Canadian Decepticon Christine Beswick Transforms Gossip into Gospel (Dec 30)


Fact Based Reporting by Rob Roman

Research by Amanda Chen


Christine Beswick, a “Relationships Examiner” for out of Toronto, makes medical history ….. by talking out her ass.

Here we review Christine’s latest article “Jodi Arias will get a video call for Christmas, Juan Martinez fights back.” Judging from her past articles, Christine Beswick seems to have a visceral and seething hatred for the defendant. Really, she’s just another in a long line of D-list celebs who try to cash in, garner more site hits and attention for themselves by throwing rocks at Jodi Arias.

Beswick, in a Nutshell 

decepticon sm




Her so-called articles are generally devoid of fact, give few specific examples, and cite few if any other qualified sources. Beswick is just putting it out there knowing that 95 out of 100 people will tell her “Right-on”. As she goes riding by on her bicycle, triumphantly waiving to her adoring fans, we just had to try and shove a proverbial stick in her spokes, in the name of factual reporting and fairness, of course.

The quoted sections in turquoise are from Christine’s article, followed by our responses. Other sources are in purple.

Victim’s Wounds

“After seeing the evidence that Travis Alexander was stabbed over 25 times, shot in the head, and nearly decapitated from a severed windpipe, the 2013 jury also found that Jodi’s crime included the aggravating factor of cruelty in the murder of Travis Alexander. It was this aggravating factors stage that a jury unanimously found made Jodi Arias eligible for the death penalty.

1359613086_grammar_police_xlargeWrong! (Grammar Police needed)

Travis Alexander had 16 stab wounds. Try reading the autopsy report.

He had 29 knife wounds.

– 16 stab wounds – 13 incised wounds, including the slit throat. Many of these wounds were minor.

This does not seek to minimize the wounds, as some were obviously deep and two wounds were fatal all by themselves (the stab to the heart and the neck slash). The wounds were horrific, no doubt.

Everyone likes to say that Travis Alexander was “nearly decapitated” or that his throat was “slashed to the vertebrae”. Wrong!

This would be Nicole Brown Simpson, and we will not go over that again. Nearly decapitated? There is no evidence of that whatsoever. In fact, the official autopsy report states that the throat wound was 2-4 inches short of being ear to ear. His windpipe was severed, yes.

Saying Travis was “nearly decapitated” is like saying in July that it’s “nearly Christmas”.


Extreme Cruelty

It would have been much more cruel, had Alexander been stabbed once in the heart, then left to slowly bleed to death.

As for the cruelty charge, let’s see what USA Today has to say about that:

“In the Jodi Arias case, the jury that convicted her of murder also found that she killed Travis Alexander in an especially cruel manner. The current jury will decide only if there are mitigators that outweigh the cruelty.

The aggravator is called F(6) in the statutes, “especially heinous, cruel or depraved.” In Arias’ case, the trial judge would only allow for cruelty.

All murder could be deemed cruel, but “excessive cruelty” is supposed to refer to great physical suffering or great mental anguish before death.”

This is supposed to mean a prolonged death, a purposely prolonged death, torture, a significant period of mental anguish prior to death, or a significant period of uncertainty about whether or not the victim will be murdered, such as in a rape, a kidnapping, or  a hostage situation.

“But ­prosecutors often rely on the common meaning of the word “cruel” to get juries to believe that the murder they are ­judging is among the cruelest.”

This is a problem of Arizona law. It’s a serious problem.


Jodi Arias ordered a “Code Red” on Travis Alexander. Therefore, Juan Martinez, a few connected polticians, and the LDS Church get to order a “Code Red” on Jodi Arias. Right?

Fair is fair.

Supporters and Defense Think Guilt Phase Still in Progress

“…This (2nd penalty) phase has been in progress since September 2014. Supporters of Jodi Arias, and the current defense strategy of Jodi Arias, suggests (sic) that some people think right now Jodi is fighting for her innocence. She is not. She is still guilty and convicted of first degree murder, and this jury has been ordered to remember that.”

grammar policeWrong! (Grammar Police needed)

I keep hearing this idiotic idea that Jodi supporters and the defense think it’s still the guilt phase. Nobody thinks that, and the jury knows full well what they are there to decide. It’s Life vs. Death.

We have already reported that there is almost zero difference in Arizona between LWOP (Life with no possibility of parole) and 25 years to life with a possibility of parole (Life with an infinitesimally slight, but virtually no chance of parole).

What’s really interesting is that we know for a fact that many Prosecution supporters believe that Life is the correct decision. We thought the battle lines would change from Guilty vs. Not Guilty, to Life vs. Death, with many prosecution supporters coming over and joining us on the side of Life. However, most prosecution supporters are still fighting the Guilty vs. Not Guilty battle.

We wonder how many of these people are hiding the fact that they secretly hope the verdict will be Death? We wonder how many really don’t care whether she gets Life or Death?


Swamp_Thing_Dick_Durock mud

Drag the Victim Through the Mud … blat blat blat

“In this phase of the court process Jodi Arias is required to present mitigating factors that may lead a jury to have sympathy for her and decide on life in prison, rather than the death penalty. Instead, the Jodi Arias defense team has decided to drag the victim through the mud with one abuse story after another in their efforts to paint Jodi Arias as an abuse victim, according to Christian Today earlier this week.”


That is Not what the Christian Today article said. The article did not say “drag the victim through the mud with one abuse story after another” nor did it say “their efforts to paint Jodi Arias as an abuse victim”.

To the great credit of Christian Today, their report was much more objective than that. They stated the facts, and they let the reader decide – you know, the old-fashioned way.

The only true citing from Christian Today, other than a quote by Jen Wood of the Trial Diaries, was this:

Christian Today reports that the trial wrapped before the holidays with testimony from a Dr. Geffner.”

Chritine Beswick, these are YOUR words:

Defense Attempts and Allegations

“As we previously reported Dr. Geffner was trying to paint the picture of Jodi Arias as an abuse victim, in an attempt to use alleged “abuse” as a mitigating factor. What this means is the defense is trying to say, Travis abused Jodi and so she should get off for this killing.”

They aren’t attempting – they already did it in the first penalty phase. They aren’t alleging anything either.

Is Christine Beswick citing an article from Christian Today because they are an authority on the Jodi Arias trial? Or, is she citing the article on Christian Today merely because it has the word “Christian” in it?

‘We report, –  You decide.’


Beswick citing Christian Today

That in-depth Christian Today article she cited was a whopping 333 words. Another Christian Today article about the Jodi Arias trial (354 words) was headlined under “entertainment”. This is what it said:

“Last week, the lawyers working on the case started questioning 400 possible jurors in Phoenix’s Maricopa County Superior Court. After the first cut, the number was trimmed down to 176.  Wednesday’s trial resulted to further trimmings, which ended up with 26 people returning for further questioning.

The residents from the area, on the other hand, are not happy with how slow things are shaping up for the trial.  A former Mesa police investigator expressed his strong opinion in an interview posted at the Arizona Central.

He said, “YES! I’m sick and tired of the Jodi Arias murder case. Murders happen almost every day in Arizona. Sadly, murder is no big deal. While most murder cases and trials are handled quietly and with the dignity of brain surgery, the Arias trial has taken on the theatrics of a well-rehearsed circus show, thanks to Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez, defendant Arias and the media.”

That’s what Christian Today reported. They also reported this:

“The prolonged trial to sentence Jodi Arias is also putting a hole in the pockets of Arizona taxpayers. At this point, the defense costs already reached $2.5 million. This is not the final numbers, however, since the tab will continue to grow while the second phase for penalty hearing is still ongoing.

The amount paid for the prosecutors were undisclosed.”

Looking again at a Beswickism:

“As we previously reported Dr. Geffner was trying to paint the picture of Jodi Arias as an abuse victim, in an attempt to use alleged “abuse” as a mitigating factor. What this means is the defense is trying to say, Travis abused Jodi and so she should get off for this killing.”


How is getting a sentence of Life in prison with no possibility of parole “getting off”? It’s a perfectly appropriate punishment for 1st degree murder. In fact, with no prior police record, LWOP is quite a harsh punishment.

Mitigation Evidence

“Due to an overwhelming lack of evidence, most court watchers aren’t buying it. They are saying, “We’re still waiting to see a mitigating factor. And evidence, please.”

The last two days of the Jodi Arias trial before the holiday season included Jodi using Dr. Geffner to tell about how often she perceived herself to be a victim in her life.”


In the last Penalty Phase trial, there were 8 mitigating factors presented by the defense

1. Ms. Arias has no prior criminal history.
2. Ms. Arias was just 27 years old when she committed her offense.
3. Ms. Arias is remorseful for her conduct,
4. Ms- Arias suffered both physical and emotional abuse as a child.
5. Ms. Arias suffered both physical and emotional abuse during her relationship with Mr. Alexander.
6. The abusive nature of the relationship caused Ms. Arias to suffer extreme emotional stress at the time of the incident.
7. Ms. Arias has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
8. Ms. Arias has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.
9. Ms. Arias’ psychological makeup impaired her ability to cope with the tumultuous relationship she had with Mr. Alexander.

The evidence and testimony currently being presented is covering number 4, number 5, number 6, number 7, number 8, and number 9. It’s actually quite efficient in covering a large part of six listed mitigators.  Numbers 1, 2,  and 3 will be covered later.

Here is one prosecution supporter’s very humorous response to the mitigators, thought it’s full of a heapin’ helpin’ of lies. And a prosecution supporter just asked the other day “Why do they call (some of) us “Haters”? Maybe this is why:

Time Out for Comedy

I guess this commenter on Facebook is called “Ugly Stick” because he/she feels Jodi Arias got hit too many times with the ugly stick by the Creator of the Universe:

ugly stick 1



PARASITE AGE: ( if parasite is old enough to brutally, savagely murder a really good guy in cold blood in a fit of jealous creepy girl stalker rage, by stabbing him 29 times, 9 to back and head, shot to head then after OVER KILL, has the ABILITY to cut an innocent mans head off, then she is old enough to DIE by the good Doc Dr Needle Juice ).

NO CRIMINAL HISTORY: ( with exception of slashing tires, stalking, threatening TA ex-girlfriends, hacking private information in secrecy, attempted black mail, forging documents and fake letters, breaking and entering without authorization multiple times by means of a DOGGY DOOR, etc… )

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SUFFERED NEGLECT AND ABUSE: ( a wooden spoon is not a knife or a gun, and having to live by rules that can not be followed is not abuse it is a selfish immature child who has to go to bed at 8 and not allowed to color on walls ).

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PARASITE IS A TALENTED ARTIST: ( images traced from various magazine does not make art, it makes you look stupid and a fraud…another criminal act. )

see comments section.


