Just Da Truth: The Banana Boat and Much Ado About Knotting

Just Da Truth: The Banana Boat

and Much Ado About Knotting

The Jodi Arias Murder Trial: The Other side of the story

Fact based Reporting by

Amanda Chen & Rob Roman

All aboard the banana boat!
All aboard the banana boat!

A person who calls himself “Brad Justda” runs a blog and a forum site called Just Da Truth (JDT) where people enthusiastically discuss different aspects of the Jodi Arias case. This is a great thing to do. We all want to know the truth, we want to debate, and we want to find out what we can about different aspects of the case.

Brad Justda makes some very astute points and he is willing to discuss all things great and small about the case and really dig into things, but there’s a problem. He likes to say he is debunking a person’s claims, but when he gets debunked, he remains silent.

Most people relying on JDT’s ideas are prosecution supporters. We respect people who believe Jodi Arias is guilty of 1st degree murder. They are welcome here. We just find fault with the proof offered by people who believe there is no other possibility, like Juan Martinez and Just Da Truth. This is because we keep finding flaws in their arguments and evidence.

There’s another problem, too. Looking at Brad’s arguments, he often builds a logical argument on top of an illogical premise. He builds a logical argument with illogical conclusions, and he makes absolute statements about his conclusions, which is unscientific. He also feels that a person must prove they are innocent of an accusation instead of the accuser having to prove things, which is contrary to law.

Brad tries to debunk the idea that the strands found on Travis’ bathroom floor are from the rope Jodi said Travis used to tie her up with. Actually, that was not really offered up as proof that there was a rope by debaters, but just a possibility.

The Pillow Fringe and the Rope

For example: For Jodi Arias to be be not guilty by reason of self-defense, a knife needs to be in the bathroom, or else it seems Jodi could have run out to the bedroom and out of the home when attacked. Arias testified that the knife was in the bedroom / bathroom area because Travis used a knife to cut the rope they used to tie her up in a sex game. Justda sets out to prove there was no rope and therefore no self-defense. Jodi said the rope was something like decorative drapery cord. She estimated the rope was about 20 feet long. JDT debunks and then even re-debunks this on his blog:

Jodi Arias: Re-DeBunking the Rope

“Despite how thorough I thought I was in my previous blog about the rope, it turns out many Jodi Supporters were not convinced, and didn’t think I went far enough in considering decorative drapery tie-backs as a source for the fiber evidence found at the scene.

On my lunch hour, I went in search of a fabric store. I found one place that claimed they were for home decorating, which I guess is different than regular fabric stores. The girls at the counter were very friendly and one girl helped me out a lot in figuring out what was what.”


Then he goes on and gets busy with some mathematical equations and the dimensions of the bedroom and the bed and even the dimensions of Jodi Arias to debunk that darn rope:

“Bear with me a minute while I lay out the factual details: Travis had a king size (or California king, Jodi couldn’t recall) bed. A King size bed is 76″ wide at the headboard (or 6’4″). A California king is 72″ (or 6′).” 

“If you take the span of your arms from tip to tip you get your height. The same works in reverse, if you take your height, you get your arm span. Jodi is 5’6, so let’s assume from from fingertips to wrist is 6″. That means for Jodi to extend her arms to be tied, she had about a foot and a half total on the mattress.

Jodi’s wrist would be about 5-6″ in circumference. Let’s give them another 3 feet for wrapping and tying (18″ for each wrist, so about 2 times around and then tie). We’re now up to 9 feet total of necessary rope if it’s a California king and let’s say 9 1/2″ of rope if it’s a King.”

JDT decides that Travis and Jodi would require about ten feet of “necessary rope”.

I caught an error right away. This claim is easily refuted with a few simple memes. Brad’s premise is that the rope was set up like this:

brad A

That wouldn’t work too good. JDT can review his math equations and geometry, and go through all his calculations all he wants to. It only took me 5 minutes to come up with a diagram showing a better way to tie a person up on a sleigh headboard which also happens to align with Jodi’s story:

brad B

It seems that sometimes JDT sees the result he wants and then he works his way backwards to get it. Then he writes that most likely, if Travis cut the rope, he would make more than one cut, and so the knife would be in the bedroom. But you may remember that Travis was a neat-knick, there’s a place for everything and everything in it’s place, kind of thing.

