the blue Empire Strikes Back – a J4T Supporter Speaks Out

Robert Knox’s post In Defense of Jodi prompted a lively debate and discussion. Some prosecution supporters were fit to be tied, and wanted to put Knox in stocks, or just throw blocks. Yes, I’m joking and being overly dramatic, but there was a spirited discussion from both sides in the comments section that was very civil on this blog, on Facebook and a little on Twitter. Most comments were interesting, informative and well done.

A commenter and an Administrator on a popular FB page wrote a response to Robert Knox’s post.


knox in box

A frequent flyer on that page named Ireyna wrote a response and she gave me permission to share it here. In the interest of fairness and equal time, and because I liked what she had to say, I wanted to post it. I also spoke to Robert Knox, and we had an interesting discussion about the physical evidence at the crime scene, especially the bloody hand print. Some of that is important to talk about.

So here is Ireyna’s response posted verbatim as quoted:


team travis 10“It’s really so difficult trying to see Knox’s side. I don’t think he really knows Jodi as he claims to. His name was not on the list for allowed visitors to Jodi in Estrella either. His rendition of Jodi makes Mother Theresa look badass. For basically a very newcomer, he is more than likely a second, third, or fourth etc. etc. profile for someone already commenting on the case.

So imo, his words don’t hold a lot of weight regarding Jodi. Sure Jodi comes across as a sweet little girl on many of her broadcast interviews … that’s the catch … acting like a sweet little girl and all these men are turned on by it … almost revolting. She was a woman of 27 when she hacked and shot Travis. At age 27 most females are really into womanhood with children of their own or planning a family. They act accordingly. Not seeking the spotlight using little girl’s innocent voices.

I’m not claiming Travis was a saint and never have. He was an average man playing the field like many men do, trying to find the right fit. Many men and many women date many others before they find the right fit. Some just keep on dating once they are married. Should we be happy if they are all slaughtered off for being unfaithful?

I have no doubt that Travis was afraid of getting married and settling down for fear he would have to face situations similar to that of his parents. Is that a sin that should be punishable by a horrid death? Knox idolizes Jodi. He sees only Jodi and not what she has done. I doubt he takes into consideration what many witness statements/interviews of Jodi’s own relatives and friends have to say.

The shady bunch ltMost of us justice for Travis supporters realize Travis was not a perfect man. Such a man does not exist. Whether he watched porn or not, that is no reason to slaughter him. Jodi was obsessed with him and couldn’t let go and I believe she was the instigator of the late night calls about sex. She offered herself up for sex and then was mad at Travis b/c he was seeing others. In what is left of his journals (the ones Jodi did not destroy) it is proof that he wanted to move on and have nothing more to do with her. Why didn’t she leave it at that?”

– Ireyna Rihter

“As someone upthread stated, there is really nothing much to debate in Jodi’s letter to the Alexanders. Some things may have a ring of truth however much does not. Her relationship with Travis was really short lived … when Jodi decided to involve Sky by complaining about Travis, the drama began.

I believe Travis was then finding out Jodi’s true nature. I do not believe he was begging her to move to Mesa and there is text that proves he didn’t want her in Mesa and was upset she moved there. There were witnesses who spoke of Jodi’s interference … Lisa for one, and it didn’t paint a pretty picture at all.

team travis 6Deanna … even though there was no longer the dating relationship there … they were very good friends. I cannot believe that Travis told Jodi to keep things from Deanna b/c she would freak out; she is just not that kind of person and her testimony has weight. The murder scene that Knox thinks could be true as Jodi stated … maybe just a wee bit …

I can believe that Travis was down after the gunshot after standing at the sink pouring blood and then was trying to get away.And I believe Jodi was screaming at Travis but certainly not to get away. She was likely screaming at him that she would finish him off b/c he rejected her. Whatever we gleaned from Travis’ journal pages, he was done with the Jodi drama that she always created and he was finished with her extreme hissy fits of crying over him.

Alexander sibs 2He had moved on and was happy she was out of his life. After he wrote things like that, I really do not believe he wanted her to swing by and visit him. All of that is Jodi’s word . I also do not believe he was begging her to marry him, again only Jodi’s word. Travis was talking about several other possible consorts and he had every right to as a young man shopping for Mrs. Right.

