Breaking the Jodi-Code: The 6-6-6 theory of Jodi Arias (Feb 24, 2016)

The real motive and actions

behind the killing

fact-based reporting by

Rob Roman

No matter what side of the Jodi Arias case you’re on, weren’t there quite a few things that made no logical sense? Even if they weren’t vital things that would make or break the case or the difference between guilt and innocence, there still seemed to be a lot of things that just were out of order, perplexing, and not following common sense or a logical order.

jodi thief.png

For example, If Jodi Arias moved to Mesa from California AFTER she and Travis broke up, and he didn’t like that very much, why is there so little evidence of Travis complaining about that or being angry about it? Another example: Why did Travis keep in phone contact and keep talking about future events together with Jodi Arias, when he was supposed to be so relieved that she was finally gone? Why did it take until the end of April for Travis to get rid of Jodi, when he vowed to be rid of her before the end of January?

If Travis was such a kind and caring man that he would have massive empathy for a man with no arms or legs, and he would frequently stop and deliver meals to the homeless, how could he be a person who would attack Jodi Arias in a deadly rage?

How could Eddie Snell from Alabama by the same person doing the duck dance?

Why was Travis chasing Jodi Arias to truck stops and motels at the half-way point between the two, and meeting her at his friend’s home in California?

lisa andrews daidone lt

Are all of these things really not true at all? Are we mistaken about most of them? Maybe all these things would make a lot more sense if we had a different theory. It could be that all these things are correct, but the lens we are looking at them with is the wrong color, so everything just doesn’t appear to make much sense.

Maybe a lot of Pro-Travis / Prosecution supporters will say ‘why is it taking you so long to see the obvious?’ But it was never so obvious to me. I might just be seeing behaviors I have never seen before, so I just put them under the wrong classification; and then it never made logical sense? I think many prosecution supporters might still find a few surprises in this theory. A number of people were talking about this a while back, and it’s nothing original that I thought of, but I think the 6-6-6 part is original – and I think it fits real well.

Life 5 r

So what is the 6-6-6 theory of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander? People a while back were talking about when, exactly, the premeditation started. Did it start the day of the big blow-up fight around May 24th? Did it start in January when Travis made a New Year’s Resolution to get Jodi Arias completely out of his life? Or, was it some time even before that?

Previously and during the trial, I never put much stock into the allegations that Jodi Arias Stalked Travis Alexander. I didn’t see much evidence other than from friends of Travis. I thought it was possible that Travis was two-timing, and he would complain about JA if she happened to show up when he was with someone else. I also determined it was possible that Travis would complain to a friend about Jodi Arias stalking him, then turn around and arrange to see her later on that same day. I thought that – ‘methinks he doth protest too much’.

Life 11 r
Dr. Janine DeMarte

The defense had a point. Maybe Jodi was the one who was confused, not knowing when to show up to see Travis, and when not to. Travis had bad-mouthed her before to his friends. Really, few friends of Travis really knew what was going on between them, so what would their testimony really count for? Then what about the intrusions into Travis’ phone, his facebook and Myspace, etc?   Was that real, or did they actually have a mutual agreement to share passwords as Jodi Arias stated? Since there is no longer a Travis Alexander to defend himself, how would we know?

Life 10 r

The key to this for me was the Borderline Personality Disorder. I had the occasion to see an actual case of this, and all the pieces came together. These are NOT evil people, but their behavior can be real evil. My experience is that they actually and truly ‘know not what they do’. Borderlines experience themselves as morally and behaviorally superior to most people. They are incapable of wrongdoing, in their own eyes. Everything bad that happens is someone else’s doing, someone else’s fault. There’s some kind of conspiracy or scheme going on that is causing the problems.

Borderlines are incapable of assessing their own moods and behaviors and have little to no insight. My experience is that Borderlines have a theoretical or intellectual insight that is very complex and complete, but this is insight into other people’s motives and behaviors, not their own. I’m basing this on book knowledge plus one actual case I have seen, so I could easily be wrong, but the behaviors I saw were remarkably like the behaviors of Arias and her behaviors as reported by others.

