T or F (Answer Key) (Quiz #1)

  (Test your knowledge of the case)      
1 Jodi Arias’ glasses are a non-prescription “prop” used only   F  
  for trial.      
2 Lisa Daidone was a prosecution witness.   F  
3 Juan Martinez paraphrased from My Cousin Vinnie while  T    
  questioning a witness.      
4 Jodi Arias quoted a former Juan Martinez defendant T    
  during questioning.      
5 Briyan Carr was a friend of Jodi’s who visited her at Estrella Jail.   F  
6 Jodi Arias slept around with many men before meeting Travis   F  
7 The bullet recovered from Travis Alexander was the same type of ammunition as Jodi’s Grandfather had in his   F  
  “gun cabinet”.      
8 The shell casing recovered form Travis’ bathroom was the same   F  
  brand as ammunition owned by Jodi Arias’ Grandfather.      
9 Travis Alexander dated many women prior to meeting Jodi T    
10 Bobby Juarez was controlling and abusive towards Jodi Arias. T    
11 Juan Martinez knowingly lied in a previous death penalty case. T    
12 Jodi Arias “flipped the bird” at Nancy Grace on the court   F  
13 While a prisoner at Perryville County Jail, Jodi Arias attacked   F  
  another inmate.      
14 Jodi Arias’ jail records were the reason why she was deemed a    F  
  “flight risk” at her trial, and why she had to wear     
   special restraints.      
15 Travis Alexander was a motivational speaker who used his T    
  stories of childhood trauma as a motivator for salespeople.      
16 Travis, while speaking at a Pre Paid Legal Convention T    
  meeting, once told a participant in the audience –      
   “Woman, I will beat you dead.”      
17 Travis Alexander, while speaking at a PPL Convention, T    
  advised his audience to “hit a woman every now and then”.      
18 The day of the first post- verdict continuance hearing, two jurors had Brunch with the Alexander family, hugged them T    
  and sat with them in the Court Room.      
19 At the first post- verdict continuance hearing, Juror Tara Kelley    F  
  locked eyes with Jodi Arias and they had a “stare down”.      
20 Jodi Arias tried to intimidate people at the trial by making a throat slitting gesture.   F  
21 After hearing the judges admonishment to not speak to anyone about the case, a juror left the court and told T    
  a stranger “I’m a juror in the Jodi Arias trial”.      
22 Jodi Arias rented a car 100 miles away from Yreka at the Redding Airport to hide her travel plans   F  
23 Jodi Arias dyed her blonde hair brown on June 3rd, 2008 to   F  
  disguise her appearance.      
24 Travis Alexander was called the “T-Dogg” by his friends. T    
25 Travis was called the “T-Dogg” because he dated multiple T    
  women at the same time.      
*26 BONUS QUESTION: Dave Hall is a phony Mormon, a hot-head, a slanderer and an abuser of an innocent woman. T

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33 thoughts on “T or F (Answer Key) (Quiz #1)”

    1. My evidence for this is not only the words of Jodi Arias, but a girlfriend of Bobby Juarez’ years later in Hawaii, which can be found on YouTube video. She made the exact same claims and described Bobby Juarez in the exact same way.

      1. Neither are evidence though…the first is trying to escape a murder charge, the second (and I’ve watched that dubious video too) is some-one trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. I have an ‘opionion’ of Bobby Juarez too…but would not be considered a fact, either way.

      2. Wow. I’m fascinated that you have seen these videos. You are one of only two visitors to our blog. I don’t know how you found it. I choose to believe this girl because she is exactly the kind of naive and open, spiritual person as well as the same body type and features that Bobby Juarez would be attracted to. Also, she told the whole world on YouTube. Has anyone come forward to say it isn’t true? She gave an awful lot of specifics only a girlfriend of his could know. Jodi had nothing to gain at all about her realtionship at age 17 with Bobby Juarez.It was her first major breakup. Of course she would be upset and hurt.

      3. Ha ha! If it is out there, I will find it!
        I didn’t find her credible at all – not that I have an opinion of Bobby Juarez on whether he did or not – I just think those kind of ‘facts’ when you post them as such, take away some credibility to your site…just my humble opinion. A fact is something which is indisputable, and that Bobby was definitely an abuser is not, no matter how you want to paint it. If you said ‘it has been suggested’, or I believe…but fact? No. Otherwise, we are open ourselves to the most incredible slander should anyone in our past decide to post a you-tube video or make an allegation in any form.