You will remember that Travis is a clean and tidy neat-knick.
You will remember that Travis is a clean and tidy neat-knick.

So I imagine, if I were him, and I didn’t want to return to the kitchen right away, I might place the knife in the bathroom.

The Rope and the Strands in the Bathroom

There were some unidentified strands in the bathroom that were photographed. and some Jodi supporters thought this could be possible strands from the rope.

strands of material found in bathroom
strands of material found in bathroom

Some Jodi supporters thought this could be strands that were part of a long length of soft, braided curtain tie rope or cord. which is what Jodi said was the type of rope Travis used.

Sample of braided curtain tie cord
Sample of braided curtain tie cord

The pillows in Travis' room

JDT saw some material on a pillow at a store that looked like the strands in the bathroom. He buys the pillow and brings it home and he then demonstrates that the material from the pillow he bought looks like the material in the bathroom. Imagine that. Since his pillow is a new, cheaper pillow, there are loose strands he can easily pull out and then he notes, via calculations, that the length is about the same. Eureka! Or should I say Yreka!


Does he understand that both the pillow fringe and braided strands from the curtain cord could be made out of the same type of material? JDT also saw some sunscreen and this means to him that there must have been a Cancun murder ultimatum. Whoop-De-Doo! You solved the murder case, Brad.

That Thing on the Stairs

that thing lt crJustda also goes after the unidentified material on the stairs to prove there was no rope. That material was a byproduct of photographing the stairs. It was never measured or entered into evidence and it was never intended to be evidence.

The defense merely presented this as a possibility.  It’s never been identified.

Yet JDT proves that this material didn’t come from a rope he has never seen or examined.  Actually, the material remains as it was before: inconclusive. I guess JDT made all those trips to the fabric / materials store for nothing.

Secondly, the defense does not have to prove there was a rope. The Prosecution has to prove that there wasn’t a rope and that Jodi brought the knife into the bedroom and bathroom with intent. The prosecution would need to prove the knife was either brought into the home by Jodi or that she brought a knife upstairs with the intention of using it  on the victim. The Prosecution failed to do so, and so did JDT.

Thirdly, JDT offers up new samples of curtain tie back material he finds at a fabric store in 2014. Without a sample of the actual rope to go on, JDT erroneously reports that no strands from any curtain tie back material can possibly be responsible for the strands in the bathroom because the ones he tested don’t bend the right way.

It’s Curtains For That Rope

Look at all the samples he “tests”.

What woman would allow a guy to tie her up with any of these materials, except maybe the green yarn? None of the samples are like the decorative material in the photo above the pillow photo.

JDT checked all these curtain tie back materials

He also decides that the strands in the bathroom must come from the fringe on Travis’ bedroom pillows.

On Facebook, Justda goes so far as to say that the pillow strands were probably tracked into the bathroom by Jodi’s footwear. George Barwood cleverly countered that if the strands were from the pillows, then the strands were probably tracked in by the rope!

The argument then proceeds to the fact that the pillows that were in Travis’ bedroom are now at his sister’s home, in Tanisha Sorenson’s guest room. Calls have gone out to bring the pillows into evidence. This would be evidence of what, exactly?

Wild About Trial was talking about the pillow fringe possibly being the source of the strands on May 4, 2013. The detectives spent three days in that house because “We didn’t want to miss a thing”.  You’d think they would have figured out the source of the strands by now if the source was the pillow fringe.


While one can say that the strands appear consistent with the pillow fringe and could have come from there, you can’t say with any confidence that the pillows are the source. It could be any of a number of things. The defense never argued that the strands in the bathroom were from the rope, anyways.

JDT’s entire two articles about ropes and fibers leads us in a giant circle back to where we started from. We already knew the pillow fringe was a possible source of the strands in the bathroom. We already knew the material on the stairs and the strands in the bathroom were only possibilities of fragments from the rope. We knew this at the time of the trial. So, Just Da Truth’s scientific “proof” is really no more than much ado about knotting.

