Last Words – Nurmi has a bright pink tie (March 2)

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Rob Roman & Amanda Chen

In this article, we go over the last words spoken in the final arguments of the 2nd penalty trial. We also go over the last words spoken between Travis and Jodi before her fateful trip to Mesa, Arizona. This is Nurmi’s 2nd or rebuttal, closing argument, the last thing the jurors heard before going into deliberations and taking control of the case.

“Now, Andy did you hear about this one?
Tell me, are you locked in the punch?
Andy are you goofing on Elvis? Hey, baby
Are we losing touch?

If you believed they put a man on the moon
Man on the moon
If you believe there’s nothing up his sleeve
Then nothing is cool ” – R.E.M.


It’s all in the hands of the twelve jurors now. We await their decision expected sometime between Monday and Thursday.

Like before, we cobbled this together from Tweets mostly from Jen Wood at The Trial Diaries. Here is the final argument by L. Kirk Nurmi:


Tie Nurmi 1

Kirk Nurmi has on a bright pink tie today and he’s getting all ready. Juan has arrived in a black suit and yellow tie. The Courtroom is very full today. Jodi Arias has come in wearing a grey blouse, her hair is down. Jodi is smiling and laughing with Jennifer Willmott.

Nurmi starts with a “Good morning!”

Juan objected and we have a sidebar.




Tie Juan 1

(Okay, I was joking about that)
Nurmi is talking about what the State has just presented … he’s calling it snipits.

Juan objected and we have a sidebar

(for real, this time)
Nurmi is going over the cross of Dr. Fonseca and how Jodi’s said “F*ck You, Bill” to her Dad after he slapped her, and Juan Martinez took issue with that.

Nurmi says Juan never took issue with a father slapping his daughter, but he takes issue with the daughter’s response. (Jen Wood never mentioned that in her tweets yesterday) Nurmi is a lot more aggressive today.

Now he’s bringing up the “total bitch” comment by the cousin.
Nurmi makes an excuse saying Jodi experienced trauma as a child by being physically and sexually abused.

Nurmi is saying Juan putting up a picture of TA’s neck cut open and asking if it was a smile was disgusting. (another thing Jen neglected to mention when it happened).

Kirk is telling a story about a lost key. Now he is telling the jury to look for that key and ask yourselves if you will kill this girl…he show’s a photo of Jodi Arias.

Tie man on the moon 2 Nurmi says Martinez’ story about dead men on the moon is a distraction from the State. Martinez telling the jury about men left on the moon isn’t real. Now is real. Nurmi points to Jodi and says “Will you kill this woman?!!”

Kirk says the state claims the defense thinks Travis was a bad man. Nurmi says that never has happened. He reads the e-mail from Sky Hughes to Travis telling him he’s been affected by his up-bringing. He repeats that they don’t think Travis was a bad guy, but he wasn’t always good to Jodi.

“Martinez distracts again by telling you our experts relied on the laws of attraction”. Nurmi says Dr. Geffner relied on tests and the records. Geffner and Fonseca relied on state’s evidence also, the e-mails from Sky and text messages.

Nurmi says the state now tells you Geffner thinks Mormons lie…he never said that. Geffner stated they may have a difficult time discussing sex. “This is another distraction from the state”.

Nurmi is telling the jury Deanna Reid lied to them and she’s lying for Travis. Bishop Vernon Parker was another one who has lied for Travis. Nurmi wants the jury to listen to the sex tape.

Tie man on the moon

Nurmi starts going over Witness #1’s testimony, saying Travis confessed to him about being sexually abused. Nurmi is bringing up the 12 year old comment about the orgasm….he’s addressing the women of the jury and if their men would ever say….

Objection! …Sustained!

Nurmi says “distraction, distraction, distraction” He asks if Travis talking about this is appropriate and if their men would find that appropriate….

Objection!!….sustained, and the jury is asked to disregard the remark.

