T or F ? (Answer Key) (Quiz 2)





(Test your knowledge of the case)


















Jodi cheated on Travis with Abe Adelhadi.
























Travis cheated on Lisa Daidone with Jodi Arias.
























Travis cheated on Deanna Reeves with Jodi Arias.
























Travis Alexander did not like Spiderman.
























Travis Alexander never wore Spiderman underwear.
























Jodi Arias never wore Spiderman underwear.
























Jodi Arias told Travis she was interested in Abe
























Jodi Arias told Travis she was interested in a guy named Steve Carrol.
























Travis Alexander was proud to be called a virgin.
























Travis Alexander, before he met Jodi Arias, was a virgin.
























Steve Carell starred in the comedy “the 40 Year-Old Virgin”.
























Travis Alexander had no experience with firearms.
























In the first penalty phase, there were no character witnesses willing to testify for Jodi Arias.

























Jodi Arias was a “slut”.
























Jodi Ariaswas a “whore”.
























Travis Alexander had a normal childhood.
























Jodi Arias believed that her IQ was equal to or greater than Einstein’s.
























Travis Alexander had the authority to bless the sick, expound upon the book of Mormonk and lead group meetings in the LDS Mormon Church.

















Travis Alexander was ordained in the LDS Church.
























Travis Alexander could perform confirmations, baptisms, and eulogies in the LDS Mormon Church.























Travis Alexander had a normal childhood.
























Travis Alexander could perform marriages in the LDS Mormon Church.
























Jodi Arias claimed that Travis was watching porn on his computer when she showed up around 4:00 AM in Mesa.























According to the definition given by Dr. DeMarte of a pedophile, there was no evidence that Travis was a pedophile.

























Jodi Arias colored her hair as part of her plan to end the life of another human being.
























Juan Martinez colored his hair as part of his plan to end the life of another human being.








12 thoughts on “T or F ? (Answer Key) (Quiz 2)”

  1. Travis Alexander was interested in firearms.
    Basis for this?

    According to the definition given by Dr. DeMarte of a pedophile, there was no evidence that Travis was a pedophile.
    I’m not sure if I am reading this as you meant it – but what do you believe is ‘evidence’ of pedophilia in Travis Alexander. And, what us your definition of evidence?

    1. Henny, My basis for this is the YouTube video of Travis at the gun range with Dave Hall. This was correctly not admitted into evidence. Was Travis interested in firearms? Interested enough to fire some automatic handguns and rifles several times at the gun range.

      1. But not interested to have cleaning equipment, bullets or indeed any other sign of said interest. What you are referring to is not an interest but an outing. I have no interest in guns, but if my friends went to a firing range, I’d give it a go. Your ‘facts’ are somewhat misleading and involve speculation. Jodi herself said Travis was not into guns, he was more of a wrestling fan (her phone interview with Flores).

      2. Now we are parsing words. I didn;t say passion or infatuation, I just said interest. i have an interest in guns but i haven’t touched one in years and years.

        The idea that there must be extra ammo and cleaning stuff or he doesn’t have a gun doesn’t work for me. One of his many roomates could have left it behind or etc.

        Since I am on the defense side, I am allowed speculation. I only need to show it’s possible, I don’t need to prove Jodi is innocent or prove she acted in self-defense.

        You are right. Flores – “Does Travis have a weapon?” Jodi – “Yes. His two fists”.

  2. Maybe we are, but I’m not backing down 🙂
    If I went to a gun range – highly unlikely, but not impossible – I missed the work event that went to a gun range, but if I HAD, I would still not say I had an ‘interest’!
    It would have been an activity I attended. If I had guns, magazines about guns, gun equipment of any kind, then I would say that was indicative of an interest. And yes, I’m being a pedantic so and so…but, it’s just that word FACTS being used a little too freely!

    BTW I don’t know if there is any room for movement of the comments section – but it could start to get confusing when more posters find this site! I posted a comment on the Kevin Horn section – and my comments seems to have got mixed in with Martina’s and despite re-posting (and you saying your answer was above), an answer still doesn’t show?

