Jodi Arias and her Defense add Insult to Injury (Jan 26)

Fact-based reporting

by Rob Roman & Amanda Chen

We wish to extend our deepest sympathies to the Flores family on the tragic loss of their 15 year-old son.

We intended to post an article all about Travis Alexander, but recent events in the penalty retrial have caused us to change our course. Additionally, I told a very good friend of mine, a prosecution supporter, about my intention to post an article about Travis Alexander, and she asked me why not do an article about Jodi Arias instead? She’s right, so here it is.

Having recently reported that this retrial was not the nightmare many believe it is, I have to backpedal a little after the events of last week. No question, it was a really dark week for the defense.

Two things in particular happened last week, and there are just no two sides about it. The first is an affidavit by a former acquaintance of Travis Alexander named Marc McGee, now of New Zealand. The second is the release into evidence of an 18 page letter Jodi Arias wrote to Travis Alexander’s family on July 28th, 2008. Before we delve into all that, let’s have a review of the rest of what happened last week (Jan. 19 – 22).

Dr. Robert Geffner is still on the stand and Jennifer Willmott was finishing up on direct examination of this defense mitigation expert witness. We should keep in mind that this is not all mitigation. The prosecution summed up their version of all the major events covered in the guilt phase of the trial. The defense, in part, is responding to the prosecution’s version of events. Many prosecution supporters have remarked they have seen no mitigation yet in this penalty retrial. Not so, because the two defense expert witnesses have in fact covered much of the defenses’ enumerated mitigators.

detetive FloresWe have to assume that the mitigators relating to Jodi Arias being a good friend and having artistic talents were removed due to possible difficulties in making a good case for those assertions. Why would that be, do you think? Even so, it’s foreseeable some artwork will be featured in some way during the penalty retrial. Mitigators can come from anywhere in the testimony and evidence and are not limited to those enumerated by the defense.

Here are the new enumerated mitigators:

1. Ms. Arias has no prior criminal history.

2. Ms. Arias was just 27 years old when she committed her

3. Ms. Arias is remorseful for her conduct.

4. Ms. Arias suffered both physical and emotional abuse as a

5. Ms. Arias suffered both physical and emotional abuse during
her relationship with Mr. Alexander.

6. The abusive nature of the relationship caused Ms. Arias to
suffer extreme emotional stress at the time of the incident.

7. Ms. Arias has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress

8. Ms. Arias has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality

9. Ms. Arias’ psychological makeup impaired her ability to cope
with the tumultuous relationship she had with Mr. Alexander.

Numbers 1 and 2 do not take very much testimony to establish. Number 3 should come from Jodi Arias’ own testimony or allocution, and that’s all on hold now pending the appeal of the ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court that she cannot be allowed to testify in a closed courtroom. Numbers 4 through 8 have all been substantially covered by the expert witnesses.

Jennifer Willmott finished up her questioning of Dr. Geffner by introducing messages and texts suggesting that Travis Alexander was having intimate and sexual conversations with a number of women, including a request for sexually provocative photos, while he was involved with Jodi Arias and Lisa Andrews.

Geffner stated that sexual exploitation was a form of domestic abuse and that Travis Alexander was engaged in such conduct with Jodi Arias. The defense also explored how Travis’ overriding emphasis on sex made Lisa Andrews uncomfortable in several different ways.

JUAN FIT 10Geffner described an “on-again, off-again” pattern in Alexander’s relationships and a history of unstable relationships for Arias. Some of the conversations between Alexander and a number of young ladies happened in the weeks leading up to Arias’ move back to northern California in April, 2008.

References to a “cycle of abuse” and Arias being constantly drawn back into the sexual relationship were made by Dr. Geffner. It was stated that there is no physical evidence of physical abuse and no mention of it in Arias’ journals. Dr. Geffner said this was not unusual. Certain incidents of alleged physical abuse were then discussed.

Dr. Geffner talked about Arias’ diagnosis of PTSD and said the psych. tests he ran on Arias showed the same results as earlier tests.

Testimony then turned to a reported drastic change in Arias’ personality in late 2006, about the time Arias became involved with the Mormon Church, Pre-Paid Legal Services (PPL), and Travis Alexander. Dr. Geffner reported that no one has reported any aggression by Jodi Arias in years and years prior to June, 2008.

Then the defense decided to introduce affidavits from defense witnesses who were supposedly refusing to testify. They introduced them via Dr. Geffner’s testimony. Prosecutor Juan Martinez, who previously argued that the court should not be allowed to be cleared for a witness, because witnesses who wanted their identity kept secret could testify by way of affidavit, was now objecting to the introduction of witness affidavits. This is the same prosecutor who famously declared that Jodi Arias and the defense “cannot have it both ways”.

pittsWilliam Pitts @william_pitts · Jan 20

Nurmi is up. Says the last time we talked mitigation Martinez said bring your affidavits. We brought them, now he says no. #JodiArias


To be fair, his objection could have been based on whether the affidavits were sworn statements or not.

At this point, there was a “sidebar” at least an hour and fifteen minutes long to discuss the introduction of witness affidavits. Then Judge Sherry Stephens went to her chambers either to consult with other judges or to research case law. Then she returned for more sidebars.



law : A written report which is signed by a person who promises that the information is true.

: A sworn statement in writing made especially under oath or on affirmation before an authorized magistrate or officer.

An affidavit was introduced through Dr. Geffner from a former co-worker of Arias’ in Palm Springs, California attesting to a drastic change in her personality towards the end of 2006. Previously, in the guilt phase, Arias’ former boyfriend, Darryl Brewer, had testified to just such a change.

Now we can get to the dark parts for the defense.

court roomAn affidavit was introduced by Dr. Geffner, signed by one of the defense mitigation witnesses who we now know to be former Alexander acquaintance Marc McGee of New Zealand. We know this because Marc McGee has been vocal in social media, and many trial watchers, reporters and bloggers knew this information was coming from him. The other reason we know this is because Juan Martinez decided to say the name of the author of the affidavit several times in open court, even though it was agreed upon not to divulge the names of the authors/witnesses. At this point what do you think happened? That’s right – Kirk Nurmi motioned for a mistrial. Motion denied, but the Judge admonished Martinez for naming the secret witness more than once. Martinez came out again, blurted out the witness’ name AGAIN, and then he said “Crap!”

The next day, Nurmi took another shot:

kieffer lg brtMichael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer  ·  17h 17 hours ago

Nurmi brings up that he asked that Martinez be held in contempt for stating secret witness’ name yesterday after being admonished by judge.

The two main points in the affidavit of “witness #1” are these:

  • A January 2001 incident at the Bishop’s residnce in Riverside, California where the witness claims to have witnessed Alexander forcibly grabbing and pushing his girlfriend, Deanna Reid, down on a couch and saying “Get it through your f*cking head, I’m not going to marry you.” The witness says his fiancée then provided some first aid to Deanna Reid’s wrists.
  • The same witness also recalled that while looking at files on the Bishop’s computer, as the witness lived at the Bishop’s residence at that time, a file popped up containing photos of child porn. The witness said it came from a user account or folder belonging to Travis Alexander. The affidavit then states that he had a private conversation about the porn with Travis Alexander in a car outside the Bishop’s home. The witness stated Alexander admitted he downloaded the porn, he had an addiction, and that he was sexually abused at age eight.

Jennifer Willmott then drew comparisons to an event where Alexander allegedly grabbed Arias and refused to let her leave his bedroom.

Later, on cross-examination, prosecutor Juan Martinez made the point that since the witness saw the child porn, the witness broke the law and was also guilty of viewing child porn. The child porn allegation includes no evidence or other witnesses, and it’s doubtful that Alexander would make such a damning confession to a mere acquaintance. Also, social media comments from the witness during and after the guilt phase of the trial mention porn in relation to Alexander, but not child porn. Further, the witness, from previous statements on Twitter etc., revealed that he is entirely in the defenses’ corner, seems to crave the limelight and attention, and seems to have an axe to grind with Travis Alexander over some previous incident.

As for the claim about Alexander forcefully pushing Deanna Reid down on a couch in late 2001, there are problems with that, too. First, the witnesses initially gave a date the alleged incident occurred, but it was at a time when Deanna Reid was away on an LDS mission in Costa Rica. The witness then corrected the date to December, 2001, but another problem cropped up.

Travis and deannaFirst, Deanna Reid seemed like a very honest witness, highly credible and reliable. She testified that Alexander NEVER put his hands on her in anger NOR raised his voice to her EVER. Second, Deanna Reid testified that she was not even contemplating marriage to Travis Alexander until 2005, when she broke up with him because he was dragging his feet on the issue. In addition, in December 2001, Deanna and Travis were just getting reacquainted, seeing each other at church and meetings occasionally, and talking about dating steadily again. This makes it doubtful that Reid and Alexander, who had actually dated for only a couple months by the end of 2001, could have had an argument over the subject of marriage, much less an argument that turned physical or violent over marriage.

Deanna Reid, a prosecution witness, talks about her relationship with Travis Alexander.

(Excerpt from CroakerQueen 123 video. For the full video, please click on this link: CroakerQueen123

For all CroakerQueen123 trial videos, please click here CroakerQueen123 trial videos  )

So, Witness #1, Marc McGee, is giving testimony via affidavit on two major points and both allegations end up being highly questionable and problematic. No doubt Deanna Reid will appear in person on the witness stand to answer those allegations. This brings up a good question – What is the defense team doing? They brought in a critical witness but they did not properly vet his statements. Meanwhile, trial watchers were saying on the very same date the Tweets flew out of the courtroom that there was trouble with these allegations. Trial watchers picked right up on the problems with these statements, but the defense didn’t?

Another question is: Did the defense know this was a bad idea to use this witness and that his allegations were highly questionable and used him anyways? If so, the culprit might be Jodi Arias herself. Did Jodi Arias, possibly with the help of Simon Johannson, Ben Ernst, or others from the crew demand that this witness be introduced? Did they insist on bringing in Marc McGee despite the damage his poor testimony could cause?

This also brings up serious questions about why witnesses refused to testify unless the courtroom was cleared. Why would a man living in New Zealand, who had no trouble spouting off on social media about this case before, now be afraid to testify in a public trial?  Prosecution Supporters were upset about this weeks ago. I just thought there must be some rational reason for the secrecy, but now I can no longer defend that position. I see no reason at all why Mark McGee should refuse to testify in open court.

It’s not really his life that’s at stake here, is it? If a witness cannot get up on the stand and stand up for Jodi Arias, then why come forward in the first place? The prosecution is going to present live witnesses in rebuttal to all this, and that’s much more powerful than paper statements from witnesses who don’t want to risk anything.

jennifer willmottIt’s either really bad work by the defense, or they allowed Jodi Arias (and crew?) to drive the train and introduce this witness, knowing the harm it could cause. Either way, it’s a stunning defeat for the defense. There’s just no way to rationalize it or to describe it any other way. One really bad affidavit now casts a shadow on any subsequent affidavits from any other witnesses. It was an absolute disaster.

Beyond that, how is this mitigation? People are asking this question, but this evidence was given to back up enumerated mitgator #5: “Ms. Arias suffered both physical and emotional abuse during her relationship with Mr. Alexander”. It does apply to mitigation, because if it can be shown that Alexander physically abused another girlfriend, then it could be more likely he physically abused Arias. If there are other connections with child porn, Arias’ statements become more believable. The defense needs to prove these mitigators true by a preponderance of the evidence and they’re critical to saving Jodi Arias’ life. The defense cannot afford to introduce any more evidence that can heavily damage any of the enumerated mitigators.

Well, they just did exactly that, and it’s not going to get better, it’s probably going to get worse.

Sparks flew when direct examination of Dr. Geffner ended and cross began. Juan Martinez sprang up out of his chair ready to pounce. There were a lot of ‘Yes or No’s? and a lot of ‘Did I ask you that’s?’


kieffer lg brtMichael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer  ·  Jan 21

Willmott is done. Martinez jumps up to cross examine. Already with the “yes or no” please. Willmott objects. Time elapsed: about 20 seconds.

kieffer lg brtMichael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer  ·  Jan 21

Martinez goes to the affidavit about the child porn at the bishop’s house in Riverside. 

kieffer lg brtMichael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer  ·  Jan 21

Says witness #1 gave a different story about the photographs on the computer. Martinez asks for yes/no. Geffner says he doesn’t understand

kieffer lg brtMichael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer  ·  Jan 21

“Yes or no?” “Yes or no, what?” Did Alexander “own” those photos?” “I don’t know if the word ‘owner’ came up.”


Prosecutor Juan Martinez continued to attack Dr. Geffner in a flurry of questions, perhaps hoping Geffner would lose control of his water again. There were questions about the affidavit. Did Alexander admit it was his porn at the Bishop’s residence in Riverside, California? Why did Witness #1 have to change the date of the Deanna Reid pushing-down-on-the-couch incident? Why was witness #1 mixed up on the dates to the point he needed to change the date to December, 2001?

