A poem about the Jodi Arias trial

Harmonious Opposites:

May 2013

by Rob Roman

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is truly the trial of the century.

trial century

She’s a young pacifist with a long term, stable, and loving relationship. Gentle as a lamb, she butchers a successful businessman. Next, she kindles a new love interest, watches a scary movie, then goes out to Chilli’s for a business meeting. She sees the police at the door and just gets in the car.

police carShe hunts for paper, does some yoga, sings some songs, and preens her hair during a 4 hour interrogation. She smiles for her mug shot and thinks getting booked is an interesting learning experience. The camera is with her every step of the way.

cameraShe sends flowers to the victim’s grandmother and goes to his memorial service. She calls the homicide Detective happily offering her assistance. She is wild and messy and spontaneous. She’s ditsy, appearing shallow.ja

She is shy in crowds but incredibly social and intense one to one. She is trying to grow spiritually. She is strong but slight of build. She’s got Barbie blonde hair and breast implants. She is smart and articulate. She comes from humble origins.

princessShe’s Princess Grace of Monaco, a refined artist in a crude environment.

The victim is a Mormon church elder.

mormon jesusThe requirements are more than strict and the church rules his life. He’s successful, traveling the country, tremendously social and popular. He also comes from humble origins. He is trying to self-actualize and develop in his business and religious communities.

travis 1He’s a clothes horse and anal-retentive neat-nick. He’s kind and considerate while running multiple girl-friends.

successPower, success and ego corrupt him as he scales the social and financial ladders. He’s got biceps like cannonballs and legs like a sumo wrestler.

eddie snell travis alexanderHe’s Eddie Snell from Alabama, a crude showman in a refined environment.

They find each other and “open the gap”. It’s a snowy combustible mix inside the bell jar. Breaking the rules, if it’s wrong, they don’t want to be right. He allegedly leads her into an anal sex only relationship.

bell jarShe claims he has propensities of pedophilia. She has Spiderman powers and pink thongs. He has magic underwear. She writes in her journal about his “three soft kisses” while he talks about “tying her to a tree and sticking it up her ass all the way”.

spidey underwearIs he physically and emotionally abusive? Or is she corrupting, conniving and smothering? He’s pulling her up while she’s pushing him down? She takes artistic photos of him worthy of a Calvin Klein Ad. He takes crude photos of her Backside not worthy of Hustler Magazine. She calls him “my inspiration” while he calls her a “3 holed wonder”travis shower small.3 hole

south parkmormon loveShe’s looking for love and a family. He’s looking for a thousand ways to screw before you die. He won’t get that from good Mormon ladies. Her hope is to be a good Mormon lady, but she loves him so she cannot be one and cannot have him. 20 super-sized bottles of KY later (and you can believe that’s what was on the kitchen table that started the hiking fight), there’s blood in the water and a horrendous killing caught on camera.

mormonsWas she really trying to protect their external reputations, appearances and their secret internal life, or is she just a pathological liar with no feelings for anyone but herself? Are the victim’s family and Flores losing their minds……?

jodifingerIs she just another maniac like Ted Bundy with absolutely no conscience or was she cornered like a kitten by the T-Dogg, washed in adrenaline and turned into a cyclone of anxiety-amnesiac Neanderthal self-survival?

No matter if she tried to kill him or he tried to kill her, now she is being pursued by a macho Latino genius who really does want to kill her. Every day, he is masterfully ushering her farther and farther down a surreal vortex. Each day her team pushes back as she’s pushed further and further down the long, dark corridor to the execution chamber.

jodi arias courtIn her court, she has seemingly morphed into a bright, and articulate princess. Her emotional maturity has ripened and the GED lady seems more intelligent than many college graduates. The prosecutor thinks linearly and only in black and white. She thinks in 5 dimensions and 64 colors.

images (1)It’s an F’ing bullfight. Some days, you don’t know which is the bull and which is the matador. Deadly serious, he’s sprinkling one-liners from My Cousin Vinnie into his relentless death house cadence. She’s saying “Oh crap!…. I think I killed somebody”.

bullfight 2The prior capital case defendant, he broke that young lady on the stand, quickly sending her grieving to death row. Everyone knows she’s Wendi. She poisoned her terminally ill husband then beat him with a barstool and stabbed him to death for money.

wendi andriano largejodi arias large 3The new defendant is mirroring the case prior. Did you see it? Jodi used Wendi’s words “It’s because of my wrong choices”, and mimicked her actions on the witness stand. Juan is having déjà vous. This new trial is sickening and naturally raw contemporaneously.

