A Close Friend of Jodi Arias Responds to our “Insult to Injury” Article (Feb 10)

In Defense of Jodi

by Robert Knox

Introduction and Postscript  by Rob Roman & Amanda Chen

The Jodi Arias Murder Trial, the OTHER side of the story.

Shortly after our article, Jodi Arias and her Defense Add Insult to Injury,

We received a response to our article from Robert Knox, a close friend and confidant of Jodi Arias. I liked his response a lot, so I asked his permission to post it verbatim as a guest article. He agreed, and we are happy to post it here:


by Robert Knox

February 10, 2015

jodi 22

As I believe Rob is wrong about a number of things in his “Insult to Injury” post, I offer, at his invitation, a rebuttal. I’ll cover four main issues: Jodi’s letter; her sense of guilt or innocence; her defense team and supporter groups; and her personality.


1. Jodi’s letter to the Alexander family. Rob thinks that only an evil or seriously mentally ill person could write the long letter that Jodi wrote on 7/28/08. In reality, Jodi wrote this letter after intense and repeated pressure from police detectives Flores and Blaney to do exactly what she did. So, if Jodi is evil or ill, so are they. Here are just a few quotes from Flores and Blaney on the interview tapes. (Thanks to JAII poster Canada Carol for the excerpts and transcription.)

Click here to read Jodi’s letter to the Alexander family


Video 7 – 2nd day (Flores questions)

2:40 – Tell me, tell them, tell Travis’s family what it was that pushed you to your limit. I’m just trying to fill in the holes there.

7:52 – How about Travis’s family?

Jodi – I care very much about Travis’s family, and I can’t help what they think of me. They’ll hate me regardless.

7:57 – It’s true that their feelings are probably always going to be negative about you. You know you took their son’s life. They can never get over that.
23:38 – You owe that at least to Travis’s family. Give them some closure. Because I know from working with all these families that have lost loved ones, that they’re not struggling with who did it, but they’re struggling with why,
24:15 – I know that Travis’s family is struggling with why and that would be the one thing that would give them closure. They may never like you, but I think they would be appreciative of why their son’s life was taken. You can’t give them their son back, but you can at least give them the peace of mind as to why.
jodi interrogation 4

25:10 – I know if it was my child, that’s what I would want. And I know that you’re not a mother, but all women have those mothering instincts within them, and I think that you can understand that what I’m saying – and that’s why you’re hanging your head right now.

Jodi — Can’t imagine what it would be like.

26:22 – Wouldn’t you want to know why you lost one of your brothers?
Jodi – Yeah. (so quietly)

26:32 – I’ve never met them – I can’t speak for them, but I would bet my paycheck that that’s what they’re wondering right now. And you can at least show that you have a soul, that you have a heart, that you understand that need in them and do something for somebody else besides yourself. That’s the least that you can do for them right now is give them an answer. Tell them why – that’s how you can control something that is happening in your life right now, because you have all the power there. It’s a gift that you can give that family. Tell them why – use me as the voice to tell them why.
(Jodi whispers something inaudible)

29:30 – Either way, those detectives in AZ have their case made, but the least you can do for that family is give them an answer. I’m not saying to portray Travis as this ugly horrible person, because I don’t think that that’s the right thing to do either, but at least let them know that it was a two-way street and that it wasn’t all your fault.

Here are a few more excerpts, from video #8, with questions by female detective Blaney:

18:14 – 18:43 … If you see your situation as so hopeless, why wouldn’t you at least give the family some closure and some peace of mind as to what happened, or why?
Jodi inaudible.

19:15 – If you have any feelings – any emotions within you – if you have any goodness in your heart, I don’t know why you wouldn’t do that. Because if you don’t and you don’t give them the information that they seek for the closure, that means you’re a very selfish person.

jodi interrogation 3

23:53 – This is your chance to make at least something right. Even if it’s on a small scale. This is a big deal to his folks.

24:23 – Just because you’re in custody doesn’t give them the closure.

25:48 – If your fate is inevitable in your mind, why wouldn’t you give the family closure?
Jodi – I don’t think …. (inaudible) I don’t know if I could give them what they want.

26:13 – Wouldn’t you want to at least try and let them make that decision? If it were my son, I would want all the information I could so that I could make some sense of it. There’s something so horrific in your mind that you don’t want to think that you could be capable of such a thing? See, that’s the person I was talking about, the person that is scared, and remorseful and didn’t want any of this to happen. So I don’t think I was wrong, Jodi. (27:47)

28:00 – This is your opportunity to make right some of your selfishness and let the family decide how they’re going to deal with that information and how they’re going to use it.

28:35 – Jodi puts her head down on the desk

28: 42 – Why should they have more suffering than they’ve already had? In your religion and, forgive me for my ignorance about it, ….

20:35 – You are the only person that has the information that the family seeks. They don’t seek crime scene information – they will already have that. They seek something that is at a much deeper level, it’s an emotional level and you are the only person that can help them with that.

jodi 14In sum, over and over on the tapes, Flores and Blaney push Jodi to explain Travis’s death to the Alexander family. And in the 29:30 quote from video 7 above, Flores specifically suggests that Jodi include ways Travis was at fault. So, when she grants the demand of powerful police detectives, that would not be surprising even if Jodi were not by nature a “people pleaser,” as one of her experts called her. And, having undertaken to write the letter, she naturally must repeat the same intruder story that she had already told Flores.

I have myself spoken with Jodi about this letter.

She says that she did not realize at the time how “immature” and “insensitive” it is, and it is one of the things she did in 2008 that now make her “want to vomit.”

So: Jodi wrote the letter, with strong police encouragement, about eight weeks after Travis’s death, while she was confused, terrified, and suicidal, with her life in ruins, and she is now disgusted by it. Doesn’t that adequately answer Rob’s concerns?

2. Self-defense and Jodi’s sense of guilt. Rob believes that Jodi is guilty of some awful crime and that she admits as much in a letter. Here’s the Jodi quote, which Rob included in his next post:

“Let me say that your belief in my guilt is not a deal-breaker. However, the group is intended for people who support me 100%, more specifically those who believe I’ve been wrongfully convicted and am innocent of what I was charged with and was overcharged to begin with. These are the things everyone in my group has in common.”

Click to enlarge
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jodi 3I do not read this as an admission of guilt. Jodi is just stating the beliefs common to members of her Facebook group. She recognizes the huge diversity of belief even among her declared supporters. What she is saying is: if you don’t believe at least these three things, you may not belong in the group. That rules out, for example, those who believe that she is guilty as charged, but does not deserve death. Some people with that viewpoint caused trouble in an earlier, more comprehensive group, so Jodi is probably trying to avoid this in the new one. In any case, I don’t read her here as stating her own beliefs about her guilt or innocence — just the typical beliefs of members of a FB group.

On the contrary: as far as I am aware, for over four years Jodi has never deviated from her self-defense story, nor ever admitted guilt of any homicide crime. If her trial testimony is true, she is not guilty of any such crime. Rather, by that testimony, what happened to Travis Alexander was his fault from beginning to end. Some people, including Rob, say that even if Jodi acted in self-defense, she used excessive force.

I do not understand this view. In a genuine self-defense fight, as long as one is threatened with serious physical injury, one has every moral and legal right to use all force necessary to stop the attack. Some people see excessive force in the 29 knife wounds (not, as so often misdescribed, 29 “stab” wounds,” since many of them are superficial). Well, how many knife wounds should it take for a 120-lb woman to stop a lethal attack by a nearly 200-lb man, who is a trained wrestler and kickboxer, has a heavy bag in his apartment, boasts online of his 16 1/2–inch biceps and triathlon work, and is fresh from months in the gym? Two? Seven?

travis bicepsFacing a similar imbalance of size, strength, and training, if someone came at me screaming that that he would “fucking kill” me, I would fly into a frenzy and fight savagely with every weapon I could lay my hands on, in the desperate hope of incapacitating him. The only arguable evidence of “overkill” is the deep neck wound. But Richard Speights has described a natural way for that to occur in a knife fight. Also, several people have argued that it was inflicted after death, by persons unknown.

Jodi has said many times that she deeply regrets Travis’s death, is very sorry for the Alexanders’ loss, and wishes more than anything that she could redo 6/4/08 by never visiting Travis again. She also says that she feels guilty about emotional pain that she caused to others after Travis’s death; the letter Rob discusses is one case of that. But she has never said that she was at fault in Travis’s death. Nor was she, if her trial testimony is true.

While her tale is bizarre, there is nothing impossible about it, and it fits the forensic evidence very well. By contrast, the prosecution story contains at least two absurdities and one impossibility. So, if we must choose between the stories, only Jodi’s is credible. That is besides the fact that we now know the state’s case to be a carnival of suppressed evidence (Jodi’s camera’s memory card with photos of her out of town on the day of the Yreka burglary; all the cellphone SIM cards); destroyed evidence (the porn history deleted from Travis’s computer while it was in state custody); and flagrant lies by some combination of Martinez, Flores, Melendez, and Horn.

3. Jodi, her defense team, and her supporters. Rob thinks that the defense team (DT) is doing a poor job, perhaps under influence of the “JAII crew” or of Jodi herself. As far as I know, no supporters influence the DT’s strategy, though some have sent useful suggestions or links on issues of detail. As for Jodi, far from running the DT, she had continual conflicts with Nurmi over strategy for both trials, as she stated in a post-conviction interview and in a pre-retrial letter asking to dump him.

Click here to read Jodi’s motion to change counsel

jodi 4When she did briefly seize control of strategy while acting pro se, she blew the case wide open by sending Neumeister to examine TA’s computer. The only reason the state’s rank misconduct regarding Travis’s porn history ever came to light is that Jodi herself made it happen. So it was while she was “driving the train,” as Rob puts it, that what may be the single best appellate issue was discovered.

As for the “JAII crew,” (JodiAriasIsInnocent.com) there is no such thing, only several dozen people who post there regularly. It is SJ’s website, so of course he controls it. But Ben Ernst (whom Rob mentions) has no involvement in JAII and does not even post there. Most conflicts among Jodi’s supporters are rooted in a bitter dispute over fundraising. At no time has SJ, Ben, or anyone outside the Arias family ever controlled any money donated to Jodi’s official appellate fund, www.justice4jodi.com. This fund is in the hands of its unpaid trustee, Jodi’s mother’s twin sister Sue Allen Halterman.

jodi 20All important information about the fund and the appeals process is clearly explained in the FAQ section on that website. By contrast, Jason Weber and others purport to collect money for Jodi’s appeals at www.justice4jodiarias.com. But no such money has ever been transferred to Arias-family control, and there is no reason to expect any ever will be. That is why Jodi and her family have repeatedly denounced these efforts. Jodi has done so by a phone call to Lisa Schilling, by a three-page letter to supporters, and by many individual letters asking people to leave the Weber FB group.

