Jodi Arias Supporters are Crazy (part 1)

Jodi Supporters are Crazy (part 1)

Fact based reporting

By Amanda Chen

With Rob Roman

It seems from HLN polls, Arias prosecution supporters are 90% and defense supports are 10 %. It’s even less because some people do no support Jodi, but are just against the death penalty. People think they are a fringe group of people who are not very bright. Jodi supporters are imagined to be crazy. These are the kinds of people who worship serial killers and are in love with the Manson family. Some people think Jodi is “hot” and do not care about the facts of the case. They want to be different and they want to be the minority opinion.

People who support the prosecution accept that the verdicts reflect the truth of what happened. They are eager that Jodi is sentenced to death or life without the possibility of parole. These are the sane people. The real abuse victims, the law and order group, the people with reason and logic and the ones who want true justice.

Let’s take a look at what the majority, sane, and true friends of justice have to say:

These comments are from some popular websites (I have written some comments in italics).

-This should not be allowed to takes this damn long, just shove the needle in her arm already.

-This is all so out of control! Just crazy! Doing everything to keep stalling it! Guess she’s hoping to spend the rest of her life in County.

-Somebody in that jail needs to just shank the skank.

-WTH? I thought it was a penalty phase trial. Why are they going to make this lengthy? I hate this “mz Thang” more and more everyday, ugh.

-That picture of (her blank look) is spot on. That’s how she felt about all the evidence against her and going on trial. Bored!!!

 Anticipation of the 2nd penalty phase

 -In my opinion, the delay in the sentencing of Jodi Arias has been far, far too long. The family of Travis Alexander is forced to bear the agony as well as the emotional and financial tolls of the continual delays. Jodi Arias and her unethical defense team continue to game-the-system. Judge Stephens needs to put a stop to this travesty of justice and schedule the next penalty phase sooner rather than later.

The agony and the emotional and financial tolls are entirely the responsibility of the prosecution and the victim’s family. They are pursuing a verdict that cannot be won, or will not stand.

-Juan would never do a plea deal with her. He knows that’s what she wants. He’s a bulldog and he won’t back down because of their constant motions.

The motions are what any competent defense attorney would do.

You’re right. He won’t back down. Whose best interest is this in?

-Nurmi threatened right from the beginning she would make life miserable for somebody if they didn’t give her a deal. So they didn’t and she dragged Travis thru the mud like she said she would. Now she has fussed with her own notoriety thru tweeting and interviews, making a jury selection process problematic. That was all for a deal. Two year olds do that to parents all the time. Give me my way or i will have a tantrum. If the state makes any deal with her, it will have to hold its tail between its legs for a long time.

Jodi did not want to drag Travis through the mud. She tried to avoid a trial. When you plead self-defense, you have no choice but to explain the relationship.

-Just kill her already, omg!

-NO plea deal for the DEVIL!


This is what crazy Jodi-supporters said.

(From popular websites)

Hello Jodi, I think you were trapped in a bad relationship. I believe people need help, not execution. I believe you need help, not hate. I know it is hard to live where you are now, but this is the time to reach your soul. No more attachments to the outside world will take you into a spiritual journey inside your soul and you will finally find peace, love and compassion.


-I read some where that #458434 had bought the 9mm hand gun to shoot 2 more men. Anyone know anything about that? I never heard that before.

What Jodi did is a fact. Why she did it is speculation.  Interesting that you have memorized her number, but you are not familiar with the facts. This is malicious speculation only.

-JANE VALEZ-MITCHELL’S BOOK … Here’s my take on it…

I’m surprised to find out that JVM has written this book from a biographer’s perspective as if she’s interviewed Jodi personally. When in actuality, Jane derived all her information mostly (IMO) from the info stated off Skank’s interviews prior, during and after the trial and especially all the lies that she stated up on the stand.

I agree the book is derived from speculation and lies. Jodi is not the big liar in this trial. “Skank” is, in Jodi’s words, “a pejorative term used against women”.

JUAN LOVERS…There is a chapter in it called Juan’s Turn. I’m not there yet but can’t wait to read it to see if she knows that we call his quips, “Juanisms”.

I guess that “Juanisms”, appealing to emotions and telling jurors what to think instead of allowing them to come to their own inferences and conclusions, passes as a search for truth in Arizona.

-JVM said on air that SHE discovered JA stalked Bobby Juarez as well. Well, we all knew that just by watching the trial. Some of the information could not be entered into evidence, but we knew it. I agree with D J. There is nothing in it that avid trial watchers did not know.

Wow. Something we can all agree on. Is anyone surprised by this?

2nd Penalty phase strategy

-A little over a week from now, and Judge Stephens will hold yet again, another hearing, the 3rd one concerning Jodi Arias’ upcoming penalty trial– which hopefully will not result in another unjustifiable delay. It is long overdue for this judge to schedule a fixed date for the next sentencing phase so that Jodi Arias is punished for her crime of 1st degree premeditated murder. What is the point of waiting until 2014???

Actually, the delays are due to the schedules of all key people. Hearings and motions are a normal process in all trials. Until sentencing, many appeals cannot be filed, so why would the defense want to delay the 2nd penalty phase?

-Why does Jodi Arias want to see the next jury sequestered? Because, it is known from post-trial interviews, that jurors who are sequestered are more impatient to be released -and, are more likely not to deliberate over a long period, to deliver the most serious verdicts (guilty of murder) or sentences.

Or, maybe because it is her Constitutional right to have an impartial jury and a fair trial.

-So did JW subpoena Jodi’s telephone records to help Jodi keep any further lies straight? Remember, Jodi kept journals, and altered them, and studied the case against her before testifying. She can’t review her telephone records like that, unless Wilma gets them for her.

Of course the prosecution will get a copy. “Anything you say can and will…”. This is called your Miranda rights. Not surprisingly, the Miranda case comes from Arizona, where they would interrogate for hours without allowing suspects access to an attorney.

You are correct that Jodi was not following her attorney’s advice at times. So her attorneys must defend Jodi from Jodi as well. Jodi altered her journals? She didn’t have access to them. Of course, Jodi studied the evidence and assisted in her own defenses, as is her right.


1) He needs to state that everything that Arias will say when she takes the stand has all been proven to be lies and resulted in her conviction! So, when they hear that she was verbally, physically and sexually abused by Travis, she is again lying to you under oath to escape her upcoming Death Sentence!

Verbal and psychological abuse throughout the relationship has been proven, not just by Jodi’s words but also by the words of Travis and the testimony of friends. How many women willingly enter into an anal sex only relationship? Controlling behavior was proven and physical abuse is the next logical step.

2) He needs to play those interviewing tapes and show the jurors how she said during those interviews that she lied to fit her story to the evidence and that she stuck to her ninja story for 2 years and when the prosecution would not make a deal with her and said we are going to trial she then had to make up this whole B.S. story of the camera, domestic violence and for good measure pedophile….

