecution and defense completed computer expert witness “John Smith”s testimony today. Former Mesa Detective Steve Flores was called back to the stand to testify a little more about what happened with Travis Alexander’s lap-top computer. The two sides have finally gotten to the bottom of what happened with the computer and who did what.

The court had been grappling with two giant crater issues in the Jodi Arias Penalty Phase Re-trial. The first was Judge Sherry Stephen’s decision to clear the court room for the testimony of Jodi Arias. This decision must have everyone stumped. Be aware that that decision ONLY pertains to Jodi Arias, and not any other mitigation witnesses. 


Giant Crater #1

Can Jodi Arias continue to testify in secret?

No. Many prosecution supporters were incensed with that ruling and have lashed out at the Judge, claiming that she is on the defense side and some have implied that she has been that way throughout the proceedings. jodi jan 1It doesn’t seem so, yet they cite this ruling as a major example that Stephens is rooting for the defense.

Yet, the Judge must have had a reason, other than sending the decision to a higher court to take the blame for making the decision. The media was the most upset about the ruling, citing the Constitutional 1st Amendment right of the public to be present, especially in high profile and high consequence trials.  They already can’t broadcast until after the trial, and they’re not about to be pushed any further. It’s difficult to think of a compelling reason for the Judge to have made that decision, but we should be fair in believing that she did have an important reason.

The only one I can think of is that Jodi Arias was going to talk about the other mitigation witnesses in her testimony and integrate them into her testimony. This means she would have to name them or otherwise expose them. The only way to keep the witnesses who did not want to be identified protected would be to also make Arias’ testimony secret.

Giant Crater #2

The Porn on the computer issue.

The second Large Crater in this penalty retrial is the issue of porn on the computer. How did it get there? Was it purposely accessed or was it automatically accessed due to malware?bryan jan 14 Did the prosecution try to hide porn found on the laptop hard drive, or was automatic actions of the computer creating that appearance? Canadian Deborah Maran has a good set of articles explaining the inner workings of computers, site-blockers, viruses, and malware, etc. It’s a good background on the issues surrounding Travis’ lap top computer.




shery jan 14Judge Stephens waited for Bryan Neumeister and his assistant, “John Smith”, to complete their testimony before issuing her ruling on lots of motions pertaining to the defenses’ desire that the court reverse the conviction or remove the death penalty from the proceedings. These rulings were released today. Boom!

“IT IS ORDERED denying the defendant’s Motion to Dismiss State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Continued Misconduct filed October 1, 2014,

the defendant’s Motion to Dismiss the State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Defendant’s Inability to Present a Complete Case for Life filed September 26, 2014,

the defendant’s Motion to Dismiss State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Continue State Misconduct Supplement #1 filed October 24, 2014,

the defendant’s Motion to Dismiss All Charges with Prejudice and/or in the Alternative to Dismiss the State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty due to Recently Discovered Purposeful and Egregious Prosecutorial Misconduct filed on November 10, 2014,

the Defendant’s Motion for Reconsideration: Motion to Dismiss State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Defendant’s Inability to Present a Complete Case for Life filed November 26, 2014,

and the Defendant’s Supplemental Motion to Dismiss all Charges with Prejudice and/or in the Alternative to Dismiss the State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Recently Discovered Purposeful and Egregious Prosecutorial Misconduct filed December 14, 2014.”



Judge Stephens ruled that nothing the defense brought up, including the computer evidence, can be construed as prosecutorial misconduct, and nothing the defense brought up justifies any sanction including the removal of the death penalty. Also the tweets by Steve Flores’ wife may or may not have been leaks from sealed meetings, however the Judge rules that the defense presented no evidence that the information tweeted came from closed meetings.

juan 3 jan 14As to the hard drive evidence, it was determined that no pornographic photos were found, that much of the accessing of porn sites was the automatic workings of malware, as Deborah Maran stated in her article, and that the prosecution did nothing wrong that would change the outcome of the trial. The court also determined that differences between the different clone copies of the hard drive created on different dates were the result of waking and inspecting the original computer, and only system files were overwritten. The computer did not overwrite any registry files or porn information.