JDT Crushed the Candy Crush Blog

I Think Knot.

candy-crush-sagaIn Crushing the Candy Crush Blog, JDT tries to refute many things Lise LaSalle wrote in her article The infamous Trial of Candy Crush, which points out various problems she saw with the Jodi Arias trial. Really, JDT trying to challenge Lise is like a Yorkshire terrier nipping at the hoof of a wild mustang. He’s just plain out of his league. Lise LaSalle, a writer on the All Things Crime Blog, is a highly educated and very talented writer with an ocean deep, intuitive soul. She’s also a legislative and court interpreter. JDT failed to crush the Candy Crush which was an article, not a blog, for starters. So, even JDT’s title is factually incorrect.

We found too many problems with his article for a short comment, and the comment grew into a full article. The article quickly became too long, as usual, so we had to scale back our discussion to just 20 of the problems we found. I believe we debunked many things this “debunker” wrote, but he never bothered to respond. In Milk and Cookies for the “crusher” of Candy Crush, we replied to Just Da Truth’s contentions. One of his contentions was that electronic devices are not a problem for jurors to access at will.

Electronic Devices Are Not a Problem

“If Jodi was so innocent as supporters would have you believe, then what was it that supporters felt jurors would see that would turn them from believing in her innocence, to believing in guilt? What exactly was out there that was patently false, that the juror’s might have been influenced by?” – Just Da Truth

Just these two sentences alone contain 3 factual errors. Can you spot all three?

In Milk and Cookies, we responded with this:

“It’s just too easy to go on Facebook or Twitter, etc. and see things about the trial without meaning to do so. If these comments and reports are all one-sided, the juror then is aware of overwhelming public sentiment, and may feel compelled to act in support of that sentiment, which is the main argument for sequestration. (Please see New Discarded Juror Questions….)

Your statement “What exactly was out there that was patently false, that the juror’s might have been influenced by?” – You really can’t be serious by asking this, can you? Where would we begin?”


This from the same guy who states that “Jodi Arias supporters are more depraved than she is.” calls Jodi Arias a “Ho”, and believes the story that she hid behind a Christmas tree.* Even though we were both on the same page on Facebook for weeks, he never once mentioned our article. C’est dommage!

*(We will explore these claims in a future article)

electronic-gadgets-1We saw what JDT had to say. Now let’s see what the American Bar Association has to say about electronic devices:

” Lawyers, witnesses, spectators, and jurors regularly use cell phones, Smart phones, PDAs, laptops, and other electronic devices before, during, and after trial. Jurors’ use of such devices can lead to serious misconduct, which can require extreme remedies such as mistrials. Or even worse if not detected, it can deprive parties 
of “their day in court.

“The problems created by jurors misuse of electronic devices is occurring across the country, for example, as reported by the Associated Press in a March 7, 2010 article New Rules Designed to Keep Jurors Offline.”

“Last year, a San Francisco Superior Court judge dismissed 600 potential jurors after several acknowledged going online to research the criminal case before them.

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon challenged her misdemeanor embezzlement conviction after discovering five jurors ‘friended’ one another on Facebook during the trial.”

“And a federal judge in Florida declared a mistrial after eight jurors admitted Web surfing about a drug case.”

“Jury misconduct regarding the use of technology has become so widespread that a new term ‘Google mistrial’ has resulted.”


And none of these were high profile cases with a nation wide, let alone a world wide interest.

Justda minute now, JDT said “there’s nothing patently false out there” and that electronic devices are not a problem. Nope, no problems there.

Gas Monkey

In another Just Da Truth article, JDT tries to prove that George Barwood is wrong about Jodi’s gas tank size. Gas Monkey lgGeorge Barwood, also called “GeeBee” stated that the size of the gas tank was not entered into evidence and so it could be possible that the tank was a larger size, European tank of about 15.8 gallons.


Forget about the larger gas tank theory, we already know that Jodi appeared to buy more gas than could fit into her gas tank and 2 cans. You only need  a good search engine and a few minor calculations to understand this.

JDT takes on George Barwood’s theory and tries to prove it wrong because the tank would need to be nearly empty to hold the amount of gas Jodi bought, and thus she would have been running on “E” (low fuel) for miles of her trip through Utah. He also goes on to explain that she would be dangerously low on fuel all the time she was at Ryan Burn’s house in West Jordan.