Christine Beswick, Relationshipd Reporter for the Toronto
Christine Beswick, Relationshipd Reporter for the Toronto

Crime Comparison

This is what USA Today had to say about a comparison between the Arias crime, and other murders in Maricopa County:

Cristanos Moroyoqui-Yocupicio

“On the same day Arias was convicted, Crisantos Moroyoqui-Yocupicio pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, and a Maricopa County Superior Court judge sentenced him to 14 years in prison. In 2010, Moroyoqui-Yocupicio, a reputed member of a Mexican drug cartel, ­murdered an associate who had stolen from him, and then cut his head off.”

Cut his head OFF, –  for real.


Ray George and a sketch of the murdered woman……
….. Who turned out to be his girlfriend, Annovedwin Begay-Barakzai

“A month later, Douglas Ray George beat and stabbed his girlfriend to death and left her naked body in the street in Tempe. He also was allowed to plead guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 16 years in prison. Prosecutors said it was uncertain whether the crime was premeditated.”

“A passer-by found the body of Annovedwin Begay-Barakzai, 23, on June 15 An autopsy determined she died from blunt force trauma, and authorities said she had broken ribs, a lacerated liver and numerous stab wounds to her face and chest.”

When he switched from a blunt object to a knife, that wasn’t premeditation?

See what we mean by biblical law double standard? A man in Arizona can do whatever he wants to a woman, but a woman dare not try to assault or kill a man for any reason.

“There was no plea offer for Arias; she went to trial and was convicted of first-degree murder.

 AileenWuornos, admitted "human--hater", who killed 7 men and told her jury "May your wife and children get raped, right in the a**"
Aileen Wuornos, admitted “human–hater”, who killed 7 men in cold blood, and told her jury “May your wife and children get raped, right in the a**”

The death penalty is supposed to be reserved as punishment for the worst of the worst murders, and the Arias ­murder was certainly horrible. But so were the murders committed by ­Moroyoqui-Yocupicio and George.

Who decides which murders are the worst of the worst?


“But it is almost impossible to draw a bright line between murders that should be punished by death and those that should not. So the U.S. Supreme Court, in 1976, approved a “narrowing” system ­using statutory “aggravating factors” to distinguish the extraordinary murders from those that are merely ordinary.

Those factors include killing children or police officers, committing multiple murders or killing for pecuniary, that is, monetary, gain. But since the 1976 ruling, the number of aggravators (in Arizona) has risen from 6 to 14, leaving defense attorneys to complain that every murder qualifies for death.

Prosecutors decide which to pursue”.

“The only narrowing function is ­prosecutorial discretion,” defense ­attorney Eric Crocker said. “You’re at the whim of the prosecutor’s office to ­determine which cases are capital and which are not.”



The truth is that somebody made a phone call and made sure that this was to be a death penalty case and that Juan Martinez would be the lead prosecutor.

They made sure that Jodi Arias would be given a “Code Red” Maricopa, Arizona style.


Abuse Survivors vs. Jodi Arias

“Using primarily information from Jodi’s own diary, Geffner testified repeatedly that Jodi perceived herself to be a victim against the alleged big, bad murder victim who is unable to speak for himself. Jodi Arias needs to be careful with this strategy because she has already ticked off many abuse survivors in this particular crowd of high profile trial watchers. Most abuse survivors have a funny “radar” for each other, and can spot a fake a mile away.”

battered womanFundamentally Wrong!

This is not about abuse survival. According to her defense, Jodi Arias is a survivor of a sudden, violent conflict. This conflict was brought on by a cyclical abusive relationship. This is not a battered woman’s defense. Arias has never claimed to be a battered woman, or to have battered woman’s syndrome. Alyce LaViolette claimed that, but she meant it in that this relationship fit that pattern – type, not that Arias has any battered woman’s syndrome.

She did claim that a relationship characterized by dominance, emotional, and verbal abuse, began to turn into physical abuse by the time Jodi moved 1,000 miles away and back to Yreka, California. She claims that that violence began again in Alexander’s home in Mesa on June 4th , 2008, beginning to escalate in the afternoon and culminating with a deadly attack in the bathroom.

Out of the 8 mitigating circumstances presented by the defense in the first penalty phase, the most important mitigator, according to the 4 jury members who voted for life in the first penalty phase, was the feeling that Jodi Arias had been abused both before she met Travis Alexander and during her relationship with him.

Jodi, Jack, and Darryl enjoy a birthday party together
Jodi, Jack, and Darryl enjoy a birthday party together

Look at what Darryl Brewer had to say about her and what Travis Alexander had to say about her. He said she was always honest and cheerul. Do the math. It had to be either abuse or mental illness or a combination of the two.

Both are mitigators from the Death Penalty.

The entries in Jodi Arias’ diary do in fact provide evidence of abuse. This evidence was not refuted when Alyce LaViolette testified, although she was attacked personally. This is evidence as testified to by Dr. Fonseca and Dr. Geffner. They are corroborated by e-mails, messages, and texts between Travis Alexander and friends, and the testimony of friends of Travis.

This evidence cannot easily be refuted. She was abused, no doubt.

Within months of meeting her, Alexander was calling Arias a “skank” and “a pathological liar”. Yet more than a year and a half later, he is still suggesting sexual scenarios for the future and having both phone sex and in-person sex with her while still denigrating her to his friends.


No Accountability, No Remorse, Manipulator

“Again, Jodi needs to be very careful about this approach because nobody sides with the defendant who never takes accountability, never shows remorse, always manipulates, and has a long history of not telling the truth. Not only that, but juries are instructed to make decisions based on evidence.”


Evidence is being presented by the defense. It’s real and it’s evidence. Jodi Arias has taken accountability for her actions during this trial. Jodi Arias does NOT have a long history of not telling the truth. It was only after the killing that she has a such a history. No evidence to the contrary has been presented.

When Bill Arias said in the police interrogation that Jodi had not been honest with her parents since age 14 or so, what he meant was that she no longer confided in them. She was evasive as to the details of her life after moving out of the home, but this does not mean she lied to them. The fact is she didn’t tell them anything unless absolutely necessary.


Biased Expert Testimony


“Expert witness testimony does count as evidence… Most juries understand that expert witnesses are biased, for the defense and for the prosecution as well.”

I agree, but when the experts present objective evidence that can’t easily be disputed, on either side, the jury is likely to accept it.



Jury’s Perception is What Matters

“What matters at this point for Jodi Arias isn’t even what is or isn’t the truth. It’s what the jury believes. How is the jury perceiving all of this drama? If even one of them is perceiving it the same way the general public appears to be, Jodi is in trouble.”

Agree, however Juan needs 12 out of 12 jurors to get his death sentence.


narcissist (1)

Jodi is a Narcissist per DSM V

“Jodi’s been accused of being a narcissist several times. And the funny thing about narcissists is that people always see through them very quickly, but the DSM 5 tells us that they are so oblivious to that because they lack insight beyond their inflated sense of Self. Jodi thinks she’s fooling people. Her supporters are fooled. Supporters for the prosecution call that ‘drinking the Kool Aid'”.

Plain Wrong!

narcissism2Jodi had never been diagnosed as a Narcissist, which means that she is not a narcissist, doesn’t  it?. Please give specific examples of where Jodi Arias is easy to see through. I would agree that Jodi Arias is sometimes oblivious to seeing how she is viewed by others, and she does lack insight. For example, after she gives the “Ninjas” explanation for the murder, even though Detective Flores told her that her story is impossible and unbelievable, she stuck with it and even enhanced it.


Congratulations to “Cate”

I will say that “Cate” has given many very specific incidences of Arias’ testimony and journal entries she feels should not be believed. Her arguments are persuasive, and I give her a lot of credit for her arguments. Cate knows that she must provide specific examples to make a convincing argument, how is it that Beswick, a “life and relationships advice” reporter, does not feel the need to provide an example?


Jodi has Fooled her Supporters

Strong Wrong!

Jodi’s supporters are not fooled by her. They are in a better position to judge her than non-supporters because they have been communicating with her and they generally know more about her and her positive qualities, which are just flat out ignored by prosecution supporters.

“And her lack of evidence is going to strongly work against her and lead her jury into waffling territory. This is dangerous because waffling territory which plants the seeds of reasonable doubt.”

Way Wrong!

“Reasonable doubt only applies to a burden of proof “beyond a reasonable doubt”. In the penalty phase, the defense only has to prove that the mitigating factors are more true than untrue. Only 51% proof is needed, and this is called a burden of proof “by the preponderance of the evidence”. There is no place for reasonable doubt here. A mitigating factor is either more true than not true, or it’s not.

“You will notice every lie or as Jodi likes to call them, abuse story, is more dramatic than the last. As the DSM 5 shows, that’s an elevation technique narcissists use, especially when they meet with resistance. It is the classic, “Oh ok, you didn’t buy that story? You will have to believe this one, because it’s even more terrible.” The narcissistic defense.”

Do you have any specific examples? You are a reporter, aren’t you? Or are you just telling people what you want them to believe, without providing anything to back it up?

There is NOTHING in the DSM V relating to an “elevation technique” due to “resistance” or anything else.


Zero Boundary Defense

“It’s the, “let’s toss out as many of these dramatic stories as we can and see how much we can make stick” defense. She has zero boundaries and will literally stop at nothing to avoid the death penalty. And, since she is too afraid to testify, she gets her expert witnesses to do the job for her. From Travis was a pedophile, to “oh great now I’m getting death threats” nothing is off the table in Jodi’s quest to delay the inevitable.”


If Jodi is getting death threats, as she had alleged, this will be easy to prove or disprove, as the jail has a copy on file of every postcard sent to her and a recording on file of every phone call she has made. Dr, Fonseca believes that Travis did have a sexual interest in underage children. Why would she dare say this if she didn’t really believe it given the evidence she researched?

For the millionth time, it seems, Jodi does not want to “delay the inevitable”. She cannot start her appeals process until after she’s sentenced. I’m very sure she’s eager to get to Perryville prison, where there are better food and conditions (according to the prisoners themselves), so she can begin her series of appeals.

How many boundaries would you have in trying to save your life?


Days Of Our Lives

Citing Jeff Gold About the Defense

“It was two very long days of testimony that left many still wondering where the mitigating factors were. As lawyer and expert legal analyst, Jeff Gold from the Gold Patrol tweeted,”

“#JodiArias diary ugh! These are the days of our lives. The court has allowed the defense to go way too far afield of mitigation. #justsayin.”

We have already demonstrated that Jeff Gold is an idiot, a sentiment not only of many Jodi supporters. He is desperate to connect with people under age 60, but he has no idea what these “youngsters” are interested in. He tried to do tweets about such things as a 1970’s soap opera and Britney Spears, not realizing that no has been interested in such things for decades. Just sayin’. LoL.


The reason why he is wrong is because the prosecution disputed that there was any evidence at all of abuse written in Jodi Arias’ journals. The prosecution used Arias’ journals to try and show there was no abuse. The prosecution tried to deny the evidence given by Alyce LaViolette by attacking her character and her qualifications, rather than attacking the evidence she presented.

Therefore the defense should be given lots of latitude by the court to show how the journal entries back up Ms. Arias’ claims of abuse.