At some point, Martinez reaches into his arsenal of bombs and missiles, and threatens to pull out the cat story, not admitted into the guilt phase of the trial, where Jodi Arias supposedly squeezes a cat “too hard”. Martinez is now claiming that she ‘squeezed the cat to near unconsciousness’. Juan wants this in bad. He knows people know that many of the most dangerous serial killers started out by torturing and killing small animals. Martinez also knows that this is highly prejudicial, and would be very effective in a jury of many younger women. Somehow, evidence that was not allowed to be admitted in the guilt phase of the trial is now being allowed in.

kieffer lg brtMichael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer  ·  Jan 21

Martinez asks complex questions and asks for yes/no, he talks fast, cuts off answers to get witness off balance. Very effective technique.

kieffer lg brtMichael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer  ·  Jan 21

“Turn it over, there’s something else on it…”


kieffer lg brtMichael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer  ·  Jan 21

Martinez hands an exhibit to Geffner. “Why don’t you take a look it it…Take a look at it..Look at all of it…Look at the next page…”

kieffer lg brtMichael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer  ·  Jan 21

Martinez hammers the question about whether Travis Alexander denied the porn was his, and when Geffner answers, he shouts, “yes or no?”

kieffer lg brtMichael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer  ·  Jan 21

Martinez berating Geffner, “Don’t tell me, I’m asking you to put your eyes to it.”


juan fit 12

Martinez refers to Alyce LaViolette as “Psychologist #1”, furthering the misunderstanding that LaViolette is a psychologist. She’s not. She’s an MSW (Masters in Social Work), a Domestic Violence expert and a Psychotherapist. Martinez brings up the time when LaViolette wrote in her notes that Jodi Arias caught Travis Alexander masturbating to pictures of young boys on the computer. Geffener says that was LaViolette’s misunderstanding and mistake, not Jodi Arias’. Martinez accuses Dr. Geffener of being a speculating ‘Hired Gun’.

Martinez delves into Geffner’s history of testifying in trials. How much money he made, whether he thinks his opinion is “the best”, and some controversial testimony in other trials. Martinez asks if Geffner is qualified to testify about the brain because he’s not a Medical Doctor. Geffner replies he’s a neuropsychologist, so he is qualified to testify about the brain.

Martinez then questions Dr. Geffner’s associations on boards with Dr. Miccio Fonseca, who testified earlier in the retrial. He also questions the presence of both Dr. Geffner and Jennifer Willmott at the same speaking engagement.  He then brings up the peeping incident at Alexander’s home, when Arias saw Alexander through the window with another woman in August, 2007, after “breaking up” with Alexander at the end of July.

This journal entry is just days after the peeping incident:

Aug 26 2007 Journal entry A
Aug 26 2007 Journal entry A
Aug 26 2007 Journal entry B
Aug 26 2007 Journal entry B
Aug 26 2007 Journal entry C
Aug 26 2007 Journal entry C


Dr. Geffner’s notes and timeline do not include the peeping incident. Here again, and for the umpteenth time, the defense shoots themselves in the foot by not supplying their witnesses with negative information so they can be prepared to answer difficult questions on cross. Witness preparation has always been sorely lacking on the defense side. They move on to questions about what defines “dating, seeing each other, and being in a relationship”.

Martinez then moves on to Witness #3 who stated that Jodi Arias was cheerful, never sexual, normal, and fun in Palm Desert, California in 2006. Then she changed drastically. Martinez asks if this may have been because Jodi Arias was in financial trouble and losing her home? But Jodi Arias changed before all that, according to Darryl Brewer.

Then they talked about the January 21st kick-in-the-ribs incident. Martinez states that Arias had sex with Alexander on the same day she claims she caught him in his bedroom with pictures of young children. What’s up with that? Then there’s a discussion about the fight Arias and Alexander had shortly before leaving on a vacation trip to Havasupai Falls. They discuss how Arias writes in her journal that Alexander apologized and Arias reported “it was 99% his fault”.

This Journal entry is written just days after the alleged rib-kicking, finger-breaking incident:

January 24 2008 journal entry
January 24 2008 journal entry A
January 24 2008 journal entry B
January 24 2008 journal entry B


Martinez believes that the Havasupai Falls Fight and the Peeping incidents are key incidents that say a lot about the bad behavior of Jodi Arias. The peeping incident because Arias and Alexander were broken up and Arias invades his privacy, stalks Alexander, spies on him, and confronts him with the information the next day. The Havasupai argument incident is key for Martinez because Arias blames Alexander for something that was not his fault at all – the unpacking of the contents of her backpack onto the kitchen table. Dan Freeman initiated that, because it was way too heavy to hike with. He was trying to help Jodi Arias, and Alexander was just there.

The questioning continues to Jodi Arias’ journal entry registering surprise when she’s told early June 10th that Alexander was found dead in his bathroom. Geffner states she knew he was dead, but he doesn’t know her “level of disassociation”. Martinez remarks how Jodi Arias omits details in her journal that are unfavorable to her, especially about the Havasupai Fight. Geffner replies that people omit all kinds of details in diaries, both favorable and unfavorable. Geffner also says Arias omitted negative things because she was following the Law of Attraction, where efforts to think of only good thoughts will supposedly attract only good things to your life.

This journal entry is written the day after Alexander’s body was found:

June 10 2008 journal entry A
June 10 2008 journal entry A
June 10 2008 journal B
June 10 2008 journal B


Questioning then moved to Alexander’s position on the bed when Arias allegedly caught him masturbating to children’s pictures. He was reportedly kneeling, which Martinez is skeptical about. Martinez asks Geffner why he described Alexander as manipulative, and Geffner responded that he described certain behaviors as manipulative, not the person. Martinez likes to switch subjects suddenly and skip around the timeline to throw witnesses off. He switches to questions about the forensic computer expert “John Smith” and a teen sex website link found on Alexander’s computer.

Next, Juan projects questions from psychological tests on the wall, and Geffner protests that these are copyrighted tests, and they’ll be invalidated by broadcasting the questions to the general public. The inevitable sidebar is called. Judge Stephens orders court cameras turned off and they proceed. Next are questions about the PTSD test that Dr. Samuels gave, after Arias changed her story about what trauma she experienced.

Finally, Juan brings in the famous 18-page letter Jodi Arias wrote to the Alexander family on July 28, 2008, Travis’ Birthday. This letter was not allowed into evidence in the guilt trial for being too prejudicial to Jodi Arias. This is the second serious defeat for the defense. We have wondered exactly what was in that letter, and now we know:

Jodi Arias 7 28 letter to Alexander family

The first thing that stands out with this letter is that Arias knows this letter will be seen by the police and could be used for evidence. She even says so in the letter. Jodi Arias later stated after being arrested for murder, that she did not want to admit to killing Travis because she did not want to get into the specifics of the relationship which would be embarrassing and reflect badly on both Travis and herself.

Yet, she talks about how the couple had to avoid Deanna Reid because she gets very jealous, about everything being part of God’s plan, and about how she discovered sexual text messages with multiple women in Travis’ phone in July, 2007.

She writes about how she broke up with him and how he begged her to move to Mesa, how he cheated on Her and Lisa Andrews, about having a confession session with Travis where he admitted he had been dating Lisa Andrews, about how Travis became enraged when Jodi talked about her love interests and dates, and about Travis being cruel to her and abusing her.

Remember that this letter was sent to Travis’ devastated family, his grandmother and his 7 siblings.

juan fit 11She writes about how Travis was begging her to come over for late night romps, how he ‘guilted her’ if she refused. She wrote about how Travis beat her and how she covered up the bruises, about her leaving Mesa and moving back to Yreka, about how Travis was extremely angry, and how she pitied him and felt sorry for him for the way he got angry and abused her.

She talks of how upon telling him of new love interests and dates, he branded her “a whore”, and about how she was helping him to court Mimi Hall.

She writes about how Travis planned to travel up to her area to see 3 more of the 1,000 Places to See Before You Die * ( Crater Lake, The Oregon Coast, and the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon), how Travis later guilted her into diverting to Mesa, Arizona from her planned trip to lower California and Utah on June 2-6, 2008.

* If you listen closely to the phone sex conversation, you will notice that every time Jodi Arias mentions getting together or Travis coming up to Yreka to travel in Oregon, he stops talking or changes the subject. You will notice that happens several times. Then he finally agrees, but his plans are very vague.

Then she starts giving a very detailed account of the killing on June 4th, 2008. This is the Ninja story where she is taking photos of Travis in the shower when she hears a loud “pop”. Travis is shot by one of two intruders. He is on his hands and knees and screaming. Jodi charges the female intruder and knocks her over. She grabs Travis and tries to escort him out of the bathroom. Travis says he can’t make it and he can’t feel his legs.

The female intruder says we didn’t come here to kill Jodi Arias and the male threatens her family if she tells. The male and female intruder have an argument. The male intruder then changes his mind and points the gun at Jodi’s temple and fires, but the gun doesn’t go off. She brushes by the two intruders and out of the bathroom leaving Travis behind. She peels out of the driveway.

Jodi Arias even supplies details such as she backed out of the driveway keeping an eye on the front door, backing up without even looking at what was in the street. She even supplies witnesses, two blonde girls, a 9 year-old and a 14 year-old, who saw her as she cruised out of Travis’ neighborhood.

Then she talks about Travis’ kindness and generosity and how much she misses him. She makes the remark that some souvenirs Travis had in his home from their trips together, which are probably in their possession now, were bought by her. She writes again about how they both planned to conquer the 1,000 Places To See Before You Die. She gives more references to God’s will and adds some scripture, and explains why she smiled for her mug shot. She writes about how God is just and fair, how they will find and punish whoever did this someday, and about how Travis is close by and living in Heaven.

She goes on to say that Travis had retaliated against her physically on two occasions, but that he did nothing to deserve his horrific murder. She says she wasn’t jealous at all about not being asked to go to Cancun with Travis. She says she harbors no hostility towards Travis and knowing him was one of the great blessings of her life. She’s forgiven Travis for being unfaithful to her, and his family is in her thoughts and prayers.

jodi lg btThen she lets the family of the victim know that she will not spend a single day in prison for a heinous crime in which she had no part.

She mentions physical abuse in this letter, written just 7 weeks after the killing which goes against both the Law of Attraction and her stated goal of not edifying Travis in a negative way.

On the other hand, her claims of physical abuse are very consistent.

To get the full effect of the letter, you really need to imagine your son, grandson, or brother was just found in his bathroom in the state Travis Alexander was found in, then imagine you were told by the Mesa Police they were 100% sure that Jodi Arias did this. You are then told she has been indicted, charged, and arrested for your relative’s murder, then you receive this letter about 7 weeks after the body is found.

Read it several times. There are really only two conclusions a reasonable person could come to:

  • Jodi Arias is selfish, cruel and inhuman, with absolutely no concept of other people’s feelings or pain.


  • Jodi Arias is severely and seriously mentally ill.

Any way you look at this letter, even in the light most favorable to the defendant, there can only be these two possibilities. These people just lost their family member, and she is talking about souvenirs from trips, about Travis’ cruelty and abuse, about herself mostly, and about Travis’ anger and rage. There is just no way any reasonable person could be that callous and insensitive to write the things she writes to a family that just lost their loved one in a brutal killing. There’s just no way she could have not really meant it that way. There is no possible interpretation of this letter that’s favorable to Jodi Arias.

Others would offer a third possibility

  • Jodi was justified in committing this crime or did not commit the crime at all.



barwood 4

Now try to clear your mind of everything, and put yourself in the shoes of someone who was there and did commit the killing, but completely blacked out, and only remembers small bits and pieces, but she knows she was attacked and she was defending herself. Now read the letter again. Does it make more sense now?

dryson 1


Now put yourself in the shoes of a very confused person who does not remember what really happened, but she knows she did not commit the killing. Now read the letter from this perspective. Does the letter make any more sense now?

“Dryson Bennington” believes that Travis’ roommate, Enrique Cortez, witnessed Travis having that conference call he was scheduled to have on June 4, 2008 at around 6:30 PM. The obvious problem with this is that his fellow PPL’ers stated Travis missed that conference call. No one has come forward to say they were on a conference call with Travis at around 6:30 PM on June 4, 2008.

I agree that the two roommates, Zach and Enrique, could not remember exactly when they saw Travis last, when they did their laundry last, and why they didn’t think it strange that Travis’ CTR ring (‘Choose the Right’), keys and wallet sat on the kitchen counter for 5 days when they thought he was in Cancun. It’s a little strange, but they were cleared in this matter, and it doesn’t seem like a promising lead to me. Dryson Bennington, a fellow Jodi-supporter, blocked me on Facebook shortly after this, when I was questioning his statements.

Jen from The Trial Diaries, a prosecution supporter, blocked me on Twitter, for whatever reason. I questioned something she said. I guess if someone disagrees with you, just block them and you never have to justify your statements or question your own ideas and assumptions. 🙂

But please be objective. Setting aside all other evidence, from which perspective does the letter make the most sense?

