Heroes, Zeros, and Geniuses in the Jodi Arias Case (Nov 10)

November Update:

Heroes, Zeros, and Geniuses in the Jodi Arias Case

Fact-based Reporting by

Amanda Chan and Rob Roman

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In anticipation of the upcoming Jodi Arias Murder Trial, 2nd Penalty Phase, we have started a new regular report called Heroes, Zeros, and Geniuses.

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 Here we mention some current updates and commentary about anything related to the case in the media and on social media.

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Hero #1

Michael Kieffer

A reporter at the Arizona newspaper, the Arizona Republic, Mr.Kieffer wrote a series of articles on prosecutorial misconduct in Arizona. Kieffer attended the Arias trial daily. One article was specifically about Juan Martinez.

“Martinez helped send seven other killers to death row since he was hired at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in 1988.

He was accused by defense attorneys of prosecutorial misconduct in all but one of those cases; the Arizona Supreme Court characterized his actions as constituting misconduct in one of them, and cited numerous instances of “improper” behavior in another, but neither rose to the level where the justices felt they needed to overturn the cases.

Allegations of misconduct by Martinez in the second case and at least two others are pending in state and federal courts.


Justice Michael Ryan then stepped into the discussion.

“Well, this prosecutor I recollect from several cases,” Ryan said. “This same prosecutor has been accused of fairly serious misconduct, but ultimately we decided it did not rise to the level of requiring a reversal,”

Ryan said. “There’s something about this prosecutor, Mr. Martinez.”

There had been multiple allegations of prosecutorial misconduct against Martinez in Gallardo’s appeal. Ultimately, in its written opinion, the court determined that Martinez had repeatedly made improper statements about the defendant.

During the oral argument before the Supreme Court, the justices fixed on a question that Martinez asked three times, even though the trial judge in the case had sustained a defense attorney’s objections to the question.

But in the end, the justices ruled that Martinez’s behavior still did not “suggest pervasive prosecutorial misconduct that deprived (the defendant) of a fair trial.”

And, as the justices noted, it was not the first time that Martinez had walked away unscathed.”


Attention is finally being raised about not only the highly questionable practices in Maricopa County and Arizona State, but also the specific bad acts of the Maricopa prosecutor, Juan Martinez.

Here are the other 3 articles in the series:




cpi logo

Hero #2

CPI (Center for Prosecutor Integrity)

In response to Kieffer’s article and other information, the Center for Prosecutor Integrity is asking Prosecutors nationwide to hold each other accountable for ethical conduct.

“WASHINGTON / November 6, 2013 – Following revelations that 22% of death sentence cases in Arizona involve judicial findings of impropriety, the Center for Prosecutor Integrity is calling on prosecutors nationwide to take a proactive approach to hold unethical prosecutors accountable and restore public confidence in the criminal justice system.

cptThe finding of widespread prosecutor misbehavior is based on a review of all death sentence convictions in Arizona in the past decade. These sentences are routinely seen by the state Supreme Court. Since 2002, there have been 82 death sentence cases reviewed by the state high court. In 18 of the cases – 22% of the total — the Supreme Court made a finding of impropriety.

Examples of unethical practice include presenting false testimony, resorting to emotional appeals in closing arguments, referring to mitigating evidence as “excuses “, and removing a jacket worn by a victim from a plastic evidence bag for the jury’s “smelling pleasure.””



The article also specifically mentioned the conduct of Maricopa prosecutor Juan Martinez in State v. Morris (2005).

Genius that he is, Juan responded colorfully to allegations that there was no proof in State v. Morris (2005) that the serial killer, Cory Morris, engaged in necrophilia with the 5 women he murdered and buried near his trailer.

In open court, he broke open a sealed bag containing a jacket worn by one of the victims and invited the jury to take a good whiff.

Hey Juan, the odor of decomposition on the clothes taken off a corpse yields no evidence whatever of whether or not the defendant engaged in necrophilia (had sex with a dead human body). This is typical of Juan Martinez’ conduct in death penalty trials.