    1. Well at least two married women that Jodi talked about at trial. One, she gave the woman’s full name because Juan Martinez insisted. No one has disputed this. His friends were calling him T-Dogg before he met Arias. Why would they call him this? Mormons are supossed to date many people until they find “the right”. Then they are supposed to “cherish the right” one. This is the CTR ring Travis always wore. Chris Hughes talked about Travis’ penchant for dating multiple women at the same time. This is why he liked Jodi living far away in California, so he could manage them. He was definitely doing something on those PPL conventions.

      1. Whether Travis had sex or not is not interesting to me, I am a realist. BUT, those women were not called to testify, and again, this was flirtatious texts that Jodi alleges. Again, this is not a fact, and 2 in my experience is not ‘many’. You are also speculating on what Jodi being in California meant – Jodi says that Travis was angry about her going back to California and that they argued about it, so which is it? He wanted her there, or he didn’t?
        ‘he was definitely doing something on those PPL conventions’…again speculation, and frankly, if he was…? Men and women not behaving to the dictates of their religion is hardly a new phenomena. Dating many women at the same time…dating – suggests going out on dates…not uncommon for people to do this. T-Dogg was an affectionate term, I know men like that too – I personally make a choice not to date them, doesn’t sound like it was that ‘hidden’ if it was a nickname even Jodi was familiar with – AND used affectionately.

  1. Jodi Arias rented a car 100 miles away from Yreka at the Redding Airport to hide her travel plans.
    What do you believe the reason to be Jodi hired the car from Redding?

    I am not being deliberately obtuse, nor am I posting lots of questions on separate posts to complicate things – sometimes it is easier to answer single posts!

    1. Henny, Jodi got a ride from her sister to the airport which is full of security cameras. A record was made of this rental with her CA driver’s license. There was nothing to hide about going on her trip to Utah.

      1. Again, there seems to be a lot of comment that Jodi wasn’t stupid, she must have known she’d been seen etc. The point is why did she go to Redding to hire the car? The reasons stated by some do not make sense. Priceline does not work that way. The car company she used required a major credit card.

  2. “Jodi Arias rented a car 100 miles away from Yreka at the Redding Airport to hide her travel plans.”
    Correct me if I’m wrong, Henny, but appears to me you are making this statement as FACT. “To hide her travel plans” is not a fact anyone knows or will ever know. It’s speculation. You pointed out Rob’s list and called them “opinions” and not “facts”. Opinion and speculation is stated as fact continuously on most, if not all, the Anti-Jodi or Pro-Travis sites, and even on JustdaTruth or whatever it’s called. I applaud anyone who tries to have a logical, rational debate on this trial, but because of so many factors I have no energy to go into right now, I hold little hope for that ever happening. As I see it, known fact for known fact in the trial, Jodi wins. And fact for fact, known by many others but not admitted into trial, Jodi wins. Speculation however, and an amusing economy with the truth, and Travis supporters are the hands down winners! Sadly however, there will never be any real winners, as the unfortunate meeting of Jodi and Travis proves day after day.

    *The quizzes are an excellent and revealing presentation, Rob. Great job!

    1. Thank-You, Sandra Weber. I’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard much about you.

      I introduced Amanda to your blog Inconvenienttruthstv.blogspot.com as well as Occupyhln.org and some others on Facebook. I’m the one who helped her edit her articles.

      She was thrilled to meet you and to communicate with Richard Speight, George Barwood, and Jason Weber. You are all people who courageously stand up for the “liitle guy” who has few advocates.

      I hope that in time, more people will stand up for equal justice under the law and see that justice was not served in this case.

      I agree with you. There are no winners in this tragedy. Well-said!

    2. No Sandra, I was not – I was actually quoting the False fact in the article and responding to it. There IS a difference between FACTS and opinions. And it doesn’t matter who states them, same either way. But when you state something as a FACT you should have irrefutable evidence. Just da Truth is opinions, and people discussing them, I agree sometimes and others I don’t. My post in THAT instance was a question, if you read the one that precedes it.