Life 1 r

The Borderline I saw was tempestuous, snitty, and had severe mood swings. One day, this person is the life of the party and has everyone laughing. The next day or so, they’re quiet, surly and paranoid. I witnessed actual rampages and tantrums bordering on physical attack, with lots and lots of venom. I saw a person cuss someone out like something you wouldn’t believe, make threats, and throw objects. The next day or so, they act like nothing ever happened, because for them, nothing ever did happen.

Maybe you will think I refused to see the obvious, but for me, it was a real eye-opener. But now if I revise a few things, it does start to fit in a common sense and logical way I can understand. So now, I do see that Jodi Arias was certainly stalking Travis and just generally trying to interfere with his life, but then I run into a second problem of logic: Why was Jodi Arias stalking, embarrassing, and generally making life miserable for Travis if she wanted to have him back???

Life 4 r

This is where the 6-6-6 theory comes in to save the day and make everything understandable for a Jodi-supporter. The answer is disarmingly simple – She wasn’t trying to get him back. This is the first “6”. She was making him pay!

The other confusing aspect for Jodi supporters is the suddenness and massive brutality of the attack on June 4th, 2008. How can Travis be enjoying himself with Jodi on the 10th of May 2008, having phone-sex, and talking about possibly coming up to see her, when just over three weeks later, his bathroom is covered in his own blood?

Life 14 r

This is the point that makes people like George Barwood and Justice Forusall see this is a sudden heat of passion or a self-defense. At least half of the anger and passion displayed in the Bloody, gorey scene in the bathroom had to come from Travis Alexander, because how could Jodi Arias alone go from “lovey dovey”, “come up and see me sometime”, to Psycho Style murderer?

 She must have been provoked and attacked. Here’s the second “6”. They never went from “lovey dovey” to attack and fight- for-survival mode. There was no “lovey dovey” mode at all in 2008. Jodi Arias was incrementally attacking Travis Alexander long before that, and it finally escalated to the trip and murder on June 4th. The thing throwing some people off is that Travis never really knew it, or he knew … but yet didn’t know it.

For Travis Victor Alexander, shit was about to get all too real.

Life 9 r

I now believe that Jodi Arias started coming after Travis Alexander a full year before the actual killing. In the 6 month period form July to December, 2007, I believe Jodi Arias was following and stalking Travis Alexander. The trick is he wasn’t supposed to know it. This is the third “6”. It’s intended not to look like she was out to get him, because that made it easier to get him.

In the old Godfather tradition of “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”, Jodi Arias was constantly keeping Travis off-guard. She would do something to get an angry reaction, then use that confrontation to manipulate him into getting closer to her. It’s just like an angry spouse who is passive aggressively striking out at his or her partner until they get wise to it, then seeming to make up – to make them forget about the whole thing. You want to get them back at ease. Then you resume the series of attacks, and the whole cycle begins anew.

So, yes, Alyce LaViolette’s “cycle of abuse” was actually in use by Jodi Arias, yet it wasn’t an unconscious exercise like it is with most abusive spouses. She was doing it for a specific purpose – she was going to get revenge on Travis. He was the victim going back to the previous Summer, but he just wasn’t supposed to know it. Some of the manipulation is pure manipulation. But much of the manipulation really isn’t manipulation, because Borderlines see everything like a board game. People are either with you or against you, on one side of the board or the other, and every day, you are moving all the pieces around the board.

In my case, the Borderline I had experience with just didn’t know which side of the board to put me on. I was a friend alittle, then an enemy a little, then a friend again, and finally the enemy once more. Then there was a major change. I was yet again friended, except this time I was not really a friend. I was the enemy. But I was NOT supposed to know I was the enemy. Years earlier, I would have been completely fooled by this. I’m positive this is what happened with Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias.

