Jodi Arias appeal brief filed in Arizona

Although I’m convinced that Jodi Arias is guilty of the crime charged, I do support her right to a fair trial, the right to appeal her conviction, and her right to dignity.

This is one of many steps in the appeals process. Jodi Arias has filed her first appeal brief with the State of Arizona. Without further comment, here it is.


2 thoughts on “Jodi Arias appeal brief filed in Arizona”

  1. Jodi arias does have a right to a fair trial. She does have the right to appeal her conviction.
    But I believe her arguments presented by her defence lawyers are weak at best.
    As far as her trial being turned into a media circus, Jodi Arias herself conducted media interviews before, during & after her trial. Her trial DID have a lot of public interest but that was in large part because of her putting herself out there to begin with.
    Her trial was full of everything ppl watch on TV. It involved a good looking couple, lots of kinky sexy that ppl may do behind closed doors, but it’s not common for it to be displayed in public for the entire world to know about, & her trial had a gruesome murder. Of course it had a lot of media attention.
    If she didn’t want all the media attention, then she should not have kindled that fire to begin with.
    And let’s not forget the reason trials are made public now – so that everyone can see that it is conducted in a fair manner. Casey Anthony’s trial was also videoed & it too received a lot of media attention because of the whacky way she behaved while Caley was missing & the lies she told & because her little girl was killed & Casey was charged. So was OJ Simpson’s trial a big case that was videoed & had a big media following.
    Why does Jodi Arias think she is any different? So in my opinion, stroke that complaint.

    One of her other complaints about the jury seeing her in restraints….stroke that one off too.
    As far as I’m aware the prisoners are always in restraints.
    She’s lucky they let her dress in ordinary clothes instead of her prison uniform.
    I don’t believe jurors are stupid ppl that would be influenced as to a person’s innocence or guilt because they saw restraints.
    I believe most ppl who sit on jury, especially a case where a death penalty is a possible outcome, take their job very seriously & want to hear all the evidence & arguments presented by both sides & then make their decision based on that.
    It’s a very serious thing to have to make that decision about someone’s life & I believe most jurors would not be influenced as to an accused innocence or guilt simply based on seeing the accused in restraints.

    1. Well said, D. Yet don’t forget that Jodi Arias is a very sick person. Borderline Personality Disorder comes in many shapes and sizes, but hers is super extreme, so she could never stay away from the limelight when it was a means of projecting herself outwards to the general public.

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