Her mother and father have done likewise by a video on the true site, www.justice4jodi.com. To see the dishonesty of Weber’s group, note that, months and months after they were publicly denounced by the Arias family as frauds, their site www.justice4jodiarias.com continues to call itself “the official Jodi Arias website.” That is a bald-faced lie. And that is the only thing anyone needs to know about conflicts between the Weber group and Jodi’s other supporters.

Regarding the DT, in my opinion, they have done a fine job so far in the retrial. They have found powerful experts whose status dwarfs that of the state experts: Geffner and Miccio-Fonseca vs. DeMarte on psychology, Neumeister and John Smith vs. Perry Smith on computers. And they have been patiently building a long record of dismissal motions which document appellate issues. As to specifics, the introduction of Marc McGee’s affidavit was not the “disaster” that Rob said it was.

Shortly afterward, Jennifer showed that Deanna is not, as Rob thought, “a very honest witness, highly credible and reliable.” Rather, she was confronted with her lie in a recorded interview, when she was asked if she knew whether TA was having sex with other women besides Jodi (not other women besides Deanna), and she said she didn’t know. Moreover, in court she refused to admit this lie, defiantly saying that she wasn’t asked about herself. False: she was asked about other women besides Jodi, and she is another woman besides Jodi, whom she certainly knew to be having sex with TA.

Nurmi’s cross-examination of the bishop also put his credibility in doubt. And why should Marc McGee not have trouble remembering the date of an over-10-year-old incident? I couldn’t be sure of the date when something happened even two years ago, let alone 10 or 15.

4. Jodi’s personality. Unlike Rob, I do not believe Jodi suffers from any “mental illness,” or even significant mental disorder. Time and again, throughout the last two years, she has acted more sanely and sensibly than many of her supporters, despite living under psychologically brutal conditions of extreme deprivation. And to suggest that Jodi may be a “psychopath” shows total ignorance of this diagnostic category, as a glance at Wikipedia shows.

jodi 13Such a diagnosis is disproved three different ways. First, by Jodi’s psychological test results: as summarized by Geffner, a past APA division president, they consistently show high scores for anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and PTSD, and low scores on self-esteem and dominance. None of this is consistent with psychopathy; for example, psychopaths are noted for their strange lack of anxiety.

Second, look at Jodi’s reading list at www.jodispage.com. A large proportion of her books are in the areas of religion, spirituality, and inspiration and personal development. She is highly religious and has an overactive conscience, not a lack of one. Third, listen to Darryl Brewer’s description in his TV interview

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okbAekjQVdA) of Jodi’s personality and her position in the community, in the years she lived with him — a description again inconsistent with psychopathy. And do not say that Jodi became a psychopath after meeting TA!

Psychopathy is a deep mental disorder that begins in earliest childhood. You can no more change into a psychopath at age 26 than you can change into a pelican or a sea-turtle. On all this evidence, not to mention the experience of many people who have gotten to know Jodi during her imprisonment, she is essentially the opposite of a psychopath.

To know Jodi is to know a remarkably friendly, cheerful woman who is also very intelligent, articulate, well-informed, reliable, and energetic. Her generosity, despite her appalling living conditions, is legendary. Here are two examples. A young man wrote to Jodi that he was considering suicide. She used part of her precious one hour of daily freedom (and limited phone time) to call and ask how he was doing. This was a wholly private act of kindness, never publicly revealed; I know of it only because the man told the story in a secret FB group.

jodi 7

More recently, Jodi was put on restriction (no hour of freedom) for over a week for sharing her snack food with a hungry prisoner. Read about this incident at Jodi’s blog on http://www.jodiarias.com. Then look at her other entries for a sense of her personality. I’m sorry that Rob and Amanda have reached such a negative view of Jodi; perhaps they have had little direct contact with her. To those of us who know her, she is a courageous and inspiring woman and a wonderful friend.


I have given my response to Robert Knox’s post below.

We hope you might also respond to this post by leaving a few words in our comment section and let’s continue the conversation.

Update: The Arizona Supreme Court has upheld the ruling of the Arizona Court of Appeals. Jodi Arias cannot testify in secet in a cleared courtroom. 



  1. Jodi’s letter to the Alexander family.

In the original article, I was really asking for an explanation for the letter, because I couldn’t think of one besides Jodi being evil, which I do not believe, and being severely mentally ill which I can believe. Especially thinking she may have still been in a dissociated state in the months after the killing. I believe Robert’s explanation sheds more light on Jodi’s reasoning and motivation for writing the letter.

jodi 10If you remove the Ninja story, which, as Robert explains, Jodi was almost compelled to include, what you see is a story of events both good and bad, in Jodi’s relationship with Travis. As Robert states, she was advised by both the Detectives, to tell something personal and true, regardless of how it reflected on Travis. Robert Knox is correct that she did exactly what they advised her to do. She wrote it on Travis’ Birthday, as on this day she may have been thinking of Travis and his family and that may have inspired her to take the advice and send the letter.

Also, contrary to claims that Jodi Arias gave a list of ‘countless’ acts of violence at the hands of Travis Alexander to psychologist Dr. Karp (prior to changing attorneys from Victoria Washington to Kirk Nurmi), her story of only a handful of incidents has remained consistent from even before she contemplated her defense of self-defense. They are detailed in the letter to Travis’ family.

  1. Self-Defense and Jodi’s sense of guilt.

I am assuming from this that Jodi claims full justification for the events of June 4th, 2008, due to self-defense. I had previously believed that self-defense was a reasonable possibility, but may have been more of a defense strategy than a reflection of what actually happened.

Jodi Arias artwork_1358867916591_358335_ver1.0_320_240I take this to mean that Jodi stands 100% behind her testimony that she did not premeditate a murder, but was instead suddenly attacked in a violent argument quickly escalating into a critical situation: She was forced to fight for her life and defend herself.

I now recognize that Jodi, in her letter, was merely repeating the minimum requirements for being in her closest group of supporters, and not giving her personal beliefs about her guilt. We had similar problems when trying to decide whether people who believed Jodi was guilty of M1, guilty of M2, or not involved in any way at all, could belong to a close group of her supporters.

Believing Jodi was not guilty of premeditated murder was the minimum requirement that we came up with, so I understand the need to have such a requirement, as it is very difficult to unite a group of people with many varying beliefs and ideas about this case. As a small minority, one would want and need to be as inclusive as possible.

I do agree that if you have a reasonable belief that your life had been threatened, you have every right to defend yourself with any force available. You do not have to have serious injuries by law, only a belief that you face imminent serious injury or death.

At Spotlight on Law, we have also stated, as Robert Knox has, that Jodi’s story fits the forensic evidence very well, while the prosecution’s theory simply does not.

  1. Jodi, her defense team, and her supporters

I do believe Jason Weber and Lisa Schilling to be sincere in their desire and efforts to start an additional platform to tell Jodi’s story, but I acknowledge that JAII, the fundraising and Art sites are the official sites endorsed by Jodi Arias and her family.

jodi 6

In the supporter arena, like Robert Knox, I’m also an independent. I’m always eager to communicate with supporters from any group, and I like to know what everyone is thinking and doing. I also enjoy communicating with prosecution supporters of good will, to get their perspectives and to test my views and beliefs. I like to try and give them something to think about, when possible.

As for Jodi’s defense team doing a poor job, I said this in relation to that particular week, and the affidavits from the witnesses. Not bringing live witnesses in, and pitting a piece of paper against two live witnesses, one a Mormon Bishop of sound repute, and the other Travis’ long-term former girlfriend, seemed foolish to me. Deanna Reid appeared very credible in the first trial and was well-received by jurors and trial-watchers alike.

Why cause a well-received credible witness to come to the stand again? We wrote the article after the direct exam of Dr. Geffner, but before the remaining cross in the trial on Monday. As it turned out, there did appear to be some question as to a few previous statements by Deanna Reid. She did appear to be somewhat equivocating and defensive on the stand.

As for the defense team, I thought Jennifer Willmott has done a fine job throughout. She did make a few blunders, such as asking questions she did not know the answer to, etc. Her closing set of arguments in the last penalty phase were stunning This was one of the most dramatic moments I’ve ever seen in a trial. This could have been what saved Jodi’s life. Kirk Nurmi, I believe is very under-rated and has done an impressive job throughout this very complicated trial.

  1. Jodi’s pesonality

I have repeatedly stressed that Jodi Arias is not a Sociopath and certainly not a Psychopath. I didn’t mean to give that impression. Dr. DeMarte diagnosed Marissa DeVault as a Psychopath, but she did not make that finding for Jodi Arias, so that’s your proof right there. She does not fit the category.

We keep seeing more and more piling on of new diagnoses, however. Now we have adjustment disorder and there’s more and more talk now about bipolar disorder.

As for Robert Knox’s quote:

“Time and again, throughout the last two years, she has acted more sanely and sensibly than many of her supporters, despite living under psychologically brutal conditions of extreme deprivation”,

jody 16

I can personally attest to that. Jodi Arias continues to be unusually bright, cheerful, and engaging. Her letters show a warmth, a caring, and an originality that is very endearing to her supporters. She has returned letters to everyone who has written her at least once, to my knowledge. I also know she has managed to perform unpublicized acts of kindness and generosity. All this while being in 23- hour lockdown solitary isolation, which could utterly envelope and destroy many mentally strong people.

She also has a great sense of humor.

Jodi’s performance in 18 days of intense examination amazed and impressed me, especially knowing that she needs to get up before 4:00 AM for court, didn’t return to her cell sometimes until 7:00 PM, and was doing this on 2 paltry meals a day, having breakfast as early as 5:00 AM.

I was a witness once in a Federal case for what seemed like 3 hours, and I found the experience extremely stressful and mentally challenging. But I ate 3 quality squares and slept in a comfy bed in a nice hotel room. So while I maintain that Arias has a potentially severe and untreated mental illness, I do acknowledge she has remained extremely mentally tough and resilient and she appears absolutely normal to me in many of her writings and actions.