Citing Jenn Wood

“The defense was hoping this would establish a pattern of abuse, but what it appeared to establish was the pattern of an obsessed girlfriend. As Jenn Wood from the Trial Diaries reported,”

“Day in out #jodiarias eats, sleeps, breathes Travis. Journaling, calling, emailing, and texting.”

I would agree with Jenn in that Jodi Arias was way too infatuated and obsessed with Travis Alexander.

juan jodi jen

Jodi Arias and Jen Wood. Any similarities?
Jodi Arias and Jen Wood. Any similarities?

wolf juan jen jodi


Jodi Admitted to Slashing the Tires?

“In addition to stories told to make Travis look manipulative, the jury also heard that Jodi Arias did admit in her own journal that she slashed the tires of Travis Alexander at one point in 2007.

We also heard that Jodi owned a stun gun at one point, which may once again work to negate that she was in an abusive relationship.”

Wrong! Maybe Travis looks manipulative, because he was manipulative? Jodi Arias never admitted that she slashed Travis Alexnder’s tires. How, pray tell, would owning a stun gun negate an abusive relationship?

Citing Jeff Gold, Again

“As Jeff Gold tweeted,”

“#JodiArias court allows defense so far into the weeds you lose site of any view. It’s a DP mitigation case. This minutia can be abbreviated.”

I agree with Jeff here, this may be to Arias’ detriment as her too long testimony in the guilt phase worked against her.


No Accountability

“It came up that Jodi hadn’t bothered to mention to her diary the fact that Travis had slapped her allegedly. Geffner says this is “understandable.” Christian Today reports that one message that was read in court that was written by Jodi Arias to Travis Alexander read,”

“I’m very sorry for all the pain we’ve caused each other. Most of it is my fault. I never meant to hurt you.”

Isn’t this an exact demonstration of Arias taking responsibility for her actions that you stated earlier were non-existent?


Journals Were Doctored by Arias

“Many reports are showing suspicion around these journals and many are speculating that some of the journals shown in court were written by Jodi Arias after the crime. Jenn Wood from Trial Diaries told KPHO what she thought the defense was doing with these tactics.”

Journal entries were written in after the killing? Prove it! How in the world would she know that her journal entries would become evidence? If she really did this she could have put a lot more damning stuff into the entries.

“They are trying to get compassion for Jodi….What they are trying to do is translate this to the jury, that Jodi is a victim of Travis Alexander….”

Exactly. And isn’t that what actually happened?


dr miccio fonseca dr robert geffner

Dr. Geffner Is just Dr. Fonseca 2.0

“By the end of Days 19 and 20 of the retrial of the penalty phase of the Jodi Arias trial it was clear that Dr. Geffner testimony was simply a “2.0” version of previous expert witness for the defense Dr. Fonseca. Like Dr. Fonseca he worked very hard to paint the picture of Jodi Arias as an abuse victim, and the word “manipulated” came up a lot in his testimony.”

Maybe that was the defenses intention. You can discredit a witness and attack them personally, but it’s much harder to attack two witnesses saying the same thing. Now you must attack the evidence they provided and that’s not easily done. It’s an excellent strategy if it was in fact their strategy.


Abuse Victims Don’t Kill Due To Manipulation

“What Dr. Geffner, domestic violence expert, does not want to say about Jodi Arias is that, abuse survivors don’t act like that. Even abuse victims don’t kill because they feel manipulated. They only kill when they are in true survival mode.

Jodi is trying to say she was in survival mode the entire time she was in a relationship with Travis Alexander, and there simply is no evidence to date to support that notion. This is a mentality she is trying to convey that is seriously ticking off abuse survivors. This is how the last week ended before breaking for the holidays. “

Right! Either she was in survival mode and fought for her life or she just snapped even if it was days before the killing. There are no other reasonable explanations that I can see. No one has claimed that Jodi Arias was in survival mode the entire time she was in (the) relationship. Just you’re claiming that, Beswick.


A18-882471 - © - Norma Jean Gargasz

Jodi Will Go To Perryville Prison

“Regardless of what verdict is reached, when the verdict is delivered Jodi Arias will be transferred to Perryville Prison to carry out her sentence. “

Right! Who is not in agreement with that?


Demonstrators Protest Against AZ Sheriff Arpaio During His Visit To CA

Kindness and Benevolence of Sheriff Joe

“We do not know if Sherriff Joe Arpaio will be hosting another talent competition this holiday season, but we do know he is allowing free video visitation as a special treat to inmates over Christmas.

KTAR reported on Dec. 23 that inmates in Maricopa County, including Jodi Arias, will be able to have a free video visit with family members over the holiday season. Generally the video visitation costs $13, but Sherriff Arpaio is providing it free to all inmates this holiday. KTAR reports that Sherriff Joe said,

“It’s very very good to be able to let the loved ones – whether it’s in Mexico or anywhere else that cannot come to the jail – to be at least able to utilize this video equipment.”

Video visitation will last 20 minutes each and must be registered for online. What do you think the chances are that a group of Jodi supporters will try and get in on this one? Will the next step for Jodi Arias be a leaked jailhouse video?

Dead Wrong!

This is all a very nice tribute to that cuddly teddy Bear or Santa of a benevolent jail keeper, Sheriff Joe. But this is the most distasteful thing in the Christine Beswick’s “article”. Can anyone refute that Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio is a Monster? I don’t think you can.

We urge you to take a look at some real, factual reporting:


The Video visitation scheme, actually replaces face to face visitation in Sheriff Joe’s jails, meaning that even if you can travel to the jail, you cannot have a face to face visit with a prisoner any longer, only a video visit. Keep in mind that most of the inmates have merely been charged with a crime and have not yet had their day in court.

If you are familiar with Skype and other video conferencing software, you know that this software is virtually free and only requires a computers or smartphone to enable a video chat.

The system in the Maricopa jails works well for jailers because they can record and store each and every video-chat. Prisoners are charged almost $13.00 (65 cents/minute) for a twenty minute “video visit”.

Now, for Christmas, Sheriff Joe is “allowing the privilege of a free video visit for each qualifying prisoner in his jails”. How benevolent of him! Actually it’s entirely self-serving.

Many families who have not yet done a video visit can try one for free. Then they will be much more used to the technology and all set up for future PAID video visits. Though it’s nice that people can visit from a great distance, this scheme is a giant cash cow. The Sheriff gets 20% of all monies generated from video visits as pure profit. They also save money from all the manpower and logistics required to have actual face to face visitation. You do the math.


Juan’s Wondrous Motion

“Trial Diaries has reported that a motion was filed dated Dec. 22 with the Maricopa County Superior Court on the case of the State of Arizona vs. Jodi Arias.

In that motion, prosecutor for the State Juan Martinez objects to, well, just about everything the defense has done as of late. Specifically Martinez is objecting to the recent motion filed by the defendant seeking to dismiss the death penalty. So, at the start of this case, Juan filed a motion to seek the death penalty.”

The motion to dismiss the charges or to dismiss the death penalty demands a response by the prosecution. Of course, he filed a motion in response to the defense motion. Ch – Ch – Ch Chia!



Strenuous Objection

“Juan’s motion is a strenuous objection to that. He basically said in his motion, they are claiming misconduct but have failed to show evidence, as usual, thus, no misconduct. In closing he makes sure that the last thing he says about Jodi Arias before the holiday break is, she’s a liar.”

Juan’s response is always “She’s a liar”. However, you do not get sentenced to death for being a liar. Lying is not a capital offense. You need something more substantial than that. Strenuous objection? Remember how far that got Demi Moore’s character in “A Few Good men”?

“The State objects to defendant’s latest request to ‘dismiss all charges with prejudice’ or dismiss the State’s notice of intent to seek death penalty due to recently discovered prosecutorial misconduct. Defendant continues to make unsupported allegations of prosecutorial misconduct and her current request should also be denied.”


The many instances of prosecutorial misconduct are really adding up. Juan Martinez’past misconduct may be finally catching up with him. Chickens finally coming home to roost? Ch – Ch – Ch – Chia!



Jodi Supporters Drink the Kool Aid

“Meanwhile, a cursory glance around the Internet would reveal that Jodi supporters, whether they are or are not drinking “the Kool Aid” truly believe she was abused. Some also are living in a universe that has led them to believe she will need a job when she gets out of prison. Those that are not drinking “the Kool Aid” know that Jodi is a convicted murderer whose best case scenario in this lifetime is life in prison.”

Thank-You, Christine, for noting that NOT ALL Jodi supporters are drinking the Kool Aid.


Arias Best Case Scenario


Okay, this is the faction of Jodi supporters I like to call the “Rainbows, Flowers and Unicorns” division of Jodi supporters. They believe she will be set free any day now. Not gonna happen.

Judge Stephens will never dismiss the charges, she would be tarred, feathered and run out of the state if she did that. The Supreme Court of Arizona will not dismiss the charges, they will bump it up to a higher court and let them take the heat. Jodi Arias will not go free.


Jodi Arias will go to Perryville Prison.

Realistically, the best case scenario for Jodi Arias and supporters is that she be awarded a retrial. This possibility is more likely than many prosecution supporters dare to believe.


be the kool aid

Arias Supporters Are Delusional

“And this group of people calls those that support Travis Alexander “delusional.” Another post about the future of Jodi Arias shows that some people still believe she is getting out of jail sometime, and soon.”

Aren’t many Travis Alexander supporters delusional? What is it they are fighting for? Justice has already been served in this case. Jodi Arias has been unanimously convicted of Murder in the first degree. She will either get life or death, and she will go to Perryville Prison. So what fight is left for them to have? For those who demand death, good luck to you, it’s highly doubtful she will be sentenced to death.


Gossip Is Not Gospel

On top of that, there is a cornucopia of evidence to suggest that facts in this case are not as advertised by Juan Martinez, Media, Minions, or a life and relationship reporter from Toronto.

Even if Christine Beswick did make medical history!



Did Juan Martinez order a “CODE RED” on Jodi Arias?

You’re God Damn Right He Did!

What is YOUR view?

Comments from all perspectives are welcome.

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DSM V The personality Disorders.


84 thoughts on “Canadian Decepticon Christine Beswick Transforms Gossip into Gospel (Dec 30)”

  1. Rob, I commend you for ripping Ms. Beswick a new one here with your PLETHORA of PFACTS! Beswick’s articles are an odd mix of bedtime story, Sunday school lesson, and colorful confabulation. Indeed, you are right that Jodi Arias has given a platform, for, in my view, a gaggle of narcissistic gossiping hens, whose audience fawns and paws over them with a virtual PLETHORA of PLATITUDES. HA!

    On a serious note, “CODE RED” is exactly right, Rob. It’s an utter shame that mainstream media has forgotten how to investigate and report a story and present, even the prosecutorially inconvenient truths, in an engaging enough way for today’s sensation addicted audience.

    Another excellent, informative, piece with just enough ch-ch-chia’ing to keep my focus-challenged brain engaged to the end!