This is the list that CPI offers as the most typical types of prosecutorial misconduct:

Types of Misconduct

Prosecutor misconduct can assume many forms, including:

heroes 3

  • Charging a suspect with more offenses than is warranted
  • Withholding or delaying the release of exculpatory evidence (State v. Arias – alleged)
  • Deliberately mishandling, mistreating, or destroying evidence (State v. Arias – alleged)
  • Allowing witnesses they know or should know are not truthful to testify (State v. Arias – Dr. Kevin Horn – alleged)
  •  Pressuring defense witnesses not to testify (State v. Arias – Patti Womack – alleged)
  • Relying on fraudulent forensic experts (State v. Arias – Dr. Kevin Horn – alleged)
  • During plea negotiations, overstating the strength of the evidence
  • Making statements to the media that are designed to arouse public indignation
  • Making improper or misleading statements to the jury (State v. Arias – alleged)
  •  Failing to report prosecutor misconduct when it is discovered



 Hero #3

Alan Dershowitz

Famous Appellate Attorney, Law Professor at Harvard, and Constitutional Scholar.

heroes 4On FOX News, while selling his latest book, this famous legal expert said that we need to realize the truth. The pervasive media coverage of crimes makes it a reality that “the public is the 13th juror”. He said that not only the jury feel the pressure of public opinion, but even judges are influenced by this intense pressure.

He went on to say that juries should be sequestered in high profile crimes, Dershowitz said that TV shows, such as HLN, should not be allowed to televise trials, infuse it with thir own opinions, and use them to attract ratings. Dershowitz feels that court cases, including the Supreme Court, should be televised on free public access without comment. He admitted it would be “boring”, but it’s necessary to ensure fair trials.

Now we introduce our zeroes in the case:


Zero #1

Alan Dershowitz

Famous Appellate Attorney, Law Professor at Harvard, and Constitutional Scholar.

Alan Dershowitz said that Jodi Arias “will not have a successful appeal because she’s guilty”. Dershowitz made this remark this past summer. First of all, a famous constitutional scholar should know that guilt or innocence plays no part in whether a trial was fair and whether an appeal is upheld and a conviction is reversed and remanded back to the court for a new trial.

Is Dershowitz actually saying that he doesn’t see any error that could change the outcome of the trial? If so, I cannot believe he watched the trial. If Dershowitz stated that he DID in fact see legitimate appealable issues in the Jodi Arias trial, how would that affect his popularity, his welcome at FOX News and his ability to sell his books?

gigiMaybe the judge and the jury were not the only ones feeling the pressure. Commentators, other lawyers and potential witnesses feel the heat, too.

Alan Dershowitz learned his lesson well after taking an unpopular stance when he supported OJ Simpson in the 1990’s. He managed to mitigate his support for OJ by splitting the difference and saying that he was right to support OJ because “The police framed a guilty man”.

Want to know how? Buy his new book.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Dershowitz is nothing but a Smershowitz.

bill montgomery

Zero #2

Bill Montgomery

The elected District Attorney for Maricopa County, Arizona

What’s Not Important, Bill?

zreos 2The Jodi Arias case in general and the settlement conference in particular:

“In his regular news conference Wednesday, Montgomery explained that he did not attend the settlement conference as he had intended because the “case is no different than any other case,” he said.

“I don’t see it as an important enough case to where I have to be personally involved to where I can’t have the prosecutor who’s responsible for the case take care of it himself,” he said.”


What IS Important, Bill?

A single piece of marijuana candy.

A man was pulled over for driving erratically. In his center console was a pot pipe and a single piece of marijuana candy. Due to his medical marijuana license, the pipe was acceptable. However, the single piece of candy may be a Felony according to Bill.

candy 4“Medical-marijuana users were warned. And now Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is carrying out his plan to harass qualified medical users for resin-infused edibles.

candy 2Montgomery repeatedly has refused to say whether he is prosecuting patients for possession of marijuana concentrates who otherwise are acting within the boundaries of the 2010 Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

candy 1New Times has learned that his office is moving forward with at least one such case, a felony prosecution of a medical-marijuana patient for possession of a single piece of infused candy.”

