The Jodi Arias Murder Trial: A Juanderful Closing Argument (Jan 10, 2014)

(SpolightOnLaw The Jodi Arias Murder Trial: The OTHER side of the story)

Fact based reporting by

Rob Roman and Amanda Chen



In this photo, Travis Alexander is wearing the costume and carrying the wig of
In this photo, Travis Alexander is wearing the costume and carrying the wig of “Eddie Snell from Alabama”, his crude and violent alter-ego.

In the all-important closing argument, Maricopa, Arizona prosecutor, Juan Martinez, promised to “shine the light of truth” on the defendant. He explained that Jodi Arias is guilty of first degree murder because:


  •  Jodi called her sister “stupid” (Important)
  • She had conflicts with her parents
  • She got in big trouble and lied about it
  • Jodi “adjusted” Ryan Burns
A Mormon couple, modeling their
A Mormon couple, modeling their “magic underwear”.
  • She “committed perjury”. Everything she said is nothing but lies.
  • Jodi is a liar and manipulator because she testified that Ryan Burns was “full of crap”…
  • …after Ryan testified that he thought she said “she worked at Margaritaville” and he “touched her vaginal area”.
  • “A field of lies sprouted every time she took the witness stand”.
After earthly life, the next step for Mormons is to live with God on Earth's sister planet Kolob, which is closer to the throne of God, becuase earth was relocated form near Kolob to it's present position.
After earthly life, the next step for Mormons is to become celestial rulers and live with God on Earth’s sister planet Kolob, which is closer to the throne of God, because Earth was relocated away from Kolob to it’s present position in our solar system.
  • She is a waitress / manipulator who flirts with customers for tips.
  • The defense experts and defense team are all liars.
  • If Jodi told the truth about Travis having a gun and she did not premeditate the murder, she’s still a thief because she stole Travis’ gun and she’s still a murderer in the first degree because the prosecution, with the approval of the judge, legally manipulated the law with the felony murder charge.
Jodi Ann Arias is
Jodi Ann Arias is ” a chameleon who will adjust to the situation and make herself go further to manipulate. ” – prosecutor Juan Martinez
  •  She stomped around like a wildebeest migration and left behind incriminating evidence. 
  • She was focused and deliberate, removed incriminating evidence and she did not leave a trail of bloody footprints while exiting the home.
A real Wildebeest
A real Wildebeest standing, not “hovering”, in a real field.
  • Jodi is a liar because she has a good memory for buying a Strawberry Frappuccino but can’t remember the details of a horrific, traumatic killing.
  • The only victimization or trauma Jodi ever experienced in her life was this: Jodi is “a victim of the trauma of lying”.
  • Jodi implicated herself on the stand and violated the spirit of the law by stealing a license plate that she was not absolutely sure belonged to her rental car.

download (1)

  • Jodi was criminally careless and negligent in possibly depriving a citizen of their lawfully obtained California license plate.
  • Jodi “has created a fantasy world”. Yet, even in her fantasy world, Juan reaches in and catches her several times violating the law.
Scene from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Scene from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • She decorates her lies with ornamentations to make them more believable.
  • Jodi is a lying liar. She even lied to Travis by faking an orgasm.
  • Jodi is a story-teller and sociopath who will defy the laws of common decency, bend the law to suit her purposes, lie, manipulate and even break the law in order to achieve her goals.
  • Jodi is strong-willed.


Scene from the
Scene from the “Wildebeest Stampede” in Disney’s The Lion King
  • “She’s not a reasonable person, she’s a liar and a murderer.”
  • She is physically strong enough to take Travis and she “Adjusted Ryan” (Important)
  • After killing Travis the “chameleon” proceeds to Utah where “that thing” kisses Ryan Burns, straddles and “adjusts him”, and “rubs genitalia”.
  • Jodi exaggerates and is dramatic.


Jodi Arias:

Has a dumb, stupid sister

Is not very nice to her mother

Is not a very nice person


will lie and manipulate at every turn

targeted a good Mormon boy

Because she “decided she needed to breed

Good Mormon boy whose halo is a CTR (Cherish the Right) Ring reminding him never to defile his future bride by engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct prior to marriage.
Good Mormon boy whose halo is a CTR (Choose (Cherish) The Right) Ring reminding him never to defile his future bride by engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct prior to marriage.


For prosecutor Juan Martinez, this is key evidence in the Jodi Arias trial. Jodi called her sister stupid one time while communicating with Travis Alexander. This was one of the first questions he put to Arias on cross-examination. Juan made certain to bring up this major piece of evidence in his closing argument.

Allegations that Arias also once stuck her tongue out at her sister, Angela, and called her a “poopy face” were not allowed into evidence.