  • She planned it, she did it, and she knows she did it.
  • She did it, but she was attacked first and she defended herself, but remembers little.
  • She remembers little, she was there but she did not have any part in it.

This letter does serious damage to a case for Life for Jodi Arias. Presumably it will be in the jury room for the jury to read. Juan Martinez will be sure to see that they all read it. Many people think this letter is subtly, stealthily and deliberately heartless and cruel. Others believe it’s totally blatant and not really hidden at all. Few people see how this could just be an effort to ingratiate herself with the Alexander family and try to rationalize and divert blame and responsibility for the murder onto someone else. Fewer people still, believe that this letter can be explained and rationalized if the person committed the killing, but blacked out and doesn”t remember most of what happened, or was not involved at all.

I see it as more evidence that Jodi Arias has a severe and serious mental illness. I don’t see this as wholly deliberate, but beyond her ability to control it, or to fully realize the magnitude of what she is doing and what she has done.

When you couple this letter together with the affidavit of witness #1, the defense has taken a very serious blow this week. Some trial watchers have reported that this week changed their minds from wanting Life for Arias to wanting Death for her. Many trial watchers have reported that they feel that a sentence of Death is now far more likely than a Life sentence just on account of the events of last week.

judge sherryJuan Martinez has many, many more missiles and bombs in his arsenal to rain down on Jodi Arias, some of these may even be nuclear. The defense cannot afford to stumble again like they did last week. They need to find a way to counter these severe blows and others like them that surely will follow.

jodi arias sleeveless 2 ltThis thing with Marc McGee has been a disaster so far, and they need to fix it. It just makes a person wonder who will be the next star witness? Were these mitigation witnesses selected by the defense team or were these witnesses Jodi Arias insisted on including regardless of the defense team’s advice? Are Marc McGee and other possible witnesses the product of Jodi Arias listening to and believing in Simon Johannson, Benjamin Ernst and others from the crew at Jodi Arias Is

Entering that letter into evidence was no fault of the defense, but the letter contradicts other statements Jodi Arias made. The Affidavit evidence needs to be as unassailable as possible. It does no good to enter into evidence things that will do far more harm than good for your case.

Whoever is behind this is steering her down the road to the execution chamber. I’m saying this as a Jodi Arias supporter: As of last week, the worm has turned and a unanimous sentence for Death has become a real and glaring possibility.

Do You Concur?

dod do you concur

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    1. Thank-You, Sonja. The defense is playing a very dangerous game. The longer this goes on, the worse it will get, imo. Lots of people have been saying it, but now I have to concede that, too. Thanks for your comment!

  1. Great write up of the dangerous road the DT has taken with Geffner. Can you please send a link of this to George Barwood so he can understand what’s been going on in the courtroom? He’s very confused and making up testimony in his head again and will be devistated by the sentence if she gets the death penalty. I worry about his mental health at times.

    1. Thanks for you comments, Amber. I don’t think Geffner’s the problem, but introducing witness #1’s Affidavit through Geffner may have hurt Geffner’s credibility. George Barwood has read the article. He should do like I do and hope for the best while preparing for the worst. George remains steadfast in his belief that it was self-defense + amnesia. George believes, as far as the Defense Team, that the best is yet to come. You have to admire that kind of loyalty and confidence. I do, but I try to be realistic about what can actually be accomplished legally. Thanks again for your thoughts!

      1. If he has in fact read the whole write up and not skipping the facts he doesn’t want to face (like he did during the guilt phase) he will be able to understand the verdict if they vote death for her. He may not agree with your view but at least he is now aware of the problems in her mitigation.

      2. I agree, Amber. Too many people are only looking at one side of things. For example, some people from are living in a bubble and don’t pay attention to what’s happening on the other side. It’s the same with the Unicorn, Rainbow, and Stars contingency of Arias supporters. You have to know all the facts, even if some people don’t like some facts. It’s the same for some on the other side, too. George, Dryson, etc. should be able to look at all the evidence, such as that letter and explain why it backs up their case. You cannot simply ignore it and say it’s irrelevant. It’s relevant, it’s definitely relevant.

  2. She’s not sick. If she were, she could get disability.


    Yes. Right now there are people pushing for pedophilia to be deemed a medical disability.

    What is wrong with Arias cannot be cured by pills and potions. She is not a product of a bad childhood. Our experiences shape us…into what is our CHOICE.

    1. Pesky, you are talking as if Jodi Arias is … ? The closest analogy would be Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy could fool me any day of the week. You look at him smiling and proud in the courtroom in Florida and you just forget what he did to a 12 year-old girl. So, I suppose you’re saying Jodi Arias is a sociopath / psychopath, and these people are still responsible for the choices they make. I’m not able to say that. I just look at that letter, and ask who could write that letter, a deliberately evil person or a mentally ill person, and I come out with mentally ill. Thanks for your comment, Pesky 🙂

      1. OK, Pesky, so you’re saying she’s a master manipulator, she planned it, she did it, she knew it, and she was totally in her right mind the whole time. To me, that’s just unthinkable, according to the facts of the case. I just saw a newscast with an FBI profiler who agrees with you, though he did say there are other possibilities. Being a psychopath or sociopath is not an excuse, they execute those kinds of people all the time.

      2. She is Ted Bundy and Charles Manson combined. She is a narcissist, master manipulator, murderer, with a personality disorder. No mental illness where she heard voices or insane that caused her to do it. Yes, she premeditated this murder. The gas cans proved, turning her phone off, renting a car with no gps, and turning the tag upside down proved it. She has now testified to doing it. She stole the gun from her G-father, Travis didn’t own a gun. Ryan Burns testified to her strength which shows how she could move the body. In the trial, pictures showed she didn’t have a hurt/crooked finger. She is left handed and hurt it while stabbing him or trying to fight back. She had a picture on her bedroom wall, on MySpace, with her places she wanted to visit. The testimony of Dworkin saying porn was on the computer is very important, as well as the text message that was copied and pasted like it came from Travis. If I recall, Willmont didn’t the pics of the nude people were on the computer, only the 5 to 10 and some could be porn depending on your definition. Juan said it was not the right computer he had got back from the defense and also had another name on it. I think this will be more important than some think at this time. Dr. Demarte did a better job than the quack they had. It was proven that wrote in different notes than he had in the beginning. Samuels agreed with Demarte. Geffner didn’t interview all the people she did, and he was a hired gun. Don’t even talk about the man hater LaViolette. I am a victim of domestic violence and nothing her nor Jodi said about it proves she was abused, although she is an abuser. Manipulating the victim, stealing from him, stalking him, sending texts to people he was talking to, listening through doors to conversations, slashing his tires and his friends tires, all add up. So much anger and hatred in her. She demonstrated that in the way she slashed his throat, stabbed him so many times over and over, and then shot him. She had all her senses when she did it. In an interview she said she was hoping that day would be different. The day it would work out. He told her no, even though she thought sex was enough to keep him, it wasn’t. She ended his life because he didn’t want her. That’s no reason to be murdered. I don’t care who the prosecutor is, this is enough evidence to prove everything she is charged with and death. He did not follow her to CA, nor did he keep visiting her, she did it, and she said so.

      3. Ron, how can you say she’s sick but not like Bundy, when on another blog you posted, you say, paraphrasing, “I know she’s guilty, yet I could watch her two ’48 Hours’ interviews, and still believe what she’s selling?” That makes ABSOLUTELY no sense! Which is it? Is she mentally ill, or can she fool you as a psychopath/sociopath? You can’t have it both ways!

      4. Yes, I can have it both ways. Ted Bundy had a sickness causing him to attack and kill women with certain features. Jodi Arias killed an ex boyfriend who shunned her. She is not a psychopath or a sociopath. Jodi Arias suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, an illness which causes her to cross the borderline from manipulative neurotic to dangerous psychotic. She is totally convincing in her stories and she could probably pass lie detector tests, because she believes in her own lies. BPD’s draw you in with their manipulations to make you feel close to them and then they will turn around and attack you just as easily. This is why people can look at her testimony and interviews and believe she is being honest and truthful.

      5. You say, ” Ted Bundy could fool me any day of the week.” So, even though you believe JA in her 48 Hours’ interviews, you’re merely saying that JA couldn’t fool you any day of the week?

      6. Rob – I meant to also ask you, if in fact you can watch the 48 hours interviews and believe her, yet she is also mentally ill, how would you ever know when to believe her? Just curious…..

  3. I completely agree with Pesky. Arias is a master manipulator, and a sociopath who loves to be in control. She planned the murder of Travis Alexander, and carried it out with extreme cruelty. She thought she had all her ducks in a row and that she was far too clever to ever be caught, let alone found guilty. I never used to be in favor of the death penalty, but in this case, I say bring it on, and the sooner the better. As for Marc Mcgee, I cannot imagine why her defense would have ever considered him to be a credible witness. He was a loose cannon, and all over the Internet with conflicting stories. Having heard that Jodi does as she wishes, even if it is contrary to her counsel, I’d guess it was she who demanded that McGee’s so-called testimony be presented via Geffner. That he did so by means of an affidavit speaks volumes in itself.

    1. Many people are of that opinion. As for the Death Penalty, that’s pretty extreme and as long as we have such a thing, it should be reserved for the worst of the worst, and that ain’t Jodi. This was a brutal and messy crime, but it pales in comparison to most other death row cases. It just seems so because of all the attention focused on it. Jodi apparently does do as she wishes and defies her defense counsel, and I think because of that, there were some mitigators that could no longer be used.

    2. What are You doing if not speaking about Her with extremely cruelty, Arizona Rose?

      You know you’re not qualified to diagnose her, so why do you do it? Not content to enjoy saying she’s a ”master manipulator”, she’s also a ”Sociopath” too. You must get double the amount of pleasure from that. People like you get an enormous amount of enjoyment in labelling her, what is that if not Cruel?

      Oh and you don’t stop there, do you, you crave for a woman to die, salivating at the thought of it as you write this. ”Bring it on”, you say.

      Sorry, but for saying all this I find you disgusting.. and quite rightfully so.

      1. Now wait just a minute. You are ragging on people for judging JA and diagnosing her.

        How are you NOT judging when you state:

        “You must get double the amount of pleasure from that. People like you get an enormous amount of enjoyment in labelling her, what is that if not Cruel?”

        How would you EVER know if someone receives enormous amounts of joy in labeling someone. Seriously? How could YOU ever know that?

        Then you accuse someone of actually, “salivating/craving at the thought of her death.”

        Please tell me how you are able to know such things?

        Lastly, at least you “apologize” before quite literally calling this person a very personalized, not objective, crude adjective.

        “Sorry, but for saying all this I find you disgusting.. and quite rightfully so.”

        I’ve read many of your comments on many places, and the things you accuse people of, are exactly what you do after the accusations. Do you see the hypocrisy?

  4. Rob, you’ve brought out a lot of facts and questions, and as usual in all this, they beget more questions! First, I believe there are many supporters with very good and honorable intentions, but because of so many “aggravating factors”, not the least of which are the enormous obstacles in the logistics of communicating fully and and accurately with someone in Sheriff Joe’s dungeon, and through their “handlers”, etc., that a pot hole seems to open up every day. I believe some honest mistakes have been made by all involved, yet in Jodi’s case, trial watchers (on both sides even ) interpret every “mistake” or “typo” or similar as a damning deliberate lie.
    IMO, Jodi’s vulnerability (and also Aunt Sue and even Maria’s) to Jason’s increasingly heavy handed efforts to run her defense fund and appeal efforts has created enormous negative fallout towards the other “team” at JAII, most if not all of it, unsubstantiated with solid facts. Weber seems to have crossed over into vindictive mode towards both Jodi and Maria. He appears to be even trying to get in with “Decepticon” Christine Beswick, believing she has some readership that could ultimately favorably impact his cause! I believe he and a co-hort are deliberately feeding her defamatory information and that Beswick is eating it up like candy. Maria does have an injunction against Weber, and I think that says more than any aspersions or scattered facts about others, namely JAII.

    Jodi is a compulsive talker, writer, communicator. She seems to have been all her life, but this situation has kicked it into high gear. Add the traumatic events, her own vulnerabilities (Geffner’s assessment was spot on as I’ve always thought….that she’s a people pleaser has been shown over and over in her contact with supporters, and to her own chagrin) and the massive exploitation of her from both inside and outside jail walls, and voila….cluster freak of epic proportions! The more Jodi tries, and tries she does, to explain herself, the more the train goes off the tracks. I expressed to her the enormous potential for problems trying to create a facebook group for supporters would bring about. And it has.

    As for Marc McGee…..He’s been a mixed bag from day one. Realize that Jodi herself appears to have had no way to seriously vet his information, and naturally she would want to believe it, as to me it fits in perfectly with all else that is known about Travis. Another key piece of information McGee was said to have has so far not shown up in court. Will it? Or will it wait til appeal? Beats me.