Let’s take a look at JDT’s calculations:

“There are 16 cups to a gallon, so if we do the math, by GeeBee’s estimation, she has about 12 ounces, or 1  1/4 cups of gas at the Tesoro station, which would give her the equivalent of just over 1.75 miles in the city or just under 2.75 miles on the highway before her tank is bone dry.”

“Most modern passenger cars, mine included, give a low fuel warning when you’re down to about 2 gallons of gas. So at some point in the previous 48-70 miles, Jodi’s fuel warning light went off. Remember, we’re basing this on GeeBee’s hypothesis that she was driving with a bigger tank.”

“So approximately 70 miles from West Jordan, her low fuel light went off. She would also have the fuel gauge to indicate she’s down below 1/8 of a tank and she’d know that her gas cans were empty.” – Just Da Truth

gas pumpJDT again goes through a lot of mathematical computations. He even estimates that Jodi would have only “about 12 ounces or 1 ¼ cups of gas” by the time she gets to the Tesoro station.

But he’s forgetting something. If Jodi had 3 gas cans, those were all empty, too. This means that under the same conditions, with a smaller gas tank, Jodi would have run out of gas long before she got to Ryan’s home. And JDT wonders why we think his “scientific” proofs and “debunkings” are laughable?

(This article is in danger of becoming too long, so we will have even more to say about this next time.)

All Aboard the Banana Boat

Then comes the big scoop. JDT does some research and discovers that Jodi also bought Noxema face cleaning pads and sunscreen at the Walmart when she bought the gas can. The inference is that if Travis agrees to take Jodi to Cancun on Pre-Paid Legal’s annual VIP trip, she will not have to murder him.

receiptJDT looks at the items on the Walmart receipt and finds that Jodi bought small sized tubes of sunscreen. He notes that only small tubes of liquids are allowed on carry-on for commercial aircraft. From there he deduces that Jodi decided that if Travis allows her to go on this trip with him, she is ready with the right size of sunscreen for air travel regulations and the murder is off. So this proves that Travis’ refusal to take Jodi on his trip to Cancun, Mexico is the motive for murder.

Here’s JDT sounding the claxon of good tidings of great joy”

“So, I got to really thinking about some my own niggling questions, and decided to create a new thread to address them. In the midst of researching one element of my question, I stumbled upon what I believe is the truth and the motive behind the killing of Travis Alexander.”

“You guys are going to sh*t your pants. Seriously. I won’t even bother sugar-coating it by saying you’ll poo your pants, nope my friends, you’re going to sh*t your pants.” – Just Da Truth

1329953611-348885_fullLet’s think about the implications. What about the gas cans? Will she leave them in Travis’ garage? What about the rental car? Can she drop it off at the Phoenix airport? What about Ryan? What about the gun and knife she supposedly had? What about Jodi’s lack of cash and her need to get busy and start earning some money? Jodi had been in a secret relationship with Travis and hidden away for nearly a year. Now she will go to Cancun and parade around with him in front of Travis’ friends and business partners? Yeah, that would have happened.

And why is it preferable to have poo in you pants, rather than sh*t?

It was an interesting discovery, I’ll admit. I’m not sure who first made this discovery. Maybe matching the small tubes with airline rules for carry on of liquids was JDT’s new twist to an old story. We did our own research months ago when we heard about this from another source. We Googled the SKU numbers. We discovered that, yes, the item on the receipt was sunscreen. Yes, they were 2 small 3 oz. tubes of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF 85 Sunblock.

JDT’s article promised his readers lots of excrement excitement when they found out that Jodi bought sunscreen in small tubes. Even though she is coming from Yreka in far northern California, to the desert states in the Summer in June (104 degrees or 40 C. in June, 2008). Who knows what Jodi was planning to do if she hadn’t spent so much time at Travis’ home? Brad Justda decides that Jodi really doesn’t need any sunscreen when she’s in the states because she drives mostly at night. Is JDT positive that Jodi didn’t get slightly burned in Southern California earlier or realize she may need some sunscreen and then decided to get some?

Does JDT think that Travis would be so gallant in rushing around to change his tickets and accompany Jodi to Cancun, but refuse to share his sunscreen with her?