Kirk is saying Travis has an issue with porn and “it would be normal if not for his faith…well some of it”. He brings up a video of a teacher having sex with a student that was found on Travis’ computer.

‘Remember how I was cross-examining Dr. DeMarte, and I said Good Morning and she didn’t respond? That shows her bias. Nurmi continues with his theme that the state was “distracting from the facts of the case”.

Nurmi’s talking about Borderline Pesonality Disorder and how Jodi was suicidal at a young age and it’s not just one thing…it’s many things.

He advises the jury to read Jodi’s journals. The State says why would she not tell about negative things in her private journal, but Travis ripped out pages in it. The state is telling you there must be some rules to journal writing and all negative things are required to be in there.

‘What if she did write she was beaten and she caught Travis masturbating and he found that…he read it?! What then?” “Please read the e-mail from Chris Hughes to Travis, that e-mail shows concerns about Travis’ behavior toward women.”

Nurmi is addressing the ‘how do we know if Travis invited Jodi Arias into his house the day of the murder’ question. He says if Jodi wasn’t invited then nude photos of her vagina wouldn’t have been taken. Nude photos of Travis wouldn’t have been taken.

Tie Jenn 3Kirk is saying that the letter to Abe was sent to Travis because he had tension with Abe and Jodi sent it to Travis because he wanted a copy. Travis was pissed off about Abe. It’s the power and control. Travis Alexander was a “jealous man”.

Nurmi is saying the state is distracting them over the “photo-shoot” text the state claims didn’t come from Travis Alexander’s phone.

Photo-shoot text message:
Tie photo shoot text

May 02, 2008:
“Remember this. That photo-shoot is gonna be one of the best experiances [sic] of your life and mine. I haven’t stopped thinking about it, the pics ill [sic] take, the progressiveness of it, from very clean to very very dirty and everything in between.

It will tell quite a story and be a lot of fun and not a day has gone by that I haven’t dreamt about driving my shaft long and hard into you. When I am all by [sic] lonesome I have no desire to think of anyone else in my scandilous [sic] fantasies because from my own experience nothing is even enjoyable compared to you.

Because of that I spend a lot more time getting myself off. What you do and let me do to you puts me on another planet. You are the ultimate slut in bed. No wonder I blow enormous loads every time. I want to send one down your throat and another on your face and want to taste you as you ride my face.

I want to throughly [sic] work my tongue along every hole of your body. You are going to get taken like you have never been taken before. When its done the intensity will make your body feel like youve been raped but you will have enjoyed every delightful moment of it.

the Ups and Downs of Jodi and Travis
the Ups and Downs of Jodi and Travis


You’ll rejoice in being a whore thats sole purpose in life is to be mine to have animalistic sex with and to please me in any way I desire.”
Nurmi says no evidence this isn’t a text from Travis and the Helio phones were different back then. He’s saying the language in this text fits it coming from Travis Alexander. Nurmi is comparing the text to the sex call and how the language is similar. He says the reality of this is the text came from Travis…. “a highly sexual man”.

Kirk says Dr. Fonseca didn’t totally rely on this…it was just one piece to a puzzle. It’s not a “distraction”. He says the father of the 9 year-old girl was concerned that Travis had his daughter’s name and this is another piece to the puzzle…how did he get that?

Nurmi is pointing to Jodi as he reads about mitigating factors…these aren’t excuses. “Jodi up until this point lived a life that doesn’t deserve to be taken away now”.

“The State says she killed Travis Alexander, now kill her.”
“Don’t be distracted about what the task is before you.”

”Jodi worked hard and lived a law abiding life. She supported herself and sometimes her boyfriends. “Jodi did all this while mentally ill.”

Nurmi says Ms. Arias not getting validated created a mental illness. Now on to the physical/emotional abuse on the list of mitigating factors …Kirk says the state doesn’t want you to believe the victims.