    As for the letter to TA’s grandmother, closed-minded haters can easily read her words as insensitive or even demented, but I offer that it was quite possibly an exaggeration of some mental instabilities, disorders, and even character quirks. It was an emotional purge, but I do not believe for one second that she meant it to hurt his family. I simply don’t. I go back to ADD, as I often do with this. A lack of awareness as to the impact of one’s words is a key component. I do not see Jodi as a socio or psychopath and I continue to look, absorb, and consider the same. So much is wrong in all of this and subject to interpretation. And no, I still don’t believe I know what happened.

    1. Well, Sandra, I was wondering what your view on this article would be. I guess the fund raising battle continues, but funds will be needed and I guess anyone can raise funds if they want to. Jodi and her family are sticking with Ben Ernst and SJ from JAII, so that’s that, I guess.

      The smarter prosecution supporters even say Christine Beswick is all about getting the Death Penalty for Jodi. People should not give the same credence to her as the mainstream media. She’s a blogger. It’s her opinion, and she knows Jodi Arias articles will get her some traffic.

      I think you’re absolutely right about logistics problems and misunderstandings being branded as lies. I think supporters should stay away from appeal decisions and theories and instead just explain why they feel appeals should be made or why they might be successful.

      I have no problem with the visitors of JAII, but who are the leaders? For example, I can communicate with you, Jason, or George Barwood, even Chritine Beswick today, and I can ask questions, etc. Ben Ernst and SJ, I have no communication with them and know nothing about them. They don’t seem to be accessible.

      All supporters should be on the same page, getting her Life. That’s what’s important right now.

      As for Marc McGee, it’s the Defense Team’s job to evaluate and vet Marc McGee and to see if what he has to say will help more than it hurts. I don’t see that it helped at all.

      As for that letter, I just can’t see how a person would say so many negative things about a person who had just lost his life. People just don’t do that. That same letter may be okay to send a year or so later, but 7 weeks after he’s found dead? I still try to read it and see if I’m not getting it right from JA’s point of view, but I still don’t see it. Most people see it as callous and most people are exactly what comprises a jury.

      You have some really good observtions. Thanks for your comments.

  5. I have to admit after reading this, the question of why the Alexanders just couldn’t be happy with LWOP and move on, has at least a better explanation. While I stand firm in my belief that any sentence of death would merely be token, thus making pursuing it, a waste of time and tax payer money. The amount of bitterness they must feel after reading that letter becomes much clearer.

    I also question if witnesses #1 was some by product of the many social media groups that have come to follow this trial and identify themselves as “Supporters” We have seen so many people try to inject themselves in the case, when they have no business being there. One has to wonder if witness #1 was born of that desire? And if so is this something we can expect going forward as many cases are followed in this manner? People trying to muddy the waters of the court in order to raise their online status?

    The actual search for justice and truth gets lost in that atmosphere rather quickly.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Judson. All very good points. The Death Penalty shouldn’t be used as a bargaining chip, and it should be for the worst of the worst. I don’t see JA as being the worst of the worst. In fact there are many crimes like this and very, very few become a death penalty case. I don’t see the letter as being an assault on the Alexander family as many do, but at the least it shows a complete lack of empathy and sympathy as well as a failure to take responsibility and to divert responsibility.

      I saw a spreecast where an FBI profiler remarked that JA could have said everything she said in a paragraph or two, rather than 18 pages.

      Yeah, I think witness #1 is a prime candidate for having come from people in a social media group. It seems like maybe Jodi Arias insisted on this witness over the objections of the defense team. There are many people like witness #2 who have known Jodi Arias and say she was a nice, friendly and caring person, including one woman who commented on this blog. You’re exactly right – Too many people have tried to interject themselves in this case, most for ulterior motives. That’s kind of a new phenomenon – the immediacy and power of social media combined with a highly publicized murder trial.

      Yeah, I think we can expect a lot more of this going forward. You may have noticed many people from the UK, Canada, and Australia getting involved in this case and other American cases, and I think that’s because, in addition to American cases generating more world-wide interest, and because there are more cases, there’s also more information freely available prior to trial, and they just don’t do that in many other countries.

      The search for justice and truth does get lost in that atmosphere, as you say. But especially in Death Penalty trials, because you have the prosecution really needing to go above and beyond to get that sentence, and the defense is willing to do anything and justify it because they are trying to save a life.

    2. They (Alexander’s) DID offer JA LWOP!!! JA refused! She wanted 2nd degree with parole. This is what happens when people believe a well known chronic liar. JA stated she was willing to plead, BUT on her terms. She does NOT get to set the terms after she slaughtered a human being. You lose that right when you play God! She is a liar, and the Alexander’s wanted to plead to LWOP. JA wouldn’t accept anything more than 2nd degree! I really wish people would do their homework before making such bold, with almost absolute certainty, that they are speaking the truth!!!!!

  6. Arias is infamous/high profile but she is not disimilar to thousands of people incarcerated in the USA Prison system. Dont be fooled by a shell. Arias is disturbed? Yes Im sure there are many personality disorders that fit but victim is not one of them. Arias is a malevolent liar and killer. Sadly she and many others who senselessly kill other human beings cannot be fixed by the” system”. No amount of hired charletons/enablers like Geffner can change what Arias’s pathology has made her. Arias is hell bent on regaining her freedom and it seems at any price. She will ruthlessly continue to manipulate the system. She is not unique in that respect just currently well known. Nature or nurture? There lies the question about Arias and all the other people on this planet who think snuffing out the life of another will fix their perceived problem. And in this case the evidence was overwhelming that Arias planned this killing. She followed through, ambushed the guy in his own shower and butchered him. Hours later she was being intimate with another guy and her subsequent actions demonstrated clearly her priority was not being caught and misleading the cops. Hours after TA’s body was found she phoned the lead detective and inserted herself in the case. The letter to the family expresses her absolute narcisism and her borderline PD. I hope this is over soon and JA is despatched to prison and obscurity. I am against the DP and have no desire to see her dead but she will never morph into a “nice normal woman” regardless of what bilge and conspiracy theories her groupies put out on the internet.

    1. Pru, that was a very eloquent and succinct statement that sums things up rather well. I think you summed up how a majority of people feel.

      What’s missing though, for me is the childhood pathology of most such killers, and a progression of violent acts called precursors to murder. There are 6 years prior to the murder where Jodi Arias is happy, friendly and quietly productive member of society, and with the exception of a death threat on Juan Martinez alleged by a mentally ill cellmate and a couple of strange behaviors with friends from JAII, she has six years since the crime with no violence, rage or criminal behavior.

      I think Jodi Arias is totally unique, not really like your many incarcerated criminals at all. I believe it was this particular combination of her and TA that led to the murder. I think that makes it unique, too. Many people have stated that if Jodi Arias never met Travis Alexander, she would be fine and happy and reading her books and doing her artwork, and taking her photos. That’s not to blame Travis, but to say that the fire and ice of this tumltuous combination led to a violent end.

      He was just to nice a guy or too selfish to end the relationship amicably and he didn’t catch on to her serious instability until it was too late.

      This really isn’t the same as some cases where people murder for ridiculous reasons like not putting the toilet seat down one two many times or because Dad took my Iphone away. Something about this relationship consumed Arias and something about losing this relationship swept her away and brought out all her psychological demons.

      I think it’s a classic untreated mental illness. She became unstable, she was brought to the point of extreme emotional turmoil, and she reacted in a way that she cannot face without losing every trace of a sense of self she had before the killing. She just became lost and isolated in this situation and she had no one to turn to. Then she tried to “fix things”. But by then, it was way too late.

      I think too much emphasis was placed on her meeting with Ryan Burns the next day. I think she was just trying to resume her normal life. I believe she was behaving very normally in the past few years except getting sucked into the drama of the social media world, with all it’s tampering and games, which was a big mistake.

      The people who have contacted her and discussed the case and her presence on social media have done her no favors, in my opinion. Besides heavily damaging her case for life, they have involved her in activities that if they’re not criminal, they are unsavory at best. They have given her false promises and false hopes, and that’s not being a friend.

      People who don’t like her at all have written to her pretending to be her friend, for whatever reasons. They get off on trying to manipulate the manilpulator or for 101 other reasons.

      If Jodi Arias gets Life, she may vanish into relative obscurity. Many have before her. But if she gets Death, this will go on and on with all the appeals and the world-wide following, I’m sure. That’s why the family’s pursuit of the DP is not only counter to Christian values and principles but also it’s counter to their goals of ending this and not having to be disturbed by her again.

      1. ”He was just to nice a guy or too selfish to end the relationship amicably and he didn’t catch on to her serious instability until it was too late.

        This really isn’t the same as some cases where people murder for ridiculous reasons like not putting the toilet seat down one two many times or because Dad took my Iphone away. Something about this relationship consumed Arias and something about losing this relationship swept her away and brought out all her psychological demons. ”

        So you think she is guilty as charged, Rob? You must do as you have joined the TA brigade (for want of other more fitting words)

        ”……brought out all her psychological demons” ”Too nice a guy…” Yes, I long to have an abuser as a boyfriend, if he’s violent too, then it’s just what I’m looking for, and if he demeans me, cheats on me and keeps me a secret, using and abusing my body for self-gratification I’d marry him for sure–he would have all the qualities I admire in a man.

        How CAN you spout all this?

    2. ”And in this case the evidence was overwhelming that Arias planned this killing. She followed through, ambushed the guy in his own shower and butchered him”

      And you know this, How? Please do me the honours by informing me of this ”overwhelming evidence” you have. Funny, you all say it was overwhelming and yet when I ask people to tell me, the excuses they make not to, are nothing short of amazing!

      One thing that permeates through all Travis supporters are the amazing Statements they make, another one is how you’re all qualified to diagnose and think you can slam Geffner to do it, ( well I guess you have to in order to have credibility )

      So, she’s a manipulator, a borderline and a butcher, oh and a Narcissist too, can you think of anything else you could add? I’m sure you can if you think hard enough, how about Sociopath or better still, psychopath, there, that sounds better, doesn’t it?

      ”She will never morph into a nice normal woman”.. you don’t know her, remember?

      Where did you get all this from, I wonder….

      Do you think you are a nice, normal woman?

      1. The evidence for her premeditated murder of Travis is indeed ‘overwhelming’ and I am more than happy to clarify the extent of her planning this horrific crime.
        She staged a burglary in order to obtain her grandfather’s gun. She deliberately hired a less obtrusive ‘non red’ car 90 miles from her home town to avoid being recognised by locals. She obtained three petrol cans to avoid refuelling in Arizona. She turned off her mobile phone in Arizona. She removed the vehicle’s front license plate and inverted the back one. She dyed her hair brunette on June 3rd to avoid being recognised by Travis’ neighbours. She arranged an alibi in Ryan Burns to give herself an excuse for the laborious journey.
        Having closely followed her trials, I am in no doubt as to the sheer extent of her utterly evil crime, she was completely consumed by jealousy, resentment and absolute hatred of Travis with whom she had become dangerously obsessed.
        She is indeed a toxic, twisted individual, a selfish, vain, emotionally immature, totally self-absorbed narcissistic psychopath. She completely lacks empathy and has an arrogant, smug, self-righteous disposition and grandiose feelings of entitlement.
        She is ruthlessly ambitious and utterly shallow and materialistic – masquerading as a ‘spiritual’ person.
        Jodi was determined to ‘bag’ herself a Mormon with the potential for wealth and success, however she had failed to realise that offering ‘no holds barred sex’ to Travis on a plate – the only ‘talent’ to speak of that she possessed – would not only prove woefully insufficient to ‘trap’ her quarry, but it would actually work against her – losing the respect of Travis (albeit hypocritically) and eliminating her chances of ever becoming ‘wife material’.
        Once the harsh reality dawned on her, that Travis despised her – and himself for his ‘weakness’ and was desperate to rid himself of her in order to pursue a ‘wholesome’, GENUINELY SPIRITUAL and virtuous woman to marry (such as Marie ‘Mimi’ Hall) she became utterly consumed with rage and resentment and would rather murder him horrifically than see him with another woman.

        Jodi is a despicably evil, cruel, depraved and above all – extremely dangerous individual, with delusions of grandeur and absolutely no remorse for slaughtering Travis.

        I never used to support the death penalty, but her trial has compelled me to reconsider. Unfortunately juror 17 prevented true justice from being served, however, thankfully Judge Stephens made the right decision in sentencing her to LWOP and the sooner she is forgotten and left to rot in a cell until her eventual death – the better!

        RIP Travis.

      2. Helen, Thank-you for your comments. I think you are far too invested in this case to be able to see things objectively. I do agree with you on certain points. I am currently working on a three-part article on exactly this subject. I strongly disagree with you on certain points. I think Jodi Arias is seriously mentally ill, not evil. I think she cannot or will not acknowledge what she’s done because if she does so, she has lost her entire self-image, and she cannot accept that. Juror 17 allowed for true justice over the other 11 jurors who were just plain wrong. This was a domestic homicide, not a death penalty case. A Death sentence would never have been upheld in this case. At the very least it would have been commuted to life. So, I think juror 17 saved the victim’s family from a lot of unnecessary suffering by making the right decision.

