Jodi Arias Supporters are Crazy (part 2)

Jodi Supporters are Crazy (Part 2)

Fact based reporting

By Amanda Chen

With Rob Roman

It is interesting to look into the hearts and minds of “Travis supporters” and “Jodi supporters”. I am only on the side of searching for the truth. I am certain that the truth is not what we have seen so far in this trial. I have found many good and honest people who agree that something is wrong with this trial and the verdicts. I have met fewer people who can explain reasonably and logically why the outcome is correct. Let’s look more at what the people themselves have to say:

From popular websites (I have made some comments in italics).

Praise of  key prosecution witness

-First up on the Juan train was the smoking hot Kevin Horn, Medical examiner/ underwear model.  Kevin explained that the gunshot wound that passed through Travis’ head, traveled through his brain turning it to pudding and would have incapacitated almost immediately, like within seconds.

Travis would not have been cognizant of his surroundings, and would not have been able to defend himself, ie those pesky defensive wounds on his hands as he fought off Norman Bates.  Unfortunately for Stabby, Travis did have extensive defensive wounds which kind of throws a f*ck into the whole he attacked me because I dropped his camera and he was gonna kill me over a camera so I shot him first.

Dr Horn made for a very, very convincing witness and if nobody believes anything else in this theater of the completely absurd, they believe that Travis was not shot first.

Guess what? There is nothing in this passage that is a fact or is true except that Dr. Horn is handsome. Travis’ hand wounds cannot be classified as defensive or offensive with certainty and they are not extensive. The camera dropping may have escalated an already growing anger into violence. The reason for attacking was because the secret relationship was going to end. There is only one person who was extremely conflicted by a relationship that was in violation of his moral beliefs and was going to be exposed.

Here is what a crazy Jodi person said:

I just want Jodi to know that so many people out here are watching the coverage and praying for her. I am disgusted by these so called professionals who think they have her pegged as a psychopath and the prosecutor who clearly has a Napolean complex. I can understand the pain she went through trying to keep her relationship with Travis.

Opinion of the defendant

-Jodi Arias remembers every single moment of her heinous, depraved & cruel butchery. And, like Ted Bundy, she is proud of her eradication of Travis Alexander. Why did she exterminate him? Because, at 27 years old, having sexed her way thru a slew of men in return for housing accommodation– she demanded that he marry her so that she could sit on her fat ass & live the life of a “Goddess”. She expected him to serve as a slave at the altar of her monstrous ego. Jodi Arias deserves the Death Penalty, if anybody does.

Whether it was self-defense or murder, the facts show Jodi Arias tried to overcome Travis Alexander as soon as possible. Heinous and depraved were not found by a court of law. There is nothing factual or true in this statement.

-Jodi Arias is a psychopath who relished her heinous, cruel & depraved murder– and, she would kill again, given half-a-chance. She even makes the slashing-the-throat motion when either Juan Martinez or the jury do not worship at the altar of her sick ego. Of course, also, please do not forget that Jodi Arias came out of her enraged murder without a scratch. Jodi Arias deserves the Death Penalty.

We learned at the Zimmerman trial that the victim does not need to be injured in order to perceive and react to a life or death threat. There were no “slashing the throat motions”.

-HODI:– No career– no accomplishments– no decency– no vision– superficial pretense, feigning being intelligent, but really quite shallow– uglier by the day– phony– dishonest– sadistic– mean– vicious– narcissistic, etc. etc. etc. … woman.

Congratulations to you! You have just qualified to join the Mormon Church!

-Jodi Arias does not deserve LWOP. She deserves the DP. Never forget her brutal slaughter of Travis Alexander. Like Ted Bundy, she sadistically enjoyed her bloody extermination of her victim.

There are over 100 domestic violence homicides in Arizona each year. That’s two every week. Most of the murdered are female. Do these men get charged with 1st degree murder and face the death penalty? Most do not. What do most of these killers deserve? Why is the Jodi Arias case any different?