Judge Sherri Stephens absolutely controlled the courtroom because earlier in the trial she made sure the spectators remained silent and did not interrupt the prosecutor in an hour back and forth examination about crucial testimony concerning Snow White, the role of the Prince, the ages of the Seven Dwarfs, and whether their home was a “shack” or a “cute cottage”.

judge stephens

If Judge Stephens had the temerity to simply ask Juan “Where are you going with this?” she may have risked a mistrial or a successful appeal. It was a grand fishing expedition, but Juan got nary a nibble.

According to Juan Martinez, Jodi Arias should allow Travis Alexander to berate her father and her grandfather (people he never met) because Jodi called her own sister “stupid”. These are the footprints of murder.


Arias, like many young people, had a strained relationship with her mother. This is evidence of either abuse or Jodi’s mental and emotional problems stemming from her childhood and mental illness. This is an issue which supports the defense, not the prosecution.

Martinez stated that Arias’ behavior and acts from her birth to her late teens were irrelevant to the crime or it’s mitigation. Yet, he brought them up again and again in this capital murder case.

Juan Martinez is fond of saying “You can’t have it both ways”.

kirk nurmi

This is a man whose imagination is confined to the world of Disney, where the whole world is invited to participate in the reduction of great works of literature and psychologically profound fables about passages into adulthood, into simplistic and pleasing tales and colorful, lilting rides.

That’s why author E.L. Doctorow, in his historical work, The Book of Daniel, called Disney World rides, themed after simplistic Disney stories loosely based on the true literary works of art, “a sentimental compression of something that is itself already a lie”.

“If it’s not written in the journal, it didn’t happen” – Juan Martinez

That’s the Jodi Arias trial in a nutshell, ladies and gentleman, after the actual, and complicated truth was corrupted and bastardized into a simplistic good versus evil morality play by the “Bulldog” of Maricopa County.

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Juan Martinez gives his closing argument in the guilt phase of the trial

57 thoughts on “The Jodi Arias Murder Trial: A Juanderful Closing Argument (Jan 10, 2014)”

    1. I love his books, but they don’t make good movies. The book of Daniel, starring Timothy Hutton, is something I’ve been trying to find for a long time.

      The book centers around the trial and execution of the Rosenberg’s. It’s an awesome piece of work.

      1. I’ve seen it, it’s not bad.
        Another great example of justice.
        In light of the recent NSA reveleations, aren’t they saying it’s ok even normal, countries spy on each other. Isn’t the NSA spying on the whole world? I guess it just depends who’s doing it.

      2. I’m jealous that you have seen this movie that I cannot find.

        What’s funny about the NSA revelations, is that this was all set up after 911. I knew what they were doing and so did everyone else who doesn’t have their head in the sand.

      3. Wow. Thanks a bunch! Security for whom? All this stuf which was really cold war stuff, needed a reason to stay in existence in such large quantities, including the bloated military. Thank God for 911 to give us a new enemy.

        We have the invisible planes, now we need just need an enemy to use them on.

      4. It’s never so tough to come up with an enemy when you’re flexible, sometimes they start out as friends. Who trained Bin Laden, who was he working for? Who’s ally was Saddam initially? Even US citizens can serve as target practice for a drone, even teenage citizens….

      5. Yes, all the bastards we supported simply because they were anti-communist: Markos in the PI, The contras in Nicaragua and the El Salvador gov’t, the Shah of Iran and Saddam, the list goes on and on. Real humanitarians like these….

      6. I just saw a documentary from Oliver Stone on Hugo Chavez: South of the Border
        You can really see how the freedom lovers north of the border messed that place up

      7. Exactly. Furthermore the idiots in the government wouldn’t be obsessed with building a wall on the southern border, that border would look like the Canadian border.

      8. Maybe not so bueno, if things are good south of the border then the governor of California won’t be procreating with his Guatemalan housekeeper…
        Let’s put the Berlin Wall up asap

      9. Unfortunately now everyone is really concerned with all the free loaders flooding from the south. We want slave labor we just don’t want to pay for their health care.

      10. Yes. I don’t see why it isn’t a bi-partisan issue to solve a problem and to not have 2 classes of people living in the states. I knew there would be a million excuses why we should just do nuttin.

      11. There is no bi-partisan.
        It is never good for 10% of the population to own 80% of assets. It is not even good for the 10%, just ask Marie Antoinette (of the “Let Them Eat Cake” fame). It is always better to have a strong middle class rather than an obscene wealth gap, that’s not the same as communism (the dirties word being thrown around). It is a question of eliminating the unchecked (and often corrupt) imbalance of power of the elite. The two party system is an illusion, they all serve the same master.

      12. No, it just means I talk in my shoe.
        Try to wrap your head around that, 400 people, 400 PEOPLE in aggregate own what 150 million people own collectively. Most people can’t even fathom that. Now if you know anything about finance, even a simple concept like compound interest, you will understand that the gap will only grow, it will never narrow spontaneously. Eventually people will get pissed off. I just hope it won’t be bloody with the likes of Alex Jones with his arsenal in the lead.
        Tax cuts are not the answer.