Jodi was clearly obsessed and could not let go and evidence proves that. That letter to the Alexanders was primarily to throw someone else under the bus … most likely Deanna, whom Jodi seems not to be able to face in court. I truly believe that Jodi was jealous of the love Travis had with Deanna. And the fact that Travis trusted Deanna so much to care for his dog while he was gone. He asked Deanna, not Jodi. The letter was self serving and certainly no answer for the Alexanders. She really should feel sick and ashamed over such a babble of lies.”  – Ireyna Rihter


This comment is very representative of the sentiment of the Blue Empire of Justice 4 Travis or prosecution supporters. Blue because as most people know, that was Travis’ favorite color and a rallying color for Travis. Empire defines the overwhelming majority that do support the prosecution and the guilty verdict. It’s definitely a comprehensive response showing the general feeling towards Jodi and what most J4T supporters feel was really going on in the relationship.

team travis 2I understand Robert Knox has known Jodi Arias for going on two years. He told me they have exchanged many, many letters and have had lots of phone conversations. He didn’t say if he had visited her. In any case, his profile name may be different from his actual name and who could blame him?

People that use their real names, ironically many prominent Jodi supporters, were hounded via Facebook from here to Tripoli. They were attacked in their real lives. This has happened on both sides and it’s part of the craziness – deep inside the Jodi Arias trial jungle. I hope most of us are over all that now.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

The late night talks were probably started by Travis, imo, as he would save his social calling for night time after all the business of the day was finished. I believe he had that habit before meeting Jodi. Possibly Jodi and Travis had discussed marriage early in the relationship. There is some reason to doubt that in the Summer of 2007, that Travis begged Jodi to marry him or begged that she would move to Mesa from Palm Desert/Big Sur.

Let me correct that: It appears that sometime in 2007, they had discussed Jodi moving to Mesa and Travis wanted this. After They “broke up” in late June, it appears from text messages that Travis may not have been so hot on the idea.

Travis and deannaIt appears there was some friction about Jodi moving to Mesa, but talk about that subject is remarkably absent for most of the time Jodi was living in Mesa. Apparently,Travis ‘adjusted’ to the situation.

It might be interesting to look back and see what Jodi’s response to Deanna Ried actually was in court when Deanna was testifying in the original trial, so I gathered some clips of that:



(Excerpts from CroakerQueen 123 video. For the full video, please click on this link: CroakerQueen123

For all CroakerQueen123 trial videos, please click hereCroakerQueen123 trial videos  )

Jodi kept busy with her art work and rarely looked up towards Deanna. When the questioning shifted to the time Deanna broke up with Travis, and their relationship afterwards, Jodi’s ears seem to perk up. Talk about Deanna inheriting Travis’ dog Napoleon was another subject that definitely captured Jodi’s attention.

team travis 1There’s so much evidence that Jodi was (and may still be) obsessed with Travis that it’s practically indisputable. She stated it herself quite a few times.

That got me thinking of the “snooping” evidence, more famously known as the “peeping” evidence. An unwelcome guest or a stranger peeping in somebody’s window is strange. kutcherEven friends or neighbors looking in someone’s window at odd hours would be probably seem strange to you, also. But a frequent visitor and welcome guest looking in someone’s window is not so strange, and it happens a lot. I’ve done it, and chances are, you have, too. Check out this story about Ashton Kutcher to see what I mean:



– Kutcher told police that he later tried to call Ellerin twice during the evening but she had not picked up her phone.

– Kutcher drove to her apartment at 10.45 pm in the hopes of smoothing over what he thought was a looming argument, and found that the lights were on in her apartment and her car was parked outside.

After knocking on the door and calling out to her with no answer, Kutcher said he looked through a window into the apartment and saw what he thought was red wine pooled on the floor.

Here, even Ashton Kutcher peeped in the windows of his date’s house when she didn’t answer the door. His instincts were good, because unfortunately for her, at that time she was quite dead.