Life 8 r

Yet the Borderline honestly does not have this insight into their own motivations and manipulations. They will never fess up to it because for them, none of this ever happened. In this way, it is much like a split personality, and many of us on the Pro-Jodi side were thinking exactly that about her. Did another personality kill Travis without the original personality knowing? All of this and the murder were never committed by Jodi, in her own eyes. It’s not evil, it’s a real sickness.

Even her attorney, L. Kirk Nurmi, helps us understand this when he writes that he had the two-fold task of saving Arias from the State and yet saving her from herself as well. He titled his book “Trapped with Ms. Arias” because that’s exactly the situation he found himself in, as her condition became clearer and clearer to him.

trapped with ms arias

So there’s another aspect of this 6-6-6 theory of mine. Each “6” also stands for a roughly 6 month period. The first 6 month period, I cite, is from January to June, 2007, when Arias is in love and all her hopes and dreams are bound up in this young man named Travis Alexander. In the second 6 month period, from July to December 2007, I cite this as a time when Jodi Arias sees that Travis is interested and involved heavily with other women and had been for months, even when they were “going steady” or having a “committed” relationship.

Now’s a good time to say that I completely rejected Dr. DeMarte’s assessment as Arias as being immature because she smiled in her mug shot, etc. Notice how Jodi Arias also attributed that to or blamed that on Travis, explaining that were he arrested for a murder he hadn’t committed, of course he would smile for his mug shot and “say cheese”. That right there is typical Borderline, and Dr. DeMarte was absolutely right about the immaturity.  Look at all the times Arias, almost 30 years old at the time, is talking about Travis Alexander, and the 6 months or so they were deeply involved as some kind of “going steady”, and she almost has stars in her eyes like an eighth grader and at the same time, she’s talking with all the seriousness of someone who has been in love with their spouse for 45 years.

jodi arias mug

There’s no way you can look at her talk about her “serious” and “deep” relationship with Travis Alexander and then try to persuade me about her maturity. There simply ain’t none. The “baby talk” is another sign of BPD in many, and that’s just yet another thing Arias attributed to Travis. He talked to her this way and he used it to disarm her and he did this to get her to do what he wanted. Wrong! She used that baby talk on him.

In the beginning of the second 6-month period, Jodi Arias is still in Palm Desert, California. Travis is in the shower or whatever, and she goes through his phone, another typical Borderline, secretive “spying behavior”. Jodi Arias finds out Travis is emotionally involved with other women and, trust me, IT is ON. Jodi Arias moves to Mesa. This is the beginning of Operation Revenge on Travis and all men via Travis. He is a victim from this point on, yet he has little or no idea. This is the other reason why he never goes for help in any real way, yet he knows something is up and he knows something not good is happening. From time to time, really obtuse and bizarre things are happening, yet Jodi Arias swoops right in to comfort Travis and re-assure him. Then she goes back on the attack.

charlie brown 1

Lucy Van Pelt holding the football for Charlie Brown. Oh, you betcha.

This second phase is where all the stalking was going on and the following and the strange things that kept happening to Travis and his dates (mostly Lisa Andrews Daidone). There are alarms going off, strange notes found, Jodi Arias is popping up in places she’s not supposed to be. Tires are being slashed. Yet Travis and Jodi are discussing the slashed tires, and Jodi is ever so sympathetic. Travis suspects Jodi, but he lets it go, because she is being so sweet, so sympathetic and so lovingly attentive. That’s the 6-6-6 theory in action. By the time 2008 rolled around, the third and final 6 month phase, Operation Revenge on Travis was being brought up to an all new level. I believe the murder plan started here.

charlie brown 3

With this new theory, and new concept, seeing this thing in a whole new way, it suddenly becomes clear. All the pieces now fall into place and now the whole thing makes perfect logical as well as common sense.

Travis Alexander was famous for his 3 x 5 cards where he would write down his goals for the day – the week – the month. Each year, he would have a large list of changes he wanted and needed to make. Old obstacles had to be eliminated and new, even higher goals needed to be chased and met. One stumbling block that needed to be eliminated for 2008: Jodi Arias had to go completely. Dan Freeman testified to this during the guilt phase of the trial.