-Early on (prior to the trial), there were lawyers & psychological experts who wanted nothing to do with Jodi Arias, because they could see her for the toxic-waste she was/is/always-will-be. But, sure, I believe those like Quack Samuels & Alyce LaToilette.

Can you name any of these lawyers and experts? Do you have any facts about these claims? Over years, attorneys move from public defenders to private practice and they need to move on to other, more pressing cases.

So, here is what a killer worshipping Jodi supporter said:

This is why people shouldn’t mess with other people’s emotions. The guy played her and treated her like a goodtime girl and caused her to have a meltdown. Super tragic and she should not be getting life, let alone the death penalty, anyways.

Opinion of the guilt phase

-Of course, I believe that Jodi Arias deserves the Death Penalty– for her brutal & heinous slaughter of Travis Alexander. For, Jodi Arias didn’t simply shoot him which still would have been horrendous, deserving conviction of 1st degree premeditated murder– but she went far, far further:

Hodi started stabbing Travis Alexander, when he was at his most vulnerable, naked and in the shower, and, she continued to stab him, until he tried to escape– and, she pursued him continuing to stick her knife into his back and even stabbing him in his skull (chipping out the bone from the back of his head) a total of 29 times 9 times in the back. Was that enough for this sadist? No. While he was lying on the floor, bleeding out of his chest, she raised his head by his scalp & she proceeded to slash his throat (while he was still alive), nearly decapitating him.

There is no evidence that Jodi stabbed Travis in the shower.  The nine stab wounds in the back do not make sense under the prosecution theory. You are only saying what we already knew at the beginning of the trial. “Near decapitation” and “ear to ear”are not true. Jodi killed Travis seems to be a fact. Why and how she did it has not been proven.

Was that enough for this vicious psycho? No. Jodi Arias dragged his dead body back to the shower in order to wash off the oceans of his blood that she spilt she didn’t suffer a scratch and her own dirty, filthy DNA. And, then, in her final, depraved act of annihilation, she shot him in the head, and, then left him in the shower to rot– while this “Ted Bundy” soul(less)-mate then cleaned up the crime scene.

And she stopped to wash her hands of the blood before shooting Travis? There’s not much of a clean up.  Ted Bundy’s crimes were carefully calculated, purposefully brutal and depraved, and much more organized than this crime. Bundy preyed on strangers.

-Nurmi and Willmont both know what she was. They were appointed to represent her. They both filed motions to be dismissed from the case before the trial. But Mommy dearest sent the judge a letter asking this not happen because other attorneys had been dismissed and she said these two know too much about the case. She wanted them to stay so JA didn’t have to “suffer” become use to a new attorney. LaToilettte and Samuels were in it for the money. Donavan and Kim are just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame on JA’s coat tails.

Nurmi wanted off the case because he was leaving the public defender’s office. Nurmi and Willmott had no choice but to file motions to be dismissed. Jodi had not followed their advice. Who is “Kim”?

-Would love Tara to have been on jury, if she was maybe we wouldn’t be going thru this mess again.

Oh, really?

-Her being on the jury WOULD NOT have been a GOOD THING. Because, had she been a REAL juror, and this came to light, A MISTRIAL would have been declared! I’ll almost bet you on that!

Wow. Here is some common sense for once.

-Yes, in lieu of the Jury Foreman. How did he ever get the job? Do they vote or does the alpha person just claim the job? I really don’t know but believe he was a poor choice just from what I’ve learned after that jury was through … hence, we now need another jury.

There is reason to believe that the 5 jurors who voted for only 1st degree murder were the ones who got it right. But they came to that conclusion on faulty evidence about the order of injuries. The 4 jurors who voted for life also got it right. The mitigators do outweigh the single aggravator. The 7 jurors who voted for Premeditated AND  felony murder were obviously following Juan, not the facts and not the law. Under the prosecution theory, premeditated AND felony murder does not make sense. The 8 who voted for death were also following Juan and at least one and possibly more did not follow the jury instructions.