Jodi Arias is looking intently at the photos of Darryl, his son, and her on a trip to a state park. Nurmi says the relationship with Travis was different because of the emotional stress and the fact the relationship was tumultuous.

“How do we go from a sexual encounter to a murder on the same day…..?.”

Tie man 1Nurmi explains to the jury that Dr.Geffner wasn’t a hired gun. He’s an honest man who did testing to verify the PTSD. He says Dr, DeMarte works for the State part time and has even raised her rates to testify…she’s the biased one.

“Jodi didn’t have secondary gain during the interviews with Detective Flores.”

“Jodi just didn’t want to expose Travis just like Deanna Reid didn’t want to expose him.”

Kirk is going over previous trial testimony, going over how Jodi told the jury what she did was horrific and she couldn’t imagine doing that to another human being.

Nurmi – “Her history doesn’t show she was violent…only kicking at walls.”
February 14, 2007 letter:

Feb 14, 2007 16:58– Arias email to TA:

“I’m sorry that the last few days have bee so frustrating for you. I wish I could have offered you more consolation over the phone. I guess I was just at a little bit of a loss for words. And perhaps, a little bit intimidated, not necessarily because of how angry you were, but because I wasn’t sure how you would react to me trying to comfort you.

I compare it to my own experiences, and I know that sometimes, I don’t want to hear it, I just want to yell and scream and vent (yes, I do on very rare occasions), and go through the motions until the situation plays itself out. Other times, I need comforting and to be told that everything is okay. I wasn’t sure exactly what you were needing, so I just listened, and as the conversation evolved, my heart filled with compassion for you.

Tie Jodi 8However, you already know the Secret. I don’t need to remind you. But you are so powerful, and you can turn this situation around at anytime. I found out, much to my regret, that my anger is very destructive. I’ve never beaten up anybody over it, but I’ve kicked holes in walls, kicked down doors, smashed windows, broken things. It hurts people and it hurts me. It lowers my vibration and attracts unwanted lower-vibrational situations and people into my life.

So I strive every day to “be the bigger person” and be a living example and Choose the right and see everything through a filter of love. But it doesn’t always work that way! I mess up. Sometimes I forget who I am. But I will never stop striving to be Christ-like as much as I possibly can.

This morning, I woke up feeling awful. I called Darryl (only because I had to give him the phone number to our mortgage lender) and he said, “hey, I was just going to call you. Any change in your situation?” And that’s all he had to say. I lost it.

Tie Jodi funThere’s the foreclosure of the house, which is quickly spreading like cancer throughout other areas of my finances, and probably his, too. And I don’t want to focus on that, therefore, I haven’t wanted to talk to Darryl lately. Maybe you don’t need to know any of this, but I guess I’m telling you so you know it hasn’t been a great day for me either.

But there is one cool part to that story. After we hung up, I continued to cry for a few minutes. I was still in bed, still in my pajamas, feeling miserable and hopeless. And then suddenly a thought of you popped into my mind. It took me a second (really, only 1 second), and I ceased to cry, and I began to feel wonderful! I think I probably smiled! I remembered talking to you last night. I remembered your stirring voice. I remembered how freakin’ lucky I am that you are in my life!

I think that those thoughts are literally what motivated me to get out of bed this morning and face the day. And although it hasn’t been the best day that I’ve had this week, it can only mean that it gets better from here! I’ve still got 4 more days left this week, and so do you!

If I had a magic wand and could change anything about today right now, I would use it to make your day brighter and 300% better. But just know that your problems and trials are making you better and stronger by the minute. It may be hard to imagine that (only because you are already so incredible!), but I can see it and I can envision it. Just keep breathing and keep stepping.

We are human, we all falter, But everything is still prefect. Heavenly Father doesn’t make mistakes. This world is our classroom, and we are the students. The people and situations we bring into our experiences are like our teachers. Today’s lesson has been difficult and was not fun! But the general idea is that once we learn the lessons inherent in the situation, we don’t have to repeat them anymore! When you can find it in yourself to give thanks for the lessons, do it.