Recently, Amanda and I reviewed some Youtube videos of serial killers who openly discussed their crimes and what some people said about them. It was a fascinating study of the criminal mind and psychology that we highly recommend.

Here are some quotes from the video:

A victim’s family member on the death penalty: “Death is not a punishment, living is.”

Why a woman helped her lover to kill people:   “If you were mean to me, that meant you loved me and I did what I was told by my lover”.

A different victim’s family member on the death penalty:  “I would like to see him dead, not eating breakfast or reading a book.”


team travis 3Notice how Ireyna, as many prosecution supporters who looked closely at the details in this case, believes the gunshot was first. Although many prosecution supporters think the shot was first, they believe Jodi shot Travis in the shower, and then things got messy, when that didn’t kill him.

That got me thinking of the physical evidence in the bathroom. Robert Knox and I had a conversation about the bloody handprint on the wall. Hing – hing – hing …. the BLOODY HANDPRINT ….. hing – hing – hing – hing. I remember discussions in the past where we were talking about whether or not the bloody handprint actually existed. I rembered thinking the trial videos showed that it did. But then after a talk with Robert Knox about it, I re-checked the trial videos. Here’s what I found:

travis-alexander2It turns out that there was no evidence at all presented at trial that there was in fact a bloody handprint on the wall. Your mind conjures up an image of Jodi Arias with blood red hands and hands dripping blood, bracing herself against the bathroom hallway wall to get more leverage to stab Travis, or slipping in the pools of warm, slippery blood and putting her hand out against the wall to stop a fall.

There was a palm print of a left hand and it was found to be Jodi Arias’ print. The print was discovered while dusting the entire bathroom entrance hallway from waist level to about eye level. The evidence collector performed a presumptive test for blood and the test was negative. The DNA scientist discovered that the print contained a majority of Jodi Arias’ DNA and a minority of Travis Alexander’s DNA. One would expect, if the print were formed during the homicide, that the majority of the blood would be Travis’.

knox in box 3The DNA scientist also didn’t say the sample hand print was in blood, but only some “genetic material”. So it turns out that Robert Knox was correct, there was no bloody handprint. There was a hand print found of some type of genetic material, and it was matched to Jodi and Travis. That’s all. Could it have been blood? It could, but the test for blood was negative. Jodi could have made that print at anytime she was in Travis’ home and bedroom. Similarly, the hair in blood, found to be Jodi Arias’ hair in Travis’ blood, is not 100% proof of her presence that day, either. At least, not the way it was presented in court.


team travis 8They did not get into details about the color of the hair found or what coloring was used. Detective Flores made a comment to Jodi at the interrogation about the hair root, or follicle decaying after several weeks, proving that she had to have been there recently since the time she left Mesa in April, 2008. Flores said the hair root begins to break down in a few weeks. I have not found the evidence to back that up. It seems a hair root can last for months. Travis had a maid service in May, but that doesn’t mean some of Jodi’s hairs couldn’t have been there from months before.

Evidence screener hand printYou can tell that Juan Martinez does not like the scientific evidence such as DNA very much, and Kirk Nurmi was just as eager to not jump into that stuff in great detail. Some trial watchers have said that the DNA and print evidence was rock solid, so the prosecution and defense stipulated to it prior to trial, and that  seems to be why it was presented so briefly. It’s really amazing that in the type of chaotic crime scene we saw, with both parties bare-handed, that so little print or DNA evidence was found.

The DNA profiler explains how she tested the swab from the handprint.

(Excerpt from CroakerQueen 123 video. For the full video, please click on this link: CroakerQueen123


This dovetails ever-so-nicely into the dreaded alternative theories. It’s possible that the physical evidence of Jodi Arias’ presence at the crime scene (hair, blood, DNA) can be effectively challenged. That would leave only the evidence from the camera. This would explain the Alternative Theorist’s obsession with the photos from Travis’ camera. If that evidence could be explained away, then presto change-o, Jodi Arias was never even there. Here’s some of the stuff the Alternative Theorists have investigated

hj 4

  • The idea that the shower depicted in the photos is not the shower in Travis’ master bathroom.
  • The idea that the sex photos were from another time, and possibly downloaded onto Travis’ camera.
  • The idea that the shower photos depict more than 2 people present, some theories stating there were many people present as well as animals, including Napoleon present in the bathroom.
  • travis hj 2