Yes, it’s all about Cancun, a perplexing motive for which there is meager evidence. There is not real mention of Cancun in their communications and Travis could not change his tickets. This is set up one year in advance and Jodi didn’t expect to go. Jodi knew he was going with someone else weeks before. This idea infers that Travis, on June 4th, could not tell Jodi, you can’t go, but we can do something special together soon, instead.  Would that have stopped Jodi from murdering Travis?  Why not?

Jodi was on a tight budget on her trip. Sunscreen is expensive. I would also buy a small quantity instead of having a big bottle to lug around, and I’m not planning on murdering anyone, or going to Mexico. What’s so great about Cancun that I would murder if I can’t go there? It’s just a dumb motive.

Yes, Jodi was on a tight budget and Jodi loves her some beauty products, that’s for sure. Can Just Da Truth agree on that?

Back when people were talking about the sunscreen issue, We researched it a little more than Just Da Truth did. We found that sunscreen is used by many women as an economical and viable substitute for expensive moisturizers and as a make-up primer.

Guess what is by far the most popular and most recommended brand for these uses? It’s Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock (with helioplex), the exact sunscreen that Arias purchased.

Here are two different discussions about this:

yahoo answers 2YAHOO QUESTIONS

Can you use sunscreen as a moisturizer?

“Are you able to use sunscreen as a moisturizer for the face? I find that lotion can cause break outs, which is mainly the reason my face is dry. I have been using acne cream, and my face is all kinds of DRY!!!

Best Answer Asker’s Choice

  • aheart answered 6 years ago

“For me the problem is that I have an oily complexion and I also get those unwanted zits, but since I also have sensitive skin I try not to use harsh treatments. I try to go for the natural stuff. Try looking for the healing garden natural oatmeal soap to wash out your face and use Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 45+ with helioplex, that one is really good and won’t add the unnecessary shine, by the way, using a suncreen also prevents early signs of aging.”

icompactAsker’s rating & comment

DarleneH (09-01-2011) Sunscreen as makeup primer?

Millenium  Club

Have any of you discovered any sunscreens that function as good primers too, for smoothing out your skin texture? I would think a sunscreen with a lot of silicones would work for that?


Senior Member

Darlene- Try Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer SPF 30-45 as a primer. It has a dry silky feel and the sunscreen is fabulous!


Why 85 instead of 45? Who knows? Maybe the sun was hot or maybe they were sold out of the SPF 45. This Neutrogena sunblock doesn’t come in a larger size.

Do I want to be like Just Da Truth and say that this proves Jodi is not guilty of M1? No, I wouldn’t say that. That wouldn’t be scientific, logical, or a legally sound argument. I only offer these as possible reasonable explanations. Are there any reasons to buy sunscreen other than a Cancun ultimatum?

In the same way, Justda’s discovery of airplane sized sunscreen is an intersting addition to the Cancun conundrum, but I’m hardly about to take a ride on the banana boat over it. Also, he was a little late to the party.

  • Community QVC.com chatters were talking about the Neutorgena sunscreen Cancun connection on March 7, 2013
  • People on Facebook and Twitter were discussing the Neutorgena sunscreen Cancun connection on March 7, 2013
  • Websleuths.com was discussing the Neutorgena sunscreen Cancun connection on March 9, 2013
  • HLNTV.com reported about the Neutrogena sunscreen Cancun connection on March 23, 2013
  • JDT reported the Neutrogena sunscreen Cancun connection on August 29, 2013

If she couldn’t take the sunscreen on the plane, why would people on all these other sites even bother discussing it?

This was old news, JDT. My underwear stayed nice and clean.

I think we’re right back where we started. Cancun? – It could be, or then again, maybe not. By the way, Jodi was unanimously found guilty of 1st degree premeditated murder on May 8, 2013, so why do prosecution supporters still insist on trying to prove stuff for the prosecution? It’s an agenda driven thing, not to mention that you can fire up a lot of fans simply by finding some new thing to report about Jodi Arias and / or calling her depraved and a whore.

justdatruthBrad Justda continues to believe that Jodi has to prove she’s innocent and that her defenders must disprove all elements of any and all allegations against her. Her defenders must prove that Jodi was not running on empty in Utah. They must prove that the sunscreen was not for Cancun and they must prove there was a rope. This can be referred to as the old rope-a-dope.