      1. The idea that going to the airport to rent a car was to be secretive is false, for the following reasons: 1) Jodi must have known that she would be a suspect in a murder if she killed Travis Alexander. 2) The airport, unlike a small town rental agency is full of security cameras and other security. 3) The idea that Jodi sais she used “Priceline” or some other internet site, to get the car, does not mean she made a reservation or put money down. I use these services all the time merely to do a price-comparison or check for availability. 4) She had not lived in Yreka in over 10 years. This is a small town, but it isn’t Mayberry, where everyone knows every move you make. 5) Jodi’s own family drove her to the airport. 6) Small town rental agencies normally frown on long distances and high mileage. 7) Jodi left her ID, paid on a credit card, and filled out paperwork. 8) If this was supposed to be an alibi to go to Utah, then it is meant to be very highly visible and very obvious that she was going on this trip.

        So I understand the difference betwen an opinion and a fact. I think we can eliminate this red herring, Even opinions are much stonger and more valid if they are backed by facts.

      2. There is a lot of comment that Jodi was too smart for this and that. Just because someone is articulate and has a high IQ does not mean they are criminally sophisticated. Just as someone who has a high IQ isn’t necessarily emotionally intelligent.
        Anyway, I don’t agree – that she shaded her intentions by hiring a car from some-where else, OR that she didn’t – either way is speculation. You can’t say it is true, you can’t say it is false.

        Facts only become facts when they have solid evidence to support them.

      3. I agree about the IQ. I have a lot more facts backing the airport rental hides nothing. I can’t think of any reason this hides anything. It only seems an attempt to make it look nefarious.

    3. “To hide her travel plans” is not a fact anyone knows or will ever know”
      Actually, you are just backing up my point. It therefore can not be categorically true OR false. I agree.

      1. You can have a fact or fact based opinion. I can’t see any facts in support that Jodi was trying to hide anything by going to the airport to rent a car.

        Some people say that Jodi planned to go to Cancun.with Travis “or else”. In that case, you can say that she went to the airport so she could return the rental car in Phoenix before she goes to Cancun.

        In that case, there really is nothing to hide.

      2. robroman, I do believe that Jodi’s bank statement had “Priceline” on it. That was in testimony. Jodi also told the rental car agency she was driving around town, not out of town. The agency was shocked with the mileage put on the car. While people in her family may have been informed she was going to Utah, nobody knew she was going to Mesa. Why? It makes no sense to me that she would lie to the rental agent about where she was going and tell others she was going to Utah, but that is a fact. It does not matter that she paid by credit card and left her drivers license. She already had Ryan Byrns as her alibi, along with those who knew she was going to Utah. She had reasons for renting from Redding, no doubt! She also thought the trip out enough to save all gas receipts and offer them up to her Mom when she questioned Jodi about whether she was in AZ.
        Please direct me to a link where I can read about the contents of Travis’s speeches at Pre-Paid Legal.
        Please provide a link that proves Dave Hall abuses women.
        The point that the bullet was not the same type as that taken from the grandparents home means nothing. Ammunition is easy to attain.
        While Travis may have been quite the flirt, I do not find this unusual or “bad” for a young guy.
        There is NO EVIDENCE that he had sex with a married woman. The woman Jodi pointed a finger at adamantly denied the accusation. We know Jodi lies. (Jodi’s lies did her in. She put herself in that cell)
        The nickname T-Dogg, who the hell cares. It has no meaning in this case.
        What paraphrase did Juan use from “My Cousin Vinny?”
        Jodi tweeted to Nancy that the finger was for her. It has since been removed.

      3. BBH,

        My understanding is that the prosecution claimed that Jodi lied about making a reservation on Priceline for the car. If she did make a reservation, that backs my idea that she was not hiding the rental.

        As far as not telling the rental company you are making a round trip to Utah, I wouldn’t tell them either. I have doen the same thing and I don’t blieve I have murdered anybody.

        You just made my point that Jodi was not trying to hide her alibi. So there is no reason to hide the rental.

        “Next up: exclusive video of Travis like you`ve never seen him before.

        Plus, the man who introduced Travis to Jodi. He`s here with us exclusively.


        TRAVIS ALEXANDER, VICTIM: Long distance relationships. In this business, you have an excellent opportunity to travel, see crap. You can go to different places. It`s good to have an old lady in every spot.

        Stand up. You`re next, baby.

        What`s your name, girl?


        ALEXANDER: Rhymes with candy. You are sweet.

        I love tall women. I climb all over them.

        I will beat you dead, woman. Hit a woman every now and then. Just kidding. Just kidding.

        But Las Vegas, they`ve got shows with `hos.