    1. HaHa – Sandra, thanks for the ReTweet! It was supposed to be half the length, but I didn”t want to cut any of it. I just read the article, and I’m thinking – Damn – I could have been a reporter.

      I was curious. If it was fair, I would have said so. Never thought I would see so many grammatical mistakes, though. I wasn’t looking, things just didn’t sound right. The Code Red seems like I’m being sensational, but I truly believe it. Flores was the one who said they specifically asked for Juan Martinez. The really responsible newspapers are reporting things very much in the defenses’ favor, to my surprise, but no one notices.

      That was fun. Half the stuff I found in that article, was later. The more I looked, the stranger it got. It’s just two easy for them. I could write 200 words with skank and ho in it, and I have a hit article. It’s not so easy for us, though. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Well, Rob, you could certainly “report” for “The Examiner”. Hell, Casandra Collins could, too! It’s really a “vanity publisher” in a sense, if you take a look at the requirements to write for them. I can’t get all the way through Beswick’s articles anymore. It’s not the least bit a productive use of my time or brain cells. You know, it’s funny what qualifies as a “reporter” these days, at least on the internet. And yeah, grammar doesn’t seem to matter if you’re Juan’s gal pal, allegedly!

    Yeah, it seems it was decided early on that Juan would be the prosecutor. I don’t know how that “picking process” works, though.

    Have you dropped a link to your blog off on Christine’s article? I think you should. And I think I will, too. 🙂

    1. Someone Tweeted me an unhappy Tweet about the article they probably didn’t even read, and she notified Christine. I did like her title about Prince Harry “Pickle rears it’s ugly head”. Something about Harry Maybe not being Charles’ son. I say print the photo of the guy so we can see if he looks like Harry.

      That’s the kind of stuff Christine needs to be working on, not complicated legal issues and not fanning the flames of a DP trial, when she lives in a Country that has abolished the practice as barbaric. What’s wrong with her? She maybe needs to do a piece on JonBenet, then a piece or two on UFO’s shaped like giant squids.

      1. You know I like to put on my tin foil hat from time to time. Anyone else find it a little convenient that Casandra Collins. of all the possible inmates incarcerated at Sheriff Joe’s jail, was placed with Jodi? Casandra is what I and some of my law enforcement friends call a frequent flyer. Surely, jail personnel knew Casandra’s personality and that yeah, maybe she could be counted on to add to the shenanigans-that-know-no-bounds of all things Maricopa and Jodi. The more I see the more I think just about anything is possible.

      2. I’m so sure it’s just like kids putting two diffferent insects (say a spider and a praying mantis) inside a glass box to see who wins the fight. Do you remember Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder in Stir Crazy, where they had these two in a cell, and they put them in with the mass murderer Grossberger?

        Maybe the same principle is in operation here. Remember, these are the same people who make bets on which mugshot is the whackiest and will get “Mugshot of the Day”. Sure, they probably said, let’s put Collins in there with Jodi Arias, maybe she’ll drive JA crazy and she’ll confess.

        What happened to Cassandra, anyways? Will the prosecution call her up to talk about the Cuban Necktie? Could this trial be anymore crazier than it is? Tune in next week to find out!

  3. Hi Rob, thank you so much for this!I do think it is incredibly cute that you, and your one reader who also isn’t a reporter, think that disagreeing with me and Jenn Wood qualifies you to be a reporter when you grow up one day. If only that were true for you all! You really should touch base with journalists before you tell people that “Christine Beswick hates Jodi Arias.” That is simply not true, and not contacting me before you wrote that in this piece makes you look….bad. But fret not, contrary to what your one reader claims, this did not “rip me a new one” and in fact, this really made my day! It is always a win for me when I see that I have hit a nerve. Perhaps a bit too much of the holiday Kool Aid for you though my dear. I certainly don’t expect you, who doesn’t have the graduate level and clinical experience in psychology that I have, to be able to adequately interpret, understand, or even read the DSM 5 appropriately. So you shouldn’t really use it as inappropriately as you have here, kind of [in addition to everything else you say] diminishes your credibility as a wannabe reporter. But I do thank you. It is because of readers like you that I have ranked in the number one spot across all of my categories on Examiner as a credible, reliable, and trustworthy journalist. Consistently! That is, I repeat, consistently number one Rob. Thank YOU so much for reading and enjoying my work! And for reading Jenn’s too. Obviously her exposure in the media has hit a nerve with you as well. Your jealousy is palpable and I have been getting notes from my readers all day about this. One little note as well, if you are going to be calling the “grammar police”, it’s actually “Toronto Relationships Examiner”, not, “Toronto Relationshipd Examiner.” Thanks! Is there a link to my article in your little comics piece here? I don’t see it and don’t have the time to wade through all of your poorly organized graphics. See that you add that! Would hate for your site to get taken down due to plagiarism. Happy New Year Rob!

    1. Hold on one minute, my friend. First of all, I’m older than you, most likely. Second, I do not aspire to be a reporter, as I am one, and I certainly can outmatch you any day of the week.

      Thirdly, I am schooled in Psychology and Law, as that was my profession and my clients I did legal work for were mostly disabled and many have psychiatric problems, so a DSM IV was always on my desk, you got it? You re really hardly qualified to even shine my shoes, dear.

      This is a free blog and if it were a paid blog, I’d be making some good money, but I don’t need it, Thanks.
      You don’t have a visceral, seething hatred for Jodi Arias? Your articles and Tweets suggest that you do. I might remind you, that she suffers from mental illness and is a first-time offender. You hail from a country that has long ago ended the barbarity of executions, yet you advocate for Arias’ execution and you did say that getting LWOP would be akin to “getting off”.

      I have visitors from 91 countries and 50 to 100 per day. I do not have one reader, although I don’t get too many comments, even though we encourage comments from all perspectives, and we do re-write articles when we are successfully challenged. You need Jodi Arias to get your ratings.

      What ever happened to objective reporting? Did you see what I said about the man who murdered and decapitated another man in Arizona and he got 16 years? Did you read how another man beat and stabbed his girlfriend to death leaving her naked body in the street and got 16 years also? That’s the exception not the rule, and you see nothing wrong here?

      You lionize Juan Martinez and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, one of the most prolific murderers in Maricopa County. Do you have any idea of the incredible level of corruption in Maricopa County and have you researched the record of Prosecutor Juan Martinez? Can you see that there is another side of this story which deserves some attention, regardless of what Jodi Arias has done and what her punishment is chosen to be.

      No Christine, I neither love nor like nor hate Arias, therefore I’m qualified to report on this trial. You have not hit a nerve at all, really, I’m just exasperated that there are no reporters out there with balance. Yet, I’m wrong about that, for the Arizona Republic, USA Today, and Christian Today have all done a very fair job.

      We report the facts, and yes, the facts more favorable to the defense but the facts nonetheless. You? I have no intention of giving you a hard time. I’m more interested indrawing attention to the facts that say that something rather untoward is going on in this case. I would much rather you read some of the articles some day rather than leaving your comment.

      Christine, I bet you were nowhere near number 1 until you started throwing rocks at Jodi Arias, just like the rest of 95% of the populous. People like Sandra and I take the hard road of making sure a mentally ill defendant/convict, gets her Constitutional right to a fair trial, regardless of what she has done. Only in Arizona and a few other states could something like this happen and you just don’t see it, do you number 1? You wouldn’t dare say one single thing in support of the convict or the defense, would you #1? You don’t have the guts to risk losing your support.

      Thanks for the veiled threat, Beswick. Of course your link is there and we always cite our sources. At least we use sources, Beswick. We are law students here, you haven’t a case.

      So, Happy New Year to you, too. I really would enjoy a civil discussion with you if you wish. I think much higher of you after receiving your comments. Thanks for your comments, Christine.

      1. As for the graphics, I personally like them. Maybe I should just do Memes, as I wonder if anyone really reads anymore. WordPress has a problem that when you format the graphics, you have to start at square one when you translate a page into a post. Maybe they have worked that out, but that’s why I stopped putting the time and effort into formatting the graphics.

  4. I bet you don’t have the balls to post Christine’s comment. BTW the slanderous comment you made about Jen is not going unnoticed. You’re on somebody who is bigs shit list now. I would be afraid, very afraid.

    1. I posted Christine’s comment already, and we post all comments, except no trolls. Jen Wood is biased beyond repair has proven it with her one-sided reporting. She’s a nobody.

      My understanding is that the Trial Diva’s broke up over a relationship between Juan Martinez and Jen Wood. Am I wrong? I like to be accurate.

      Your threats mean nothing. You are not one to talk about having balls, you have none. But you have no manners and you’re quite rude. You’re also crude. This is a free blog, so you and Jen and whoever can feel free to try and take a legal action, you have no case.

      If you were a little bit more civil and had even rudimentary manners, I would thank you for your comment, but no thanks, Sammy

      1. What are they gonna do? Crash my Facebook page? You know, the one with the 32 likes? What are the threats for? Just explain what you don’t agree with and why. No need to get all theatrical about it. LOL.

      2. Furthermore, what would they do without guys like you, with a different view conducive to hate? How would they vent their corked frustrations? They’d have to find a new hobby.

      3. I know. That’s why I am starting to believe in a theory someone had months and months ago.

        That this is a kind of participatory Soap Opera, where people can channel their personal angers and frustrations into one hated character. It’s a hate fest on the part of many and a social club on the part of others. Some think we are jsut as bad as murderers for supportng JA, but I don’t think they’ve read these articles.

      4. Even if I assume she’s the most heinous murderess of the 21st century I still feel compelled to stand up for due process, a fair trial. I also don’t have to be revenge obsessed no matter what the crime. These people should read some Dostoyevsky or maybe even the constitution.

      5. Exactly. I dont think many of these people know real crime. 2008 Arizona, 3 other women stabbed their partners to death and 1 woman shot and killed her BF, his brother, and herself. 13 husbands killed their wives, 14 bf’s killed their gf’s. This is by fire, strangulation, gunshot, shots with a blunt instrument, and beatings to death.

        16 children killed a parent and 10 parents were killed by their children. One man raped and clubbed to death a stranger because he was angry at his girlfriend. At least half of these deaths were as cruel or crueler than Alexander’s.

        I will repeat that it would have been much crueler if he was stabbed once in the heart or shot once in the face, and left to bleed out.

        Yes, I agree, even Hannibal Lecter, or Charles Manson, or Lizzie Borden deserve a fair and a dignified trial. Many people forget Lizzie Borden was acquitted. At the end of the trial. If a trial is fair, we can all accept the verdict, and there probably won’t be a retrial. I just can’t imagine how the trial I saw on video could possibly be that, MN.

      6. Oh yeah, that reminds me. I do not HATE Tim McVeigh, Gary Ridgeway, Scott Peterson, Eric and Lyle Menendez, the Manson girls, Aileen Wournos, etc. I can’t imagine feeling that way. I try to understand them as much as I can. I’m glad they were caught and are being punished.