The court also determined that a porn site was accessed purposely by a user on June 3, 2008, one day before the killing.

This should put an end to the computer porn issue, and it’s doubtful that this could be deemed to be a legitimate appeal issue by a higher court. Deborah Maran also reported in her article that she felt the defense violated their “duty of candor” by purposely filing accusations and allegations they knew to be false. Juan Martinez also filed a motion to sanction the defense for the issues and allegations regarding the hard drive. That motion was also denied.

“ IT IS FURTHER ORDERED denying the State’s Motion for Sanctions (Compaq Presario Computer) filed November 16, 2014 and the State’s Motion to Strike (Compaq Presario Computer) filed November 18, 2014.”

These two Huge Craters in this elongated penalty re-trial seem to be traversed, but there’s one huge chasm left.


The remaining Giant Chasm

The remaining giant chasm is will Jodi Arias agree to continue her testimony in open court? Will her mitigation witnesses agree or refuse to testify in open court?

jennifer jan 14The Judge has ruled that there are many options available to protect the identity of witnesses short of clearing the courtroom. This is true, and we have already seen this in action with Darryl Brewer not showing his face in the original trial, and most recently, a computer expert who was given the pseudonym of “John Smith” to protect his identity. Maybe “John Smith” was fearful of what his participation in this trial would do to his prospects of being hired by “major corporations” as a private contractor.

That’s one of many reasons Arias’ mitigation witnesses are reluctant to testify. Another is cyber-stalking by over-zealous social media followers. Witnesses from the main trial had their books disparaged in reviews by trial activists on sites such as Amazon.com. Others have found photos of their children and maps to their home, as well as phone numbers publicly displayed on Facebook. juan jan 14Alyce LaViolette has had her speaking engagements seriously curtailed as a result of backlash from her participation and opinions in this trial. Other participants have had their safety and their life threatened.

The media appealed Judge Stephen’s decision to close the court to the Arizona Court of Appeals. The Court ruled in favor of the Media, and stayed the ruling. Arias had to stop testifying until the defense gets a chance to appeal that ruling. The Appeals Court also ordered Arias’ sealed testimony to be released to the public which happened yesterday.




Here are a few samples from Jodi Arias’ secret testimony:

(Click to enlarge)

Childhood and alleges parent's drug use
Childhood and alleges parent’s drug use
writing and journaling began at age 8
writing and journaling began at age 8
Teens, choked by Bobby Juarez
Teen years, choked by Bobby Juarez
Executive Dinner with Travis, borrows Sky's dress
Sept 2006 Executive Dinner with Travis, borrows Sky’s dress
Early 2007. Travis and Jodi hook up at border motel room
Early 2007. Travis and Jodi hook up at border motel room
Evidence on record that the fight over the mitigation witnesses will continue
Evidence on record that the fight over the mitigation witnesses will continue


Many people theorized that Arias wanted the testimony to be secret because she was going to make wild and outrageous new allegations of abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and pedophilia, either by the victim, Travis Alexander or someone in her family when she was a child, or both. We have yet to see an indication of this yet.


The released transcripts reveal no real shockers, but there was some talk of drug use and more details of physical abuse by her parents when Arias was a child.  The Appeals Court ruling put an jodi jan 3abrupt end to Arias’ testimony, which covered her childhood and previous relationships all the way up to her first meeting with Travis Alexander and their initial motel rendezvous at a truck stop in Ehrenberg, Arizona, on the California border.  Perhaps any anticipated shockers were yet to come? Perhaps there were not going to be any shockers at all?