JDT can start by providing proof of the story that Jodi hid behind a Christmas tree including what day this happened, and provide evidence that Jodi is a “Ho”. What used to be shocking is now only amusing to me. But is this “just the truth”? Knot very likely.

mini meJDT, or Juan Martinez’ mini-me, is a numbers guy, so he knows that there are at least ten times more prosecution supporters than Jodi supporters to populate his websites. These people gather on Just Da Truth forum to cheer on JDT as he  makes logical arguments founded on false premises or with illogical conclusions, “proves” things we already know, and uses unscientific methods to “scientifically” prove things which cannot be proven.

Do Just Da Truth and his more avid followers get some things right? They do make interesting points. They take a hard look at the evidence, but it’s only Just Da evidence that they want to take a look at. Some of them certainly enjoy making personal attacks for the fun of it.

Sounds justda great, but it kind of ain’t.

Speaking of comics, we find Just Da Truth Blog to be an endless source of comedy.

Your Comments are warmly welcome!

All Rights reserved

See the article by Lise LaSalle.


A good reference site by George Barwood



24 thoughts on “Just Da Truth: The Banana Boat and Much Ado About Knotting”

  1. Rob, so glad to see you’ve once again said what I was thinking! I cannot tell you how many times Brad (and I’ll leave out the quotation marks lest anyone thinks I’m being snarky and that I don’t believe Brad is his/her real name) has gone silent once he has been debunked if you will. Actually, that’s partially wrong, because Brad will continue on another tangent just to keep the conversation going. I blocked him after he private messaged me.

    It seems these “debaters” of all things Jodi and Travis don’t like it when we start questioning what got her convicted. Which as you know was a big ol’ fairytale written and directed by Juan Martinez and Chris S. Hughes.

    “Jodi “stalked Travis.” Really? Show me.

    “Jodi slashed Travis’ tires.” Really? Show me.

    “Jodi hacked Travis’ emails.” Really? Show me.

    But saying, “stalked, slashed, and hacked” enough times must make it true, right?

    I must say I am rather enjoying reading the comments of those who “need Jodi to die”. I actually just read that! “We all need Jodi to die.” Wow. The more we poke holes in the debacle of the trial, the more vicious the comments get! These commenters NEVER, EVER offer any proof of all the crap Juan threw at the fan expecting them to believe! I guess that would make them feel stupid somehow. Yeah, it would. They never question the hundreds of hours of HLN interviews of Travis’ “dear and best friends” and their changing and less than accurate sensationalized stories, at least one of which or is it whom, is awaiting sentencing on felony charges.

    Yeah, Brad, I think Rob has debunked ya, there! But you should feel some pride because you have shown that there really is a deeper level of stupid than those who believed Juan and Chris Hughes and HLN. It is those who believe you, Brad. Duh.

    1. Well, Sandra, I guess that about covers the bases, LOL.

      Seriously, I hope Brad does continue on other tangents, that’ll be fine. If we could find a neutral site to debate on….but that’s not an easy task. I am really not informed very well on Chris Hughes. I try to avoid all things HLN like people avoid the strange, creepy Uncle at a wedding. But I should check it out.

      I didn’t need for Dave Hall to get arrested to see what he’s all about. He always rang like a cracked bell to me.

      The thing that struck me the most were the stalking accusations. The worst one I found was that Jodi followed Travis and showed up at Lisa Daidone’s home. I had a hard time justifying that in my mind. This was until someone informed me that it wasn’t Lisa’s house like I thought it was.

      We reviewed the trial testimony and it was Travis’ house and Jodi immediately turned around and left. In my personal experience, that is nothing like the stalking I have seen or heard about. So that left nothing of any substance.

      There was an effort to get a “Manifesto” + “Stalking” + “Animal Torture” = Marilyn Manson kind of thing going for sure.

      I’m surprised there was no “Creepy Crawler” hearsay evidence as well! LOL. I don’t want to give anyone any bright ideas….especially Dave!

  2. Of course it’s totally NOT possible that Travis asked Jodi to pick up some travel sized sun screen for him to take to Cancun. Since he’s a guy, he would know that Jodi would be more experience with that sort of thing. Now imagine Travis tied to the bed with this fancy dance rope. What we have there is a simple case of ‘Dope on a rope’ 🙂

    Just Saying

    1. Billy, thanks for your comment.
      If Jodi visited Travis in Alaska and bought sunblock, okay. That could be something.