        But hating them, wishing that they suffer, praying for their execution does no good for me, for them, for the families they destroyed. It prevents understanding andit prevents objectivity. I could be disgusted with them, etc., but the hate I don’t really get.

      7. You’re not sure about Peterson being guilty? I’m sure. Or are you talking about the DP? Or are you saying you hate him?

        The same with Wuornos. I’m not sure of your meaning. She was victimized and she turned into a time bomb. She lost it and she stepped way over the line.

        As for the DP, I would be ok if even McVeigh were still in prison, even better actually.

      8. I’m against the DP so that goes without saying. I’m not sure Peterson did it (Scott not Drew, Drew I have no reasonable doubt) and while Wuornos did it no doubt, she had such an extraordinarily abusive childhood/life that it’s not surprising she snapped. She was mentally ill, dangerous yes monster no. The people who fucked her up should be in prison.

      9. I agree with you on Wuornos. I cannot understand your view on Scott Peterson. He bought the boat in April, yet never used it until December 4th and he never told anyone he had it. He studied charts of the current. He was fishing for abou 3 or 4 hours yet didn’t catch a thing.

        He said he left the house at 9AM , but at 10 o’clock, he was still within a few miles of his house by cell phone records. He made 5 cement homemade anchors, but he could only account for one. Laci was going to have a baby in about 4 weeks.

        Scott told Amber he would ‘clear his schedule’ and spend much more time with her in January. He told Amber and his friends he was a widower who had lost his wife. He made it very clear he did not want children.

        He went to the boat launch with his car loaded for travel to watch the police divers on all days they were diving for Laci. I don’t knowwhat else you need.

      10. ps. No I don’t hate any of them, if you hate then you can’t make rational decisions. Would I hate them if they hurt a loved one? Of course but that’s why loved ones can’t ever sit on a jury.

      11. There is a lot of misinformation out there about the Peterson case, you know how that works. A lot of things were accepted as facts which were not facts. The anchors for example, I saw the photos from which they deemed he made 4 anchors, that was a joke. The anchors were never found btw. Maybe you can explain how he would take a pregnant woman, anchored with 4 concrete blocks, and toss her over the side of that dingy without capsizing, in San Francisco Bay (not a swimming pool). There is some evidence that she knew about the boat and just FYI his own father in law went fishing on the same day. They found old fishing permits of Scott’s so it’s not like this was an aberration. I never understood why he would kill his wife because he didn’t want children to be with a woman who had a child, another man’s child no less. Lacy stood to inherit a large chunk of money from her grandparents IF she or her heir were alive, Scott knew this. How did he kill her and leave absolutely no forensic evidence in the house, to which he voluntarily and immediately gave police access? How is it possible there was absolutely no trace of her being in his truck? No evidence in the house, yard, boat, truck or on him? They don’t even know the time of death, she was found 4 months later, despite extensive searches. I wonder why he would choose a very busy marina, in broad daylight, to get rid of a body? Evidently he knew the woods of California pretty well due to his business. He has no history of violence or anger. Any of the above spells doubt. He was convicted because he was a lousy husband and because she washed up in SF Bay. It’s a little known fact that apparently a number of bodies washed up in the same area within a short period of time (6 withing 18 months I believe). Here’s just one example, also pregnant 3rd trimester:
        It’s worth noting that while this was not a case of an indigent man gets convicted, Peterson’s attorney, Garagos a well known media lover, didn’t even show up the day of the verdict. A very high profile case with a jury which was not sequestered, you do the math.

      12. It’s not unusual to have no trave evidence in a crime, particularly in a homewhere the victim and the perpetrator both live. Any evidence would have been dismissed anyways because blood and hair and dna are there regardless. No evidence in the truck and the boat only means no blood or dna, and Scott was meticulous about that. The achors were small, and I believe there was good evidence that there were five produced. Scott has fishing and boating experience, enough to manage a body and 40 lbs of cement.

  5. In the interest of civil discussion, Rob, let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? You call yourself a fact reporter, let’s review.

    Fact: Writing on a wordpress page does not a reporter make. You have to present actual facts, which you don’t. Only assumptions, speculations, a few know facts rewritten and reformatted to suit your agenda, and something else you call “pfacts.”

    Fact Request: When you state, “for the millionth time” you confuse the reader. Can you please provide evidence of the 999,999 other times that assumption you printed was stated? [otherwise, that is not reporting]

    Fact Request: You “report” [term used very loosely] claim to know for a fact that I want Jodi to die and that I hate her. Please provide this evidence to support these claims you call facts. Because I have never once said either of those things. [speculation, not reporting]

    Fact: I have been a journalist with my own byline since I was 15.
    Not many people can say that [fact]. Why? Because I’m good [opinion]. Since then, I have risen to the top of every platform and outlet I’ve written for [fact]. Why? Because I’m good [fact: studies show, talented people rise and more talented people are in the number one spot than…aren’t] Sorry to burst your little bubble [not really] but I was good before Jodi Arias, and I will continue to be after her [fact]. As you have pointed out, (thanks for reading about the Prince) I have a life other than Jodi Arias. As do my readers [fact]. In fact, on that Prince article I received over 700 readers within 30 seconds of it being published [fact] And it’s still going! [fact] The convicted murderer [fact] doesn’t get credit for my success [fact].

    Fact: There is no such thing as a “pfact” according to the grammar police and legal analyst I just consulted.

    Fact: You’re right. News Reporting and News publishing is a truth driven numbers game [fact] which is why you aren’t in it [speculation]. It’s not an arts and crafts comic book show [fact]. I told you what my numbers were traffic wise and, knowing what I know about numbers in the publishing world that I have been in since I was 15 years old, I can pretty much guarantee that other quality writers like Kelly at Big Mean Dog and Jenn Wood at Trial Diaries get either similar or better traffic numbers than myself [speculation]. But you are absolutely right. Being considered a valuable and credible source of news and facts IS a numbers game. I wish you all the best with your 10 readers and 32 Facebook likes [fact].

    Question: What are you exactly do you even know? Psychologist slash law student slash lawyer?? Do ALL psychologists slash law students slash lawyers brag like “OMG CB commented” on my little WordPress page! Just curious. Everyone knows why you got excited when I commented and why you, and anyone else who tries to review me under the guise of “truths” gets hot and bothered over me enough to write this or any blog. Did headlining my name to garner traffic produce your desired results, Rob? Or are you still at 10 readers and 32 Facebook likes? Don’t for a second try and tell me you did that for justice. A spade a spade, remember?

    If you wish to continue the discussion I invite you to do so either privately at my Examiner contact information or via discussion comments on my column. I’m sorry, but your page takes so long to load if this comment even gets published before 2015 I will be surprised. I won’t be revisiting this page for that reason, my apologies in advance but you are welcome to join the discussion in other more web friendly platforms.

    I really am truly flattered myself, Rob.

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your review and comments, Christine. I never expected that.

      Oh, we presented a great deal of indisputable facts, Christine. Our articles are usually chock full of facts. We presented them from our sources (USA Today / AP) as well as from your source (Christian Today). My agenda is a fair trial. It’s a pretty noble agenda. After all, that’s guaranteed to all of us in our U.S. Constitution.

      Please name a specific assumption or a speculation in the article, please? That Juan called a “Code Red” on Jodi Arias? Juan Martinez was specifically hand-picked for this case. It was no coincidence. In Arizona, as we reported, the difference between life and death is at the discretion of the prosecutor. That’s also in violation of our Constitution.

      Of course, “for the millionth time” is an exaggeration. But I get tired of responding to deaf ears to charges such as “She nearly decapitated him”, “ Juan Martinez has an excellent record”, and the specific one you point out “Jodi wants to delay the inevitable” (and stay in Estrella Jail indefinitely). I was alluding to the fact that I have stated several times that this is not so, and yet the charge continues to be made.

      Christine, I never said you want Jodi to die, but did you or did you not say that if she gets LWOP, that that’s akin to “getting off” or ‘getting away with it’? I did say you hate her, and that’s the only conclusion I can come to in looking at your articles about Jodi Arias.

      Frankly, I haven’t heard of you before the Arias case, and my criticism of you relates solely to your coverage of Jodi Arias. I really did like your article on Prince Harry,

      and I will look at more of your work. I Loved the title, too. Yes, I acknowledge that your first byline was as a Junior in High School – Excellent. I really consider myself to be a fair person, and Amanda is a super-religious Christian, she’s as honest as the day is long. This isn’t really about you, Christine, it’s about a fair trial as well as a fair public hearing in the media.

      Uh, while it is a fact we have just 32 Facebook likes, it’s hugely false to say we have 10 readers. Are you talking merely about the facebook page? We are allowing it to grow naturally and we love every one of our 32 likers. There’s way too many fb pages about Jodi Arias, anyways. Maybe people will trust us because we have absolutely nothing to gain. Quality over Quantity, I say.

      I’m sure “Really Big Mean Dog” has plenty of readers, most of whom aren’t worth a cent. That crude drivel is great for entertainment, just like Mr. “Ugly Stick” we quoted in our article. That’s journalism? It’s fun and easy to hate.

      I actually like Jeff Gold, Jen Wood, and possibly even you. I just don’t like the lack of objectivity and the not sticking to the facts. There is more than enough ammunition against Jodi Arias in the factual realm, but let’s see all the facts on both sides.

      Let’s set the record straight, Christine. Do you like Jodi Arias, don’t like her, hate her, or are you neutral? I’m actually quite neutral, although I do feel she has a certain amount of chutzpah, or moxie, and I do like that. You should, too, because you seem to have that, too, as I suppose a good journalist should.

      Facts are stubborn things, but my opinions are always subject to change, upon the availability of new facts. I hope you feel likewise.

      One more thing: I performed a word search of the article for “pfact(s)”. I didn’t find that, so I’m a little confused. That, I think, was a little word-play by Sandra Weber, who by the way, is really a talented and very nice lady. Her vice seems to be that she keeps trying to wake up the dead.

      Again, I appreciate your feedback.

      1. How old was she when she hit the publishing world again? Did she mention that? Oh yes, I remember now – only like five times. I wonder if she had the DSM on her booster seat?
        “Graduate level educated”: translation – took a correspondence course once.
        ps. What is she talking about your “32 facebook likes” for? She’s got like 23 followers.

      2. Well, this is why nerdfighters need to challenge decepticons. That’s our job. It’s always the rule that an article rarely gets challenged for what is said, but it develops into a fight. I was hoping what we said would be challenged. Thanks for youe comments, mn.

      3. What could she challenge? Not to mention that to challenge she’d actually have to do some research, not her strong suit evidently. Love the way she interprets the DSM, adding her own spin on it. it’s almost as if she’s reading a different manual? Maybe she thinks the DSM is a guide to shopping at the Dover Street Market. “Clinical experience in psychology”? Oddly it’s not mentioned anywhere though she does list baking on her CV.
        It’s the old “I’ve got nothing so I launch into a personal assault, Juan-style, strategy”.
        ps. For those who quote the DSM as the Bible:

      4. These prosecution supporter blogs are mostly easily dismantled, because most are just anger, humor, and entertainment, Dr. Kristin Randle is another one. Really big mean dog is another one. I would like to see a blog that shows the prosecution side and sticks to the facts.