  7. Why is it that some of you don’t give Jodi credit for being the devious manipulator that she is? Some of you talk about her as if she has no clue what’s she’s doing , almost like she’s one step away from being mentally retarded. Any one can see what Jodi hoped to accomplish with that letter. First of all she doesn’t give a crap about Travis’ family. She’s not worried about their feelings she mounting a defense. She wrote to them knowing the letter would be read by the police / prosecution and possibly be used as evidence. She used it to claim that she was abused by Travis which eventually became her defense. She also wanted to make herself out to be a saint. Stating that although Travis made her suffer she endured it like a champ and could never be mad at him. Hysterically she event tries to convince them that Travis begged her to marry him. Funny because she was the only girlfriend Travis did not ask. That’s her jealousy controlling that part of the letter. She’s so desperate to prove that she was good enough to be Travis’ wife just like Lisa, Deanna, and perhaps even Mimi. She’s a very calculating and manipulative person. She’s well aware of what she hopes her words and her actions will accomplish. calculating and manipulative person. She’s well aware of what she hopes her words and her actions will accomplish.

    1. I appreciate your comments, Monica. Knowing that Jodi believed she would walk out of this trial a free person, it doesn’t make sense for her to write that letter or to claim pedophilia, unless she thought she had no way of winning. It’s a real paradox, I think. If she wants to get out of jail, why send that letter? She must have really believed she would not be found guilty. Everything for me points straight to mental illness. Did Travis know she was mentally ill? How could he not?

      Monica, I’getting a different picture now about this relationship. From Feb to July 2007, they were “official”. Travis was publicly with JA. She must have lost face with his their circle of friends and the PPL crew when they broke up. So then it became secret and she was the other woman. Yes,there may have been some serious jealousy, as all these women were marriage material, but she wasn’t. He may have gone back to DeAnna, too.

      The letter is just inappropriate. WE can make jokes about 911 now, and that’s OK. But to make those jokes on 911 or even weeks or months after would be very inappopriate.

      That letter is bad news. She just could not stand to lose this relationship, and it’s pathological, for sure.

    2. Monica, I quote: ”Any one can see what Jodi hoped to accomplish with that letter. ”

      Can they, Monica? What about what Flores and JM wanted to accomplish, hmm. Monica? In case you have forgotten, the Alexanders want the DP and Flores and JM (the State), want to get it for them.

      TRY saying the word, TRAP.

      ”Detective Flores and Blaney, they convinced me of the importance of telling you all I know. Now, I think they told me this not primarily out of principle, but

      Jodi’s state of mind when arrested and interviewed would be all over the place, are you telling me Flores and JM didn’t know that? For if you are, I won’t have any of it.

  8. Yes ofcourse the letter is inapropriate. It’s also inconsiderate and asinine. It doesn’t mean she’s clueless as to how insensitive and self serving it is. I don’t believe for a minute that she honestly thought she was going to be found innocent. When you listen to the interrogation video it’s obvious that she knows she’s screwed. She starts asking about how much time she will get for a crime like that. When she spoke during her interviews She was putting on a front for the cameras. “No jury will convict me because I’m innocent, and you can mark my words in that”. That’s all part of her deception. Ofcourse she’s going to play that card. She wanted to put it out there for everyone including potential jurors to hear. Jodi is just so sweet and innocent. She’s positive she will not be found guilty. All criminals play the innocent card even well after they have been convicted. It doesn’t mean they actually believe it.

    1. Monica, I will agree with you that IF Jodi Arias felt she was done for and had no chance, then a LOT of what she did makes much more sense. If she thought she could be acquitted, then cetain things she did (the letter to the family, pedophilia claims) make no sense at all.

  9. ”Dr. Geffner’s notes and timeline do not include the peeping incident. Here again, and for the umpteenth time, the defense shoots themselves in the foot by not supplying their witnesses with negative information so they can be prepared to answer difficult questions on cross. Witness preparation has always been sorely lacking on the defense side. ”

    On the contrary, Rob. Why give the prosecution any more nonsense for him to make something of? It is nonsense, contrived nonsense. but there are more than enough morons out there ready to swoon and hang on to every lie and twist that comes out of his rabid mouth. ”Negative information?” Exactly. So how does this shoot the Defence in the foot?
    The whole peeping incident is just one more piece of nonsense, like slashing his tyres and stalking him.
    Take a survey and find out just how many young women who have been lied to by their boyfriends and suspect them of cheating, check on them and you’ll find it will be hundreds, if not thousands. As it turned out Jodi’s suspicions were confirmed. TA was a Liar and a Cheat as well as an abuser and manipulator.

    I also don’t agree the prosecution are going to ”drop bombshells”… they never had a bomb to drop in the first place, JM is cunning, crafty and rabid, he is master at twisting things to make believable–for the morons who can’t and don’t want to think for themselves, those who see him as their Hero, and close their eyes to his abuse, mistaking it for ”passion”, ”a prosecutor doing his job”.. yeah right, as long as it isn’t them he’s yelling at, they can sit back and enjoy the show.

    JM has Nothing, nothing at all, he is a drowning man clutching at any straw he can find, an example is, ”She squeezed a cat”……. yes, he’s a desperate man, accusing the DT and every witness, getting angry because they have shown him up to be the Liar and Asshole he is.

    To say it was a dark week for the Defence, I don’t agree at all.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Heather. Whatever you feel about the peeping incident, and I have explained my views on that in other articles (use the search box on the left panel just above the photo gallery), the Defense Team knew Martinez would bring that up, so the DT should have made sure Dr. Geffner had familiarity and an opinion on the peeping incident.

      In the same way, Dr. Samuels was not aware that Jodi Arias had gone to Travis’ memorial service and had driven by the crime scene (Alexander’s home) with friends. The DT should have made sure Dr. Samuels knew about this. Similarly, Alyce LaViolette studies messages, e-mails, journals, etc. but there were important facts of the case she was not aware of, but she should have been.

      This is also the DT’s responsibility. Alyce LaViolette was also not given basic guidelines to follow when being cross-examined, or she did not follow them. It seemed like Alyce and others were not properly prepared for testimony, also a DT responsibility

      Millions of women suspect their partners of lying and cheating on them. Millions of men do, also. Millions of people snoop on their partners to verify their truthfulness/fidelity. The line between snooping and stalking is pretty clear.

      Bombshells that could be dropped include information about Arias’ post-conviction and post-trial interviews, information about Jodi Arias’ activities with social media and selling artwork, letters and taped conversations to and from Arias in jail.

      Also, Martinez could try again to bring in the cat-squeezing incident, and more incidences where Arias was the sexual aggressor and the person pursuing and confronting the man. He will bring in Psychologist Dr. Janine DeMarte, who may have more to say this time, as guilt has already been determined by the jury.
      She may declare that Arias is a Psychopath and a Sociopath, for example. Dr. Cheryl Karp will take the stand, and there’s a rumor she will have to reveal that Arias alleged many instances of physical abuse by Alexander, instead of the four incidences she has testified to.

      So, yeah, there are lots of bombs and missiles, and Juan will drop them. The DT needs to be prepared for these and to respond effectively.

      The decision for thejury is life or death. It doesn’t matter what we believe about Juan Martinez or about any of these incidents or allegations – It’s what the jury believes that will be important to whether Jodi Arias lives or dies.

      The 18 page letter written to Travis Alexander’s family 7 weeks after the killing and on his Birthday, is not favorable at all to Jodi Arias and will be sitting there in the jury room. The paper affidavit of Marc McGee is little match for the live testimony of a Mormon Bishop and a very truthful sounding ex-girlfriend of Travis Alexander’s.

      1. First of all, Heather, you need to make a distinction between “Haters” and well-informed people who believe that Jodi Arias is guilty as charged. I define “Haters” as ill-informed people who have made their decisions about Jodi Arias without looking at all the information and evidence. On top of that, they love to dehumanize and shower out of proportion hatred towards Jodi Arias as if she’s the worst thing in the annals of crime and as if Travis Alexander was the only victim ever of domestic violence.

        In contrast to this, there are many people who have given Jodi Arias every benefit of the doubt and have looked at both sides, and conclude she is guilty as charged. I respect these people and these are my target audience. If you would stop your one-woman crusade for a moment and actually communicate respectfully with these people, you would find they are well-informed and have come to their own conclusions. They have every right to do this and every right to voice their opinions.

        The “haters” don’t love me, and neither do extremists on the opposite side, who I will characterize as Jodi warriors and the Unicorns, Rainbows and Puppy-dog faction of Jodi Arias Supporters. The first are obstinate, combative and mean-spirited. Rather than getting people to take another look at the facts, the warriors drive people away by the boat load with their rancor. You are one of those people and SJ is another.

        The Unicorns and Puppy-dog faction just think Jodi’s attractive and sweet, and has done no wrong and can do no wrong. They think Jodi Arias is innocent of all charges and should be set free immediately. Even Jodi Arias disagrees with that. On January 5th of this year, Jodi Arias wrote a letter saying she is innocent of the charge she was convicted of and that she was over-charged. That’s much different than saying she’s innocent of all charges.

        “Deanna lied more than once” – I guess you’re referring to Deanna reportedly saying at one time that she never had sex with Travis and that she had no idea if Travis had sex with any women besides Jodi Arias. Maybe she did try to protect him since he was murdered in such a brutal way. She did testify in the guilt phase that she did have sex with him, and how would she know if or who Travis was having sex with? He certainly didn’t call in Deanna and brag about that.

        You are not sitting in the jury box, so your opinion will not count in the decision of life or death for Jodi Arias. I believe this blog helps to get reasonable people to take another look at some of the facts and issues surrounding this case. I believe that can help Jodi Arias. What have YOU done for Jodi Arias? – Drive people away with your combativeness, that’s what.

        I didn’t say Deanna was truthful. A witnesses’ testimony under oath should be taken as truthful unless there are legitimate reasons presented to the jury to believe otherwise. That’s the job of the Defense.

        It’s up to the jury to decide who’s telling the truth. Trying to make Deanna Reid a villain is never going to work. Most people see her as honest and truthful. Is it possible Travis got physical with her? It’s possible, but it really doesn’t matter because it’s completely possible that Travis physically abused only Jodi Arias and no other women.

        That’s the point of this article. The defense needs something or someone else besides Marc McGee to corroborate his story in order to prove that Deanna Reid lied about Travis. Marc’s affidavit on paper is no match to Deanna’s live testimony to the JURY, although it may be enough for you.

      2. The Bishop lied. Time lines did not add up.
        The jury won’t understand the letter, let’s face it, rarely do people in AZ understand anything about this case, they were in the back row when integrity and compassion was given out.

  10. I’m compelled to point out Monica Santos’ last 2 sentences.. she speaks with authority as if every conviction is right; it’s actually nonsense because 2014 was a bumper year for exonerations–exonerated after a corrupt prosecutor has stolen 30, maybe 40 years of their lives, the last one was only yesterday! Hundreds if not thousands of innocent people languishing in prison right at this moment, Are innocent, not just think they are.
    I find it astounding how many people who live in the US, know this, but prefer to speak as if their justice system is fair. Quite disgusting.

    1. It’s not always a corrupt prosecutor. Many convictions that are overturned are honest mistakes, lying witnesses, set-ups, and a host of other factors.

      Most exonerations happening now were from trials in the 80’s and 90’s. I think standards are higher now, and scientific evidence is much more conclusive.

      I believe the US Justice system is one of the best in the world. although we do incarcerate too many people and for too long for non-violent offenses, and some of the laws of some states are really off the wall.

      Not everyone exonerated is innocent, it just means they could not be found guilty in a court of law. If you ask most convicts, they’ll tell you they’re innocent. It’s true there are lots of exonerations.

      This is why I object to Juan Martinez wanting to use the cat squeezing incident. He wants to use it not because it’s crucial evidence in the case, but because he knows it will stir up the jury emotionally. I am really against this kind of tactic.

      Really I think there are more crazy and violent people, percentage wise, in the UK than in the US. I believe that there is just more secrecy and control of information in the UK and other countries.

  11. ”I believe the US Jusiice system is one of the best in the world. although we do incarcerate too many people and for too long for non-violent offenses, and some of the laws of some states are really off the wall. ”
    A bit of a glaring contradiction if ever there was one! Hard walking down the middle road, Rob.

    I really like this one: ”Not everyone exonerated is innocent, it just means they could not be found guilty in a court of law”

    They obviously Were innocent or why would they be exonerated? And 30-40 years later. First thing the US does is find people guilty and if they can’t, they build a case to Make them guilty. And when this is found out some 40 years later after the State has stolen their lives, be it by a corrupt prosecutor, Judge, ME or lead detective, they let people stay in prison, they’re in no hurry to let them out because it pays them to keep them there! Hell, they even want to re-try them!