No, the Jodi Arias case is not important to you, Bill. It’s just like any other case, Bill. Would you care to say that under oath, Bill?

candy 3

Way to get “tough on crime”, Bill.

facebook 2

Zero #3

Various and sundry Pro-prosecution Facebook commentors

Judge Stephens recently denied Jodi Arias’ motion to fire her lead attorney, Kirk Nurmi.

No way was Judge Stephens ever going to grant that motion and delay the 2nd penalty phase by 6 months to one year. Judge Stephens could then kiss her job goodbye. Jodi knows this.


facebook 1Arias believes that the client – attorney relationship with Kirk Nurmi is hurting her case. Jodi Arias is properly preserving this issue for appeal by filing for the second time to have Nurmi dismissed.

Many Facebook commenters smugly suggested that Jodi was purposely trying to prolong the trial in order to do one or more of the following

1) She likes being in Estrella County Jail and wants to stay there. She does not want to go to Perryville Prison.

2) She is trying to hurt the Alexander family by making them wait and prolonging their suffering.

3) She is trying to hold up the proceedings out of spite.


zeros 7 None of these “reasons” have any factual basis.

1) Many prisoners in Arizona prefer the Prison to the CountyJail. One County jail prisoner who was sentenced but not yet transferred to prison, complained to Sheriff Joe Arpaio that he wanted to be transferred to prison, where there were better conditions and food. Juan Martinez replied: “We are not a taxi service”.

Here is what the people who know have to say about this:

“Interviewer: What’s the difference between jail and prison? Can you talk about the specific jails in your area?

Acacia Law: Whether you’re in prison or whether you’re in jail you’re entitled in visitation. In Maricopa County, the most populated county jails include the lower BuckEye Jail, Durango Facility, and Estrella, which include the tents.

heroesThere is also a Durango Juvenile Facility. There is also The Towers. Each one of them has their own pluses and minuses, in the viewpoint of someone who is incarcerated.

Interviewer: Isn’t there The Fourth Avenue Jail, and then TentCity as well? Are they crowded?

Acacia Law: In terms of your question as to whether people prefer the county jails to prison they much prefer prison. The Department of Corrections is actually much easier time. Many of my clients who are repeat offenders much prefer going to prison than spending a year in county as a term condition of probation.

That might give you an idea of how bad the jails are here. They are notoriously bad throughout the state at the county level.

Pima County in Tuscon has bad facilities as well. Penal County used to have one of the worst facilities in the state. I don’t know if they still do or not since they made the new jail about eight years ago.”


2) Jodi Arias wants to Harm the Alexander family and prolong their suffering

In her motion to dismiss Kirk Nurmi, Arias claims that it was her desire, as well as the prosecution’s desire to clear the courtroom before playing the “sex tape”conversations between her and Travis Alexander. Kirk Nurmi fought Jodi Arias on this. Nurmi wanted the sex tape played in public. Arias stated that she didn’t want this to be played in public as it would cause pain to her and the Alexander family.

3) Jodi Arias wants to delay the proceedings out of spite

Jodi Arias has no reason to delay her sentencing because this would only delay her appeals, which cannot be filed until after she is sentenced.

As far as public outcry, more time before the second penalty phase will not help Arias. The media and public fury will begin again and will rage just as before as soon as the trial resumes.

Hopefully, Nurmi and Arias will mend fences and join forces for the 2nd penalty phase.

Zero #2

dave hall 5

Dave Hall

dave hall 2Friend of Travis Alexander

Frequent guest on HLN during the trial

Phony Mormon

Slanderer of potential defense mitigation witness Patti Womack

Desecrator of ancient archeological formation

Former Boy Scout Leader

Dave Hall, a close friend of the victim, Travis Alexander, laughed and sang “Wiggle it – Just a little bit” as he filmed his friend, Glenn Taylor pushing over a world-famous, million years old ancient rock formation in a State Park in Utah.

dave hallHis friend, Glenn Taylor, who grunted and groaned like Atlas on camera as he struggled to man handle the boulder, was suing for injuries he incurred in an automobile accident from which he claimed he was severely physically disabled.

This incident caused immediate and vast world-wide outrage.