        I keep seeing JA described as a Narcissist, a Sociopath, and a Psychopath, none of which apply to her at all. It doesn’t phase them that the Prosecution’s “expert” did not diagnose any of these.

        I can’t see not checking a couple of sources before writing an article, it seems to me that Christine Beswick may have just got on the social network and talked it over with people who are already biased. How can that work?

      5. How can that work? Snap out of it Rob, that’s how they all do it, including the main stream media.
        Don’t even get me started on DeMorte, I can’t stand that bitch.

      6. The mainstream media does do it, and that’s the scariest of all. They are getting their information mostly from friends of TA, who knew nothing about what was going on, and from authors who were trying to sell books.

        How could that be objective or factual. We showed how that works in this article:

        Reporters had to plead with their audience not to attack them on Twitter before they said anything the least favorable to the defense.

        My view towards Dr. DeMarte comes from a previous case of Juan’s, the sleepwalker case, State v. Scott Falater. The defense had two premier scholars on sleepwalking. Juan hired a young guy who had good rapport with the jury, but he was really a novice who didn’t really believe in the research.

        The defense experts put the jury to sleep and the prosecution expert had simple explanations. I see him doing the same thing again in this case.

      7. I completely agree though I don’t know how DeMorte could have rapport with anyone, she’s highly antipathique (though maybe if you consider the jurors then that would clear that up).
        Falater is another one who got screwed, another Juan masterpiece. I know someone who sleepwalks, doesn’t happen every night, very rarely in fact but when it does it’s unbelievable – you’ve got to see it to believe it.
        Have you ever heard of that documented case from Paris, 1630? A guy got up from his bed, took his sword, SWAM across the Seine, killed a man, SWAM back to his home, and got back into bed, all without waking. Documented.

      8. I haven’t heard that sleepwalking story before, but I’ve heard others where the person drives a car, etc. I think if there’s no reasonable doubt in the Falater case, then there isn’t in any case. Who said you can’t clean up afterwards in an altered state? There’s no foundation to make that claim.

      9. I think Anthony is guilty of something just not premed murder one, Zimmerman should be doing 25 imo. I think O’Mara is a kickass lawyer. Baez is probably a good man but I was not impressed with his skills, maybe because he’s inexperienced. I think Chaney Mason was the brains of that operation. She got acquitted because she was overcharged and the jury was smart and followed the law. Zimmerman jury was like a KKK gettogether.

      10. Agree with you on Casey Anthony. Not on Zimmerman. I think a look at the closing arguments shows that there was reasonable doubt, and a great deal of it, in that case. Before you start saying that closing arguments are not evidence, they are an excellent summary of the evidence on both sides Zimmerman trial.

      11. From one who knows…Christine is a 41 yr old divorcée who still lives in her mother’s basement – where she blogs from – and frequently answers the front door in her bathrobe…insert mental picture here.

      12. I wouldn’t be surprised. Recently, I made a comment on her article comment page that addressed all the issues I took exception to. Out of maybe 6 or 7 issues I mentioned, she only responded to an issue that was aimed at her personally. That’s very telling. That issue was my observation that the two articles that came out since the article I criticized were not written in her style and seemed to be written by someone else. Since then, her latest article has gone back to her usual style: numerous grammar errors, repeating the same information, bringing up old news from over a year ago, and an emphasis on stirring things up, rather than a look at the objective facts. Thank-You for your comment, onewhoknows.

      13. From one who knows:

        FACT: Christine is a 41 yr old divorcée who continues to live in her mother’s basement – this is where she blogs, sorry “writes” from and frequently answers the front door in her bathrobe; and

        FACT: she does have a bachelor’s degree, but failed at the graduate level so her “educated” commentaries are questionable at best….but you already know that.

      14. I agree, but even very educated people cannot help riding on Jodi Arias’ coat tails for personal gain. The list of these people is quite long, including Wendy Murphy and “Dr.” Kristina Randle. Throwing rocks at Jodi Arias is a successful business model, and the gives minions the feeling that they have a bona fide journalistic outlet to back up their ideas. Not so. You can get a good feeling of a person’s education (either formal or informal) by reading their articles and comments. I think we have a good idea. We appreciate your comment.

    2. I have heard before that my page takes a long time to load. I don’t have that experience. Maybe you are one of the few still using Internet Explorer? I’ll give you a hint: Internet explorer sucks.Yes, I would like to e-mail you and continue the conversation, Ms. Beswick.

  6. All I can say is that Beswick’s comments make her come across as slightly delusional. And yes, I also have a blog, but I am in no way (and would never profess) to be a journalist. Rob actually cites law, existing cases and other valid resources to support his point of view. With the amount of grammatical errors in Beswick’s posts, she really shouldn’t even consider herself a serious writer. Thanks for your articles, Rob. I rarely (if ever) have commented on your blog but I do read all of your articles. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank-You, Lissaredshoes, you’ve been very supportive of Amanda and I, and we appreciate it. We know you’re out there! I like your work a great deal.

      Journalism’s not my thing, either, but there are reporters on this case, and there are cheerleaders, and I think we can tell the difference. Like I said in the article, I anticipated, that when the trial shifted from guilt vs. innocence, to life vs. death, that the majority of people interested in this case would be on our side. This is because most “non-supporters” I talked to thought Life in prison was appropriate and execution was not.

      What’s the most frustrating is that those who should be journalists or expert commentators, such as Jeff Gold, have caved and turned into cheerleaders because that’s where the numbers are. People lose sight of the fact that before Jef Gold caved, he said that this should not have been a death penalty case. The major media seems to be coming around o that conclusion as the time of trial increases as well as the price tag keeps going up and up.

      Even in the worst cases and the most overwhelming guilty cases, there are always two sides to a story, and real journalists should acknowledge that. In this country, a man fires nine rounds into an SUV full of teens, killing one because he didn’t like their loud music, and very few words were spoken. Then a woman is convicted for a crime where men usually get relatively light sentences for, and people are screaming for her execution. Amazing.

      If you have 95% of the people behind you, the job before you is easy, and the least one can do is stick to the facts. There are plenty of facts favorable to the prosecution. We take the hard road. We support a fair trial for a very unpopular person and we try to do it with facts, and with some modicum of class.

      Thanks so much for your support!

    1. Thank-you for your comment, VocalVapor. I have heard this from a number of people. I wonder if you are using Internet Explorer? Internet Explorer, in my experience and the experience of millions of people, is NO GOOD. If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, I highly recommend you download a free browser, such as Google Chrome,

      It’s not the length of the article. It could be that I have too many photos. I’m thinking that it may be the slideshows that are causing the problem. I will remove lots of photos from the slideshow,

      Please do me a favor and let me know if there is any improvement after cutting down on the slideshow and if you are using Internet Explorer, Thank-You, I appreciate your help.

    2. I just cut hundreds and hundreds of photos out of the two slideshows. I think that solved the problem. Please let me know if that made a difference. Thank-You, VocalViper.

  7. As a Native Arizonan, I have no complaints about Sheriff Joe, Juan Martinez, or the County Prosecutor’s Office. If Arizonans had issues with Joe, he wouldn’t have been elected in 1992 and re-elected 5 more times. If Mr. Martinez was mishandling his office, he would no longer be there.
    I’ve followed this case since 2006, as quite a few Arizonans have. You compare other murder cases but only cite generalities and not specifics. Do you truly believe that the crime Jodi Arias committed is justifiably “manslaughter”, the “deal” Ms. Arias wanted? That doesn’t fly here in Arizona.
    The stall tactics by Arias and her numerous attorneys over the last 6+ years are available on the Public Access to Court Information. <—Therein lies the almost $3mil paid out by the tax payers of Maricopa County, less than a buck per person.
    Honestly, I don't see how this case is any of your business. If anything, you're part of the "circus" Arias started that we Arizonan's have to put up with when our laws aren't to your standard.
    If you don't vote, pay taxes, or live here, you obviously don't have a "horse in this race". But keep on writing, it gives us locals something to chuckle about. As we say, "This ain't our first rodeo."

    1. Thanks for your comments, Bernina Delgado-Uriarte, I don’t know how you could have followed this case since 2006, when the crime happened in 2008. Are you familiar with Anant Tripati of Hollywood and Fiji, who went to Arizona and found evidence of corruption? He was given 50 years with no chance of parole for a manufactured crime.

      Well, Joe was elected mostly by the elderly crowd who think he’s Joe DiMagio or something. They’re just plain fooled. He’s always campaigning, with the Incredible Hulk, Steven Seagal, Wyatt Earp, etc. He decided to cut meat out of all prisoner’s meals and use the video visit scam money to pay back the millions of dollars he cost the County in wrongful Death lawsuits.

      Please see

      It’s amazing how not very talented but bombastic and slightly loony people like Jan Brewer, Sheriff Joe, and Juan Martinez seem to rise to the top in Maricopa County. We have detailed Juan’s flirtations with ethics, how he has lied, cheated, and how most of his cases are easy slam dunkers. 10 years ago, you could not get away with the stuff Juan and his buddies pull, but now you can,and we detailed that too. I think we have been very specific, but if you don’t think so, we have more coming.

      In your Maricopa County which has a long history of corruption, a deputy went through the papers on the defense desk in court and took papers out of the courtroom.

      Sheriff Joe thought there was nothing wrong with that and he defied a Judge. We have documented that, too. In your state, the legislature passed a bill allowing businesses to refuse to serve gays, as if that would please the Almighty. Fortunately, Brewer was forced to veto that bill.

      No, I didn’t say anything about manslaughter, and the guilt phase is over. The only remaining question is Life or Death? We have shone why this should never have been a Death Penalty case in the first place, and why now that it is a Death Penalty case, it should be dropped, which would bring this thing to an end immediately.

      The cost of the trial is due to this being a DP case at the insistence of the DA, the Deputy DA Martinez, and the Alexander family.That’s why there is such a cost. Nice to know you don’t mind the price tag but there does happen to be a backlog of over 100 DP cases that need to be tried after this one. Enjoy.

      Yes, there are some statutes you have in Arizona that are ‘not up to my standard’, because they violate our Constitution. The F(6) cruelty aggravator is one, Juan Martinez’ antics are another, not dropping a felony charge even though no proof was given at trial is a third. I could go on. This trial will have to be done all over again, and whose fault will that be then?

      I’ve seen your rodeos. Ray Crone, Debra Milke, and Harold Fish are just 3 of many innocent people wrongfully convicted in your rodeos. I understand your feeling that non-Arizonans have no business getting involved in this case, but in some years it will be in the Federal Courts, and then I suppose I will have the right. In the mean time, it sure shines a light into the really strange goings on in Maricopa County, where they just can’t seem to get their act together.