OK, I’m going to go now before you start calling me Esther Hicks. I might otherwise take it as a compliment, but coming from you, I know it wouldn’t be. (smiley face)

And I hope this makes you feel better: Just remember that no matter how ugly it gets, I’m only a phone call away. I am ALWAYS here for you. YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!!! AND YOU ALWAYS WILL!
Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby


Tie JSS 1Nurmi explains that the Helio phone would have been turned over right away if Jodi Arias had it. “She thought it was stolen and it’s in her journal.”

Kirk goes over the jury instruction and he’s hammering away at the individual decision of each juror on choosing life or death.”This is a moral assessment”
Kirk puts up a photo of Jodi with a black dog.

Tie Jodi dog“Will you kill Jodi?”

Nurmi puts up a photo of Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias in the woods and says “This is tragic that two people may die….”

Juan objects and we have a sidebar

The state wants you to throw away all the expert testimony and you do have that right.

Nurmi puts up an excerpt from Travis’s blog about his grandfather and reads it to jury

Here is the excerpt:

During this time I could think of two fond memories of my childhood. The first was Sesame Street. My Sisters and I watched it everyday and it took our minds to Sesame Street where kids were happy and learning. It took our minds away from Allwood Drive, where we got the Hell beat out of us.

Tie Jodi 7

The other was visiting the home of my Great-Grandfather Vic. My Mother didn’t have very much family and even less that she got along with, but she adored my Grandfather. He only lived about an hour away from our family in southern California, but it was rare that she was in any condition that she’d let Vic see her in. About twice a year my Mother would fix herself and us up enough for a visit with my Grandfather. For the most part our visits would be stereotypical. He’d take us out for pizza, to walk his dogs, play checkers and with other toys he kept for us, and taught me how to write the alphabet.

However there was one thing that was out of the ordinary about our visits. Every time before my Mother, siblings and I would leave I would go to hug my Grandfather goodbye. Without exception before I received my coveted hug the cheery casual countenance of my Grandfather would change to something very serious. He would then grab me by my shoulders and shake me, then would follow those words, those words that alter every aspect of my life, “Travis, you need to know that you are special, that there is not anything that you can’t do. There is something great inside you. You’re special Travis, don’t you ever forget it.” That was quickly followed by a rigid hug that would squeeze the breath out of me.

Now there is an easy explanation for why my life has been in my opinion, amazing. It is the same reason I have had success financially and otherwise. It is the same reason I feel that every facet of my life has been blessed and continues to be more and more everyday. The reason is that the words my Grandfather said were spoken with such conviction that I believed him. You see what I wasn’t aware of then, that I have since figured out was my Grandfather was savvy to the way Mother was raising her children.

Tie Juan 3

She would often make remarks while coming down from drugs about how miserable we all were, that we ruined her life, that we were worthless. Although those words hurt very deeply as you could imagine; every time she would scream those words I would hear his words instead, every time I would feel her fist sink into my back, I could feel my Grandfather’s hands on my shoulders, and I knew she couldn’t reach what was great inside of me. And again I’d hear the words “You’re special Travis, don’t ever forget it.”

Then in my mind I would think, “This woman has no idea what she is talking about, she doesn’t know that I am special.” No matter how loud she’d yell those colorful words, she could never top the conviction of my Great-Grandfather Vic. Since then I have come to realize two things. First my Great-Grandfather was right, I am special.

I took his advice; I never forgot it and I never will. Second I have learned I am no better than anyone else. So as you read this book I hope that you will let these pages grab you by the shoulders and shake you and tell you that you are special. That there is something great inside you. I pray that you will allow the words you read stare deep into your eyes and instill into you that there isn’t anything that you can not do. My desire is that this book will do for you what Grandpa Vic did for me. Help me believe what is already true.

That you are special.