SALT LAKE CITY –  Two Utah men already facing possible charges for purposely toppling an ancient rock formation in a state park have now been removed from their posts as Boy Scout leaders.

dave hall 2A northern Utah Boy Scouts council announced Monday that Glenn Taylor and Dave Hall will no longer be allowed to lead scouting troops due to what happened Oct. 11 at Goblin Valley State Park, which they filmed and posted on Facebook.


In typical fake-Mormon dishonesty, Dave Hall said they did it “to protect innocent children”.


dave hall 7

Rock-on, Dave!

Watch the YouTube video:


A Funny and raucous Facebook page making fun of Dave Hall the “Goblin Toppler”:



And now, we move on to the Geniuses of the Jodi Arias case.

Genius #1


Commenter on Facebook

This person gave a rant recently on an a pro-prosecution Facebook page:

facebook 3“Now that I am not looking at or listening to Jodi everyday, as if that were her fault, I can think about the trial with less passion. Before she ever took the stand and started the 17 day marathon of lies, I had some sympathy for her in the sense that she is a girl who probably could have made something of herself and she threw it all away in a jealous rage.

She left home at 17, which is indicative of our troubled youth these days. The I want it all now and I am entitled attitude. Something went terribly wrong in her psyche when she met Travis. His interest in her must have sent her into a fantasyland.

zeros 6Here is this guy who looked and acted very successful, was liked and admired by hundreds of people, owns a 5 bedroom house, drives a Beemer, travels all over…someone with her background must have thought she had landed in Nirvana and then it all fell down!

What a crushing blow to her. THEN THE REAL JODI SHOWED UP FOR ALL TO SEE AND HEAR! End of story for me. She is where she belongs, keeping other male prey safe!”

I will now reply to her rant:

zeros 9Leaving home at 17 is indicative of nothing. Family dynamics run the gamut and there is nothing to be derived as far as murderous tendencies in having left home at the age of 17.

In fact, a female who leaves home at 17, is much more likely to be used and abused than to be an abuser or a murderer.

Travis’ phoniness and shallow interest in Jodi must have sent her into a fantasyland. Shallow Hal and his fake Mormon, Pre-Paid Legal, religious goon friends turned an honest hard worker into a champagne wisher and a caviar dreamer.

More due to his parent’s actions than his own, something was terribly wrong in Shallow Hal’s psyche from the start.

Here was a phony salesman, never honest with Arias or anyone else. His roommates’ rent paid the mortgage, everything else was financed. Arias said that her Infiniti was nicer than his beat BMW.

The trips were tax-deductible “business expenses” = free. He was going to write a book about himself, buy a Prius and thereby save the world.

Instead, he should have sought help from his church or a licensed therapist and saved himself. The PPL legal insurance racket and it’s promises of vast wealth negatively impacted both Jodi and Travis. Someone with his background, who never finished High School, must have thought he landed in Mormon Nirvana, but then it all fell down.

Typical fake Mormon, he blamed it all on the girl.

Who knows what he was capable of doing when he was finally going to have to face his behaviors, be exposed and excommunicated?

Genius  #2


Commenter on Facebook

This is another Michele, with one “L”. Maybe it’s the same Michelle. There’s no way to be sure.

facebook 5Though we welcome any and all opinions and comments on Spotlight on Law, people who have read the article and take issue with it choose not to directly engage us in a fact-based discussion. Michele is a commenter on a Facebook page that discusses the Jodi Arias case. Here is what this genius said about our article, “Why Jodi Arias will get a new trial”:

“I cannot help but laugh when reports like this claim they can set the rules for the criteria to be met for the Appellate Court. When they go even further by misquoting expert testimony to make their point, it’s shameful.

Not the first or the last time this has been done. Junk like this has been written on many cases without results for obvious reasons.

zeros 3Your girl is going to need a lot more than this. First degree murder with especially cruel factor. The bar is VERY high when it comes to grounds for appeals and she doesn’t come close to reaching it.”

Hopefully, Michele, you do not need to be an attorney to understand what is and is not a fair trial and what appealable issues are.

facebook 4When a prosecutor and a Medical Examiner team up to deliberately give the jury false testimony intended to sway the jury to deliver a guilty verdict, this is an unfair trial, gross prosecutor misconduct and an appealable issue. If this one is rejected by the courts, there are plenty of others.