The released testimony had more color and detail than in the original trial. Arias seemed to be very eloquent and comfortable and she revealed new information in terms of different friends she made and how she came to move to the different places she lived. For example, Jodi did not just cruise down to the California Coast and find the Ventana Inn job. A man named Richard Molay from Oregon worked there and she actually got a recommendation from him.


She also revealed that when living with Bobby Juarez in Montague, 6 miles outside of Yreka, Jodi owned a Samurai sword. After Bobby allegedly choked her, and then convinced her to hang up on the 911 call, she told her brother Carl that Bobby had choked her. Carl showed up with a posse at Juarez’ place to intimidate Bobby, who came sailing out the door with the Samurai sword and chased Carl and his friends away. There are interesting details like that, but no real exploding bomb shells.


Now, the big question is, will Jodi Arias continue her testimony in open court, or will she refuse to testify? maria jan 14Also, the Court of Appeals is under no obligation or time limit to respond to Nurmi’s appeal of their decision to stay Judge Stephen’s ruling to clear the courtroom. The Arizona Court of Appeals also said that the defense could not use their decision as a basis to put the trial on hold or to delay the trial further.


Will the defense work with the court and the prosecution to find creative ways to protect witnesses and information while still having an open court? Will Jodi Arias continue her testimony or refuse to return to the stand? If she testifies, will other mitigation witnesses refuse to testify now that the promised anonymity may not be available? Will they agree to modifications so they can testify in open court? These are the big questions coming up soon.


A witness can be given a pseudonym, a witness can ask not to be identified, a witness can testify on video or by affidavit. Another person, such as mitigation specialist Maria De La Rosa or another suitable person can testify in the place of a witness. The witness can also be subpoenaed and compelled by the defense to testify. There are many ways a witness can testify and protect their identity without going to the extreme solution of clearing the courtroom, and Judge Stephens has explained this in her ruling.


So, if witnesses make a personal decision not to testify, this most likely cannot be an appealable issue at this point, because the prosecution and the court have offered many ways for witnesses to testify without having to reveal their identity.


This is not such a simple issue, because the Judge is reluctant to force Jodi Arias or her mitigation witnesses to testify in open court, because Nurmi has appealed the ruling. Should Jodi Arias be sentenced to death, and afterwards, Nurmi’s appeal is granted, then the retrial becomes a mistrial and Jodi Arias’ sentence would possibly need to be converted to life, especially if some witnesses refuse to testify. Anything done in open court cannot be undone, so it is questionable how this trial will proceed or even if there will be a postponement of the trial pending the ruling on Nurmi’s appeal.


Some prosecution supporters believe that this “witnesses are afraid” claim is just a ruse by the defense to find an excuse not to present mitigation witnesses. This is because some death sentences have been stricken down by the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, based on ineffective assistance of counsel for failure of a defense attorney to present mitigation witnesses. They claimed that this was what Nurmi did in the first penalty trial, also.


If this is his strategy, it’s not going to work at this point. So, it will be interesting to see what happens next. Will the defendant and her mitigation witnesses testify or not?

Another notable thing that happened on Tuesday the 13th was that Jennifer Willmott finished re-direct questioning of Mesa Detective Steve Flores about the chain of custody and what he witnessed about the computer in the evidence room. PNI Arias MonSome evidence favorable to the defense was elicited from Detective Flores. Juan Martinez  got up on re-cross and went after him in a fury and with as much ferocity as he has displayed with any defense witness. Fireworks in the courtroom. Juan Martinez also referred to himself as “Mr. Martinez”. “Objection to what Mr. Martinez thinks”.


Two Giant Craters have been traversed. Many prosecution supporters blamed the defense and Judge Sherry Stephens for all the delays and for throwing this crazy train retrial off the tracks, but that’s not the only perspective. The defense did not threaten and intimidate witnesses in the original trial and the defense did not put the porn on the computer. Theses two issues could not be ignored, they had to be confronted and worked out one way or another. The final Giant Chasm is what will the defense do now? Court is out until Tuesday after the Holiday, and we may or may not find out then.


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