Life 6 brt r

I believe Jodi Arias knew Travis wanted to totally end it. I believe Dan Freeman let it slip, or Jodi found out in some other way. This is where harassment switched to murder. He wasn’t going to get rid of her, she was going to get rid of him! There’s the motive! It was not really jealousy or ‘I can’t have you so no one else can’, although it kind of really is.  Travis was going to pay the price for all of the men who ruined Jodi Arias’ life, from her Dad to Bobby Juarez to Matt McCartney to Darryl Brewer and God knows who else. Travis’ ass was going down, and Arias would come out smelling like a rose saying ‘Oh My God! Travis, What Happened??

new shower image 2new shower image 1

(new shower photos courtesy of Gray Hughes)

In this new context – everything fits. All the remaining doubts and seeming contradictions just magically drop away, just by looking at the events in this new way. Things not only fit and make sense, but they actually lock together and result in a perfect logic.

Everything was always going from a very intimate and sexual spotlight, to questionable behaviors again, to Travis almost getting wise, to Jodi Arias swooping in to make things right one more time again. Rinse and repeat. The phone sex conversation was exactly this act of Arias making things right. Yet, at the same time, she is inviting him up to Yreka and Oregon to go “out in the woods” so She and Travis can fulfill one sexual fantasy of tying Jodi to a tree. Of course, here again, these are Travis’ fantasies Jodi is striving very hard to fulfill for him. What Travis doesn’t know is that Jodi Arias is actually attempting to lure Travis to his death. He doesn’t take the bait, and so Jodi Arias will have to make a house call.

I think the recording of the phone sex was for a dual purpose: She could threaten him with it, just for the extra pleasure of making him squirm, and then after he was dead, she could use it to excite herself and remember her exploits.


Now, in the context of this new 6-6-6 theory, everything falls in line, from the savagery of the attack, to the luring on the phone and the picture taking in the bathroom, to the incidents with Lisa Andrews, to the stalking and controlling behaviors, to the seeming innocence, to Jodi Arias’ behaviors during her initial arrest and confinement, and even to her testimony. Now, the stuff with her and her make-up and her ‘who me?’ activities when she’s arrested and interrogated suddenly all make sense. This throws new light for me on her relationship with L. Kirk Nurmi and even her  answers during the interviews.

Now, the Manifesto and the letter to Travis’ family make sense, too. Jodi’s presentation to the jury of how she’s the good guy and the victim here all come into focus.

survivor deluxe

All of it finally makes sense and all of it finally fits logically. There’s not one piece left for me that doesn’t work.

It’s not deliberately evil, though it sure is evil. It’s serious manipulation and it’s certainly goal directed manipulation. But yet it’s not, in the very eyes of the Borderline perpetrating it.

This means she’s not lying and trying to manipulate on the stand and in interviews, etc. Jodi Arias is trying to answer for everything that happened without assigning the vast majority of the blame to herself and taking little to no responsibility for her actions. Doing this, she appears honest and she can lie with alacrity because in her mind, none of this happened or could possibly happen. She has to make the truth do contortions and even stand on its head to get the results she needs to get. It seems like straight manipulation, but it’s done without conscious intent. For her, that’s the way it’s always going to be, and that’s total Borderline Personality Disorder in full bloom.

Jodi Arias stands as the jury leaves the courtroom during the sentencing phase of her retrial at Maricopa County Superior Court in Phoenix on February 23, 2015.

So, now there’s little more to discuss about the Jodi the Arias, except her periodic antics in the Perryville the Prison. She’s not getting out, but she certainly will find ways to get the media spotlight on her now and again, and she already has. I’m finally satisfied with this case, and I’m able to draw from all this a true peace of mind, because I finally understand the parts of this case that once had me completely perplexed.

And now, it’s Time for me, and I hope everyone else who has not yet done so, to move on to greener pastures!


See ya, Jodi!


