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Perhaps, we could all learn a lesson from sole Life juror #17 and from disgruntled former Jodi supporters.

First, a little about Juror #17.

Before that, I just wanted to note that Christine Beswick and her pal, “Juan’s Tie” just wrote a really reckless and fact-less article about accounts leading from Marie De La Rosa to SJ at JAII. Christine’s articles have improved a lot in the past months, but I’m afraid she’s reverted to making it all up again.

Christine Beswick wants Jodi Arias executed.
Christine Beswick wants Jodi Arias executed.

I should remind her that if there is a secret source, such as Juan’s Tie, there still needs to be details, of which there are almost none. It’s gossip only, and no facts to back it up whatsoever, We will get back to that later. Really a big disappointment. I was also surprised to learn that prosecution supporters in the know do not trust either Christine Beswick or Juan’s Tie, and for good reason.

Now we are a not for profit blog, so we are basically untouchable no matter what we do. Nevertheless, we are careful about the facts and what we say because we have personal ethics. Not true with the Examiner.com. This is a for-profit site and Christine Beswick is responsible for what she reports. She is subject to lawsuits for her journalistic lapses. She better watch out when she makes it all up, or she depends on bad sources. I suggest a retraction and apologies, but that’s just me :).

OK, we’re a little late on this one, but they can investigate the jurors until the end of time, and people can be sore losers all they want, cause they didn’t secure the Death Penalty for little Honey Boo Boo.

Juror #17 deliberated and tried to convince the other jurors to do the right thing, but the 11 hold-outs refused to budge. The 11 hold-outs are now under investigation for possible coercion charges in attempting to secure a misguided Justice4Travis. Juror #17 is also under investigation.

Is this Chris Hughes?
Is this Chris Hughes during deliberations?

None of this will go anywhere, however. We maintain, as we have all along, that Life is a better outcome for everyone involved including the victim’s family. They will come to appreciate this in due time, I do believe.

I was being facetious about the 11 hold-outs, but there has been a lot of flack about Juror #17, and whether she’s a plant, a stealth juror, or had any kind of agenda. Let me make it easy for you – She didn’t. Just because the other 11 jurors and many people who were praying for state sponsored murder didn’t get the result they wanted, this in no way implies that somebody did something wrong.

This was not a guilt verdict, this was a life or death verdict. That’s a different story, a very different story. The jurors were not trying hard to get a unanimous guilt verdict. They were not deciding between the subtleties of 1st degree and 2nd degree murder, or the complicated differences between manslaughter and acquittal. They were deciding between A) Life or B) Death. There are no subtle differences there.

So if juror #17 made up her mind fairly early in the deliberation process, why is that unusual? Juror #17 was free to make her own personal, moral choice and she was free to hold onto that choice without having to explain it to anyone. People who do not understand that have something to learn. Those are the rules in Arizona.

I was under the impression that jurors were supposed to weigh the single aggravator of cruelty against any of the 9 enumerated mitigators plus any other mitigators a juror could come up with. Demonstrators Protest Against AZ Sheriff Arpaio During His Visit To CAI thought the jurors were supposed to simply see if the mitigators outweighed the aggravator. I was mistaken. Apparently the Arizona jury instructions imply that individual jurors are supposed to weigh the single aggravator and all that entails (the details of the crime) against any possible mitigators they found to be more true than not true.

But even that explanation is not really accurate. If you read the Arizona jury instructions very closely, you will see that what the instructions really say is you can choose Life or Death, for any reason or non-reason you want.

So, if you want to blame anyone for there not being a unanimous sentence of Death, feel free to blame the State of Arizona. They wrote the juror instructions which were actually intended to help increase the probability of achieving a arizona maricopaDeath sentence, just as many strange Arizona statutes pertaining to the DP are designed specifically to facilitate death sentences.

I suppose that’s a great thing when the defendant is a serial killer or a serial child rapist/torturer/murderer who was caught red-handed. But, when it’s much more iffy than that, these statutes and instructions become downright frightening.

The juror instructions actually say that you can decide whatever you want for any reason you want, so there is zero legal recourse for juror #17 (or the 11 hold-outs).

Especially if you are a Justice4Travis supporter, please please please listen to this video. hang in there and watch the whole thing. Don’t say “I’m not interested and I don’t want to hear anything that Willmott has to say”. You really need to see this edited video to better understand why there was absolutely nothing wrong with juror #17’s decision.



This will also show you why, if Nurmi had Jennifer Willmott do at least one of the closing arguments, that it’s a near certainty there would have been more than one Life juror at the end of deliberations.

Simon Hill or Simon Johansson
Simon Hill or Simon Johansson

Naturally, as soon as news of the single Life juror surfaced, her name and a map to her home were all over Twitter in minutes. Simon Johannson (SJ) at JodiAriasIsInnocent.com released the full names of the 11 Death jurors. The deathies wanted to have a unanimous vote so they could get Justice4Travis. Some people who wanted the jurors to vote for Death for Jodi Arias issued death threats against juror #17.

Tanisha Sorenson, a younger sister of homicide victim Travis Alexander, showed her true feelings outside the court house when she made this quote:

Harold Sorenson escorts his wife, Tanisha out of the courthouse after the penalty mistrial.
Harold Sorenson escorts his wife, Tanisha out of the courthouse after the penalty mistrial.
Arias burns in Hell!" -Tanisha Sorenson March, 5, 2015
“The real justice will be in the afterlife when Jodi Arias burns in hell!” -Tanisha Sorenson March, 5, 2015


Someone in social media actually said this:

– “Juror # 17 ‘brought this internet wrath on herself'”.

Are you sure about that?