…You let the jury see that she had to make up a story because of the time printed on those pics that Travis was alive 5:30 and deceased at 5:32. He has to make that jury see that that story was a lie and that she got up on that stand in her trial and lied and lied and lied and if she speaks to you now she is LYING!!!! She’s a PSYCHO !!!

It seems those “Juanisms” really paid off. Trying to change evidence and testimony to make Jodi a liar paid off, too. The Ninja story never made sense to anyone, including Jodi. Refusing to plea bargain is what Arizona prosecutors do best. Maybe that’s why their courts are jammed with over 100 death penalty cases waiting to be tried.

This time around in court…Jodi WILL receive the death penalty like she deserves!!!!! Rest in Paradise Travis! Justice will be served!!

So, the first two verdicts were just, but the 3rd verdict of “no unanimous decision”, by the same jury, is unjust? Why do you think the next verdict will be any different?

Here is what a crazy Jodi supporter said:

I do agree there are always two sides to human beings. The one that presents itself in the so called public eye, and the one you cannot see behind closed doors. Even if the worst scenario happens for you, you can be strong in the face of adversity and know that you have support. You’re not alone and God loves you, Jodi. Keep your head up and there are thousands of abused women who understand and we have our arms lovingly around you.

Victim’s Rights

-Victim’s rights are just AS important – in fact, more so than the guilty or defendant’s rights!! Judge Stephens is covering the bases to ward off any appeals from the defense, but clearly Travis’ family can and should appeal for THEIR rights. Sept. 16 is not far away. They should voice their rights. Until now, Inmate’s rights are being sung in an undying chorus. “Undying” just like her sentencing phase, thanks to the 4 losers – pathetic representatives of America’s justice dispensers!! Sheesh!!!!!!

The rights of the accused and the convicted should be paramount for one important reason: The person sitting in that defendant’s chair may one day be YOU.

Who are “the four losers”? Kirk Nurmi, Jennifer Willmott, Maria De La Rosa, and Jodi Arias?

Victim’s rights are a needed improvement to the justice system. But the victim’s family is not facing a death sentence or life in prison. Jodi Arias was unanimously found guilty of 1st degree murder and the cruelty aggravator. The family was involved in every major decision and meeting. So why do you think the victim’s family did not have their rights?

-Time to stop coddling this convicted murderer! Her defense lawyers will continue to file motion after motion because it is a ploy to delay the inevitable. Damn shame that the convicted have more rights than the victims and their family has to endure so much pain and agony.

Jodi Arias is now living under almost the same conditions she will have upon sentencing. Your idea of “coddling” is interesting.  I think that she also wants this to come to a conclusion so she can begin her appeals.

The crazy Jodi supporter said this:

If someone killed me, and I was in heaven, I would forgive them, plain and simple. We live in a society and time where government, bankers, and politicians brain wash us to want revenge. They make money and votes off of capital punishment laws. An “eye for an eye” is a term I hear often. What I don’t hear often is a quote from Ghandi: “An eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind”. Revenge is also a sin, just the same. But you will not hear this when it comes to capital punishment campaigns from politicians. And just how honest are politicians?

Jesus Christ forgave his executioners, Buddha forgave the person who accidentally caused his death, and Ghandi forgave his assassin.

Mitigation Witnesses

-Rumor has it that an ex-cellmate of Jodi Arias, Kimberly Ross, a convicted thief, may testify on her behalf, during the upcoming sentencing phase; since neither Matt McCartney, nor “Pothead” Patti Womack want to face conviction for perjury– and, Darryl Brewer doesn’t want to testify anymore, since apparently he has had enough, also afraid because he misrepresented the so-called “loan” of a gas-can actually, a trade for a DVD player which Hodi stole from her Grandpa, when she stole his gun.

What other witnesses over the last four years do you think Jodi Arias has? Matt McCartney and Patty Womack do not face conviction for perjury. Matt asked Jodi to not be involved to protect his family and Jodi agreed, even though he can help her case. Patty was threatened and intimidated from testifying by Juan Martinez, David Hall, and cyber bullies who posted pictures of her and her daughter and a map to her home including the address online.


Darryl Brewer was prepared to testify for Jodi as a mitigation witness, and he may do so again. DVD players in 2008 were as common as bicycles and there is no proof why Darryl would want or need a DVD player. He agreed to lend her the gas cans over the phone before she left Yreka.

Jodi Arias can only scrape the bottom-of-the-sewer to dredge-up potential “witnesses” to testify on her behalf. None of them are credible, because they are all either convicted criminals or low-lifes, and her own family would have to admit the sadism (torturing of animals & beating up her brother with a baseball bat & kicking her mother) which she has shown from childhood.

All brothers and sisters fight and good for her if she fought back against physical abuse from a neglectful parent. Jodi Arias never tortured an animal. Of course, this needs to be made true so that we can establish Arias as a serial killer. In fact, Arias was always affectionate with animals. She even took good care of Travis’ dog Napolean when Travis was out of town. She kicked her dog once? We only know this from her own admission, and she remembered that as a terrible thing. Almost everyone as a 14 year-old has done worse things than Jodi Arias. Ask your parents if you have conveniently forgotten.

And the whacko Jodi supporters said:

I wish I could have been a good council for Jodi when she was going through all of this. I am sorry her mom and dad didn’t hear the messages and the things that were being said to her. That someone who loved her could have been of good and kind council to her. I am so sorry Jodi, and I am a survivor also. I will pray for you for Mary to intercede on your behalf with my rosary. You have wonderful qualities about you so may your spirit be lifted by the knowledge that you are okay.

Good luck, Jodi. I am from Yreka and am rooting for you. I hope you are able to prove self-defense. Men get away with abuse far too often. I am sorry that this happened to you, but remember you are one of the lucky ones. Mostly, abused women are the ones who are killed. I don’t like the prosecutor either. He’s a bully.

-Jodi Arias’ explanation for why she had no friends:

“All the girls are jealous of me and all the guys want to have sex with me.” There is no evidence for this idea and there is a great deal of evidence against it.

It is obvious to me that Hodi has serious problems with the truth– for she ought to say that girls can’t stand the fact that she wants to have sex with their boyfriends and has no time for them, unless she is using them to get to men… And, yet again, Hodi has it backwards– she wants to have sex with all the guys. What a skank, deadbeat, loser & now, a convicted murderer.

Was that from Jane Velez’ book or from Juanisms? No facts here.

-Does anybody know what the legal implications would be if the murderer Jodi Arias’ grotesque entourage paid (bribed) some creep to testify as a character witness on her behalf?

She might have to, because her witnesses have all been threatened or intimidated, a violation of the law. Why do you think that Jodi needs to bribe people to testify to her character?

-At this time, Stabby doesn’t have anybody decent or respectable to testify for her; because nobody liked/likes her, once they get to know her. So, they are dredging the bottom of the sewers to find somebody whom they could persuade to say what they want them to say.