What say you?

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24 thoughts on “Breaking the Jodi-Code: The 6-6-6 theory of Jodi Arias (Feb 24, 2016)”

  1. Great article Rob. :). Yeah you aren’t kidding…..she stalked him, harassed him for months. I’ve read texts from BKs site…..and it went beyond what you stated. For example Travis told a friend that she told him and admitted to driving past his house everyday and night, sneaking into his house, using a fake name and number named Maria M…..then she would also send texts to someone else to get his attention causehee started screening his calls and wouldn’t call her back. There are tons more. I don’t believe he was really planning to goto CA to see her. I just think be said that to placate her because for 1….in a text before she asked him to goto Disney. He said no and she texted him 3 times why not….and 2. Two weeks before he was murdered he did go to see Samantha in CA and he never called her to meet him while he was there. And reading the texts it showed how the defense took his “mean” texts out of context….for example the one where he said I wrote you a email to your dire conversation but you were to lazy to read it…that’s the sociopath I know so well……that was in response to her trying him that she needs to talk to him. Travis said no, text him or leave him a VM. She responds that she won’t say the incriminating part in writing or a VM… that text was after that. More then 10 times she apologized for doing something horrible, wrong and hurt him bad…..then she would apologize. He caught onto her games. That’s why I don’t believe he was expecting her… her story of how she went in his house through the back and stood there for 45 seconds until his dog noticed her didn’t make sense. One it’s creepy but dogs would hear her.

  2. I think you’re right. To understand it all, you really have to understand BPD. I also think that several of Jod’s supporters have it, so they too can see no wrong done by Jodi. I wish Travis could have recognized it.
    Even during her sentencing hearing when it was her turn to speak, she had to leave her script to get that last dig in at the Alexanders, to say that their brother was still alive when the knife went in his throat. That is pure evil to me and it makes me feel much better about her being locked behind bars for life.

  3. What was interesting to me, Rob, was your use of 6-6-6, the notorious “mark of the beast”, and also the name of a garden fertilizer. Not sure if the fertilizer is still sold under that name, though. Anyway, in Juan’s book, he writes that the second inadvertent photo shows Travis Alexander being dragged and blood flowing from his back. As I was reading online conversations, I happened on a description from one of the most prolific Jodi and Travis bloggers who interpreted this photo as, “It’s his body wrapped in his bedsheet to pull him along.” In reply, another person wrote, “Have you ever zoomed in on that pic? I just did and I can clearly see his face thru the sheet”. I took a screenshot. I went to save this conversation and the next number sequentially happened to be “z6-6-6”.

      1. I get it, Sandra. Someone was saying that instead of all that, it could be a bloody hand reaching to grab the camera. I think that’s a good interpretation. I still can’t tell what that pic is and I don’t think anyone could say for sure. Hopefully, they will publish the actual, original jpeg, because that’s one of the few mysteries left.

  4. It’s hard to figure out the anwere to the original questions because they’re all from Jodi’s viewpoint and there’s no direct information from Travis. He left no Journals or written info about Jodi. All we have are his emails and voicemails to her; they were all in response to the manipulative Jodi. I agree that there were three parts to their relationship – the last two disastrous. We know from his last emails he thought she was an awful person, but how in his wildest imagination could he have even believed she would murder him.

  5. Rob I was wondering if you posted those inadvertent photos on your site and if not can you please post them. Great article but I would really like to look at those photos.

  6. Curious, are you a converted Jodi Supporter? You say, ‘In this way, it is much like a split personality and many of US on the Pro-Jodi side were thinking exactly that of her’ that aside, I found outlook interesting and was engaged!

    1. Because I used to be in the mental health field, I supported Jodi Arias 100% from the beginning. People suffering from untreated BPD literally know not what they do. Travis was involved with a defective human being, a time bomb that was going to go off, and it did.

      This should never have been a death penalty case, imo. This became a political case and a law and order case. The Arias case really was a case of a mentally ill woman committing an unspeakable crime, but was simply not mentally able to accept responsibility for the crime.