Tie Jenn 1Now for Jodi’s journals November 5, 2007

Jodi Arias – “Two nights ago I called to say goodnight and he made it clear to me he didn’t mean all those harsh words and he felt really badly.”

The Journal says she promised Travis she wouldn’t write things down in her journal that were negative.

Nurmi points to Jodi Arias and tells the jury that her life is in their hands. She feels remorse for the pain she has caused.

Nurmi tells the jury “You heard how Travis Alexander would fill a room up with love…… have an opportunity to render a life verdict. This is a verdict of love & compassion.”

Tie Travis 1Lots of friends and family are now crying for Travis Alexander.

That was it as the case went to the jury to make their momentous decision. Here are some items of evidence and Jodi and Travis’ last words that we know about before Travis’ tragic demise.


Letter sent to Lisa Andrews by unknown in August 2007:

“You are a shameful whore. Your Heavenly Father must be deeply ashamed of the whoredoms you’ve committed with that insidious man. If you let him stay in your bed one more time or even sleep under the same roof as him, you will be giving the appearance of evil. You are driving away the Holy Ghost, and you are wasting your time.

You are also compromising your salvation and breaking your baptismal covenants. Of all the commandments to break, committing acts of whoredom is one of the most displeasing in the eyes of the Lord. You cannot be ashamed enough of yourself. You are filthy, and you need to repent and become clean in the eyes of God.

Think about your future husband, and how you disrespect not only yourself, but him, as well as the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Is that what you want for yourself? Your future, your salvation, and your posterity is resting on your choices and actions.

Tie Jodi MDLR 1You are a daughter of God, and you have been a shameful example. Be thou clean, sin no more. Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to make the right choices. I know you are strong enough to choose the right. Your Father in Heaven is pulling for you. Don’t ignore the prompting you receive, because they are vital to your spiritual well-being.”

April 2008 – After Arias moved from Mesa, Arizona back to Yreka, California. Jodi sent a text to Travis which she claimed was meant for Steve Carol. Travis wants Jodi to admit that this person doesn’t exist.

May 2, 2008 – The “photo-shoot”” text is sent.

May 8, 2008 – The phone sex tape.

May 26, 2008 – Text from Travis to Jodi:

“Do not call me. And do not text me anything. The next text I want is this Michelle K. that is friends with Elena, that nobody knows, but knows details about my life. Not one other thing ever. Until you have that information. It would only take 15 minutes to get that info, but you won’t because it’s a f*cking lie.

So either text that you are ready to tell the truth or give me your imaginary friend with the worst BS story you have ever told or leave me alone. It’s a lie like no other.

It’s freaking foolish. There is no way out of it. You have screwed up your story so bad, you can’t mend it. You are caught, when will you realize that?

I do not know. You have until tomorrow, to give me this person’s information before I tell all the Hughes, Leslie Udy, the Freemans, your parents, and anyone else that matters about all the crazy you have done. So either fess up or feel the wrath. No matter how bad the truth is, I promise you the punishment will be better than the lie.

This is worse than your magical e-mail that a mysterious man you’ve never seen before wrote to you. You insult me by thinking I’ll believe such crap, nothing else from you til the truth. I already know your lying so why continue? After tomorrow, it’s gonna get real bad for you. Time to spit it out.”

From Arias’ testimony:

“I said the only thing that I’m going to be spitting out is the fact that you’re a pedophile with a past. – something like that. And I was saying… I don’t know. At the time I categorized what I saw as child pornography. I realize it wasn’t child pornography. It was just a picture of a young boy.”

May 26 texts. Major fight:

“You couldn’t get off your lazy butt to read it could you? That’s the sociopath I know so well, it freakin figures.”

“I don’t want your apology I want you to understand what I think of you. I want you to understand how evil I think you are. You are the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

“You are a sociopath. You only cry for yourself. You have never cared about me and you have betrayed me worse than any example I could conjure. You are sick and you have scammed me.”