      If she bought a bikini and a Mexican Sombrero, well maybe that could be something.

      If she bought 2 gallons of Muriatic acid and a large quantity of trash bags, okay, I could get that, too.

      Maybe the Noxema is suspicious too, I can’t be sure. Gotta check them SKU codes one more time.

  3. I vote she’d have bought them for Travis at his request or as a “gift”. In a real investigation, they would have inventoried his medicine cabinet and more and maybe they’d have turned up.

    1. That’s a good point, Sandra.

      I seriously doubt they inventoried anything. I recall the claim that they checked the attic. Are there any photographs?

      I realize we only saw what came into evidence, but I don’t believe they have these photos.

      1. Yeah, the attic question seemed to catch Flores off guard if I recall. I think he “told someone” to check it. Anything that would have made Travis look bad, I tend to believe, was summarily ignored. Jodi’s 12 page motion to fire Nurmi, in my opinion, was a cry for help. I mean, what the heck would be the reasoning for him not doing whatever it took to get any photos Jodi might have had of bruises or anything else that supported Travis abusive, deviant behaviors? I can’t believe it’s just laziness.

      2. This was because Jodi claimed she helped Travis put a box of Christmas decorations in the attic the day she caught him in the bedroom.

        It’s hard for us to know what they actually did or tried to do. I’m sure they had some evidence that was not let in to trial that they were depending on.

        I think the prosecution was looking at a killing and they weren’t looking for that kind of evidence. The defense only gets to look at what is brought in as evidence. They weren’t looking for that kind of evidence either.

        Nurmi, I think is a law guy. He knows the laws and he is very good at motions and appeals and preserving objections for appeal. He isn’t the investigative type or the forensic evidence kind of guy. He is not a seasoned trial attorney.

        Probably he has more experience making deals and working on appeals.

        I think the big problem is the DP. It’s very political how they decide who eill face the DP. The prosecution exaggerates and pushes all the boundaries to get the DP and the defense will do anything to avoid the DP, and you don’t get a true search for the truth.

      3. Yes, , good points about Nurmi. He has made an excellent record for the appeal. The “investigation” was led by Chris Hughes. You knew that, right? 🙂 Even Jodi haters recognize that the Hughes are hiding something. They are the ones who made a bee line and hacked into Travis’ computer by getting the passwords from the web master. Who knows what they destroyed? I also love it when folks say “in 80,000 emails, texts, only a few abusive messages were found”, etc. Uh. Not. Nobody knows. Well, except for the Hughes again. I imagine the defense had to pick out representative samples. I would bet dollars to doughnuts there were many narcissistic, abusive messages from Travis.

        Yes, the “truth” is elusive in a death penalty trial no doubt. Victoria Washington confirmed in as many words that the real truth, the whole truth was way uglier than anything Jodi was able to present about Travis during trial.

      4. I wonder if Victoria was right, that a temporary insanity kind of defense would have had a better chance. I’ve heard about how the friends got into the computer, etc. but I don’t know how anyone knows about that.

      5. Crime of passion is what Victoria suggested, BUT if any evidence supporting that was either ignored, tainted, or kept out through motions, then that would have been a flimsy defense, too. The pedo letters would have, imo, contributed to a crime of passion defense, OR other…. But they were not allowed, and ONLY because they were copies of original letters. It was argued that they were forged,but nothing anywhere official states so. On that note, Chris Hughes, let’s see your “handwriting expert”!

      6. The crime of passion defense and self-defense share many of the same elements. Victoria’s strategy has the advantage of not putting as much blame on the victim, because that’s very tricky given the damage done to TA.

        The other advantage is that Arias’ testimony does not become as major a part of the defense as it needs to be with self-defense. I wonder how her strategy would have turned out in a trial?

  4. Nothing really matters what everyone says, it’s a done deal. She was found guilty and no amount of blogging or arguing will change that. This upcoming trial is to decide the sentence not the verdict. You’re all just pissing in the wind to quote Neil Young.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Angela.

      Everyone should know that this upcoming trial is to decide the sentence. Actually there’s no sentence to decide.

