Internet Stalker Lana Blue – Late to the game and more than lame (July 10)

Fact-based Reporting by

Rob Roman

I just saw this new blog by a person who goes by the name “Lana Blue” on facebook. Seems she wrote a WordPress Blog slandering me. I have included her posts with my answers. “Lana Blue” has just recently been outed as the infamous cyber Stalker and troll who’s real name is Christine White of South Salem, New York.

Who is this cyber stalker trolling from the UK 24/7?

I don’t stalk, I don’t troll, I have an article on my blog about stopping Cyber – Bullying. I’m not from the UK, I’m from Destin, FL and White Plains, NY, and I am not on the Internet 24/7. I recently provided a scan of my Paralegal certificate from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY.


Meet Rob Roman which is a fake name & his imaginary friend Amanda Chen. The fraud in the UK pretending to live in White Plains, NY. Their fact-less blog which did not do well when it came to reality. Why would it when it is rife with non-reality? none of their creepy personalities followed the case.

My name is not fake and in fact, I just recently scanned my passport to facebook proving who I am and where I’m from. My blog, SpotLightOnLaw, contains all fact-based articles. In fact, no one had been able to refute the facts listed in my blog. Amanda Chen is a real person, an artist and a grad student who recently attended an American University for 2 years. She was my neighbor in China, where I lived for 3 years.

amanda chen

Please give a specific example of anything on my blog which is a “fraud” or is non-factual.

This fraud starting to show it’s true colors with this “zealot” insanity while proving they are a jealous cyber stalker who can’t buy a clue from the UK.

Please show one actual instance of stalking from me. I’m a “he”, not an “it”, douchebag.

Let’s examine their troll behavior to suck in unsuspecting TA supporters to keep an eye on them. This particular rat started at least 3 fb pages, where they prove to be quite fanatical and god forbid you prove them wrong which is so easy. They freak out and harass you.

You really need to research what a “troll” is and what “trolling is”. These definitions fit you. A person who forms their own group(s) and invites people from all viewpoints to join those groups is not a troll.
You have yet to prove me wrong about anything, Christine.

As of late I watched the “rat” expose themselves as a liar & and all around creeper who wouldn’t know the law here in the US to save their life. If you put them on ignore, they really get upset. Why? This rat spends at least 18 hrs a day (starting on uk time) to spy on just about everyone while pretending to be their friend. They pretend to be all these people such as Robert Knox which we found as a friend on the rat Roman fb page, they since deleted it.

“SJ” or Simon Johansson of JAII

Please show proof that I do not know New York or U.S. law. I spy on no one. “Robert Knox” is a person who gave a really long response to an article I did on my blog, so I asked him to write a guest article for me. He is a Jodi Arias Supporter and he’s close to Simon Johansson and the JAII inner circle. I do not know his real name.

I have deleted nothing from my blog.

Go figure they (I use the word “they” is you can’t tell what sex the rat is since they change their personality every 5 mins) they dared to pretend this Knox person is a good friend of Jodi’s. She doesn’t have any friends, period and no one by the name of Robert Knox has ever had any interaction with the killer. See the rat pretend to be Knox here:

Jodi Arias has a great many friends, as much as you do not want to hear this. How would you know who Jodi Arias interacts with? You wouldn’t. I did not pretend to be Robert Knox, I explained very clearly who Robert Knox is and that this is a pseudonym.

Read the comments and the rat’s true personality comes out while proving to not know one thing about this case & their true disdain for the victim & his family come out.

Robert Knox speaks for himself. As for my comments, I have no disdain for the victim or his family I have honored Travis Alexander more than once.

The same death threat making lunatic in the UK. They also exposed themselves again today by posting idiotic bday wishes for a killer who is not online & onlock down @tingmingjie.