The article is not “misquoting expert testimony”. The article contains no quotes. If you mean “misrepresenting or mischaracterizing expert testimony”, we beg to differ. The article is factual.

Is it possible that you could debate using some facts? We would welcome that.

heroes 5We don’t “set the rules”. The higher courts, existing statutes, and past cases do. “Junk like this” has been written before many convictions were reversed and new trials ordered. The news and the social media are chock full of such cases. In many cases, public outcry played a large part in reversed convictions, new trials, and exonerated prisoners.

Obviously, Michele, you didn’t read the article or other articles on this site. If you did, you would begin to realize that something is rotten in Denmark (Maricopa, Arizona). Arizona’s “especially cruel” aggravator is unconstitutionally vague and arbitrary.

We will see how high the bar is in 5 to 7 years. By that time, you will have forgotten all about this case.

Genius #3


Commenter on Facebook

zeros 5In response to our article “Why Jodi Arias will get a new trial”, this is her response:

“I’d like to see the degree on law that makes this factual reasons.”

Brooke, what I’d like to see is a simple phrase without so many grammatical errors. “degree on law”?   “makes this factual reasons”?

Come on Brooke, you must be smarter than that. If not, you are not qualified to debate or give an opinion on the facts.


zeros 8

We anticpate that there will be more Heroes, Zeros, and Geniuses as this case moves forward. Whenever they occur, as they inevitably do, we will collect them, report on them, and issue another update.

Unlike many blogs, All opinions and any comments are welcome here

All Rights Reserved

55 thoughts on “Heroes, Zeros, and Geniuses in the Jodi Arias Case (Nov 10)”

    1. I’ll have to disagree with you on this one, Martina. I think we both thought there wasn’t enough evidence to say MacNeil is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Even the family knew they might not get a guilty verdict.

      The most compelling evidence is that Dr. MacNeil, pushed ahead on the face-lift surgery, when his wife wanted to postpone it. The other thing is Mrs. MacNeil’s statements that the Doctor was giving her all the different drugs.

      The Dr. was giving his wife, not some, but all.the drugs He got the drugs for his wife from a hand-picked Dr. who was new in the state. The only reason he was prescribed these drugs, which are very dangerous in combinaton, was because he is an M.D.

      Alexis testified that Mrs. MacNeil told her that Dr. M was feeding her too many drugs. Alexis stood like a wall between her mom and the Dr.

      The day she returned to college, Mrs. MacNeil “drowned in the tub” with her clothes on.

      The Scott Peterson case is another circimstantial case. You have to really look at the behavior and character of the defendant as one piece of the puzzle.

      What do you think?

      1. I adamantly disagree with you about the character of the accused. The behavior, yes, it’s a part of the circumstantial picture but the character of the person on trial is irrelevant imo. In fact it is highly prejudicial and it’s how a lot of innocent assholes end up on death row. Was Todd Willingham an asshole? Probably. Was he a lousy husband? Yes. Does that mean he was guilty or even contribute to the likelihood of his guilt? Not in my opinion. Beyond any doubt he was much less than an upstanding citizen but as it turns out, there wasn’t even any crime committed so his character is completely irrelevant. Sometimes the people with the most saintly reputations are the most dangerous, precisely because of that misperception.

      2. I uderstand, but I believe this us different. The evidence shows that the Dr.’s daughter Alexis, ws very suspicious of her father. She was in medical school at the time. As far as pain killers, a patient only takes the pain medication they need to control their pain.

        That’s why many hospitals have self-administered meds for pain. The daughter was told by the mother that she didn’t need all the meds her husband was feeding her. She even wanted to feel the pills so she could try to tell what they were.

        The Doctor could have gone to any number of MD’s to get prescriptions, but he went to the new MD in town, who wasn’t familiar with Utah protocol.

        SoI am not talking about the affair(s), per se, but these behaviors and also his great attention to Gypsie directly following the death of his wife and the mother of his children,

        I agree that the most saintly in public perception can be the most evil, But some of his behaviors and attitudes are probitive as opposed to prejudicial. Also, I think a person’s probitive behavior and attitudes can help demonstrate their innocence.