      I changed my mind after the trial was concluded in this way: I never thought the crime was premeditated beyond a reasonable doubt.

      The last series of 6 articles show why, step by step, Jodi Arias did in fact premeditate this crime beyond any and all doubt. I never changed positions that she should serve life but never the death penalty due to her state of mind.

      The key to premeditation is Pasadena, where we have clearly proven beyond any and all doubt that Jodi Arias staged the murder plan right there at the gas station. No one can argue against that and to this day, no one has approached me trying to argue that this is not true. Thanks for your comment.

      1. Congratulations! Know I’m behind, as her case has been over for some time. Nevertheless, I think you’re the first person I’ve come across who realised she had to have thought about it long before the murder.

      2. Yes, James, the more I look at this case, the more I think Jodi Arias was plotting against Travis Alexander, even as early as the summer of 2007, when she moved to Mesa and began interfering with Travis’ gf at the time, Lisa Andrews Daidone. I think it’s possible Arias was pretending to be close while constantly playing a double-game with Alexander. This can help to explain her double-sided actions as she pretends to love Alexander, while stalking and terrorizing him and his gfs at the same time, yet always reeling him back in.

  7. It makes me laugh how previous Jodi Supporters and even the defense use Dr. Janeen Demarte Diagnosis to explain Jodi’s behavior after trashing her like they did during the Trial…it’s really unfortunate that Dr. Demarte was THE ONLY ONE who really READ Jodi.

    1. Not so. Both sides diagnosed Jodi Arias with a Personality disorder. The Defense said NOS (Not otherwise specified). The Prosecution said Borderline Personality Disorder. After meeting a real life BPD, I can see and understand exactly why Jodi behaves as she does and did what she did. Jodi Arias has a severe mental illness, which is exactly why she should not have faced the Death Penalty in the first place and exactly why “Dr.” Janeen DeMarte really needs to examine her soul to explain why as a scholar and an advocate for the mentally ill, she is profiting from helping the state to execute people with mental illnesses.

      1. Sorry that I took so long to reply but I can say this:
        1. The defense never “diagnosed” her! Geffner wasn’t allowed to practice in Arizona and the other experts weren’t psychologists.
        2. Being a psychologist does NOT mean that you are an advocate for the mentally ill! And mentally DOES NOT equal irresponsible.
        3. The defense denied the BPD. Jodi Arias supporters denied PBD.. I remember even you calling Dr. Demarte disrespectfully Dr. Dee.
        4. You were insulting Dr. Demarte because of her supposed lack of experience, yet she is the ONLY ONE who put a label to Jodi Arias Crazyness.

      2. In response to your response, you are wrong, the defense did diagnose her as I indicated above. The diagnosis was made by Dr. Richard Samuels, and Dr. Geffner was testifying about Samuels’s diagnosis, which was a personality disorder, so both sides agreed on that. Who can possibly work in the field of mental illness without being compassionate and protective of the mentally ill? Yet Dr. DeMarte testified for the prosecution in a Death Penalty case against a severely mentally ill person. Who does this? Newbies mostly, who are not looking at the big picture. She’s wrong on that full stop. Let me know when good old Dr. DeMarte testifies again for the prosecution against a mentally ill person in a Death Penalty case. I doubt you will ever see her doing this again.

  8. The way you’ve spoken about people with BPD (not “BPDs”) in this is truly appalling, especially to speak as someone who apparently worked in mental health while doing so. You realise these people are human too, right?

    1. What the hell are you talking about? I repeatedly mention “Borderline Personality Disorder”, “BPD”, and “Borderlines” in this article, and I show a full knowledge of the issue from my own research, plus I have a degree in Psychology, plus I worked in the MH field, plus I observed a person suffering from BPD daily for over a year. And your expertise would be what exactly, Ms. or Mr. Anonymous??? The way I spoke about people suffering with BPD, especially Jodi Arias is factual. If facts are appalling to you, then that’s you.

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