Prior, Wendi was also a young woman, a bottle colored blonde with two young children. The resemblance is shockingly similar to Jodi on the stand. Juan showed zero mercy, and rightly so. Wendi was the easier kill. This is a man who has always done his homework on-time.

bullNow, it’s Juan and Jodi. They are harmonious opposites. It’s an opera like dance of death. It’s the soft-spoken, cavitating kitten against the raging pit-bull. He is killing the defense case exactly as Travis was killed. It has 19 knife wounds already.

There’s blood on the courtroom floor. Is it dead already? Only the jury knows. Will there be a coup de grace? When will it be? Deep inside Juan’s case is a built-in old fashioned patriarchal spanking and a Mormon sermon to boot.

Do you know what happens when you lie??

Basically, you are condemned to hell!!!

downloadmediaNumerous and sundry Vinnie Pelicans and Nancy Drewberries cheer and scream for the kill. Biased media cheerleaders can’t ever grasp the real story here. It’s a rare ancient recipe of fine art and pop culture. Maybe the bigger story here just will not sell.

And to top it off the whole trial may depend on the existence of a soft rope

or a match of shell casings

or the number of steps to delete an image

or a blue plastic gas can from Walmart.

gas canbuttons zippersLethal gas cans or lethal injection? Is it buttons or zippers, Juan?

Do you think it’s easy for Juan? Your Dad was too strict.

You missed a rare example of his true compassion.

No compassion for Travis? You are diseased.

Nothing but hate for Jodi? You haven’t evolved nearly enough.

There’s much more to this picture than meets the eye.

This here is one super sized global morality play.

Is it about Travis and Jodi?

Or is it really about you and me?

Bud, you cannot make this stuff up.

Don’t cha know?



There’s a startling secret nobody knows about …




003 (1)

…hidden deep within the final enigmatic photo.




jodi hand lg




Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

5:30 PM Mesa, Arizona

Great potential suddenly swirled down the drain,

Leaking out onto two bathroom Matts.




dave hallstop bullying large



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11 thoughts on “A poem about the Jodi Arias trial”

    1. Some people think this is a photo of Travis’ back, as if he is doing a sit-up. As if he is being dragged by his arms.

      If that’s true then the floor is in the foreground and the wall is in the background. But it might be someone tripping and falling. In that case, the wall is in the foreground.

      I enhanced the phoro and found a human hand inside the yellow rectangle. If that’s true, then there must be another person in the bathroom. I showed it to two people, but they don’t see it. I see can clearly that it is a hand.

      If the foreground really is the wall, then the camera mus be on its side. If the wall is in the foreground, Then the hand is upside down in the same position as Jodi’s handprint in blood. Either way, if that is a hand, there must be 3 people in the bathroom.

  1. Rob, is the photo you enhanced clearer than the one here? I would say so because I really can’t see a hand or anything. I see something but its blurry. I love all your blogs, they’re always so spot on. Thought I very nearly couldn’t read this one, pleased I did, had to google for it instead of clicking on the link someone posted!

    1. Heather, that’s the best I could do. Remember that this is a photo of a photo on the overhead projector that is another photo printed from the original JPEG file in the camera card. This JPEG was already recovered and enhanced by the crime lab.

      I wish we had the original JPEG file to work with. I am convinced this is a woman’s left hand bent at the wrist, thumb facing out.

      You can try it yourself. My laptop came with a free version of “Photo pad image editor”. I just enlarged it and brightened it using the “exposure” function. I saw it right away.

      The more you enlarge the photo, the more it becomes just pixels, but I can’t imagine what else it could be. I think you’ll like the next article, it’s about someone we both know.

  2. IllAll rhetorical and no substance… Typical of Arias apologists.

    …”Burden of proof” does not mean the jury must ASSUME facts not in evidence that would benefit the defendant.

    Alyce Laviolette spent over on the month on the witness stand explaining why she thought this relationship was abusive, and Arias was a ” battered woman” .

