Two Sides to every Story

October, 2013

by Rob Roman and Amanda Chen

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Every Story has Two Sides. and Arizona v. Jodi Ann Arias is one of the most one- sided stories in history.

Due to highly questionable practices and occurences both inside the court room and outside in Arizona generally and in the media,  facts have been ignored and fictions are as many as the fallen Autumn leaves.

robert towery

Arizona was the home of the famous death row inmate called the “Battery Acid Killer”. Did you know it’s a proven fact that battery acid was never used? 

ray towery

A Maricopa Arizona Prosecutor told a commutation board in 2012 that this man injected his victim with battery acid. He told the board thatTowery’s mitigating claim of “childhood abuse” was a desperate sham and a phony plea for leniency.

In fact, the inmate as a child suffered some of the most horrific abuse imaginable. He had two very credible eyewitnesses. In fact, he took the beatings as well as those that were meant for his two sisters. The inmate was put to death 6 days later.

The prosecutor’s name was Juan Martinez.

Arizona was also the home of the famous death row inmate called “the Snaggle Tooth Killer”. This was because the bite marks on the victim matched his very  unique tooth pattern.


The problem was the defendant was one of few people who couldn’t possibly make that bite mark. Maricopa County prosecutors simply went through a series of experts until they found one willing to testify that the defendant’s teeth matched the bite mark. That’s all the evidence they had. He’s a free man today and he is a spokesman for wrongful convictions.

ray krone large

Ray Krone **** Wrongfully Convicted  **** 10 years in prison

Now Arizona is the home of “The Most Hated Woman In America”. Most people believe she belongs on Death Row. They might benefit from a little research on the Internet.

We encourage everyone who is interested in fairness and Justice to take a closer look at the other side of the Story, and then decide for yourself.

Welcome to Spotlight on Law and we hope you like the content.

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Amanda Chen – S.F. California 

Rob Roman – White Plains N.Y.

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