      You seem like a good person, a square dealer, and I really liked your comments. Maybe I will walk a few steps your way and maybe you’ll walk a few steps mine. Maybe we won’t move an inch. Who knows? I do really appreciate getting your viewpoint, though. Thank-You.

      P.S. I’ve also received messages and comments from people in Arizona who agree with us.

      1. Typo: 2008, thanks for catching that!
        Just going to address the cruelty factor, because the rest has it’s owns pros and cons, opinions/assumptions.
        When one raises animals for slaughter, guidelines, and even laws are set to provide humanity in death. One does not kill an animal by 1000 paper cuts. One does it swiftly and as painlessly as possible.
        I would not take a steer (insert whatever animal you please), slice/stab it 29 times, let it stumble around, bellowing for a minute while it bleed out, grab it by it’s neck, delivery a slice across the throat severing the windpipe, and then drag it back to a winch while air rushes in and out of it’s windpipe, and shoot it in the head.
        Any “Human Being” would be repulsed and appalled by such brutality. Can we agree that it is, most certainly, cruel?
        And, just what if, I used a electric prod on it BEFORE I started stabbing/slicing so it couldn’t run off for, say, 15 seconds? (one of those hypothetical’s brought about by Arias’ ownership of a stun gun)

        *If the 3rd felony you are referring to is the “gun”, any gun owner in Arizona (there’s just millions of us Yosemite Sam, gun hoarding, firearm crazy, lunatics in this state *eye roll*) if you discharge your own fire arm in the commission of a crime, it’s a felony; If you discharge someone else’s gun in the commission of a crime, it’s a felony. Gun ownership 101.

        *There are 5 openly gay Arizona State Legislators (one I went to grade and high school with, same age) so playing the “Arizona is Homophobic” card isn’t going to work. There’s checks and balances, of course Brewer was going to veto that bill.

        *Milke is always going to be contentious, I remember it well. But for the failings of the “detective” in other cases, was Milke responsible or not for her son’s death? Only her and the 2 others convicted know. It is what it is.

        Didn’t mean to use up you comment space! 🙂

      2. OK, I follow you on cruelty, but it’s important to make a distinction about what her intent was. Did she purposely prolong his death? It seems to me she killed him as quickly as possible. No doubt it’s a horrendous killing, but there are many worse killers out there. In 2008, 3 other women stabbed their partners to death in Arizona and 2 women ran over their partners with cars. One woman shot and killed her boyfriend, his brother, and herself. 13 boyfriends killed their girlfriends and 14 husbands killed their wives. These were by shooting, stabbing, strangulation, and beating them to death. Were any of these less cruel?

        Arias wasn’t charged with illegal discharge of a firearm. The Felony charge is complicated. We have two articles on that but suffice it to say that a legal expert thought the Judge should have dropped that 1st degree Felony Murder charge after the prosecution rested when no evidence was produced at trial.

        That was funny what you said about about the Yosemite Sams, but no, I think there are millions of responsible gun owners in this country. It’s the very few who really mess it up. It’s a matter of finding a way to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them, imo.

        It’s a surprise to find out there are 5 openly gay members of the legislature. That’s something I didn’t know. Yes, there are checks and balances, good point.

        The reason why I doubt Milke is guilty is because Jim Styers and the other guy are sitting on Death Row and they did not testify against her the first time and they did not offer to do so this time. If I were on Death Row because of a woman’s plan to kill her son, I certainly would have testified against her both times. But these are all very good points you’re making. You’re very sharp.

  8. Rob, just out of curiosity, why the interest in this particular case and trial?
    I don’t believe the Arias trial would have been anything more than a “blip” on trial watchers’ radar (specifically Arizona trial watchers), much like the Marissa DeVault trial, had it not been for the broadcasting of CBS’s “48 hour Mystery” a few years back. Maybe there would have been a camera pool with one or more of the local news stations, possibly a daily or weekly article on the trial proceedings in the Arizona Republic.

    1. Bemina, I think that it had to be a really big interest case, I knew it right from the first report in 2008. I think it’s mostly because of the photos. It’s unusual to have before and after photos at a crime scene. Then you have a reversal of roles, where the typical ex-bf kills ex-gf role is switched. I think the media knew it early on. They saw the potential, and they pushed it.

      The second part is that the trial was televised, and the trial itself was very dramatic. This case has a lot of facets to it. All these different aspects are endlessly discussed. It’s not the most interesting of cases legally, but it gives the opportunity to introduce people to other cases and other legal issues. People feel Jodi Arias was steamrolled by the media. Whether intentional or accidental, some people will always take the small minority side, if only out of a desire for fairness.

      George Zimmerman was all but found guilty by the media pre-trial. Because he had a private attorney, Mark O’Mara could come to the media and set the record straight as far as Zimmerman’s side of the story. Arias has none of that, and right or wrong, she should at least have a voice.

      My vocation has been legal services for the disabled and especially for the mentally ill. I think Arias does have a long term mental illness.

      1. Don’t you believe that it was Arias, herself, who brought media attention to her case by contacting CBS? (48 Hour Mystery)

        What I find difficult to understand is Arias was involved in PPL, (which surely told their clients that when you are arrested and read your rights, you demand legal counsel) why would she have continued with her interrogation with Det. Flores without legal counsel?

        Mr. Nurmi IS in private practice, though initially with the Public Defender’s Office when he was first given this case. He has been in private practice for several years. With the defense costs close to $3mil, do you believe Arias isn’t getting more than a fair shake at representation?

        What the public is exposed to, and what the jury hears as testimony and sees as evidence, are 2 different things. Otherwise, we would have seen a final verdict in the first trial, don’t you think? I don’t view “Entertainment News” as a source of reliable information, and have taken only what I have watched through the first trial from the local news station KPHO 5 live streaming and court documents available through Public Access on the Maricopa Superior Court site.

        Regardless of “Mental Illness”, Arizona finds “Guilty, but mentally ill”, there is no “insanity” plea. Defendants are institutionalized until, or if, they are ever deemed as “sane” and then are incarcerated for the duration of their sentence. Had Arias taken that route, I believe the jury would have given her no less than life. (Let’s be real, “Life with the possibility of parole” is benign, it may be given but it just doesn’t happen in Arizona) And I have yet to see any evidence that Arias HAS a mental illness that would have justified such a plea.

        Is she mentally ill? No doubt, but with my personal experience with PTSD for over 25 years, I have yet to see anything that puts her in that category.

        Domestic violence victim? How does one go from what has been said to be a “healthy, loving relationship” with Mr. Brewer, to one of alleged violence where Arias moves 100’s of miles to be just minutes from her abuser AFTER she has “officially” broken up with alleged abuser?

        I’d be interested in your view of what her possible mental illness(s) is.

      2. I don’t believe Arias is responsible for the media attention. I think the media saw that this case would be a blockbuster. Arias had no representation, the media came pounding at the door, even a guard encouraged her, and she got sucked in. She’s actually a very shy person, so the boldness of going before the cameras is a mystery.

        It’s also a mystery why she didn’t get an attorney right off the bat, or why her parents didn’t help her to get one. Maybe she was still counting on The Secret to get her through. She tells one story, then another, and Detective Flores says it’s totally not believable, and yet she stays with that ridiculous story for two years?

        Absolutely, Kirk Nurmi is in private practice and Arias was fortunate to have very good representation. But he’s still a public defender in this case, he’s being paid by the County and he cannot speak publicly about the case. I can’t wait to hear from both Mr. Martinez and Mr. Nurmi after the sentencing. Arias had no media representation and could not have had any.

        I’m happy to hear you do not rely on entertainment media for facts of cases. For example, it doesn’t look good for Aaron Hernandez, but I’ll still wait until the facts are brought out at trial. I don’t believe those 4 jurors who voted for life would change their minds even after all they’ve learned about the case.

        I’m aware of Arizona’s laws regarding mental illness. You explained that very well. If we are talking about Borderline Personality Disorder it’s so named because the person functions right on the border of neurosis and psychosis. Many successful and very creative people have this condition in varying degrees, including Angelina Jolie. I think Arias was fine, as long as she had structure and routine in her life. This explains why everything was fine with Darryl, who kept things very structured.

        Then when she left that relationship, this thing with Travis Alexander captivated her and eventually destabilized her to the point of psychosis. If you deny PTSD, you are left with a very serious Personality Disorder, and I believe that’s the basis of her mental illness. You just need to watch her testify to see it.

        As far as abuse, I believe the relationship was abusive to both. I think emotional and verbal abuse not just in May, 2008, but throughout the relationship is clearly evident from sources other than Arias’ testimony. Travis Alexander was proven to fly into rages, even if one might imagine that the cause was Jodi Arias herself, and his possible guilt about the relationship. So physical abuse, on a small level (wrestling, slapping, kicking) is a possibility. I’m not saying it happened, I just wouldn’t rule it out..

        I think the media was very aggressive on the prosecution side outside the courtroom as a reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict, and the prosecutor was very aggressive inside the courtroom. I think this one-two punch is what helped create Arias supporters. By contrast, the Brett Seacat trial and the Marissa DeVault trial were conducted with quiet decorum, the prosecutors forcibly but calmly laid out the case using fact, logic and reasoning

  9. PBD is what I was generally thinking, although when was there any manifestation of psychosis or a psychotic break?
    I had 15 years of my ex DH struggling with Bipolar w/ psychotic tendencies, among other things. When he was snowballing into a psychotic phase, it was very apparent. He averaged a visit to the psych ward at least once a year, despite meds. But he was well aware of what he said and did AFTER the fact, despite how ridiculous or unthinkable it was. “Good and Evil” were the ongoing themes.

    Many times trauma from PTSD would creep into these psychotic episodes. He never experienced a “fog”. Neither have I, 2 of my siblings, my current BF, or his brother (both Viet Nam veterans) as far as our own PTSD. We have “triggers”: visual, audio, olfactory, physical, and seasonal (“anniversary”).

    I do agree with BPD, but I have yet to hear any evidence of psychosis (neurosis….maybe, but that doesn’t create a radical break from reality) or triggers from any of the defense or prosecution Dr.s.

    I do have a problem with the “alleged” abuse. The has not been a single witness who saw or was aware of the physical abuse before the murder. Arias contradicts her own words from her interrogation and her journal entries.

    We don’t truly know what the angry text messages where all about.

    And why the “tall tales” during the first few years after her arrest? The whole “LDS” angle, ie, “Mormon Mafia” doesn’t fly. No one from the church was out to “cover it up”. Mr. Alexander was a very teeny fish in a huge LDS pond, he was not connected, or in an exalted position to bring attention the church. I am an ex-LDS member from 3 generations of Mormons. Mark Hoffman and Kevin Garn are more on track for what would be an LDS cover up. (You’ve got me there, I have read these allegations on various sites because of tweets during this re-trial phase!)