I found it highly amusing when the 11 jurors were being interviewed on the day of the 2nd penalty phase mistrial, they talked about how juror #17 didn’t deliberate, while at the same time describing exactly how juror #17 DID deliberate. Investigate ’till the cows come home, there’s nothing to be found.

jury 9Life is a wonderful choice. It’s almost always a good choice and rarely a bad choice. If McVeigh were still alive and holed up in a Super-Max somewhere, that would suit me just fine. First of all, most reasonable non-Jodi supporters, who know the facts of the case well, did NOT want a death sentence for Jodi Arias.

Deathies willl find no solace, but they need to hear this important fact:

The defense team doubled down on their strategy of attacking the victim and adding insult to injury. This was cited by jurors as one main reason why they selected the Death Penalty. Jodi Arias did Not complete her testimony. She did not offer up ANY personal mitigation witnesses, She did NOT show remorse (that doesn’t mean she has no remorse, just that she didn’t show it), She refused to allocute.

In short, Jodi Arias remained true to her word that if she ‘hurt Travis, she would beg for the Death penalty’. Jodi Arias offered up the Death penalty on a silver platter to the prosecution and their supporters. Still the jurors could not come back with a unanimous decision for Death. Too late now, friend. Case closed.

So, enough with all the hot air about how she should have gotten the Death penalty. This tells me that Life was the correct sentence for this particular case.

My personal theory, both at the time of the original penalty phase of the trial and at this 2nd penalty retrial, is that Juan Martinez took his foot off the gas in both closings. I believe he did this because he secretly personally didn’t want Jodi Arias to get the death penalty. There’s no question in my mind that a Death Penalty would have been reversed and remanded in this case.

perryville prison 2Hey listen, Perryville Prison is a barren blast furnace with just about zero mercy. It’s a living hell. It’s not like Life in prison is some kind of big break or special treat for Jodi Arias. You’ll see.


perryville prison

Note: Please, do not be afraid of videos. Youtube Videos from SpotlightOnLaw cannot harm your computer or device. Youtube Videos from SpotLightOnLaw are usually clips or edited versions from other listed sources and they do not profit anyone if you click on them.

Youtube videos from SpotlightOnLaw are very integral to the article and greatly enhance the understanding of the subject matter. Please take the time to watch the video. Here’s a clip from Saving Private Ryan. You will understand this section much better if you view the video.

Saving Private Ryan – “Earn it!”

So what next in this Jodi Arias case Grand Fiasco?

We have said a lot of things about other people and principles surrounding this case. Now it’s time to say something about Jodi Ann Arias. Jodi Arias’ support doesn’t come from SJ or Jade or Pandora or Ben, no matter how much they may believe that. saving ryan 2They are just bizarre people with no real accountability or values.

Jodi Arias’ support actually comes from and will continue to come from reasonable, fair-minded people who understand the prosecution side of the case and the intense pain of the Alexander family, yet still believe the state and media tried to run Jodi Arias down like a freight train. That simply cannot be allowed to stand. Guilty or Innocent or anywhere in between, it  doesn’t much matter at this point.

These are the people who will rise up to support Jodi in prison and see that she finally gets the fair trial that every citizen is guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

saving ryan 1

But they will want something in return, and it’s not a Jodi band, a Jodi chain, a signed painting, a blog byline, a seat on Jason’s Board or a seat in SJ’s secret war room. They will want honesty, facts, and humanity from Jodi Arias. The will want a person who knows how to earn her support. I’m not giving my support for free, and neither should anyone else.

I’m not going to listen to Jodi Arias or do what she says. I’m not going to answer to her pals or follow her commands – ever. Why should I or anyone follow her advice? Look where she has ended up. Life in an Arizona prison? Who in their right mind would follow her advice? LOL.

If Jodi Arias wants any help from me whatever, she had better learn how to EARN it.

Why are you saying this, Rob? (My God, I think I just pulled a Martinez).
In Saving Private Ryan, a small group of soldiers volunteers to go onto the European battlefield to find Private Ryan and return him safely to the USA. Ryan is a Private, the introductory and lowest rank of the U.S. Army.

Ryan is nobody special, but circumsances have made him special. His other 3 brothers have all been killed in combat on various battlefields in WWII. The Army decides it’s a mater of Justice (and PR value), that Ryan is returned home safely.

A group of volunteers under Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) set out from the beaches of Normandy, through France towards Germany to find and save Private James Ryan (Matt Damon). Saving-Private-Ryan-585x366Along the way, many in the group are wounded or killed, trying to save this one soldier of lowest rank.

When the group finally catches up to Ryan, it’s not really about him anymore. The group of volunteer soldiers have formed a common bond. They have fought with and for each other, and they suffered setbacks and losses together. Their mission brought them closely together and bonded them, but it was now way more than Private Ryan or their mission holding them together.

Private Ryan feels the same way about the men he had been fighting with, and rather than escape in security and safety he fights to protect his new war “brothers”, including the team sent to rescue him. Captain Miller is fatally wounded in that final battle just before completing their mission to save Ryan. Captain Miller grabs Private Ryan and with his dying breath tells Ryan to “Earn it!”.

Here in the same way, volunteers supporting and helping Jodi have taken a lot of flack in her name. They’ve been fired at, sniped at, bombed, banished, attacked and pelted relentlessly.

curious georgeGeorge Barwood had his own daughter harassed at her college. He has been insulted, attacked, pilloried and ridiculed mercilessly, all for trying to save a life.

Jason Weber, another “Jodite”, had his Facebook page, like many, shut down due to false claims of “porn”. His Occupy FB site was just attacked non-stop. His mugshot and DUI convictions were posted in an attempt to humiliate him. He was insulted, harassed and bombarded by a succession of crusading “Travesites”.

Lisa Schilling was made out to be some kind of modern day Ma Barker, willing to run roughshod over common decency and break each and every law and defraud everyone because all she cares about is lies and making money.

LIsa Schilling from Kentucky
Lisa Schilling from Kentucky

She was so villified, that people in a FB group yesterday refused to allow her to even comment in her own defense.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but some Facebook and twitter people have been told these lies about Lisa so many times, they refuse to even be in the same group with her. It’s really crazy, trust me.