“To know Jodi is to know a remarkably friendly, cheerful woman who is also very intelligent, articulate, well-informed, reliable, and energetic. Her generosity, despite her appalling living conditions, is legendary.” – Robert Knox

jodi 24I heartily agree with this statement, and this is a big reason why Jodi’s supporters are so loyal to her and why they believe in her and her story. Her generosity is genuine, it’s not a show or a put-on, as far as I can tell.

Robert Knox wanted to set the record straight. We were happy to receive and post his response. Our article was critical of the recent defense strategy: using the affidavits instead of live witnesses, not finishing up with Jodi’s testimony, and not seating the remaining witnesses to offer a full and complete case for mitigation.

Our article was not intended to be a repudiation of the Defense team’s performance generally or of Jodi Arias in particular. We questioned the wisdom of introducing the affidavit from witness #1, Marc McGee, and we wondered if this was done by Jodi Arias and against the wishes of the Defense Team?

We believe that the defense is playing a dangerous game by leaving the case for life so incomplete. The remainder might have to come from Jodi in her allocution. The trial has always been a roller-coaster experience for me, with abrupt highs and sweeping lows. The Insult to Injury article was a reflection of that roller-coaster ride.

We are always inviting reader participation for that reason. I really want to know what others think about all the many facets of this case.

jodi-arias-artWe also want to present the OTHER side of the story: Facts, issues and perspectives that most prosecution supporters and mainstream trial watchers may not be aware of or may not have occasion to learn about elsewhere. The positive personal experiences many people have had getting to know Jodi Arias directly is part of that story.

Posting Robert Knox’s response is part of our desire to make the other side of the story available to you.

We extend that invitation to any reasonable person of any perspective. Prosecution supporters are welcome. Send us a detailed comment and we may post it verbatim as an article on our site. 

We wish to Thank Robert Knox for posting his response to our article here on Spotlight On Law. We are grateful for his views.

jodi 23

What’s Your view?



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    1. Apparently they have corresponded and talked by telephone for quite some time. I was told that he spoke with Jodi Arias about the letter very recently before submitting this post. Do you know her personally, Cheryl?

      1. Thank you for answering, no I do not know her. Just interested in her and the whole trial. First one I have ever followed. I may attend the next big one here in Brisbane. There was an interesting one here in recent years, you might have heard of it – Alison Baden-Clay was murdered by her husband Gerald (he is the great grandson of the founder of the Boy Scouts). He was sentenced to life last year. The police put a bug in the flowers on her coffin hoping he would make a confession when he viewed it privately before the funeral service. The lengths that law enforcement go to is astounding.

  1. The gentlemen identified as Mr. Knox says this, “But no such money has ever been transferred to Arias-family control, and there is no reason to expect any ever will be.”
    However I have a screen shot of Sue Halterman confirming just the opposite – she states she received all donations and membership fees from Weber’s site.

    So who is right? Or is there some kind of misunderstanding?
    And that is the problem; there is always revisionist contradictions and gross contradictions.

    ( Note – Please let me know if said screen shot needs to be posted; I do not see a means to attach it. Also don’t mistake this as any kind of endorsement of Weber. It is not. It is simply a statement to point out the gross contradiction between what the gentlemen identified as Mr. Knox and Sue Halterman say )

    1. My understanding is also that Jason and Lisa turned money over to Jodi’s family. The exact quote I heard was that it was in the hundreds of dollars, not a large amount.

      Robin, you’re correct, this does illustrate the great difficulty in determining what the facts are. Both between prosecution supporters and Jodi supporters as well as between different Jodi supporters.

      I have it directly from Jason and Lisa, they have turned over the few funds people sent in. I see no reason to dispute them. They are required to explain all monetary transactions as they are subject to US rules and regulations.

    2. “Robin”, I know it’s hard for some to believe, but there really were just simple misunderstandings, imo, by some and these things grew into a monster. I don’t believe Jason and those connected to him ever set out to simply take money from Jodi or her supporters. It’s more complicated than that. I don’t believe SJ or any connected to SJ has done anything immoral or illegal with donations and art sales, either. Same for Maria De La Rosa and Aunt Sue. I think like so much in all of this, Jodi found herself between a rock and a hard place and tried to find her way out of it as best she could, while trying to establish a legitimate appeals fund. I have personally never gotten directly involved with fundraising efforts, besides buying a print of Jodi’s “Tear” drawing.

      1. How about reading what I wrote and the point of it, okay?
        There is no misunderstanding on my part when I read this gentleman known as Mr. Knox is claiming no money was received and I read Sue Halterman claims all money was received.

  2. Ohh so now Jodi’s letter to the Alexander family is blamed on the police? Please have the gentleman known as Mr. Knox let us know what, if any, action of Jodi Arias that Jodi Arias is accountable for.

    1. Robin, You took the words right of my mouth. The police may have pressured her but she chose the words used in that letter. She chose to close the letter by saying she will NOT do ONE day in prison for something she didn’t do which would only serve to inflame the family. Writing to the victim’s family describing perceptions of travis in a negative light was also her choice. She was asked to provide closure and the letter was the exact opposite imho. Also, Jodi asking supporters to block people she doesnt like is a real turn off and that behavior negates the idea that she wants to please people. People pleasers tend to want to please everyone. They dont play conquer and divide.
      It’s really uncool that Sue’s statement regarding the Jodi arias defense fund is continually ignored. Thanks for pointing that fact out.

      1. Sonja, you wrote: ”Also, Jodi asking supporters to block people she doesnt like is a real turn off and that behavior negates the idea that she wants to please people. ”

        What, do you really expect Jodi to want her supporters to have haters telling them they want her to die? Would you like it if you were innocent, like Jodi is? Nothing to do with her behaviour negating her wanting to please people. You’re a hater, so naturally you would say these things.
        People like you let your Personal Prejudice get in the way of seeing this case properly, ever watched 12 Angry Men?

  3. I do not believe that JA holds any of the positive traits mentioned in both articles.
    She is a manipulator, and obviously the creators of both articles have been manipulated, and believe that there is an iota of goodness in her and/or her heart.

      1. Heather Soper, don’t even try to say anything about my friend, Susan. Her opinion and views are hers and she’s free to hold them and to speak her mind. No, she’s not gonna change her mind. No, she doesn’t hate Jodi Arias, but she doesn’t like what she did to a man.

      2. Soper, you are allowing stupidity to taint your perception of reality. Start here to begin to ease that stupidity, and pass it along to Arias, mmmK?

  4. Det. Flores asked Arias to tell him the reason she killed Travis. He said he would tell the Alexander family. They were trying to get the truth about what happened. He never told her to write several pages of lies and hurtful things to Travis’s family. I believe Robert Knox is just another victim of her manipulation.

      1. Heather please, with the Personal Prejudice. Just because I believe 100% that Arias is guilty as charged and convicted does not mean “personal prejudice”. I like many others, watched the entire trial to come to the decision “guilty as charged”. As the trial went on…I became convinced of her guilt. I did not buy what the defense and Arias were trying to sell. No “personal prejudice”, just because I, and others, do not agree with your assessment for Arias.

    1. Heather I am glad you agree with Rober Knox. But too bad there are other’s who do not agree with him and there is not a thing you can do about it so get over it. If you don’t like what people say then don’t post.

      1. Oh, silly me, you only want comments from those who want her to lose her life.

        I have as much right as you do to post. Too bad if you don’t like it.

  5. Oh for the love of God! Perfect excuses one gives when playing the Victum!!! Sick! JA knew exactly what she was doing! If she had one care for the family shed of not trashed their brother! So suddenly Jodi in seconds has a GUN AND A KNIFE!!! And… Had she not caught TA off guard shed of never gotten the better of him! You don’t go out if your way in the middle of the night she see a man you feet! You were broke up-move on the rest of us! So Jodi if you shot him first why did you butcher him??????? Why is Travis the only one with defensive wounds! Your a lier and a joke and your story is stupid! We don’t believe your lying mouth. No way in hell would anyone get me to write a cruel mean nasty self serving letter to a family in grief. It’s like you took that knife and butchered them too. We do not buy your lying story. Forensic’s and science don’t lie-you do you piece of scum!

      1. I think you should rely on real life and not movies. It makes you sound naive and uneducated to repeat the same thing over and over again. Maybe you should read a book and turn the television off hon.

  6. I agree with almost everything Robert Knox has so eloquently and generously offered here. I have seen what he has described up close. Unfortunately, I have gotten distracted by tangents that involved me personally throughout my belief and expressions that Jodi doesn’t belong in jail. I’ve reacted badly at times, but I am human. I have fought for Jodi and for myself, and sometimes the two intertwine. I respect and care for Jodi. I believe she respects me, too. I have taken chances with what I believe are possibilities in this case. I will eat crow at the appropriate time, but not before.

    One thing that jumped out to me, Robert, is your saying Jodi has an “overactive conscience”. I very much agree with that. The “religious” part though, continues to bother me. I applaud Rob for posting this, and of course, you, Robert for writing this. I believe it may take all kinds of folks to free Jodi..one day sooner hopefully, than later. She is a symbol for so much and I believe her story is important. I want her to tell it on the outside, not from a prison cell.

    1. She’s a convicted murderer with special circumstance of cruelty. She has lied and lied and all of it to save her own ass. This isn’t a civil conversation its gulable Jodi supporters that refuse to accept she’s acold blooded killer. I hope she gets life. She’s a narcissist so that is the best punishment for her.

  7. I have a question in regards to Jodi’s testimony about the beginning of the attack by Travis on her. She claims he came out of the shower, picked her up and body slammed her. Now think about that. slamming someone on a hard tile floor would at the very least know the wind out of her, possibly breaking some bones, maybe knocking her out with a concussion. Yet she was able to immediately roll over and out of his way? Does that make any sense? Also, with all of the stabbing, dragging the body, slicing the throat, and shooting him in the head, the only physical injury to her is a cut tendon on her ring finger on her left hand? Read Robert’s description of Travis of being will built and buff and an MA fighter and Jodi is in mortal combat with Travis and winds up with no remarkable injuries? How is that possible?

    1. Let me answer what you’re puzzling over:

      It’s amazing what you can do when FEAR enters your body, Travis had been violent to her before so she knew what he was capable of. and this time made her fear for her LIFE and adrenalin kicks in.

