Oscar 1

“Dolus Eventualis” and “Dumbass Eventualis” fully explained (Sep 20, 2014)


dan freeman

20 “Inconvenient Truths” about the Jodi Arias Trial (Sep 1, 2013)



A poem about the Jodi Arias trial (Sep 14, 2013)




jodi travis dogHome Two Sides to Every Story


wendy-murphy-31An Open Letter to Wendy Murphy (Oct 20, 2013)


ob-boatAre Scott Peterson and Jodi Arias in the Same Boat? (Nov 9, 2013)


nurmi-2Arias Files to Give Nurmi the Heave – Ho, Settlement a No – Go (Oct 28, 2013)



Arizona Justice: The very strange case of Patrick Bearup (Nov 26, 2014)


gospelCanadian Decepticon Christine Beswick Transforms Gossip into Gospel (Dec30, 2014)


jodi-supporter1Jodi Arias Supporters are Crazy (part 1) (Nov 16, 2013)


images (1)Jodi Arias Supporters are Crazy (part 2) (Nov 16, 2013)


dunnreg_0Good Job, Florida! Michael Dunn Is (not quite) Done…. (Feb 15, 2014)


josi-and-travis-babiesHay dos lados en cada historia.(Sep 1, 2013)


heroes 5Heroes, Zeros, and Geniuses in the Jodi Arias Case (Nov 10, 2013)


heroes 3Heroes, Zeros, and Geniuses #2 Lights Out (Dec 8, 2013)


hodiho691 ltHodiHo69, On the Front Lines (Feb 4, 2014)



Horn, Corn, and a Truckload of Porn: Update on the Arias Penalty Retrial (Dec 20, 2014)


jeff goldJodi Arias Case – Jury Selection / Media Clown Reunion (Oct 10, 2014)


tony 3Jodi Arias Sings Soprano (Nov 25, 2013)


roadrunner-2Oxygen Network Stretched the Truth Until it SnApPeD (Dec 23, 2013)


liberty-bell-at-independence-hall-1901-padre-artReader: Your Arias Trial, felony murder charge article is baloney (Dec 12, 2014)


article-2278514-179229ee000005dc-190_634x429Some Oscar Pistorius Poems (Sep 16, 2014)


imagesSpotlight on Domestic Violence (Oct 9, 2013)



Spotlight on Dr. Kevin Horn (Oct 1, 2013)


juan-in-2002Spotlight on Juan Martinez (Sep 15, 2013)


juan-cross2Spotlight on the Jodi Arias Trial (Oct 20, 2013)


images-2Stranger than Fiction: The Real Sheriff Joe (Feb 20, 2014)


sandy arias ltThe Arizona Death Penalty Aggravators (Sep 10, 2013)


besy wayThe Best Way to Help Jodi Arias? Don’t! (Nov 24)


executivesThe Executives: The Executives and the Executed part 1 (Oct 20, 2013)



The Executed: The Executives and the Executed part 2 (Oct 20, 2013)


instagramThe Instagram Shower Evidence (Feb 8, 2014)


juanderfulThe Jodi Arias Murder Trial: A Juanderful Closing Argument (Jan 10, 2014)


nightmareThe Jodi Arias Penalty re-trial – The Nightmare that never was (Nov 21, 2014)


jodilandThe Jodiland Wars (Oct. 10, 2014)


sandy hook

The Sandy Hook Atrocity (2 years after) (Dec 14, 2014)


super hero lg

TRUE or FALSE ? (Test your Knowledge about the Jodi Arias Case) (Quiz #1)

TRUE or FALSE ? (Test you Knowledge about the Jodi Arias Case) (Quiz #2)

TRUE orFALSE ? (Test your Knowledge about the Jodi Arias Case) (Quiz #3)


arizona maricopa What’s going on in Arizona, Maricopa County? (part 1)


arizona maricopa 2What’s Going On In Arizona, Maricopa County? (part 2)


crucible  Why Arizona + Jury might = InJury (Jan 8, 2015)


us-constitutionWhy Jodi Arias will get a new trial (October 20)


holy-grailWhy the Felony Murder charge is the Holy Grail of the Jodi Arias case. (Nov 5, 2014)


banana boatJust Da Truth: The Banana Boat and Much Ado about Knotting (Feb 14, 2014)


icon-arizona-s-c1 Kirk Nurmi’s Motion on Arizona’s (F) (6) Aggravator is Denied (September 26 2013)


mirror-4Lies and Juanipulation: The Mirror Crack’d (Jan 12, 2014)


candy-crushMilk and Cookies for the “Crusher” of Candy Crush ! (Dec 28, 2013)


crystal-blue-2-ltMore lies and Juanipulation: Crystal Blue Persuasion (Jan 20, 2014)


jury-1New Discarded Juror Questions for Jodi Arias Not Reported by the Media (Oct 31, 2013)



Oscar Pistorius Trial – Your Heart vs the Verdict (Sept 16, 2014)


EXCLUSIVE Reeva Steenkamp girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius, pose during a photo session

Oscar Pistorius: A few choice words about the sentence (Oct 21, 2014)


Jodi Arias hearingPenalty Retrial: Two Craters traversed, one Giant Crater left (Jan 14)



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