Pascal Van Daele was accused of being of course, a foreigner, probably up to no good, and a crook only out to get people’s money.

Sandra Webber got attacked, but she would turn around and hit them back twice as hard, making her by far the most hated of the bunch. How dare she not just sit there and take it? How dare she have the nerve to hit back, hard?

Notice how all these people are using their real names and we all know or can easily find out where they live. And Jodi supporters are outnumbered anywhere from 95% to 99%. That means out of every 100 people, there is one Jodi supporter. But somehow, we are the big threat to them? Yeah, right.

Name one prominent Prosecution supporter who uses their real name? Almost none of them. Why would that be when they are supposedly in the right and they outnumber Jodi supporters 100 to 1?

Anyways, of all these Jodi supporters above, the worst attacks didn’t come from a few isolated and crazed prosecution supporters. The worst attacks came from other Jodi supporters, specifically SJ the criminal exiled foreigner and his band of useless idiots at JAII. They attacked the reputations of these people.

prominent Jodi supporters get ridiculed
prominent Jodi supporters get ridiculed

George Barwood is a gentleman from England with a Cambridge education who supports Jodi Arias. Say what you want about George, most people on all sides of this issue like him. I gave him a hard time too, myself. He is a very humane, polite, and responsible person who put a lot of his own time and money into helping Jodi Arias’ case.

George saw very early that SJ was a really bad character reference for Jodi Arias. Here’s an example of just this: What was SJ doing today? Answer: He was commenting on a Facebook page called “F*ck the Travitard Hypocrites”. That will gain lots of new supporters ans help Jodi Arias, right?

George tried early on to get Jodi Arias and her family to disassociate from SJ and JAII. He saw that what SJ was saying and doing was chasing away current and potential supporters for Arias.

It was very easy for SJ and pals to convince Jodi that George and Jason, two people who had never been about the money, were now suddenly all about the money. But people who know, always knew there was never much money to even begin talking about it. SJ, the person convincing Jodi Arias that Jason and George were out to scam for money, was the only one who had ever scammed people. He’s been run out of the UK for scamming people. So what did George get for his trouble? A letter from Jodi Arias basically telling him to f*ck off and basically calling him an asshat. In spite of this, George Barwood is still hard at work in Jodi’s corner.

Jason Weber has a great deal of experience as a Web designer. An Ivy league graduate, Jason helps companies and individuals set up their own web sites. Jason owns his own multiple servers , and runs a number of websites.

saving 5

This case just happened to coincide with a major interest of Jason’s, which is wrongful convictions, aggressive and media driven prosecutions, and his abhorrence of the Death Penalty. Jason has plenty of ways of making money without any help from Jodi Arias.

To be fair and to give equal time, I wanted to include this criticism of Jason Weber and Elizabeth Schilling and their website Justice4JodiArias.com. This criticism is from a woman I will call “DC Ritz”.

“I think it’s a sophomoric attempt, at best. The website is super slow and most of the information is bad and/or spun with extra rinse.

Either Elizabeth (Lisa Schilling) has been around JW (Jason Weber) too long, or JW is doing the writing. I think it will fail like most of JW’s other ventures.

His ‘style’ is unprofessional and reeks of bias. IMO”
“And oh, I also find their tweets to be even more damaging to their “cause”. In fact, I believe they sent out the 60K of child porn tweet yet again just last week. (A tweet stating that 60,000 pieces of child porn was found on Travis Alexander’s computer) They will never garner donations with their existing style. Again, IMO.”

– DC Ritz March 19, 2015.

Jason got involved in this case mostly through blogging, and he also spent a lot of his own time and money helping on the case. He wanted to get an American based web site going for Jodi Arias which had a positive support framework, instead of the very negative, and combative platform the fugitive foreigner, SJ from Sweden set up.

Jason and Lisa Schilling wanted a site that was accountable and subject to U.S. laws so people would feel comfortable donating to Jodi’s cause knowing the donations would be properly accounted for and utilized.

Jason Weber of Detroit, MI
Jason Weber of Detroit, MI

What did Jason Weber get for his efforts? Jodi Arias basically told him to f*ck off and she allowed SJ to paint Jason and Lisa as frauds. Little does Arias know that the following for both George and Jason is booming, while following for SJ is in the basement. Most of the people following JAII are just curious non-supporter looky-loos. It’s really the same phenomenon as people who stop to stare at a terrible car crash.

Lisa Schilling, a college student from Kentucky, was a star supporter of Jodi Arias. I can tell you for a fact she has a heart of gold, and she worked tirelessly to support Jodi. She’s very smart and likable, and she wanted nothing for herself. What did she get for her efforts?

In a really sleazy situation, unfortunately highly reminiscent of the taped phone call to Travis Alexander, Lisa Schilling was set up by Jodi Arias and taped by a 3rd party without her knowledge as she answered Jodi Arias questions about Jason and her plans to have a web site and to raise funds in support of Jodi.

That single incident, where people I cared about got hurt by Jodi Arias and the sleazeballs at JAII, opened my eyes and forced me to take a second look at Jodi Arias and her behaviors.


Friends of SJ and Ben had tried to plant in Jodi Arias’ mind the idea that Jason and Lisa were out to commit fraud and take money.

Fielding a call from Jodi at JAII
The crack Jodi Arias support squad Fielding a call from Jodi Arias at JAII Headquarters

Actually the only one of the three who ever may have actually scammed and defrauded people was SJ himself. Before this case he ran and still runs a Casey Anthony website CaseyAnthonyIsInnocent.com. What was his purpose for that site? No good deed ever goes unpunished, though, and it didn’t here, either, as Lisa was humiliated and made to look like some kind of criminal, when all she ever did was try to help save a life and secure a fair trial for the defendant.