Her personal witnesses, I found, were very nice and reasonable people. Jodi told the truth when she said that, according to Kirk Nurmi, she has no mitigators. There is no extreme child abuse or drug abuse in her past. According to precedents in Arizona, character witnesses carry very little weight in mitigation.

-@Lori, you are right about the girlfriend thing. I think most women are like us. She is just creepy and I am sure any woman who was near her for more than a few minutes could tell she was evil. I could not imagine my life without my friends, and that alone tells me all she had going for her was sex. She’s so shallow, evil, and pure trash.

Let’s hope most women are not like you two.

-It’s funny how the murderess does not have one girl friend, or best friend from High School or any. Most of us all have at least 1 really good friend. Strange, that only tells me that she put her entire life to HER men.

No facts here. I agree she should have sought out more independent friendships.

-Trust me, Juan will do background checks on any and all who testify and then he will tear them to shreds.

I agree. That’s what he does. Even Ghandi, he could attack.

-Why doesn’t Gus testify? He thinks so much of her.

Good idea.

And this is what the nutty Jodi supporter said:

I think Travis’ friends (like Chris and Sky Hughes) bear a large responsibility for what happened to Travis. It seems they inflamed the feelings of Travis against Jodi and set him against her. Travis’ entourage of “friends” really didn’t know so much about him as they thought. Travis was interested in keeping up the facade he had fabricated and was playing both ends against the middle, not a good place to be on that fatal day. There’s lots of blame to go around amongst these hypocrites. You’re on our minds, Jodi, 24-7. Having faith that in the end things will not be so bleak as they seem today. Prayers.

So, when we make the comparison, we can see that the fringe group, minority, killer worshippers are crazy. Look at how they are insane and hateful, just like Jodi Arias. They don’t make sense. They want to salvage what remains from a double-tragedy. They are not for law and order or the Constitution. They want to protect a killer. Jodi is mentally ill but she flourished in a stable and loving environment for four years. Then she met Travis Alexander. In a combustible chaotic relationship, where she was being used, abused and lied to. She only lied to herself that this man cared anything about her. It came to a point where she lost control and her environment mixed with her mental illness and everything became unstable and exploded in violence.

The majority, sane, reasonable and logical people know that true Justice is on the way. Peace.



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126 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Supporters are Crazy (part 1)”

  1. With due respect, your ‘Crazy Jodi Supporter’ quotes represent a sample of quotes which are rather less inflammatory than the sample of quotes from the ‘Juan Lovers’. You have purposefully chosen quotes that show the supporters as rational, calm and loving, and counterbalanced them with posts/quotes which are not. I could equally post here some examples which alter your perceptions on that. Photos of body bags, taunts to the victims family etc.

    1. I was repulsed by the body bag photo. But Jodi Supporters were severly outnumbered and overpowered and even HLN spokespeople became afraid to say any little thing which in any way, was favorable to Jodi or the defense. They were hugely attacked and some fought back. I choose to fight back with facts. These popular websites I found the examples in are 100% Jodi or 100% Travis. There is no opposition and this is what they are preaching to the choir (saying amongst themselves).

  2. I am redressing the balance…I think there are ignorant and cruel people posting responses on both sides. But you have not represented an unbiased picture:

    “That’s right Jeff, Tanisha and the whole TA clan are TRASH!! Now Jodi’s peeps Patty & Donovan define classy!! The TA fam & their nutriders could learn a lot from them on being upstanding citizens.”

    “Hey Jeff, rip off a fart are two while in the courtroom to remind her of what a piece of shit she ad her family of goons are !!!”

    “Finally! Some happy news! I hope skinny,methface Tanisha gets what she deserves.I dont give a damn what they are doing or not in their everyday life,they can all burn in hell for all I care but when it comes to the trial and their dirty involvement in it I wanna see them pay for all their wrongdoings.”

    “The asshole got exactly what he deserved.”

    “To take a phrase from the movie “Doctor Detriot”, I’d like to rip off the head of those hln motherfuckers and shit down their throats!”

    1. Henny, I totally agree with you that “there are ignorant and cruel people posting responses on both sides”. It’s important to note that we all know one side of the one-sided story, but few refuse to listen to the other side. I do believe that most “Travis supporters” comments are almost devoid of facts and are full of hatred for Jodi Arias. The real truth is never on the extremes, but somewhere in the middle. Personally, I feel very deeply about Travis Alexander, his horrific childhood, his triumph over adversity and his brutal and very untimely death.

  3. I don’t agree, I post in a forum which encourages people to argue the facts, look at the truth, and I have noticed that most Jodi supporters decline to post in environment when the facts are held up to the light. Where we discuss all aspects of the case…gas cans, walmart receipts, the theories about gunshot etc. There we have a respectful environment which encourages all points of view to join in. Jodi supporters like to hover in a protected environment rather than have open discussion. I ALSO post in a forum which does not subscribe to my point of view, because I am happy to discuss without rancor or insults.

    1. I have tried to post on sites where I respectfully disagree with the Blogger. I do not insult anyone and I try to be reasonable and logical. I think you are not referring to Just da I have looked at the arguments on that site, and I like the debate and the input from both sides. I like the environment of the site. You can see what I wrote. ALL opinions are welcome and will be posted. I reallyy appreciate your feedback. Your comments are excellent.

      1. Indeed I do refer to justdatruth – and if you feel you have valid argument, then why not state it so it can be debated! That is how we reach the truth. If you don’t, then one is left feeling that you don’t have a good argument to what is posted?
        By the way, I am confused as to who …let me put it this way, you are the moderator but someone else wrote the articles? I must commend the author on her English, most impressive!

      2. Amanda is very smart. She sends the article and I fix her grammar. I will tell you that there was more grammar to fix from the commenters on the support sites than there was from Amanda.

        Every time she writes me, there is less and less to correct. I added to her thoughts too.

        I really do like Justdatruth. It is difficult for me to navigate. I wanted to respond to a post, bu then I couldn’t find that post.

        I do appreciate your invite and I do like that everyone is welcome. I will go there and post.

        Maybe you are the one that suggested it in Occupy HLN Website?

      3. Yes, I know what you mean, there are so many threads, if you introduce yourself, someone will direct you. Most people on the site are obviously pro Travis – if I have to put it that way! – but the best and most meaningful debate is with those who are not. I like to see good natured debate…I have learnt more from those who oppose my thinking than the other way around! I wanted to promote your site too, but as it isn’t my forum! That’s why I didn’t mention JDT until you did 🙂
        But, you have another angle, and that’s always welcome. I saw you mention this blog on Occupy HLN in a post to someone else – that’s how I found it. It is hard to get listed in search engines.

      4. I really did like that site. The best thing is that most Travis supporters believe they have nothing to prove. So I am happy to see a debate and people backing their positions with facts.

        Thank-you. I like people with all opinions.

    2. I have tried to post comments on blogs and sites I did not agree with and they would not post my response. My responses were respectful, rational and logical, but it didn’t matter. I don’t want to be like that. I’m interested in the truth.