    Would someone with BPD create falsehoods (by admission/omission) when the truth would be far more easily to except? Yes, because lies, embellishments, and fabrication are part of their mo to get what they want, from whoever they want, more so when narcissism is added into the mix. Not saying Arias is a narcissist, waiting for a Dr. to opine on the stand, though I’m leaning that direction.

    With that said, when do the lies stop and the truth start?

    I do find the psychological aspect of this case extremely interesting. I’d address some of your other well connected examples to other cases or people, but I like to stay focused on the case at hand.

    Do you believe that Arias, barring legal technicalities, malfeasance, or whatever is “thrown at the wall”, should be punished for her crime, and if parole was ever an option in Arizona under the current Life with Parole, would she be an asset or a danger to others? Arias’ purchase of a fire arm after the murder is a bit disconcerting.

    Thanks for letting me bend your ear! 🙂

    1. It’s not a problem to bend my ear. I first made a polite comment to a blog by Dr. Kristina Randle and she refused to post my comment because it opposed her viewpoint. So I made sure to welcome and post all comments, and I even give my e-mail and keep a facebook page for comments, yet I get very few. I guess I’m not sensationalistic enough. 

      Your experiences with PTSD and psychotic breaks are accurate. I liked how you said you were leaning towards Narcissism. It will be interesting to see what Dr. DeMarte will say or if Dr. Karp will detail lots of other alleged instances of abuse, as promised. NPD hasn’t been brought up yet. If you’re asking my opinion, I think from a guilt perspective that she did go into an altered state of mind days before the killing = snapped. From a defense perspective, I think she went into an altered state of mind on June 4th. Usually people who do this sort of thing have a history of escalating precursors to murder. Those four years before Travis, there’s just nothing there.

      How could a normal person do something like that and just go on their merry way? Most prosecution supporters say there was no pedophilia and no abuse, so what’s the motive? Intense jealousy and revenge for her past failed relationships? It just doesn’t seem to be enough. It’s just unthinkable, what she did. Why weren’t there any past managers or co-workers to say yeah, Jodi lied all the time and she was angry and got violent? I think it’s because there was no one to say that. It’s a unique case and this is a very unique set of circumstances.

      I think it’s definitely possible to not form memories of a traumatic event and it’s certainly possible to repress a traumatic event. There are lots of examples of that. I think many people want Arias to say “Yes, I did it and I remember every second of it”. Still, she has never spoken about the stabbings. This is a blabby motor-mouth held in jail for over 5 years, and nothing. Remember Susan Atkins? You could possibly compare her to Arias mentally, and she started blabbing about the Manson murders after just a few days in jail. The facts of this case don’t fit into any box I know, and this tells me there is something missing, something more here.

      I don’t buy the Mormon Mafia at all. The injuries do fit the descriptions of a salvation killing or blood atonement, so there is speculation about that. A separated woman of a jealous boyfriend was planning on moving in at Travis’ house. She committed suicide. Dan and Desiree Freeman’s brother also committed suicide around that same time, leading to more speculation. I don’t know if Arias contradicts abuse in the interrogations and in her journal, she may have just avoided the subject. Abusive people are not all bad. Many of them are charming, captivating, and fun to be with.

      Another mystery is the purchase of the gun. I cannot figure that out at all. The previous lying does make it very difficult to discern the truth. Where was she going the day she was arrested?

      I am not one of those who think Arias should go free. I think she needs to pay for what she did and I think she knows it, too. I don’t think Death or Life in prison is necessarily justified by a first offense domestic killing. I think she needs counseling and psychiatric services. Marissa Devault smashed her husband’s and the father of her children’s skull in while he was sleeping. She’s a diagnosed psychopath and very dangerous, imo. I believe Jodi Arias is redeemable, in spite of what she’s done. I don’t think she poses a danger to society, with appropriate therapy.

      …..That is unless more facts are brought to light which change my mind. I’m still open minded to opposing opinions, and I have actually changed my opinion quite a bit in the past year as a result of discussing and debating with others.

  10. “The facts of this case don’t fit into any box I know, and this tells me there is something missing, something more here.”

    I could not agree more, Rob. It’s certainly a big part of what has kept my fascination. I also think it doesn’t take a a very big, or intricately designed aluminum foil hat to consider what may appear to some to be outlandish theories. I always remind everyone that “conspiracy” doesn’t have to be as widespread as the “Mormon Mafia”. I believe the Hughes have not been completely truthful, and the more they talk, the more sure I am of this. I believe others who testified for the prosecution have shown signs of fear. But of what, exactly? Yeah, Juan and cameras, etc. can make anyone nervous, but still….

    Every time I think there can’t be anymore careless arrogance in this case, I am again surprised. Take Detective Flores’ wife Corinna on twitter and making mocking youtube videos of the defense team. He had to know his wife was doing at least some of this and yet he did nothing? Flores is a lifelong Mormon, perhaps even generations back, I don’t know. Did he purposely aid in hiding or removing the porn from Travis’ hard drive not considering how important it would become? Whether reckless or purposeful, this would mean that Jodi’s defense team never had a true and factual picture of all of the evidence, hence resulting in ineffective counsel at the least.

    I also find it interesting and disappointing when so-called professionals like Kristina Randle and others can’t handle a dissenting view when presented with sincere questions. My first block was by attorney and HLN talking head Joey Jackson. Then Beth Karas on facebook. We just recently had an interesting encounter of sorts regarding her now pay-for-me website. Attorney Kathleen Zellner also recently blocked me on twitter. I wasn’t rude or disparaging by normal standards, not that I haven’t ever been on social media, but her block was simply after I pointed out she could be wrong in so many words. Hmmm. Maybe I fail to consider how big egos are when one has gotten to a certain level of success or notoriety.

    I agree with many of your points, Rob, and I like that you’re still evolving with your opinions. So am I. I think this shows a truer dedication to real justice than I’ve seen from so very many. I also think the Alexanders have been exploited to no end. By some who believe they are doing good, and others not so much. And yes, by Juan Martinez and Maricopa county. I can’t believe they were presented with a clear picture of what it would take to get the DP. Or that anyone truly knew. But this was a risk Juan Martinez decided to take. And I believe for egotistical, political purposes.

    Dang Rob, your blog pulls my string! I’m glad to see some thoughtful comments here even from those who disagree. It’s refreshing!

    1. Sandra, “Whether reckless or purposeful, this would mean that Jodi’s defense team never had a true and factual picture of all of the evidence, hence resulting in ineffective counsel at the least.” I totally agree.

      I haven’t looked into the Hughes much, but the interesting thing I found was in the “wild eyes” story Chris and Sky Hughes like to tell, and it’s evident they’ve told it a lot. Of course Jodi Arias is perturbed that the Hughes and Travis go into a separate room and discuss her at length behind her back. Also, on HLN, Hughes says something like ‘I haven’t seen those wild and angry eyes before ….. and HLN cuts the audio where he said …..or since’. Nice move, HLN.

      Dissenting opinions are generally trounced in most media when it comes to Jodi Arias, that’s for sure. Why would that be when we are the very tiny minority?

      I also agree with you that the Alexander family, unfortunately is victimized more by themselves and exploited more by others than by Jodi Arias or her defense. A life sentence ends this now and for good (for the Alexanders), but with a death sentence, there is no end for decades. Why can they not see this?

  11. Oh, and I also find the fact that Detective Flores is now in the “media department” more than a little interesting. From my experience, most cops, once they make it to homicide detective, would consider it a demotion to go into the “media department”. Maybe Mesa PD recognized his wife’s “talents” and figured since she was the “detective behind the detective”, that she’d also contribute to “media”! HA!

  12. I don’t believe either of you have had family or friends in Law Enforcement.

    To be a PIO, you need to have experience in the different areas of investigation (burglary/homicide/gang/ fraud, etc.) to be effective in conveying and /or censoring what the public and media is privy to. My BIL spent his last few years in public awareness (school presentations, safety, stranger danger, etc.) before he retired after 25 years in the San Jose PD in California. Investigating homicides is not a life long career for any police officer. His time in homicide, u/c drugs, and gang investigations effected him as well as his family. A 9-5 department was a good way to get grounded back into “normal life”.

    I don’t believe Det. Flores move to PIO is neither a promotion or demotion, it was a “change”. A good friend at the Scottsdale, Az. PD went to “Property Fraud” after his years in homicide. A family member in the Border Patrol had a similar change.

    Nothing sinister or a big development there, it’s standard procedure. It’s part of reducing the suicide/divorce rate that is not all that uncommon in Law Enforcement. In “layman’s terms”, “Reducing Burnout”.

    1. I think you’re talking about older guys who take on lighter duties prior to retirement. Detective Flores is a relatively young guy who seems to really enjoy detective work. I view this change as suspicious and something worth looking into. But he is good on camera, especially when he is contradicting the prosecution theory.

    2. Bernina, why would you say, you “don’t believe either of you have had friends in law enforcement” ? That looks an awful lot like you’re calling us liars. Why would that be such a preposterous thing that both Rob and I would have had friends in law enforcement? Hmm. OH well.

      I suppose we’re all speculating here, and certainly you have a point that officers do experience burnout and take desk jobs. But like Rob said, Flores is relatively young and if he’d done such a great job on the Arias case, you’d have thought they wanted to keep him solving homicides.

      And Rob,if you’ll notice there are now two media guys at Mesa PD. Certainly a PD can have more than one, but I’ve seen the norm as one. Mesa’s not like New York!

      1. I don’t have a really close friend or famly member in the police, but I do have some friends who are Police officers. I certainly do have a high degree of respect for people who put their lives on the line every day.

    1. Sandra, I was making an observation as someone who has had family and friends in Law Enforcement. How does that make you and Rob liars?

      (I’ve also had extended family in jail and prison. Both in Cali and Arizona. Including Perryville, Florence, Buckeye Annex, Safford, etc, and one’s who are members of various Mexican Mafias/gangs)

      My BIL retired from the force at 52 years of age after putting in his 25. Det. Flores quite possibly has 5 years before he can retire with benefits if he wants. I believe he has at least one, possibly 2 adult children. I wouldn’t be surprised if Flores was in his early 50’s.

      As far as your comment, Sandra “LOL! Shhhhh…….”, I raise livestock, wolfdogs, and exotic fowl. I *think* you might call it a “ranch? I get on the computer when time allows me. We had a winter storm blow through here a few days back and it takes a 4 wheeler to get in and out of here. To say nothing about de-icing water troughs, added feedings, and more cleaning to be done in confined stalls and pens.

      Yes, it SNOWS in Arizona.

  13. “I don’t believe either of you have had family or friends in Law Enforcement. ”

    Those are your words, Benina. Maybe you didn’t mean it the way it sounds? Anyway, no biggie. Yes, sounds like you have way more experience, certainly, than I have ever had with law enforcement! I like to learn and appreciate your insights!

    Oh my, a ranch! Sounds like fun, but I’m sure lots of work! I’m in Florida and we’re having a cold snap. 40’s tonight! Light the fire! 🙂

    I just meant Shhhh in general 🙂

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