Jodi Arias should go to her book club and pull out a book on cause and effect. She really needs to learn that her actions have consequences, far reaching consequences. You might think if she didn’t learn that from June 4th, 2008, then she may never learn it, but there you go.

What was done to Lisa made me absolutely livid. Jodi Arias lost my 100% support that day, and it’s been spiraling down ever since. Why is that? Well, I already knew about a guy I’ll call Fredd who was very nice to Jodi, talking on the phone and visiting her often. Then I found out from first hand sources how he was treated by her. Badly, very badly.

Courtesy of Robin Rebecca Motley
Courtesy of Robin Rebecca Motley

This was a guy who spent his own time and money selling Jodi Bands at a loss to help raise money for her families’ trial expenses. Fredd was kind of shoved aside when Ben Ernst came along and Jodi’s new adolescent-style love drama began. But there’s good old Fredd, still in her corner and working hard for Jodi, even after she told him to go take a flying leap…..

Then there is another person named Donovan Bering. Jodi Arias met Donovan Bering at the Estrella jail. Donovan Bering is a really nice person with a heart of gold. She did some arson, but hey. you are no angel, either! Donovan was released from the jail and she helped and supported Jodi Arias anyway she could from the outside. When the original trial started, Donovan spent endless hours supporting Jodi Arias every day in the courtroom. She was also one of the few if not the only person who did interviews in support of Jodi Arias and her defense.

Donovan was mercilessly attacked because of her loyalty and support to a friend.

I know for a fact that Donovan, without knowing anything about me, did a favor for me and delivered an e-mail to the defense team during the original trial even though I donated no money to Jodi Arias. In between the first trial and the penalty retrial, supporters began getting concerned that Jodi’s activities on twitter, done by proxy through Donovan Bering, would be used against her at trial and may help her to get the Death Penalty.

Donovan tried to get Jodi to suspend her tweeting. Jodi refused. Eventually Donovan took it upon herself, due to increasing warnings from her supporters, to suspend tweeting for Jodi Arias.

Donovan was pilloried in a classic cybe- stalking manner
Donovan was pilloried in a classic cyber- stalking manner

These were verbatim tweets directly from Jodi and were mostly positive quotes and status updates. For this, Donovan was put on Jodi’s ever -lengthening “sh*t list”, and she supposedly never spoke to her again. In spite of this even Donovan, who is very ill now, stands ready to help Jodi still to this day.

There’s another supporter I will call “Bosco”. Bosco wrote frequently to Jodi and had many phone calls with her. Bosco gave money to Arias funds, and bought her books and acid-free paper for her artwork. At some, point, reading through her letters, Bosco developed a new unflattering view of jodi Arias. Jodi Arias was acting the way Juan Martinez said she was. She wasn’t acting the way the defense portrayed her. Jodi Arias tried to deal with Bosco, but it wasn’t working.

Jodi supporters tried to silence Bosco.

Bosco released a few excerpts from some of Jodi’s letters where Jodi could be shown to behave exactly in the way Juan Martinez portrayed. Some Jodi Supporters started attacking Bosco.

BvB3ZH4IMAASe_FBosco stold the attacking Jodi supporters, if they do not stop attacking her, she would release more unflattering letters from Jodi’s own hand. After a few more releases, we are at a stalemate now, I suppose.

How many supporters has Jodi Arias lost? Well, I’m literally surrounded by former prominent supporters who aren’t supporting Jodi Arias any longer. They’ve retired now! This includes many of the above and lots, lots more. You ought to go up there and tell her about all this.

Here is a comment from Pascal Van Daele of Belgium, a former prominent supporter of Jodi Arias:

“Well: Justice4Jodi was made back in time when things were still good with us and Jodi. After we got “accused” of stealing money and scamming (like some of you still do here now). we took distance as matter of protection from Jodi Arias. That’s how NCDP (National Center for Due Process) was born and made to help the ones really in need of support and deserving of such.”

“We distanced ourselfs from Jodi, NCDP nor any of us 3 (Pascal, Jason, and Lisa) has anything to do with Jodi. Jodi doesn’t want or need help. She is helping herself along with her “true supporters” who are doing great and who are putting Jodi deeper and deeper in solitary.”

– Pascal Van Daele, former Jodi Supporter.


I have another quote from someone I’ll call Beverly Rubock Gray, from New York State:

“I’d write to Charlie (Manson) in a heartbeat. I know from my good friend Nancy that he passes the letters to his friend so it’s not worth it but I grew up in the 60s and remember what happened well. I find him a fascinating person. He had to have had a great deal of charisma to get anyone to do his bidding like he did.

He was a cult leader. I don’t LOVE Charlie but love to figure out how he did what he did.

Somehow, and I don’t say this is right, Jodi is detestable, someone you (or I) dislike immensely. Her narcissism and personality disorder make her someone I wouldn’t want to know. That does not apply to all murderers. It’s just the way it is.

If she shut her mouth about 90% of the time, if she stopped goading her culties to do things, if she stopped f*cking with the rules and trying to run a private little cult from jail and sucking money out of people who don’t have it, maybe I’d feel differently, like I do about Charlie and other killers, but alas, she does all these sh*tty things and she creates extreme dislike from the majority.”

– Beverly Rubock Gray, former Jodi supporter.

But Rob, how are you so sure these are actual facts and not rumors? How do you know Donovan was on Jodi’s sh*t list? These are all rock-solid and incontrovertible facts. We have the proof either from Jodi Arias or 1st hand directly from the person involved with her. Like it or not, it is what it is. The only love anyone should be giving to Jodi Arias anymore is Tough-Love.


jodi letter to coco

While those JAII peeps keep cheering about who is the first one of the day to write a comment, real supporters will be expecting some gratitude for what’s already been done on Jodi’s behalf.

coco leter b

Real supporters might even be expecting explanations / apologies for all the supporters so far who have been thrown under the bus by Jodi Arias and her mental midget super-fans at JAII.