  4. Jodi Arias is NOT a victim. She is a violent offender. The reason why 90% of those polled are pro-prosecution is due to enormity of evidence amounting to Jodi Arias’ sole involvement in the success of committing premeditated murder. It has nothing to do with HLN. But, many of you 10%ers fail, miserably, to grasp that. And MOST of you are as hateful and have been even MORE inflammatory to those that don’t accept your views as those 90%ers, you say, are haters. You even go on to insult them with your patronizing speak asserting they know next to nothing about justice, the constitution, the criminal justice system, etc.

    Most people are not fond of those who senselessly and SELFISHLY murder other people to satiate their emotional pain and troubles. Those who are angered, hurt and frustrated by these perpetrators are well within their right and well within the parameters of NORMAL human emotions to feel that way. It is NORMAL to feel anger towards person(s) EVEN STRANGERS who perpetrate against other humans. Just as it is normal and well within normal human emotions to feel the frustration, anger and hurt for perpetrators you OPINE have been unjustly prosecuted by America’s criminal justice system.

    The JA supporters are NO BETTER, WISER, FASTER, STRONGER, MORE EMPATHETIC than TA supporters. The ONLY difference is there are more TA supporters than there are JA supporters. Therefore, you will see MORE of the worst of the worst out of the TA camp, but there are also MORE of the kind rational and respectful people out of the TA camp. It is your CHOICE to focus on the former rather than the latter. I can easily pluck out the EQUALLY hateful JA supporters, believe me, there are MANY, but there are also a few kind ones. It is up to me to choose what and who to focus on.

    1. True Survivor,
      Your comment is very passionate,intelligent, heartfelt, and compassionate.

      I find little in your comment to disagree with.

      Travis Alexander overcame staggering obstacles in his life to become a well liked, respected and successful entrepreneur. His tragic, untimely and horrific death was a terrible and needless tragedy.

      Samantha Alexander showed all of us how the violent death of her brother shook the foundations of a family that had already survived tremendous devestation and loss. Steven and Samntha’s victim impact statements were truly heart-wrenching.

      I agree that the majority of prosecution supporters are kind, rational, and respectful. I sympathiize with the anger, hurt, and frustration people feel about the case and the trial. They have the right to express it.

      There are extreme and radical people on both sides of this story and they are equally wrong.

      We assume most people are very familiar with one side of this story. At Spotlight on Law, I am attempting to tell the other, more hidden, side of the story.

      Thank-You for your excellent comment.

    2. True Survivor, I should like you to tell me about ”the enormity of evidence” against Jodi Arias. I suggest that there is nothing at all to substantiate Jodi being charged with 1st degree murder, other than red herrings, so I look forward to you telling us this evidence with much interest.

  5. Mr. Roman & Ms. Chen, these two articles and your references to the website make it apparent that you are part of the vile group resorting to ad-hominem attacks and vulgar defilement of the autopsy/crime scene images moderated/funded by a wanted criminal known for his internet scams. The JAII site has cleaned up the website recently only because of certain legal threats. Thousands of the most vile comments and pictures have been removed, but the a complete copy of every comment and publisher has been maintained and updated for many months.

    How can you profess accuracy in your reporting when it is obviously SO unbalanced? Have you missed the news reports, podcasts and articles with the true reports of the content of that site? It is clear that you searched for the most inflamed comments made by so called “Travis supporters” and deliberately chose comments of the “JA supporters” that make them look like they deserve the Nobel Peace prize. Are readers going to take this blog seriously or be wary that it is just a Trojan horse filled with more libelous and slanderous drivel against the victim’s family and loved ones?

    1. Karlie, I tend to separate who is running a website from the content and the comments. People who comment on a website are of all different opinions and beliefs.

      Many Websites will not allow comments that don’t agree with them or that present a different view. On this blog, we try to present a view based on facts and we want and appreciate any comments from people who disagree and have a different opinion.

      I am not aware of legal threats to I don’t agree with everything they say or every thing they do. The body bag photo, for example, I thought was over the line. I also don’t like the strong language.

      I do like that they have the willingness and the bravery to stand up for the least powerful people who find themselves at the mercy of great power and leverage.

      I am only providing links to popular websites and websites I have found useful. I have also included Jodi Arias Is A as well as Facebook sites in support of Travis Alexander, Juan Martinez, and the Alexander family.

      I fully support people looking at the available information, and reaching there own conclusions. We both have accumulated a vast amount of information and we have weighed our arguments carefully.

      I have used the website many times, I believe it has improved as far as comments and content. I had no idea that this website had photos of autopsies etc. until you just made that claim. I never saw such things.

      I would encourage anyone who is not squeamish to look at the autopsy and crime sceen photos available on and even HLNTV. It’s important to see them to fully understand the case. The use of these photos to shock people or to be cruel to people in any way, we do not condone.

      I believe I have been fair to the victim, Travis Alexander and his family. I have said very good things about the victim and the family.

      But there are facts that will be stated about some things that some members of the family have done that are a danger to the rights of all of us, most importantly the right to a fair trial that everyone should enjoy regardless of anything they have done or are accused of doing.

      We appreciate your comments and I will let Ms. Chen reply about the two articles entitled “Jodi Arias Supporters Are Crazy”.

      If you would like to write an article refuting anything said on this blog, we are happy to post it as a guest article. We are interested in finding the truth. We do not believe the Jodi Arias trial was a true search for the truth.

      Thank You Karly for you very deeply felt comment and I really like your Avatar!

    2. Hi Karlie.

      About the two articles “Jodi Arias Supporters Are Crazy” Parts 1 and 2, I have to tell you about these articles. I went to two popular sites, one in support of Jodi Arias and one in support of the prosecution. I went to these sites on the same day. I selected comments from the these sites.

      We all know that there are many good people who feel terrible about what has happened to Travis Alexander and his family. The comments I selected reflect the general feelings of the majority of commenters. Not all comments were like these but these were the majority feeling on both sites. Jodi Arias supporters were mostly expressing support, hope and positive thoughts for Jodi. Prosecution supporters were expressing frustration with the endless trial and the fear that Jodi would get away with her acts.

      Then I went to Jodi Arias’ Twitter page. I do know that there are now mean people on both sides responding to Jodi’s Tweets and to each other. This is unfortunate. It’s funny becuase Jodi cannot read her Tweets and only gets reports about the respectful Tweets.

      Of course I was biased becuase I am trying to make a point. The point is that Jodi Supporters are of all types. Some are very religious and caring, some have empathy for her, some want to fight for her. These values do not belong to one side or the other. There are wondeful caring people on both sides.

      This is what I wanted to show. Jodi Arias supporters are not all lovers of Mass murderers, or people trying to be different or in opposition just because they want to.

      We really do appreciate your response and your information.
      Amanda Chen

  6. “Of course I was biased becuase I am trying to make a point. The point is that Jodi Supporters are of all types. Some are very religious and caring, some have empathy for her, some want to fight for her. These values do not belong to one side or the other. There are wondeful caring people on both sides.
    This is what I wanted to show.”