I have made no “death threats”, you lunatic. Yes, I posted Birthday wishes for Jodi Arias. She’s a human being and she deserves a little dignity. If you don’t like that, too bad.

happy b day ja

Dirk says “hi” since you stalked & harassed him too. Keep spewing as I copy all and send to Scott Land Yard. We see you’re still stalking the wrong person, piggy. She’s pretty & it’s obvious you are a jealous loser who whores himself out daily for a killer. You’ll never get it hater.

Dirk Hartog is a person who stalks and harasses, the same as you. He is not a person who gets stalked or harassed, and neither are you. You are sending something to Scotland yard? Do you have information on who “Jack the Ripper” really is? LOL. I am stalking the wrong person? Who am I stalking?

Oh that hater video was copied before you tube took it down multiple times.

Hater video? What are you even talking about?

Your stalking & harassment of Paul Sanders were copied.

why not kill her

Paul Sanders is a person who thinks women should be killed. He is really no different than Jodi Arias. He shouldn’t advocate for the killing of women, as he is one. Showing your disdain for a person on your own blog or Facebook page is NOT stalking nor is it harassment. Look it up. Paul Sanders is an exploiter of this trial and other trials who feeds on hate. If Pauly has a problem, he can contact me or comment on my blog.

Here, copy it again :p

Girly-man Paul Sanders
Girly-man Paul Sanders

paul sanders lovin on travis

Your threats against the Alexanders are copied.

Never made a threat against the Alexanders, in fact, I have advocated for treating the Alexanders with compassion, respect, and sympathy.

Here is the US that’s against the law. I would think they have that law in the UK as well, huh? more on that to come.

Here in the US, slander is against the law. As you have slandered me, prepare to be sued. My fellow New Yorker.

The rat exposes their sick self day after day while playing their net friends for a fool
Most know the “rat” posts with differently personalities. 9 x out of ten they can’t keep up with the lies they tell which is pretty funny. The rat has an answer for all their lies though. Like when they had a school in California in their bio. They actually claimed they’ve never been to Cali. When they were questioned further on that. They said “their friend went there”. huh? They have since put in a online school. They never took any classes as they are not in the US.

My personality is the same all the time. The school in California was the school my friend Amanda went to, not me. I have never been to California. You do not have to be from the U.S. to go to a U.S. school, don’t you know that?

Let’s not get started on their many fake professions while they never see the light of day ever. Short list “a paralegal, an EMS technician, a writer, a psychologist..etc. Even their young age is a lie. It was more fun when they would pretend to be Amanda Chen and when you’d ask for a simple fact. They’d pretend not to speak English.

I never said I was an EMS technician or a psychologist. I am a paralegal, I am a writer, and I did work in the mental health field. I’m not young, but I’m not old, either. Again, Amanda Chen is a real person and her English is better than yours, Christine.

They seem to get really upset when you let them know that Amanda Chen is just some poor artist in China the Rat stole her name from.

Amanda in fact lives and works in China and her family still lives in the apartment building right next to the one I lived in.
Let’s move on to the foul company they keep & their motivation behind their online scam.

The Rat hangs with a criminal named Jason Weber (convicted felon) & his cohort Elizabeth Schilling. They are two scammers Jodi no longer wanted anything to do with.

I know Jason and Elizabeth. I do not “hang out with them”. They are not scammers and they still interact with Jodi Arias.

Jason Weber of Detroit, MI
Jason Weber of Detroit, MI
LIsa Schilling from Kentucky
LIsa Schilling from Kentucky

The rat dared to say these two were on the up & up. The rat went on to spew more bs about Jason who in fact is jobless, his bio is totally made up & he lives with his mother in Michigan. He’s got more alias than the Rat does.

Jason Webber and Elizabeth Schilling are on the up and up. Jason has no aliases and neither do I. Neither does Elizabeth. In fact, Jason Webber’s involvement with Jodi Arias is almost nill, and Elizabeth has moved on from Jodi Arias to other interests.

The Rat also defended another fraud name Richard Speights who is supposed to be in the US. As of late it is the Rat pretending to be him and a few other well known Jodi cult members. This impostor Speights spent a really long time harassing Deborah Maran who exposed them for what they are.