    2. The other thing for me is his phone call to 911. I woud expect him to be a little more calm and collected, like most MD’s would be. He was trying to act like a concerned husband, but he didn’t know how.

      1. Hypothetically, what do you think the prosecution would have said had the 911 call been devoid of any emotion? Do you think they would have concluded that he’s a medical professional being clinical or do you think they would have called him a sociopath? The phrase damned if you do damned if you don’t comes to mind here.

      2. I agree with you that if he was really calm, they would use that against him, too.. Not sure what kind of an MD he was. Still, any nurse’s aid knows to keep calm. It is much more difficult when it is your family member, but his loss of control seems to me like it’s faked and/or guilt that is making him so angry sounding on the 911 call.

  1. Before I launch into a big argument let me just clarify if we do in fact disagree. If I understand correctly you think this was a fair verdict is that correct?

  2. Oh you’ll get my opinion don’t worry. Nothin better than debating with a reasonable person with a different view. Ps. I voiced my opinion on Zimmie without having seen the trial in it’s entirety – guilty – lol

      1. ps. I meant that I am guilty of speaking without full knowledge not that Zimmerman was necessarily guilty

      2. Well he is a mental midget. Who else needs to get strapped to go to the deli? I think the verdict stands in my mind, but it increases the possibility that he pulled his gun early.

        He is a fool who pulls guns on women and teenagers. He needs to get a felony conviction so he cannot have guns. I think he has guilt complex issues about the shooting. He need counseling and therapy.

  3. Sorry I know I’m on the wrong thread for MacNeill.
    I have to brush up on Peterson, it’s been a while since I was into him.

    1. I remmeber that case as it was happening, but I aso had to refresh my memory. Try reading the article I wrote. I researched also what is happening in the case right now.

  4. His behavior doesn’t remind me of someone racked with remorse. I’m sure if I had shot someone and my conscience was bothering me I wouldn’t tour a gun factory and then stock up on assault weapons which I would invariably wave around my loved ones, but that’s just me. What do you think of the fired ME and his current story?

    1. I think Zipperhead was trying to get a job or a promotional contract or something. You have to look at what his wife said, that he changed after the trial.

      Imagine that you had to take a life. He never got the counseling he needed, so hopefully he will get it now.

      Are you talking about Dr. Bao? I don’t know what he is saying now. He needs to learn English and do a better job of documentation.

  5. If you were traumatized would you look for a job in a gun shop? I believe he has some domestic violence history dating pre-trial. I think he is traumatized but I think the trauma is from the shock of being charged and tried, not from the shooting. Everything he does is aggressive, including his driving. I suppose people respond differently to trauma but I just have a sense that he has this underlying rage, I have the same sense from his brother.
    Yes I was talking Bao. He’s saying that there is no way that Trayvon was on top.

    1. I don’t like to be in the position of defending a bad guy. Just put yourself in his shoes for a minute.

      Zimmerman cannot find a job and he cannot support his family. He is in danger of being killed. He has to live with the fact he killed his teen neighbor no matter what the circumstances. He is millions in debt.

      Zimmerman cannot make anymore excuses. Nobody will believe he is a victim of circumstances after all these incidents. He clearly needs some intervention. He needs to be held accountable for once.

      I wouldn’t trust Dr. Sh*tt*ng Bowels to even take my temperature. I think if one thing was proven at trial, it’s that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman when the gun went off. It’s still a mystery to me how they got so far away from the “T”, though.

  6. I have some reservations about Dr. Bowels too, ie; he’s been fired and he’s suing (his English notwithstanding lol), I’ll give you that one. The rest of your argument sounds like Zimmie’s mom, a believer till her dying day, rationalizations galore, come on! ps. I don’t really think it was “proven” who was on top, I think he had good lawyers (financed by the NRA). I was really trying to put myself in his position for the longest time and be as much Gandhi as I could, but even the Mahatma had his limits….

    1. I would really like to not be on his side. They demonstrated that the gun was in contact with the sweatshirt but it was not a contact wound. The sweatshirt had to be a distance away from Trayvon’s body.

