This is a blog about legal issues with opinions by law school students and graduates. Currently, the subject is the Jodi Arias murder trial.

amanda paint 1Amanda Chen is a University graduate and student of International Law in California. Amanda recently returned to the People’s Republic of China, Guangdong Province. Amanda is a devout Christian and her hometown Church seats about 300 and is usually standing room only. Most people in China are agnostic or Buddhist. Amanda is an accomplished artist and she sometimes teaches English and art in tandem.

rob sketch 1Rob Roman is a graduate of The University of New York and a Paralegal in upstate New York. Rob has a background in Psychology, having worked with and advocated for the mentally and physically disabled. Rob is a practicing Buddhist. 

spotlightThis is the other side of a one-sided story. The reasons why many people feel that this was not a fair trial and the verdicts are highly suspect are explored. Arizona politics and practices are also explored. Arizona is a death penalty state in the Southwestern United States.

Contact us: robroman2112@gmail.com

worldam culture sb

Check out our New 99% Jodi Arias-free site about the pressing need for an American Cultural Evolution


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