What a freaking whore.
Are you going on to the next dick?
Your words are worthless.
I hate you.
You’ve caused me more pain than the death of my father.

You’re a rotten lunatic.
I have never dealt with a more solid form of evil.
You’re nothing but a liar.
You live a life identical to Satan.

You’re a three-holed wonder.
You ought to get tips for giving BJ’s.
You never loved me.
You’ve got a slut’s job.

You are sh*t.

Who freaking cares about you? You’re worthless. You’re a bitch.
You’re lies make your life worthless.
You’re taking up people’s air.
You don’t care. You don’t know what horror you’ve caused me.

You’re a laughing stock.
You don’t care about anything but Jodi.
You’ve caused so much pain in my life.
I’m nothing more to you than a dildo with a heartbeat..
You’re demented.

For more, please see:

There’s a question here that many people believe they have the answer to, but some people are still wrestling with. Was this just Travis finally having enough of Jodi Arias and wanting her out of his life forever? Or did he sometimes treat her this way the whole time, and worse, behind closed doors?

Tie Jenn 1This is the central core of this whole case, because Jodi Arias has been very consistent about her claims of abuse. Most people have discounted any possibility that Arias was physically abused. They see this as Travis finally venting his anger at all the tricks and lies Jodi Arias subjected him to.

Most people see these texts as the logical conclusion of Arias’ manipulations and frustrated attempts to get back with and to control Travis Alexander. They see it as a motive for pre-meditated murder. Two days later, there was the burglary of Jodi’s grandfather’s home, and the theft of the .25 caliber gun. Jodi was on the phone asking Darryl Brewer about borrowing gas cans and she was putting together a trip to Utah.

Tie Power wheel 1But a few people look at this, they look at the late night phone sex calls, the texting and sexting with multiple women, the e-mails from the Hughes’, the sudden and sometimes explosive temper of Travis Alexander, and some of his inappropriate and bizarre behavior, and they ask “What if…..?”



Tie man on the moon 3

“Let’s play Twister, let’s play Risk, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I’ll see you in heaven if you make the list, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” – R.E.M.


Tie Jodi 2

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19 thoughts on “Last Words – Nurmi has a bright pink tie (March 2)”

  1. Thank you for this post. Nice summary.

    This is a terrible time for everyone involved. The anxiety must be unbearable.

    I am thinking of the Arias family, particularly her mother, Sandra. No matter the verdict, she will undoubtedly continue to grieve and mourn for her daughter. I am thinking of the Alexanders and their terrible loss and this too-long, drawn-out trial. I am also thinking about Jodi, wondering about her mental and emotional state. To go through this not once, but twice.

    I don’t think there’s a person on earth who has not imagined what it would be like to be sentenced to death or to life in prison.

    So, to listen to certain people take a gleeful or celebratory attitude to this verdict-watch … well, I don’t understand it. It’s insensitive to both families. It’s also prurient and death-loving.

  2. Great comment, morag99. It’s really nice to know that someone out their has feelings and empathy for all who are involved. These are the people who bear the real burden. We are trial watchers. We feel it, but nothing like the principles. I’m relaxed and ready for it to go either way. That way, there’s less shock and more reason. It’s a tragedy. It is what it is. Nothing to celebrate here, it’s just one more step in a process for all involved. I wish more people, even myself, would learn to step back and look at a problem in their lives and think it over coolly and rationally, before doing something impulsive that changes their life forever. If they took a time out, we may have less of these tragedies every day in the news.

    1. It is a tragedy, Rob. But I am not feeling so detached from the outcome. For me, the death penalty in the case would be an injustice. I’m not a supporter of capital punishment, so I am speaking, here, from a comparative point-of-view. I’m comparing her — as you have done in your other posts — to other criminals and their crimes.

      Jodi Arias is not in the same company as other murderers on death row in Arizona: men who have murdered more than one person, who had planned out their crimes and killed methodically, in cold blood. Rapists and sex-killers. Men who have raped children, drowned them, buried their bodies. Truly dangerous and sadistic men who are irredeemable and should never be in society again. Arias has next to nothing in common with them. It just doesn’t make sense that she may face the same fate.