      Since he had a 23 ounce can of Arizona ice tea in the front pocket of that sweatshirt, then the only conclusion is that Trayvon was on top of George with the sweatshirt hanging down.

      Had George been on top of Trayvon, there would be a contact wound and fragments of his sweatshirt and stipling would be in the wound.

      George went around fully armed. He’s a typicaql gun nut with some mental problems. He should have made the damn call and stayed in his car.

      Still, I can’t see a way that he shot Trayvon without cause, as he clearly was trying to avoid it by calling for help and he had multiple wounds.

  7. I don’t like the guy, I never liked him but that does not strip me of rational thought, I hope. I don’t like MacNeill either but I think that was a bad verdict. I think all which you described above is not really science, it’s not like DNA, all it means is the defense lawyers were better than the prosecution, the defense experts were better, and then there is the jury. I cannot get past the fact, and this is a fact, that he was the instigator of this altercation (a guy with martial arts training weighing 50 lbs more and packing heat), and he continues in this vein consistent with his character to this day (it’s like we knew eventually OJ wouldn’t be able to contain himself either). He can’t feed his family? He doesn’t have a family. He can’t get a job? I think many of his NRA supporters own businesses and would be more than happy to employ a compadre. He owes money? Well while he was raising money on line for his defense he and his wife were claiming poverty while pilfering money out of their accounts. I’m sure he owes money, maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to work.
    Martin may have even ended up on top for all I know, maybe he was attacked and he overpowered the zipperhead, who knows, regardless how you look at it, were it not for Zimmerman there would not have been ANY fight and judging from his injuries it was excessive use of force. Sorry I just cannot for the life of me see this as even remotely self-defense. I think I’m plenty flexible, I even entertain the possibility of Jodi defending herself but this, I don’t know…

    1. I just don’t see anything inconsistent with Zipperhead trying to stay at a distance and keep his eye on Trayvon, which was a dumb idea to begin with.

      He could have dropped his flashlight and keys at the “T” if he pulled out his gun. He could have walked in between the rows of buildings looking for Trayvon. But if he had a gun in his hand, would Trayvon had hit him?

      If he followed after Trayvon between the buildings, he would not have dropped his keys and flashlight at the “T”. This tells me he was never between the two buildings until he was hit at the “T”. This means Trayvon came at him.

      So, really, I would have liked him to be found guilty if he was indeed guilty.

      It always sucks when the only witness has been killed. It deprives us of a lot of information. I agree he should have found employment with one of his NRA backers. I agree he is probably not wanting to work since he owes millions. LOL

  8. He’s lucky I wasn’t on the jury, I can’t seem to be as rational as you about this (do I sound Wendy Murphyish?). You are very surgical in your analysis, that means at the very least the defense did a good job. Let’s see what he gets into next.
    I think he should give Gypsy a call.

    1. I hear they have a new game on the streets. It’s called “the knockout game” AKA, the “Zimmerman”.

      I think the testimony about the lady and her baby who lived in Z’s neighborhood getting her home broken into while she was still inside was powerful testimony.

      Mark O’mara is very good, and he could probably get that Canadian Mayor smelling like a rose in no time, too.

    1. This pig stepped right out of a Chris Farley movie.

      I did not know that Canada has their own separate Jesus. Actually, that is kind of comforting.

      That must be the Jesus who believes in affordable health care and education, and is not so hot on unlimited weapons for everyone, for safety’s sake, and state killings. Hmmm

      Canadian Jesus is a real puss. I bet you American Jesus could kick his sorry ass.

  9. If they had American Jesus there would be fire and brimstone in Sodom and Gomorrah (Toronto) just about now. But it’s going to be ok, he’s getting professional help, I wonder if he’s talkin hookers eh?

    1. The man’s a jackass, and they shut down his TV show. His powers are now limited to determining the price of postage stamps. I can’t stand fat guys who barrel straight ahead at you expecting you to get out of their way without saying excuse me, so no sympathy for him.