    The US mixes their justice system with politics, and while this continues to happen, nothing will change, innocent people will continue to lose the whole of their lives through corruption. So, Rob, how on earth Can you believe the US justice system is one of the best in the world?

    The truth is, most convicts ARE innocent.

    The US loves to over-charge defendants, the players in the court get remembered when it’s time to vote.

    ”Many convictions that are overturned are honest mistakes, lying witnesses, set-ups, and a host of other factors.”

    A host of other factors, such as corrupt prosecutors and detectives? Was that really so difficult to say, Rob?
    And.. honest mistakes? Did you Really say honest? Like your sense of humour, , though thousands wouldn’t, talking about all the innocent people locked up in solitary confinement for years upon years. lol
    Always in Republican States. $$$$ matter. People don’t.

  12. Okay, Heather, I have to object to your comment as beyond the scope of this dialogue. Let’s just stick with Arizona for now, shall we? There have been some wrongful convictions in Arizona for a number of reasons we have discussed in this blog (What’s Going On in Arizona, Maricopa?)

    This is the United States, and some states have different modes of prosecution. Arizona is one state that actively makes use of the Death Penalty at every opportunity. The jury can ask questions, and if a death sentence decision ends in a mistrial, Arizona gets another bite at the apple, as we are seeing in the Arias trial.

    Florida has repressive mandatory minimum sentences and three strikes laws (10- 20 -life) as well as sentencing 20 years for each and every crime committed with a firearm. As a result, Marissa Alexander was sentenced to 20 years simply for discharging a firearm in her own home to protect herself from an abusive ex who claimed “I put my hands on all my baby mommas except one”.

    After a successful appeal, the State of Florida then threatened to imprison Marissa Alexander for 60 years, forcing her to plea to 3 years. In Florida, 19 year-old Quartavius Davis got sentenced to 162 years with no possibility of parole for a series of robberies in which nobody was hurt and only a dog was shot at.

    DNA exonerations are one thing, but not all exonerations = innocence. Some may have been guilty people but there wasn’t enough evidence to convict or it was a profoundly unfair trial. This is why we say it is better to let one hundred guilty persons go free than to let one innocent person die in prison.

    We do have a problem with too long sentences for people with non-violent charges, such as drug charges. Hillary Clinton recently acknowledged that we need reforms in this area. Most people that are convicted are guilty as charged. Exonerations are a very small percentage.

    Let’s stick to just the criminal justice system. I have looked at many of the cases of people in Arizona and other states who are on Death Row, and I’m satisfied that the overwhelming majority are guilty as charged. That’s not to say I support the Death Penalty, I don’t.

    Many trials are televised in the United States, and the overwhelming majority of guilty verdicts are correct decisions in fair trials, imo. The appeals process is lengthy and courts are very reluctant to undo the decisions of juries. I’m not sure how the appeals system works in your country, but in other countries, the State can appeal decisions such as acquittals and lesser charges, while in the U.S. the State cannot.

    “Most convicts are innocent?” Surely you Jest!

    1. ”This is why we say it is better to let one hundred guilty persons go free than to let one innocent person die in prison. ”

      Good words, Rob, but that’s all they are, IMO; in practice they’re about as far from reality as they can get. This makes it sound as if they give a damn; I don’t think they do in any DP State, this is surely evidenced in all the exonerations.

      I was referring to all DP States, which includes AZ–we’re discussing a murder case that could result in the death penalty, are we not?

      You have given examples of drug cases when speaking about exonerations, I was speaking about murder convictions, and there was a bumper amount of exonerations in 2014.

      ”Many trials are televised in the United States, and the overwhelming majority of guilty verdicts are correct decisions in fair trials, imo. The appeals process is lengthy and courts are very reluctant to undo the decisions of juries.”

      Rob, if the majority are guilty and they were fair trials, why are people saying the US judicial system must change?

      AZ and other DP States are Republican, and IMO that is the reason why the Appeals Courts are ”reluctant” to undo the decisions of juries–going through the process costs money, which to them is far more important than whether a decision to imprison someone is correct and just–hence the amount of innocent people in prison.

      1. There have been 25 exonerations from death row in Florida, 20 in Illinois and 8 in Arizona, so you’re right about that, and that’s scary.

        When I’m talking about exonerations, I’m talking about murder cases, not drug cases. I don’t know where you got that idea.

        Roughly 10,000 people have been sentenced to death in the USA since the death penalty was reinstated after Furman v. Georgia in 1972. There have been roughly 150 exonerations in that time.

        Now, I am talking about Felony convictions (all types of felonies). In the USA, there are roughly 1,000,000 (1 million) felony convictions each year. The error rate for ALL FELONIES as well as murder convictions and death row convictions is estimated at 4.1%. That’s too high, but that means that almost 96% of convictions are correctly decided. What are the numbers for the United Kingdom, or does your government hide these numbers from you like they hide and censor so much of your information?

        Now here’s the kicker, Heather. 2014 was a record year for exonerations, you are correct. There were 125 exonerations in 2014, and 38 of those were exonerations for murder. Keep in mind that these weren’t decided by juries in 2014, but an average of 10 years before (anywhere from 1 to 30 years before).

        Now, the question is WHY was there a record number of exonerations in 2014? The answer is PROSECUTORS. Prosecutors took the initiative in the last few years and more and more each year, to go back over cases to make sure they were correctly decided. This is because of all the exonerations there have been since Barry Scheck started the Innocence project after the OJ Simpson trial.

        This is the beauty of America. We make mistakes, but we always strive to improve the system and correct our shortcomings. Yet if I fly over to London and hypothetically smash someone’s head in with a concrete block or a sledgehammer, I know I’m out in 10 years. Yes or No? Thank God for such bands as the Beatles, the Stones, The Ramones, Peter Gabriel, and the Clash, or I wouldn’t really like you Limeys at all. LOL

      2. And I will supplement my answer with some lyrics from a song I love:

        The Guns of Brixton
        Song by The Clash

        When they kick at your front door
        How you gonna come?
        With your hands on your head
        Or on the trigger of your gun

        When the law break in
        How you gonna go?
        Shot down on the pavement
        Or waiting on death row

        You can crush us
        You can bruise us
        But you’ll have to answer to
        Oh, the guns of Brixton

        The money feels good
        And your life you like it well
        But surely your time will come
        As in heaven, as in hell

        You see, he feels like Ivan
        Born under the Brixton sun
        His game is called survivin’
        At the end of the harder they come

        You know it means no mercy
        They caught him with a gun
        No need for the Black Maria
        Goodbye to the Brixton sun

        You can crush us
        You can bruise us
        Yes, even shoot us
        But oh-the guns of Brixton

        When they kick at your front door
        How you gonna come?

    2. Response to your reply to my first comment:

      ”I define “Haters” as ill-informed people who have made their decisions about Jodi Arias without looking at all the information and evidence. On top of that, they love to dehumanize and shower out of proportion hatred towards Jodi Arias as if she’s the worst thing in the annals of crime and as if Travis Alexander was the only victim ever of domestic violence”

      So do I, Rob. So do I.

      ”The first are obstinate, combative and mean-spirited. Rather than getting people to take another look at the facts, the warriors drive people away by the boat load with their rancor. You are one of those people and SJ is another. ”

      Oh really? Well if you mean I give such people (haters), what they ask for in response to their VILE insults and foul rhetoric, then I take objection to that. I can’t match their hate and vileness, but as you seem to think I should take their abuse, then in the same token maybe you think Travis was right in his abuse of Jodi?

      1. Unfortunately Heather, way back in the beginning of this case it was you who chose to be vile, nasty and foul when we all just started debating this case. Instead of being part of decent conversation you were combative and immediately cried “haters” to anyone who disagreed with your take on Arias and the trial and evidence and testimony. Just like you are doing now, with Rob. What you call abuse, is just getting back what you have given in the past year and half or so. and I will beat you to the punch, Heather. Yes. I am vile and nasty o you in that other place, because back in the beginning, when I was part of the conversation, with you there, it was you who decided to be the nasty one, with nasty, vile things said to everyone.

      2. Now, that’s a really tangible question. Jason doesn’t fight back and neither does George Barwood, and they get run right over again and again. SJ and you are fighters and you dish it right back out. I go by the middle way. I don’t sit and take it. If I get trolled or spammed or attacked, I’ll fight back.

        But I always try to take the high road and engage in civil conversation if I can. This way, I found out something magical. OTHER people have DIFFERENT views than me, and they can think just like I can think. They’re entitled to their opinions and they deserve respect fort theor opinions. If we treat people with respect, we may be able to influence their thought a little and they may be able to influence us, too.

        I don’t make friends based on what their opinions are in one murder case, I make friends based on whether I like the person. If I like the person, I will listen to their opinions. Discussing and debating the cases with people, I have challenged their beliefs and opinions and they have challenged mine. As a result, maybe they have changed a little. My beliefs abd opinions have certainly changed in this murder case, as I have discovered new facts and made new realizations.

  13. Rob, If you go to the Examiner you will see I have said what I thought about the trial of Jodi Arias, explaining things, you will also see the insults and vile comments I had in reply from the haters on there, this completely shreds what you accuse me of doing.
    They don’t like my responses to their vile and hateful rhetoric, naturally, but they asked for them, so they can’t complain, but they do with even worse abuse, and Christine Beswick encourages it, she’s almost as bad as they are. There was just one person who I had several discussions with, he didn’t insult me even though he supported the prosecution.

    1. See above, Heather, for the reason why I, and others treat you that way. No one wants to have a conversation about this trial with you, because of who you are.

      1. No, Linda, I don’t. This is just an excuse for you to justify insulting me, I know this and so do you.
        When I post explaining how and why, etc., I do so because I’m being sincere, because I care; the responses I get are vile from everyone, including you, Linda. You have 2 faces, just like the others, so you Do know what you’re doing, it’s deliberate. You ask for an unfavourable response (I’m generous that way, Linda, I give what people ask for), and that’s your cue to enjoy throwing even worse insults. You fool Rob but you don’t fool anyone else I know, and why? Because you’re all the same, everyone knows you and others like you aren’t happy unless you’re being vile and hateful, and when you and others insult me with your nasty rhetoric, this is what you come out with–because of who *I* AM?
        Make no mistake, I am No match for yours and others’ nastiness, which of course is why you all see me as a soft target to bully, yes, Linda, BULLY. I post from my heart and you respond from the gutter–sorry if this description of you is unpalatable, but since you have asked for it many times, I feel it only fitting to tell you now, for as I said, Linda, I’m a generous person, I like to give people what they ask for.

      2. Unbelievably, you and others like you and Rob, think I should treat you respectfully when you and others like you have all been deliberately disrespectful and wantonly abusive to me.
        If you want respect then you have to give it First, you cannot expect to be abusive and be thanked for it. But you do. You act like delinquent children and expect to be shown RESPECT?
        This is obviously something you have never been taught and high time you learnt.

    2. You’re right there. But there are far more READERS than there are COMMENTERS. Most commenters have there own personal agenda. Keep in mind when you make comments, that there are many more readers than commenters, and the reader-non commenters are usually the sane people.

  14. ”If you would stop your one-woman crusade for a moment and actually communicate respectfully with these people, you would find they are well-informed and have come to their own conclusions. They have every right to do this and every right to voice their opinions.”

    O M G. If I Would communicate respectfully??? They can be as abusive as hell, right, Rob? And since When have you found haters to be well-informed? They Choose Not to be well-informed and the only conclusion they Choose to come to, is one of pure hate! They deliberately embellish everything and twist it, I’m surprised you haven’t reached that conclusion yourself. DO they have every Right to hurl insults and abuse for no reason, Rob? (They call it voicing their own opinions, too) They Could respond with discussion, but being abusive is far more fun to them.

    1. You are completely wrong Heather. Those who believe she is guilty as charged and agree with the conviction, you always want to call “haters”. Could you be called a “hater” (of justice) because while you believe everything Jodi has said or her “experts” have said, or Marc McGee has said wile most believe everything the above have said “embellish” everything and twist everything?

  15. Rob, what a very good article. While I don’t agree with Arias being mentally ill, it was a great read.

    I do agree, however, that the death penalty should be for the worst of the worst. Unfortunately for Jodi M1, Pre-Meditated murder in AZ–the punishment could be the DP. She said it was “self-defense”. And the state put on their case that it was not. and the jury agreed. As do I. If it was anything other than self-defense, for example, a crime of passion, then she should not have tried to “save face” by saying it was self-defense.

    1. Cate: You are very well aware of Jodi’s high I.Q. and you think Jodi would plan a murder knowing she would be in a DP State. Furthermore, you have said she isn’t mentally ill, so you can’t use that as a reason. Why would anyone normal and of higher than average intelligence do this? And please don’t bring out the jealous card, she wasn’t that. either, (besides, that’s an old one now, been so over-used it’s laughable.)