      In 10 years, God willing, the death penalty will only exist in history books. It’s fading away as we speak. So, it’s either life or life. Big whoop.

      Their will be appeals. Then maybe there will finally be a fair trial.

      Out of the blue and into the black
      You pay for this, but they give you that
      And once you’re gone, you can’t come back
      When you’re out of the blue and into the black.

    2. You know I understand why those of us, who at the least, don’t believe Jodi had a fair trial under the law, blog on and on. But why, on God’s green earth do people like yourself and so many others feel the need to respond to us and bitch and moan and bully and spit venom towards Jodi and anyone who supports that she is slightly less than the devil himself? I mean, you quoted Neil Young, so even though your sentiment is pretty much hate, I won’t include you in the aforementioned for now.

  5. I agree, I hope the death penalty itself dies. But there will only be appeals is she gets the DP or if she can raise the money to pay for her own legal team and that looks like that could be a long way away, her family is trying hard to raise money, not sure how well that is going, So to get another fair trial perhaps it could (not saying it is the best outcome to hope for) be better that she does get the DP. It has been such a long saga, this whole case, I feel so sorry for all involved, her family, his family and all of both their friends. It must be so hard for Jodi to be hanging so long in limbo. To have a date for retrial and then it gets bumped again, she must be pulling her hair out in despair.

    1. Well, If the DP was not on the table, a lot of things that were allowed to happen in the trial would not be allowed, because when the DP is involved, there is much more leeway.

      I also am hurt to see the pain go on and on for the Alexander family and the Arias family.

      It took Scott Peterson, who I think is guilty, 7 years to get an automatic appeal into court. I agree that chances are better for an appeal if Jodi gets the DP. So I’m not bothered by any sentence she gets.

      Either way, she’ll be in max security isolation for the first 3 years. That’s really rough. I don’t know how Debra Milke ever made it through 23 years.

      Any appeal will be many years and probably 7 to 10 years. I really hope after the sentence that the Alexander family will let it go and find healing and peace and not rely on what happens to Jodi to get started with the healing.

      If they hold on to this it will go on most of their lives.

  6. Yes the Alexanders need to let this go. Travis was so focused on making money and success, he is someone I would probably not like, he was a salesman and I find it strange that Jodi was so taken with him. I would be like Mimi and not have seen beyond the falseness of sales people. Jodi could have done better than him, pity she was so charmed by him. What a waste of all her talent. Sigh

    1. I think Darryl was a really straight arrow, no non-sense guy. I think Jodi had the feeling she missed out on a lot of life. So this new free spirit mixed with Travis and his traveling and good-life sales career and this is just a really combustible mix. It’ was a tragic waste all around, i think.

  7. I honestly support Jodi,and believe that it’s not over.
    The truth is going to come out. It appears ,it actually already has. Mysterious suicides
    ?? False friends of Travis. I think it’s important for JODI that we keep blogging and telling the truth.
    Jodi needs to know, she has not been forgotten. If a magic button could be pushed to rewind. How many would push it?
    I would. What did TA do ? Mock God ?
    Why does Jodi have to pay that price? Because she loved him and had sex with him? I think he was messed up, look at the way he was raised.
    He was a sick man. Jodi wanted to change him. She wanted to love him enough, then it would make it better.
    Somebody was after TA, obviously warned Lisa and was pissed off at this man. Perhaps, personal, TA messing around with married Mormon women. That is against the rules. The masons say Adultery ( with another mason brother’s wife )is against the rules.
    IMO ,this was a BLOOD ATONEMENT. Or a personal attack by a missed off husband. Or.both ????
    Now ,Jodi’s the marter. She doesn’t belong in jail.Nevertheless, facing death. I will continue to support Jodi . I’m here for the long hall.

    1. Thanks for your comment Madeline. We believe more in the self-defense theory, but I see more and more people believe in an alternative theory. We want to do an article on alternative theories.

      That would take a lot of proof, but it can make sense. There are many strange things in this case, that’s for sure.

      Blood atonement is an interesting idea because you have the throat slice, the strike to the heart, the washing of the body, and the digs to the top of the head. That’s four similarities. Really interesting.

      Glad you’re in it for the long haul because it will be a long haul, no question.

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