  10. They shut down his Hollywood career after the first episode, the pilot lol!
    Yeah I agree, I think crack and booze is the least of his problems, it just takes away his inhibitions and magnifies his real problem: he’s an aggressive, ignorant criminal. If he goes to rehab tomorrow and gets completely dry (not happening since according to him the only problem he has is a weight problem, yeah lose a couple of pounds everything will be alright) he will still be left with his foul character and little to no brain activity. His family has a history of criminality and now he’s implicated in a murder. Here’s the cherry: his approval ratings are higher than Obama’s…

    1. He’s very well liked outside of the city, as a “regular guy”. I can look past his crack episode of a year ago and the definition of an alcohol problem is if it interferes with work and daily functioning.

      But, if he were a true public servant, he would see that all this does not help the public at all.

      implicated in a murder? I didn’t hear that.

      What do you think about Arias not being televised?

      1. Regular guy lmao. His brother, a city councilor and his consigliere, used to be a drug dealer in his youth, his other brother was implicated in a kidnapping, his sister is a heroin addict, her ex-husband shot her boyfriend in front of her children and later she herself was shot in the face by her boyfriend in her parent’s kitchen. There have been more than two dozen 911 calls to Fords’ , including domestic violence, in the last eight years. They inherited a company that generates approx. $100 million in annual sales – yeah he’s a “regular guy” depending on your definition of regular.

  11. The crack episode was not a year ago as he claims because the video was recorded this February. The guy who had the video wanted a lot of baby bucks for it, so Gawker ran the crackstarter campaign and raised the money (two hundred thousand bananas). Then this guy went missing and subsequently turned up dead. There’s evidence the mayor had his staffers/fixers trying to track down the video. A little later, another guy who was involved with this video gang was thrown off a six story balcony in Alberta; draw your own conclusions.
    I’m disappointed it won’t be televised. Maybe that will take away some of JM’s incentive for theatrics for the benefit of the camera. Do you think this will be good or bad for her? I don’t see how it can benefit her since all the damage has already been done.

    1. Whoooooa I didn’t know any of this. WOW!

      I hope that Martinez will go ballistic and supplement his growing list of misconduct. I think overall, it is good for Jodi, but bad for us. A good thing is the trial videos will be made available after the sentencing! That’s great! Maybe that’s how they all should be done – after the fact.

  12. Yeah, it’s like reading a Grisham novel.
    I think you are absolutely right, all the trial footage should be released after the fact, however, in this case it’s too late because all the damaging and often invented information has been released. If anything good surfaces in this new phase no one will know about it until it’s too late (though I’m not sure if public knowledge of “good facts” or mitigation witnesses could help her now anyway). I agree

    1. I just thought of a problem here. If we can’t see the trial live, will HLN reporters still sit in the trial? Maybe they will not devote such attention to it if they can’t show it.

      They can say anything they want happened and we cannot assess for ourselves if it is true until much later.

      1. Yes and that’s exactly why I’ve always been for the cameras in the courtroom (though sometimes even that doesn’t help to get the facts straight). I think it should all be televised like C-span, with a media gag until the trial is over, everyone draw their own conclusions without Nancy’s facial contortions and Wendy’s two cents.

      2. I think they will cover it vigorously, the interest has already been churned up in this case, now the mob wants death. The difference now will be that even more people will be dependent on their daily fill of it on HLN, even the people who used to watch the live stream or uploads of the actual trial proceedings. That was a really good observation

  13. That poor guy must be in the same boat as Alyce Laviolette, sad. This is the thanks he gets for not picking up a pitchfork, joining the mob and reporting facts, actually doing his job. This is perhaps the most frightening omen in all this.

    1. He is so low-key, that I was actually surprised when he wrote thos articles about prosecutorial misconduct.

      Facts really bother extreme conservatives and Travis-supporters for some strange reason.

  14. Well I think that for the US government to own a strip of land in Cuba is even stranger than going fishing on Christmas Eve or carrying extra cans of gas in the desert. And that’s an undisputed fact.

  15. Or the other bases around the globe? I can easier explain the fishing or the gas. And health care is a big problem for the richest nation in the world??

    1. Interestingly, there is agreement on the left and the far right, as well as independents and libertarians, that we should continue to shrink the military.

      Ironically, this ensures that nothing will be done except to grow the military even larger.

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