    If the above is a true statement, then why did you choose only the most inflammatory comments from one side and only the sane, empathetic and rational comments from the other? You profess to be balanced and fair. If someone had never read either of the TWO places you quoted from, do you believe they would have a fair representation of what is on each side? I realize that would not benefit your agenda, so you should then be truthful and admit that this is a Pro-Arias blog – not a blog that is truthful.

    1. Hi Karlie,
      Of course, no one believes 90% of the American public are not honest, fair and respectful of the opinions of others. The article does present a fair representation of what the commenters were saying on the two sites on that day. In fact, i got the idea for the article after reading the comments.

      Yes, there are very warm and thoughtful comments from prosecution supportersi and there truly are crazy Jodi supporters. I was not trying to hide either of these facts. We assume everyone knows this already. Look at all the fans the accused Boston bomber has. He is accused of killing one of my fellow Chinese students and severely wounding another. A child died and many people were badly wounded.

      We are reporting the other side of the story. One can look at the articles and think they are biased. They are not when one combines them with what is already well known and widely reported.

      We appreciate your comment and we care about your views.

  7. Karlie, you just explained it beautifully,
    “If the above is a true statement, then why did you choose only the most inflammatory comments from one side and only the sane, empathetic and rational comments from the other?”

    If the media and social media are fair and balanced, why does the media tell proven lies about one side and only the most sympathetic and worshipping comments on the other? Even people on HLN said they were afraid to say anything in any way favorable to Jodi Arias or her case, no matter how small or inconsequential.

    On Jodi Arias Supporters are crazy (part 2) a commenter wrote: “Dr Horn made for a very, very convincing witness and if nobody believes anything else in this theater of the completely absurd, they believe that Travis was not shot first”. We believe that notion is absurd whether it was self-defense or murder.

    The prosecution supporters believe that the 7 jurors who voted for both felony murder and premeditated murder and the 8 jurors who voted for death were exactly correct. We believe the five jurors who voted guilty of only premeditation and the four who voted for life were the ones who got it right. Without the faulty and misleading testimony of Dr. Horn, they probably would not have found Arias guilty of premeditated murder.

    Prosecution supporters think Juan Martinez is a hero. We believe the jury followed the personality and persuasion of Juan Martinez and did not follow the facts, the law, or even the jury instructions and admonitions in some cases.

    Many prosecution supporters believe Arias deserves the death penalty. We believe that this should never have been a death penalty case and that causes emtional distress and pain for both the family of the convicted and the family of the victim. We believe that this happening in Arizona, Maricopa is a big reason this is a death penalty case.

    On this site, we have shown exactly why all these are so.

    This is a site which shows that Jodi Arias, whetehr it was murder or self-defense,did not get a fair trial.

    Thanks for your comment

  8. Rob I just had to show you this one:

    ”I never said he was mad for
    taking photos of him. You are going by her excuse as to him getting mad at her for dropping the camera, and body slamming her. She would want him to turn around so that way she could start stabbing him in the back. I watched the trial. Do you think I believe her or the medical examiner? Look at you typing in caps. You have some serious anger issues. And one of the last photos taken was him on the floor bleeding, with Jodi’s leg next to him. You are crazy.”

  9. He may well have been, although he had just lost weight through body building so he might have been proud of that. I think the taking of the photo’s didn’t matter as much as Jodi finishing with him, she wasn’t going to be on tap for sex, and if it hadn’t been the camera, he would have thought up something else to make him angry and be violent to Jodi.
    Yes, the crazies are still at it.

    1. I agree that it wasn’t Travis getting angry about the camera. This was just the boiling point of an already brewing anger. I also agree that the photo session may have been a way to have one last intimate and positive experience with Travis after the visit was going downhill.

    1. Yeah. This reminds me of our upcoming article “crazy on the extremes. We’re going to talk about how there are nut-jobs on both sides of this case, because there are. LOL

      1. I just found it funny that he’s the only one investigated and charged, in view of the absolute assault on Laviolette and a number of other defense witnesses.
        I also find it funny that in every article I read on this there is always a very deliberately vague quote, namely citing that Grace and JVM were in Arizona. Not that they were in Arizona at the time of the threats but that they were there at some time, whatever that means. It was this ambivalent claim which gave sheriff Joe and Arizona the jurisdiction over this New York nut.
        I think it’s a stretch to think that Nancy Grace was in more imminent danger than Alyce Laviolette.

      2. Arizona can and will charge anyone, even in absentia. Even Willmott got death threats. Let’s see what happens.

        If you can friend me on facebook, I want to talk to you off the record about something.

      3. Well, everyone abandoned him. I hate to see it, but you have to please your customers.

        We are getting a lot on the Mirror. Crystal Blue is a little long, and hasn’t gotten the same attention. The traffic is steady and it really peaks whenever something happens in the case.

        The best thing is that people are looking at many of the articles every day including the older ones. Scott peterson gets a lot of attention.

      4. I’m not really on the same page with your Peterson article. What is it about that name? Scott, Drew, Michael…???
        I’d be changing my name to Peterberg, were I a Peterson….

      1. That’s neither here nor there. I think you’re a scream, even though we’re all a bunch of Jodi-bots according to some Twitter Twits.

      2. I posted my favorite question, yet again, on your website about why Arias planned to kill Alexander in his house. No response yet, as usual. I’d really like someone to take a stab at that one.
        ps. excuse the pun

      3. LOL. The thing I noticed is that pro prosecution people love to talk about the really bad facts of Jodi, a handful of things. Yet they never address the scores of really bad facts the prosecution has.

      4. I’m not a fanatic I don’t think, I’ve just got a couple of problems with this case and a couple of questions. I try to narrow it down to one to keep it simple. To date I have NEVER had even one response to this question, I’ve been posting it since mid trial, silence on the Western Front….

      5. The prosecution supporters don’t need to prove or splain anything, because “she’s guilty”. They only want to debate what they want to debate.

      6. I think they like to point out what a moron you are if you’re not purely emotional, all that hate needs an outlet

      7. I’m not saying he’s innocent, he’s got one really bad fact – where the bodies washed up, but I just don’t think you guys explored any arguments from the other side. One really bad fact for the prosecution, for example, is that there is zero evidence of murder at the (assumed) crime scene and there is zero evidence of him transporting her. There is some little known, alternative explanations, documented, as to whodunnit. You should have mentioned those, even if just to discredit them.
        The prosecution theory of motive is that he didn’t want to be tied down by being a father, why do you think he goes and has an affair with a woman with a kid who lives with her? That sounds a bit like Cancun to me.

      8. There’s no direct evidence in a lot of crimes. In some murders, there is even no body. There are 100s of pieces of interlocking evidence, beginning with Scott not telling his own roommates he was married (let that sink in) and cheating on Laci very early in his marriage. Continuing with him making 5 home made cement anchors, of which he only had one left, proceeding to him buying porn channels days after Laci was missing and his refusal to help look for her. After that there are 100’s more. Even his own sister wrote a book saying he’s guilty.