Let’s take a look at verified people burned by Jodi Arias beyond the question of a doubt:

– Bill Arias (physical abuse, emotional abuse, drugs)

– Sandy Arias (physical abuse, neglect, drugs)

– L. Kirk Nurmi (malpractice, refused basic legal services, attitude)

– Maria De La Rosa (Did or did not do something Jodi wanted done)

(Two days after the second mistrial, I have a first hand report Jodi was on the phone saying that she was upset with MDLR over something she did, as if chastising a hand-maiden sold into her majesty’s secret service.)

– Ryan Burns (full of sh*t)

– Dr. Richard Samuels (a disaster)

– Darryl Brewer (alcohol problem)

– Donovan Bering (sh*t list)

– “Fredd” (shoved aside)

– “Bosco” (found JA was not as advertised)

– Lisa Schilling (painted as a crook)

– Jason Weber (painted as a thief)

– George Barwood (basically told to F off)

Is there a probblem with gratitude here? These are just the ones that we are absolutely sure of. There are many other supporters and groups who Jodi may have also done wrong. Let us know, we’ll add you (or them) to the list.

It’s high time to re-align the stars in this case. Jodi has some homework to do if she wants my support:

– Dump JAII, SJ and the charismatic fans because they can’t help you, but they will gladly sink you further than they’ve done already. Dump them, because everyone else in the civilized world has.

-The era of Jodi Arias is Innocent is over. You’ve been proven guilty in a court of law, fair trial or no. You tore a good man up and left a river of his blood all over his own bathroom. You’ve destroyed two families and that’s just for starters.

– It’s time to stop remaining silent while your super-fans malign the victim and his family. They are still doubling down on that course of action as of yesterday. SJ has doubled down on insulting the Alexander family, which he commonly refers to as “the Adams Family”. What kind of strategy to build support is that?

– You know what? It might help your appeal chances if you acted more like the defenses’portrayal of you and less like the prosecution’s portrayal of you.

Just sayin’.

– Jodi Arias, you can’t gain reasonable and sympathetic supporters when you are basically agreeing with the JAII crowd that Travis deserved it and his family are only in it for the publicity and the pay off.

– Earn it.


What I found disturbing in this adolescent style note to Arias boy friend Ben Ernst is the secret codes she used.
What I found disturbing in this adolescent style note to Arias boy friend Ben Ernst is the secret codes she used.


From here on out, you better realize that you are of the lowest rank (Private) and nobody special. This will help to avoid injuries in your future interactions with other convicts. The supporters who are reasonable people that you haven’t lost (yet) would appreciate that. Normal people who could become your new dedicated supporters might appreciate that, also.

Would you believe I have 1st hand knowledge that Jodi also used special secret codes with "Fredd" from the show Get Smart. Fredd was later pushed aside for Ben Ernst.
Would you believe I have 1st hand knowledge that Jodi also used special secret codes with “Fredd” from the show Get Smart.? Fredd was later pushed aside for Ben Ernst.


Since Jodi Arias won’t do the following, I will do it for her:

Thank-You everyone who supported, defended or were otherwise involved in saving Private Jodi in any way, shape, or form. Your efforts did not go unnoticed and were all deeply appreciated 🙂

I will be sure to earn you trust and support going forward as I have such profound gratitude for each and every act of each and every supporter, and all you have endured for my benefit.

Thank-you once more, everyone.

Love, Jodi’s conscience

(come out, come out, wherever you are).


So, I’ll say it one more time and then I ain’t saying it anymore. Jodi Arias has an individual moral choice to make. Does she want to stick with SJ, Stankowitz, Fandora, Gem, Crystal, Bobby Juarez III, Krusty Crab, Wavy Gravy and Jaded over at JAII, or does she want to earn real support that can actual help her?

There are plenty of other high profile defendants to support besides Jodi Arias
There are plenty of other high profile defendants to support besides Jodi Arias

If Jodi Arias wants true supporters, then she needs to acknowledge  that she has thrown supporters under the bus. Apologize and try to not do that anymore going forward. She needs to earn trust and show some gratitude. If she wants to maintain the status quo, then good luck playing grab-ass with Ben and phone tag with SJ from Perryville over the next 70 years, cause that’s where it’s gonna end, the way they are doing things over there.

So, Jodi Arias (aka Agent 99) has a moral choice to make, or the people from JAII could do the impossible and straighten up their act. Ultimately, people will need to see some major changes, or else Arias will ultimately lose all legitimate support and end up as just another cult classic followed by just the super-fans and assorted fruits and nuts. Choose wisely. Arias.

Do YOU concur?

saving 3saving 2saving 1

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your site. I am not a supporter of anyone, just a person who believes in right and wrong. I have been a teacher for 22 years, many of those years working with students with behavior disorders….borderlines. conduct disorder, attachment disorders, etc. I remember the first time I laid eyes on Jodi, (while she was testifying in the first trial). I knew nothing of the case before this. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I instantly knew what she was…a deceiver of the highest magnitude. It would be the same feeling you would get if you thought someone was a vampire and they walked past a mirror and that split second of horror that you feel when you realize there was no reflection. Once your have interacted with people who have no conscience, it is easy to spot them. They are very enticing, alluring and scary. That is why I still find myself watching videos of her and Juan going at it. Her eyes give it away. That little glint of shear psychopathy turned up at the corner of her eyes. I can see how people have been hurt by her…good people who wanted to help. Mark my words, she doesn’t want help, she is enjoying every bit of this attention, whether it be good attention or bad. Just as long as all eyes are on her.

  2. Thank you, Becky for your excellent comment. Jodi Arias continues to do things like tell people how to beat the system on Video Chats during the chat without realizing that the chats are recorded and reviewed by jail staff. If so, they must have a ton of evidence on her from the recorded jail calls and video chats. I see this as part of her personality disorder and she just can’t help it. These super-fans of hers are really hurting her badly.