        However, warning, you know how they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? That`s true with the exception of Chlamydia. Just trust me on that one.

        (END VIDEO CLIP)

        PINSKY: Back with my co-host, Mary Fulginiti. And that you were watching was exclusive video of Travis Alexander playing a character in a wig at some sort of business event.”


        It’s also on YouTube. I am not outwardly religious, but I know enough to know that you never, ever say these things at a business meeting full of women and fellow Mormons.

        Dave Hall called Patty Womack a “crack head” on HLN. This is slander and abusive. If he did this, I can imagine how he thinks about and treats women. This is a woman with a small child who was simply offering her memeories of her childhood friend. That is abuse towards a woman. Great Mormon!

        Ammunition is easy to obtain, and so is a .25 easy for Travis to obtain and keep in his closet. Maybe one of his many room mates left it behind.

        In the Mormon religion, you date in order to find “The Right” one to marry. This is the CTR ring Travis wore every day. You date one woman at a time, and you break up if either feels this is not “the right” one to “cherish”. Travis was ordained and a priesthood holder in the LDS Church.

        Travis dated multiple women at once and fooled around with two married women. One was Dustin’s wife and the other Jodi named on the stand. I have no evidence that she denied it. Do you have a link for that?

        T-Dogg has a meaning and that meaning was revealed by Travis’ friends. Dating multiple women at the same time and trying to get some from all.

        Juan paraphrased My Cousin Vinnie during the trial. I will hold off on that one. I am waiting for someone who watched the trial closely to see who recalls it.

        Yes, Jodi tweeted the bird was for Nancy Grace, but she said that in reaction to the accusation. No evidence this was other than an innocent gesture like you would certainly make if a camera was on you for 8 hours a day for 5 months.

        I appreciate your comments.

  3. Nice to meet you, too, Rob! Amazing “cyber world” we live in, huh? Yes, those you mentioned have put in a lot of effort at exposing the injustice in Maricopa County, Arizona. With so much information from so many resources, it’s overwhelming at times. I envy your organizational skills! It is indeed true that the voices for true and complete justice are growing, slowly but surely!

    1. I think you are a very good writer. I think we need someone of high stature to say something in support of Jodi Arias, like a Geraldo Rivera. That would be a good day.

  4. Thank you, Rob! Yes, I agree a high-profile journalist is needed. It’s going to take one with a lot of …well, you know! As it is clear what happens to any who dare to support Jodi and her right to a fair investigation and trial as evidenced by the attacks on defense witnesses, and other supporters. Every voice though, counts, I believe. So I will promote your blog and hope you will, too!

    Who is “Prue”? I was replying to “Henny”. I guess the Jodi detractors will continue to play “alternate identities” as they do on facebook. I can’t and won’t argue with the circuitous words of such. They all pretty much follow the same pattern. If you string them along, most likely it will end up with a personal attack. But I absolutely admire you for your efforts!

    1. It appears that Henny and Prue are the same? I don’t know Henny. I do know Prue. Prue is very rational and logical and she is fair in her approach.

      About the rental car, If you are setting up an alibi, you want it to be very visible and Jodi’s family gave her a ride to the airport. For me, that is case-closed on the idea that the rental at the airport was to hide anything.

      If I plan to kill my wife, and I go to the bowling alley for an alibi, I tell everyone I’m going to the bowling alley. I make sure people remember me. It’s the same thing. You do not hide the fact you are going to Utah. You want everyone to know you are going there.

      1. Hi Rob, Yes, you asked if you had talked to me, so I put my name as you know me from Occupy. I didn’t mean to cause confusion – alternate identities, detractors…personal attacks! Strangely provocative. Um, no, it is a little more innocuous than that – just a nickname, I have used both.
        I have made no personal attack, and I particularly hate being lumped into a one size fits all, HLN watching, Juan worshipping category just because I don’t agree, or I question something.
        As far as the rental car goes, I don’t know what the reason was that Jodi went out of town for that car, but as you know I do believe that Travis’ death was pre-meditated, so I’m probably erring on the side of there being a ‘reason’ for it. That’s just my standpoint.
        My original point, clearly missed, is that as Sandra said “To hide her travel plans” is not a fact anyone knows or will ever know” – that I agree with, and that was my point in the first place…not a fact anyone knows or ever will know. Not really circuitous.
        I’m assuming that you don’t mind respectful posters who are from the ‘other side’ – given that you have stated ‘ALL’ comments will be posted?