      The whole concept is totally absurd.

      1. And it’s Linda not Cate. You’re all the same, so it should be understandable I could make this error. Just something else you can screenshot and poke fun at, because that’s what nice people like you, do, you love to brag and tell me about it.

    2. ”And the state put on their case that it was not. and the jury agreed. ” Oh well that makes them right, then, Linda

      Tell that to all the hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people sitting in prison right now who have been wrongfully convicted? And the State put on their case. Juries convicted THEM.

      How come you’re an American and believe corruption doesn’t exist?

      1. Btw, Linda, please tell me why jurors, (and people like you) always believe the State, the police and every State witness in DP cases? Because they Do.
        Proof of this is the amount of innocent people in prison today and all the exonerations. .

        Jurors automatically believe the State, they believe the State wouldn’t lie, wouldn’t be corrupt, that thought wouldn’t enter their heads..

  16. Oh, and lastly, they do screenshots of not only me, but others to, to laugh at and mock, and yes, after 2 years of not losing it with them, I finally did, on Jeff Brasfield’s page. They posted a photo of me without my consent (obviously), and the stuff they said to me was extreme, and so I told them they were scum, yes, I hold my hand up to that, and they are, but that is Nothing in comparison with the abuse I received from all of them, they think it fine to abuse me, and when I retaliated you should have seen the comments, as if they never deserved it at all– how Dare I speak to them like that–how Rude!
    Now they have posted another photo of me, I told them to remove it, but of course they won’t, and I can’t see Christine Beswick removing it, she loves the nasty remarks from them.
    And you agree with these ‘people’ ? By what you have written I can only conclude that you do.

    1. I do have to agree with you Heather. I do no condone anyone’s personla info, pictures, real names, addresses, places of work etc, on either “side” be pulled out and posted somewhere else. It is wrong. Most choose not to use their real names, like I don’t, just for that reason.

  17. I don’t think the death penalty for exactly this type of situation is as unusual as I keep hearing from commentators– There are numerous listed who killed spouses, while a number are for deaths of children or multiple deaths, the heinous nature of this crime, along with the continual besmirching her victims character may well lead her to death row.
    As juror 3 who was dismissed has commented, she wanted to hear remorse from Jodi and did not,she was not interested in Travis bashing.
    This jury is not there to consider guilt or innocence and her defense team presented little as to why Jodi’s life was worth saving. She will allocute about she wishes to live for her “family” of which there seem to be quite a few but I am sure that the jury is going to wonder why none spoke on her behalf.

    As for her “mental illness”, there is none, she is that manipulating. Her letters and even journals are obviously meant for the police to read and mislead investigators. She simply overestimated how clever she was and underestimated the evidence. Her constant claims of Travis being a pedophile while she continued to sleep with him fell flat and I am sure alienated and angered jurors. Again, they are there to judge Jodi, not the victim. Her claims of abuse were disbelieved by the first jury and the more that her witnesses are shown to be liars or biased the easier it will be for her to sentenced to death.
    Her defense team is faiing miserably in their job to steer Jodi towards defending herself and preparing her for prison which is coming in whatever form.

    As for eventual appeals, again you are correct in “unicorn/rainbow” believers leading her astray Look at AZ appeals and she has little chance of having her verdict of being overturned.

    I think she has very few real supporters, most seem to have attached themselves to her either for a cause,ie anti-death penalty or for monetary gain. Once she is sentenced and no longer newsworthy they will desert her and be on to the next

    1. Dlg, thanks for your comments. Yes, a death sentence under these facts is very unusual. Isiah Patterson is the only one on Arizona’s Death Row under facts similar to the Arias case. He chased his wife out of the apartment and stabbed her to death near a playground in front of witnesses. He remarked “That’s what you get for trying to turn a whore into a housewife” as he calmly walked back into the apartment.

      Many women on death row are their for murdering their children, but that’s the murder of a child – a death penalty aggravator/circumstance common to all death penalty states. Most partner/ex/spouse murders receiving death sentences have another aggravator involved, such as murder for hire or murder for money. If you find anyone on death row for a first offense murder of a partner/ex/spouse with no other aggravators, please let me know.

      People like to give Scott Peterson in California or Wendi Andriano in Arizona, but Scott killed two helpless people, his 8 month pregnant wife Laci, and his unborn child. Wendi Andriano methodically poisoned and then beat and stabbed to death her husband Joe, who was already terminally ill and unable to defend himself. There was also a money motive.

      I agree the jury will want to see some serious remorse, and there is only the allocution left to do it in. I believe Jodi has expressed remorse, but she’s incapable of expressing it in a way the jury can accept, imo. I really do believe she is mentally ill and severely so, maybe I will need to do on article on why I believe this. I think if she is just malevolent and manipulating, why not show a dramatic remorse. Again, I think because of her mental illness, she will not be able to show it.

      I agree the Defense team is taking a large risk, I fully expected them to put up the mitigation witnesses this time. She doesn’t have that long bonding time of the too long 18 days she had last time, which I think was crucial to her not getting the DP the first time.

      1. If you look through the list, there are several that are similar while most are murders of children,multiples or for financial gain, Jodi is hardly unique. This case is similar , other than involving her lover. It would not fit the criteria that you state that most death penalty cases do but she is scheduled for execution on the 28th of this month in Georgia.
        Eric Holder has called for a halt of executions while more studies are done so this neverending trial may be a moot process. I think you would find that many are not as interested in her actual execution as in having her live in death row conditions. No one wants her to have endless appeals paid for by taxpayers, to continue to drag Travis through the mud while his family is never allowed to heal. If there was an option of natural life on death row, most would be in favor of it. I have seen many hope for life thinking she will be beaten or killed by other inmates. However, if you believe in her ability to manipulate as so many of us do, you realize she will thrive in general population. She has always adapted and as DeMarte testified to, has a chameleon like tendency to mimic behaviors. Those who keep yapping about appeals are again misleading her if they prepare her for anything but years alone and forgotten. Michael Keifer’s series on prosecutor complaints show that even when a higher court reprimands, it seldom rises to a level of reversible error. The outcry over a “witch hunt” is also ridiculous when you have Jodi herself giving an interview while the jury is deliberating ! She truly was her own worst enemy in the beginning. It is amazing to me to see how many deliberately are leading not only her but themselves astray

    2. ”As for her “mental illness”, there is none, she is that manipulating”

      A Strong Statement without a scrap of foundation. How are you qualified to say this? You’re not. I view this as a need to see her this way, for reasons only known to you.

  18. Heather I remeber long ago on Ocuppy HLN during and after the original trial when you were very sweet. You aren’t going to change people’s opinions too much. You have to learn to laugh at most of it and pick your fights. Honey and vinegar, dontcha know?

    1. And whilst I am the same sweet woman, you think I should laugh when others abuse me, and in the most foul way.
      I have tried it ALL over the years–nothing works, nothing works because they abuse for their own warped enjoyment. I am not going to take it and say nothing, like you and they think I should.
      I don’t even have to say anything at all– they go to everywhere they can find and put what are now 2 photographs of me up for people to laugh at and mock, purely for their warped enjoyment, it’s nothing short of sick, it’s harassment, and they see no wrong in that? Well of course they do.
      What they don’t see is what others see, that only someone mentally sick would do such a thing, and you think I should laugh at it. These photos were NOT on my FB page, their sick minds went to Google to see what dirt they could find about me, and sure enough they read I’d been burgled and wanted a security gate having been burgled 3 times, and better still, found a not very flattering photo of me and thought they’d hit the jack pot. I am now called a Gate whore. People are judged by who their friends are, Rob.

      NO one who supports Jodi would dream of doing such a thing, to anyone, this is how low down these people are–from the gutter.

      1. NO one who supports Jodi would dream of doing such a thing, to anyone, this is how low down these people are–from the gutter.

        I MUST disagree with this statement. Just go onto JAII and see people in this case that are stalked, mocked and ridiculed. That’s on the main page that anyone can read. G-d knows what goes on on the Vent pages, but you can bet it’s 1,000 worse. To think otherwise is just foolish.

  19. Well I have to say that Heather Soper has not made many friends since she first sprang onto the scene. The first time I ever noticed her commenting she just started calling everyone who believed in Jodi’s guilt stupid and sheep and what ever she could think of.

    It was kind of like sitting in a coffee shop having a civilized discussion with a group of people and then having some one run into the shop yelling obscenities at the entire group. At first all you can do is stare in shock but after a few minutes some people might want to try to have some fun with this seemingly crazy person. Others might get upset at being insulted for having a different opinion and will start yelling obscenities right back at her. Which is exactly what happened.

    When you don’t even believe that Jodi killed Travis despite the overwhelming evidence and her own admission what does that say about you?

    When you rather make up asinine theories about conspiracies and group orgies that involve animals at the time and place of the murder, most people are going to think there’s something mentally wrong with you.

    When you talk about this thirty something year old murderer that you don’t even know, as if she’s a child that you want to spoil and live with if she ever gets out, that’s just creepy.

    When the murderer’s own parents say they suspected her of having killed Travis right off the bat and said she’s weird and had mental problems that’s a big red flag.

    I read everything I could find on this case before it even went to trial. It was very clear to me that jodi was guilty of murder. I didn’t have to wait till the end of the trial and I certainly didn’t need the media to tell me that.

    She was jealous and obsessed and all the REAL evidence proves it. I can’t understand how some people rather believe that dozens of people are lying to frame Jodi but everything Jodi says is sacred.

    1. I remeber Heather Soper on during and right after the original trial and she was very sweet. She’s actually a really nice person. There’s just something about this case that makes people get a little wild. More research (like you have done) and more actually talking to people who do not agree with her would work wonders.

      It’s really ok if people do not believe the same stuff we do, the things we have in common far outweigh any differences we have on any particular issue 🙂

      1. Like abuse, eh, Rob? Yes, it’s a smiling matter, it’s really ok to abuse 🙂

        She is not short of enjoying talking about me with other people who don’t agree with me, I can assure you, well, you would know, wouldn’t you, Rob.

    2. ”I read everything I could find on this case before it even went to trial”

      (and that was when I made up my mind and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt she was as guilty as sin, I didn’t need evidence, what I read did it for me.)

      Have you Any idea how you sound, how you come across to others?

    3. So come on, Monica, when there is no evidence of premeditated murder, you be the very first person in 2 whole Years to tell me. No red-herrings, mind, I find them far to indigestible. Now you have your chance. Are you brave enough?

      As you didn’t need evidence to find her as guilty as sin Before the trial ( the same as I’m betting the jurors did), I can’t wait for you to tell me!

      And thank you for all the kind words you so enjoyed saying about me, and of course about Jodi and her family too, of course You wouldn’t dream of being abusive,, would you, that goes without saying.

      You, like all the rest of your clones fully expect me not to say anything back to you when you abuse me; how very rude of me to do so!

      (and calling you stupid is mild compared to what comes out of your mouth.)

      See further comments to you (below)

  20. ”That letter is bad news. She just could not stand to lose this relationship, and it’s pathological, for sure”

    Rob, for You to say this? I’m almost lost for words, except to say you KNOW this isn’t true,
    You know darned well it was Jodi who ended the relationship, you Know she was on a Mormon dating site, you Know she came to the realisation that TA was Not the man for her. And you KNOW she moved back to CA. You also KNOW TA kept calling her. What you seem to be saying without actually using the words, is exactly what the haters say–that she murdered him out of jealousy. To say This you must also think that she was rightfully convicted. Shame on you. Yes, you Have changed, changed for the worst. Saying this Proves you do NOT support Jodi, you absolutely don’t.

    See what happens when you mix with them? You become like them.

    1. I’ve never understood why you seem so full of hatred. I’ve seen people excuse your behavior as being passionate or emotional, yet those people (and you) do not excuse the same behavior with Travis Alexander’s hateful words to Jodi Arias. Why is that? Hate is hate, whether you wrap it up in a bow or feel it is somehow justified. It is never justified. Ever.

      1. Kitz Lynn, if you want to see me that way, I can’t stop you, it’s how you choose to see me because it suits you to do so.
        You must think I enjoy seeing abusive and hateful comments that are aimed at me because I support Jodi Arias–tell me they’re not asking for a passionate response? And when I respond with a passion borne out of frustration, it gives people like you carte blanche to spew more insults–and I’M to blame and called hateful…. ….!!??

        To turn it on it’s head, what you have written is quite comical really, sad, but comical!

        You think I should excuse Travis’ abuse of Jodi, excuse the hateful, demeaning things he said to her and then use her body for sex? Yes, you Do, don’t you.

        None of you see Travis as abusive, and why? because you’re all like him, so you wouldn’t :/

  21. Firstly, I would just like to point out that the letter supposedly written by Jodi Arias is quite clearly either
    1. written by someone who is typing up Jodi’s handwritten letter and that typist can’t spell for nuts – in which case it is a disgraceful thing for this letter to have made it to court. OR

    1. Hi Pamela. No, we have the original hand-written letter included in the article. You’re write. the typed one appearing in Court Chatter etc. had mistakes and misspellings.