This is what the mentally ill Jodi supporter wrote:

The prosecutor hasn’t proven premeditation. She needs to appeal her verdict. When it comes, she should hire Jose Baez He would rip the prosecutor to shreds. The prosecutor asks questions then talks over the person so they can’t finish the answer. Jodi is so articulate and smart.

Everything in the above post is true. The difference is that Jose Baez would need to study Arizona law and practices.

Key Defense Witnesses

-I think only cowards threaten people so I don’t condone it! But Alyce I think your tears are tears of guilt for defending a cold blooded lying murderer you said in court you have sons. Well, I pray they never have a ‘Jodi’ enter their lives. I hope you sleep well at night because if I were you, I couldn’t.

Alyce LaViolette says what she means and she means what she says. She still stands by her conclusions and opinions and most of the evidence she cited is objective.

– Lisa…and she refused to listen to what Travis was saying in his last e-mails that she was “evil”, and he was afraid of her!

Alyce did listen to it, but she said his actions did not match his writing.

-Alyce was in it for the money & a shot at fame. Shame on her. Everything she testified about Travis was exactly who her client was. Travis never hit anyone in his life. Never stalked, hacked accounts, slashed tires, showed up uninvited, etc.

Although many people believe that Jodi Arias lied constantly on the stand, many things she said during the trial and thought to be false were later proven to be true.

Here is what the kook Jodi Arias supporter posted:

They do not see a woman as abused ever. This country or maybe the entire world doesn’t see it for what it is, and that is the saddest part of all. It’s the worst possible slap in the face one could endure. I only know that if one can’t go into flight when this is going on there is nowhere to go but feel the pain.

I truly feel bad for Jodi. I know what it is like to be abused but loyal. Emotional abuse is much more difficult to prove. Stay strong!

Now, we can look at some Tweets on Twitter by Prosecution supporters. I don’t call them Travis supporters. I feel all of us feel terrible for what happened to Travis Alexander. We wish the best for his family, and justice for all. Here are what some said in reply to Jodi’s Tweets:

@Jodiannarias u still ain’t asked Jodi why her f*ckin sn*tch looks like a facehugger from aliens yet have you? N what’s ur malfunction btw?

@Jodiannarias I doubt u will EVER get paroled, and I have FAITH u will get what you deserve- Death Penalty for killing Travis #notasurvivor

@Jodiannarias the only reason people know who/what you are is because of Travis, his blood paid for your stupid t-shirts/donations/art sells

@KimRichoux50 I hope Juan Martinez gets a hold of that court playback where she slices her throat to JM / SA. THAT’S Y ARIAS NEEDS LWOP/DP

@JoeSantos5150 @Jodiannarias it’s a “tweet” not a “twit” which funny enuff is what u seem to be supporting this c*nt of a wh*re killer!

And these are some of Jodi’s malicious Tweets:

I’m working on a little project that is going to help support domestic violence shelters. I’m hoping it’ll be off the ground this coming week

“If you are strong enough, there are no precedents.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hypocrisy bugs. Wish we could shine a spotlight on all of Juan’s lies, lies he’s made on record over the years in a court of law.

Commissary didn’t arrive this week. It’s like waking up on Christmas morning and discovering that Santa skipped your neighborhood.

9 days out of 10… that sounds about right.

Group prayer in a little while, 6PM PST. Go to “Jodi Arias Friends and Family” Facebook group for details. Thx 4 your prayers and God bless.

I would have signed a plea years ago to avoid this disaster, but I was refused a plea as the State and the family refused to settle.

“God’s love is so great that He loves even the proud, the selfish, the arrogant, and the wicked.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“Never trust a reporter who has a nice smile.” – William Rauch

For the last 3 nites, Estrella’s kitchen served dinner in Styrofoam containers to nearly 2,000 ppl per nite. Sorry, planet.