      You ask how it’s possible that Jodi doesn’t have any remarkable injuries, you’re forgetting that she accidentally shot him when she must have been shaking with fear The injury he received would have slowed him down considerably.

      1. Just because she says this, or she says that, does not make it true.
        She is a pathological liar!
        Nothing she says will ever hold weight because she is so transparent and not very good at her lies.
        For the record,, I do not hate anyone!
        Including people that I have Every right to!

      2. “Must have been shaking with fear”. You do not know that. you were not there. I don’t understand how you cannot take into consideration that someone who does not want to take responsibility or have it come to light that she is a cold blooded murderer, has indeed made up this WHOLE thing scenario of DV with zero proof, except the words of this manipulating liar. This is nothing new, what she is doing, putting forth lies in the courtroom. Read around about these type of murderers. man or woman.

      3. yes, the shot to the head would of slowed him down considerably!, enough for her to get the hell out of there..rather than stick around and stab him repeatedly in the back while he’s bent over a sink spitting out blood! Ya! that’s when any “normal” person fearing for their life would of done! Get out NOW! and call the police!!! …face it! anything beyond that was “overkill” “angry” “vicious” & “vengeful”..and the “commencing of the clean up…the start of the cover up!

      4. Yes, Joanne, that’s another reason people think the gunshot was first. Jodi could not have prevailed unless Travis was injured right away.

        Some supporters claim that after the accidental gunshot, Jodi went to Travis’ aid. Travis and Jodi had both been attacked by the other at that point, so they are very suspicious of each other.

        As Jodi goes to Travis’ aid, the fight erupts again, with both fighting and both defending. Jodi gets the upper hand, and, overwhelmed by adrenaline, she goes into overkill mode.

      1. Ed, Because your Personal Prejudice is making you say that,. What you meant to say but didn’t, is that you don’t want her to get out,

        Watch ”12 Angry Men” Film on YouTube.

      1. Heather, take your hate and your comments elsewhere, and stay off of my friends blog!
        You have nothing else to add, besides the use of the word “HATE”

  8. Rob and Robert, your reasonable explanations, observations, and even lingering unanswered questions lead me back to the conclusions I’ve had for almost two years. Now that suppressed evidence is coming out, including more journal entries, etc., I believe Jodi was telling a version of the truth in her intruder story. Based on that alone, I see absolutely nothing sinister in her words. I don’t believe Jodi is seriously mentally ill, either. I’ve always seen signs of ADD or ADHD, and she herself mentioned that on the stand at least once. Also, there’s likely OCD, as her preoccupation with details shows. Those two can struggle against each other. I realize I’m repeating some of my earlier post, but well, I can’t help myself sometimes! I believe Jodi has and continues to internalize guilt. Guilt over everything except the direct killing of Travis, because I don’t believe she killed Travis. She and the defense have gone overboard in presenting the self-defense story. I’m not saying it’s not true, but I am suspect if it isn’t a defense strategy. Many unexpected twists have arisen and caused other enlightening events. Marc McGee. Nurmi drug or is it dragged? his heels in getting his testimony in, for reasons I won’t speculate on here. But I will say this. Paul Huebl. When Paul expressed a public interest in investigating this case, and by the way Jodi was interested and considered this very thoughtfully, motions in regard to Marc from Nurmi began to fly. Jodi doesn’t belong in jail. But a few other people, I believe, do. But I’m still not exactly sure who!

    1. Sandra, Jodi is convicted of 1st degree murder. She is never getting out. She has admitted and strong evidence proved to a jury of her peers that she did this alone and there are no secret ninjas. What is wrong with you people?

    2. The intruder story was just that, a fictitious story that Jodi made up to try to save her own ass. She admitted she lied and Sandra, you think it was truth?? This is how disturbed this group of people is that support this monster. To think that Jodi thinks about any of you is ridiculous. You need to see a psychiatrist and I don’t mean that lying quack Geffner or for God sake Alyce LaViolette. No you need to see a real doctor. Someone who will tell you the truth and tell you that you lost your damn mind. “Maybe Janin DeMarte”. I feel sorry for you that you would follow somebody that admitted to slaughtering another human being and then turn the tables and ATTEMPT to make that person look like a sick pedaphile. You will be the sickos who sit around looking for another monster to follow after we all watch her receive her well deserved dose of death!

      1. The intruder story, Trudy, was immediately seen by Detective Flores as being ridiculous, and he told Jodi why he story made no sense. The idea that she doubled down on it shows me something about her mental state.

        What’s sick about not wanting to see any more killing in this matter? It’s too late to help Travis, but we can still try to help Jodi.

      2. Shocking isn’t it, I mean, how dare she kill to save her life. Your sort would love to watch her die, and you call Sandra a sicko?
        Sorry to disappoint but you won’t get your rabid wish, not only won’t she get the DP, she will get her freedom one day, write a book, make millions, sell her art. Oh yes she will end up with a far better quality of life than you have, it’s what she deserves.

  9. We watched the same trial. It’s just that there are some people that don’t accept she has already been convicted of special circumstance of cruelty. There have been over 20 motions for mistrial that have all been denied and with new evidence presented at her sentencing trial may in fact lead to a death sentence with all her stalking of TA. I hope she gets lwop due to the fact that someone as narcissistic as Jodi will live the rest of her miserable life in obscurity.

    1. Thanks for your views, Ed. You are in the 95% majority as far as your views on this case. However, readers of this blog will learn that Arizona’s cruelty aggravator can be applied to almost any murder. Motions are not always made to be granted, sometimes they’re designed to be denied. Readers of this blog have also learned that there was no stalking. This was really something the prosecution made up, along with suggestions that Jodi Arias is a future serial killer and she tortures animals. We’re glad you feel that Lwop is sufficient, and Jodi was never diagnosed as being narcissistic. If the Alexander siblings get their wish, obscurity is the last thing Jodi Arias will live her life in.

    2. O M G what is it with you and that MOVIE?? Its every few comments there you go Heather Soper, with the “watch 12 angry men”. Jeez lady! I hope you have more to offer in the latter of this discussion/comments.

  10. im curious as to Jodi’s re-sentencing trial is nearing an end and is in a crucial phase of mitigation to show this jury why she should be sparred the ultimate death penalty. There are some people on here, Rob, Sandra and Robert to list a few that have nothing but nice, respectful things to say about jodi and claim to know her or to be close to her and that believe in her innocence wholeheartedly and that she was wrongly convicted. My question is why isnt her own flesh n blood (family) or those who claim to be close friends that seem to know her real inside story, standing up for her on her behalf in court when she needs you the most? This is life or death and the time is now if you know shes been wrongly convicted ..why wouldnt her true friends and family try to spare Jodi’s life??

    1. You may recall that Scott Peterson had 36 mitigation witnesses to talk about what a great guy he is. Didn’t help him much. Jodi Arias, with zero mitigation witnesses last time, got a hung jury. People who didn’t know her at the time of the crime were not asked to be witnesses, though many of them volunteered to do so. Because of her parent’s prior statements, using them as mitigation witnesses may do more harm than good. One childhood friend only wanted to relay her experience that Jodi was a good and loyal friend. She was threatened with various infractions for her efforts, including selling photos to HLN after being schmoozed by professional salespeople there who she was no match for (Patti Womack). Wrongly convicted has no place in a penalty retrial, as the jury is told they must accept the findings of the previous jury that she has been convicted for 1st degree pre-meditated murder. She’s not a multiple murderer or a child murderer like Shawna Forde, and she didn’t murder a helpless, terminally ill man for money, like Wendi Andriano, her two fellow women on death row, if she’s sentenced to death. This should never have been a death penalty case in the first place, as no less an expert than Jeffrey Gold agreed to. A death sentence will never stand, and from there Arias will one day get the chance in a fair trial for people to decide if there is really enough evidence to decide whether there is no reasonable doubt as to premeditation.

    2. If she doesn’t get death, I hope she gets a full life of getting the shit beat out of her everyday for the rest of her life and a nice broomstick up her favorite mineshaft by her new cell mate Bertha the beast! Thats what she will get if she is unlucky enough to get life. Her supporters want her to get life so they can continue to have somebody pretend to care about them. Losers! You all must have a horrible life to care so much about an evil thing such as Jodi Arias.

      1. Hi Trudy. Are you pro-rape for everybody, including yourself, or just for incarcerated women and men? It sounds as if you really like the idea of women you hate being raped. Why are you pleased by the idea of powerlessness and sexual violence? Your comment is disturbing.

    3. There IS a reason why they haven’t done so. They love their daughter very much. Like me, you will just have to accept that they Did have a very good reason, and leave it at that. I can only assume they were told by the DT that it wasn’t advisable.

  11. People on this website don’t know anything about the law and like yourself are just pontificating. She’s been convicted and it won’t be over turned. She may get death and if you have read any transcripts from her latest trial there are multiple witnesses who have testified to stalking. What about the missing gun from her grandparents? The 3rd gas can she lied about? The multiple stories and lies on top of lies? I thought she said no jury would convict her? What about the phone calls to his phone after she stabbed him 29 times, shot him in the head and slit his throat like a pez dispenser? Self defense? She is sick and twisted and feel safer she is behind bars thanks to detective Flores, Juan Martinez and of course Jodi for trying to wash the camera to destroy evidence only to turn out to give the prosecution a time line of her execution a of TA.

    1. Like a Pez dispenser.
      Sorry, but that was a very vivid description. As short as the Zimmerman trial was, the prosecution was very worried about “over-doing it” and creating issues for appeal. The Jodi Arias case is a veritable chia pet of ever-growing issues for appeal, thanks mostly to the prosecutor.

      Witnesses who testified to stalking? Lisa Andrews’ ideas of stalking are based solely on what Travis Alexander said, and he had good reason to need to give explanations to Lisa about why Jodi was always popping up. Well, that was because he was seeing both of them at the same time.

      She said that Travis “thought Jodi was following them”. What Dr. DeMarte said about Jodi sneaking in on them at Travis’ home was not true. She showed up and let herself in as she usually did, and she saw Lisa was there. Jodi turned around and left. That’s not stalking.

      The peeping incident is the same thing. Jodi went over to Travis’ home at night, as usual. The door was locked, so she looked in the window. That’s not unusual at all for people who are regular guests at a home. Ashton Kutcher did the exact same thing, as we will show in our next article.