      9. There was zero evidence in the house and in the trailer. Now she was dismembered, keep this in mind.
        Did you read the evidence that there was supposedly a burglary across the street from them at the key time?

      10. I think it was somewhere in the vicinity. the body was in the boat, not the trailer. The body was dismembered by the action of the ocean and thrown overboard whole.

  10. Porn, lying about being married none of that is even remotely enough for me to get worried, in view of the fact that 80% of the population does the same. The anchors, I think you don’t have accurate info on that. I realize people get convicted even without a body periodically (how many are actually guilty is not exactly scientific fact, but most of those have overwhelming evidence) but the fact that there is ZERO DNA or blood or anything at the hypothesized crime scene (they don’t even know where he supposedly killed her) and the fact there was ZERO physical evidence in the trailer he supposedly used to transport her dead body, that doesn’t bother you even a little bit? There have been many people convicted, wrongly, and it always looks bad for them at the time.

    1. He was thinking of porn when his pregnant wife was missing at Christmas? He was seen on camera chatting with Amber Frye when everyone else was searching for his wife? Zero evidence only means zero blood. DNA is utterly meaningless because Scott lives there. You can’t kill someone without leaving a blood stain? He refuses to help investigators find his missing wife?

      1. Look, let’s get something straight, I don’t like his behavior, or Macneill’s or Arias’ for that matter but it’s just behavior. You have some good points but there are equally compelling points when you listen to the defense. How do you explain him transporting her in his trailer and there being no trace of her in that trailer? I would think even if you strangle someone there will be some blood if it’s someone who’s nine months pregnant.
        Because of the heavy coverage of this case there were inevitably many rumors, misinformation and unsubstantiated things reported, I think you know the drill.
        Now I repeat, I’m not sure, I don’t like him, but I just read an article that presented all the things from the side of the prosecution, which were reported everywhere already, regardless what you or I think, that’s all I mean.

      2. I read all the evidence in Scott’s favor. Bur really, there is only a ten minute window when it could have been somebody else. Yes there are bodies found in the Bay, but they are mostly suicides, not murders. The people who saw the pregnant woman walking the dog, that was not laci.

      3. ps. Evidently Todd Willingham was in a bar buying rounds of drinks (maybe even with insurance money) for all the patrons shortly after the death of his three small children. We know to a reasonable degree of certainty that he was innocent. It was just behavior, stupid yes. I have no doubt that he loved his children and that he was innocent.

      4. That kind of behavior doesn’t sway me at all. Buying porn when your wife could be found any day? Adding the channels to your TV line-up, Come on.

      5. Did I say I like that? Did I say I was proud of him? Would my husband be walking upright if he did that or would he be drinking through a straw singing soprano? The latter, I assure you.
        Is that evidence? Is that more incriminating than anything Jodi did after June 4th?

      6. GEE THANKS. Trust me, I really looked into this case very seriously. I am always open to new information, even in the Jodi Arias case. Scott Peterson really appears to be a major malfunction.

        If I really didn’t want to be married and I really didn’t want children, or if I was happily married but still wanted to cheat, I would still be hugely upset that my pregnant wife was missing and I would do everything to help locate her.

        I will say that this could have been a heat of passion killing and as such, maybe not a 1st degree murder. But why hide the body? Scott was a meticulous planner, that’s for sure. I even understand having a wife with an infant is ideal for a guy who wants to fool around, isn’t it? I would think so.

        Thanks for holding off on the Moron designation. I owe you one!

  11. What you or I would feel or behave like is irrelevant. His behavior may arouse suspicion but it proves nothing. You still need evidence. She was dismembered and there is no trace of anything in his house or trailer – address that not his behavior. It may even be that he wasn’t upset about her missing, was happy even, but that he didn’t kill her.
    And no, a mistress with an infant is not ideal, when the guy has an aversion to children.
    I don’t know where you’re getting the “meticulous planner” from? Who said that?
    Why hide the body? How do you think he hid the body? How did he get it into the San Francisco Bay? They didn’t even find a drop of her blood anywhere in his vicinity, she had her head cut off??

    1. She was Not dismembered. Scott Peterson taped Laci’s legs together with duct tape. Then he used the four missing anchors he made at his place of work to her. 1 around her neck, 1 around her ankles, and 1 to each wrist. When she was at the bottom of the bay The natural currents and decomposition did the rest.

      Scott Peterson said he went to the Berkeley Marina leaving at 9:00 AM. If Scott headed towards the Berkeley Marina the cell phone tower would switch after driving 1 ¼ miles.

      Phone records prove that at 10:08 AM, Scott was on the phone with Amber Frye and he was within 1 1/4 miles of his home.

      Ten minutes after the start of that call, his neighbor had found the Peterson’s dog walking around with it’s leash dragging and returned the dog to the Peterson’s yard.

      Thus, it can be logically assumed that just ten minutes after Scott left with the boat to go to his work, the dog was found right next to the Peterson’s home, meaning that if someone else killed Laci, it had to happen within ten minutes of Scott’s departure.

      Just days before the disappearance, Scott was studying a U.S. Geological survey map of water currents around the Berkeley Marina. Less than 2 weeks before the disappearance, Laci, who was 8 months pregnant, went alone to a Christmas party because Scott said he was on a business trip. He was actually at a Christmas party with Amber Frye, and they had sex that night.

      Need any more circumstantial evidence, like Scott was completely uncooperative with police and even became angry when asked any questions about Laci, there are HUNDREDS more.

      Scott was traced by police to be at the Berkeley Marina on three days in January staring out at the water on all three days. These are the three days where the newspaper said the police were sending diving teams into the bay. Here is a list of items found in Scott’s rental car the day he was arrested and in his car on the days he was at the Marina:

      $15,000 CASH
      -BROTHER’S I.D.-John Edward Peterson
      -2 VISA CARDS & 1 MASTERCARD – Scott’s Name
      -1 MASTER CARD – Scott/Tradecorp
      -1 AMERICAN BUSINESS CARD – Scott/Tradecorp
      -MOTHER’S CHEVRON CARD – Jackie Peterson
      -FOREIGN CURRENCY (for Mexico)
      -RUBBERIZED BOOTS – Lace up
      -FLIP FLOPS (Sandals)
      -2 NECKTIES
      -1 SCARF
      -3 T-SHIRTS
      -Undated bill of sale with an unverified signature
      of Michael Griffin, registered owner of the vehicle
      -Application for duplicate title for the vehicle also
      signed by Michael Griffin

      And you say there’s no proof that Scott Peterson was a meticulous planner?

      1. She was dismembered under the ocean. I believe that’s pretty clear. There’s only two reasons to dismember a body. 1) to make it small enough to conceal and transport 2) to prevent identity of the victim(s).