“I will be sorry for the rest of my life – probably longer.” – Me, my allocution, May 21, 2013

Geraldo Rivera ‏@GeraldoRivera24 May

Am I the only one who thinks Nancy Grace’s relentless cheer leading for Jodi Arias’ death gross & excessive? The anchor as executioner?!

Retweeted by Jodi Arias

I drew a Bighorn Sheep, now at . These are beautiful animals native to the Southwestern United States.

Just finished To Kill a Mockingbird, which I managed to avoid reading in HS. I understand now why it’s a classic. Good read.

My friend Griz wrote me and posed an interesting Q: “Why do people find it so easy to hate but so hard to love?”

Here is what another crazy Jodi Arias supporter feels about the Jodi Arias:

I have only recently become aware of your circumstances. For what it’s worth Jodi, I think you’re a very special person and I truly believe the world is a far better place with you in it. My own spiritual beliefs don’t allow for prayers, but if they did, my prayers would be with you. All I can offer you is my best wishes and the hope that TRUE justice is served quickly and your freedom is returned to you. Stay strong, angel. You’re worth the effort.

We can see the prosecution supporters are good, right, correct, and seeking truth and justice.  It is so easy to see how Jodi and her supporters are so evil, wicked, wrong and unjust. Jodi supporters are crazy! Good luck to everyone in the 2nd penalty phase!


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3 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Supporters are Crazy (part 2)”

  1. The question I ask myself is, are we expected to excuse and forgive supporters of the prosecution who clearly demonstrate their ignorance of the facts because of their lack of education? It Could be excusable if it wasn’t for the fact that they demonstrate sheer hate and malice that go far and beyond the fact that Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander; its her appearance, her lack of intelligence, they attack her art, and go as
    far as they can, even saying she’s evil. Its this level of hatred that goes beyond a mere lack of education that gives them away, it shows me that they take an absolute delight in vilifying her and everything about her; its one thing to keep on topic, quite another to enjoy vilifying her, and they Do enjoy it, they revel in it. They forget that any one of them could be in Jodi’s shoes, no one can say for sure they will never be a victim of a severe miscarriage of Justice, Its hard not to feel somewhat sorry they have been brainwashed by a corrupt, rabid and barbaric State, but they deliberately miss what is in front of their very eyes. This is what frustrates and infuriates me; their warped enjoyment is far more important than having a fair trial, more important than Jodi’s life hanging by a thread. They say they want Justice, but surely deep down, with all the evidence of malfeasance, they surely must, IF they were honest with themselves, see that what they really want is revenge.

    1. I hope it is the vocal few, and not the majority who think this way. If someone feels the same way after reading the articles on this blog, then what can we say? That makes mad too, the claims about tracing and copying. Let’s see these people trace and copy and prove that “anyone could do it”. They can’t.

  2. Here’s a couple I liked the best: ”-HODI:– No career– no accomplishments– no decency– no vision– superficial pretense, feigning being intelligent, but really quite shallow– uglier by the day– phony– dishonest– sadistic– mean– vicious– narcissistic, etc. etc. etc. … woman.”

    Congratulations to you! You have just qualified to join the Mormon Church! Excellent answer!!! LOL

    And this one: ”Hodi started stabbing Travis Alexander, when he was at his most vulnerable, naked and in the shower, and, she continued to stab him, until he tried to escape– and, she pursued him continuing to stick her knife into his back and even stabbing him in his skull (chipping out the bone from the back of his head) a total of 29 times 9 times in the back. Was that enough for this sadist? No. While he was lying on the floor, bleeding out of his chest, she raised his head by his scalp & she proceeded to slash his throat (while he was still alive), nearly decapitating him.”

    Yeah, one can imagine a weak wimp of a man, Travis, just standing there, can’t you, just letting her stab him until sense suddenly struck him to escape, then, as if allowing her to stab him in the shower wasn’t enough, continued to give in to her (like he had always done), letting her carve him up even more, even helping her by raising his head to let her slash his throat; apparently he only wanted a near decapitation.

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