      All in all there was no convincing evidence presented at trial that Jodi was a stalker. We have detailed the stalking allegations in an article we named Crystal Blue Persuasion

      Other supporters have stated that the gas can evidence has no meaning. We can state that the third gas can is a serious problem, and it’s reaosnable to conclude that the 3rd gas can was not returned. It’s a major problem in the case. Apart from the 3rd gas can, there is little in her testimony that we can say with certainty was not truthful.

      The gun stolen from the Grandparent’s home and the bullet recovered from Travis Alexander are related by caliber only (.25). They are not relatd by ammo brand or type. I would say there is room for reasonable doubt there.

      No jury would convict her, the letter to the family, and the Ninja story are all things from 2008 that Jodi now says she regrets. There’s no book on how to be a good murder defendant.

      The camera and photos were not necessary. Jodi still had motive and opportunity, which was only on June 3 to 4. She had no alibi for her whereabouts in that time frame. Her DNA in a handprint on the wall in a mixture of both their blood places her at the scene of the crime.

      The camera only gives an exact time, and the fact that shortly before the killing, she was in the bathroom taking pictures of Travis in the shower. The camera also verifies she was a welcome guest in the home, and they had sexual relations that day.

    1. Ed, I was speaking of the hung jury in the first penalty phase. Althought the jury was unanimous on pre-meditated M1, there was a division about the felony murder charge, revealing that the jury wasn’t as cohesive or as much in agreement as people were led to believe.

  12. Have you seen or read the description of a beheading? It is barbaric and horrifying. That throat injury is what made this a death penalty trial. Why did she do that deliberately sadistic injury? That is cruel and how dare she ever smile in public. She has said that the actions of one day should not define her, sorry but being on par with religious extremists is defining. She is barbaric.

    1. Cheryl, have you ever been seconds from death from a man saying he is going to kill you? No?
      Would you think in that moment you wouldn’t save your LIFE by ANY MEANS, this includes doing Anything to save your life, including stabbing his throat ? Would you stop and think it was cruel when a man ontop of you pinning you down with his weight knowing it was going to be your life or his?

      Anyone would do Anything to save their lives, Anything. Saving your own life by whatever means, is NOT Barbaric. It is necessary IF you want to survive. Jodi DID. And you talk of a ”deliberately serious injury.” Yes, it was, she had No Choice.

      How Very DARE she smile in public for surviving certain death..

      Would You like to be given the Barbaric Death Penalty for having to save your life, Cheryl?

      1. I have …….been within inches of a man with his hands around my throat choking me, on top of me, in front of my 2 small children, and he was yelling “I’m gonna kill you! I m gonna kill you!” …. over and over! I broke free grabbed my 2 yr old and 4 yr old under each arm and ran from the house at 9 pm in a blinding, heavy, snow storm, to our neighbors across the street…..he chased me after grabbing a pistol…….we had no coats, I had no purse, no car keys. I called the police, got that stuff and left and never went back except with 4 relatives to get my stuff.

        That “terrific guy” cried the whole time…..the ba $¥@*# is still breathing and walking. Although his older brother shot him years later then killed himself. He found himself an ugly fat nasty wife and proceeded to have 2 of the strangest looking kids I have ever seen in a Wal Mart……and they have NOTHING…….NOTHING of substance in their lives to be happy or proud of…..THATS how you leave them…..

      2. “THATS how you leave them….”

        It’s a blessed thing you got away with your life and were able to protect your kids, Nurse K. Thank goodness. A lot of women and children end up dead at the hands of men like your ex (who, yes, should be dead or in prison). Surely you’re not suggesting that those unlucky women, unlike you, did it all wrong?

        And I suppose we needn’t worry about the fact that his new wife and kids are living with an abusive and homicidal maniac, since she’s just nasty and fat and ugly, and so are her children, so their lives don’t have much value anyway.

        Wow. Sisterhood is powerful.

  13. There is no way the police *made* her write that letter. Not 8 weeks later and even on Travis’ birthday, (which Jodi every so nicely pointed out to his family – *snark*).
    All the excuses in the world will not excuse how insensitive she is.
    People that have met her face to face and have known her over the years before she planned and committed murder, have all described her flat affect, and how she studies people and their emotions in situations. This is to deceive and manipulate people to do her bidding. So far it is working for her, and I see no reason for her to change this behaviour. Having said all that, it’s all down to her personality disorder and she need to show emotions in most situations. Being the empty vessel that she is, she has had to study reactions. Usually she can act and pull it off, sometimes not.
    I just don’t believe Jodies’ self defense story. If just one other person could have come forward and testify to Travis being abusive, that would have been enough. PTSD is absolute nonsense. Don’t forget Jodi was packing her car up at the time of her arrest loaded with knives and a newly brought gun.
    Her Mother and friends from years ago acknowledge Jodi had problems, and it’s a pity help wasn’t provided to her then. It might just have saved a life. I have no reason to disbelieve these people.
    As for her sentence, it’s LWOP for me. She only has a 2% chance of getting that overturned. With the DP, her appeals will be endless, and she will no doubt bask in the limelight while still taunting the Alexander family. There is nothing wrong with Jodies’ ego and sense of entitlement what so ever. Also, by the way the fund raising is going, it will be another 40 years before they hit their target. Jodi will be well into her 70’s by then.
    I’m so sick of reading the Ninjas really did do it, it was a Mormon blood attonement, etc etc. I’ve even read it was Travis that slit his own throat on a supporter page. (Yes, really!). It’s time to stop delaying the inevitable, get the trial over and done with.

  14. hey if any of you Jodi supporters wanna put your money where your mouth is then I propose this. If Jodi is ever set free I swear I will donate $1,000 to Real Domestic Violence Victims…. IF Rob…. You and all the other Jodi lovers promise to do the same when her appeal wont be heard by SCOTUS or its denied or whatever path she stays in jail…

    1. I fully believe that Jodi Arias can win an appeal. I don’t even think it will need to get up to the SCOTUS. Of course, this would be a long term bet, as the wheels of Justice move mighty slow. So it’s possible we could both win the bet at the same time.

      1. juliegregg, if you believe this was a fair trial, then I don’t know what to tell you. A fair trial is a totally separate issue from guilt or innocence or degree of guilt. Anyone who values the law in the United States should not allow this farce to stand, imo. Forgive me if you think this is vulgar, but I’m sure you heard the term “miscarriage of justice”? Well, this trial was an abortion, plain and simple.

    2. “hey if any of you Jodi supporters wanna put your money where your mouth is then I propose this. If Jodi is ever set free I swear I will donate $1,000 to Real Domestic Violence Victims…”

      Hey, Ed, how about you forget about Jodi Arias and donate $1000 to victims of domestic violence, anyway? Because, using the lives and urgent needs of battered women as the objects on which to lay a bet is rather dehumanizing, don’t you think?

      Something to think about.

      1. geribouwman, to whom are you speaking? And why is donating to victims of domestic violence unwise and a “waste” of money?

  15. There is no miscarriage of, she wasn’t railroaded and frankly if I were a Jodi supporter and thought the way Rob did Id leave this country and find one with better laws. I mean single white females get railroaded and treated so unfairly in this country I dont know how you could stand living with such injustice! I mean look how unfair it is? Jodi only lied a few times to police, her parents so why won’t people believe everything she says now? I mean come on Just because she never wrote, talked about or mentioned to 1 single person that Travis was a pedophile we should just believe her. Even though she distinctly told detective Flores Travis Never owned a gun we should just believe her now that she says he did and it’s not the gun she stole from grandpa. Rob you produce any real evidence the gun was a different ammo and couldn’t have been brought by Jodi. You just lied on this website as there is no evidence. . Not only that she obviously has super powers because she could reach that gun waaaayy above her head and not disturbe a single shoe or anything else in that closet. Yeah you Jodi supportes should be marching in the streets like Ferguson with this travesty of justice but I can’t recall seeing even 1 protest???

    1. Ed, you brought up some really good points.

      There are many Jodi supporters who believe she was railroaded, but I’m not one of them. The trial has certainly been thorough,if not fair. The defense had every opportunity to present their case.

      For me the problem started when this became a death penalty case. Domestic homicides with no prior record and 1 prong of a single aggravator do not get the death penalty. In Arizona, there is only one person sitting on death row for a similar case. This is Isiah Patterson, who chased and caught up to his naked girlfriend outside their apartment and stabbed her to death in front of witnesses.

      The three women preceeding Arias on death row were convicted of 1) conspiracy and the murder of a child 2) conspiracy, multiple murders and the murder of a child and 3)The systematic poisoning, then the beating and stabbing to death of a helpless and terminally ill man for money.

      How do any of these compare?

      In Arizona since June 4th, 2008, there have been hundreds of men and scores of women who have killed their partners or ex’s in an equally heinous fashion (Jodi’s words – on more than one ocassion). Have any of these cases been death penalty cases? How is that fair? Most of them were men , remember. No doubt many of these homicids were pre-meditated. Marissa DeVault was one that became a capital case, but there was a monetary motive involved.

      Jodi Arias was the chosen one to receive Arizona’s version of biblical law. Someone made a phone call – no doubt, and it became a DP case. Usually when the death penalty is involved, politics are involved. The prosecution got Juan Martinez, the hired gun, to secure the death penalty. Then the frolics began.

      Had it been a non-capital case, much of the antics we all watched would not have been allowed. the Alexander siblings are hurting themselves by gunning for the death penalty, and if they get it, this will go on and on, ripping up their wounds every few years.

      On top of that you have a prosecutor who will go to great lengths to secure a death sentence. Then you have he defense, who will go to extremes and feel they’re justified because they’re trying to save a life.

      Jodi lied in the months following the killing. There are many reasons why people lie, and Jodi mostly lied to herself, as Jennifer Willmott said so eloquently in the closing arguments of the last penalty trial. Jodi didn’t lie to her parents. She was estranged from them and she didn’t confide in them, because she didn’t trust them. This was due to her mental illness, and her parents misunderstanding of her mental illness.

      There was no pedophile or pedophilia in this case. There were only inappropriate thoughts. Why would Jodi tell anyone about that? Sure, Jodi lied in the early interviews, etc. But we really should take her trial testimony at face value unless it can be shown she told an untruth or was misleading on the stand.