    1. I was looking forward to some fact based reporting, however, alas, it was not to be. So many errors and so many unchecked references.
      The only truth in the article is the fact that Jodi has chosen some rather sick minded people to gopher for her.

      1. Shows what you know, Grant. As usual, with smart-ass punks, you provide no details, no examples. How much of this article is true? ALL OF IT. Here it is in black and white for everyone to see. If someone disagrees. let’s see some examples and some facts, not some lame comment by an anonymous Joe.

  3. I’m not a smart ass punk. I figured you should know where you went wrong, or do you have the same problem Jodi has with memory?
    For starters this is all wrong:
    “Sandra Webber got attacked, but she would turn around and hit them back twice as hard, making her by far the most hated of the bunch. How dare she not just sit there and take it? How dare she have the nerve to hit back, hard?”

    Sandra Webber began targeting non Jodi supporters first. She collected ss of posts she didn’t like about Jodi. Then she researched the posters (stalked) online and following that she would write an expose’ of the person whose words she didn’t like. If the persons had something in their history/background, she loved ratting them out. THEY struck back and she, as is usual, always needed the last word and carried on. This caused people to research her own lurid past which she denies but it is there on the WEB as well.
    Sandra Webber was the first one to post Jason Weber’s info regarding his DUI’s and jail time and the first one to post that Jason never graduated from Cornell. Following those expose’s, everyone else took off with those stories.
    I was around reading all of this. Where were you?

    1. The article wasn’t about Sandra Webber, Grant. I said three things about Sandra 1) One, she got attacked – fact 2) She fought back – fact 3) She was the most hated of the group – fact. Case closed. Sandra was the first to post Jason’s DUI record? Yes, I do recall that. I do not condone this behavior in any way. Again, the article was not about Sandra Webber and everything I said about her was factual. Thanks for commenting.

      1. I don’t condone driving under the influence. I also don’t condone lying about the particulars of being caught doing those things. I felt like Jodi had lied and been accused of lying enough so that association with one who would so blatantly lie like Jason did, was important enough for me to point out. End result is that Maria De La Rosa has an injunction against harassment on Jason Weber. Jodi, well…I think she severed her ties to him, but I could be wrong. Its’ not my business or my interest.

      2. ” I figured you should know where you went wrong” How magnanimous of Grant to come by! Oh, and “fair game” would be if you came out from behind your fake name, and showed both your face and your name. And maybe your address, too? And last four of your social maybe……JOKE, JACKASS…..I have no interest in stealing from you, ha!~

    2. Yo, “Grant”, seems you’re making a few mistakes with your little “expose'” here about me. But I”m used to it. I’d say read my blog where I explained a lot of stuff, but then I’d get accused of promoting my blog. After all, I’ve made nearly $100 off of it from the last two years! Anyway, I blog. I write. I exposed the actual TRUTH, which included some public records about a few folks who had, in a sense I won’t go into deeply here, “done me wrong”! I’m over that period, though. I’ll keep a healthier distance from folks online in the future. You honestly think I spend my time researching people that I simply “don’t like”? Sorry, I don’t. So don’t be expecting a blog post from me on you, “Grant”. Sorry. The book of hate against me is as thick as War and Peace. Hell, Jason aka “One B” made a fake page just a week or so ago, to harass me! He’s made several over the past two years. My “lurid past”? Ha!! That’s funny….But instead of leaving you with a nice thought, I think I’ll tell you what I really think based on your simpleton post here. I think you’re an ignorant fucktard, “Grant”.

  4. Quote:Before that, I just wanted to note that Christine Beswick and her pal, “Juan’s Tie” just wrote a really reckless and fact-less article about accounts leading from Marie De La Rosa to SJ at JAII. Christine’s articles have improved a lot in the past months, but I’m afraid she’s reverted to making it all up again.

    I should remind her that if there is a secret source, such as Juan’s Tie, there still needs to be details, of which there are almost none. It’s gossip only, and no facts to back it up whatsoever, We will get back to that later. Really a big disappointment. I was also surprised to learn that prosecution supporters in the know do not trust either Christine Beswick or Juan’s Tie, and for good reason.

    Now we are a not for profit blog, so we are basically untouchable no matter what we do. Nevertheless, we are careful about the facts and what we say because we have personal ethics. Not true with the Examiner.com. This is a for-profit site and Christine Beswick is responsible for what she reports. She is subject to lawsuits for her journalistic lapses. She better watch out when she makes it all up, or she depends on bad sources. I suggest a retraction and apologies, but that’s just me :).Unquote

    You are the one with nothing to lose right?

    While you go on about people making comments with other ID’s and that Sandra Webber, George B, Jason Weber, etc put themselves out there under their real names. I see you didn’t though.

    I don’t see why you should worry about what Christine writes. If she wants to hang herself, that is her problem and it shouldn’t be yours. People are going to read what they want no matter how much someone else complains about what some blogger said. You said yourself that her readership is dropping (well in so many words anyway) so let it be. It doesn’t look good on you bitching out a person that holds a journalists title.

    1. I’m not a prominent supporter of Jodi Arias and even if I was, I wouldn’t write about myself. This is my real name, Grant. Not sure what you’re driving at but you’re barking up the wrong tree.

      You are still on the fringes of the article. I don’t know why you are focusing on tangential things?

      Christine’s Examiner.com articles are something people see and they take as fact from a reputable media source. I read one of her articles and it wasjust chock full of falsities, so I reported about that. After that, Christine and I talked and her articles were much better and very accurate, as well. I also reported the improvement.

      This last article about Maria De LA Rosa is just a stone lie. It ‘s the stuff that defamation lawsuits are made of. It’s libel. Maria De LA Rosa is a friend and I don’t like to see reckless krap like this put out there.

      I have said before, investigations are fine. If Maria did something, she should be punished to the fullest extent. But this Juan’s Tie really messed up this time with pure fiction (No details, no facts, no who-what-where-when-why-how). That’s a problem and it’s a big one.