      1. Arias got caught getting ready to skip town, WITH WEAPONS!! A gun and knives. She’d was just starting her killing spree. That’s why they rushed in to arrest her.

      2. Jrcb: I don’t think there’s any doubt that Arias, aside from her above average intelligence, is a developmentally immature and psychologically damaged person. It’s likely that, after she killed Travis, she was in a hyper-aroused state, perhaps dissociative or perhaps paranoid. A break with reality seems quite possible. But, to go so far as to say that she was “just starting her killing spree” sounds pretty fantastical to me. I just don’t buy that. And I’m not sure what you mean to communicate with you comment. Is it that, in your opinion, she is so dangerous that she should be killed?

        There was a time when I felt that the most appropriate justice in this case would be for Arias to spend a number of years in prison — that is, not a life sentence. Now, I’m not so sure about that.

        What I’m more sure about is that she needs intensive rehabilitation and real healing. I believe that she deserves to have, as much as possible, something resembling a life in prison: education, therapy, books, simple art materials, and the chance to have some regular contact with those who care for her.

        Incarceration, after all, is still a harrowing punishment for most people. Lack of freedom still serves its purpose. However, I do not believe in punishments which amount to psychological torture, and that is what extreme isolation and sensory deprivation are. There is so much evidence that solitary confinement turns most people into raving lunatics or empty shells.

        A person living in dehumanizing conditions cannot become more human, only less so. Whichever way the jury goes, these living conditions will be her fate, for either a couple of years, or until she is executed. I do not see how this can be justified.

      3. I agree with that assessment. It’s too bad she will languish in prison with out getting any help for the problem that brought us all together in the first place.

      4. Amanda and I researched every person in Arizona on Death Row. We found only one case matching this fact pattern. This was a man who chased his wife naked out of their apartment, stabbed her to death in front of neighbors at a playground, then went back inside saying that’s what she deserved. In that case, their is no question of what happened. In the Arias case, many people think they know exactly what happened, but are they absolutely sure?

        On top of that, a first time offender with one single prong of one single aggravator, who is also a young, attractive woman, is very unlikely to get the same penalty as just one out of hundreds and hundreds of men who committed just as bad a crime upon a woman.

        So this was a very iffy case to make into a DP case from the start. The chances of someone among any 12 people objecting to the DP as appropriate in this case were very high. Even in the first penalty phase, with an allocution that wasn’t well received and no personal mitigation witnesses, Arias survived a death sentence by a vote of 8 to 4. This time, with no allocution, truncated testimony by her, and zero personal mitigation witnesses, Arias still survived the DP by a vote of 11 to 1. This should really have been foreseen, and the DP should have been taken off the table.

        Arias did not finish testifying, she did not allocute, she presented no character witnesses, she refused to answer most questions from the media. Arias will not participate in trying to get the better of the 2 Life sentences, she expressed sorrow that the Alexander family did not get the sentence they wanted, and she held a newspaper over her face when being filmed exiting the courthouse.

        Even so, people will still accuse her of seeking the limelight, and that this is all some kind of manipulation. I wonder what kind of manipulation being totally compliant and almost begging for the death penalty actually is?

  3. Thank goodness for juror #17! A brave and strong woman, who, according to her husband, felt “assaulted” by the other 11 jurors. How very difficult it must have been for her, I can only imagine. But she persevered.

    Apparently, the threats are already coming in. I wish I were surprised by this, but I’m not. May this juror stay safe from the death ghouls. She saved the life of an abused woman, and she should be able to rest easy and feel good about that.

    Thank goodness, too, for Kirk Nurmi, Jennifer Willmott and Maria De La Rosa. They did their best under terrible circumstances. Nurmi gave a fine statement as he was leaving the courthouse, and he refused to take questions. Good for him. He looks like he’s been through hell — everyone involved has been through hell.