      Jodi’s Grandfather did not have any “Winchester .25 auto” ammo in his home, the type found at the crime scene. The ammo loaded in the grandfather’s gun was hollowpoint rounds, not the same type as was found at the scene. Does this prove the gun used in the homicide was not the grandfather’s gun? No, it does not. But it does show that the only relationship between the stolen gun and the gun used in the homicide is the .25 caliber.

      Don’t fall into the trap of asking that the defense proves Jodi is innocent. The prosecution has toprove things, not the defense. There’s a very good reason for that.

      In the months after the killing, Jodi wasn’t going to admit to anything. She wasn’t going to implicate either Travis or herself, by telling the Detective he owned a gun. Why do you rely on her word when it makes a point for the prosecution, but she’s a liar about anything beneficial to the defense?

      It’s really easy to step up on a lower shelf in that closet, if you step near the pin and not in the middle of the shelf. In the shelves in the front, there are shoes, etc., but on the shelves closest to the bathroom, there is nothing really to disturb (rolled up towels). Check it out.

      As for Ferguson, I think it illustrated an issue that we need to deal with, but Mike Brown is not a Civil Rights case, imo. The man attacked a polce officer in his police car. If you or I did the same thing anywhere in Ameica, we should expect to get shot.

      There aren’t any protests or much popular support for Jodi Arias. But does that give others the right to violate ethics, act unethically, and even violate the law to secure a death penalty? I don’t think it does.

      1. Respectfully speaking, about that ammo……men that have guns and shoot for fun it game often have lect over ammo in small amounts when they buy more, potentially slightly different ammo. The ammo being different, truly proves nothing. Mr Williams also told Yreka police it was an old gun given him by a relative. No telling how old the ammo in that gun was, who originally loaded it or when.( I am from the south and from a family of cattle ranchers and farmers.) For most , that ammo is a non-issue. The fact a 25 caliber hand gun was stolen from where she lived days before he was killed by one and she now admits using a handgun to shoot him SCREAMS.

      2. Maybe so, Nurse K., but the fact is that the only facts about the gun we have are that a .25 caliber gun was stolen from the grandfather’s house about a week before the murder and a .25 caliber gun was used to shoot Mr. Alexander. there is not other evidence tying these two guns together other than circumstantial evidence and the caliber. So, in the case of the prosecution, this also proves nothing beyond a reasonable doubt. Certainly a caliber match is not enough to stake a person’s life on. The bullets were not the same as those the grandfather said were in his gun as he said his gun was loaded with hollow point bullets and they were not “Winchester .25 Auto” either. That’s information favorable to the defense even though the gun could easily have been loaded with different ammunition after being stolen. It does scream, but certainly not enough to put someone to death with certainty.

      1. Really??? Oh my gosh I can’t even read anything else you do attempt to say. Let it chick, its just a movie.

  16. The best way to determine why Jodi was convicted of M1 is to listen to the Jurors who voted her guilty and also voted for death. Here are the interviews for those who voted for death and the reasons why they voted that way.

    Juror # 6 speaks out that the 3 gas cans was a big factor in deciding premeditation and also how all of the jurors noticed Jodi’s demeanor while testimony was going on (not paying attention, doodling, etc. – Juror answers twitter questions)


    Juror # 6 speaks out why she voted for death:


    Juror #16 speaks out why she voted for death:


    3 jurors speak out why they voted for death:


    Juror # 8 speaks out that he did not believe in the pedophilia and saw no remorse :


    1. Why not ask yourself if you would like to be convicted on half the evidence? Evidence that JM hid.

      You are allowing Personal Prejudice to blind you to the corruption and misconduct from JM, Horn and Flores, that permeated through the entire trial. Not to mention a biased Judge.

  17. Rob Roman, since you seem to be fair minded and are seeking the truth, maybe you can share this information with the Jodi supporters so they will be informed as to why the court is allowing the Death Penalty to be pursued in the Jodi Arias case.

    There has been a lot of discussion and complaints put forth by the “Jodiisinnocent” bloggers regarding the perjury by Det. Flores who represented that Travis was shot first in the sequence of events during the killing of Travis Alexander.

    Dr. Horn testified that he did not tell Det. Flores that the gun shot was first.

    This issue turned out to be a major part of this trial because the single aggravator for allowing the Death Penalty to be pursued was the cruel and heinous nature of the crime.

    The Defense Team filed numerous motions asking the court to eliminate the Death Penalty Aggravation phase of the trial because of the perjury committed by Det. Flores.

    Attached are the motions filed and the rulings made.

    It is fascinating reading and it shows just how big of a deal this issue became during the first trial.

    It was so important that when Judge Stevens denied the DT’s motion for removal of the DP aggravator, the DT filed a motion to the AZ Court Of Appeals to overturn Judge Stevens ruling.

    I didn’t realize how big a deal it was until I read through all of the motions.

    In the end, the Court Of Appeals did rule not to overturn Judge Stevens in spite of the perjury committed by Det. Flores.

    Click to access Petition.pdf

    Here is the crux of the reason for denial:

    “The court further finds that the evidence presented at trial in January 2012, including the testimony of Kevin Horn on January 9, 2012, established probable cause to believe the offense was especially cruel under the theory that it involved both physical and mental suffering of the victim.

    The court finds this evidence established probable cause the victim would have felt pain and mental anguish associated with the multiple wounds inflicted, and the defendant knew or should have known that the victim would suffer.

    IT IS ORDERED denying the oral motion for new finding of probable cause on the aggravating factor the offense was especially cruel.

    IT IS FURTHER ORDERED denying the motion for mistrial based upon the inaccurate testimony of Detective Flores at the hearing conducted on August 7, 2009.”

    1. Thank-You for your comments, Martyworld.

      Denial is just the first stage of an appeal. Many times, an appeal is expected to be denied at the state level. There’s no question in my mind that the prosecution went against the physical evidence and common sense to try to establish that the gunshot was last. This is a serious violation of the law, if it can be proven.

      But you’re right about one thing: Whether the stabbings or the gunshot was first, a gunshot first murder and a knife first murder are both equally cruel and equally 1st degree murder. In fact, we state right on this blog that a gun first murder in this case is more cruel than knife first.

      The Arizona cruelty prong is still in violation of the U.S. Constitution and Furman v Georgia, for reasons stated elsewhere in this blog. Please see https://spotlightonlaw.wordpress.com/september-26-2013-kirk-nurmis-motion-on-arizonas-f-6-aggravotor-is-denied-by-judge-stephens/

      Almost every murder involves mental and physical suffering. There is no narrowing function in the AZ statutes-plus-jury instructions which can fairly and effectively establish an especially cruel murder from a regular cruel murder.

  18. Excellent references Matt. Nice to see some logical thought and real evidence. It seems the Jodi supporters only evidence is Jodi and her lies. I need more than that to make a decision. I’ve watched the trial, her police interviews and read many of the court decisions. I’m perfectly satisfied the state has proven she’s a murderer. Let’s sentence and move on. Her appeals will go nowhere.

  19. See this is how Jodi supporters work. I was on a Free Jodi facebook page engaging in debate over this. I was never rude or mean to anyone just arguing the facts of the case. The kicked me off for making sense and telling the truth. Many Jodi supporters would do well in say North Korea or the former Soviet Union. They love to censor the truth as well. You know you’ve won an argument when that happens. I rest my case free Jodi arias!

    1. Ed, I have seen this behavior too, and I’m entirely against it. If people have a position, they should be able to support that position in fair, open debate.

      1. Rob, everyone is, after 2 Years, entitled to an educated opinion. TA haters/supporters hate, they enjoy it, they want, (some Crave) Jodi to get the DP or lose her life in prison. It’s not Jodi, would be Any woman, their hate has nothing to do with Travis or Jodi, who they don’t know and the level of sheer hatred and malice is off the scale.

        They Allow their personal prejudice to blind them, just like in the film, 12 Angry Men.

        How can this be a fair, open and HONEST debate? It can’t.

  20. Ed, the point I was trying to make is that the Jodi supporters keep getting lost in the details of the trial and forgets the most important part and that is the cruel and heinous manner in which Travis was murdered.

    They are so enraged by the issue of whether the gun shot came first or last and think that Flores’s inaccurate testimony prevented Jodi from walking free.

    Just as the porn issue is so important to the Jodi supporters and their hope that there is a lot of porn found on Travis’s computer and will lead the jury to believe that Jodi is telling the truth so she should be released and walk out as a free woman.

    That entire motion was dedicated to providing an official and sound court ruling that the aggravating mitigator has held up thru the AZ Court of Appeals and it is one less appeal issue available to Jodi.

  21. Rob Roman and Robert Knox, you have previously stated that the Jodi Arias case is rift with appealable issues.

    Have you read the definition of what an appealable issue is?

    Here is the official Arizona Court of Appeals website that defines the process of appeals.


    Q: What is an Appeal?

    Answer: An appeal is a legal proceeding to obtain review of the judgment of a superior court or administrative tribunal.

    The Court of Appeals hears no witnesses and does not determine facts; instead, it decides whether the trial Court made an error of law or made a factual determination unsupported by any evidence.

    So the court will only be looking for error of law by the trial Court.

    The second part is if the trial Court made a factual determination unsupported by any evidence.

    Judge Stevens has let the Defense put anything and everything in as testimony.

    The Appeals Court will not make a factual determination which means that factual testimony will not be reviewed.

    Kirk Nurmi already used up two of his appealable issues before the Court of Appeals – the DP aggravation mitigator of unusual pain and suffering, and the testifying in secret ploy.

    The inadvertent testimony by Det. Flores and Dr. Horn was addressed in the first issue above.

    Any issues in regards to porn on Travis’s computer will not be an appealable issue and the pre-mediation has been thoroughly documented.

    The letter Jodi wrote to the Alexanders is a non-issue, not a trial procedure issue.

    The stalking issue is not relevant since Judge Stevens let both sides pursue and present evidence to support their position.

    The self defense issue is ridiculous. With the way Travis was slaughtered and with Jodi not sustaining any wounds other then her cut tendon in the ring finger of her left hand, you can see why the first jury totally threw out that notion.

    You brought up the issue that it shouldn’t be a DP case based on prior cases but this case is different because the Alexander family has insisted that they want the ultimate penalty to avenge the slaughter of their brother.

    It is only by their insistence to follow through with the second re-sentencing phase that this case is still on-going.

