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New Net Friends with Benefits <— (Click on Link)

It’s not about Killers, Politicians or Movie Stars. It’s an International facebook page about Y-O-U and your New Net Friends from all over the Globe  🙂




 SpotLightOnLaw  <—— (Click on Link)

The Jodi Arias Murder Trial, the OTHER Side of the Story




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Jodi Arias Life or Death?  <—— (Click on Link)

Current Murder Cases and Trials, & Matters of Life and Death




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Zen Meditation Zone  <——- (Click on Link)

Introduction to Buddhism and Zen meditation plus advanced material




wrongly convicted

Wrongfully Convicted? Both Sides of the Story  <- (Click on Link)

Famous and not-so-famous cases questioned by some people

This sleuth group investigates convictions to see of they may have been in error



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Suicide Anxiety Depression Awareness and Support  <—– (Click on Link)

(SAD) Information, Support, and Links to Groups

Do you or anyone you know struggle with Depression, Isolation, Suicidal Ideation, Self-Harm?





American Culture Shock    <—– (Click on Link)

Politics, Culture, and Personal Freedoms





SpotLightOnLaw2  <—– (Click on Link)

Famous Murder Cases & Wrongful Convictions?