Jodi Arias Sings Soprano

 by Rob Roman

tony 3

The story between Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander is the very much like an episode of the Sopranos.  In Season 3 of the Sopranos, Mob leader Tony Soprano meets Gloria Trillo as both are patients of a therapist who schedules them both at the same time by mistake.

sopraos 1 travis 4 lt

Both couples were screwed up.

Tony Soprano and Gloria Trillo both had problems which prevented them from functioning in their daily lives. Tony had panic attacks due to guilt and his “mother” issues. Gloria was getting knocked around in a series of abusive relationships.

gloria 6 newTony finally sees his mother in Gloria, who he calls a miserable, “bottomless black hole”. Gloria most likely sees her abusive father in Tony and her other short-lived relationships.

travis 2Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias also had problems from childhood. Travis grew up with absentee addict parents who provided an atmosphere of severe neglect.

Jodi Arias had a cold and emotionless father, abandonment issues, and she was in a series of unfulfilling relationships,

Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander were attracted to each other, but deep down, they unconsciously saw their problems in each other.

tony house ltLike Tony and Gloria, there was a “power differential” in Travis’ relationship with Jodi. Also like Tony, Travis was lying to the world about who he really was and what his true intentions were.

travis home new

Both couples sought out their partners because of their flaws.

Tony saw his mother in Gloria. Gloria saw her abusive father in Tony. Travis was attracted to the excitement of sin and chaos of his childhood he found with Jodi. Jodi thought she saw stability and honesty that was missing in her life in Travis

Tony kept Gloria away from his family and friends, and so did Travis. Gloria resented this secretive relationship and so did Jodi. Jodi tried, by converting to Mormonism, to be acceptable to Travis’ family and friends, but with little results.

Both couples had an illicit affair.

gloria 5 newTony was married and had other girlfriends. Travis was interested in marrying Jodi at first, but then he just wanted to add her to his stable of women.

Gloria wanted an exclusive relationship and so did Jodi.


Both couples became abusive.

gloria 2 ltGloria was seeing only Tony and was faithful to Tony. She began to suspect that he was cheating on her and she didn’t know he was married. Jodi was seeing only Travis and was faithful to him. She also began to suspect that Travis was seeing other women.

Gloria got suspicious and angry because Tony was lying to her and cheating on her. Jodi also felt betrayed by Travis.

Neither Tony nor Travis were revealing any more details about their lives outside the relationship than they had to.

Both couples had a chaotic and stormy relationship.

tony 2Because both Gloria and Jodi grew up in chaos, they felt comfortable only in chaotic and highly emotionally charged situations.

Tony and Travis preferred no-drama, but were excited by certain aspects of the relationship as well as reveling in the secrecy.

Gloria threw a cooked roast beef at Tony.

Or was it a London broil? Anyways, Gloria prepared a romantic dinner for Tony. Tony needed to leave early for an emergency. Gloria started complaining and Tony headed for the door. On his way out, Gloria sent a freshly cooked roast beef flying through the air hitting Tony in the back. Tony hesitated but then left without a word.

Jodi also treated Travis in a romantic way, but her efforts were not rewarded. They began to have sporadic arguments and fights.

Tony ignored Gloria

sopranos 2 ltAfter the first big fight, Tony put a lot of distance between himself and Gloria. Gloria tried to re-ignite the relationship, calling and asking around about Tony.

After several large fights, Jodi tried to re-ignite the relationship by moving from Southern California to Mesa, Arizona.

Tony broke it off and resumed seeing other women. He was done with her, but Gloria didn’t get that. Feeling that they were “soul mates”, she became obsessed with Tony.

travis 5Jodi also felt that she and Travis were “soul mates”. She did everything she could to get back with him, eventually settling for “friends with benefits”.

Gloria stalked Tony

Gloria secretly became friends with Tony’s wife, Carmella. They even went to the Soprano home together. Gloria became even more enraged when she realized he was married and saw how successful he was. She also found out he had other girlfriends.

Gloria continued to go after Tony

Tony tried to end the relationship, but Gloria continued to pursue Tony, even following him around town and looking in the windows of his girlfriend’s apartments.

the_sopranos_at_cnbc-t1 lgTony’s friend told Gloria to stay the F away from him.

Tony had a friend take Gloria out to a deserted lot and he showed her his gun. He told her if she didn’t stop, she would disappear without a trace.

Travis’ friends were also warning Travis about Jodi, telling him to stay away from her and that she was dangerous. However, Travis’ friends only knew what they knew about Jodi from Travis. He conveniently left out his part in creating the situation.

Someone slashed Gloria’s and Travis’ tires

Someone followed Tony to Gloria’s house, where they slashed her tires. Tony and Gloria did not see who did it, but he thought it was another girlfriend. Another argument started up. Tony did not take any action.

Travis also had his tires slashed, and he determined it was Jodi. Slashing tires is widely known as a passive aggressive act meant to get attention. Jodi may have wanted to tell Travis “I was there”. Travis took no action, not even locking his front door, changing his locks, or changing his garage code.

Tony got on top of Gloria and choked her nearly to death 

Tony went to Gloria’s apartment let her know they were through. Gloria revealed that she would make the secrets of their relationship known to all. Gloria threatened to tell Tony’s wife and daughter if Tony left her. He was enraged that Gloria was communicating with his wife.

Then there was a sudden and violent altercation. A big argument erupted and Tony ended up hitting and nearly choking Gloria to death on the floor of her living room. Gloria spit in his face and let Tony know that she didn’t care if he killed her or not. She begged him to kill her.

gloria 3Tony ended the relationship and he never looked back.

In early 2008, things allegedly became physical as Jodi reported that Travis began to physically restrain her in his bathroom and he choked her to the point of unconsciousness in his bedroom.

After Jodi moved home to Northern California, communications reveal that both Jodi and Travis threatened to make the secrets of their relationship known to all.

Both situations became deadly.

gloria 1Things became toxic, and then they became deadly. It could have easily happened that Gloria killed Tony or Tony killed Gloria. The situation escalated and death ensued.

Gloria hung herself in the beginning of season 4.

It could have happened that Travis killed Jodi or even that Jodi would kill herself.  They got back together for a brief visit in Mesa.  Here there was a violent and chaotic alteration and Travis was killed.

So, what’s the point?

The point here is that both Tony and Travis had serious psychological and emotional problems as well as relationship problems.

They both got involved in illicit relationships, not just because of sex-appeal, but because they saw their own flaws in their new partners and felt comfortable and strangely attracted to them because of this.

As the sexual attractions were offset by the emerging dark sides and chaos, they both became even more powerfully attracted to their partners, but they were not as sure why they felt this way.

They both tried to keep their relationships secret, and both became angry when the secret became threatened and could be exposed. At that point, both relationships rapidly became toxic. Both relationships were suddenly poised to deteriorate and then suddenly escalate into extreme violence.

Arguments turned physical and the physical violence escalated.  Tony was finally able to end his relationship with Gloria after nearly killing her. Travis’ tried to end his relationship with Jodi, but he wasn’t able to make it final.

tony 1 ltTony bears as much responsibility as Gloria for starting and continuing an illicit and toxic relationship. The same goes for Travis and Jodi.

travis 1Travis bears as much responsibility as Jodi for starting and continuing an illicit and toxic relationship. Both were complicit in the escalation to violence. It’s just not reasonable to think that Travis bears no responsibility for the final deadly consequences of his behaviors.

sopranos 3….and the fans of the Sopranos know what deadly results there could be at the drop of a hat and from a mile away.