  22. No editing facility on here, none that I can find anyway, and a damned nuisance I have to say. Continuing. I did not mean to end the letter there and I cannot go back and fix it.

    2. Jodi Arias was not of sound mind when she wrote it.
    As a writer, I have studied many of Jodi’s letters displayed on line and I have in fact received one letter from her. Let me say most emphatically that Jodi is a very good writer in the normal scheme of things in that she spells quite competently. She rarely makes a mistake, and it would not be evident to many readers if she did.

    I am a writer, so I guess I pick things up more than the vast majority of people. I do know the difference between the English spelling as it appears in the Oxford dictionary ( which I use) and the changes made by Americans as they appear in their dictionary, the Websters. So, I am not seeing mistakes where there are none. In all the time I have been reading Jodi’s letters, I have come across only one or at the most two misspellings. Yet there are countless in this one letter alone! And nobody has seen fit to address this issue, or are even cognizant of it?

    The spelling and the gross misuse of words in that letter written by Jodi is absolutely astounding! In fact, if I didn’t know better, I would say Jodi did not write that letter at all! I don’t have it right here in front of me, but I have just read it and could not believe my eyes!

    The person writing this letter is clearly not the Jodi who is clear and concise and able to express herself more than adequately. The writer of that letter is not at all Jodi Arias. If those spelling mistakes and misuse of simple words are the work of Jodi Arias we must draw the inescapable conclusion that she was seriously mentally ill at the time she wrote that letter. As far as I am concerned, that mental illness would extend to grounds for her to have been declared not guilty by virtue of temporary insanity.
    If that letter was truly written in its present form by Jodi Arias then the defence team ought to be given a swift kick in the behind for their failure to defend her adequately. A girl this ill, should never have been allowed to plead self-defence.

    Given that she uses the “ninja story” as an excuse in this letter, I have to say that I find it impossible to know if she was at that stage deluding herself as well as trying to delude the Alexanders. If the dreadful writing so atypical of Jodi Arias is anything to go by, there is indeed a high possibility that she is in a state of severe disassociation. As you are not qualified in this area Rob, it does not enhance your reputation to come down hard on Jodi Arias without knowing the extent of her mental illness. I do have a vast amount of experience with the severely mentally ill, and I recognize the clear signals and signposts to it in this letter.

    From my seat on this side of the Pacific, I have never seen such a disgusting display from start to finish of so-called justice at work. Those of us in Australia who are intelligent and well-informed would be ashamed if such a sham of a trial had been held in our country. We are appalled that the United States sees fit to snub its nose at the repeated calls for the abolition of the Death Penalty from the United Nations. To continue with the practice, in the face of a loud and clear voice of protest in the form of refusal of overseas countries to supply the drugs used to kill people in this archaic and draconian manner, is sheer bloody arrogance and narrow-mindedness, not worthy of a first world country.

    You have nothing to crow about Rob Roman. Your country does not have the best legal and penal system in the world. It has the WORST among the developed countries. There is no doubt about that. THAT is why your trial in Arizona of Jodi Arias has drawn attention from around the world: that fact, and that alone. We are disgusted at your legal and penal system and also at your failure to abolish the Death Penalty. This in spite of having possibly the greatest President you have ever had to date. He did say in his recent address – State of the Nation – that he intended to reform the criminal justice system. Clearly he knows that it is a shambles and an embarrassment. Not before time will something be done about it.

    Certainly we feel you should all be ashamed of yourselves for letting it go on this long. And as for telling Heather Soper that the UK has more problems than the USA , now that is a joke. You are just shooting your mouth off, and you know it. Where are your statistics to back up your claim? Oh, that’s right, you don’t have any. Of course, the UK lies and hides theirs under the carpet while the USA has transparency. That’s a childish assertion and a very convenient one, Rob. I actually thought better of you. Seems I did not know you at all. When you have got rid of your guns so that your children are not being killed by psychopaths, when you have cleaned up your penal and legal system, when your criminal justice system has been reformed, when you have abolished the Death Penalty, then you can hold your head up. Until then, kindly hang it in shame. And remember, we won’t be letting up on your until you do conform to the rules of a civilized and just society.

    1. Pamela, I agree with a lot of what you said. I have a site called where I have articles talking about our toxic culture, children who murder, deadly high-tech bullying, the Sandy Hook shooting, the Death Penalty, irresponsible gun owners, our Nanny state, and religious fundamentalism. I prefer criticism of the United States to come from within, so to speak.

      I was joking about the British bands and that being the only thing I like about the UK. I do feel it’s true that they have more violent and crazy people, per capita, than we do. It’s also true they are less transparent. If not, please give me the stats!

      I’m happy for all my Chinese friends who are now living in Australia, the UK or Canada, as they are safer there as there have been a number of Chinese students in America who have been murdered by guns and that’s always something they ask about. I’m happy to report that my friends Amanda Chen and Nian Nian Liu have had wonderful experiences living in the USA.

      In China, often it’s less than a year between an arrest, a trial, appeals, and execution. Many people trusted me and even members of the Communist party have taken me aside and criticized their government, though it’s dangerous to do so.

      We have a link to the original letter, and you’re right. Jodi rarely makes spelling mistakes and she has a definite style that’s recognizable. The typed letter, I was also highly skeptical of. The hand-written letter is the real thing.

      I’m sure the interview, the “manifesto”, and the letter to the family were all products of dissociation. She’s not being deliberately vindictive, imo, she’s just laying out what she knows minus the ninja story. She may not realize how it comes across as she’s discussing how TA is cruel, beats her, cheats on her, etc. to the family who has just suffered a horrific loss, and she does tend to run her mouth.

      As for the trial, I agree that it’s a National embarrassment. I have never seen such a disgusting spectacle before in a US courtroom, and I hope I don’t again. However, it was good for us to see what goes on in Arizona and especially Maricopa, and it ain’t good, as I discuss in the blog.

      Do you know that the Arizona legislature recently passed a law allowing business owners to refuse to serve gays? It was vetoed by the Governor, but in the same year they cut funds for food and education for poor children.

      As for guns, we are kind of stuck with our gun culture, for good or ill. It’s amazing that any Cleetus, Jezabell or Jethro can go to Walmart and get a machine that can so easily take a life, no questions asked, but there you have it.

      We do have millions of responsible gun owners, however.

      As for the Death Penalty, thank God for the Western democracies who have made it so difficult to get the lethal injection drugs. I applaud you. Unfortunately, until the Federal Government stops using the DP, there’s little chance that certain states will follow. International terror by religious fundamentalists are what has prevented a lot of progress in our very slow road to finally abolish the Death Penalty in the U.S.

      Of course your natural borders make it much easier for you to control your immigration. We have a long ways to go on that front also.

      The penal system is what Obama and Clinton were talking about reforming. The justice system is one of the best in the world. It’s amazing that states like Florida have so many laws that clearly violate our Constitution but there you go.

      Great comments, Pamela, I appreciate your eloquent thoughts and I value you as a friend. I know Amanda does, too.

      1. “You’re right.” It should have been Rob. I still can’t find the handwritten article here. I have been right down through the article looking for the letter within it. I am damned if I can find it. I must have read the one I did read over on Court Chatter. If they stuffed it up, how dare they then present it to the public as “Jodi’s letter?”

      2. I find the unsubstantiated accusations and trashing of the victim of murder to be the spectacle in all of this. And the retrial on the penalty. When the first jury could not decide on the the penalty it should have just gone to LWOP or to the judge. I agree that the DP should be abolished. It is not a deterrent to murder.

  23. Really great article Rob. I really hadn’t thought about all of the issues you brought forth in your article so thank you for taking the time to put this together. I know it has made me think differently about a few things. Well done! I’m looking forward to future articles!

    1. Thanks Kitz. Our modus operandi has been not to immediately write a shallow article after something happens. We try to digest what others say and what trial watchers on oth sides say. Then we do an in-depth article. It makes us different, I think.

  24. After Jodi was arrested, weeks later, they took her Mugshot. I can prove, with a photograph, that she had the remnants of a black eye, her eye is bruised, going a yellowish colour like black eyes do when they are healing.

    As she went to see Ryan Burns, why didn’t he notice it and report this? Could it be because of his friends and work colleagues at the LDS and reporting Jodi had a black eye would lend credence to Self-Defence, or even her story of intruders?

    I’d lay money on it.

    1. Continued because there’s no edit. You all remember she asked for make-up?
      Jodi, even though she had no choice but to kill him, still loved him and I’m sure she was in denial and protecting him at that point.

  25. Very thought provoking article Rob and Amanda. I agree with you regarding the letter to the family. It was self serving and nothing more. No thoughts or feeling towards the family of the victim having to read all that nonsense.
    I am also of the belief that Jodi Arias has other disorders not found yet. An in depth interview and report would make the most fascinating reading imo. I hope it happens. It won’t help her case in any way, as she clearly knows right from wrong in the legal sense, I would just like it done to build a better picture of the person convicted of Murder 1.
    Before anyone asks, I am not in favour of the death penalty for Jodi Arias, I think she should get LWOP, I have however spoke to other people that was in the same mind set as me, and having read that letter, and seen the defense team antics during this penalty re-trial, they have stated that they have changed their minds and now wish for the death penalty. (They are just a few, but I wondered how many others have changed their minds. I have not changed my mind however).
    In regards to the Marc McGee affidavit, that ball should land in the lap of MDLR. Nurmi and Wilmott made in very clear that the affidavits were all her work, and she really should have done her homework before presenting them into this part of the trial. Martinez all but rip that one up into tiny pieces.
    I think that’s all I wanted to say at this point, thank you, but before anyone jumps all over my post – just remember…..

    I am not at home to Mrs. Rude.

    1. We appreciate your comments, Debbie. It’s not the letter I imagined it would be. I thought it would be th Ninja story and maybe some nice thoughts about memories with Travis. I was surprised by the negative comments about the deceased. I just think she did not have insight into the effect that letter would have due to her state of mind at that time. I have heard that the letter did change some people’s minds and that’s what worries me to have that letter sitting in the jury room for deliberations.

      What we are seeing in the penalty phase, I believe, is incomplete testimony, as most of the mitigation witnesses will not be heard from. Once again, the majority of Maria’s work never made it into the trial. Needless to say, McGee’s testimony without anything further to back it up does more harm than good.

      No one will jump all over your post. We don’t play that here! 🙂

      1. Debby, I have banned Heather from the comments. Sorry, I apologize for her. I think everyone got an idea about why they do not want to engage with her and why she is not helping her cause.

    1. I think these are worthy points that people should take a close look at. As for the 6th Ammendment right to a speedy trial, Jodi Arias voluntarily gave up that right. 4 years from arrest to trial is par for the course ina MAricopa Capital murder trial. Itwas about the same amount of time for Marissa DeVault’s case to come to trial as well as Wendi Andriano’s case to come to trial. Few defense attorneys are going to rush into a Capital murder trial, it’s too risky.

  26. I can’t believe anyone is trying to say that Jodi Arias was a domestic abuse “survivor”. Um, Hey, idiots… how many victims drive 400 miles, one way, to go get abused??!!! You wanna know who was abused?? Travis Alexander! You guys are seriously sick and if you think Jodi is just a sweet lil girl, all innocent and victimized, I hope you get to spend some quality time with her soon and find out what it feels like to be at the receiving end of her “love”.
    Travis certainly did.

    And honestly anyone that knows the FACTS of this case couldn’t possibly believe a word of what comes out of Jodi Arias’ lying mouth. The gas cans alone and the gas receipts prove w/o a shadow of a doubt that she PLANNED this murder. She is a narcissist who thought she was smart enough to get away with it. Thus the whole “I wasn’t there” then the “ninja” story. When she was backed into a corner by all the evidence she left by killing Travis, she tried the “I’m a victim” BS.

    Listen here. There really are women who HAVE NO CHOICE. I know of women who were beaten, raped, terrorized, who had NO WAY OUT. They had to kill their abuser. They had no choice.
    And then you have Jodi Arias. The woman that stole her grandfather’s gun, dyed her hair, went out of town for a rental car (not red! Don’t want to be noticed!) when there were plenty of rental companies in her vicinity, bought gas cans and borrowed gas cans to save money on gas (claiming gas was more expensive in Cali, yet ironically filling up IN CALIFORNIA), removed her license plate, put it back upside down, planned an alibi visit w/ boyfriend Ryan Burns… drove 400 miles ONE WAY to get to Travis, have sex with him one last time (I suspect to prove that she really and truly owned him; he was HERS) and then butchered him in cold blood.

    This woman is NOT A VICTIM. She gives REAL victims a bad name. The next time a woman kills her abuser, there will be less credibility given to her, BECAUSE of Jodi Arias and every woman that lies about abuse.

    Shame on her and shame on all of you.

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