Richard Speights has a business in Montana and is no fraud. That’s his real name and his on-line arguments with Deborah Maran have nothing to do with me. It takes two to tango. Deborah Maran did not expose Richard Speights and she has said nothing about me as far as I know.


A total fraud & pathological liar. The impostor screwed up by letting us know they are not in the US with threats of a bogus lawsuit “they contacted their high sheriff”. Ummm, that’s a UK thing as we have lawyers who deal with lawsuits.
No idea what you are talking about.

The Rat loves to delete the truth. Over the weekend the rat exposed themselves again as not being in the US, not NY & not on vacation like they claimed.

I would love to see how I exposed myself as not being from NY (I am), not being in the US (I am), and not on vacation for the 4th of July (I was). Do I delete the truth? What?

Now on yet another page the have, no truth is allowed either while they are pretending to be against Simon & JAII. Yet they troll with the scum from there. Gee, why is that?

I am not pretending to be against SJ and JAII. I am against SJ and JAII.

There’s that “zealot” word again. Boring! Oh, but they do expose themselves as a real cyber stalker who was obsessed with some guy Dirk, now it’s on to a Christine. While proving what a lunatic they are. They exposed themselves as “Pandora” who posing as some real potty mouthed pig in Greece.

Zealot –  “a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.
synonyms: fanatic, enthusiast, extremist, radical, young Turk, diehard, true believer, activist, militant” = you = Lana Blue = Christine White.

lana 1 lana blue

I am not “Pandora”. Pandora is Pandora Paik, who is a real person named Olga Paikopolous, and she does live in Greece. You know that. I never said anything about Dirk Hartog although I am aware of who this stalker is. Christine White is you, Lana Blue. But I guess you are also “Olga”, “Arizona Sky” “Pinky Mane” and now “Xavier” and “Tanya”. Who will you be tomorrow? I will still be Rob Roman.

From a Facebook profile “MK” –

“I believe this is Dirk Hartog aka “George Beerwood” aka “Heather Sober”. If you look at “Loonier than Hodi” facebook page … he is on the attack against S. Webber. He even played her dangerous games by posting Webber’s full address on his page. I have done some research and it is definitely Webber’s address. I have been on many pages tonight and I am reading all over the place that people are getting messages from “this” person. Be careful of him …. he is a dangerous man. Here is the page for those that want to see his madness Notice the address he posted on one of his photos.”

Cyber Stalker
Cyber Stalker “Dirk Hartog”

This is the true face of the Rat Roman. <<a true fanatic using multiple twitter accounts to harass TA supporters, real writers and people who can spell better than this troll could.

I am @TingmingJie on Twitter. There is not one instance you can find of my harassing or stalking anyone at all. Always be aware of people who make accusations with out any specific examples, without any proof.

This is also another one of their troll accts. <rat cyber stalker made some dopey “exposing the haters” video that keeps getting taken down by you tube. Their troll nic on you tube is King Cold. Their disquis accts are James Dean, Mr. Howie (which they stole) and a few others. Speights & Mr. Howie show up at the same UK time. What are the odds?

No idea what you are referring to. I’m pretty sure “James Dean” is also you, Christine. There was some video of who the real names of State Supporters are, but I don’t know who made that or what’s become of it.

This attention whore is a true danger to society like the rest of the Jodi ilk. They are luring in TA supporters by pretending to be some writer in NY who’s a moody guy. Nothing of the sort. They are are a psychopath using the info you put out there on the Super Duper page. Don’t you ever wonder why this “rat” stares at that page all day? or Why they get soo upset when you block their behind? This foreign creep is stalking everyone.

LOL. The person who runs the Super Duper page is a friend of mine. I get heat from both Jodi Supporters and State Supporters for being a member of that page, which is virtually harmless.

I don’t get upset when someone blocks me, I get annoyed because I’m not getting the full conversation. I block no one. Well, almost no one, until yesterday.

More on the Rat to follow as they revealed their true identity.