      There’s no complaining or bitching. As a student of Psychology I am ceaselessly amazed at the things people read into words that are simply not there. I only stated the article is fiction, and that’s a fact.

      I also reported that I was surprised that well- informed Arias trial watchers(prosecution supporters) informed me they don’t believe or trust anything either Christine or her ventriloquist Juan’s Tie have to say anymore. I wasn’t aware that they had lost crediility prior to this latest episode of fantasy.

      Journalistic title? Are you joking? My Canadian contacts assure me that I can have an article put out on Examiner .com if I want to. I may take them up on it.

      Journalistic Title?!! – Grant you are cracking me up.

      1. The “cracking up” comment. You said it, not me. That may be what people are talking about lately.

    2. A “journalist’s title”? LOL! Wish you could talk Beswick into sharing those credentials of hers she claims to have, but won’t ever provide the specifics of. Also, she says she got a bunch of “awards”. If I had won a bunch of awards I’d be proud and post ’em up! Beswick lies. She’s libeled me and to the best of my knowledge several others. End of story.

  5. Quote:
    Jason Weber, another “Jodite”, had his Facebook page, like many, shut down due to false claims of “porn”. His Occupy FB site was just attacked non-stop. His mugshot and DUI convictions were posted in an attempt to humiliate him. He was insulted, harassed and bombarded by a succession of crusading “Travesites”. Unquote.

    His Occupy FB was attacked due to the gross errors in reporting on the Alexanders and their friends. He reported untruths as fact. He earned whatever wrath was bestowed upon him at the time.
    Yes I know the article is not about him.

    I agree regarding juror 17 and the other 11 jurors that none of them should have been made public to face wrath from different sides.
    I also don’t have a grudge against juror 17 for not voting death. She had her reasons, and I don’t have all the facts about them. Let the powers that be, deal with it.

    I agree that Jodi is making a huge disastrous mistake with her aligning with SJ and company. That she should be thankful to the real supporters who have tried endlessly to support her in a way that is conducive to possibly getting a better life for her while incarcerated. I also agree that her bipolar personality is driving her and she cannot change.

    1. WoW Grant, I’m shocked. This means we agree on just about everything 🙂

      I was there as Robert R. the whole time on OccupyHLN.com and the OccupyHLN Facebook page.

      Although you are saying Sandra was the one who first posted the DUI record and mugshot for Jason, even so it was re-posted many times by prosecution supporters.

      There were some inaccuracies, stretches of the truth, articles given without the source or a link provided, etc. There were other reasons people were upset with Jason Webber.

      Still, the main reason Jason was attacked, imo, was that he was a Jodi supporter.

      1. No Rob, it wasn’t what he did, it was how he did it. I don’t believe anyone attacked him for supporting Jodi. They attacked for reasons of how he put the victim and family down. I saw what was happening. Anyone who tried to reason with untruths were bombarded by the Jodites in a most cruel and vicious way. Even many of those who now speak out against Jodi and who were once Jodites, rode azzez badly. Each and every time Basse Krokke yelled at Jason to ban the efftards and he listened, he had more and more profiles show up to cause a disturbance. He allowed that to happen. Cause and effect.
        No one cared that he supported Jodi but he didn’t just cause ripples by shredding the victim and family, and supporting anyone who did so.

        Alright I won’t be posting here again. You want to only hear accolades and I have never been one to agree just to make someone else feel better. Besides I don’t want to pay 5. a post.

      2. No, I always like to get feedback and see what other people are thinking.

        You are correct about Jason, as far as pro and con. Jason let anyone and everyone respond. That can be a good thing. He did have a pro-Jodi attack group who attacked any prosecution supporters who got out of line. This resulted in two different sets of rules, one for Jodites, and one for Travisites. You’re right, that wasn’t fair. I would have booted Basse and her cronies. I really don’t like that sort of personality.

        You are wrong again. I especially like to be challenged and to hear opposing views.

  6. I almost liked the comments more than the article…. LMAO, children please.
    Anyways, I concur in part, dissent in part, and remand for further consideration (findings of fact and conclusions of “blog”).
    I concur Jodi is her worst enemy, and almost all of her decisions to date have had a direct impact on her support, supporters, family, and most of all the victims family.
    I dissent from your opine that Jodi needs to act more like the defense describes her, I am of the opinion Jodi needs to act like herself and if her true self is like the prosecution describes her, she will one day see herself as others do.
    I remand you back to your blog, as you address a ton of hate, it is both families that seem to harbor the most hate. It is the hate from the Alexander family that I wish you could address more concisely. While they have reason to hate (TA was murdered over and over again in trial and on the internet), that hate will eat them a ton more than it will eat Jodi. If Jodi is her true self as you describe the events above, no one hates Jodi more than Jodi hates Jodi, she just doesn’t know it yet.

    1. Maybe we are more in agreement than you think, sheneedabear. Oh, Jodi blew any chance her defense ever had, and she blew it single-handedly. If she got the DP, she had only herself (and her defense, which was being run mostly by her) to blame.

      No,I really didn’t mean to say Jodi needs to act more like the defenses representation of her. I mean that as I am looking at her, I’m asking myself, which representation of her seems to be the more accurate. Unless the prosecution stops being the more accurate in my eyes, I’m going to have to change my opinion about her even more.

      Now, she addresses the court and talks about cutting Travis’ throat? What possible purpose could that serve? Granted, she did not bring up the subject. They ALL talked about Travis throat being cut, but you get my meaning.

      Interesting you brought up the anger of the Alexander family,because I was thinking of addressing that next time. First the LDS church. I don’t think they come out looking so good. Is their Christianity about vengeance and revenge? As a Christian, let me tell you – There is no eternal Hell. Only a true Demon would tell anyone something like that. There is Hell on earth or personal torment, though. I thought all 3 family members spoke from the heart and they did not go overboard. They told it like it is, imo. But they do need to let it go, for their own sakes. They should put all this behind them forever. I truly believe this sentence is much better for them than the Death Penalty. I think their seeking this was wrong, and it is ultimately what dragged this out for so long.