    As far and the decision in the Martha DeVault case. the only reason she got LWOP was because of her three young kids, just ask Paul Sanders who served on that jury.

    Remember, if Jodi gets the DP, she will be in total isolation and only let out 1 hour a day and will eat her meals in her cell. She will be in no position to rattle the cage of the Alexander family.

    The appeals process is done strictly by reviewing the trial documents, the attorneys will have no need to have meetings or interview Jodi.

    Even if she gets LWOP, she will be in isolation for many years before she would be considered for a lesser status.

    Here are some videos discussing the conditions that Jodi will face when she goes to Perryville Prison (they already have her cell waiting for her):



    1. Yes, I know what an appealable issue is, but it seems as if you do not.

      It seems you do not realize

      1) That appeals don’t end with a denial.
      2) That review doesn’t end at the state level.

      The Death Penalty aggravator known as F(6) (no such thing as an aggravation mitigator) has been appealed by many in AZ from many different angles. The fact that a statute exists even though it’s unconstitutional on its face is not unusual. The Aggravator prong of “especially cruel” in Arizona violates our Constitution by failure to narrow the circumstances under which the death penalty can be imposed.

      We really do not know what the testifying in secret situation was really about. You don’t know that is was a ploy. You do not have enough information to make that call.

      Why would Travis Alexander being a porn-hound be an appealable issue? We already know he’s a porn hound whether or not there was anything on the computer.

      Why would a letter that Jodi wrote be an appealable issue? That really doesn’t make sense. Why would stalking be an appealable issue? I don’t think you understand the concept of appeals at all.

      What is the self-defense issue? Pre-meditation has been thoroughly documented? What does that even mean in relation to an appeal?

      The Alexander family only has a limited input into what is to happen in this case. The Alexander family does not get to decide whether a person is executed or not. Justice in the United States is not about vengeance or revenge. It is the State vs Arias, not the Alexander siblings vs Arias.

      Her name is Marissa DeVault, not Martha. Contrary to popular opinion, the children were NOT the only reason Marissa was spared the Death Penalty. Lots of men without children in AZ have caved their parner’s head in. They didn’t get the death penalty.

      There’s really nothing Jodi Arias can do in general population that she can’t do on death row, as far as communicating to the outside world. I don’t see any evidence whatever that Jodi Arias is trying to hurt or rattle the cage of the Alexander family. That’s pure fantasy.

      I know the conditions of Perryville Prison. I know what Jodi Arias faces with either a life or death sentence.

      They already have her cell waiting for her because the cell was made empty by the release of a woman who spent 23 years on death row for no reason.

      1. Last time I looked, watching porn is not a crime so I don’t see how that is appealable.

        Since the Death Penalty aggravator in this case has already been reviewed by the Arizona Court Of Appeals and approved, the last step is the Arizona Supreme Court.

        If you read the secret transcripts from the in chamber sessions released recently, even Judge Stevens admitted that Jodi was being manipulative and the Az. Court Of Appeals ruled no secret testimony and the Az. Supreme Court refused to even review it.

        Ifs funny that Jodi had no problem testilieing for 18 days on the stand.

        Social media is here to stay and if you don’t like the criticism, don’t do the crime.

        In spite of being the most hated female before Jodi, Casey Anthony is still alive and out in public.

        Jodi will be behind bars probably for the rest of her life so she only has to worry about her fellow inmates trying to do her in.

        Under what terms would you argue testimony would be an appealable issue that warrants the overturning of the sentence and nesssitate a retrial?

        What procedure did Judge Steven violate to warrant such action?

      2. Thanks for your comments, Martyworld.

        The porn is not an appealable issue. Failure to disclose evidence and unwarranted delays in disclosing evidence is an appealable issue. The Arizona Courts, of course, will approve their own statute and jury instructions. The U.S. Supreme Court has found Arizona’s F(6) aggravator to be Constitutional in the past. The U.S. Supreme Court is in error. They have to defer to the State’s way of doing things, but it’s wrong and in violaion of the Constitution nevertheless.

        Simply adding a few words tothe jury instructions would solve the injustice.

        Demanding to testify in secrecy is not an appeal issue. It seems ridiculous to me, and I’m sure the Courts would also scoff at this. The Court agreed to clear the Courtroom and send people to the overflow room and this was not enough? Yes, she must conduct testimony and allocution in public unless there is a clear and present danger that could violate her right to a fair trial.

        I disagree with you on Social Media. The effect now is immediate. Immediate information, and immediate reaction. In Zimmerman,a man was testifying via Skype. People watching the trial on social media got hold of his Skype address and people started calling him, as he was testifying, and disrupted the court.

        New technology calls for new rules. It always has.

        Excellent point. I think in part, Jodi Arias is being made to suffer the ills and sins of the Casey Anthony and Zimmerman trials. People went very overboard, incliding the media, to make certain this one did not slip off the hook and get away.

        Any error or ommision that could have changed the outcome of the guilt phase is an appealable issue. There are loads of them in this trial. Usually a winning issue turns out to be one most people never even considered.

        Judge Stephens was rightfully reviled by both sides. They picked one hell of a Capital trial for her to cut her teeth on. What would be surpsising is if she didn’t make serious errors.

    2. An Appealable issue is Corruption, plain and simple; as you don’t see any corruption due to your personal prejudice that should not enter your judgement, you will not see this.

  22. Every good points, Rob. The social media issue in the future is only going to get worse.

    I think the fact that both Jodi and Casey were young white attractive females who galvanized the country. I don’t know how the justice system can make changes to adjust to the new social media phenomenon. As my daughter just reminded me, technology is moving so fast that the laws of our nation cannot keep up with those changes. However, we must not give up and throw up our hands and complain that nothing can be done.

    A problem with social media is that there are many irresponsible people texting or tweeting message that in their minds were meant to be a joke but are taken seriously by the public receiving the messages. A case in point was yesterday when the two jurors were dismissed and someone tweeted out that they saw the two jurors high-fiving in the hallway and saying “lets fry that bitch”. That tweet was widely circulated around with most of the public thinking that the statement was true.

    We are seeing social media doing great harm to our younger generation with all of the on-line bullying going on that results in a lot of cases of suicides among our youths.

    I think there needs to be stiffer penalties for cyber bullying and prosecuting those cowards sitting behind keyboards who are responsible for these bullying tactics.

    Any suggestions you may have in regards to the social media issue?

    Personally, I am hoping that the jury comes back with life so that Jodi only gets one more bite of the appeal apple paid for by the Az. tax payers.

    I think that Nurmi did a good job of highlighting Jodi being somewhat normal before she met Travis. I believe that is what swayed the jury foreman when he mentioned that fact.

    In case you didn’t hear his interview, here is his interviews:

    Here is an aricle of why the jury foreman could not agree on DP for Jodi:


    This foreman bought into the DT version that Jodi lived a perfectly normal life before she met Travis and then her life changed.

    IMO, I think the same mitigator will again crop up and that is the mental and emotional abuse that the DT keeps hammering away at as shown by Dr. Geffner’s testimony.

    I agree with you about Judge Stevens. I think the state totally misjudged the impact this case would have and picked Judge Stevens just because she was next in line for a DP case. That mistake has cost the state millions of extra dollars in DT fees alone not to mention the prosecution costs.

    In regards to Jodi’s wanting to testify in secret had a lot to do with Judge Stevens letting the defense get away with so much that Jodi thought that she would cave in on that issue, which she did until the Court of Appeals slapped her down. Have you even seen such a poorly run courtroom before? Look at the way Dr. Fonseca treated Juan and the unlimited amount of sidebars and objections. i have never seen so many before in any trial and she allowed both sides to object while seated and didn’t even try to resolve issues without having a bench conference. Also, so many secret chamber meetings.

    Judge Perry ran a much tighter ship and insisted on proper decorum in the courtroom.

    The issue about being late in disclosing evidence was not all of the state’s fault because there was no technology at the time to get the text messages from Verizon into a usable form. That technology wasn’t developed until 2010.

    Of course that issue works both ways with the defense withholding the Helio Phone from the state.

  23. Martyworld, If you don’t mind me asking, what on earth has happened in your life to make you so full of hate for a woman you don’t know, to make you so prejudiced? It applies to all women defendants, actually, doesn’t it.

    1. We have been asking the same exact thing about you. You have serious hate problems for someone who doesn’t even live in the USA and you think you know all about it. I think you should worry about the problems in Great Britain. As you know, or do you know they have many serious issues that need to be fixed. Why aren’t you trying to help fix your own country? Thank God there aren’t 12 angry Heathers.

    2. Did you read anything Martyworld said or Rob Roman have written thus far? I don’t think he hates her. I think he is in a debate. Trading fact for fact, opinion for opinion between the two. I think you are full of rage and anger, might I suggest a yoga class or meditation? You seriously are a one track mind. Are you related to Jodi in some way? You two seem to share the same “stuck on one subject” train of thought. Are you the friend Heather that she has mentioned? I wonder, I really do…..

  24. Robert,

    Would you be so kind as to explain something for me…

    Jodi stated that she shot Travis at he ran at her in a “Linebacker” stance. If that is true, how did he end up on his back, face up, with her standing at his head between the shower and the bedroom?

    1. Pamela, I never thought Travis was dead in this photo. I believe at this point he had only been shot. If as Jodi said, they both fell toward the back wall by the scales, you are correct that she is now behind him near the sink with her back closest to the bathroom hallway. How did she get there? It seems that after he was shot, Travis made his way to the sink. I believe this is right before or right after he was standing at the bathroom sink.

      So, if we want to give Jodi’s story a chance, at this point, she may have been still trying to help him after accidentally shooting him. If we believe this is a premeditated murder, then possibly she dragged him by his legs back down the hallway and was then going to turn him around and drag him by his arms. In a murder scenario, this may be after Travis was struggling with the gunshot wound and Jodi is re-entering the bathroom with a knife.

      I always like to look at this using both a self-defense and a murder scenario.

      1. As a woman, dragging him by his arms would not be my choice. Look at his position in the shower. Arms/torso first would have put him the opposite way, not head under the showerhead.

        This is in no way, shape, or form self defense/domestic abuse. Her lies WILL get people killed.