    The jury had to consider the possibility that this was a crime of passion, or domestic altercation gone too far-

    And they rejected that possibility, due to the convincing evidence of premeditation, although the Jury foreman did believe there was abuse, one of the mitigating factors he cited.
    Travis Alexander was shot with a .25 auto round of ammunition. There was not a shred of evidence of any kind that he owned such a gun, nor any gun. A pistol of the same caliber went missing in an unusual, mid-day robbery at the home Arias was living at a week earlier. Though Arias was never charged with this crime ( nor was she ruled out as a suspect) , the jury can make a reasonable inference based on this particular set of circumstances, that Arias brought the gun, thus premeditating the murder, and RULING OUT the possibility this was a domestic violence accidental homicide.

    1. No one ever said that the burden of proof means the jury has to assume facts not in evidence that benefit the defendant.

      The relationship was abusive, to whom and how abusive it was is up for debate. Alyce was on the stand for a month? Really?

      I’m not convinced of premeditation. There was premeditation of a road trip. What if it was proven that Jodi did bring the gun? Does that in itself prove premeditation? Not necessarily. It’s reasonable to assume the .25 stolen was the .25 used in the killing, but it wasn’t proven. There’s no evidence it was the gun, other than the caliber.

      The idea that you must have a cleaning kit and ammo if you have a gun hanging around is a faulty idea. No one knew he had a gun? There was a lot people didn’t know about him.

    2. “Though Arias was never charged with this crime ( nor was she ruled out as a suspect)…”

      This is not quite correct. The police in Yreka did rule her out, absolutely. She had an alibi. Only the prosecutor made a big deal out of the stolen .25 caliber, ignoring the Yreka police department’s assertions.

      This is one of the problems I have with the defense. It would have been nice to mention this fact in open court, but they didn’t.

      1. I think she did not have an alibi. She was in the house alone for a few hours and she was the last to leave. She could easily have been to one who took the gun.

        It’s quite a coincidence that Travis Alexander was shot with a .25 caliber gun, one that is used a lot by criminals, but seldom used in home defense, only one week after the gun was stolen and it was stolen only a few days after Arias and Alexander had a 6-hour marathon fight over the phone, by text and social media.

        A few things were missing from each room, while valuable items were ignored. Here is a photo of what was left behind at the Arias home.

        Why would a thief overlook all these coins? Arias had the motive and the opportunity to take the gun and the other items. Arias is the person with a disorder where it’s common for a person to scheme, plot, and lie in order to achieve short-term goals. She was not ruled out as a suspect, but there was no evidence besides circumstantial evidence, that Arias took the gun. She was with her sister in another state (Oregon), which was just 15 minutes to the border, on the day of the theft. She could easily have planned that trip in order to give herself an alibi.

      2. Now, if the burglary was not just four days before Jodi Arias left for Mesa and just 7 days before the murder, and if it did not happen just 2 days after the biggest and worst argument that Arias and Travis Alexander ever had, then I would say this information should never have been admitted into evidence. The proximity to the time of the murder makes is valid circumstantial evidence. Actually, there is no need to include the gun, as there is plenty of compelling evidence of premeditation even without the gun.

  3. So, Robbie, you didn’t answer my question on JDT that I posted below? Instead, you ran over here to drop another load! Ha! This is quite hilarious. What’s that thing you guys like to say about Jodi supporters that “run” when the facts are presented? I’ll give you another chance. But I guess you could run somewhere else. It’s okay. I won’t chase you. My point’s made.
    I mean, Robbie, can you just concede here and now that there was not one STITCH of concrete evidence that she ever STALKED, SLASHED, or HACKED anything of Travis’? It was all hearsay from Travis’ friends. Second hand, third hand, and on and on….

    Just admit it. I know you’re big enough to do it. Just take that big ol’ burden off your heavy heart, Robbie, and confess to me, my son….

    I will not read or reply to another word of yours until that gets cleared up. Sorry, but I ain’t got time fuh’ this stuff no mo’!

  4. This may surprise you, but actually I don’t think she stalked him. That may have been an excuse for her ephemeral presence at his house.
    This is an area I differ with many prosecution supporters, in that I don’t see any evidence Alexander was afraid of Arias- at least not until it was too late.
    Being relegated to booty-call by the man she previously idolized may have been a factor that drove her to murder, along with the squalor she was living in in May 2008, which she may have harbored resentment towards Travis for- because she was in debt to many people at that point, including Alexander, who was angrily telling her to get a job and pay him off for the BMW specifically ” your account with me is overdrawn”.
    No, Sandra- I believe it was murder on her part, but one can see behaviors by Travis that may have pushed her emotional buttons.

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