      2. Hi Prue,
        Because other bloggers have refused to post my comments, I don’t want to be that way. I will post any comment as long as it is not a personal attack.

        I don’t think it makes sense to not like someone because they disagree. If you read my poem, during the trial, I was still on the fence.

        I liked Occupy HLN becuase Jason let all sides comment and debate. I like you independently of any view you have,

        You know that information will come out after the sentence. Things that were not allowed in at trial. Then who knows?

        Yes, personal attacks come from people who cannot communicate or just don’t want to.

        If you get the chance to read my article on Juan, I really did try to put myself in his shoes. I still believe he goes too far. HLN will just try to make things as dramatic as possible.

        Putting my self in Jodi’s shoes, and pretending I am planning a murder, I still don’t see the benefit of renting the car at the airport.

        I always want to hear other viewpoints. I have aleady changed some things because I was wrong about them.

  5. One thing I just wanted to add to that conversation…responding to your ‘setting up an alibi’. I truly believe that Jodi has a personality disorder. That does not detract from her IQ, nor does it mean she is therefore going to commit a murder. But it does suggest that her thought processes can be impaired by ego and impetuosity. If one was arguing the setting up of a premeditated murder, you could say there are all sorts of eventualities that you would miss. As I have maintained all along, she is not criminally savvy, I think she thought she wouldn’t be anything other than summarily considered.
    As far as the gas can goes – if she did take them frequently, I wouldn’t have thought she wouldn’t have needed to borrow a can…let alone 2 or 3. I can understand one, to take as a back-up. That would get you to the next station on a highway. When Darryl Brewer mentioned taking them, he was referring to camping trips – which is a little different to taking them on a highway.
    Additionally, taking into account the size of her car’s fuel tank, the gas cans and the amount of fuel purchased, as I understand it it WOULD have required 3 gas cans to accommodate it all.

    1. I totally agree, Prue. It’s possible that Jodi “spaced” some things if she planned a murder.

      Do you really think that Jodi thought she would only be summarily considered? That implies a great deal of denial or supression of what went on earlier in the year.

      She took Darryl’s gas cans when she was living at Darryl’s. I believe Matt did that, too. Jodi didn’t have many possessions when she was in Yreka, much less gas cans.

      You can chalk up taking more than one gas can to Jodi’s illogical thinking just as much as anything else. More fear of getting stuck in the desert and vulnerable to whoever comes along = more gas cans and water.

      The car’s gas tank was 13 gallons. She bought 25 gallons in Utah. It’s possible if the tank was dead empty and you can get maybe 15 gallons into the car tank filled to the gills.

      Then Martina had a great question. If the extra gas cans were only to get in and out of Arizona unnoticed, why did she fill those cans up in Utah??

      1. People love to explain away the gas cans due to the “desert!” The roads from California to Arizona are very well traveled with gas stations throughout. It is crazy to put people at risk on those freeways. Camping is entirely different! Jodi did borrow gas cans, so she used them in Utah. It was her proof that the reason she wanted them was for the trip to Utah if asked. Daryl had no idea where Jodi was going, and she got miffed when asked. Meanwhile, the evidence presented showed that the third “kero can” was never returned, as testified under oath. Why did she feel compelled to lie about that?

      2. Hi BBH,
        Jodi was not familiar with these roads. It is crazy to carry cans full of gas in the summer in the desert, I agree. Good response that she filled the gas cans in Utah to fulfill her reason for borrowing them.

        Maybe Jodi got miffed when asked because she didn’t want to tell her ex where she was going and that she was seeing a new beau. The eveidence shows there is no record of the gas can return. This doesn’t prove it was not returned.

        Your comments are very good.

  6. Thanks Robert – I appreciate that and the conversations we have had. You and Martina have both filled in some gaps in my education! I enjoy the fact you make me think. I will read your Martinez essay later. By the way I agree that there are some things that could support either side which have not been entered into evidence. The one thing that would have the potential to change my mind would be those letters. I would VERY much like to see them 🙂

    1. Yes, I would like to see the letters too, Prue. Who knows what else on both sides was not admitted? I also like to be challenged and I learn more this way too.

      I would really like people to come forward and tell what they know about both Jodi and Travis. What was Travis doing for the 4 years before Jodi?

      Some say it is irrelevant, but it would help me out, I think.

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