        Why would someone dismember the head and hands AND feet. The body was broken at the weakest points, because they were still tied to Peterson’s homemade anchors. Maybe they will have to find those anchors before you will be convinced.

      2. I have never heard of a head separating from the body due to a chain or any kind of ligature, NEVER. Do you know what it takes to sever the spinal cord? I’d think a lot. What makes you think that her head and hands were separated from the body post mortem? How do you know this?

      3. Since old Scotty got a sequestered jury and a change of venue and a seasoned defense team and his own highly qualified experts, and he still got not only a unanimous guilty verdict but also a unanimous death sentence, then maybe There’s something to the prosecution’s case.

        I don’t think he should get a death sentence, but the conditions are clearly better than those in Arizona. The vertebrae in her neck broke last after the arms and the two legs broke free. There were no tool marks in the bones. Let’s reverse that and ask you what evidence you have that her head, hands, and feet were separated outside of the ocean?

      4. If you tie anchors to a body I don’t think you’re anticipating any kind of identification in the future, so that would kind of cancel that theory. Transporting a smaller package makes sense (kind of) but then where’s all the blood?
        I’ve never given this much thought before but I would imagine there are other motives to dismember a body, Jeffrey Dahmer liked to have a head in his fridge for example. Any way you look at it, I just don’t know where you’re getting this info. Did I miss something? Do you have a source?

      5. If you tie anchors to a body, you are expecting that body to never be found, hence not identified. If you remove the head and hands, which many people have done to prevent identification, they do not remove the feet.

        My sources are right on the internet. It would be easier to talk about what evidence you have that this did not happen? Where are the other four anchors? You want to pretend that Scott made just one? Why would he make a homemade cement anchor for his boat that he never used but once and he never liked to go fishing?

        Why did Amber Frye and his own sister decide he did this? They know him better than you. LOL

      6. Sorry that’s not good logic, because he had a good lawyer he’s necessarily guilty? His trial got more publicity than OJ. There was a giant billboard outside the courtroom asking people to call in to vote on his guilt. There was no county in California who didn’t know who Scott Peterson was and they were all fed what we’re always fed, the filtered stuff. Yes the jury was sequestered but they were death qualified and do you really think they didn’t know what was reported in the media before the trial started? Ie; Amber Fry?
        It’s you who claims her hands and head were severed under water due to the anchors, the onus is on you to cite your source. I have no idea how, when or by whom this was done. Have you ever heard of anyone’s limbs or head being severed due to ligatures (underwater or otherwise)? Those are big bones we’re talking about. I could see the flesh separating but not the bones. It’s absolutely out of the question that these large bones spontaneously separated from the body, no way Jose!!
        ps. his boat was something like 14ft and aluminum, try throwing one cement anchor off of that without going overboard…

      7. You can get rid of the wife you really didn’t love and the baby you really didn’t want without tipping the boat over if you are careful. There’s no spontaneous. The ocean currents will eventually tear apart anything living. What a coincidence that old Scotty goes a fishin for the first time in his spankin’ new boat right after he told Amber Frye he would “make more room” for her in his schedule soon. What a coincidence the mysterious crazy murderers would take a pregnant woman and cut her to pieces, then throw her and the baby together into the ocean exactly 1 1’/2 miles down current from where old Scotty boy went a fishin’. within hours after his wife disappeared whom he had no interest in finding.

        And when the police asked to search his warehouse, he told them they had to wait because there was no electricity in the warehouse. Hmmmm.

  12. I cannot prove a negative. I don’t think there is evidence that he made four other anchors. There were some photos claiming to be evidence but then I saw the real photos, real disappointing let me tell you. If you “pretend” there were five anchors, and you take the prosecution chair, then it’s you who has to cough up some anchor beef.
    He used the boat only once because he was arrested before he had a chance to go fishing again, LOL, he can’t use it on the roof of San Quentin, now can he?
    How do you know his sister decided he did this? I’d like a quote please.
    Even Laci’s family all insisted that he loved her and that they had a very nice relationship, they claimed this until they learned of his affair. But the fact remains that initially they had nothing bad to say about him, he has no bad history with her.
    The thing about fishing is complete propaganda, they found several old fishing licenses in his house and Laci’s family said that he did indeed like to go fishing – this is all classic media misinformation.

      1. You’re not serious right?
        First thing that jumps at me is Gloria Allred, coincidentally also Amber Fry’s attorney, never too far where there is the smell of money. Bird was on tour to promote her bestseller. Why does she need a lawyer do you think?
        Bird is his half sister so let’s not go overboard with the blood thing. She was lost for three decades because they gave her up for adoption (but kept Scott) and clearly has some issues with the family and Scott in particular: she refers to him as the “golden boy” repeatedly in a rather resentful way.
        She said it when she said “I banked it”, that says it all. Nobody would have bought her book had she written about her innocent brother. Macneill’s whole family turned against him, I think he’s innocent. How much do you want to bet that Alexis already has a book deal in the works?
        Why do you think the prosecution didn’t get Bird to testify?
        There are at least two books written about Amanda Knox the “killer” and you know JVM’s fact filled account of the Arias story.
        There have been quite a few men convicted of murder because they were adulterers. Now I think they should be whipped for that but the death penalty is a bit much.

      2. Scott stayed at bird’s house when he was in hiding,so she must know something. Why would you want to alienate your newly found parents? Everything is not all about money.

        I honestly hope he gets a new trial if they find any unfairness. If Scott had left at 9:00 like he said he did, I would be on his side.

      3. She must know something that’s why they got her to testify. She knows nothing.
        She wouldn’t want to alienate her newfound parents, unless it meant a few million dollars. And of course fucking up your golden boy half brother would be a bonus.
        You give her and Arias a lot of benefit of the doubt but Scott’s a sociopath? A lot of what you say is exactly what they’re saying about Jodi, and you know where all that comes from.

      4. Touche. 1 week after her disappearance, Scott is telling Amber Frye he fell and hurt his hip on the cobblestones of the Netherlands. he tells her of their wonderful future together. More than once but many times. And his wife is missing only a week. How do you account for that?

        Let’s stop this because I don’t want to argue with you. I have an open mind. Let’s see if Scott gets a new trial. Then we’ll see.

  13. The first thing I said is that I consider where the bodies washed up a BAD fact.
    There is no evidence that he didn’t love his wife or that he didn’t want a baby, in fact they were apparently getting some fertility treatments or something. Ok, yes he had an affair and it’s not my idea of love but many people (all) including her family said that he did love her. That he didn’t love her comes from the media and is strictly based on the affair.
    Try dumping a body with four cement anchors over the side of an aluminum boat, try it in a calm lake, then go to where the surf’s up.
    Underwater currents, in my opinion, will not tear bones to pieces, flesh yes, bones no. I’m no expert, I’d like an expert

    1. The affairs is what you should say. Many, and the two we know about are just the two people found out about.

      Oh, the bodies washed up. Scott was a suspect long before the bodies washed up. Yes, it’s standard to suspect the spouse but…

      Think about the cell phone tower. Laci walked the dog for 15 minutes, maybe a half hour every day at 9:00 AM. Scott said he left at 9:00 but he lied. He was within 1 1/4 miles of his house after 10:00 AM. A close by neighbor found the dog and returned it at 10:18. This would mean that Laci went out with the dog at 9:00 and Scott took off even though she had never returned. But Laci never went to walk the dog.