    Sigh. Now, I hope that Jodi Arias can create a life for herself in prison. I hope that she will be permitted, eventually, as many books as she can read, and that she will continue to draw. Are life-sentence prisoners in Arizona allowed to take university courses? That would be wonderful for Jodi, if she could study literature, philosophy, history, or languages … to cultivate a life of the mind. She has it in her to create this kind of life — I just know it — and now she has the chance.

  4. “Arias did not finish testifying, she did not allocute, she presented no character witnesses, she refused to answer most questions from the media. Arias will not participate in trying to get the better of the 2 Life sentences, she expressed sorrow that the Alexander family did not get the sentence they wanted, and she held a newspaper over her face when being filmed exiting the courthouse.

    “Even so, people will still accuse her of seeking the limelight, and that this is all some kind of manipulation. I wonder what kind of manipulation being totally compliant and almost begging for the death penalty actually is?”

    Oh, I know, Rob! She didn’t fight that hard to save herself from the death penalty, and she does seem resigned to her fate. Nurmi and Jennifer fought harder. Yet, ostensibly, everything she does and says is manipulation. Every little move is planned and, moreover, EVIL.

    The thing is, for the people who closely identify with Travis and despise Jodi, they can’t get enough of her. Truly, they LOVE to hate her. It’s a turn-on, I think. And so to feed and sustain their hate-arousal, they must project onto her, and to project with intense focus and force. What she actually did isn’t enough to keep the hate going. For this reason, they will study still-shots and video of her face, searching for sinister clues. They will enlarge a photo, discuss it, and declare that — yes! look! — her lip curled and her dimples twitched.

    But, how exactly is a woman who’s been convicted of first-degree murder, and had pornographic pictures of herself shared all over the internet, supposed to hold her face? What can anyone do with themselves as they are being watched, evaluated, scrutinized? Can you imagine all the times she was simply tired, bored, hungry, crampy, scared, depressed?

    All people make faces and show expressions. Women are people. Even pretty, no-virginal women are people. You wouldn’t know it from following this trial, but it’s true! Therefore, even Jodi — the killer of man who has since been idealized as some kind of American icon of young, red-blooded, God-fearing, white manhood — does these things. Sometimes she even talks and wants to be heard, or smiles at the people who are caring for her. Imagine that.

  5. Let’s not forget the “Throat Slash” gestures she made in court, which actually was wiping away tears. She does this same gesture in the interrogation videos. Also the “flipping the bird gesture” to Nancy Grace, which also never happened but became an ex post facto reality, due to Jodi Arias’ strange sense of humor.

    1. Now THAT picture was funny, if accidental. And it was funny that Jodi decided she may as well just take credit for it. Not even fans of the prosecution could fault Jodi for giving the finger to Nancy Grace. Ha!

      1. People still believe it was true and directed at Nancy disGrace, though. Nice to know that prosecution supporters also don’t like her. I particularly detest “Dr.” Phil. What a schmarmy putz. 🙂

  6. Well, juror #17 is being made into another Jodi Arias. One witch is almost as good as the next? The mob is now braying for her head. And for Maria De La Rosa’s, too — perhaps even more vehemently. The racists are feeling emboldened and gleeful on Twitter, and they are blending their racial bigotry with misogynist, sexualized epithets.

    Which woman is next in line to be branded a “whore”? Willmott? What about Judge Stephens? I think that will come, but this crowd prefers easier, more vulnerable targets. Now that one woman’s life has been saved, another’s blood has to be spilled; looks like the ghouls have a taste for Latina blood, doesn’t it?

  7. Right now, the next targets are Jennifer Willmott, Reporter Michael Kieffer, and Judge Sherry Stephens. Little do they know that both sides got the best result in their best interests and Jodi Arias may have wanted the Death Penalty, too. Long live our U.S. Constitution.

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