From the world of HJ Blankenship

  • The idea that the time stamps on the photos were altered, doctored, or added to the photos to depict June 4th, 2008. Some theories stating that the camera Travis had did not have a time-stamp capability.
  • Various interpretations of the photos known as evidence #162 (the foot photo) and #163 (the baseboard photo) to depict persons other than Jodi and situations other than described in court.
  • The idea that Jodi Arias is not an octopus, and could not hold a knife, a gun, and the camera all at once.


  • One interpretation I came up with, that Jodi’s left hand can be seen in photo #163 below Travis’ back, necessitating an additional third person in the bathroom to snap the photo.

team travis 9If you consider the skimpy physical evidence of Jodi’s presence in the bathroom on June 4th, 2008, you can understand why the alternative theorists are skeptical of the camera evidence. Having possibly removed Jodi from the scene, they look at other strange facts from around that time to come up with other possible assailants.

* The uncanny similarities between the murder and the old Mormon blood atonement ritual (multiple stabbings, the rital scraping of the skull with a specialized star-shaped instrument, a deep stab through the heart, the slit throat, and a ritualized cleansing of the body afterwards).

* The blood atonement ritual was a way a devout Mormon, who had committed grave sins, could still be forgiven and welcomed into heaven on planet Kolob with full honors, if the person were purified through allowing him or herself to be murdered.

* Alternative theorists also look to CASH Hughes (Chris And Sky Hughes) theorizing that the powerful couple needed to take Travis out before his indiscretions caused a backlash in the greater LDS community that could take down PPL (The multi-million dollar Pre-Paid Legal insurance empire.)

* The mysterious suicide of Dan and Desiree Freeman’s younger brother, Josh, shortly after Travis’ murder.

* The suicide after the murder of the girlfriend (Ashley Reed), of a jealous and violent man (Dustin Thompson). Ashley was spending more and more time with Travis and had discussed moving into his home with him.

* Ashley Reed even made an anonymous call to the Mesa Police department implicating her boyfriend, Dustin Thompson, in Travis’murder (see the Flores Report). FYI, Dustin owned a small caliber pistol.

* The mysterious shoeprint in blood found in the bathroom. That’s a must for any competent Alternative Theorist to try and fit that shoeprint into a quality alternative theory.

Some people think that Alternative Theories defy Occam’s Razor (the idea that the simplest solution or explanation is usually the correct one). They also think there’s way too much splainin’ to do for any of these theories to pass muster.

team travis 4Even Jodi Arias has spoken out asking the alternative theorists to shut their pie holes and their think tanks and labs down and just stop it. But they remain undeterred. Completely unabated, the AT’s are still going harder, faster, and stronger than ever. They continue to make inquiries, do investigative and forensic work, and to formulate new and modified theories. Oh yeah, and to make videos, too.

Someone posted this video which may or may not be from HJ Blankenship, the guy who discovered the reflection in Travis’ eye and the first trial watcher to step out of the social media, get mentioned on HLN, and to directly influence the Jodi Arias trial. I think it was either Gray Hughes or Mike LeBlanc who posted this.

I have to say, HJ did a great job on this video, it’s unquestionably entertaining, to say the least.

This is a don’t miss video to watch:


Main Course:

Here’s a small sample of HJ Blankenship’s Tour de Force


So, we somehow managed to get it all on one page, the Justice 4 Travis Blue Empire, the Die Hard Jodi supporters, and the Iron man Alternative Theorists. All three categories of active trial watchers have changed their views and their focus at least a little bit, and some a lotta bit. All three categories are still out there, clarifying their views and investigating it all even further. They’re checking and double-checking. We’re all waiting for the jury’s decision.

Will it reflect real Justice, serious Justice or just more Injustice? It will depend mostly on your point of view.


Do you Concur?


do you concur 2

do you concur 4

do you concur 3

do you concur 1




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Comments from all viewpoints are welcome. 

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