      Evidence that he didn’t love his wife? Who doesn’t tell the people he’s living with that he just got married? Only Scott Peterson. Who cheats on their wife in the first year of marriage? Scotty boy. This evidence means nothing to you? Who says nothing about his future son and said many times he doesn’t want children?

      Getting fertility treatments doesn’t mean he wants children, it means Laci does and he’s running out of excuses.

      Scott was MIA almost every time that Laci was at her most fertile. He couldn’t stop her from having a baby. Scott is extremely strange. He’s a complete sociopath.

      Yes, a land lubber might tip the boat, but it’s not impossible. That’s a red herring for sure.

      The body will break apart at the ligaments, and that’s exactly what happened. This guy put the house up for sale and sold Laci’s car before the bodies were found. He was ready to disappear with a car loaded with money, clothes and gear before the body was found.

      He may not have had a fair trial and they’re reviewing it now. He may get a new trial and even get a better result, but he did it. How far would an 8 months pregnant woman go with a dog? Not too far, not too far. She is the exact type. Sweet as pie and so trusting.

      Scott has no feelings. His father handed him down a business he started and built with hard work.Scott turned around and sold it almost immediately.

      1. It doesn’t matter if he was a suspect before or not, for me the bodies being in the Bay is THE bad fact.
        The affairs, I stand corrected, are neither here nor there. Actually I think it’s better that there wasn’t one single woman he was in love with (that’s how they got Macneill) he was basically a serial adulterer. The motive to kill would be stronger imo if he was in love and wanted to be with someone other than his wife, it doesn’t look like that to me. To me it looks like he was quite happy being married and screwing around.
        If he didn’t want children he wouldn’t of been doing something to increase the chances of having them, the fertility treatments are completely contradictory to the theory that he didn’t want this kid. I don’t believe that she was pressuring him and he went along with that, doesn’t make sense to me.
        Laci would have come into a lot of money in a short time period had she lived, he knew this.
        Not telling someone I’m married is not a big deal and I’m not even sure that that’s true.
        Her head and neck were missing, what ligaments?

      2. The things that attach bones to each other. I agree with you about the affairs. I doubt if Amber Frye was someone he wanted to be with. That Laci was going to inherit some money is a good point for reasonable doubt.

        The fertility treatments, I don’t agree with you. How would Scott be able to stop her from getting these treatments? He resisted, but he just gave in, to keep her happy. You would think if he wanted to have a baby or if he just wanted to placate Laci, that he could manage to not be away for a few days each month.

      3. Being physically capable of throwing a body with four cement anchors over the side of a small aluminum boat is far more important evidence than what his behavior may or may not have been. It is not even remotely a red herring. A lot of what has been said about his behavior is rumor created by the media.

      4. And if you capsize the boat, you can flip it back over. The anchors stabilize the boat and are only dangerous as you’re heaving the body over the side. I’m sure you could do it, and so could I.

      5. I know what a ligament is I just didn’t know there were any keeping the neck from separating from the torso.
        He gave in to make her happy, just before he killed her?

      6. That is a good point about flipping the boat back up, I think you can probably do that even if the water’s choppy.
        But why was there no DNA of Laci found in the boat?

  14. Ps. Bird never said Scott did it, she doesn’t know if he did it or not.
    He was cleaning the pool a lot, I think he might have drown her – she’s a loon.

      1. Don’t get me all revved up over here. I didn’t see the trial but from what I do know I think something stinks in Denmark. I think it doesn’t help that everyone’s against him either, that usually gets me going.

      1. What facts? The prosecution’s theory doesn’t even include the basics ie; place, time or manner.
        The case is completely circumstantial and there was a lot of far reaching inference about facts.
        I like this website, the posters are unusually intelligent:
        I like their motto: Fighting Ignorance Since 1973 (It’s taking longer than we thought)

      2. Just to make you feel better, I think that Drew and Michael are two Petersons that are guilty as sin

      3. Thank-You. I’ll take that, then. Oh, yes Michael Peterson, Michael, the wife fell down the stairs Peterson. Now I remember that. Yes, two wives by accident or foul play by another is usually one too many.

      4. In case that doesn’t do it for you, here’s more to make you feel good:
        Rare footage of Bieber fleeing from Police early this morning in Miami

      5. Justin Bieber sets a bad example for the kids that idolize him all over the world. The Chinese kids love this guy as much as Lady Gaga. He is a danger to himself, and people want to see him grow up and not turn into another Amy Winehouse or Paul Walker. He needs an au pair or something to keep his childish ass in one piece. Throwing eggs at million dollar houses like a nine year old.

      6. Somebody said that the problem is he’s surrounded by yes men. It looks like his dad’s one of them.
        It’s a lot of responsibility to put on someone to be a role model, he’s been working since a very young age and he’s now going overboard playing. He needs help, not judgement.
        Now Rob Ford, there’s a Canadian who needs a spanking.

      7. Yeah Michael, how about his claim that his wife was ok with his bisexuality – wow, what are the odds? Yeah my wife doesn’t mind if I get it on with a goat, it’s separate from our love.

      8. Ford? I don’t know he’s got some diehards in his corner. Have you seen his latest rant? He’s in a fast food joint talking dirty in a Jamaican Patois, skunked of course.
        That self-rehab’s going really well.

      9. Michael Peterson only killed one wife, the other woman was a friend but she too took a flying, fatal leap down a staircase. He should definitely get a bungalow.

      10. Ford doesn’t even think drinking is his problem, he thinks it’s his weight that’s the problem. Yeah like he’s gonna suddenly grow a brain if looses a Costco container of weight.
        His brother Doug is the best, he tried to bail immediately saying this latest tape which surfaced of a shitfaced Rob was an old tape, one which was taken before Rob had his come to Jesus moment, because in this tape he’s fat and he has since lost a ton of weight. Unfortunately Rob immediately came out and spilled the beans. Then there’s the little detail that he’s he’s fatter than ever.

      11. Barring a heart attack he’ll last till October, they can’t get rid of him. I think the only way he could be forced out is if he were arrested, that’s not entirely out of the question either especially since he’s pissing off the chief of police big time.
        He could even be re-elected, look at Dubya

      1. I recall this too. very interesting. In the beginning you think, yes it’s an accident and then you realize the facts are none too good.

      2. I have to confess I found him so sleazy from the beginning (long before I learned he was a deviant) that I couldn’t wait for the defense story, have you heard their owl theory?
        His lawyer is so arrogant he’s like a little Dershowitz Jr. Even the adopted kids were getting on my nerves – kinda makes it hard to be objective lol

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