      13. Well…excuse me! LOL 99 was way smarter than Smart. I believe in some type of heirarchical distribution of wealth, but it’s gone too far.

        I went beyond the boundaries of the spell check on that big word!

      14. I think capitalism is a wonderful idea, you just have to eliminate all the cheating (the power play). Remember the bank bailouts? Who bailed them out? It was the 150 million who work while the 400 are on their yachts pulling the strings and thinking up creating loopholes. Check out how much the people in charge (the CEOs etc) of the banks made, that info is available. You know the old (capitalist) adage “no risk no gain” evidently wrong.
        There will always be those who have more, who are motivated more but what it is now is obscene and has nothing to do with the well greased wheels of a free market economy. The grotesque imbalance also has an adverse effect on democracy. How can you have fair elections when all the media is owned by massive corporations who in turn exert massive power over those who are elected? What’s all this electoral college crap do you think? What’s the idea behind that?

      15. 100% agree. I think the electoral college was originally designed to prevent a Hitler from becoming President. I don’t see the use for it either. The two party system is insane. People have much more diverse issues than A or B. The citizens united ruling is really bad for America. Hope it is reversed.

      16. I don’t think it (the electoral college system) was designed to prevent a dictator, I think it was designed to prevent the populace from having control over their destiny. It was designed to keep power in the hands of the elite. The two party system is not about A or B, though they like to give that impression, it’s about C. Don’t you find it strange that the only issue they come rapidly together on and sing the exact same song is Snowden? Both parties, as a well rehearsed choir. What’s the issue? Oh yeah, covering up their crimes, both parties’ crimes. Amazing how bi-partisanship happens at warp speed when it’s good for them, not for the population.

      17. The whole point is if you’re ever caught without a corkscrew, this is what you’ve got to do in an emergency.
        MacGyver LMAO!

      18. Listen Rob, I think that Dolores and Ryan Dawson may be the same person, just messing with your comment section if you know what I mean.

      19. I respectfully request to be banned from this website now, before I say something I’ll be sorry for, it’s getting hairy over there! LMAO

      20. My response is about to disprove your first sentence.
        I’ve got no freaking idea, just bitchin that’s my thing LOL
        I’m going to watch some Chomsky now, I’ll get back to you if I get any constructive ideas

    2. We had fun with this article. This is all right from the closing arguments. This is like Godzilla or the attack of the lizard people! LOL! Juan Martinez turns Jodi Arias into a kind of insect and then he invites the world to believe she must be exterminated for the safety of society.

      1. Good to hear from you Amanda, I was beginning to think you were a ghost writer.
        I liked your observation (don’t know which article) that in China Jodi would have just been taken out to the back and shot a long time ago (paraphrase). I have the feeling that in some ways that may have been more humane. She is like a wounded, cornered animal with not much of a chance it seems to me. All the hate, the photos of her genitalia, her diary and private correspondence being flashed around the world is something unimaginable to me, seems like torture.
        A lot of people like to say that the dissenting views on this trial are ridiculous because she’s been convicted and so is a murderer (tell that to Ryan Ferguson or a long list of others like him), but the sad reality is that all of these people thought she was a “butcher” long before the verdict and a most even before the start of the trial. There was never a presumption of innocence here and no one was even listening. So what if the trial was unfair, she’s guilty, the end justifies the means.
        Martinez is a mediocre lawyer at best and certainly not the great human being the masses glorifying him believe. He has no ethical core and is not driven by any kind of concern for justice or the victim, his motivation is his ambition. How can one advance when one is not too bright? Cheating is an obvious shortcut.

      2. You had fun? Really? It’s fun to watch someone describe a person’s brutal slaughter? You’re the one from China, who says JA would have been shot by December 2008 in your home country, yet you had fun?

      3. To Candace Dunn,

        Yes, writing articles is fun. and what some people say and do in murder trials can be humorous. That’s no reflection on the murder, which is not funny at all. These are some of the things that Juan Martinez actually said in his closing arguments. His statements are absurd, and this was a death penalty murder case, Martinez’ comments had no place in the closing arguments in a Capital murder case.

  1. No it doesn’t, it just means I talk in my shoe.
    Try to wrap your head around that, 400 people, 400 PEOPLE owning in aggregate what 150 million people own collectively. I think most people can’t even fathom that. Now if you know anything about finance, even a simple concept like compound interest, then you will understand that it is inevitable that the gap will only grow, it will never narrow spontaneously. That’s why eventually people will get pissed off, I just hope it’s not gonna end up bloody with the likes of Alex Jones with his arsenal heading the mob.

    1. Ok, I’ve had one too many chianti, I just put that up twice (I couldn’t find the comment, now I can’t find my shoe and I really need to make a phone call)

    2. Wel….excuse me! LOL 99 was way smarter than Smart. Wealth has always been like that, and I do agree with some form of heirarchical (whew! that big word ain’t even in the spell check) distribution of wealth, but it has gone way too far.

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