Can’t wait, Christine. When and if you get your Twitter and Facebook accounts back, we will be looking forward to more stalking and trolling from my neighbor in New York :p .

Christine White aka
Christine White aka “Lana Blue” aka “Xavier” aka “Olga” aka “Pretty in Pink” aka “Tanya” aka “Pinky Mane”

13 thoughts on “Internet Stalker Lana Blue – Late to the game and more than lame (July 10)”

  1. Interestingly this obviously mentally disturbed woman always snaps back with phrases like “you’re not even from the country” or “you don’t even live in the US” and she calls everyone “rats” or “foreign rats” and accuses her “opponents” of not knowing the US law (I doubt she knows ANYTHING about the US law).
    So predictable, it’s become her calling card – I recognize this crazy nutjob every time she accuses me of being from the UK (and I’m not from there – I live in AZ). LOL
    What a certifiable nutter!
    She must be running scared, now that she has been exposed on the internet and embarrassed in front of everybody. But I have no pity for her – she had it long coming – it’s only a matter of time before simple-minded trolls like her get outed. She doesn’t even have the brains to make a screenshot without showing her email address.
    Silly ageing woman.

    1. Unbelievable. A person named Gina has discovered all this, and I have been after this person, especially since she sent a letter to Elizabeth Schilling’s employer trying to get her fired, AND she signed it with my name AND she drove to White Plains to send the E-mail. Well, she has been doing this since the Michael Jackson trial, and it doesn’t seem to matter what the issue is, she is looking for a fight. We have more info. about Christine White coming soon. Thanks for your comments.

  2. You’d have to be pretty dumb to believe anything this lunatic says. She thinks everyone is the same person and they are all from the UK. She is wrong about everything and like a comment above said, she’s not even smart enough to crop out her email address while taking one of her screenshots. Some people are beyond help and she is it. She should just quit. She’s making herself look worse with every post she makes. She likes to say she’s “exposing” people. Christine, “exposing” and accusing are two very different things. You point the finger at everyone and say the strangest of things such as, they are “a foreign rat”, is that the best you’ve got? And what is your obsession with the UK? For once, try backing up your accusations with some proof. You know? Like the proof that exposed YOU? But no, you make up a lie and post it with no proof whatsoever and expect everyone to believe you. Everything you’ve ever said about the people you’re obsessed with, so accurately describes YOU. YOU are the lifeless lunatic. YOU are the cyber stalker. YOU are the one with hundreds of fake “nics”. And YOU are the one that has been exposed, for real.

    1. Excellent comments, CNL. I think people should always look for the specifics when there are accusations. Where is the proof, the evidence? Where are the examples? When there are none, then people need to ask what is this person doing? She thinks maybe lots of people are one person. In spite of providing her with proof, she just makes more and more accusations. In spite of this, many of us were concerned about her, and about whether she would do something desperate if exposed. But, she only doubles down on all of it. Clearly, the re is nothing there but a need to fight, to harass and intimidate, to dole out pain as her primary definition. It’s kind of sad.

  3. I believe she is sometimes drunk when she writes her comments. You can add another pseudonym to your list, “Blanca Me.” Blanca is Spanish for white, so her pseudonym is, in effect, “I am White.” I missed her email. I’d kinda like to have it to see if she was the one emailing me.

    Her latest trick: She created a screen name, Richard Speights Jr., and then complains I have stolen my own identity. Then she created Mc Keen and claims to back up Richard Speights Jr’s comment. She’s like the Voyager–she just doesn’t stop.

    1. I would buy that she is drinking. That is most likely her and these are exactly the things she does. She must have quite a list of e-mails,too. People need to realize that friend or foe, Lana Blue doesn’t care about anyone on Facebook. We are all imbeciles to be toyed with to her.

      1. It’s funny when you get accused of using a fake name when you actually do use your own name, believe me I know, I’m a veteran in that department LOL. Well as long as she’s got Scott Land Yard on the case, let’s see what this Yard comes up with…

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