    1. I changed the question about the firearms just for you. I agree with you. This was really a work in progress and I put it up on the site and then make changes.

      I agree. That was not a fair question. I also changed Travis sleeping around to Travis dating around.

  3. Rob, Is Jodi the type of woman that would continue a sexual relationship with a pedophile? Or, we could word it true or false.
    Jodi Arias had a sexual relationship and continued a sexual relationship with a pedophile even though she knew about it. True or False.

    1. BBH, True. She knew he had sexual feelings towards young children. Jodi knew this was likely a result of Travis’ chaotic, unstable and terrible childhood.

      It makes sense. And Travis had thoughts and feelings but he had not acted on them. This explains his inability or unwillingness to get rid of his bizzare relationship with Jodi.

  4. Rob, do you understand what you are saying here? Jodi makes an accusation that Travis was a pedophile, and then continues to have sex with this man. This accusation has inflamed the masses because pedophiles are hated, even by prisoners, in our society. And yet, Jodi was OK with continuing this sexual relationship. Women and pedophiles do not mix! If Jodi had a sincere worry about Travis being a pedophile, why in the world would she still want to maintain a relationship with him, marry him, and have children with him. It is not normal behavior Rob. It would show Jodi to be even a bigger deviant than she has already shown. She has a history of lying, she took a life, and now we are to believe she would have sex with a pedophile?

    1. Well, BBH, I think Jodi is saying that Travis confided in her about a problem. He had not acted on his thoughts and feelings. This si very different from a person who has had sex with a young child.

      This is only to show why it’s possible that things escalated physically in 2008. Maybe Travis confided this when they were both interested in a future together.

      Maybe Jodi thought she was helping Travis. Here we are only talking about is it possible?

      Travis’ own words suggest it is possible.

      No parental supervision and absentee parents and Travis is there with his younger siblings. Could something have happened?

      Especially with this horrific childhood it is both possible and very understandable. Travis had some problems for sure. Many of his siblings have had tremendous difficulties in later life.

  5. The sad thing about this case is that the accused can not even speak in his own defense. Jodi has lodged this horrific allegation and we are to take her at her word. How can we tell if Jodi is lying or telling the truth? That is a valid question.
    I find it appalling also that some sites have no problem planting the seed of possible incest within this family. How low are people willing to go to support Jodi. That is a terrible accusation/assumption. Travis was raised by his grandmother. It is not like they had no supervision at all. They did have a tragic start in life. Travis was trying to overcome his childhood tragedies.
    I am sorry, but anyone who has experienced or has known a pedophile knows that the last thing you would do is continue a sexual relationship. There is a reason the majority do not believe Jodi’s accusation. The tape she made was done by design. Her brother said it was to play for Travis’s future girlfriends. We do no even know the background of their relationship. Could it be that Jodi actually lost her virginity at 12 and that was referenced? Is that a possibility? If we are talking about “possibilities”, than this notion must be included in this discussion.

    1. BBH, yes, this is possible. I believe that according to Wikipedia, Travis was 20 years-old when his father died and they all went to their Grandmother’s house.

      Travis was the eldest of eight. He was with his seven younger siblings in a home with no parents before that.

      I don’t know what Jodi’s brother even knew about the sex tape. Jodi had a phone that can record the conversation. This was rare in 2008. Look what Travis just happens to say more than once. Is this a coincidence?

      Did Jodi put that into his head that 12 years old is sexy?

      Yes it’s possible Jodi told Travis she was 12 when she had sex for the first time. It’s also possible that Jodi said, “If you take me to trial on the death penalty, I’m going to cry Pedophile”.

      Even if Travis had sex with a young child, to me as a juror, it makes no difference. He is still the victim of a senseless crime. His character or past behavior does not mean anything to me. It does not make him less deserving of premeditated murder.

      As a juror, the only thing this information has a bearing on is whether I think it’s possible that Travis lunged at Jodi on June 4th in the bathroom.

      On the defense side, I only look at is it possible? I think this information should not have been in the trial. She could have just said “Travis had a terrible secret”.

      If Jodi introduced this into the trial merely to cause emotional pain for his family, then that is a sick thing to do.

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