      2. I realize I’m chiming in way after the fact, being that all trials are completed and she is a lifer and did not get death. I watched the trials and have read quite a bit on this whole thing. I stumbled across this website today as I was checking to see if anything in a way of discipline has or will happen to Flores.
        That being said, I do think that Jodi shot Travis first. I believe she shot him directly after the last picture was taken, before the first inadvertant picture was taken, basicly (quoting Jodi’s use of a big girl word) contemporaneously with the picture of him sitting, with NO head in the picture. I also believe that she premeditated this murder. With that in mind, (premeditation), it would have been very stupid to pick a weapon as a knife as a first choice. I think she brought the gun and when he charged from that shower stall, shot, bleeding, screaming “F ling kill you bit**”, it scared her senseless. She forgot that the camera was around her neck, but did remember the knife. I totally believe that there was a rope and a knife. I believe that he was drug or dragged by his feet also, because I am a woman, and I am the same exact size and weight that she was, and my husband, coincidentally, is the same weight as Travis was (my husband is approximately 6’1″ though). I have tested my pulling/dragging theory, although he was reluctant, on him, through our bedroom and put his limp (although alive) body in our shower. I did this with little trouble. Add adrenaline to this, I would have had NO problem with speed, which was my only difference compared to her.
        Although it is rarely heard of, people do live after being shot in the head. Some for only a short time, some until late in life. In conclusion to my thoughts, I believe that she just could not get him to leave her alone, and she could not leave him alone either – even 1000 miles away. I think they were equal in more ways than one, tit for tat really. At the end, she possibly really did just want to be friends, like she was with the other exes in her past, but he just couldn’t relinquish control. She allowed him to treat her the way he did, and vise versa. A person only treats you the way YOU ultimately taught them to treat you. She just could not handle the inner turmoil she had, and created on her own.
        She set out with a plan. She rendered her plan completely that day. No matter the details, large or small, that gun said it all. It had nothing to do with anything that days events other than a premeditated murder.

    2. Explain how she came to be IN the photo she allegedly took? Explain how, without being at least 2 feet away how she managed to get not only her alleged pant leg, but Travis in the photo too? Unless you seriously want me to believe she trod on the camera whilst also being in the photo, maybe she’s a contortionist? Or, perhaps she set the camera on timer, you know, just to prove she was there?

  25. Jodi Arias is a jilted liar, but I dont believe in the death penalty, so she should get LWOP. Her false claims of domestic violence cost victims WORLDWIDE, and for that I hope she chokes to death on her tongue in her sleep.

    1. When were You Jilted, because I know you were. You’re a jilted liar. I hope you also choke to death on your tongue in your sleep, isn’t it what you deserve?

      1. She, JODI ARIAS, said it was her pant leg and her foot! C’mon now, are you for real Heather Sopher?????

  26. I have just this evening read the article by Robert Knox. Very well said, Sir. Very well said. Keep fighting; never give up. Quitting is the only certain path to failure.

  27. Rob,
    Jodi wanted to testify in secret to reveal what she had remembered about that day as far as details. Jennifer Wilmott and Jodi have both said that she had regained some memories between the first and second trial. I believe she wished to testify in secret to keep the public from knowing the details and to protect herself and her DT from further threats.
    As a survivor of severe trauma I can tell ALL of your readers that memory lapses are real. Your fear and adrenalin are so high I believe your body does this to protect you from further damage. Many survivors can explain this and it enrages me that so many people including the prosecutor belittle it by referring to it as “The Fog” in a demeaning way. Sorry I am getting completely off track!
    My point was, now that we can assume why Jodi wanted to testify in secret, do you still believe it was a ploy or tactic?
    P.S. When is your new article coming?? It’s been two months!

    1. Of course memory lapses can be real. But for one, secret testimony is against the US Constitution, because it also protects then defendants like Jodi Arias from secret prosecution and secret government imposed death penalty, as exists still in some countries. Very frightening. We can’t have it both ways. Plus the public was angry because of the way this had all been handled already, lies told and proven or admitted. As in the old saying, ” You have made your bed, now you must lay in it.” This old adage is very true. And not just for Arias, but for us all. Had the pedophile and ninja cards and such not been played, the playing feild, so to speak, would have continued to look very different.

      1. Well, the testimony would not have been secret at all. The transcripts were to be released after the verdict and the sentence. So , in fact it would have been a temporary secret testimony. Why that was desired or needed by Arias is still a mystery to me. There were a variety of ways to deal with a number of concerns without having to clear the courtroom. Had there been a death penalty decision, though, it would certainly have become an appeal issue. The public’s anger doesn’t matter one iota to a court case. The public’s anger was a media driven and profit driven phenomenon, the defendant is allowed a defense, especially from the death penalty. The death penalty is what actually warps a trial into a life or death struggle and both sides go off the rails and both sides feel they are justified. Not playing the pedophile or ninja cards wouldn’t have changed the outcome at all, imo. I don’t see what would have changed.

      2. Nurse K
        I wasn’t defending her “secret testimony”, I was giving a potential reason for it. I don’t think Jodi wanted it completely secret anyway, just a closed courtroom. I, personally, can not imagine giving testimony to such a tragic event after being judged so extremely by the public, including those in the courtroom. Everything Jodi says or does has been scrutinized and criticized as if any one of us knows what it was like to be in her situation whether or not what she says is true. The Alexander family was able to influence the jury. This is a fact. How can any jury not be affected by faces, and sighs, abrupt leaving and audible cries. Now I am not implying that it had anything to do with their final decision, I can’t say that it did. My original point stands, the defendent was not given a fair trial, speculation was given as fact in the media. I was originally, myself, influenced by the media. If she was ugly, If Travis wasn’t a “virgin” mormon, this would have been a manslaughter or at most a second degree murder case. This bothers me and I am sure it bothers others.

      3. In most court rooms throughout this country, victim’s families are NOT allowed to get away with what the Alexanders did – Making the faces and eye rolls, the eye contact and non-verbal communication, the walking out of the courtroom, and waiting outside the jury room and setting up a vigil. It sure bothers me. Thanks for your comments, Nicole.

  28. Ok, yes detective Flores and Blaney suggested Jodi pen a letter to the Alexander’s but not to LIE to them about what happened that day. Don’t use the detectives as a scapegoat. That’s ridiculous. Go back and read the examples . The are coercing her to write the letter under the pretense that SHE was the one responsible for the murder and to explain to his family, “why” SHE murdered him.

    Also, throughout the trial, Jodi was diagnoses with Borderline Personality Disorder by doctor Janeen DeMarte. BPD is sometimes referred to as the female version of sociopathy and it’s simply because more females are diagnosed than males are and vice versa for sociopathy. If you read up on it Jodi fits the criteria quite well.

    Let’s look at the criteria

    To be diagnosed with BPD, a person must experience at least five of the following symptoms:

    Fear of abandonment
    Jodi displayed this many times not only with Travis but in the past with other boyfriends, she would follow them if they moved away. She also moved to Mesa after her and Travis broke up. I believe this fear was the driving force behind her motivation to murder him. After their May 26th text battle, Jodi felt the last thread of Travis slowly slipping from her grasp.

    Unstable or changing relationships
    Look at the relationship she had with both of her parents. They both explain this in their interviews with detective Flores. We can also see in her letter to Judge S.S., to get Nurmi off of her case, that she had a unstable relationship with him. This also seemed to be (and still seems to be) a pattern in Jodi’s life.

    Unstable self-image; struggles with identity or sense of self
    There also seemed to be quite a lot of this going on. Jodi seemed to take on the identity of whomever she was dating. With Bobby she got into witchcraft and vampire hunting. With Darryl Brewer she dyed her hair blonde and got breast implants to emulate his ex wife. Only three months of knowing Travis she converted to Mormonism. Even of we look at her book list that was shared, seems like Jodi was constantly trying to figure out who she was,

    Impulsive or self-damaging behaviors (e.g., excessive spending, unsafe sex,

    Assuming she’s the one who slashed Travis’ tires and wrote that letter to Lisa Andrews she fits this criteria. We can also add stealing his ring and journal pages as well. We can also include her hasty decisions to just pick up and move around like a nomad. Also her sexual activity with Travis while not in a committed relationship with him. Talking to Flores without legal representation. Doing TV interviews without legal representation.

    substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating).
    She does not seem to fit this one but we can’t know for sure

    Suicidal behavior or self-injury
    We all heard about her tale of her feeble suicide attempt while she was incarcerated. Dr. demarte also read about suicidal ideations in her journals.

    Varied or random mood swings
    There were a few accounts of Jodi’s mood swings. Who can forget doggie boy? Also a coworker stated they saw her punching something at work. We can also go by her parents interviews and the account of the friend (who’s believed to be Matt McCartney) who called her mom up and urged her to get her help for her unstable moods. This same friend also called a hotline for bipolar disordered people.

    Constant feelings of worthlessness or sadness
    This one I’m not quite sure of.

    Without even having to get into the last two criteria, Jodi already displays six out of the five (of 9) criteria that’s needed for a diagnosis of BPD.

    Problems with anger, including frequent loss of temper or physical fights
    Stress-related paranoia or loss of contact with reality

    I’ve dome some in-depth reading on BPD and Jodi seems to be a high functioning borderline. Borderlines are also known to be highly manipulative individuals and unfortunately the “friendly” description of Jodi above is no more than Jodi trying to manipulate. Borderlines, Narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths alike, all see people as objects. Everyone they come in contact with serves a purpose and usually these people are used to their benefit. She is a dangerous person. Anyone who would go as far as manipulating their own Journals (because she knew if she was ever caught, police would collect them for evidence) is way beyond sick in my book.

    1. I agree with all that. I don’t know if this writing a letter idea is a trick the police use to get a confession. I suppose so, because the jail is going to copy the letter. I have never heard of that before.

      Oh, yeah, she’s a high functioning borderline, and I think without structure she destabilizes. Normal rules never applied to her. Travis was just a sitting duck.

      No, the detectives did not intend for Jodi to lie to the family in that letter. Maybe the idea of the letter was to make her feel guilt and remorse for what she had done, so she would confess. It didn’t work on Jodi and you can see that she wasn’t going to tell Blaney anything at all.

  29. She PERHAPS was encouraged to write the Alexander’s, but your piece shows that they say to do it to give his family closure – NOT HER INVENTED STORY OF THE INTRUDERS! Come on!!!! Why do people like you twist things? I’m not a mind-reader, like Alyce LaViolette, but I can assure you that the detectives never encouraged Jodi to lie to Travis’ family. That much should have been addressed. JMO

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