      I believe Jodi Arias is very mentally ill. She just is what she is. I think Travis knew very well she was mentally ill. I guess Monica Lindstrom was right that she has little to no feelings. I don’t think that’s a reason to wish her a lifetime of torment and suffering though. God doesn’t wish that on human beings who make mistakes simply as a result of being human, and we shouldn’t wish that on anyone no matter what their failings. Thank-You for commenting.

      1. I’ve never thought that Jodi Arias has “no feelings.” Never, not once. On the contrary, she’s full of feeling, but her emotions are a jumble, a mess. Which is why she strives for poise and hangs on to language so tightly (and that’s why, I believe, her IQ scores are uneven; the near-genius verbal scores indicating, perhaps, a compensation for emotional and learning disabilities).

        I think there’s a lot of evidence that she’s well-practiced in denying feeling, and in suppressing negative emotions like grief, humiliation and rage (June 4th being a terrifying exception), and converting painful feelings — via willpower and controlled language — into “positive thoughts.” She engages in magical thinking, and in pseudo-spiritual nonsense such as The Secret and Pre-paid Legal schemes (the latter being an example of the near-religious “faith” in capitalism to transform the individual, which Alexander exemplified).

        This reaching, striving, and repressing/escapist behaviour has always seemed very obvious to me. It’s all emotion-driven — “hot-blooded,” if you like — this deep emotional need to be heard, seen, validated, recognized and, finally, loved. I guess it surprises me that others don’t see it.

        To be clear: I’ve never believed that she was fighting for her life when she shot and stabbed Alexander. Not literally, that is. But, I do believe that she experienced his abusive and humiliating treatment of her as if she WERE fighting for her very life. It’s a huge mitigating factor. This is why I’m a Jodi sympathizer. This why I think life in prison is so wrong. It’s out-of-proportion to the circumstances of the crime, and not at all aligned with the truth.

  7. I have read your articles, Mr. Roman, with interest. There is much more that could be said, needed to be said, regarding Travis and his supporters, Jodi and hers. The Day in Court is done, and the Court of Media/ Public opinion has convicted a young woman guilty of defending herself with First Degree Murder. UNREAL!
    Jade, whoever he is, despite his horrible language, had a few things right, or almost, especially the course of events that led to Travis’ death. If that had been acted out in Court, M.1 could not have been asserted to, unless the Jury WAS bought and paid for, as many have come to believe.
    Errors on part of the Defense Team… several, but in view of what I am hearing and seeing, correcting them would have made NO difference. Jurors in phase one admitted to NOT weighing ANY statement or evidence presented by Defense or its witnesses. As you have pointed out : HARDLY A FAIR AND CONSTITUTIONALLY ACCEPTABLE TRIAL!
    Thank you for your candor! I don’t agree with some of your statements, but after so many lies, truthfulness is appreciated.

    1. Thank-You, Turid Hansen. The best perspectives from the Defense point of view, imo, come from Jade and Justus Forusall. Jade’s analysis is really good and maybe I should talk about that in an article. There are a few things I disagree with.

      Justus Forusall looks at the evidence not with an eye towards “proving innocence”, which is so hard to do, but in showing vast areas for reasonable doubt. I do feel there is reasonable doubt in this case as to first degree murder. The sum total of most articles here on this blog all point to reasonable doubt in different areas.

      Both of these analyses are highly compelling and are in accordance with common sense, logic, and the scientific method.

      George Barwood gets short shrift often because he is very active and outspoken. He has some wild speculations, but he had made many many points that make sense and should give people great pause about this case.

      Another important contribution to the defense comes from Lise LaSalle, and her series of articles on the trial(s). Her writings show why the public perception may not be what is actually going on.

      Jennifer Willmott stated that this case was really a case of 2nd degree murder. Why did she say that? An easy way to look at it is the difference between a “cold-blooded” and a “hot blooded” murder. If the circumstantial evidence of premeditation can be explained away or some doubt can be cast upon it, then you are left with what certainly looks like a hot-blooded, heat of passion homicide, which may be excusable or not. Most potential jurors will want to hold someone accountable. Even Jodi Arias herself holds herself accountable. So,many people feel the facts of the case are more in line with a passionate killing.

      I think more and more that self-defense is not going to fly with a jury, and any new trial will have to have a very different approach. I’m highly confident that even with a Life sentence rather than a Death Sentence for Arias, the higher Courts will still want to undo this judicial embarrassment and start over with a new and fair trial.

  8. I am personally convinced she acted in self- defense, as Jade pointed out in laying out his scenario. I do not totally agree with him, but in essential points I believe he got it. The evidence on the scene and Travis’ injuries bear this out.
    As for second degree murder… I am sure the world would accept that easier themself- defense manslaughter, however I MUST disagree.
    I do agree with you that Jodi is her own worst enemy. She should NEVER have given media interviews, and she needs to realize how misinterpreted her statements have been ,are, and will continue to be. What she believes is an expression of remorse, comes across as cold- hearted memories by the time media and her haters are through with it.
    Thank you again for promoting an honest search for truth and justice!

  9. Rob & Amanda,
    When is your next article going to be written! I miss reading your blog😄
    Tell me you haven’t stopped writing.

    1. No, Nicole, we are not done. The next thing I think will be about the two families, the Alexanders and the Arias’ and the fallacies many of us all still believe.

  10. Rob you already admitted that was not your real name. Can’t you keep up with your own lies? The rest of poor writing is factless. The people you spew about don’t exist in real life. George spent a lot of money? He’s a jobless joke living on disability. Jason went to Cornell, no he went to an off shoot. All his time in prison prevents him from getting a decent job so he lives with his mother. You are too. What’s your excuse not in White Plains, NY?

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